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I hadnt checked in at McClellans for quite some time and found the above linked in comments on
the August 2 post while looking back through recent activity at John
Hampson does fine analysis. It might help to note that the Earth and other planets dont revolve
around the Sun, but around the solar systems barycentre this site is worth looking at and if you want more general
confirmation google is your friend.
will-too/ also is worth a read, if your interest in cosmology is not exhausted by the above.
Richard Chappell is a notable technical analyst. If he ever
writes the potential book he occasionally mentions Ill be getting one in so that if necessary the kids
have something to focus on when they finish high school [EDIT] just in case youth unemployment
has reached Greek/Spanish proportions, because although the armed forces might be a growth
industry I wont let them fight the wars our masters seem intent on fomenting. All part of the Great
Ponzi Scheme
invested-29-trillion-market - the OMFIF archive of media coverage of their report is here
The guy at Market Anthropology has a unique style fractal
analysis, maybe it could be called; or perhaps historical resonance. He called correctly the path of
interest rates from the start of 2014, when just about everyone (except Richard Chappell see link
in PS below) had them going up.
PS: Occasionally I get to Independent Australia the site frequented by those who find the SMH too
right wing! and recently responded to a commenter at
My original comment was moderated out so I submitted a shortened version. The original text is
below and you might find the barnabyisright link, at least, useful. Naturally, you will not need to do
any checking about TAB accounts ;-)
Hi Ben. This bail-in post
system/ is at a site the blogger mothballed in apparent disgust after Barnaby Joyce went
quiet/knuckled under/sold out after the Coalition won the election. His writing remains a valuable
resource and the site is worth a poke around.

Interest rates are likely to remain low and if banks are potentially unsafe, deposits don't have
much going for them. I don't have an excess-cash problem (ha) but would consider a TAB
account - hard to see any need for a bail-in there. I haven't any recent experience with TAB
accounts and you would need to check whether there are rules re a minimum turnover or
whatever; also, from memory there's a $10,000 trigger for red flags over tax and/or money
laundering, so consider that and get some advice.

[EDIT] When the 2
stage of the GFC hits, central banks will act over a weekend as in Cyprus.
e6frg6z6-1225882001496 is a local tale of 2008 that supports the need for prudent measures.

On the subject of banks, the Coalition Governments disgraceful cave-in to the banking lobby
over financial advisers almost demands considering a vote for Labor next time round, but its
hard to come at a party led by Shorten even if he had a different mummy-in-law. Maybe Ill stick
with decade-long practice and go with an independent or one of the minor parties. The only
Australian political actor that talks in a meaningful way about the financial system and the
criminals it is run by and for is the Citizens Electoral Council: and
faced_Joe_Hockey_lied_about_the_GFC_is_lying_now_about_your_deposits_A4.pdf and the
story referred to is here

This article has an interesting section on the
ownership of Australian banks. HSBC, JP Morgan and Citigroup have all been tied to laundering
of drugs money, so NAB at the least is keeping bad company given the performance to date of
our regulatory, supervisory and enforcement authorities, were unlikely to learn much more.

Gold is worth a look: bottom almost certainly in; and probably a price above $1430 would confirm
direction is reliably up. This bloke
robbery.html is one of the most gifted technical analysts free in the wild and if you get familiar
with him now, you will be prepared when he identifies a proper set-up. See the QE reality check
he gives in the post.

Martin Armstrong is a genius with an interesting backstory. He reckons gold will begin a launch
into orbit in the second half of 2015 when the world starts losing confidence in its leaders in a big
way gee, I wonder what might lead to such a loss of confidence? His site is worth
investigation WARNING: he is prolific, but it does sparkle and I will wind up with this quote
from his post
sides/ extreme views on the left or the right end up meeting in the same back parking lot
where they agree the people are the great unwashed and are too stupid to see they need to be
manipulated and controlled.
PPS: If youre ever looking for candidates to short, have a look at
although maybe these companies ability to manipulate price through cross-shareholdings is a

1) The gold trigger of $1430 was not reached and it seems the bottom may not be in
Martin Armstrongs late 2015 potential target date is consistent with another 12
months of weakness as expected at this time by a(nother) genius analyst who will be
introduced another time. Yet even geniuses do not have a crystal ball, we all understand,
2) While digging through the library to locate the gold link immediately above, some other
Armstrong posts recommended themselves. covers
his decision to move from the U.S. to Switzerland; he does not trust the U.S.
Government. The title of
maturities-of-govt-debt-to-prevent-redemption/ is self-explanatory.
economics/ should be read with
plunging-other-part-secret-deal-between-us-and-saudi-arabia - Tyler Durden (the Brad
Pitt character in The Fight Club) is a pseudonym which apparently is used for writing by a
number of authors; Zero Hedge is an informative site, but avoid the comments section if
you have a less-than-robust constitution.
3) Armstrong may well have updated some of his views, on gold and other matters, since I
was last fully across his site some months ago (after having followed his trajectory since
2008 when he was still in jail ; details of
his travails can be picked up through your (surveilling) friend google). The point of
emphasising gold is that additional to the flight from government assets foreseen by
Armstrong, the end game envisaged by the ultimate administrators of this global financial
debacle is likely to include a currency fix to a basket of assets in which gold will be
included. They might also decide to confiscate gold in public hands at the same time, as
the U.S. has done in the past; but then, no private assets (except those held by the
ultimate administrators) can be guaranteed immune.
4) In light of note 3, it is interesting to observe that the ultimate administrators are now
canvassing and even implementing a tax on cash. Pending a fuller explanation at
some future time, see the reference to the European Central Banks negative interest
rate in this article
lonergan/print-less-but-transfer-more which leads to the next point.
5) Kevin Rudd if it was his idea; and even if not, he saw its merit and backed it has not
received due credit for his scheme of injecting cash into the economy through direct
public handouts and through the schools building programme after the crash began in
2007. Inefficiencies in the schools programme were the fault of the states, through which
the money had to be distributed. Now even one of the organs of the ultimate controllers
(see point 6) is recommending that our masters shower cash upon us to effect eternal
happiness. At the time, the Rudd Governments direct handout to consumers was a
preferable initiative to the bailout of criminal banks that took place in the US and Europe.
Future handouts such as recommended in the article linked above will be unarguably the
bread in the old Roman bread and circuses. The circuses include the
Western/Saudi/Qatari(insert other totalitarian Middle East monarchy) terrorism events in
the ME and likely the Ebola scare.
6) Foreign Affairs is regarded even by the so-called right as a tool of the Council on
Foreign Relations. The sequence of events can sometimes be informative, so re the link
in Note 4 I posed the following query to co-author Eric Lonergan who was responding to
questions: Your case is clearly argued Eric and the discussion illuminating. Did you
and Mark submit the article cold, so to speak, or was it solicited and if so in what
terms? That is, were you invited to float a balloon/start pre-conditioning the masses,
or did you come up independently with an idea for an article that you put to the
magazine. He did not respond. In fairness, this was a few weeks after the article had
run and he might have been responded out the Foreign Affairs websites style of
timing/dating comments does not permit an accurate estimate of when he stopped
responding to comments, but my recollection is that he was still answering
commenters about the time of my question.

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