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Hello Expertu2019s u2013

I am working in TM 8.0 and we hae !"#$ whi%h is er& new to me. I need to deelop
report that should proide handling resour%e %apa%it& utili'ation report like how mu%h
%apa%it& %onsumed and how mu%h %apa%it& remaining( and hae another re)uirements
aligned with transportation %ost linked to $reight *greement( +al%ulation sheet , -ate
Ta.le. !ased /our%e 0o%( 1estination 0o%( MTr and +arrier we want to %olle%t the rate in
the report. $or all the a.oe re)uirement in TM 8.0 there is .usiness o.2e%t 3!"#$4
whi%h are aaila.le 5 M& )uestion is how te%hni%all& we make use o6 !"#$ to generate
a.oe su%h a report7

*n& te%hni%al suggestion or dire%tion highl& appre%ia.le.

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Thomas Schulz "%t 8( 2011 8=0: #M 3in response to Moorthi #allikodathan4
Hi Moorthi(

this report shows how to read .usiness o.2e%t data in TM ia !"#$= It reads all
6reight orders starting in lo%ations with I1 T>=

lo_srvmgr TYPE REF TO /bobf/if_tra_service_maager!
lt_sel_o"t TYPE /bobf/t_fr#_$%er&_sel"aram!
ls_sel_o"t TYPE /bobf/s_fr#_$%er&_sel"aram!
lt_tor_'e& TYPE /bobf/t_fr#_'e&!
lt_tor TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_root_'!
lt_tor_item TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_item_tr_'!
lt_tor_sto" TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_sto"_'!
lt_tor_s%cc TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_sto"_s%cc_'!
lt_tor_s%mmar& TYPE /scmtms/t_tor_root_trasiet_'.
( get service maager
lo_srvmgr ) /bobf/cl_tra_serv_mgr_factor&)*get_service_maager+
/scmtms/if_tor_c)*sc_bo_'e& ,.
( "re"are selectio o"tios
ls_sel_o"t-attrib%te_ame ) /scmtms/if_tor_c)*sc_$%er&_attrib%te-
ls_sel_o"t-sig ) ./..
ls_sel_o"t-o"tio ) .0P..
ls_sel_o"t-lo# ) .T(..
ls_sel_o"t-1ig1 ) ...
/23ERT ls_sel_o"t /2TO TAB4E lt_sel_o"t.
( $%er& b%siess ob5ect 'e&s
0A44 MET6OD lo_srvmgr-*$%er&
iv_$%er&_'e& ) /scmtms/if_tor_c)*sc_$%er&-root-
it_selectio_"arameters ) lt_sel_o"t
et_'e& ) lt_tor_'e&.
( retrieve b%siess ob5ect 9ata
0A44 MET6OD /scmtms/cl_"l_bo_9ata)*get_tor_9ata
it_'e& ) lt_tor_'e&
ct_tor_root ) lt_tor
ct_tor_s%mmar& ) lt_tor_s%mmar&
ct_tor_item ) lt_tor_item
ct_tor_sto" ) lt_tor_sto"
ct_tor_sto"_s%cc ) lt_tor_s%cc.

I6 &ou want to see how to retriee !" data dire%tl& ia !"#$ then please
into the method get?tor?data.

1ata 6rom other !"s %an .e read a%%ordingl&.

Hope this helps to get started using !"#$ in TM.

!est regards
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o Re: BOPF
Jane Cruz *pr @( 201@ 8=@0 #M 3in response to Thomas /%hul'4
Hi Thomas(

I tried &our %ode and it was er& use6ul to me .
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• Re: BOPF
saurabh tiwari $e. 29( 2012 3=19 #M 3in response to Moorthi #allikodathan4
Hi *ll(

1o &ou hae an& do%umnet (to upload data using !"#$7

I want to uplaod data 6rom ex%el ( and want to use !"#$.

Aht are te arious /td -eports aaila.le (whi%h uses the !"#$ %on%ept7

#lease send me some in6o


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