Christian Identity When I started reading this I had to remind myself to keep an open mind before hand so I didn’t

let my judgment cloud what I was really supposed to get from this. I have a few personal experiences in my life that make me able to identify with the minority in America today. I conceived a mixed race child; I myself am a minority being a woman and I also had problems within my own family history of my ancestors being hounded in German occupied France to prove they were of French birth. For anyone to use the Christian teachings to distort their version of what they believe is the ultimate race is so hard for me to wrap my brain around. These sects, cults, groups whatever they wish to call themselves seem to think that they are above the law or are the law. It is pointed out that they believe that only the county sheriff has the ultimate authority and refers to Washington D.C. as being a puppet controlled by the Jew’s. If these sects would gain momentum it would be the Holocaust all over again in this country, but they are very clever in their manipulations of the law and the Bible. When I think of one who has so cleverly done this Fred Phelps comes to mind, He has really gotten around so many laws because he knows the law and just how far he can push it so as not to get arrested. As far as Armageddon being the result of a race war I don’t think so. I think actually it will be an issue of religious extremists vs. the various governmental structures in the world. The thing that comes to mind is the Middle East. There has been concern with Iran having nuclear missiles in light of 9/11 and the neighboring country of Iraq. I see the destruction of our world happening in the name of Islamic Jihad.

When push comes to shove in the US I would like to think that regardless of our racial make up we stand together in times of trial and tribulation. These religious/racist groups will surely try to play upon the race card when it suits their needs throughout the course of time, but when it all comes down to it we all bleed the same color of blood just on different colors of skin. An Asian still bleeds red, Latino’s bleed red, blacks bleed red and so do whites. We are drawn to fear by what we do not understand or refuse to understand. I find it interesting that the only people ever mentioned in this profile were white men of influence. No women were ever mentioned but, I am sure that they were made to sit on the sidelines back in the day as their husbands, sons, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, uncles, and nephews were out spreading the message of hate. To think that a Hitler like mentality will continue to exist in this world and in this country is not very comforting. The ideology of Why can’t we all just get along seems far fetched at times. I do want to say one thing though I do not endorse illegal immigration in saying that last comment. I still believe that if a person comes to our country regardless of race, nationality and ethnicity that they should do what is required of our country to become a citizen. My ancestors had to do it so they should still do the same thing in the 21st century. Someday there will be a balance in the races, however today in this time of our existence on earth does not seem to be that time

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