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Church of Scotland

St Andrews-Lhanbryd & Urquhart Parish Church

Order of Service
19 October !1"
#ntroit - Choir
Welcome and Announcements
Call to worship
C$" "%& Lord' bless and (ity us
1. Lord, bless and pity us,
Shine on us with your face
!hat your way may be known on earth,
all nations know your "race.
#. Let people praise you, Lord
Let all the people praise.
$h, let the nations all be "lad,
%n son"s their &oices raise.
'. (ou)ll *ustly people *ud"e,
$n earth rule nations all.
Let people praise you, Lord let them
+raise you, both "reat and small.
,. !he earth her fruit shall yield,
$ur -od shall blessin" send.
-od shall us bless all shall him fear
.nto earth)s utmost end.
Psalm 67.
+rayer of Approach and Confession
Lord)s +rayer
/amily !alk
C$" ))*& +Christ is our li,ht-
1. Christ is our li"ht0 the bri"ht and mornin" star
co&erin" with radiance all from near and far.
Christ be our li"ht, shine on, shine on we pray
into our hearts, into our world today.
#. Christ is our lo&e0 bapti1ed that we may know
the lo&e of -od amon" us, swoopin" low.
Christ be our lo&e, brin" us to turn our face
and see in you the li"ht of hea&en)s embrace.
'. Christ is our *oy0 transformin" weddin" "uest0
!hrou"h water turned to wine the feast was blessed.
Christ be our *oy your "lory let us see,
as your disciples did in -alilee.
Leith Fisher
+rayers of %ntercession
C$" %)& +#ns(ired by love and an,er-
1. %nspired by lo&e and an"er,
disturbed by need and pain,
informed of -od)s own bias,
we ponder once a"ain:
23ow lon" must some folk suffer4
3ow lon" can few folk mind4
3ow lon" dare &ain self5interest
turn prayer and pity blind4)
#. /rom those for e&er &ictims
of heartless human "reed,
their cruel pli"ht composes
a litany of need:
2Where are the fruits of *ustice4
Where are the si"ns of peace4
When is the day when prisoners
and dreams find their release4)
'. /rom those for e&er shackled
to what their wealth can buy,
the fear of lost ad&anta"e
pro&okes a bitter cry,
26on)t 7uery our position0
6on)t criticise our wealth0
6on)t mention those e8ploited
by politics and stealth0)
,. !o -od, who throu"h the prophets
proclaimed a different a"e,
we offer earth)s indifference,
its a"ony and ra"e:
2When will the wron"s be ri"hted4
When will the kin"dom come4
When will the world be "enerous
to all instead of some4)
9.-od asks, 2Who will "o for me4
Who will e8tend my reach4
And who, when few will listen,
will prophesy and preach4
And who, when few bid welcome,
will offer all they know4
And who, when few dare follow,
will walk the road % show4)
:. Amused in someone)s kitchen,
asleep in someone)s boat,
attuned to what the ancients
e8posed, proclaimed, and wrote,
a sa&iour without safety,
a tradesman without tools,
has come to tip the balance
with fishermen and fools.
John L. Bell (b.1949) and Graham Maule (b.19!) "G#G$ %he &ona 'ommunit(
;eadin"s 5 <cclesiastes 11: 1 = >
?atthew)s -ospel ##: 1 5 1,
C$" )1& +.or the fruits of all creation- )*un+ as ,--erin+
1. /or the fruits of all creation,
!hanks be to -od
/or these "ifts to e&ery nation,
!hanks be to -od
/or the plou"hin", sowin", reapin",
Silent "rowth while we are sleepin",
/uture needs in earth)s safe5keepin",
!hanks be to -od.
#. %n the *ust reward of labour,
-od)s will is done
%n the help we "i&e a nei"hbour,
-od)s will is done
%n our world5wide task of carin"
/or the hun"ry and despairin",
%n the har&est we are sharin",
-od)s will is done.
'. /or the har&ests of the Spirit,
!hanks be to -od
/or the "ood we all inherit,
!hanks be to -od
/or the wonders that astound us,
/or the truths that still confound us,
?ost of all, that lo&e has found us,
!hanks be to -od.
Frederi01 Pratt Green (192345222)
C$" %!%& +All that # a/- )*un+ as the ,--erin+ is brou+ht -or6ard/
All that % am, all that % do,
All that %)ll e&er ha&e % offer now to you.
!ake and sanctify these "ifts for your honour, Lord.
@nowin" that % lo&e and ser&e you is enou"h reward.
All that % am, all that % do,
All that %)ll e&er ha&e % offer now to you.)
*ebastian %em.le
+rayers of 6edication and !hanks"i&in".
C$" 1!)& +.ill your hearts with 0oy and ,ladness-
1. /ill your hearts with *oy and "ladness,
Sin" and praise your -od and mine0
-reat the Lord in lo&e and wisdom,
?i"ht and ma*esty di&ine0
3e who framed the starry hea&ens
@nows and names them as they shine.
#. +raise the Lord, his people, praise him0
Wounded souls his comfort know
!hose who fear him find his mercies,
+eace for pain and *oy for woe
3umble hearts are hi"h e8alted,
3uman pride and power laid low.
'. +raise the Lord for times and seasons.
Cloud and sunshine, wind and rain
Sprin" to melt the snows of winter
!ill the waters flow a"ain
-rass upon the mountain pastures,
-olden &alleys thick with "rain.
,. /ill your hearts with *oy and "ladness,
+eace and plenty crown your days
Lo&e his laws, declare his *ud"ements,
Walk in all his words and ways
3e the Lord and we his children =
+raise the Lord, all people, praise0
%imoth( 7udle(4*mith
Sun, 1lessin, AC3, B>:C
?ay the -od of peace "o with us
As we tra&el from this place
?ay the lo&e of Desus keep us
/irm in hope and full of "race.
&an Jamieson (b. 1939) CCL Licence Eo :#9>
!uesday #1
: !hrift shop opens 1G.GGa.m. to 11.'Ga.m.
!hursday #'
: !hrift shop opens 1.'Gp.m. to '.GGp.m.
: !he -uild meet at B.'Gp.m. in the Church 3all
AH!he Life of IrianJ 5 ;e& Irian IainC
/riday #,
: !$/? 6iscuss AAt Dune)sC 1G.GGa.m.
A%nspirational Women in the Iible 5 ?ary ?a"daleneC
Ee8t Sunday #:
: ?ornin" Worship 11.GGa.m.
: <&enin" Ser&ice, St ?ar"aret)s 3all 5B.GGp.m.
!he flowers are from Dune !aylor.
2$3 1ULL32#4 .O5 4362 SU47A8 *
will be produced by 6onna -rant 5 !el >,#11, email walter"
-i&in" 6ay: Last autumn there was no -i&in" 6ay since we had our L-i&in" /or -rowthL
pro"ramme earlier in the year. !he @irk Session has decided it is ri"ht to re5introduce the
-i&in" 6ay a"ain this year. !his "i&es members the opportunity to reflect on their "i&in" to
the work of the con"re"ation and the wider church throu"hout the past year and make a
one5off donation should they wish to do so. !he church and St ?ar"aretMs 3all will both be
open from # pm to , pm on Saturday 1 Eo&ember to recei&e donations. Alternati&ely,
they may be handed in to the !hrift Shop between 1.'Gpm and 'pm on !hursday 'G
IL(!3SW$$6 I$N<S: Why not prepare a shoebo8 for Ilythswood #G1,. Leaflets are
a&ailable at the back of the Church. Completed bo8es should be returned to the Church for
end of $ctober. Anyone who re7uires hats/"lo&es for ?en, Women or Children for their
bo8es should speak to 3elen /ordyce >,'G':.
L#.3 & 9O5: !1% Any member of the Con"re"ation who does not already subscribe to
HLife and WorkJ and who may wish to be a subscriber, can they please contact me by 1G

Eo&ember. !he annual subscription is O#1.':. !hose of you who already subscribe do not
need to "et in touch unless you want to make any chan"e to your order.
A%ris ?c%ntosh: tel >,#':9, email = irismciBK"mail.comC
Scottish Charity Eo. SCGG>>9G