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Miracles of Yoga in Improving Memory Power

When you fail to remember something, which you have read, heard or seen, and cannot remember
despite several efforts then it is called loss of memory power or forgetfulness. People of all age
groups are suffering due to this problem. There are a number of reasons for this problem.
For example, mental tension, excessive mental work or not using memory at all, busy schedule
throughout the day, physical and mental weakness or serious head injury.
Yogic exercises are helpful in improving memory power and reducing forgetfulness. Practice the
following yogic exercises with the feeling that the memory power is improving and forgetfulness is
reducing. Also take a balanced diet and chew you food nicely, as it helps to improve memory.
Remember all the things done throughout the day in a chronological order. This exercise will also
help improve memory power.
Yoga Asanas to Improve Memory Power
Yoga asanas provide excellent strength, both physical and mental. Regular practice of these
exercises develops the physical and mental capabilities, which improve the memory power, grasping
power and intelligence. Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana are the two main asanas for improving
memory. Regular practice of these asanas cure all one's physical and mental related problems, and
thereby improve the memory power.
Regular practice of this asana supplies pure blood to the brain. It makes the pituitary and pineal
glands healthy, and activates the brain. It increases the memory power, grasping power and
intelligence, especially among children. It activates the thyroid and pituitary glands, which result in
height increase.
This is beneficial for increasing height as it activates the thyroid and pituitary glands. It cures
tiredness, weakness and obesity in children. It makes the eyes, ears, nose and other organs healthy.
It improves the digestive system, activates the intestines, liver and increases the digestive fire. It
cures enlarged liver, swelling, hysteria, hydrosil, hernia and constipation.
1. Lie down straight on your back. The legs should be together, join the hands to the sides and rest
the palms on the ground.
2. Inhale and raise the legs at 30 degrees upwards, then 60 degrees and then 90 degrees. You can
support the back while lifting the legs. If the legs cannot be kept straight at 90 degrees take them
back at 120 degrees and rest the hands at the back. The elbows should rest on the ground. The eyes
should be closed, or otherwise look at your toes. In the beginning it can be done for 2 minutes and
then slowly increase the time up to half an hour.
3. While coming back, keep the legs straight and bend backwards slightly. Remove both the hands
from the back and rest them straight on the ground. Now, press the floor with the palms and get up
in the same position as you had lied down, first back and then the legs should be laid straight on the
floor. The duration for sarvangasana and shavasana should be the same.
Avoid this asana in case of neck and back pain.

This rejuvenating asana is also beneficial for improving memory power. It cures backache, sciatica
pain, slip disc, cervical spondylitis and other spinal problems.
It strengthens the thyroid, para-thyroid glands. It is useful in case of asthma.
It strengthens the liver and is useful in case of loss of appetite, acidity, diabetes and other stomach
related problems. It makes the backbone flexible and healthy.

Lie down on your stomach; keep the palms on the ground on both sides of the chest. The elbows
should be lifted upwards and the shoulders should be close to the chest.
The legs should be straight and joined together. The palms should be stretched facing the spine and
resting on the ground. Inhale and raise the chest and head upwards. The area below the navel
should rest on the ground. Raise the head and move the neck backwards as much as you can.
Remain in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat as many times as you can.
Do not practice this asana in case of hernia.
Pranayama to Improve Memory Power
Regular practice of pranayama along with asana is helpful for all round development and
improvement of the memory power.
Bhastrika, Kapalbhati and Brahmari Pranayama are the best for this. They improve the memory
power and cure forgetfulness. Please note that the descriptions below are summaries. Please look
up the articles on the specific pranayama for detailed instructions.

Kapalabhati Pranayama
This pranayama supplies pure life energy to the brain. It increases the blood circulation in the brain
and removes blood clots thereby improving the memory power. Other than this, the toxic and
foreign substances from the body are evacuated. It cures cold catarrh, sinusitis, allergy, tension and
other diseases. It is very useful in cases of phlegm, skin disease, asthma, heart disease, high and low
blood pressure, depression, tiredness, laziness, sleeplessness, migraine, joint pain, etc. Obesity,
diabetes, constipation, indigestion, gastric problem, disinterest and other disease are cured and it
gives vitality. As a result the whole body becomes healthy and disease free.
Be seated in a comfortable posture. Padmasana (crossed leg) and Vajrasana are the ideal yoga
postures to practice pranayama. Place your hands on your knees. Feel relaxed. Focus on your
breathing pattern.
Take a deep breath in and then release the breath out. Now inhale slowly and exhale with a great
force. Your abdominal muscles should get expanded when you inhale and get contracted when you
The exhalations should be forceful. This exercise is similar to that of blowing your nose. The process
of inhalation and exhalation should be constant. Make sure that while exhaling, you are throwing
the air out from the lungs with full force.
Do not take much effort while inhaling the air. Complete the procedure of Kapalbhati pranayama by
deep inhalation and exhalation.
You have successfully completed one round of Kapalbhati pranayama. A learner can do 3 rounds of
Kapalbhati pranayama by doing 15 exhalations in each round. Take small breaks between each
round. You can increase the number of exhalations and rounds of pranayama as per your
Bhastrika Pranayama
Health improves when the brain gets pure life energy. The prana and mind become stable, nervous
weakness is cured and memory power improves. It cures the tridosha (vata, pitta, kapha) and
problems arising from brain. This cures forgetfulness. It improves appetite. It is beneficial in case of
low blood pressure, depression, sleeplessness, knee pain, cold catarrh, headache, diabetes, obesity,
loss of appetite and asthma.
It cures thyroid and tonsils and other throat related diseases
It strengthens the heart and lungs. It is helpful in case of arousal of kundalini and prana.
Sit in Padmasana. Inhale with full strength and exhale from both the nostrils as strongly as you can.
Repeat inhaling and exhaling. Rest when you are tired or exhale completely after practicing this for
30-40 times.
Now place the hand near the nose and close the left nostril. Breathe from right nostril. Breathe in as
much as you can, put Jalandhar Bandh followed by Moolbandh. Stop the breathe for some time.
Remove the bandh and exhale from left nostril. This is one cycle of Bhastrika Pranayam. Repeat two
to three times.
Caution: Do not shake the body while inhaling and exhaling. Do not practice it in case of high
blood pressure, piles, acidity of perspiration due to heat.

Brahmari Pranayama
It cures brain generated problems, tension, worries, anger, sleeplessness, depression and other
problems and improves the memory power. It cures anxiety and is useful in case of restlessness, high
blood pressure, heart disease etc.
It cures diabetes, obesity, asthma, nervous weakness, and improve the memory power.
It is beneficial in case of gynecological diseases. It cures vata, pitta, kapha and other problems. It is
also beneficial in case of headache, cold catarrh, etc.

Sit in Padmasana and exhale from the nostrils slowly. Then inhale slowly. Inhale as much as you can
and while exhaling produce a nasal sound. As if you are trying to produce the ma sound while
chanting Om or like the honeybee whirling around the flowers. Produce this sound and exhale. Try
to make this sound as sweet as possible. Close the ears with the thumbs in order to block the
external noises and keep the fingers on the forehead. Inhale and exhale and produce the sound.
Repeat this exercise for five minutes.
Do not shake the body while inhaling and exhaling. Do not practice it in case of high blood pressure,
piles, acidity or perspiration due to heat.
Omkar Chanting
Omkar chanting improves the memory power. It increases the mental strengths. It arouses the
Kundalini. It establishes contacts with the extraterrestrial powers.
Omkar is very significant in our lives. The letters A, U and M collectively make this word. The joint
powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are included in this word. Om is powerful and spread in the
entire universe but we cannot experience it. Om should be chanted for introspection, for producing
energy in the body and for circulating the strength.
Inhale and chant A (ah), then close the mouth and say U (oo) and then exhale and say M (im).
Stressing on the letter A, U and M cures the diseases of stomach, chest and brain respectively.
It is also useful for improving the memory power.