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International CT Image Contest

Highest image quality at lowest dose

Answers for life.

International CT Image Contest
International CT Image Contest – the highest International CT Image Contest – the
image quality at the lowest radiation dose ALARA principle

Should a patient have a CT examination or not? The For years, physicians have been educated to follow
decision made is almost always a medical one. Does the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) prin-
the potential benefit outweigh possible radiation ciple. This means using the minimum radiation dose
risks for the patient? required to obtain the necessary image quality. At
Siemens, we see it as our responsibility to provide
While CT imaging entails a dose of radiation, it un- medical institutions with solutions that enable them
doubtedly provides valuable information about our to further lower the radiation dose without compro-
health and supports the physician in making the mising on image quality.
right diagnosis.

In maximizing patient benefits, the challenge is how We aim to encourage users from all over the world
to obtain the highest possible image quality at the to utilize their SOMATOM CT to the full extent and to
lowest possible radiation dose. show us their best, low-radiation images.

Share your work with the international community.

Enter the Siemens International CT Image Contest
today at

Our Social Responsibility

World’s first contest where physicians from around the globe can send in their work
and compete for the best image quality at the lowest possible radiation dose.

International CT Image Contest
Win the contest and enjoy an international pre- Win the title of “The public’s favourite
sentation of your images CT image 2010”

Show the world how you obtain amazing image A highly prominent jury will be evaluating your im-
quality at lowest radiation dose with the SOMATOM ages. Independent of jury evaluation, there will also
Definition AS, SOMATOM Definition or SOMATOM be a separate evaluation from February 1st, 2010
Definition Flash. – March 1st, 2010 by means of public voting. All
The jury will select a winner in each of the six participants will also have the chance to win the title
categories (Cardiac, Vascular, Neuro, Thorax, Abdo- of “The public’s favorite CT image 2010.”
men and Pelvis, as well as Dual Energy). There will
be six winners in total. The winner will be awarded the same prizes as win-
ners selected by the jury, so make sure your col-
leagues vote for you in the Siemens International CT
Image Contest!
Maximize your chance of winning and learn more
about low radiation scanning

Check out our “How to” section at for information on
all the radiation reducing features available on the
SOMATOM Definition Family.
It also includes information on radiation reducing

* For more details on prizes and how to participate, please visit
Participate and Win

ECR 2010
RSNA 2010

• Winning images will be exhibited at the ECR 2010 • The images will be printed in the official image gal-
in Vienna, Austria, as well as at RSNA 2010 in lery book that will conclude the Siemens Internation-
Chicago, USA. al CT Image Contest. Along with the winning images,
the winners’ name and institution will be recognized.
• The winners will receive a Canon EOS 50D camera.* Winners will receive copies for distribution.

• The winners will receive a certificate, as well as a

large print-out of their winning image.
*The winners will receive the opportunity to personally present their
images. Each presentation will be covered by a written contractual fee
in the amount of €1,000, (the equivalent cost of an EOS 50D). 5
International CT Image Contest
The Evaluation

There will be six categories in which submitted

images will be judged. These are Cardiac, Vascular,
Neuro, Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis, as well as
Dual Energy.

The jury will chose a winner in each category. Mark-

ing will be based 33% on diagnostic image quality,
33% on aesthetic image quality and 33% on radia-
tion dose considerations.

The Jury

A highly prominent jury consisting of pioneers in

the field of CT will be judging the images. The jury
members include presidents, chairs and board mem-
bers of the most influential medical facilities, as well
as communities.


Prof. Stephan Achenbach Prof. Elliot K. Fishman Prof. Dominik Fleischmann Prof. Yutaka Imai
University of Erlangen, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Stanford University Medical Tokai University School
Germany USA Center, USA of Medicine, Japan

Prof. Zengyu Jin Prof. Borut Marincek Prof. Maximilian Reiser Prof. Uwe Joseph Schoepf
Peking Medical Union University Hospital Zurich, Ludwig Maximilian University Medical University of South
College, PR China Switzerland Munich, Germany Carolina, USA

International CT Image Contest
“With state of the art equip- “I am most excited to be part
ment, CT imaging is tremen- of the jury for the CT Image
dously rewarding – not only Contest. I look forward to see-
from a diagnostic, but often ing and selecting from some of
also from a visual and aesthetic the greatest images produced
point of view. CT images can be across the world. It is an in-
Prof. Stephan works of art – please share your Prof. Elliot K. credible opportunity for
Achenbach most exciting cases with us!” Fishman Siemens users to see their
names in lights.”

“Which image will be named “Enter the contest and show us

the best CT image of the year? your innovative solution.”
It could be yours.”

Prof. Zengyu Jin Prof. Borut


“Interpretation is straightfor- “How do you obtain striking CT
ward when image quality is images with the lowest pos-
great. I am looking forward to sible radiation dose? Please en-
quality images from around ter the contest and share your
the world.” work with us.”

Prof. Dominik Prof. Yutaka Imai


“Reducing radiation is a key “Siemens gave you powerful

topic for the future of CT. We tools to achieve the best pos-
have to fully exploit the op- sible image quality at the low-
tions available for dose reduc- est radiation dose. Put them
tion without compromising to good use and share your
diagnostic efficiency. This con- results with the world. Your
Prof. Maximilian test should demonstrate that Prof. Uwe Joseph patients and your specialty will
Reiser the radiological community Schoepf thank you!”
has understood this message.
Please be involved!”

International CT Image Contest

Users are welcome to submit images

October 1st, 2009 – February 1st, 2010

Jury evaluation
February 1st – February 15th, 2010

Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar

Presentation of
winning images at ECR
March, 2010

Public voting
February 1st – March 1st, 2010

Timeline and Entering
Entering Results

• All users that have a SOMATOM Definition, The winner will be announced at the ECR 2010
SOMATOM Definition AS or SOMATOM Definition in Vienna, Austria.
Flash are welcome to participate.

• Participants may enter as many cases as wanted.

• Participants can submit images in the categories

Cardiac, Vascular, Neuro, Thorax, Abdomen and
Pelvis, as well as Dual Energy.

• Participants may enter images in multiple categories.

• Siemens reserves the right to reject images if they

do not meet the criteria listed above.
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