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Exciting minds
through S.P.O.R.T
Exciting minds through S.P.O.R.T
It is our aim to promote the students development in all areas. To achieve this in years 7 and 8 we run ‘Exciting
Minds’ a competence-based curriculum framework. The Framework is built on specifically promoting and developing
the 5 groups of skills that we believe are essential for students to develop as lifelong learners.
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The 5 areas are:
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The termly focus
There will be a termly focus across all subjects and areas within the academy. This will go in the following order:
1. Personal Qualities
2. Team working
3. Skills for Thinking
4. Opportunities to develop
5. Relationships
6. All areas.
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The Curriculum
A thematic approach to the delivery of the curriculum will exist in years 7 and 8. 6 units exist in each year . A unit,
module or project typically covers half a term, though there is some flexibility, given the variation in the length of half-
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Each unit will:
1. Develop competences from all five categories but maintain a specific focus on that terms highlighted
2. Be cross-curricular
3. Feed into a whole year group event.
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The content is the vehicle for developing competences. It is not downgraded, but rather given a different context.
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Relationship with the national curriculum
Our major focus in years 7 and 8 is the competence development of students.
It is our belief and experience that when planned thoroughly and delivered effectively students cover more ground,
more thoroughly and with greater understanding than they do through the subject-based curriculum.
The Academy Scheme of work unit specifically ensures that during planning of the content of units, departments
have considered all national curriculum requirements.
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The units:
Year 7 Unit Themes

Year 8 Unit Themes
1 Me, myself and I

1 The Special Olympics
2 The time machine

2 Mega structures
3 Making the News

3 My-Bay
4 Your Numbers up

4 Charlie cooks favourite book.
5 Actions and reactions

5 The 3 r's
6 Going Places

6 Shine
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Unit structure and delivery
All units will be delivered in the same way.
A launch assembly
Whole year event / conclusion
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Reviewing and recording development
All students in years 7 and 8 will receive 3 reviews per year. These will take the form of
1. an interim review focusing on progress against target grades,
2. A SPORT report highlighting developments against the S.P.O.R.T framework and
3. a full report summarizing both academic and skill development over the year.
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