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Being a business student in Romania- a survival guide

Being a business students means you graduated in business

administration,marketing,general management,finance,accounting or strategy.Before thinking
about whether you want to be a business student, you should evaluate your personal and
academic abilities in terms of the desired. Many students believe that to ensure a career in
business must leave university equipped with a " big business . " They believe that each specific
area of business should be a level teaching. That is true , most careers require an academic
background specific.Many of those who graduate in a business environment , feel unprepared ,
poorly trained to practice what they have learned. Indeed , most recruiters are attracted
communication skills , creativity and critical thinking to their basic components of an employee's
skills in business .
The key to becoming a business student is organization.Drawing lists , scheduling
important dates , deadlines for projects, team meetings are necessary to get used to the business .
If you hang out with a range of random and insignificant activities , you become overwhelmed
and you will give up , unable to go the way you tasks.Another important skill , perhaps the most
important is communication , followed by the ability to identify and formulate problems . A
business student should be able to take responsibility , to think rationally , and to have the ability
to be independent .
Responsible for these skills, qualifications, skills are school years, both the lower and the
higher.Those are the moments that accumulate more knowledge and develop communication
skills in meetings group. This is a part of the "game" of building a business student. Here are
obtained strengths and weaknesses of a Roman student who learns to adapt continuously.
Without communication can not effectively manage , can not buy , sell or do trade.A really
student business must be able to harmonize work styles and skills common business purpose .
Firstly, you must recognize your abilities and that you have to plan your career, based on realistic
expectations of academic performance. Secondly would be to focus on realistic career and then
you get the skills to fulfill his.
Faculties should ensure that all students have the skills and they have gained the experience
needed to run a business and make good decisions , but the easiest way to develop a specific skill
careers is through the jobs summer jobs part-time , intern / externship , volunteering,
extracurricular activities . To demonstrate the experience can not be overlooked on your resume,
because most employers as a major factor in determining its competencies the candidate
To make a connection between the university and the world of work experience, extracurricular
skills to be obtained, and for this you will need to begin the process of exploring early during
With all the experiences gained in the workplace and variety of courses, a student should
be able to obtain a desired position in their work, to impress his interviewer with his experiences.
It should always be motivated, honest , enthusiastic and show everything that can , using all the
skills learned. Being a good business student, not just to be prepared theoretically but also
practically. A good businessman must efficiently share their life, to be a well organized person.

Lixandru Ion-Danut
Facultatea de Marketing, Anul I, Grupa 1704