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Timberwalk Homeowners Association

C/o Advantage Property Management, LLC

1111 SE Federal Highway, Suite 100
Stuart, Florida !""!
Phone #$$%& !'("00 Fa)*imile #$$%& %(('01$+
Request for Modification
Please Print
I, , hereby request aro!a" by the Architectura" Re!ie#
Co$$ittee for the fo""o#in% $odification&s'

"ocated at( )ayti$e *hone +
Ce""u"ar + Wor, + -a. +
I/#e understand that fro$ the date Ad!anta%e *roerty Mana%e$ent recei!es and date
sta$s $y Request, the Architectura" Re!ie# Co$$ittee has 01 days *, rior to
co$$ence$ent of any #or, or chan%es, in #hich to re!ie# $y roosed $odifications2
My fai"ure to co$"y #ith the Ti$ber#a", Association Co!enant 3y"a#s $ay resu"t in a
$100.00 fine **. Uon aro!a" of $y request for this $odification, I/ #e #i"" assu$e a""
"iabi"ity for any da$a%e incurred as a resu"t of this $odification as #e"" as any additiona"
$aintenance costs that $ay be required by any and a"" %o!ern$enta" a%encies for this
$odification2 * Article 7.2.6 ** Article 7.2.11

O#ner 4i%nature )ate O#ner 4i%nature )ate
*"ease attach the required additiona" infor$ation(
A photo or sketch, inc"udin% the di$ensions, of the roosed $odifications5
include a copy of the contractors proposal with aterial list and specifications.
The "ocation of the $odification on the roerty
Coy of the sur!ey of the roerty
Co"or sa$"es, if a"icab"e
Use additiona" sheets if necessary2
The request for $odification to the Unit "ocated at has been(
Aro!ed Aro!ed #ith the fo""o#in% chan%es )isaro!ed

)ate Chairerson ARC or 3oard of )irector 16/78/19