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A vondale

vondale - W aterview
H istorical Society Incorporated

July-August 2009
Newsletter No. 40

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor 2009 Auckland City Heritage Festival
Instead of the planned separate photo exhibition men-
Avondale Primary School Reunion & tioned last issue, once I heard that St Judes Anglican
150th anniversary of Avondale Presbyterian Church were organizing a photo exhibition for their
Church—2010 contribution to this year’s heritage festival, I thought
this would be a better idea, a chance for our Society to
This is an email I have sent out to contacts for the local
work in with another community group — and hope-
Baptist, Anglican and Avondale Union Parish
fully raise public awareness of our Society.
Back in April 1860, at Easter, the Presbyterian Church The exhibition will be of the history of the church (125
at the Whau was officially opened. The church building years old this year) and the surrounding community.
came to be known as St Ninians in the 1930s, and today The organisers have agreed to include the large 1958
is the oldest building in the district. aerial photo as part of the display. The exhibition will
We need volunteers to be part of an organising commit- run on Saturday 19th September and Sunday 20th Sep-
tee for two important celebrations next year for Avon- tember. On both days, I’ll take anyone who wants to
dale — the 150th anniversaries of not only the inaugu- come for a heritage walk starting and finishing at St
ration of the Presbyterian Church here (today part of Judes Church.
the Union Parish), but also that of the first school here,
held originally in the building from April 1860. Apart If anyone has any photos of Avondale they’d like to see
from a break of a few months over 1860-1861, there displayed, let me know, and I’ll pass you onto the or-
has been continuous public education in the district. ganisers who would be delighted to hear from you.
Our school district was also the first in West Auckland.
The last school reunion in 2007 was a great success — Avondale South Domain proposed name
we’d like to see if the celebration can be repeated. change
Please let me know if you can help.
Back in mid 2004, our Society wrote to the Avondale
We could use help from any of our members as well, Community Board in support of the Blockhouse Bay
whether or not you had past connections with either the Historical Society, with the view to a change of name
school or the Presbyterian Church. for the Avondale South Domain to Gittos Domain (in
Avondale College honour of Francis Gittos). At last, this issue has now
come back from Auckland City Council, and consulta-
A reunion there is being planned at present, aimed tion has begun.
for late 2010. Contact: Carole Jamieson (nee Ber-
gamini) Phone: 09-449-1994 or 021-132-9273 or 2010 School Reunion, c/- Next meeting:
Avondale College, 47 Victor Street, Avondale, Auckland Saturday 1 August 2009, 2.30 pm,
Lions Hall, cnr. Blockhouse Bay Road
Guest Speakers
and Great North Road.
At our June meeting, we had a wonderful presentation
by David Wong on the history of Chinese in New Zea- This will be the 7th Annual General
land, and in Auckland in particular.
Meeting for
In August (hopefully!) John Adam has asked to report the Avondale-Waterview Historical
back to the Societry on what he has discovered in his Society
research into the horticultural history of Rosebank.