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Tulsa Its a Wonderful Life - Participation Form & Liability Release

Name: __________________________________________________ Age:_____ Male ____ Female____

Phone Number: ____________________ E-Mail Address: _____________________________________

How did you hear about auditions? ________________________________________________________

Are you available Monday, October 20 between 7:00-9:00pm for callbacks? Circle one: YES NO
Any time constraints? (need to leave early or arrive late): ______________________________________
If you are unavailable to attend callbacks, you are still eligible to be cast. Knowing your availability
simply helps us make sure we have you read adequate audition material at Sundays auditions. Receiving
a callback does NOT guarantee casting. If you dont receive a callback, this does NOT automatically
mean you are not cast.

CONFLICTS: List conflicts on weekdays after 6:00pm and anytime on weekends starting October 27,
including tentative dates. Be specific (I have dance on Tuesdays 5-6pm, and can be at rehearsal by 7pm).
Rehearsals are carefully scheduled around actor conflicts so all actors are present when rehearsing a given
scene. Please check your schedule carefully, as this is your only opportunity to provide conflict dates.



Encore! Tulsa provides a fun, family-friendly atmosphere while maintaining a high standard of quality and
professionalism. This is an environment where those passionate about theatre can study, learn, and grow. Whether
you are currently pursuing theatre as a hobby or career, we expect the same level of dedication from all actors in our
productions. Any actor who displays behavior deemed detrimental to others and/or the overall production may be
removed from the production or suspended from future productions at the producers discretion.

Participation Guidelines

1. Please be respectful of the rehearsal space and leave it as you found it by picking up trash, returning chairs to
original place, etc. No food, gum, or beverages (except bottled water) are allowed inside the rehearsal space.
Please eat in the outer foyer and clean up trash and crumbs.
2. Please be quiet while others are rehearsing, follow stage directions, and observe off-book deadlines. Please
refrain from inappropriate laughter, missing cues, feeding lines, directing other actors, or changing your
blocking so that we can make the best use of everyones time.
3. Closed Rehearsals: To maintain a focused, professional environment, only cast and crew are allowed at
rehearsals. There is a foyer directly outside the rehearsal space that parents may use as a waiting area.
4. Safety: Because we work with a variety of ages, we always look out for the safety of our actors. Children are
not allowed to leave the building unless accompanied by an adult. Due to lack of supervision and pre-rehearsal
classes or production meetings, please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for rehearsal.
5. Attendance: Upon casting, actors will receive a rehearsal schedule and are only required to attend the
rehearsals for which they are called. Call times are carefully scheduled around actor conflicts so that all actors
are present for any given scene being rehearsed. Actors cannot miss rehearsal unless the conflict is
communicated to us at auditions.
6. Tardiness: Please arrive to rehearsal at your designated call time so we can stay on schedule and end on time.
In case of emergency, call us if you are going to be late so we can make best use of rehearsal time.
7. Because we strive to create a unified image of our company and this production, please do NOT create your
own posters, artwork, or Facebook event page or post rehearsal photos. We will provide all of these materials
for you to share/forward via email, social media, etc.
!"#$%&' )*+,- . /-%01#12-01$" 3$%4 5 61-71+108 9&+&-,&

:&;1- 9&+&-,&
I heieby give my consent foi the image anu likeness of (name of paiticipant) ____________________________________
to be viueotapeu oi photogiapheu foi use in piint oi inteinet publications, auveitising, piomotional
mateiials, anu othei ielateu public usage. I authoiize Encoie! Theatie Aits anuoi Lost Pages Publishing, anu
ielateu agents to use this electionic meuia anuoi photogiaphs in any mannei- whole oi in pait. I heieby
waive any iight I may have to inspect oi appiove any use of this electionic meuia anuoi photogiaphs, waive
any iights of compensation oi owneiship theieto, anu I ielease Encoie! Theatie Aits anu Lost Pages
Publishing anu theii agents, employees, anu authoiizeu inuiviuuals fiom all liability which coulu iesult fiom
its use.

:&;1#-+ 9&+&-,&
I heieby ielease, acquit, anu uischaige Encoie! Theatie Aits, }oshua Baikei, Ninuy Baikei, anu ielateu
employees, agents, anu all authoiizeu iepiesentatives fiom all uamages, injuiies, claims, uemanus, oi causes
of action I, oi any family membeis, my heiis, executois, auministiatois, oi assignees may have aiising fiom
ielateu activity with Encoie! Theatie Aits. Auuitionally, I authoiize Encoie! Theatie Aits anu its employees,
agents, anu authoiizeu iepiesentatives to consent to any emeigency meuical tieatment that may be ueemeu
necessaiy to be ienueieu. I consent to an ambulance being calleu as tianspoit, if necessaiy. I assume
iesponsibility foi any anu all costs foi such emeigency meuical tieatment oi tianspoit.

/+&-,& +1,0 -"8 4&;1#-+ #$";101$",< 4&;1#-01$",< $% -++&%=1&, $> ?@1#@ ?& ,@$*+; 7& -?-%&A


!4&%=&"#8 B$"0-#0,

NameRelationship: ____________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________

NameRelationship: ____________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________

C#0$% C=%&&4&"0
I have ieau anu unueistoou Encoie's Paiticipation uuiuelines anu agiee to abiue by them to help maintain a
faii, piofessional, anu positive enviionment foi eveiyone. The conflict uates that I am unavailable foi
ieheaisal will be communicateu to the uiiectoi no latei than the uay of auuitions. 0thei than these uates, I
piomise to attenu eveiy ieheaisal anu peifoimance foi which I am calleu.

0nexcuseu absences, excessive taiuiness, oi any othei failuie to auheie to Encoie's Paiticipation uuiuelines
will be auuiesseu by the piouucei on a case-by-case basis anu may iesult in a lessei iole oi uismissal fiom
the piouuction.

Paiticipant Signatuie: Bate:

Paient Name (if actoi is unuei 18):

Paient Signatuie: Bate:

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