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Thanks to Cloud and Avalanche, the world was indeed safe from

Sephiroth's attempt to destroy the world with the Black Materia.

But it was not entirely Jenova's doin that spurred him to do
Sephiroth was !orn as a specimen to !ein with, seein as his
em!ryo was e"posed to Jenova cells as a part of Jenova #ro$ect S
while he was still in the wom!. %e of course was also e"posed to
Mako durin several key points durin his development and rowth
and not $ust durin his career in the Shinra S&'()*+ proram.
%o$o wasn't really meant to !e a father and tended to treat his
son more like a la! e"periment or a specimen rather than a child
with needs, therefore, Sephiroth's emotional development was
stunted due to his father's nelect. )n turn, he was usually a
very withdrawn, aloof person, and often was considered cold
!ecause of the way he acted, even at a youn ae. &ther than
that, %e rew as a normal child would !ut always felt different
!ecause of the way he was treated.
Com!ine this with constantly !ein worshiped !y the pu!lic as he
rew older and Shinra put his natural skills to use, the
constant pressure of !ein in the pu!lic eye, and the effect of
e"posure- possi!le alterations to his !ody and mind thanks to
$enova cells, the discovery at the .i!elheim reactor com!ined
with his findins in the Shinra Mansion were $ust enouh to push
him over the ede.
Thus we move to the !rothers three, which in this alternate
canon would not !e parts of Sephiroth, !ut half/!rothers, linked
!y their father's enetics and tinkerin with the clonin
process in a vain effort to recreate his son. These three fared
no !etter than the oldest, as %o$o was never there to raise
them, even when he was alive. They were raised in a la!oratory
environtment, cold, sterile, and while some of the kinder la!
techs were helpful, they were little consolation for the lack of
true parentae. *ventually these three would row and find the
a!ility to escape from their prison, learnin to survive in the
world on their own.
After Sephiroth's defeat at the hands of Avalanche, the world
was forever chaned. The planet of course suffered heavy damae
thanks to the encounter with meteor, and while the lifestream
was a!le to !uffer the impact, it took %oly's release to destroy
the meteor. As e"pected, some of the framents of meteor
collided with the planet, nearly destroyin the city of Midar.
0ith these framents came a disease unknown to the planet. This
was the !einnin of the plaue known as eostima.
The infection would spread throuhout the planet, attackin,
naturally, those whose immune systems were weaker and una!le to
properly fiht it off. Many of the people of what once was
Midar were affected, especially those whose lives were almost
entirely spent under the plate, due to e"posure to Mako.
&!viously, people looked for answers, some !lamin Mako to !e
the cause, while other more reliious people claimed that the
planet's aner was the reason for their sufferin. And each of
our players would come to cope with such thins in their own
The infection comes in staes, causin weakness, sores, visi!le
rash, !lack secretions, hallucinations, and eventually death.
Cloud of course is infected as we see in Advent Children, and
already una!le to cope mentally with situations in the past that
he feels to !e his fault, isolates himself from his friends, not
only, in his mind, to keep him from spreadin the illness to
those he cares a!out, !ut to atone. The disease attacks his
!ody, leavin him with the same symptoms the other citi1ens who
!ear the disease carry, !ut seein as he has little contact with
humans or treatment, it proresses, slowly takin his mind. %e comes across the three !oys while on
his travels. 2ada$ !y this point is not all there mentally, and at one point attempts to attack him, causin
Cloud to draw his sword in defense, only to see 2ada$'s !rother's restrain him. 3a1oo, actin as the only
sane man and the mouthpiece, apoloi1es for his !rother's !ehavior and in4uires if the !londe knows of
their mother's wherea!outs. Cloud notes the !rother's strane resem!lances to Sephiroth, and claims he
knows nothin.
By the time he !eins seein thins, the disease is in the final
staes. %is visions of Sephiroth and conversations with Aerith
are the !einnin of his hallucinations. )n fact, all the encounters startin from the forest on are actually
twisted variations and continuations of the oriinal encounter with the three !rothers. Cloud eventually
dies alone, havin won aainst the disease in his mind with Aerith's help... finally !ein a!le to save the
world like he'd always wanted.
Tifa after Cloud completely stops answerin his phone and oes missin eventually must cope with the
fact that he miht !e and pro!a!ly is dead, and is pretty much forced to move on !ecause she has
orphans to care for, !ut thins et harder without his help. &f course this is Tifa we're talkin a!out.
She knows how to deal with that kind of sufferin, !ut it does make her a !it withdrawn a!out her
childhood friend to the point where she rarely speaks of him e"cept around those she knows on a close
intimate level.
+ufus's !ody after survivin the attack on the Shinra !uildin
!y 0eapon, would !e $ust compromised enouh to leave him in a
wheelchair. And he too would contract the disease. 0hile it
would ravae his weakened !ody, confinin him to the wheelchair for the rest of his natural life, it
would stranely leave his mind intact. And in turn, +ufus would survive...
5nfortunately for 2ada$, 'o1, and 3a1oo, they are not entirely immune to the disease that would spread
across the planet, and the younest, 2ada$, would contract eostima also. +ather than sappin his
!ody, as the disease would do to the others, it attacked his internal systems, mostly travelin to
the !rain, takin his mental functions, and his sanity. The loss would domino, affectin his si!lins.
'o1, havin !een a fraile child thouh the oldest !y ae, would !e una!le to cope with his
!rother's illness and its effects, and would reress to a more childlike, withdrawn state, while 3a1oo,
!ein the only sane mind left amonst them would !e forced to !ecome the 6!i !rother6
(en1el unfortunately for all the attempts to cure him would not !e stron enouh to fiht off the
disease and would not live to see his teen years, dyin comatose in the final staes of the disease,
mourned !y those who were closest to him in the end, !ut nevertheless $ust another youn victim of an
epidemic with no known cure.