I am writing this for your review.

If you are a female reader please take a few moment of your time to comment about this article and its sister article which is very similar to this one. I would like to share these posts with human beings who are actually females and go through the discrimination described here every day of their lives. As a first hand witness to ongoing female emancipation please help me understand this human issue better. Thank you for your time.

This post relates some kind of revelation that came to me while I was in Didim in the Aegean last year. This is the village which was known in the antiquity as Didyma. There is a famous image of Gorgon's Medusa in Didyma. As far as I know the image of the Medusa has been used as a symbol of empowerment for women since the antique times. My revelation came to me while I was visiting another neighboring antique city called Priene. This is a well preserved antique city. It is smaller than Ephesus. It is hidden on a ledge on the side of a mountain and not too many tourists go there. There is active excavations going on. When I walked down from the Athena's temple occupying the highest point I was in the main street of the residential area. There were houses so well preserved that I could not help but feel that I was living there 2000 years ago. The houses are small and they are two or three stories high. I knew that women who lived in the very houses I was looking at were slaves. They were married to the master of the household but they had the status of a slave. Women lived in the kitchen. They did not even have the right to enter the part of the house where the husband entertained the guests. They did not have any property rights. They were truly slaves. No education of course. This was two thousand years ago. From then on women fought a war of independence against men by sticking together and gaining a little bit of independence with each new generation. It must have looked truly bleak to women living in the antiquity. Despite all odds, women managed to make progress and in the 1930s they obtained the right to vote and in the 40s and 50s they entered the workforce when men went to war. It appears that by close sisterly solidarity women managed to gain their independence finally today. Two observations: First, the relationship between man and woman is zero sum. I express this with this simple graphic.

Do you agree that the gender relationship is zero sum? This means that if men lose x amount of authority over women, women must gain the same x amount of authority over men. Second, here's the graphic which shows how the relationship between men and women vary in history:

A is the origin. I take the origin to be 2000 years ago. AN is the time axis. And AW is dominance axis. Therefore, in this graphic, initially women has zero authority and they are slaves and men has 100% authority on women. Gradually things start to change. Authority of course is proportional to income. Independence come with income. Once women enter the workforce there is no holding them back. They make money and today they are most independent. Today we are at the crossing point O because men and women are 50/50 in the workplace. From our initial assumption that the relationship between man and woman is zero sum we must conclude that women will eventually enslave men. This is inevitable. This has already started to happen. I know many stay at home fathers who take care of the kids and household chores while the wife goes to work. This is now a reality. Once a generation of children will be raised by men the concept of motherhood and the role of women in society will be totally redefined and men will acquire all the qualities now we associate with women, such as nurturing mother, the family cook and household cleaner. What is interesting to me is the implication of this for the future of humanity. On the one hand I observe that we are already living in a society defined by women and a society which favors women. This is the consumer society.

Consumer society exists for women. Women love to shop. This is the result of women's new found freedom. Just out of slavery women associate spending with freedom. Women love to consume. Since they are addicted to shopping they must consume in order to shop again. Women are addicted to new. Women love to talk. Women love to get things done and talking is the most efficient and fastest way to communicate. Women have no patience with long philosophical and irrelevant European nonsense invented by men as philosophy or science to establish power over women. By keeping women ignorant and by feeding them mythology as entertainment men encouraged women to believe in the occult. Once men wanted something for women to do as a class, men only had one of the deities believed by women to tell them what to do. What a clever system. Not much changed today. The mythological deities morphed into celebrities and women are as pliable as before. If you want to sell green this season you just tell women through one of the current celebrities that green is cool. And women will go out and buy green. Next season tell women that green is old and red is cool. As long as a favorite celebrity delivers the message then women will go buy red in hordes. On the other hand women are logical and pragmatic and practical. They are sharp and fast on their feet and efficient in what they are doing. They have the right attitude regarding this life: have fun. Everything else is secondary. What do all this say about the future of humanity? Here's a speculation: I believe that women freed themselves from the slavery of their fellow humans of different gender but turned themselves into the slaves of the Big Org. Every square inch of the female body is commoditized and used by three giant organisms which prey on women: • • • Fashion Cosmetics Entertainment

Anyone who could find a quarter inch of real estate on female body which has not been commoditized and could commoditize it would be filthy rich. Females also created their own pornography which is called the funny. What tickles females is the funny combined with the gross. How many times have I heard girls telling each other grossest stories I wish I did not hear and the other pretending to puke "I was like, so gross..." and countering with an even grosser story starting with, "my friend the other day, she was like, you know, it was so gross..." and tell her story in grossest details.

On the other hand people like Madonna, and Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are the Medusas of our own day. Britney Spears created a historic tipping point. She showed to women that the Big Org is feeding on them and it is liberating to spend your capital instead of holding on to it. Notice how the Big Media immediately defined Ms. Spears as thrash because she impinged on the monopoly of the media by trying to eliminate the Big Media. The lesson is once a girl exposes her capital than she has nothing to hide. Then she is free and the big media and the Org can no longer take advantage of her. Women are natural marketers and they are very conscious of branding and they appreciate branding. They are addicted not only to branding of merchandise but also to the branding of humans, as in celebrity cult culture we are living in which is mostly supported by women. Was the fall of man really fall of women?

Apparently there was a time in deep history before Christianity when women dominated the society. The Garden of Eden myth and the fall of man myth were branding campaigns by males to brand women as whores, temptresses and low humanity in order to recover male dominated society. This branding has been so successful that 2000 years later women are still fighting to change it. All the Gardens of Earthly Delights of antiquity were originally governed by female deities. These gardens were usurped by male solar gods in order to do away with this matriarchy that prevailed over the patriarchal system. Hera was the goddess of the flowering garden before the arrival of Zeus, whose resigned wife she became. But women finally have won. They have recovered their dominance of the garden of earthly delights now called the consumer society But then, if so, as intelligent as they are, how could women believe in Christianity? Christian mythology was invented by males to enslave women! Today, Christmas Eve 2006, as I was walking around, I realized what happened. I was right. Women are not stupid at all. Women turned a Christian holiday into their Independence Day! Christmas has become a celebration of Women's Independence. Shopping is freedom. And Christmas is shopping. Christmas is women's Independence Day!

This is ingenious. I knew that Christianity adopted pagan calendar and just changed the names of the feasts and holy days. Now women did the same to Christianity. They are celebrating their Independence day on the old Christian holiday. I congratulate all women. Happy Independence Day!

I think women are geniuses. I believe that there is hope for human society once women fully take over the society. Obviously this is not complete yet. There are still people who celebrate Christmas in its original Christian meaning. But churches are worried and they keep reminding us that Jesus is the reason for the season. Congratulations you all! Celebrate! Slavery is over! It is fascinating to be living in such a momentous time in human history. Am I sorry for the male half of the species? I think for a long time the younger ones raised by their fathers who have become house husbands will not know that they are enslaved. Males will totally forget that once there was a free type of male species which was not enslaved by women. Only later when women will become as cruel as men had been two thousand years ago that men will start to awaken to the fact that they have been enslaved by women. Then they will say, (the ones who could read history, if they are any males who could read at all) that it was a mistake to let women wear pants in the midtwentieth century. Then it was even worse mistake to let women dress up men in skirts. Of course, women did that gradually. The idiotic males, not half as intelligent as women, never realized before it was too late that the over sized T-shirts which looked so cool in the beginning of the 21st century now turned into skirts that house husband men are wearing as the uniform of their gender. From the graphic above it is clear that women have the momentum. At the inflection point O women is moving up. Men are moving down. This is also visible by observations. As a group women are more energetic. Men are desperately trying to hold on their slim advantage over women. Women are more intelligent. They are stealth. They know how to manipulate men. They have the sisterhood. They are war hardened. Two thousand years long independence war. And it is over. From now on it is the fun part. Women's power comes from their contract with the Big Org. How did they know this?

Is Sisterhood itself some kind of intelligent organism? It appears so. By acting in unison and in harmony women wield enormous power. By acting in unison women endow themselves with power. What looks like dumb consuming drones slavishly raising and lowering their hems every season when told by the right celebrity deity is in fact what gives women their power. Amazing. Calling the society created by women a consumer society doesn't do it justice. It is the female society. Another strength of women is that they are stealth. The best sign of intelligence. They will never concede that they have taken over the society by changing the organizational structure of the society. They will call it consumer society. They will make shopping a secret pleasure to increase its pleasure. Like their other obsession. Dieting. Dieting exists to increase the pleasure of eating. Women are all about fun. That's why they are so much fun to be with. One thing which is troublesome is that some women think that freedom is to be like men. Instead of exploring their newly gained independent womanhood these women pick up the ugly male character template and use that as their lifestyle. Sisterhood need to assimilate these females impersonating males into the womanhood or they will dominate the rest of women as men dominated all women. Women also are extremely efficient. No woman will do anything if she doesn't have to do it. That's why the present female society is geared to service women. Women want to be serviced. This is part of the collective slavery consciousness. Household chores, cooking, taking care of babies, grooming and hygiene are all associated with slavery. Women created service industries which do these things for them. This is very empowering for women. Will they grow out of this state as new generations are born into freedom? Thanks again for your review. Do you agree with any of these ideas? Do you think it is important to discuss these issues? Or these are old issues and women have gained their independence and they will move on?