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Kalamidad Paghandaan Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan

Disaster comes unexpectedly. If we are not prepared then it will bring great
damages in our lives, worst of it, death! The question is “How prepare are we
when it comes and unleashes it’s wrath?”

Ladies and gentlemen being prepared for the unexpected takes thorough
planning. In fact there many ways to keep us informed and ready for emergency
of any nature. One way of making us ready is to keep our body strong and
This can only be achieved if we observe proper diet or eating the right
food. Nowadays many people eat food just to satisfy hungry stomachs without
considering any nutritive value of the food being taken. Many food
establishments, restaurants and markets offer instant food that are favored by the
majority not thinking of the effect in their health. Because of this many are
suffering from malnutririon. Malnutrition is characterized by dietary inadequacy
sufficient to compromise resistance to disease. Poor nutritional status leads to
lowered immunity and thus to increase morbidity from infectious diseases such
as measles, malaria, tuberculosis and even cancer.

My friends how can we face and survive any calamities or disaster if we are sick
or unhealthy? It is now time for us to wake before it is too late. Let us be
conscious on what we are eating. Not all expensive are nutritious. Most of the
nutritious foods are within are reach. Let us consider backyard gardening. Let us
plant “kamote”, “saluyot”, “malunggay” and other vegetables in our backyard. We
can also have hog and poultry raising. These activities will enable us to fight
hunger and malnutrition. Let us value our health for it is the only wealth we have.
Eat simple but nutritious foods. Let us develop the attitude of being self reliant,
frugal and industrious.

Another way of being prepared is to have a deep concern to our
environment. We all know that our mother earth is sick because of our own
doings. Friends ladies and gentlemen why we are now experiencing tsunami ’s,
storm surge, flashfloods and the like. Let us help one another heal our mother

My friends it is now time for us to act. Let us have tree planting proper
disposal of our waste materials by practicing segregation and recycling of
materials. Now is the time, before disaster will come and destroy us. Lastly, it
takes quality discipline to be prepared for all the calamities to come. If we are
willing to change, the things we can still change, only, to make us ready for any
eventualities or emergencies, there is no reason for us to be a victim. It takes
positive attitude to do it. Thank you and Mabuhay. Kalamidad Paghandaan
Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan.