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Which of the below documents you can find information about ship or / and coast stations communication

identities? List VII List Of Call Signs And umerical Identities

Which of the below codes can be used for !ealth problem and get some ad"ice from coast ? #$
Which of the below satellite is coordinated at %&'(' ) W* ? AO+ , -
What is the meaning Of %Amplitude* ? Side .ands in -lectromagnetic Wa"es and /heir 0ower
What is the meaning of emission class 1#- %#* ? Analog Information Single Channel
Which of the below dublication is enough for A& 234SS Sea Area ? V!5 4SC 6 V!5 +adio/elephone
In Which 234SS Sea Area7 I3A+SA/ communication can be used ? A&7A$7A#
What is the 35 5re8uency .and for -lectro3agnetic Spectrum ? #99 , #999 :h;
!ow many communication style can be used for +adio/ele< transmission ? 5-C , A+=
!ow many digital character founds in Ship>s 35?!5 +adio/ele< identity? ' umber
!ow often 234SS !and +adio must be tested ? Once a 3onth
Which V!5 Channels can be used for yacht communication? @$ , @#
Which of the 234SS Operator Certificate is in"alid for 234SS Sea Area A$7A#7AA ? +OC
Which of the below e8uipment doesn>t ha"e /elephone communication? I3A+SA/ C
Bou recei"ed Safety message from 35 4SC what would you do?
Without 2i"ing any acCnowledgement to around7 Starts listening safety message at forward communication
Bour Ship only carries V!5 e8uipment( What Cind of Class 4SC you ha"e in your ship?
!ow Often List VII releases again and how often being updates ? Once A /wo Bear and # 3onths for Dpdate
ECEC 2499 $&#9 D/C What Cind of AV/-F message and its subGect ?
It>s Vital 3essage About Search And +escue
What is the disad"antages about COS0AS?SA+SA/ -L/ -0I+. ?
It>s 5re8uency &$&(' 3h; and only WorCs +eal /ime7 ot 2lobal Co"erage
Which of below channel is 0rotection Channel 5or V!5 System? Channel @' , @H
While you are na"igating Atlantic Ocean and you see people which o"erboarded what Cind of message would
you send from 4SC? Drgency 3essage
$ S4+ how much does it cost 25? H(&$$ 25
Which is the AAIC Code for /urCey? /+9&
Bou Want to Learn Another Ship>s +adio Company Which Source you should looC for information?
I/D List V List Of Ship Stations
Which is the %/echnical Assistance* Code 5or I3A+SA/ Satellite System? ##
What is the meaning of word %D/C* ? Dni"ersal /ime Coordinated
What is 234SS description?
2lobal 3artime 4istress and Safety System which uses satellite and terrastarial communication styles
Which of the below ship types are responsible for carry 234SS -8uipments on board?
0assenger Ships
#99 2+/ and larger ships
!ow much the range of 3arine V!5 system distance at sea? $9 , #9 autical 3iles
What does it mean %4-3O4DLA/IO* process in electronic communication?
It>s a process which is done to con"ert "oice signal from the carrier fre8uency
Bour ship is sinCing( What Cind of message would you transmit from 4SC? 4IS/+-SS 3-SSA2-
Bour ship>s propeller has dropped in open sea far from the coast and you need a tug and there is a gale towards
the coast( What Cind of message would you liCe to transmit to around ? D+2-CB 3-SSA2-
Bour ship>s propeller has dropped in coast sea are "ery near from the coast and you need immediately a tug(
What Cind of message would you liCe to transmit to around? 4IS/+-SS 3-SSA2-
Bour ship has lost the maneou"re ability( !ow would you inform the situation to other ships?
D+2-CB 3-SSA2-
What are the channels are using in the 234SS V!5 system? 9&?$I H9?II
What is the fre8uency of Search And +escue +adar /ransponder? J$99 ? J'99 3h;
What is the emission class of 5#C LAS/ character? 5acsimile
In the 234SS System Which fre8uency band using V!5 +adio System? &'H?&@A 3h;
Ships are which less or more than '99 grt must Ceep 234SS Vhf !and +adio 8uantity? $ or #
Which 234SS -8uipment needn>t ha"e in A& 234SS Sea Area? I3A+SA/
What is the mean of 3I4? 3aritime Identification 4igits
Which V!5?channel should be used for distress traffic after initiating a distress alert "ia V!5 4SC?
Ch(&H on V!5 +adio telephone
What fre8uency is used by a Coast +adio Station for acCnowledgement of a distress alert transmitted "ia 35
4SC radio by a mobile unit? 35 4SC distress fre8uency K$&I@(':!;L
Which V!5 channel is dedicated for bridge?to?bridge communications for na"igational purposes in the 234SS ?
A ship subGect to SOLAS 234SS regulations trading in an area not co"ered by AV/-FM
3ust be capable of recei"ing 3SI "ia !5 .40 or -2C system
Which is the most appropriate defination for distress traffic?
All messages relating to the immediate assistance re8uired by a ship7 aircraft or other "ehicle in imminent
Which I3A+SA/ mobile unit can not be used for the commercial message handling?
I3A+SA/ -
/he ser"i"e enables authorised shore?based information on marine safety K 3SIL to the mobile units at sea o"er
the I3A+SA/ satellites is Cnown as? /he -2C ser"ice
According to the rele"ant international con"ention which ships must carry radio e8uipment complying with
Cargo ships of more than #99 2+/s and "essel carrying more than &$ passengers trading in international waters
Which of the following documents is not necessary to be carried on board a ship subGect to 234SS
!andbooC for marine radio communication published by LL0
If a "essel is operating &99 nautical miles from shore within range of shore?based 35 station7 and the out of V!5
station the "essel is operating within what area? Sea area A$
Select the true statement regarding SA+/? /he operation fre8uency of the SA+/ is J 2!;
According to performence standards of the 234SS that period of time is the SA+/ re8uired to ha"e sufficient
battery capacity to operate in the stand?by mode? 5our days K JH hours L
ingili;ceden fi< sorusu dummy anten M "erici test anteni
Nngili;ce 2enliC modOlasyonu ne demeCtir(? Nn /he Amplitude 3odulation7 the information signal changes the
amplitude but does not change the carrier 5re8uency
Nngili;ce 3I4 neyi ifade eder(? ationality
Nngili;ce( 3odOlasyon e demeCtir? 3odulation is imposing intelligence onto a radio carrier signal
Nngili;ce N3A+SA/>ta tehliCe trafiPinde hemen iletiQim CurmaC iRin ne yapSlSr(? !ot .uton/+ed .uton
Nngili;ce S-CD+I/- neyi belirtir(? SA5-/B
Nngili;ce( -FC!A2- NQlemi aQaPSdaCi ifadelerin hangi sSrasSyla yapSlSr? /emas :ur( 2TrOQ( -<change yap(
/erminate et(
Nngili;ce :SyS istasyonlarSndan u;aCta olan istasyonlara 3SI yaySnlarSnSn yaySnlanmasSnda aQaPSdaCilerden
hangisi CullanSlSr? !5 AV/-F , I3A+SA/ -2C
Nngili;ce( ALL S/A/IOS anlamSna gelen CSsaltma aQaPSdaCilerden hangisidir? KC=L
Nngili;ce( 2enliC modOlasyonu ne demeCtir(? Nn /he Amplitude 3odulation7 the information signal changes the
amplitude but does not change the carrier 5re8uency(
Nngili;ce( Drgency sinyali aQaPSdaCilerden hangisi ile ifade edilir? 0A0A
What is the emission designation for 35?!5 "oice signals? 1#-
What is the stand for 3I4? 3A+I/I3- I4-/I5ICA/IO 4I2I/