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Chapter 9: Staffing, Training, and Compensation for Global Operations

1) Firms with successful operations in emerging markets most likely attract and retain talent by
offering all of the following EXCEPT ________
!) a global name brand
") global policies and procedures
C) career de#elopment opportunities
$) an organi%ational culture of openness
&) ! global firm's success or failure is increasingly dependent upon ________( which cannot be
!) human resources
") raw materials
C) technology
$) capital
)) *deally( the ________ of the firm should dictate the organi%ational structure and staffing needs
of the firm
!) customers
") si%e
C) strategy
$) management philosophy
+) ,hich of the following terms refers to employees who work and li#e in a foreign country but
remain citi%ens of the country where the employing organi%ation is head-uartered.
!) independent contractors
") temporary workers
C) local employees
$) e/patriates
0) Fred( an !merican( works as a manager at his firm's head-uarters in 1ew 2ork 3e recently
learned that he has been assigned to manage the firm's subsidiary office in Tokyo and that he will
be relocating to 4apan within the ne/t si/ weeks This is an e/ample of the ________ staffing
!) polycentric
") regiocentric
C) global
$) ethnocentric
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7) ,hich of the following is the most common staffing choice for a foreign subsidiary when
proprietary technology is used e/tensi#ely.
!) independent contractors
") host8country nationals
C) third8country nationals
$) parent8country nationals
9) :ocal managers are hired to fill key positions in their own company under the ________
staffing approach
!) global
") polycentric
C) ethnocentric
$) regiocentric
;) ,hich of the following is most likely an ad#antage of the polycentric staffing approach.
!) 3ome8country managers gain #aluable o#erseas management e/perience
") Coordination between the subsidiary and the parent company is simplified
C) <anagers are familiar with local customs( languages( and business practices
$) Firms sa#e time because managers are fully knowledgeable about practices and procedures
=) >ears $epartment >tore has o#er =66 stores in the ?> and o#er )66 stores in <e/ico and
Canada >ears has been particularly successful in <e/ico( and the firm's e/ecuti#es belie#e >ears
should e/pand into other :atin !merican countries !s a result( plans are underway for the
construction of a new >ears store in <anagua( 1icaragua Construction should be complete
within three months( so staff selection needs to begin soon >ears' e/ecuti#es are considering the
idea of using parent8country nationals to manage the new store in 1icaragua
,hich of the following( if true( best supports the argument that parent8country nationals should
manage the >ears in 1icaragua.
!) >ears encourages employees to participate in community outreach programs
") >ears' computeri%ed testing for employee recruitment is only a#ailable in English
C) >ears wants to maintain close control of the 1icaragua store for at least three years
$) >ears' managers in 1icaragua will choose what items to stock based on local customs
16) ,hich of the following -uestions is :E!>T rele#ant to the decision to fill management
positions in >ears' 1icaragua store with parent8country nationals.
!) ,hat are the relocation and compensation e/penses associated with using e/patriates in
") ,hat form of sales promotions would be used by >ears in 1icaragua to attract new
C) ,hat le#el of control does >ears' head-uarters need to ha#e o#er the >ears store in
$) 3ow important is it for the >ears manager in 1icaragua to be familiar with local culture.
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11) *n the ________ staffing approach( the best managers are recruited from within or outside of
the company( regardless of nationality
!) regiocentric
") global
C) ethnocentric
$) polycentric
1&) The term ________ is increasingly replacing the term ________ due to the global staffing
!) subsidiary( transnational
") ethnocentric( polycentric
C) transpatriate( e/patriate
$) global manager( line manager
1)) @ecruiting managers from :atin !merica for a position in "ra%il is an e/ample of which
staffing approach.
!) global
") ethnocentric
C) regiocentric
$) polycentric
1+) !ccording to Tye and Chen( which of the following is the greatest predicti#e #alue of
e/patriate success.
!) gender
") social skills
C) international e/periences
$) domestic work e/perience
10) !ccording to research( ________ has been the most fre-uently cited reason for the failure of
e/patriate managers who work in foreign subsidiaries of ?> or European companies
!) inability of the spouse to adAust
") lack of training at the beginning of the process
C) lack of training during the repatriation part of the process
$) cultural incompatibility and insufficient language skills
17) !ccording to research( most ?> firms fail to include ________ in their assessment of
potential candidates for international assignments
!) technical e/pertise
") educational background
C) human relational skills
$) o#erseas tra#el e/perience
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19) !ccording to sur#eys of e/patriates( which of the following countries is considered the most
challenging assignment.
!) China
") <e/ico
C) >outh Borea
$) >audi !rabia
1;) ,hich of the following is the most likely reason that 4apanese e/patriates are successful.
!) 4apanese e/ecuti#es are generally posted for a longer time( thus allowing them more time to
") 4apanese companies pro#ide better training and support from head-uarters
C) 4apanese e/ecuti#es are not usually accompanied by their families
$) all of the abo#e
1=) ! state of disorientation and an/iety that results from not knowing how to beha#e in an
unfamiliar culture is called ________
!) culture shock
") assimilation
C) cultural contingency
$) integration
&6) The concept of Ckeeping the e/patriate wholeC in terms of compensation most likely means
ensuring that the e/patriate's ________
!) family is prepared for the o#erseas assignment
") health insurance co#erage is globally accepted
C) foreign and domestic ta/es are paid in a timely manner
$) standard of li#ing e-uates to colleagues at home plus additional costs
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