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Roosh V
2007, 2010 by Roosh V
All rights rsrv!.
"rint! in th #nit! $tats o% Amrica.
&t start! in th spring o% 2001. & was 21 yars ol! an! spnt my
%r tim on th comp'tr ra!ing mssag boar!s or playing gams. &
ha! no s(ill with womn an! th ons & (nw ithr 's! m %or my
brain to t'tor thm or as an motional tampon to %l bttr abo't th
g'ys who !i!n)t ta( thir shit. & rmmbr thin(ing how st'pi! th
othr g'ys wr to trat s'ch prtty an! nic girls so poorly. *i!n)t
thy rali+ thos girls will vnt'ally gt angry an! stop tal(ing to
-y %rin!s wr 'ns'ccss%'l with womn too, so w all
rin%orc! o'r lac( o% s(ill !'ring all.night gams o% Ris( or po(r. &
want! to gt o't o% that cycl b't %lt & ha! littl control to ma( a
chang. & obsrv! othr g'ys an! concl'!! that s'ccss with womn
was a s(ill yo' wr born with.
/hn thr was on girl in my organic chmistry class that & start!
to li(. $h was "rsian an! th sam ag as m, with long c'rly hair
an! oliv s(in. 0 wo'l! st'!y togthr in gro'ps an! & co'l! hav
sworn that sh was giving m 1tra attntion. & analy+! th sit'ation
with my nic g'y %rin!s an! w concl'!! that sh did li( m as
mor than a %rin!.
A%tr a co'pl w(s o% hsitation, & %inally as(! hr o't on a
cas'al !at to th movis. $h sai! sh co'l!n)t bca's sh was vry
b'sy. 0(s latr, & saw hr aro'n! camp's hol!ing han!s with
anothr g'y. &nsta! o% listning to lam lov songs li( & 's'ally !i!,
%or th %irst tim & got angry. A li%tim o% %r'stration an! o% not
gtting what & want! bcam %oc's! on that on girl. & was bittr that
&, a nic g'y, was gtting pass! ovr %or g'ys & tho'ght wr losrs.
$o & start! to ignor hr. &% & !i! n! 'p tal(ing to hr, &)! c't o'r
convrsations short. 0hn sh as(! m to st'!y &)! li an! say & was
st'!ying alon, only to hav hr st'mbl 'pon my st'!y gro'p lat at
night in th library. & start! %ling goo! %or trating hr poorly. &
hat! hr an! vrything sh stoo! %or, which was my %ail'r with
B't thn somthing intrsting happn!. $h start! ma(ing a
strong %%ort to gain my attntion an! %avor. &t was as i% th har!r &
p'll! away, th closr sh wo'l! com to m. /hat was th %irst tim
& 'n!rstoo! that changing my bhavior co'l! a%%ct how girls ract!
to m. $oon it bcam clar that intracting with womn wasn)t vry
!i%%rnt %rom th gams & play! with my nic g'y %rin!s, whr
changing tactics an! stratgis yil!! !i%%rnt rs'lts.
At abo't th sam tim, & happn! to clic( on a ran!om lin(
within a b'sinss %or'm an! st'mbl! onto somthing call! Tonys
Lay Guide. &t was th bst acci!nt o% my li%. /hat g'i! ha! basic
tips on how to approach womn, how to tal( to thm, how to (iss
thm, an! how to hav s1 with thm. & imm!iatly print! th ntir
thing in cas th sit wnt o%%lin. /o m it rin%orc! th i!a that yo'
can larn how to gt bttr, that yo' arn)t !oom! to a li% o%
in%r2'nt s1 3'st bca's yo' wrn)t born a nat'ral.
& st'!i! that g'i! %or two months b%or & act'ally !i! anything.
&n -ay 2001, & approach! a girl %or th %irst tim in a lin o% a cl'b. &
tal(! to hr %or hal% an ho'r an! got hr n'mbr, to th s'rpris o%
both m an! my %rin!s. &t was probably bginnr)s l'c(, b't that %irst
s'ccss sol! m on th i!a that st'!ying gam was a worthy ca's.
/hat)s 's'ally how it starts %or most g'ys gtting into th gam: a
ran!om !iscovry %ollow! by a %irst s'ccss or initial high whn thy
!o somthing thy)v nvr !on b%or.
4o'r 5oal
0hat is it yo' want right now, -ayb yo' want to los yo'r
virginity, slp with a crtain n'mbr o% girls, %in! tr' lov, or gt a
thrsom. 6r mayb yo' hav goals that ar mor !i%%ic'lt to
mas'r, s'ch as b'il!ing con%i!nc, bcoming mor o'tgoing, or
bcoming a bttr spa(r. 0hatvr yo'r goal is, it)s bst to 1prss
it in a statmnt that will act as yo'r g'i! an! motivational %orc.
/hin( o% it as bing li( a corporation)s mission statmnt, that no
mattr what happns an! what local cr( is bing poll't!, yo' can
loo( at it an! rmmbr what)s rally important.
A lot o% popl st a goal, wor( on it hal%.hart!ly %or a month or
two, rali+ it)s !i%%ic'lt to accomplish, an! thn switch goals 7or 2'it
altogthr8. &t)s a goo! goal i% yo' arn)t s'r whthr yo' can rach it
or not9it)s a ba! on i% yo')r 100: s'r yo' can. &t sho'l! b a goal
%or which yo' n! to s( o'tsi! (nowl!g or to ac2'ir nw s(ills.
&% it)s not har!, li( most things in li%, it)s not worth !oing.
/hr ar two parts to vry goal yo' st o't to achiv: th
journey to th goal an! th accomplishment o% th goal itsl%. /h
3o'rny is whn yo' larn, innovat, attmpt, an! p't yo'rsl% thro'gh
to'gh sit'ations %or th %irst tim. /his is whr ral growth ta(s
plac. 7$omtims accomplishing a goal givs yo' lss satis%action
an! plas'r than th smallr s'ccsss that prc!! it.8 &% yo' !on)t
2'it rach yo'r goal, that)s o(ay too. /h 3o'rny ma(s th concpt
o% %ail'r a gray ara bca's yo')ll b p'tting yo'rsl% thro'gh
changs that will lav yo' with mor (nowl!g on how to s'cc!
than whn yo' %irst start!. 4o' can ;%ail< all yo'r li%, yt accomplish
mor than thos who nvr tri!.
/hr hav bn vol'ms writtn on goal stting that ma( it mor
complicat! than it n!s to b. =p th procss asy b't %%ctiv by
str'ct'ring yo'r goal in this %ormat: ;&)m going to >>>>>>>>>>>.<
/hn writ that goal on a small pic o% papr or a not car!. "'t it in
yo'r wallt, n1t to yo'r comp'tr monitor, on yo'r bathroom wall, or
any plac whr yo')ll s it at last onc a w(. Vis'ali+ yo'r goal
to prpar yo'r min! %or th wor( aha!.
$om pro!'ctivity 1prts rcommn! that yo' attach a !a!lin to
yo'r goal. ?or 1ampl: ;&)m going to slp with a mothr an!
!a'ghtr tam within si1 months.< & !on)t a!vis !oing this bca's
th gam is so 'npr!ictabl an! 2'ir(y that tim goals can b
!isco'raging !'ring th invitabl col! stra(. As yo' gain s(ill, thr
will b prio!s whr yo' slp with m'ltipl girls in a short amo'nt
o% tim, %ollow! by nothing %or svral w(s. A strong !sir that
motivats yo' to act is no'gh.
B%or yo' !iv in an! ra! this boo(, & hav to warn yo' that th
3o'rny can b !i%%ic'lt an! o%tn !isappointing. &s it worth it, 4s,
witho't a !o'bt. /h payo%% %or yo' will b bttr 2'ality womn an!
mor powr an! con%i!nc to gt thm, b't it won)t com witho't
wor( on yo'r part.
4o')ll n! to intract with a larg n'mbr o% womn in !i%%rnt
sit'ations an! nvironmnts. &t)s not no'gh to 3'st tal( to th womn
yo' normally com into contact with at wor( or school. @i( a
salsman, yo' n! to ma( col! calls to gt la!s in th %orm o%
approachs. 4o')ll go to bars an! cl'bs an! boo(stors to mt
womn. 4o')ll tal( to thm vrywhr, always practicing an!
1primnting. 4o')ll %ollow thro'gh with thm, call thm on th
phon, spn! mony on !ats, an! try to bang thm. 4o')ll maintain
yo'r stabl li( a shp hr!r maintains his %loc(. 4o')ll p't in yo'r
nrgy, yo'r li% bloo!, into a gam that may lav yo' mntally
1ha'st!. 4o')ll !al with r3ctions, %la(s, an! tmpr tantr'ms
that ar ngativ an! !isco'raging. 4o')ll spn! tim st'!ying th
gam an! ta(ing nots, bra(ing !own yo'r nco'ntrs with womn,
an! yo')ll crat matrial on yo'r own.
A larg componnt to bcoming s'ccss%'l with womn is tim.
4o' won)t t'rn into an playr ovrnight. /h bst analogy & can 's to
!scrib th gam is bo!yb'il!ing. 0ithin a short amo'nt o% tim,
yo')ll s big gains an! 1princ 'phoric con%i!nc boosts,
%ollow! by pa(s an! vallys whr yo')ll los or gain m'scl mass
!pn!ing on how motivat! or halthy yo' ar. /hr)s no n! to
bo!yb'il!ing, b't thr is a tim whn yo' loo( at th mirror an! say,
;&)m happy with what & s.<
0ithin two months o% srio's ntry into th gam, yo')ll
accomplish many things yo' havn)t !on b%or. -ayb yo')ll ma(
yo'r %irst approach, %ingr a girl on th !anc %loor, or gt a on.night
stan!. &% yo')r a complt bginnr, within on yar yo')ll s yo'r
arly gam strngthn, only to thn s yo'r mi!!l gam mss things
'p. 0ithin th scon! yar, yo'r arly an! mi!!l gam will b m'ch
bttr, b't thn yo'r n! gam will b bgging %or improvmnt.
&t)s not 'ntil a%tr yar two, with constant practic, that yo')ll b
pro%icint with all stags o% gam. At this point, othr g'ys will notic
yo'r s(ill an! yo')ll bgin to tach an! a!vis a nw gnration o%
mals who want to ntr th gam. Avnt'ally yo')ll rach n! gam,
a gam o% no gam. By thn it may b har! %or yo' to tach th min't
!tails yo' onc agoni+! ovr bca's yo' will hav intrnali+! th
bst tchni2's. 4o')ll no longr notic th h'n!r!s o% small things
yo' !o to attract womn
=p in min! that thr ar many ways to s(in a cat. 6%tn yo')ll
har gam a!vic that sms contra!ictory, s'ch as calling a girl th
sam night vrs's calling in %o'r !ays, tlling hr yo' li( hr vrs's
always bing in!irct, or paying %or !ats vrs's nvr paying. &t)s not
that any o% ths statmnts ar ncssarily right or wrong9what
mattrs is what typ o% g'y thy apply to. ?or vry man thr is an
in%init rang o% gam h co'l! play, b't thr)s a small rang that will
srv him bst.
/his boo( prsnts an asily a!aptabl gam that wor(s wll %or
most mn, bas! on so'n! r'ls that !riv h'man bhavior an!
rigoro'sly tst! scalation stps that will ta( yo' %rom on stag to
th n1t. Bowvr, it will 'ltimatly b 'p to yo' to a!! to this gam,
in3cting yo'r own %lavor to ma( it hav th most impact %or yo'.
/hr)s a point o% !iminishing rt'rn whr larning nw
in%ormation witho't acting on it !os littl to %'rthr yo'r s(ill. &% yo'
giv a basmnt boy 1,000 boo(s on s!'ction, h)ll b no bttr o%% in
on yar bca's h)ll spn! all that tim ra!ing insta! o% !oing. &t)s
bttr to giv him on rso'rc an! thn p'sh him onto th %il! to gt
1princ. 4o' can ra! th complt wor(s o% Casanova, b't it
won)t p't yo' at 1: o% his gam 'nlss yo' gt o't an! p't his
mtho!s into practic. A boo( li( min can only p'sh yo' onto th
%il! with no'gh ( to allow yo' to mastr th gam on yo'r
Rgar!lss o% yo'r c'rrnt s(ill lvl or yo'r past %ail'rs, consi!r
this a nw bginning. Dot only will yo' gt bttr rs'lts with womn,
b't th con%i!nc yo')ll gain will improv othr aspcts o% yo'r li%
as wll. 0hat yo')r abo't to ra! is a bl'nt an! straight.%orwar!
!isc'ssion on gtting lai!.
/abl o% Contnts
& &ntrnal 5am 1
&& Aarly 5am 11
&&& -i!!l 5am E2
&V @at 5am 11F
V An! 5am 1GG
Appn!i1 1G7
&ntrnal gam is th gam that gos on insi! yo'r ha!9th
tho'ghts an! bli%s that a%%ct yo'r bhavior an! 'ltimatly how
othrs rspon! to yo'. ?or 1ampl, i% yo' hav a bli% that
apparanc is vry important in gtting lai! an! yo')r not a goo!.
loo(ing g'y, yo')ll tal( to %wr girls an! gt lai! lss o%tn. Bow yo'
thin( abo't apparanc, masc'linity, an! th concpt o% gam will ti
into yo'r rs'lts. B%or w gt to act'al gam, lt)s ma( s'r yo'r
min! blivs in a rality that will bn%it yo' most.
5am, Dot Apparanc
&)v nvr consi!r! mysl% a goo!.loo(ing g'y. &n collg &)!
loo( in th mirror an! s big ars, acn, an! a hairy, p'!gy bo!y. &
!i!n)t li( what & saw an! tho'ght most girls probably wo'l!n)t li(
what thy saw ithr. As a rs'lt, & !i!n)t vn bothr trying to gt lai!
%or most o% collg.
Bliving & !i!n)t hav th right loo( paraly+! m %rom tal(ing to
girls, so & nvr vn !vlop! th most basic s(ills to intract with
thm. & was asy.going an! %'nny with %rin!s, b't nrvo's an!
aw(war! aro'n! girls. 0hat & !i!n)t rali+ was that girls !on)t s m
th sam way & s mysl%. 0hil thr ar consistnt pattrns %or what
ma(s h'mans appar attractiv, yo'r loo( is prciv! !i%%rntly in
th ys o% !i%%rnt girls. /his mans that whil Han thin(s yo')r a
hi!o's bast, $tacy may thin( yo' hav 1tra charactr. Rachl thin(s
yo')r big an! aw(war!, b't @a'rn thin(s yo')ll b abl to protct
/h %irst thing yo' s whn yo' loo( in th mirror might b a big
nos or a bal!ing ha!, b't girls !on)t +ro in on ths %at'rs9thy
absorb yo'r ntir loo( an! prsnc. /h insc'r man, simply
thro'gh his 'nattractiv bo!y lang'ag, tlls a girl that h)s not a
worthy s1'al partnr. Bis m( y contact an! slo'chy apparanc
is a physical mani%station o% his thin(ing abo't himsl% an! th
importanc o% his apparanc.
Avn i% most %mals on th plant thin( yo')r a monstr, it)s
bttr to bliv that loo(s !on)t mattr so yo')r at last abl to ma(
a con%i!nt showing %or th han!%'l o% girls who !on)t min! yo'r
apparanc. 0ith th a!!ition o% gam, yo')ll b abl to slp with
girls whos %irst imprssion o% yo'r loo( is lss than %avorabl.
A%tr gtting into th gam, & ma! som s'pr%icial changs to my
apparanc. & lost my %'++y m'stach an! c't my hair, & bo'ght trn!y
cl'bbing cloths, an! & wor(! o't at th gym to b'il! 'p my m'scls.
B't was & rally bcoming a bttr.loo(ing g'y, & !o'bt it. 0hn &
compar pict'rs o% mysl% now 7shaggy, Hs's.loo(ing8 an! on yar
a%tr & ntr! th gam, & loo(! mor yo'th%'l, polish!, an! stylish
thn9at a tim whn & got lss s1.
0hil things li( styl an! bo!y si+ ar notic! by womn, it)s
yo'r gam that plays th biggst rol in ma(ing yo' appar mor or
lss attractiv. 7*o yo' rally thin( it mattrs i% yo')r p'tting gl in
yo'r hair or not,8 Dow & gt complimnt! on my apparanc an! am
approach! %airly rg'larly, vn tho'gh & p't barly any mor nrgy
into loo(ing goo! than my Di( swatshirt !ays.
&% yo' thin( apparanc is important an! yo' consi!r yo'rsl%
'nattractiv, yo')v !oom! yo'rsl% to spn!ing most o% yo'r tim
bhin! a comp'tr. 4o' n! to hav th bli% that gam, not
apparanc, is important, an! thn go o't thr an! play th han!
yo')v bn !alt. &t)s tr' that th bttr loo(ing yo' ar, th asir
things will b 7yo')ll b abl to attract girls on loo(s alon an! say
things that othr g'ys wo'l! gt !rin(s thrown on thm %or8. A blow.
avrag.loo(ing man will hav to wor( har!r than a goo!.loo(ing
man to gt th sam rs'lts. &nsta! o% only approaching thr girls to
gt a n'mbr, an 'nattractiv man may hav to approach tn. 0hil it
isn)t %air that a man has to wor( har!r simply bca's o% ba! gntic
l'c(, consi!r th bright si!: his gam will b bttr an! mor hon!
than th goo!.loo(ing g'y who !i!n)t hav to wor( %or it. 6nc his
loo(s %a! 7an! thy will8 h won)t hav as m'ch to %all bac( on.
@t)s say yo' hav har! gntic l'c( whn it coms to yo'r
apparanc. &)! compar yo' to a tnnis athlt born with littl nat'ral
ability. 4o' hav to practic si1 ho'rs a !ay whil th nat'ral athlt
practics two ho'rs9yt h still crams yo' in most matchs.
Bowvr, bca's yo')r committ! an! !isciplin!, yo' still stic(
with th gam an! p'll o't no'gh wins to ma( mony on th circ'it.
4o')ll nvr b a s'prstar or! playr, b't yo')ll b abl
to !o what yo' n3oy, ma( an 'ppr class living, an! n3oy s1 %rom
yo'r stabl o% gro'pis.
Dat'r Vs. D'rt'r
4o' may hav th bli% that yo' m'st b born with th ability to
tal( to womn an! that it)s ithr in yo' or it)s not. 0hn yo' go to a
bar an! s a g'y having th tim o% his li% with both o% his arms
aro'n! ba'ti%'l girls whil yo' sit thr in th cornr with a warm
br in yo'r han! not having sai! a wor! to a prtty girl all w(, it
can b har! to imagin yo'rsl% bing li( him.
6n yar a%tr & got into th gam, & wnt to a win %stival with
two %mal cowor(rs. & was approaching girls rg'larly by thn, b't it
was mostly con%in! to lo'! cl'bs. 0al(ing aro'n! this %arm in
Virginia on a 100.!gr !ay, & saw a tall, c'rvy girl waring high.
hl cor( san!als match! with a s(impy o't%it. & notic! that th girls
wr chc(ing hr o't as m'ch as th g'ys. & stal(! hr at that win
%stival, %antasi+ing abo't hr li( vry othr g'y. An ho'r latr, &
loo(! to my l%t an! saw hr stan!ing 'n!r a tnt with hr bac(
towar! m. & wal(! 'p to hr %rom bhin!, to'ch! hr 'ppr.bac(
tattoo, an! as(!, ;0hat !os this man,<
& bang! hr thr w(s latr. & wo'l!n)t hav bliv! yo' i% yo'
tol! m a yar arlir that &)! p'll on o% th hottst girls at a h'g
p'blic gathring 3'st by sna(ing 'p on hr an! to'ching hr. /o m, it
wo'l! hav sm! impossibl, somthing that 3'st wasn)t in m,
somthing & wasn)t born to !o.
Do mor than 10: o% mn hav an innat ability to tal( to girls, to
b'il! attraction, an! to rac( 'p mor notchs in a yar than most mn
gt in thir li%tims. /o thm, playing th gam isn)t wor(9it)s li(
hanging o't with %rin!s. ?or rasons yo' can mayb trac to thir
gns, parnts, or chil!hoo!, thy bcam vry goo! with womn an!
possss a s(ill so ingrain! that thy can)t vn 1plain what it is thy
$o what options !o th othr I0: hav, li( mysl%, *o & sttl %or
%at, 'gly woman, *o & wait 'ntil & mt a homly girl at wor( to
marry, *o & gt rich in th hops that & can 's my walth to lan! a hot
b't shallow girl, 6r !o & st'!y th gam li( & wo'l! st'!y a s'b3ct
in school,
4o' !on)t n! to b born with gam9li( sailing or motorcycl
ri!ing, yo' can bcom pro%icint at it with practic an! training. &%
yo' thin( yo' hav %laws that prvnt yo' %rom bcoming goo!,
rali+ that th nat'rals hav %laws as wll. 0hn g'ys s m
approach prtty girls in a bar with as, thy !on)t attrib't my ability
to yars o% practicJ thy tll m & was born to !o it, prhaps to ma( it
asy %or thm to rationali+ thir own lac( o% action. /h %act is, & got
goo! at it by 'sing ol!.%ashion! har! wor(.
;@oo(, &)m s'r with som wor( & can b goo! at th gam, b't &
3'st want to %in! on girl who is hot an! nic. & !on)t want to spn!
vry w( in som smo(y cl'b tal(ing to a lot o% snobby bitchs.<
/his is a statmnt & har o%tn %rom mn who bliv thy sho'l! gt
an imm!iat rt'rn on thir gam invstmnt, b't 3'st as with stoc(s,
it ta(s tim to s maning%'l gains, spcially sinc hot an! nic
girls ar always in high !man!. /hr)s a long lin o% g'ys o't thr
who ar willing to !o almost anything to b with 2'ality girls9yo'
incl'!!. 0hat !o yo' bring to th tabl, Can yo' attract hr bttr
than anothr man, 0hy sho'l! sh slp with yo',
#nlss yo' answr!, ;Bca's my gam is tight an! & thin( &)m
th shit,< yo')r not going to gt that girl. $imply bing nic to hr in
hops sh)ll want to bang isn)t going to wor(. 0hil sh may not want
a playr, sh !os want a 2'ality man who)s 1princ! an! (nows
what h)s !oing. &t)s important to rali+ that it will ta( a signi%icant
invstmnt on yo'r part b%or yo' start gtting 2'ality girls.
/al( to anyon abo't gtting bttr with girls an! th wor!
confidence will b toss! o't 2'ic(ly. Con%i!nc is bliving yo')r
capabl an! worthy o% s'ccss. A con%i!nt man !ivs into sit'ations
that ar critical to his goals, rgar!lss o% th prciv! chanc o%
%ail'r. B rarly shows %ar or hsitation. Bis powr is visibl, his
sho'l!rs bac(, an! his ys 'p, to %ac whatvr crosss his path.
0hn yo' intract with a con%i!nt man, yo')r !rawn to him, not
only bca's yo' thin( h is s'ccss%'l, b't bca's yo' thin( yo')ll
also s'cc! 3'st by spn!ing tim with him.
A1princ brings con%i!nc bca's 1princ ma(s yo' mor
capabl. 6nc yo')r capabl, yo' no longr go into sit'ations %ar%'l
an! 1pcting %ail'r. &nsta!, yo' %l goo! abo't yo'r o!!s. /his is
why th phras ;%a( it till yo' ma( it< is pop'lar in sl%.
improvmnt circls. #ntil yo' gt th real con%i!nc that rs'lts
%rom an incrasing amo'nt o% s'ccss, fake yo'r con%i!nc by
gathring 1princs that will vnt'ally la! to that s'ccss.
Bow can yo' go %rom +ro con%i!nc to having no'gh to
approach ba'ti%'l womn, /h bst way is to 1princ s'ccss
with womn. Dothing givs yo' mor con%i!nc than banging a hot
girl. &% yo')r not thr yt, th othr way is to improv how yo' loo(.
/hr ar no othr waysK
Aarlir & !isc'ss! that apparanc isn)t that important. /his is tr'
whn it coms to attracting girls, b't a relative improvmnt to yo'r
apparanc will giv yo' a short.trm con%i!nc boost, which will
hlp yo' approach girls. 4o'r goal is to improv yo'r sl%.imag by
ma(ing a chang that will p't yo' in a bttr moo! to approach an!
/his chang can b in th %orm o% a lasting improvmnt, li(
wor(ing o't at th gym 7a rliabl con%i!nc boostr8 or somthing
mor s'pr%icial that gts yo' 1cit! abo't going o't, li( changing
yo'r hairstyl, growing %acial hair, or b'ying a nw o't%it. Right now
yo' only n! no'gh con%i!nc to ma( that %irst col! approach.
/hn yo')ll b'il! o%% that %irst approach to p'sh %'rthr, 'ntil yo')r
approaching highr 2'ality girls in to'gh sit'ations.
Vry soon yo'r con%i!nc will com %rom minor s'ccsss that
will thn giv yo' th motivation an! !riv to contin'. Avn things
li( having a two.min't convrsation with a mo!l is a s'ccss that
yo' can b'il! o%% o%. A con%i!nc boost gts yo' in th gam, b't it)s
s1'al s'ccss that (ps yo' in, giving yo' ral con%i!nc that lasts.
4o'r con%i!nc will b'il! li( a snowball rolling !ownhill.
Alphas An! Btas
&% yo')v vr watch! th *iscovry Channl, yo')v probably
sn a program %at'ring gorillas that shows how th silvrbac( mal
pr%orms !oggy.styl s1 on th %mals in his trib, %ollow! by
%ootag o% th bta gorillas mast'rbating in a cornr. &n th ap worl!,
th alpha mal)s !ominanc coms %rom his larg physical si+, a trait
%mal gorillas slct %or. 7&% this wr tr' %or h'mans, th only g'ys
gtting lai! wo'l! b matha!s.8 Bta mal gorillas accpt thir low
position 'ntil thy)r ra!y to ta( a ris(, ithr by challnging th
alpha mal or by starting thir own trib.
/h alpha/bta hirarchy isn)t m'ch !i%%rnt among h'mans. Bta
mals accpt thir low position an! lt a minority o% alphas bang most
o% th !sirabl womn 'ntil thy)r ra!y to wor( on bcoming alpha
mals thmslvs. Bac( whn h'mans liv! in tribs, thr wr no
boo(s or tools to tach thm abo't h'man psychology, bhavior, or
s!'ction. &% yo' wr a bta whn yo' hit p'brty, chancs wr
yo')! b a bta %or li%. B't now that th right bhavior an! attit'!
can b i!nti%i! an! st'!i!, it)s m'ch asir %or to!ay)s man to
bcom an alpha mal.
?irst lt)s ta( a loo( at th avrag bta mal. Bis n'mbr on
!%ining trait is a %ar o% going a%tr what h !sirs. B !osn)t
p'rs' what h wants bca's h !osn)t thin( h)s capabl o% gtting
it. B worris abo't othr popl)s n!s b%or his own. B 2'itly
accpts bing !isrspct!. B s(s o't his i!ntity in aras 'nrlat!
to his masc'linity, s'ch as his c'bicl 3ob. B)s passiv in b! an!
waits %or prmission b%or scalating intimacy. B rationali+s his
%ail'r with womn 7an! li%8 by attrib'ting it to rasons o'tsi! o% his
control. B blivs th bst way to b s'ccss%'l with womn is
having incr!ibly goo! loo(s an! lots o% mony.
/h alpha mal, on th othr han!, livs m'ch !i%%rntly. ?irst an!
%ormost, h !os what h wants to !o. B !osn)t concrn himsl%
with prsonal r3ction or social %ail'r. Bis n!s, wants, an! %lings
com b%or anyon ls)s. Do on)s 3'!gmnt, !irty loo(s, opinions,
or la'ghtr is going to stop him %rom gtting what h wants. B
!osn)t as( %or prmission. &% h wants to hav s1 with a girl, h 'ss
his (nowl!g an! s(ills to try to ma( it happn. Bis actions stm
%rom !sir insta! o% insc'rity.
/h alpha mal !osn)t 2'ali%y himsl%. B !osn)t 1plain his
%a'lts or %ail'rs. B accpts himsl%, %or bttr or wors. B !osn)t
brag abo't his s'ccss. B !osn)t n! to b vali!at! by a woman
bca's h (nows that sh can)t giv him what h can)t giv himsl%.
Criticism or prais has only a tmporary %%ct on him bca's h has
alra!y accpt! his strngths an! wa(nsss.
/h alpha mal !osn)t car abo't what othr popl thin( o% him.
B prsnts himsl% in a way that ma(s him %l most com%ortabl.
B pic(s 'p on somthing bca's h li(s it an! it %its him, not
bca's it)s a trn! or somthing h is ;s'ppos!< to !o. B !osn)t
loo( in th mirror vry tn min'ts to %i1 his hair. B !osn)t concrn
himsl% with gtting %a( tans or bo!y hair wa1s.
/h alpha mal !osn)t ma( apologis %or bing a man who has
s1'al n!s. B !osn)t hi! his intntions with womn, so thy
(now how to provi! him with what h wants. &% a woman isn)t
com%ortabl with s1, h movs on an! %in!s on who is. B isn)t
going to wait %or a woman to srv his n!s. B)s not concrn! i% a
woman r3cts him in th b!room9i% h !osn)t gt it %rom hr, h)ll
gt it %rom somon ls. As a s1'al bing, h 1pcts womn to b
s1'al as wll.
/h alpha mal livs in his own rality. B la!s intractions th
way h pr%rs by controlling th tmpo an! initiating th scalation.
B blivs it)s in a woman)s nat'r to s'bmit to a strong man. B
'n!rstan!s that i% h !osn)t worry abo't his n!s, a girl won)t
worry abo't thm ithr. B !osn)t lt th woman la! th intraction
bca's it will rs'lt in hr gtting what sh wants 7attntion an!
vali!ation8 at his 1pns.
/h alpha mal has high 1pctations o% womn. B !osn)t !o
nic things %or thm witho't 1pcting somthing in rt'rn. B 1pcts
a girl who has his attntion to b physically attractiv, intrsting, an!
s1'ally sc'r. &% a girl tlls him sh)ll only hav s1 a%tr months o%
!ating, h won)t p'rs' hr. B ma(s it clar that h)s not on this
Aarth to srvic hr with %r alcohol or %oo!. Avrything sh gts
%rom him m'st b arn!.
-ost importantly, th alpha mal is always willing to wal( away.
Bis powr ovr womn lis in th tim an! nrgy h chooss to spn!
with thm. B 'n!rstan!s that s'ch a min!st will b notic! by th
womn h mts, an! thy will trat him with car an! rspct as a
rs'lt. B ma(s it clar, by controlling th amo'nt o% attntion h
givs, that h won)t tolrat !isrspct%'l or %rigi! bhavior. &% sh
!osn)t li( his attit'!, sh)s %r to %in! somon ls who will p't
'p with hr, bca's h (nows thr ar many womn who (now how
to bhav. Do mattr how m'ch wor( h has p't into a crtain woman,
h won)t hsitat to !rop hr i% sh isn)t rspon!ing th way h wants.
/h willingnss to wal( away, abov all othr %actors, !os mor to
tll a woman o% yo'r high val' than any amo'nt o% mony can. 4o'
m'st b prpar! to %ollow thro'gh an! to %'lly bliv that yo')ll
nvr s or har %rom hr again, bca's womn instinctivly (now
whn yo')r %a(ing. @i( Robrt * Diro in Heat, yo' m'st b ra!y
to lav witho't hsitation. 0hil many girls won)t chas yo' to gt
yo' bac(, th ons who !o will rspct yo'r trms an! !iv into yo'r
rality. &n th n!, that)s what th gam is abo't9gtting what yo'
want the way you want, witho't having to sacri%ic yo'r bli%s or
Do man bcoms an alpha mal ovrnight, b't in a short tim, by
a!opting th alpha bli%s, yo')ll notic that both womn an! mn will
trat yo' mor positivly an! with mor rspct. 6n o% th %astst
ways to bcom alpha is to st'!y on, 3'st li( Han 5oo!all st'!i!
silvrbac(s in th wil!. 0atch how h intracts with othr popl an!
ta( not not 3'st o% his wor!s b't how h says thm. $inc as(ing
somon how thy accomplish somthing is lss val'abl than
obsrving it with yo'r own ys, yo' !on)t vn hav to tal( to an
alpha mal prsonally to larn %rom his bhavior.
$omtims th only !i%%rnc btwn alpha an! bta mals is th
intnt, not th bhavior. ?or 1ampl, thy both can b sn paying %or
!ats or hol!ing a !oor opn, b't bta mals !o ths things to plas
an! imprss womn whil alpha mals !o thm bca's it ma(s thm
%l goo! an! hlps achiv thir goals. & !on)t b'y a !rin( %or a
woman on a !at to plas hr. & b'y it to loosn hr 'p. & !on)t call in
two !ays a%tr gtting hr n'mbr bca's &)m a%rai! sh)ll %orgt
abo't m. & call bca's that)s whn & want to tal( to hr. /h rason
why yo' !o things, yo'r intnt, is a'tomatically s'bcomm'nicat! to
womn. A woman (nows i% yo')r trying to imprss hr or not.
&n th clbrity worl!, whr %amo's actors an! m'sicians ar
ma(ing millions o% !ollars, why is that that a han!%'l o% g'ys s'ch as
@nny =ravit+, -atthw -cCona'ghy, an! @onar!o *iCaprio
always gt th hottst womn, &t can)t b thir mony, bca's all
thir mal prs hav it, too, an! it can)t b thir loo(s, bca's most
Bollywoo! mn ar blss! with ba'ti%'l gntics.
&t)s bca's thy)r alpha mals. Bca's o% that, thy hav thir
pic( o% th most ba'ti%'l womn in th worl!.
4o'r -in! &s $low
6nc yo' start practicing th gam an! larning %rom yo'r
1princs, yo' can ma( 2'ic( a!3'stmnts that will incras yo'r
rs'lts imm!iatly. Bowvr, yo'r min! is m'ch slowr to chang. &t
lags months bhin! yo'r 1princ an! n!s constant rin%orcmnt
%or th corrct bli%s to stic(. 4o' can tll yo'rsl% that yo')r willing
to wal( away a h'n!r! tims, b't 'ntil yo' !o it rpat!ly, yo'r
min! won)t bliv yo'.
@iv o't th corrct bhavior as i% yo' bliv it9'ntil yo' really
bliv it. &ntrnal gam is th %irst thing yo' n! to start wor(ing on,
b't it)s th last thing yo')ll mastr.
AAR@4 5A-A
/h approach is th most important part o% yo'r gam. &% yo'
mastr only on s(ill, it sho'l! b th approach. Do mattr how m'ch
o% a losr yo' may thin( yo' ar right now, larning to approach will
a'tomatically incras what yo')v gottn b%or. /hr ar girls o't
thr who will slp with yo' whil both conscio's an! sobr, b't not
'ntil yo' approach thm. Avn i% yo' approach with absol'tly +ro
gam an! witho't th ability to constr'ct a complt sntnc, thr)s
going to b at last on girl who will bang yo' bca's yo' happn!
to catch hr at th right momnt.
#ntil g'ys st asi! thir insc'ritis an! limitations an! accpt
that thy n! to gt this part o% thir li% han!l!, th %ar o% r3ction
will rmain a monstr that looms in th bac( o% thir min!s.
Approaching a ran!om girl witho't any intro!'ction, compltly col!,
may sm insan, nrv.rac(ing, an! impossibl. /h rason %or ths
%lings is bca's mn hav volv! to not approach.
&n th boo( Mean Genes, /rry B'rnham an! Hay "hlan r%lct
bac( to th tim whn o'r ancstors liv! in tribs o% a %w !o+n
popl. Avryon in th trib was connct! in som way, so ma(ing a
mov on a crtain girl witho't rciprocation ns'r! that yo')! b
gossip! abo't an! ri!ic'l!. At worst, approaching a girl who was
having s1 with a powr%'l mmbr o% th trib mant 3ction %rom
th gro'p9an! possibly vn !ath. /hr%or, it was a ba! i!a to
approach 'nlss yo' wr s'r th girl alra!y li(! yo'.
6'r tribal history is millnnia past, b't mn still oprat as i% w
liv! in thos small gro'ps. #nlss th avrag g'y gts positiv
signals that a partic'lar girl li(s him, h !os absol'tly nothing. /h
%act that this %ar o% approaching is har!wir! into o'r brain bcoms
obvio's whn yo' as( any man to wal( 'p to a hot woman an! say
hllo. 0itho't vn thin(ing abo't it, his hart starts bating %astr, his
%ac %l'shs, an! his min! %ills with worry. B)ll hsitat an! ma(
1c'ss %or why h can)t !o it. 0 can)t chang o'r gns, so thr
will always b som %ar, b't th worry o% bing ostraci+! or snt o%%
to !i ar no longr rasons %or inaction.
0ith som g'ys it)s not 3'st a %ar o% approaching womn, b't a
%ar o% tal(ing to thm as wll. $hynss is a trait that many g'ys who
ar 'ns'ccss%'l with womn possss, b't whn it coms to shynss,
gntics ar no match %or nvironmntal prss'r. 0hil yo'r gns
!trmin yo'r shynss lvl, yo' can ovrcom thm by prsistntly
ta(ing social ris(s 'ntil th %ar bcoms 3'st a low.lvl annoyanc.
0hat)s grat abo't th gam is that it srvs to ri! yo' o% yo'r shynss
whil sim'ltano'sly incrasing yo'r s(ill at banging womn.
$hort o% sing a thrapist or ta(ing min!.altring !r'gs that hav
!'bio's %%cts, th smartst co'rs o% action is to %ac yo'r %ar ha!.
on. & !on)t car i% yo'r hart is abo't to 1plo! %rom yo'r chst, i%
yo'r %ac is r!!r than a tomato, i% yo' can barly brath, or i%
yo')r on th %loor having a si+'r whil %oaming %rom th mo'th9
yo')r going to loo( a girl in th ys, opn yo'r mo'th, an! say th
wor!s. &% yo' can)t !o that9i% yo' can)t contract yo'r vocal cor!s to
pro!'c a so'n! in th prsnc o% anothr h'man bing, yo' may
want to contmplat b'il!ing a cabin in th woo!s whr no girls will
bothr yo'.
0hn & was a littl (i!, & 's! to r'n an! grab my mothr)s lg
whnvr a strangr was prsnt. &% & co'l! gt ovr my 1trm
shynss with har! wor(, anyon can. & hav no sympathy %or a man
who can)t p't himsl% thro'gh 'ncom%ortabl sit'ations to gt what h
tr'ly wants. &% h can)t !o this %or himsl%, h !osn)t !srv th
sympathy o% thos who !i! go thro'gh th har!ship, pain, an!
R3ction &s A Ba'ti%'l /hing
0ith any tas( yo' !o, whthr it)s rlat! to womn, sports, or any
othr typ o% gam, thr ar a crtain n'mbr o% tims yo' m'st %ail
'ntil yo' s'cc!. Aach act o% %ail'r p'ts yo' on stp closr to
s'ccss. *'ring an important prsntation at wor( in %ront o% thirty
scintists, & intrchang! th wor!s lactos an! lactat svral tims.
/hat was li( showing 'p %or a mting in th 6val 6%%ic witho't
waring pants. 0hil & was mbarrass! a%trwar!, it ta'ght m simpl
b't ssntial r'ls o% how to plan an! constr'ct a prsntation %or
!'cat! pro%ssionals. 0ith ach prsntation & got bttr, 'ntil & was
th pr%rr! prson to prsnt !ata gnrat! by o'r gro'p. B't
witho't thos initial mista(s, & wo'l!n)t hav bn abl to polish my
Dot !oing anything may prvnt yo' %rom %ail'r, b't bca's yo'
ma( no attmpt, it prvnts yo' %rom s'ccss as wll. /his principl
is spcially important whn it coms to womn bca's yo' n! to
rac( 'p a boatloa! o% r3ctions to 'n!rstan! how to b rally goo!
with thm. &)v bn r3ct! mor than most g'ys & (now, b't &)v
also bn with mor womn than most g'ys & (now. 4o' try mor,
yo' gt mor9thr)s no scrt to it.
/h n'mbr o% attmpts yo' hav to ma( to rach a lvl o%
s'ccss gos !own as yo' gain 1princ an! s(ill. ?or 1ampl,
whn & %irst start! & ha! to approach abo't twnty girls to gt a singl
n'mbr. Dow & n! to approach mayb thr. & improv! bca's &
larn! %rom all thos prior r3ctions. At th tim, thos r3ctions
st'ng an! & !i!n)t %l that grat abo't mysl%, b't now thy)r %o!!r
%or h'moro's storis. /h h'man brain !os an ama+ing 3ob o%
!ownplaying %ail'r whil glori%ying s'ccss.
/h scon! rason &)m a %an o% r3ction is bca's it ma1imi+s
yo'r rs'lts. /h most 'ncom%ortabl r3ction & can thin( o% is th
ha! t'rn whn yo' go in %or a (iss. /his 's'ally la!s to an aw(war!
momnt9vn mor than whn a girl blows yo' o%% !'ring an
approach. Bowvr, & now bliv that th ha! t'rn isn)t a ba!
r3ction at all, bca's it mans yo')r not wasting (isss. &% yo')v
nvr gottn r3ct! trying to (iss a girl, it mans thr ar svral
girls yo' co'l! hav (iss! b't !i!n)t9simply bca's yo' !i!n)t try.
R3ction tlls yo' that yo')r p'shing to gt all yo' can. A man who
!osn)t gt r3ct! is on who isn)t raching his tr' potntial.
R3ction also tlls yo' 1actly whr yo' stan! with a partic'lar
girl. /hr)s no bttr way to tll i% a girl li(s yo' than by sing i%
sh min!s yo'r tong' !own hr throat. /h in%ormation yo' gt by
ta(ing an nco'ntr %'rthr is mor val'abl than a!vic yo' may
rciv %rom %rin!s who !on)t (now all th s'btl !tails o% th
&n collg, !'ring 1am !ays, & har! a lot o% 1c'ss as tsts wr
bing !istrib't!. "opl ha!n)t gottn no'gh slp or thy ha!n)t
ha! tim to st'!y as m'ch as thy want! to. A lot o% my classmats
wr scar! that i% thy rally st'!i! har! an! gav it thir all9an!
still !i! poorly on th tst9it wo'l! b a r3ction o% thir
intllignc. $o thy wnt thro'gh collg nvr (nowing th limits o%
thir tst.ta(ing ability. /hat typ o% protctiv stratgy only srv! to
sooth thir gos. Right now yo' hav to !ci! i% yo')r going to
concrn yo'rsl% with protcting yo'r go or with ma1imi+ing yo'r
0hn yo' gt r3ct! by a girl, thr)s only on tho'ght that
sho'l! b in yo'r ha!: ;&t)s hr loss.< Avn i% yo' sai! th lamst shit
in th worl! or acci!ntally spill! yo'r !rin( on hr, it)s still hr loss.
&% yo' tripp! in %ront o% hr an! sh la'gh! at yo', it)s hr loss.
4o' n! to a!opt this min!st %or a %w rasons. ?irst, it prvnts
yo' %rom !wlling on ba! nco'ntrs whil thr ar othr
opport'nitis aro'n! yo'. A r3ction sho'l!n)t n! yo'r night
prmat'rly. $con!, it incrass yo'r prciv! val'. $ay ;&t)s hr
loss< no'gh tims an! yo'r brain can)t hlp b't bliv it, an! soon
yo')ll start 1pcting girls to wor( har!r to gain yo'r attntion.
?inally, it prvnts yo' %rom wanting to chang yo'r gam a%tr a
partic'larly ba! nco'ntr. &% yo' hav a soli! lin that bombs on on
girl an! yo' !on)t thin( ;&t)s hr loss,< yo' may b tmpt! to rmov
that lin %rom yo'r rprtoir, vn tho'gh it wor(s most o% th tim.
A g'y who wishs to avoi! r3ction o%tn has th most pri!. B
thin(s, ;0hy sho'l! & approach hr an! mayb gt r3ct! whn
sh)s 3'st a st'pi! bar rat who happns to b attractiv,< B't i% h)s
con%i!nt with his stan!ing an! ability, thr)s no rason %or him to
car abo't what a ran!om girl thin(s. "ri! is 3'st anothr !%ns
mchanism to protct th go9it givs mn an 1c's to avoi!
%ail'rs that may ca's mbarrassmnt or !iscom%ort. 5'ys with pri!
ar act'ally hi!ing thir %ar o% r3ction bhin! a ;too cool %or
school< air that only %ools thmslvs. A lac( o% pri! tachs yo' to
b a h'mbl st'!nt, somon who accpts short.trm %ail'r %or long.
trm s'ccss. A man witho't pri! 'n!rstan!s that r3ction is o(ay
bca's not vry girl is abl to 2'ic(ly notic his positiv 2'alitis
!'ring an approach.
Avn tho'gh most o% yo'r approachs won)t rs'lt in s1, yo' hav
to !o thm anyway. 4o' m'st go into sit'ations (nowing that th o!!s
ar yo')ll %ail. 4o' hav to acc'm'lat no'gh 1princ so that yo'
will b 100: prpar! %or th tims whn thy will la! to somthing.
4o' hav to ma( thos tn long.shot approachs to gt th on that
t'rns o't to b asir than it sm!.
As yo' rac( 'p 1princ, avoi! ltting yo'r historical avrag
!ictat yo'r bhavior. &t)s common to thin( somthing li(, ;&)v
's'ally !on poorly in this typ o% sit'ation, so &)m not going to !o it
this tim.< Bistorical avrags arn)t in!icativ o% %'t'r rs'lts,
bca's yo'r s(ill lvl will always b improving. A spci%ic approach
yo' bomb! at a co'pl months ago may b asy %or yo' to!ay.
/a(ing a!vantag o% as many opport'nitis as possibl ns'rs that
chancs %or s'ccss arn)t miss!.
0hat)s /h 0orst /hat Can Bappn,
&t)s asy %or a g'y to psych himsl% o't o% an approach by
imagining th worst cas scnario an! how aw%'l it wo'l! %l. /his is
mor than no'gh to stop g'ys !a! in thir trac(s, praying that th
girl has mor balls than h has an! approachs him insta! 7sh
won)t8. /h ngativ o'tcom o% an approach is 's'ally bnign, b't &
can tll yo' what can happn in a worst cas scnario9bca's it
happn! to m onc in Baltimor, -arylan!.
A grat training gro'n! %or practicing gam is in th'bs o%
Baltimor, whr th vib is mor %rin!ly than othr Aast Coast citis.
6n o% th biggst cl'bs thr was a plac call! Bammr3ac(s, a
%ormr roc( m'sic vn' that sh't !own an! ropn! as a gnric
!anc cl'b.
6n night my %rin!s an! & wr !oing o'r 's'al thing9grin!ing
with ran!om girls. A%tr th cl'b clos!, w mill! o'tsi!, whr
cl'b.gors congrgat 'ntil th cops sn! vryon hom. &t was hr
yo')! s a typ o% Bail -ary gam whr g'ys gav on last an!
o%tn 'ns'ccss%'l p'sh to gt in a girls pants.
&n th par(ing lot, & !ci!! to try som nw matrial &)! tho'ght
o%. & wal(! 'p to a c't whit girl stan!ing by hrsl% an! sai!,
;0ow, yo' loo( !r'n(K< A%tr th wor!s cam o't, & won!r! why &
tho'ght that wo'l! b a goo! opnr, b't it was too lat. $h got angry
an! sai!, ;&)m tir! o% g'ys trating m li( shit tonight. 0hat th
%'c( is wrong with yo',<
& stoo! thr silnt, 'ns'r o% what to say n1t. & thin( it was my
silnc that gav hr prmission to contin' bing aggrssiv bca's
things 2'ic(ly got o't o% han!. $h starting c'rsing an! rpating th
phras, ;&)m going to %'c( yo' 'p.<
-y %rin!s arriv! %rom th othr si! o% th par(ing lot an! tri!
to calm hr !own, b't sh want! to %ight m an! nothing was going to
chang hr min!. &)m not s'r why & !i!n)t mov %arthr away %rom
hr, spcially whn sh start! coc(ing hr nc( bac( an! %orth li( a
chic(n, b't th n1t thing & rmmbr was a %ist coming right at my
%ac. & lan! bac(, b't sh cloc(! m in my l%t y. -y %rin!s
grabb! hr an! & wal(! away with my han! on my %ac, shoc(! an!
mbarrass!. & co'l!n)t bliv & ha! 3'st gottn p'nch! in th %ac
by a girl.
6n th ri! hom thr was lots o% la'ghtr at my 1pns as &
chc(! th passngr sat mirror %or signs o% a blac( y. & wnt to
slp an! wo( 'p a h'mbl! man. /h n1t tim & wnt o't, &
co'l!n)t bring mysl% to !o a singl approach. & was scar! that &)! say
th wrong thing again an! incit %mal rag. /hn & tho'ght abo't it.
/hat rar an! 1trm vnt was th worst thing that co'l! hav
happn! to m, yt only my go was in3'r!. /h maning o% what
ha! happn! co'l! b whatvr & ma! it o't to b, positiv or
ngativ, so & might as wll go positiv. & co'l! lt on girl chang my
li%, n!ing my 3o'rny to b a playr right thn an! thr in that
par(ing lot, or & co'l! barrl thro'gh that %ail'r to rach th n1t
s'ccss9which & was on gigantic stp closr to achiving. 0(s
a%tr that inci!nt, & bcam an approach machin, witho't hsitation
or %ar.
&% th worst that can happn %rom approaching a woman is an
mbarrassing b't %'nny story, mayb gtting p'nch! in th %ac isn)t
so ba!. Dow yo' !on)t hav to gt p'nch! in th %ac to b s'ccss%'l
with yo'r approachs, b't yo' m'st hav th bli% that vrything
happns %or th sol rason o% improving yo'r gam. /h last thing
yo' want to !o is lt a rar inci!nt a%%ct yo'r bhavior.
$cintists call ths 1trm rsponss th ;o'tlirs,< which !o
nothing to contrib't to th statistical signi%icanc o% yo'r hypothsis.
"'t simply, thy !on)t mattr. &nsta!, loo( at things in trms o% th
big pict'r. 0hat)s th trn!, 0hat happn! with th last tn girls
yo' approach!, &% svn o% thm p'nch! yo' in th %ac b't thr o%
thm want! to bang yo' right thr in th cl'b bathroom, &)! say
yo')r !oing 2'it wll.
&t)ll b har! to last long in th gam i% yo'r brain absorbs vry
ngativ inci!nt li( a !irty bar rag. /hat !r'n( whit girl in
Baltimor wasn)t only p'nching m b't also my lam lin, th g'y
who grabb! hr ass in th cl'b, an! th %rin! who r%'ss to rt'rn
hr Booti an! th Blow%ish C*. $h wasn)t r3cting m9sh was
r3cting my approach bca's sh !i!n)t (now who & was. /h only
tim a girl r3cts yo' %or who yo' ar is whn sh has (nown yo' %or
yars. 0hn sh (nows yo' %or a min't, a !ay, a w(, or a month,
yo')r not gtting r3ct! %or who yo' ar9yo')r gtting r3ct!
%or who sh thinks yo' ar. $h)s 'sing a small slic o% what yo'
prsnt! to plac yo' in a catgory sh can 'n!rstan!.
Bca's w hav no %inal say in how womn s 's, it ma(s littl
sns to absorb r3ction as somthing prsonal. #n%ort'natly, & s
g'ys ta(ing it prsonally vry tim & go o't. 0hn a g'y approachs
a girl an! gts blown o't, yo')ll o%tn har him say somthing li(,
;0ll, yo')r %at anyway< in th prsnc o% his sa% gro'p o% g'y
%rin!s. 6nc yo' start vrbally attac(ing yo'r targts, yo'r gam gos
%rom trying to ma1imi+ rs'lts to on o% piti%'l rvng.
Approach Barrir
/h li(lihoo! that yo')ll approach a girl is rlat! to yo'r moo!.
4o'r min! won)t b opn or ra!y to approach i% yo')v bn
spcially introvrt!, silnt, or mopy most o% th !ay. /hos
2'alitis sh't !own yo'r ability to ta( social ris(s, which w !o in th
%orm o% approachs. &t)s bst to train yo'rsl% to b ;always on< in an
1trovrt!, tal(ativ, an! ris(.ta(ing stat o% min! that will incras
th li(lihoo! o% approaching.
/hin( o% yo'rsl% as a comp'tr, which yo' lav on !'ring th
!ay vn whn yo')r not 'sing it bca's o% th tim it ta(s to boot
'p. 4o' !on)t want to go thro'gh th tas( o% psyching yo'rsl% 'p 3'st
to say somthing to a girl yo' li( in lin at th co%% shop. /h gam
!osn)t start whn yo' p't on yo'r cologn to go o't at night9it starts
whn yo')r br'shing yo'r tth in th morning an! thin(ing, ;/o!ay
&)ll ta( a!vantag o% opport'nitis prsnt! to m.< 4o' p'mp
yo'rsl% 'p b%or yo' vn wal( o't th !oor, so i% yo' !o r'n into a
c't girl, th !cision to act has alra!y bn ma!. &% yo' %in!
yo'rsl% in an ama+ing moo! whr yo')r %ling spcially positiv
an! nrgtic, it)! b smart to gt yo'rsl% in a plac whr thr ar
girls. /his is a pa( stat that corrspon!s to a highr lvl o% s'ccss.
"art o% yo'r moo! is bas! on how prsntabl yo' %l to th
opposit s1. &% yo' havn)t showr! in !ays, yo')r waring
wrin(l! clothing pic(! o't o% th hampr, an! yo' %l li( a
homlss b'm waring thm, yo')ll b mor hsitant to approach. 4o'
!on)t hav to war 1pnsiv cloths, b't whn yo' stp o't th ho's,
rgar!lss o% whr yo')r going, ass'm thr yo')r going to
nco'ntr a gol!n approach opport'nity. 0o'l! yo' %l com%ortabl
tal(ing to a girl in what yo')r waring,
& 's! to only shav on ?ri!ay mornings to prpar %or going o't
on th w(n!s. /hn whn &)! stp o't on th %ollowing 0!ns!ay
or /h'rs!ay, loo(ing scraggly an! not my bst 7in my min!8, & crat!
a sit'ation whr it was 'nli(ly &)! approach. @oo(ing m!iocr
1cpt %or th w(n!s mant & was wal(ing o't th !oor %iv !ays a
w( mntally prpar! to !o nothing. & was n!lssly incrasing th
;activation nrgy< to approach.
Activation nrgy is a wll.'n!rstoo! biochmistry concpt. 6n
o% th %irst things a biochmist larns is how chmical ractions occ'r
in th bo!y. 4o'r gnom co!s %or tho'san!s o% n+yms which act
as catalysts to promot ractions that wo'l!n)t happn on thir own.
An+yms ma( things happn. ?or any chmical raction to ta( plac,
it m'st gt ovr a h'mp (nown as th activation nrgy, which is a
nat'ral barrir that prvnts th original s'bstanc %rom convrting to
th %inal pro!'ct. 5tting ovr that h'mp is li( p'shing a roc( ovr a
hill9onc it passs th top, gravity ta(s ovr an! it rolls !own with
as. /hin( o% approaching womn as a chmical raction with a larg
activation nrgy. /h n+ym is yo'r brain, %'ll o% (nowl!g an! 7as
tim gos on8 1princ. As yo' b'il! con%i!nc an! bcom
capabl, yo' lowr th activation nrgy, t'rning th approach %rom
somthing that nvr happns on its own to somthing that happns
6n way to lowr th activation nrgy is to go o't with a loo( yo'
%l com%ortabl with. Aach chang that ma(s yo' %l mor
com%ortabl an! con%i!nt isn)t that signi%icant on its own, b't thy all
hav th c'm'lativ %%ct o% hlping to p'sh yo' ovr that hill. &% th
barrir to approach !i!n)t 1ist, vry g'y wo'l! approach vry c't
girl h saw.
0hil som vn's ar asir to approach in than othrs, womn
can b approach! anywhr. /hr ar no r'ls abo't whr yo' can
or cannot gam, b't whn starting o't yo')ll probably ma( most o%
yo'r approachs in bars or cl'bs bca's that)s whr a larg n'mbr
o% womn tn! to congrgat.
Bars an! cl'bs ar lo'!, smo(y, an! arti%icial, b't thy o%%r th
most opport'nity %or practic. /hr arn)t many othr placs & can go
to that hav a !o+n or mor attractiv womn & can approach. Bars
will b a bttr bt %or yo' 'ntil yo' gt !cnt at !ancing bca's
cl'bs ar lo'!r an! th girls thr ar mor concrn! with loo(ing
prtty than gtting lai!. 0hil yo' probably won)t mt yo'r !ram
girl in a bar or cl'b, yo')ll gain no'gh 1princ in thos vn's to
b mor prpar! whn yo' mt hr lswhr.
/hr)s also a 2'stion o% whthr or not yo' sho'l! !rin( alcohol.
4o' can r'n gam whil compltly sobr in a bar witho't problms,
b't chancs ar yo')ll %in! yo'r into1icat! targts to b intolrabl or
thy)ll %in! yo'r sobrity wir!. As long as yo' !on)t 's alcohol as a
cr'tch to tal( to girls, !o what yo')r most com%ortabl with. &n
gnral, it hlps to b on th sam lvl o% inbriation as th girl
yo')r tal(ing to. /hat mans i% yo')r not !rin(ing, yo' may want to
tal( to th !signat! !rivr insta! o% th birth!ay girl who is abo't to
pass o't.
/wo othr vn's ar boo(stors an! co%% shops. Avry tim & go
into on, thr ar mayb on or two girls & consi!r attractiv. &% a girl
isn)t s'rro'n!! by hr %rin!s or a st'!y gro'p, sh)s probably
waring ha!phons, immrs! in hr st'!is, or %ar away %rom my
tabl. 0hil &)m hsitant to rcommn! that yo' ta( tim o't o% yo'r
!ay to hit a boo(stor to mt womn, thr is val' i% yo' alra!y
%r2'nt thos placs. /h (y to s'ch vn's is propr positioning. &%
yo')r on tabl ovr %rom th girl yo' want to tal( to or bttr yt, i%
yo')r sharing hr tabl, thr)s a signi%icant chanc o% somthing
happning i% yo' opn. An opnr, th initial lin yo' 's to start a
convrsation, will com nat'rally bca's sh)ll probably b ra!ing a
boo( or wor(ing on somthing yo' can commnt on.
/hr)s th intrnt, which & !on)t rcommn!, vn %or practic.
&t)s vry rar that trolling on !ating or social ntwor(ing sits will la!
to anything bsi!s wast! tim. &ntrnt pic(.'ps t'rn yo' into a!.past mon(y, whr yo'r s(ill lis in (nowing how to blast
!o+ns o% mssags in th hop o% a singl rspons. 0hil mn !o gt
lai! %rom th intrnt, it)s o%tn with low 2'ality womn. &% yo' wr a
!sirabl girl that many mn want!, why wo'l! yo' p't 'p an
intrnt pro%il,
/h (in! o% womn who hang aro'n! !ating sits ar ons who
hav tro'bl crac(ing it in a ral social scn an! wo'l! rathr sit in a
com%ortabl chair an! clic( thro'gh h'n!r!s o% mails %rom horny
mn. /h intrnt givs thm attntion an! vali!ation witho't having
to lav th ho's or ta( a ris(. Also, with th !isproportional n'mbr
o% g'ys on !ating wbsits, yo'r mssag an! pict'r will b lost in a
sa o% othr !sprat mn.
/hr ar ho's partis. "artis can srv yo' wll bca's a girl)s
g'ar! will b low !' to th %act that sh)s in th company o% popl
sh (nows an! tr'sts. 0hn yo' approach at a ho's party, girls will
go o't o% thir way to b nic, vn i% thy)r not intrst! at %irst.
=ping a convrsation going is o%tn asir bca's yo'r bac(gro'n!
or %rin!s will b similar. Always choos a ho's party ovr a bar,
vn i% it)s a small on, bca's yo'r o!!s will b m'ch mor
6rgani+! sttings li( win %stivals, m'sic concrts, %itnss
classs, sporting vnts, art %stivals, an! !anc classs will also
prsnt opport'nitis. $'ch vn's wor( similar to boo(stors an!
co%% shops, whr goo! positioning is important. &% yo')r in an
1rcis bi( class, bing on th bi( n1t to th girl yo' li( is bttr
than bing svral bi(s ovr. 0hil l'c( plays a part in positioning,
it)s still 'p to yo' to opn hr. &% yo')r at a vn' that)s an 1tnsion
o% yo'r hobby, chancs ar that convrsations will b asir, sinc yo'
alra!y hav somthing in common to tal( abo't.
/hr)s th classroom. & wish & was in collg again (nowing what
& (now now. &)! sit n1t to th hottst girl an! start a cas'al
convrsation rlat! to th class. Dot only !o yo' hav somthing in
common, b't yo' hav a grat 1c's to ta( it o'tsi! o% th
classroom9to ;st'!y,< whr yo' can rally gam hr.
/hr)s th gym. 0hil 's'ally a sa'sag %st, it co'l! b a grat
plac to mt %it girls. &% yo' li( to ta( it asy in th gym whil
tal(ing to yo'r %rin!s, approaching may b a nat'ral 1tnsion o%
what yo' normally !o. Bowvr, i% yo'r wor(o'ts ar har! an! yo'
rg'larly !rown in a sa o% yo'r own swat, changing gars to %oc's
on approaching may prov !i%%ic'lt.
/hr)s th mall. 0hil it)s th last plac &)! prsonally go to mt
womn, yo' may liv in a plac whr th mall is yo'r only option.
#n!r th g'is o% shopping %or a %mal rlativ, prowl stors as(ing
%mal salspopl an! girl shopprs %or thir opinions on vario's
/hn thr)s vrything ls: airplans, airports, b'ss, s'bways,
o't!oor par(s, rsta'rants, an! vn th strt. 0hrvr womn ar,
it)s possibl to approach thm. /h only limits to whr yo' mt
womn 1ist in yo'r ha!. & rmmbr on tim & got th n'mbr o% a
17.yar.ol! girl who was wal(ing with a pi++a whil & was sitting in
th passngr sat o% a %rin!)s car.
0hn it coms to %in!ing girls, bing crativ is important,
bca's vry man livs in a !i%%rnt nvironmnt. 4o' may not liv
in a big city with a co'pl h'n!r! bars, b't yo' !o hav th ol! town
cntr whr thr ar crow!! w(n! concrts. /h main i!a is to
go whr th womn ar an! %ig'r o't th bst way to approach thm
thro'gh 1primntation. /o gt yo' start!, &)m going to shar with
yo' th bst ways to approach %or th most common vn's.
/h Approach
&t wo'l! ma( sns i% & sai! yo' sho'l! ta( baby stps b%or
yo' start approaching. ?irst yo' sho'l! larn how to ma( y contact
with womn. /hn yo' sho'l! a!! a smil. /hn yo' sho'l! practic
3'st saying, ;Bi.< 0hil yo')r at it, yo' sho'l! train yo'rsl% to b an
o'tgoing popl.prson by chatting with strangrs in lin with yo' at
th convninc stor.
B't & thin( all o% that is 'nncssary.
4o')v probably bn living in a nic social com%ort +on yo'r
ntir li%9thr)s littl point to contin' playing it sa% an! asy.
4o' m'st !iv right in an! shoc( yo'r systm to!ay. /h n1t woman
yo' tal( to is on yo' want to hav s1 with, not on yo' want to
simply practic having a convrsation with. /his stratgy ns'rs that
thr will b no 'nncssary lag b%or yo'r %irst s'ccss, whr yo'
wast tim on si! missions that giv yo' littl prparation %or th ral
&t starts now.
0hn yo')r %irst starting o't, it)s bst to approach womn who
arn)t alra!y connct! to yo'r li%, so girls %rom wor( or in yo'r
social circl sho'l! b avoi!! %or now. ?ail with thm an! gossip
ns'rs that vryon yo' (now will %in! o't abo't yo'r attmpt,
somthing that may b tra'mati+ing %or a nw st'!nt o% th gam.
0hn & ma! my %irst approachs svral yars ago, & ha! littl
i!a abo't how to intract with a nw girl, how to b'il! attraction, or
how to clos, b't & n!! 'p tal(ing to thm %or 1tn!! prio!s o%
tim an! got n'mbrs bas! on what & alra!y (nw as a man. 0hn
yo' want to gt into a girl)s pants an! yo'r intnt is strong, yo' com
'p with ways in ral tim to (p th intraction going, vn tho'gh
latr on yo' may la'gh at yo'r attmpt. 4o' !on)t n! to b a gam
1prt to gt lai!. 4o' !on)t n! to mastr vrything in this boo( to
start approaching girls. All yo' n! is a littl (nowl!g an! th
strong !sir to s'cc!.
Rali+ that thr will nvr b a pr%ct momnt to approach. /h
i!a o% th ;pr%ct momnt< is a bli% hl! by g'ys who nvr
approach. &% yo' sit an! wait 'ntil th momnt is right, yo' only n!
'p psyching yo'rsl% o't whil hr gro'p gts largr, th sit'ation gts
mor complicat!, or sh n!s 'p laving. 0hn yo')r a bginnr,
thr)s no bn%it to waiting mor than %iv scon!s whn yo' spot a
girl, 'nlss sh)s r'nning to th bathroom with hr han! ovr hr
mo'th. As /!!y Roosvlt onc sai!, ;*o what yo' can, with what
yo' hav, whr yo' ar.<
& approach girls who 3'st wal( into bars, ar on thir way to th
bathroom, or ar %ighting thro'gh a crow! to gt a !rin(. 0hn yo'
s a girl yo' li(, pic( th opnr yo' want to 's, go 'p to hr, an!
!livr it. Avn i% yo'r min! is compltly blan(, 3'st say ;By,<
bca's thr)s a chanc sh)ll hlp yo' o't with convrsation. $om
g'ys hav th bli% that girls !on)t want to b approach!, b't it
sho'l!n)t b 'p to hr what yo' !ci! to !o. &% yo' li( hr, go 'p to
hr an! ma( an attmpt. 0hat sh thin(s rally !osn)t mattr.
An act'al approach ta(s only a %w scon!s. 4o' s a girl yo'
li(, man'vr clos to hr, an! thn !livr yo'r opning lin. 0hn
it coms to larning how to approach, s'ccss isn)t mas'r! by
whthr yo')r abl to gt a convrsation going or not, b't whthr
yo' approach. /h attmpt is mor important than th rs'lt. Just say
the words. &n th gran! schm o% things, no on approach is going to
bra( yo'. Aach on is 3'st a !rop in th b'c(t, so !on)t lt a to'gh
r3ction gt yo' !own or !to'r yo' %rom p'rs'ing yo'r %inal goal.
/o opn, simply wal( 'p to a girl, stop two %t away %rom hr,
loo( in hr ys, an! !livr yo'r lin. $h)ll s yo' as yo' wal(
towar! hr an! 1pct yo' to say somthing onc yo' stop. 4o'r bo!y
sho'l! %ac hr at a slight glancing angl to show that sh still n!s to
prov hrsl% b%or yo')ll giv hr yo'r complt attntion. &% yo')r
plant! an! sh)s wal(ing by yo', ma( y contact an! !livr th
lin as sh)s moving, 'n!rstan!ing that it may ta( a scon! or two
%or hr to rali+ yo' wr tal(ing to hr. &n both cass, spa( lo'!ly.
-any tims a girl may sm to ignor yo', not bca's sh was trying
to sn'b yo' b't bca's sh !i!n)t har yo' or !i!n)t (now yo' wr
tal(ing to hr. &n cl'bs, & o%tn hav to yll my opnr. 4o' want to
spa( lo'! no'gh so that thr)s no !o'bt that yo')r tal(ing to hr.
/hr ar two m'lti.p'rpos opnrs yo' can 's almost
anywhr. /h %irst is, ;By, yo' loo( li( yo')r having th most %'n
hr o't o% anyon.< 0hn 's! in a bar or cl'b, it)s sai! with
nth'siastic sarcasm to match th moo! o% th vn'. 0hn sai!
vrywhr ls, it)s sai! with rla1! sarcasm, 'nlss sh rally is
having lots o% %'n. /hn yo' can 3'st say it straight.
$ay th ;hy< with a halthy vol'm to gt hr attntion so that
sh)ll ma( y contact with yo'. 6nc sh !os, !livr th rst o% th
lin. Always crac( a slight smir( to lt hr (now that yo')r bing
play%'l. $h)ll rspon! with la'ghtr or somthing simpl li(
;Rally,< or ;& (now, & amK<
$h)s now opn!. /h rason this lin wor(s wll is bca's
yo')r 3o(ing that sh appars bor!, so yo' start th intraction with
hr 2'ali%ying hrsl% to yo'. 7By 2'ali%ying hrsl%, & man sh)s
1plaining or rationali+ing a prciv! %law.8 /h a!vantags o% this
opnr ar that it)s asy to !livr an! !osn)t n! a!3'stmnt bas!
on whr yo' ar. /h !isa!vantag is that yo')ll still n! somthing
ls to contin' th convrsation.
0hn yo')r opning a gro'p o% girls, simply a!! th wor!
;g'ys.< $ay, ;By, yo' g'ys loo( li( yo')r having th most %'n hr
o't o% anyon.< Again, (p yo'r vol'm 'p, to ma( s'r thy all
har it9yo' !on)t want th convrsation to start with somon as(ing,
;0hat !i! yo' say,< 0hn & 's this opnr, & %ollow 'p with, ;&
tho'ght & was having th most %'n hr, b't thn & saw yo'. *o yo'
li( this bar,< /hn & contin' ma(ing commnts abo't o'r shar!
nvironmnt or & stac( anothr opnr a%tr it, s'ch as th scon!
/h scon! opnr is, ;By, lt m g'ss. 4o')r %rom >>>>>>>>.<
@i( th prvio's opnr, yo' wait 'ntil y contact is stablish!
b%or contin'ing a%tr th ;hy.< -a( s'r yo' !o a !ramatic two.
scon! pa's a%tr yo' say, ;@t m g'ss.<
?l %r to a!! a slight s2'int, as i% yo')r thin(ing. 4o')r going
to g'ss whr sh)s %rom, whthr it b a city, stat, or co'ntry. & li(
'sing this opnr on girls who ar obvio'sly not Amrican, bca's
yo' can !iv into a g'ssing gam abo't what co'ntry sh)s %rom. &t)s %or yo', bca's i% yo' gt hr co'ntry wrong, sh)ll 's'ally
want yo' to (p g'ssing, contin'ing th intraction, an! i% yo' g'ss
right, sh)ll b imprss! an! as( how yo' (nw.
/o !o'bl my chancs o% gtting hr co'ntry right, & chat a littl
with somthing li(, ;4o' ar ithr %rom Argntina or -1ico.< Avn
with girls who arn)t thnic, this opnr still wor(s wll: 3'st g'ss
that thy)r hal% 5rman or Dorwgian 7thr)s a goo! chanc hr
ancstors will b %rom somwhr in A'rop8. ?or girls who ar acting
snobby, show that yo' arn)t imprss! with thir !manor by
g'ssing thy)r %rom a plac li( Romania or 0st Virginia. As long
as a girl !osn)t blow yo' o%% a%tr yo' say ;hy,< this opnr la!s to
&% th girl is in a gro'p, say, ;By, lt m g'ssNyo' g'ys ar
%rom Argntina,< or ;4o' g'ys ar %rom Argntina or Colombia,< or
;& hav a %ling that at last on o% yo' is %rom Argntina.<
/his opnr wor(s bca's o% th g'ssing componnt, so it can
asily b mo!i%i! to start a convrsation abo't almost anything. ?or
instanc, i% yo' s a girl writing in a boo(stor, yo' can say, ;@t m
g'ss. 4o')r writing th n1t grat Amrican novl.< &% yo')r at a
concrt, yo' can say, ;@t m g'ss. 4o')v bn a %an sinc b%or
thy ma! it big.<
4o' can ton !own th initial phrasing o% this opnr i% yo')r in a
mor rla1! vn'. &n a co%% shop, %or 1ampl, &)! say, ;By, &)m
3'st c'rio'sNar yo' %rom Argntina,<
Can yo' s yo'rsl% saying ths lins to girls, A mon(y co'l!
!o it. 0hil thy)r powr%'l, vn th bst opnr isn)t going to wor(
all th tim, b't ths ar th most %%ctiv opnrs &)v 's!. Dot
coinci!ntally, thy)r also th simplst. As %or which on to 's in
crtain sit'ations, yo' can)t go wrong with ithr o% thm. /hs
opnrs ta( away th ;0hat am & going to say,< 1c's that prvnts
many g'ys %rom tal(ing to a girl thy li(. Avn i% yo' compltly
%r+ a%tr th opnr, th %act that yo' opn! an! ma! yo'rsl% a
prsnc in hr worl! will !ramatically incras yo'r chanc o% gtting
#n!rstan!: a s'ccss%'l opnr only srvs to start a convrsation.
/hy !on)t hav to b lngthy or complicat!. & pr%r short an!
simpl opnrs as my havy g'ns bca's thy)r mor gn'in an!
asy to !livr. &% yo' n! to spn! tim mmori+ing yo'r opnr,
what yo')ll hav is a ro'tin, which w)ll !isc'ss latr.
An important typ o% opnr is th environmental opener. /his is
whn yo'r opnr is bas! on somthing in th s'rro'n!ing
nvironmnt. /hy ta( improvisational s(ill to com 'p with, b't
opn bttr than thir script! co'ntrparts bca's thy hav a nat'ral
%l. 6%tntims yo')ll b somwhr an! hav tho'ghts abo't what
yo')r sing or 1princing. All yo' hav to !o is 's thos tho'ghts
as an opnr to a girl nar yo'.
?or 1ampl, on night & was ri!ing in a 2'it s'bway car whn a
!r'n( man start! singing to himsl%. & loo(! at th girl n1t to m
an! sai!, ;& thin( vryon hr n!s som o% what h)s having.< &
n!! 'p gtting hr n'mbr. Anothr 1ampl was at a win %stival,
whr & was sampling a partic'lar win an! sarcastically tol! a girl,
;/his is th bst win &)v vr tast! in my li%.< As(ing abo't
somthing 'n's'al or 'ni2' a girl has on by saying, ;0hat !os that
man,< is also %%ctiv.
/hs opnrs wor( bca's thy !scrib hr c'rrnt rality. & n!
'p saying st'pi! things all th tim, b't as long as a convrsation
rs'lts, my opnr was a s'ccss. /h bar %or nvironmntal opnrs
ar lowr than %or script! opnrs9thy can b %ar %rom pr%ct an!
still b vry %%ctiv. B't vn i% yo' can)t thin( o% on, yo')ll hav
two s'r.%ir opnrs to 's.
/hr ar som a!!itional bar opnrs worth mntioning. /h %irst
ma(s %'n o% th nightli% scn whn popl ar trying har! to b
cool. &t wor(s on girls who ar stan!ing alon or in larg gro'ps. $ay,
;By, & was won!ring i% yo' can hlp m o't. -y %rin!s an! & ar
loo(ing %or th bst spot hr whr w can pos.< &% yo')r !aling
with mor than on girl, say ;hy g'ys< insta! o% ;hy.< #nlss sh)s
wal(ing past yo', always wait %or y contact b%or contin'ing th
lin. $h)ll as( yo' to clari%y, an! thn yo')ll rpat ;to pos< 'ntil
sh gts it. /hn a!!, ;4ah, bca's &)v bn wor(ing o't a lot at
th gym, an! & 3'st want! girls to b abl to s my nw m'scls.<
/his is whn a slight smir( !vlops on yo'r %ac an! th girl will lt
o't a la'gh bca's sh)ll %inally gt yo'r 3o(. /his opnr allows
yo' to hav a convrsation abo't th things g'ys an! girls !o in cl'bs
to gt attntion an! win approval %rom othrs.
A variant to this opnr is whn yo' 's !ancing insta! o% posing:
;*o yo' (now th bst spot hr whr m an! my %rin! can !anc, a
plac whr th lighting is goo!, -y %rin! is a cl'b !ancr an! h
n!s a goo! spot to show o%% his movs.< 4o' can thn a!!, ;An!
&)v bn practicing a littl bit in %ront o% th mirror mysl%.< 6nc th
3o( is ovr an! a h'moro's opnr plays itsl% o't, say, ;All (i!!ing
asi!< an! thn %ollow with th ;lt m g'ss< opnr 7which
tchnically wo'l!n)t b an opnr by that tim8 or th %mal opinion
ro'tin w)ll !isc'ss shortly.
Anothr bar opnr yo' can 's is whn a girl acci!ntally to'chs
yo' in a crow!! bar, which is a common occ'rrnc. $ay, ;A1c's
m, b't yo' to'ch! my bac(. & rally n! a lot o% prsonal spac.<
/hy)ll o%tn rspon! with a sarcastic apology. ?ollow that with a
s'r.%ir opnr.
0hn yo')r at th bar trying to gt a !rin( an! a c't girl is n1t
to yo' trying to gt on, too, say, ;& bt yo' & can gt a !rin( %astr
than yo' can.< 0hn a girl is trying to s2'+ in n1t to yo' at th
bar, yo' can say, ;$orry, this is my bar spac9thr)s no room %or
yo' right now. & n! a lot o% spac.<
/hs opnrs ar silly, b't thy)r vry %%ctiv at bra(ing th
ic. &t)s har! to go wrong with h'mor, tho'gh %or a split scon! yo'
want hr to thin( yo')r srio's9'ntil yo' crac( a slight smir(.
0hn & was %irst st'!ying th gam & ha! !o+ns o% opnrs
organi+! in a spra!sht, b't it ma! approaching so compl1 that &
act'ally approach! lss. &)! sit an! star at a girl, won!ring which
opnr was bst %or that partic'lar sit'ation. As a rs'lt, & wo'l!n)t !o
anything. At this point, yo' hav two !%a'lt opnrs that wor( wll in
most cass, an nvironmntal opnr that lts yo' opn anywhr yo'
hav a 'ni2' tho'ght or opinion, an! a han!%'l o% %'n bar opnrs.
/hat)s all yo' n!K &t)s bst to (p it simpl, bca's too many
options la! to paralysis.
Approach @ogistics
/hr ar othr approach !tails yo')ll n! to (now bsi!s
spa(ing. /h %irst is positioning. $h co'l! b alon, with %rin!s, in
a circl, in a smi.circl, %acing o'twar!, sitting on a bar stool, sitting
at a tabl, or !ancing. /h pr%ct st'p %or yo' will b a girl stan!ing
alon n1t to th bar %acing o'twar!, smiling as yo' com into viw.
/hat sai!, th pr%ct st'p nvr happns.
4o')ll always hav to !o som man'vring to plac yo'rsl% in a
position to approach an! tal( to hr. /h typical scnario yo')ll %ac is
whn yo'r targt is tal(ing to on or two girl%rin!s. &% sh)s 3'st with
on othr %rin!, yo')ll hav to a!!rss thm both 'ntil somon ls
coms into th pict'r. *on)t lt a singl g'y in a gro'p o% girls stop
yo' %rom approaching, bca's chancs ar h)s trying to bang on o%
th girls an! wo'l! wlcom anothr mal to !istract hr %rin!s. H'st
's yo'r 's'al opnr an! incl'! him in th convrsation so h
!osn)t gt insc'r an! try to blow yo' o%%. &% yo' trat th g'y with
rspct, thr)s a goo! chanc that h)ll trat yo' with rspct as wll
9or vn assist yo'.
&n gro'ps with g'ys, as( how vryon (nows ach othr. &% sh
happns to say somthing li(, ;An! my boy%rin! is ovr thr,< thn
yo' may ithr want to mov on to hr %rin! or politly lav th
gro'p. Avn i% th gro'p is all girls, go aha! an! as(, bca's thy
may tll yo' somthing abo't thir bac(gro'n! that yo' can 's latr,
li( a shar! school or city.
Approaching a girl sitting !own is to'ghr. 6thr than th wal( o%
sham yo' hav to pr%orm i% yo' %ail, th %act that yo')r stan!ing
whil sh)s sitting !own an! rla1! givs hr mor powr than yo'.
Rgar!lss, !livr yo'r stan!ar! opnr as yo' normally wo'l!. &% th
intraction contin's an! sh)s giving yo' positiv signals by as(ing
2'stions, !o a ;%als tim constraint,< on o% th ol!st tric(s in th
boo(. "'ll 'p a chair, sit !own, an! say, ;& can only sit !own %or a
min't.< /hn contin' th convrsation li( nothing happn!. &t will
b clar i% sh !i!n)t want yo' to sit !own bca's sh)ll clos 'p an!
stop tal(ing to yo'. Do big !al. H'st say goo!by, smil, an! wal(
away. #n!r no circ'mstanc !o yo' as( i% yo' can sit !own. $itting
!own is important bca's approachs in which yo')r stan!ing an!
sh)s not hav a li%span o% lss than %iv min'ts.
6nc yo' start tal(ing to hr, avoi! common mista(s li( too
m'ch smiling whn nothing %'nny was sai!, too m'ch bn!ing ovr
whn it)s not lo'! in th room, an! too many %ast movmnts !' to
bing nrvo's an! 1cit!. /hs signs in!icat to a girl that th g'y
probably !osn)t hav a lot o% 1princ an! is ovrly happy to b
tal(ing to hr. &% yo' %in! yo'rsl% 'sing ths bhaviors, slow things
!own an! lan bac(. Dot only !os this act as a way to !issociat
yo'rsl% %rom th intraction, b't it !isplays th corrct ;& !on)t car<
bo!y lang'ag. 7B'mans tn! to lan towar! a prson who is p'lling
away %rom thm, whthr it b with bo!y lang'ag or motions.8
/hr will b a lot o% sit'ations whr no t1tboo( answr will b
availabl to g'i! yo'. ?or instanc, what i% yo')r going 'pstairs an!
yo' s a rally c't girl coming !ownstairs, *o yo' gt in hr way or
!o yo' ma( a #.t'rn an! start stal(ing hr, 7& gt in hr way an!
play%'lly acc's hr o% going !own th wrong si! o% th stairs.8 Bow
abo't i% yo' approach a gro'p o% girls an! th on yo' !on)t li( is
chatting yo' 'p th most, *o yo' contin' tal(ing with hr in th
hops o% incorporating yo'rsl% into th gro'p or !o yo' gntly r3ct
hr an! mov on to yo'r targt, 7& tal( to hr %or no mor than a
min't 'ntil & as( th girl & pr%r a 2'stion that starts a nw
/h bst way to !al with th h'n!r!s o% possibl sit'ations that
occ'r in a pic(.'p is to !o something an! thn ta( not o% th rs'lt.
&% th rs'lt wasn)t %avorabl, try somthing !i%%rnt n1t tim. /his
willingnss to 1primnt will 2'ic(ly gt yo' 'p to sp! with th
sit'ations that happn most %r2'ntly.
&t)s thro'gh 1primntation that yo')ll !iscovr a styl o% gam
that wor(s bst %or yo'. 6n night & tri! to !o a littl 1primnt with
on.wor! opnrs in a larg cl'b. & st'c( with a simpl ;hy< or ;hi<
an! tri! only thos %or th ntir night. ?or a rason that)s still not
clar to m, & larn! that ;hy< !i! a m'ch bttr 3ob than ;hi< at
stopping girls an! gtting thir attntion. & r'n a !i%%rnt 1primnt
almost vry tim & go o't, 3'st to s what happns an! to !iscovr
th styl that wor(s bst %or m. &t)s possibl that yo')r so !i%%rnt
%rom m that ;hi< will act'ally wor( bttr than ;hy,< b't thr)s no
way to %in! o't 'nlss yo' try thm both. /h only tim & (p
1primntation to a minim'm is whn it co'nts9whn &)m gaming a
girl that & consi!r abov th rst. /hn it)s bst to 's th gam &
alra!y (now wor(s.
&% yo' s a girl yo' li( an! thin( abo't approaching hr, yo'
must !o it, no mattr how !i%%ic'lt or 'nnat'ral th sit'ation may
appar, vn i% yo' %l nrvo's an! (now yo')r going to bomb. &
o%tn %in! mysl% in a co%% shop whr thr is a to'gh approach at
th tabl n1t to m. Avn i% &)m not in th moo! an! thin( th o!!s o%
a s'ccss%'l approach ar +ro, & still ma( mysl% !o it. Dot only !os
this liminat th %ar o% approaching ovr tim, b't it also tachs yo'
how to !al with to'gh sit'ations.
&t won)t b common that a girl yo' li( is going to b stan!ing
alon in a plac witho't !istraction whr vryon (nows yo'r nam.
$h)s going to b s'rro'n!! by %actors that will ma( it !i%%ic'lt %or
yo', an! th soonr yo' har!n yo'r min! to !al with ths
sit'ations, th %astr yo')ll gt bttr at han!ling thm.
B%or & tal( abo't how to b'il! attraction a%tr th opnr, lt)s
ta( a !to'r an! !isc'ss what attit'!, or vib, girls %in! most
/h Vib
/hr)s an optimal vib to possss that will attract most womn9
on that is %%ctiv at hitting thir attraction b'ttons. Do mattr what
yo' loo( li( or what gam styl yo' implmnt, it givs yo' th most
bang %or yo'r tim an! nrgy b'c(, liminating th n! to ma(
gam a!3'stmnts %or !i%%rnt typs o% girls. &t)s what yo' s in
many s'ccss%'l playrs.
@t)s call it The Vie.
-n with /h Vib apprciat an! val' li%. /his apprciation
la!s to !sirabl 2'alitis womn %in! attractiv, s'ch as an
accptanc o% who yo' ar. 4o' loo( at th big pict'r an! bcom
in!i%%rnt to li%)s trivialitis. 4o')r in control o% yo'r motions an!
!on)t lt any on prson or vnt bra( yo' !own. &% yo' bliv that
yo'r tim hr on Aarth is limit! an! that yo'r !stiny is what yo'
crat, it)s impossibl to trat approaching an! !ating an! banging as
mor than a %'n !ivrsion to ntrtain yo'rsl% with. 0hn somthing
!osn)t go yo'r way, yo' rspon! with h'mor an! wit insta! o% angr
an! motion. 4o' 'n!rstan! that yo'r nrgy is bttr s'it! %or th
big battls9s'ch as 3ob layo%%s or %amily !aths9an! not %or
r3ctions by strangrs. 4o')r a s'r%r ri!ing a wav, a!apting to its
nrgy insta! o% %ighting it. 4o' a!3'st to yo'r nvironmnt, gtting
th most o't o% th sit'ations yo' %ac, whthr yo')r ri!ing small
Aast Coastrs or th monstrs o% Bawaii.
Amotional control is th most important componnt o% /h Vib.
0ith it, yo'r intllct an! logic will always b !ominant ovr th mor
primitiv aras o% yo'r brain, allowing yo' to solv problms an!
ma( rapi! a!3'stmnts 7it)s har! to ma( th stratgic !cisions
r2'ir! o% th gam i% yo' gt asily 'pst or angry8. 4o' !on)t hav
a !p concrn ovr yo'r intractions with womn9i% yo')r !oing
things ;right< or not9bca's yo' (now on intraction !osn)t
!trmin yo'r val' as a h'man bing.
&n!irctly, having motional control shows that yo')r not n!y.
4o' !on)t cling to a girl arly on whn yo' hav yo'r motions in
chc(. 4o' show that yo' arn)t co'nting on any on prson or vnt
%or yo'r happinss. 0omn yo' mt will play thir gams an!
won!r why yo' arn)t racting li( all th othr g'ys. &n th procss
o% trying to gt yo' to ract an! rspon!, sh)ll giv yo' no'gh
attntion %or yo' to tightn th attraction hol! an! to mov things
Apprciating li% mans yo')r mor li(ly to spn! yo'r %r tim
!'cating yo'rsl% with boo(s, travl, an! 'ni2' 1princs. As a
rs'lt, yo')ll always hav somthing intrsting to say whn yo' mt
a nw girl. A !sir to bcom mor c'lt'r! an! mntally sharp givs
yo' an 'nlimit! s'pply o% topics to !isc'ss with intllignc an!
wis!om, a 2'ality womn %in! attractiv. 4o' !on)t as( th sam
boring 2'stions all othr g'ys as( bca's yo' 'n!rstan! that to b
an intrsting prson yo' n! to say intrsting things, an! to say
intrsting things yo' n! to 1princ thm %irsthan!.
Anothr rs'lt o% apprciating li% is that yo' plac a high val' on
yo'r tim. 4o' !on)t wast it with popl who arn)t %'l%illing yo'r
n!s. 4o')r choosy abo't th %rin!s yo' hang o't with an! th
womn yo' !at. 4o' hav no problm wal(ing away %rom a girl who
isn)t yo'r typ, whthr it b thr min'ts or thr months into th
intraction. 4o' (now what 2'ality is an! %l that yo' !srv to
hav it in yo'r li%. A girl is l'c(y yo' slct! hr to hang o't with
yo' bca's yo')ll giv hr th bst o% what yo'r prsonality an!
1princ hav to o%%r. 0hil it)s o(ay to hav %'n in a bar an! tal(
to avrag girls %or chap thrills an! practic, yo')ll commit th b'l(
o% yo'r tim an! nrgy to girls who ar worth it. $lcting %or 2'ality
!isplays that you ar 2'ality.
A %inal componnt o% /h Vib is having a play%'l nat'r. &t)s
prsnt in popl who hav th ability to 2'ic(ly !vlop connctions
with othrs. Bing play%'l with a sns o% h'mor attracts girls li( a
magnt bca's o% th positiv atmosphr it crats. 0hil yo' !on)t
want to b a clown, 'n!rstan! that play%'lnss is an 1trmly
%%ctiv h'man bon!ing tchni2'. 4o'r sns o% h'mor can b !ry,
sharp, or sarcastic, as long as it acc'ratly !scribs or po(s %'n o%
th worl! w liv in. Bing play%'l !osn)t man yo' hav to b lo'!
an! attntion.s(ing9it mans yo' p't a %'n spin on all typs o%
sit'ations yo' %in! yo'rsl% in.
/h Vib 'ss a stratgy to b'il! attraction thro'gh prsonality
insta! o% %actors li( stat's, loo(s, an! mony. Avn i% yo' possss
thos things, it)s still bst to 's yo'r prsonality to attract womn
bca's it o%%rs a strongr hoo( to catch thos that ar lss s'pr%icial.
/hr)s always going to b anothr g'y with highr stat's, bttr
loo(s, or mor mony than yo', b't th o!!s that h)ll hav th sam
awsom prsonality ar minisc'l.
/hr yars a%tr gtting into th gam, & ha! my shit togthr. &
ha! a s'ccss%'l carr an! liv! in a larg ho's in a goo!
nighborhoo!. & ha! a motorcycl an! bartn!! part.tim at an
'pscal vn'. & ha! a rspctabl bran!.nam war!rob an! & ha! 3'st
n!! a short b't s'ccss%'l cl'b *H carr. 0hn & mt a nw girl, &
wo'l!'ally tll hr how cool & was by bringing 'p my
motorcycl, my bartn!ing gig, an! my 1princ as a *H.
6n papr & tho'ght & ha! all th cool 2'alitis a girl n!!, b't &
proc!! to hav th worst sl'mp sinc gtting into th gam. /h
rason was bca's & stopp! 'sing my prsonality to attract girls.
&nsta! & was 'sing accomplishmnts or stat's to try to imprss hr,
3'st li( vry othr g'y. A%tr & rali+! what & was !oing, & wnt
bac( to !pn!ing on /h Vib an! start! withhol!ing in%ormation
abo't mysl% so girls wo'l! hav to !ig to %in! o't mor. & wnt bac(
to bing an intrsting, mystrio's charactr insta! o% 3'st anothr
g'y who own! a sport bi(.
4o' m'st rsist th tmptation to brag abo't all th 2'alitis yo'
thin( ar positiv. &t)s m'ch bttr i% th girl %in!s o't on hr own an!
won!rs what ls co'l! b b'ri! insi!. B li( a R'ssian !oll, with
layrs 'pon layrs o% s'bstanc. By th tim sh has s1 with yo',
sh)ll (now lss than hal% o% all yo'r positiv 2'alitis. As tim gos
on an! sh larns mor, sh)ll gt vn mor hoo(! on yo' bca's
yo' !i!n)t bl'rt o't yo'r 2'alitis in an obvio's attmpt to imprss hr
whn yo' %irst mt.
/h Vib posssss %at'rs that ar in!irctly comm'nicat! to
th girls yo' mt. &n othr wor!s, it is s'bcomm'nicat! thro'gh
1pos'r to yo'r wor!s an! bo!y lang'ag. 4o' nvr say that yo'
val' yo'r tim or ar play%'l9it bcoms a part o% yo'r ssnc that
la(s o't to thos who intract with yo'. ?or 1ampl, mn who val'
thir tim tn! to b slctiv abo't th girls thy choos to spn! tim
with. /his attit'! mani%sts itsl% in wor!s whn h says things to
girls li(, ;4o')r prtty wir!< or ;4o')r too ol! %or m< witho't
conscio's %%ort on his part. &t 3'st coms o't9an! sh gts mor into
him as a rs'lt.
&nsta! o% taching yo' a h'n!r! !i%%rnt lins, it)s mor
%%ctiv to tach yo' th min!st that pro!'cs thm. 6nc yo')v
mastr! this min!st, tal(ing to girls will b asir an! mor o% thm
will b intrst! in yo'.
Convrsation, /hms, An! /hra!s
6n o% th biggst problms g'ys hav is r'nning o't o% things to
say a%tr th approach. /his is a ral problm, bca's a prolong!
silnc lss than thirty min'ts into th convrsation is crtain !ath. &%
& pa's %or longr than tn scon!s !'ring thos initial thirty min'ts,
th pic(.'p will !i.
/h goo! nws is that latr on in th night, an! on th %irst !at an!
a%tr, silncs ar not only accpt! b't wlcom. /hy show that
yo')r not trying too har! to plas hr. B't this is wll a%tr sh has
!ci!! sh wants to spn! tim with yo'.
/hr ar two rasons why silnc arly on is ba!. ?irst, girls !on)t
hav many things to say to popl thy)r not s'r abo't. #ntil sh
%ls attract! to yo', sh won)t hav th n! to wor( thro'gh an
aw(war! silnc. $con!, most girls bliv that i% two popl hav
instant chmistry, thr)s no rason to r'n o't o% things to say right
a%tr mting. /o hr, both o% yo' sho'l! b tripping ovr ach othr
in !p convrsation.
0hil instant chmistry !os happn, yo')ll 's'ally grow on hr
a%tr a prio! o% tim. /hr%or, yo')ll b !oing mor than 70: o% th
tal(ing %or at last thirty min'ts a%tr th approach. 6nc sh
bcoms com%ortabl with yo' an! !ci!s sh)s intrst!, thr will
b lss prss'r to com 'p with things to say.
/his arly.stag convrsation may so'n! ran!om to an
avs!ropping spctator, b't it)s act'ally str'ct'r! an! highly
organi+!, bca's yo' hav a goal an! an accompanying stratgy o%
'sing /h Vib, tst! matrial, an! soon, spci%ic movs to scalat
th nco'ntr9in th %orm o% %%ctiv ro'tins %or b'il!ing attraction.
Do mattr how smart or intrsting yo' ar, it)s impossibl to
spa( %or thos %irst thirty min'ts witho't mssing 'p, saying
somthing st'pi!, or going into a compltly lam topic. @'c(ily, girls
will giv yo' a pass on many o% th %oolish things yo')ll say. /hy
'n!rstan! that not vry sntnc that coms o't o% yo'r mo'th has
to b a bloc(b'str, b't i% yo' contin' to bomb, sh)ll boo yo' o%% th
0hn yo' %irst start tal(ing to a nw girl, yo' may b so p'mp!
that yo' tal( too %ast, intrr'pt hr, an! !isrgar! things sh has sai!
bca's yo' ha! anothr lin or statmnt in min!. 4o')ll hav th
'rg to say things alra!y marinat! in yo'r ha!, vn tho'gh th
convrsation is going somwhr ls. Rsist that tmptation, bca's
it la!s to choppy, !isconnct! convrsation. Rali+ that th mor
sh tal(s, th bttr, bca's sh)ll b giving yo' i!as an! matrial to
contin' vn %'rthr. /al( at a normal, rla1! pac, li( yo' wo'l!
to a clos b'!!y.
An ntir convrsation will hav many thra!s 7topics that la! to
othr topics8. /hra!s promot nat'ral convrsation bca's yo' can
asily hop aro'n! witho't gtting st'c( on a path that la!s to a !a!.
n!. /h convrsation yo' hav %rom %ollowing thos thra!s will b
crat! on th %ly, !pn!ing 'pon th !irction an! nrgy o% th
intraction. Avn tho'gh yo')ll 's th sam thra! rpat!ly on
!i%%rnt girls, thr)s no n! to mmori+ th !livry wor!.%or.
Convrsation thra!s can b catgori+! into thms. /h %irst
thm is people, which incl'!s convrsation abo't yo', hr, or othrs.
&t concrns apparancs, trn!s, r'mors, gossip, an! obsrvations
7popl watching8. ?or instanc, yo' can gntly tas hr 7witho't
ma(ing %'n o% hr8 abo't somthing sh)s waring or somthing
'ni2' to hr loo(. A1ampl: ;& notic! yo'r shos match yo'r shirt. &
thin( yo' !i! that on p'rpos.< $h)ll say sh !i!. 4o'r rspons: ;&
'n!rstan!, bca's it too( m %orvr to match my o't%it.<
5o on to giv yo'r tho'ghts abo't how popl loo( in th
nvironmnt yo')r in an! th pattrns yo')v notic!. ?or instanc, i%
sh)s waring a larg nc(lac, say, ;Bav yo' notic! that th things
popl ar waring on thir nc(s ar gtting largr an! largr,<
/hrow in a ?lavor ?lav r%rnc abo't how h pionr! larg nc(
3wlry. &t)s o(ay to tal( abo't clothing as long as yo' show only basic
%ashion (nowl!g 7i% yo' start !ropping wor!s li( ;co't'r,< th girl
may thin( yo')r a homos1'al8. & li( to go into a spil abo't my
%o'r.yar.ol! 3ans an! how th hols ar ;nat'ral< an! ;can)t b
R'mors an! gossip ar rlat! thra!s that %all within th popl
thm. /a( a!vantag o% a girl)s a!!iction to both by 'sing thm in
convrsation. A1ampl: ;/hr)s a r'mor going aro'n! that yo' !on)t
li( my shirt. &s that tr', -y mom hlp! m pic( it o't.< 6r point to
th poorst loo(ing g'y in th plac an! say, ;4o' s that g'y ovr
thr, B)s th ownr. B !osn)t loo( li( it, !os h,< 4o'r %rin!s
ar a grat so'rc %or %abricating %'n tals. -y %avorit: ;-y %rin!
right hr 's! to b a cl'b !ancr. B 's! to !anc in thos cags
s'spn!! %rom th ciling. Dot many popl (now this, b't h
rg'larly wor cost'ms with %athrs.<
"opl watching is anothr thra! yo' can 's. $imply point o't a
co'pl an! say, ;0hat !o yo' thin( abo't ths two, *o yo' thin(
thy)r 3'st %rin!s, or somthing mor,< A%tr sh givs hr opinion,
giv yo'rs with an intrsting analysis. A1ampl: ;/hy)r !%initly
3'st %rin!s, bca's thir %acs ar mor than si1tn inchs apart,
which, accor!ing to psychologists, is th intimacy thrshol!.< 6r say,
;/hy)r !%initly going o't, bca's h appars to act'ally b
listning to hr.<
/h n1t thm is current state. 4o' ma( %'n obsrvations or
pos intrsting 2'stions abo't th c'rrnt nvironmnt yo')r
sharing. &% yo')r at a bar, say, ;& rally li( how this lo'! bar ma(s it
so asy %or 's to connct. /hro'gh th smo(, !istractions, an! lo'!
m'sic, o'r bon! cannot b bro(n.< A!!, ;&t)s ironic that th plac
most popl mt othrs in is a plac whr it)s har!st to !o.< -ayb
throw in a statmnt o% th i!al way to mt somon, involving littl
pics o% papr that as(, ;*o yo' li( m,< with answrs o% ;4s,<
;Do,< an! ;-ayb.<
&% a girl loo(s slightly bor!, say, ;&% yo')r not having a goo!
tim, & rcommn! yo' gt 'p on th bar an! !anc. Any tim & s a
girl !ancing on th bar, sh loo(s prtty happy, tho'gh it !osn)t wor(
%or m.< &% yo')r in a snobby nvironmnt, say, ;5o!, this bar scn
is so %a(. Avryon is 3'st abo't apparancs an! possssions. $o
what (in! o% car !o yo' !riv,< Anothr lin: ;&)! !anc, b't & !on)t
want to ma( vryon hr 3alo's o% my s(ills. &)m not trying to
brag or anything, b't &)m prtty goo!.< Anothr on: ;& tho'ght &)! gt
a privat tabl with bottls o% 5ry 5oos, b't & thin( &)m going to
(p it low.(y tonight an! mingl with th commonrs.< Anothr: ;&
hop this is a goo! plac whr & can %in! an ol!r woman to win an!
!in m an! ta( m on vacation.< An! %inally: ;Bmmm, th m'sic
hr is (in! o% lam. & hop thy p't on som -a!onna soon.<
A!!itional c'rrnt stat thms incl'! tal(ing abo't how th
location rmin!s yo' o% somthing ls. ?or instanc, i% yo')r at a
co%% shop, say, ;& only com hr bca's popl watching
motivats m to wor(. At hom & can)t gt anything !on.< &% yo')r
on p'blic transportation, say, ;*osn)t it loo( li( vryon hr is
rally sa!, &t)s li( popl ma( th %%ort to loo( man or 'pst so no
on tal(s to thm.< *on)t as( a girl i% sh coms to a crtain plac
o%tn, bca's it)s too clichO. &% yo')r rally c'rio's, say, ;& !on)t
thin( &)v sn yo' hr b%or.< /hs typs o% statmnts hav th
potntial to crat intrsting convrsation, as long as both o% yo' hav
opinions rlating to thm. /hy ma( it asy %or hr to tal(. /hings
yo')v obsrv! abo't li% an! spci%ic nvironmnts 's'ally ma( %or
grat thra!s.
/hra!s abo't travl ar highly rcommn!! bca's thy allow
yo' to go into storis that rval som o% th ama+ing things yo')v
1princ!. &t !osn)t hav to b intrnational travl9vn i% yo'
3'st visit! on city ovr, yo' can still tll hr abo't somthing
intrsting yo' obsrv!. /h basic %orm'la %or bginning travl
thra!s is: ;& was rcntly at >>>>>>>,< %ollow! by a short anc!ot.
?or 1ampl: ;& was rcntly at this bar in Barclona an! thr was a
main %loor whr vryon !anc! an! a small room 'pstairs that only
ha! mn. &t was so small that thy wr to'ching an! grin!ing on ach
othr. &t was intrsting.< 6r ;& was rcntly at this bar in 4or(,
"nnsylvania, whr & larn! to rally apprciat th scn w hav
hr.< /hn go into th scn !i%%rncs. 4o' can also go into travl
1princs with: ;/hat rmin!s m o% th tim & was in >>>>>>>.<
Anothr travl thra!: ;& ra! that mor than IE: o% Amricans !on)t
hav a passport. & was prtty s'rpris!, bca's as th richst co'ntry
in th worl!, yo')! thin( that most popl hr wo'l! b intrst! in
larning abo't othr c'lt'rs.< 0hat)s grat abo't a lin li( this is
that it 2'ali%is hr 7i% sh hasn)t travl! rcntly, hr val' !crass
compar! to yo'rs8. /ravl thra!s wor( wll on girls who ar
a!vnt'ro's an! travl thmslvs.
/h future thm is my prsonal %avorit. Br yo' can b crativ
an! rally gt hr imagination going. &t)s also mor 1citing than
tal(ing abo't th prsnt, which probably involvs both o% yo' wag.
slaving away in som c'bicl. & hav an anti.corporation ro'tin & 's
o%tn: ;&)v bn wor(ing %or si1 yars an! whil & li( my 3ob, &)m
rally c'rio's abo't what ls is o't thr. & !on)t want to b 70 yars
ol! an! on my !ath b!, won!ring how my li% wo'l! hav bn i% &
ha!n)t ta(n a chanc.< -ayb yo' want to start an intrsting
b'sinss or !o somthing crativ li( painting or writing. /hs ar
grat things to shar bca's thy show that yo' hav a passion yo')r
wor(ing on an! that yo' arn)t somon who 3'st %ills his spar tim
with 1pnsiv, maninglss hobbis. Bring ths 'p in a cas'al way
that %its nat'rally into th convrsation.
A havy b't tho'ght.provo(ing 2'stion & li( to throw o't a%tr
&)v tal(! abo't my plans is, ;$o, what !o yo' plan on !oing with
yo'r li%,< 0hn it)s obvio's yo')r both singl, say, ;& pr%r a
%antasy rlationship li( & s in th movis insta! o% on whr &
hav to, yo' (now, sacri%ic. & !on)t (now anyon who wants to
sacri%ic in rlationships anymor.< By now yo')v probably notic!
that & li( to as( 2'stions or bring 'p topics that stir 'p a littl
insc'rity or !o'bt. /his is bca's & want hr to %oc's on hr %laws
an! problms insta! o% min. $h)s on stag bing val'at!, not m,
incrasing th li(lihoo! that sh)ll !o things to imprss m.
/hn w hav th !ualification thm. /h thra!s will b abo't
hr an! whthr sh)s capabl in a way yo' !sir. 4o' won)t com
o't an! say, ;$o, !o yo' possss th 2'alitis & want in a woman,< B't
yo')ll insin'at it. $h)ll thn ass'm yo')r slctiv an! (now what
yo' want.
As( i% sh coo(s. & say, ;& ha! a %mal roommat onc an! sh
was grat at coo(ing %ro+n chic(n n'ggts, b't nothing ls.< &% sh
can)t coo( an! yo' lov hom.coo(! mals, say, ;-in's a million
pointsK< as i% yo')r (ping a r'nning tally o% hr worth. 4o' can
1chang coo(ing with a s(ill that)s important to yo'. &% yo')r an
artist, yo' can as( i% sh !raws or paints. An important on %or m is i%
sh ta(s car o% hr bo!y. & as( girls i% thy go to th gym, an! almost
all o% thm, rgar!lss o% wight, say ys. /hn & !iv into a %'n bit
whr & as( hr to %l1. $h)ll %l1 hr bicp an! & gntly s2'+ it to
si+ 'p hr m'scl. /hn & say, ;6(ay, go aha! an! %l1Nany tim
now.< $inc sh is alra!y %l1ing, th 3o( is that hr m'scl is too
small. 7Cr!it gos to -ystry, who cam 'p with it %irst.8 /hn & %l1
%or hr an! tll hr how & !ominat in th gym an! scar littl chil!rn.
?l %r to a!!, ;Act'ally & got so big that & ha! to stop going %or a
whil.< /his wor(s spcially wll i% yo')r not h'g.
/hn thr ar 2'ali%ication thra!s whr yo' pg hr on
somthing that)s not ntirly %avorabl. ?or instanc: ;4o' sm li(
th (in! o% girl who li(s rality tlvision. Am & right,< & thn a!!
with a smil, ;& !on)t watch /V anymor. &)v wan! mysl% o%% th
glass tat.< /h 2'stions yo' as( will !pn! 'pon what yo' want in
a girl. H'st li( whn a managr intrviws yo' %or a position an! as(s
abo't yo'r 1princ, yo')ll as( a girl in a %'n an! in!irct way abo't
th 2'alitis yo' !sir. As( i% sh has thm an! thn provi! an
intrsting 1planation abo't that 2'ality. & also as( a girl whr sh
livs bca's &)m not trying to spn! ho'rs on th roa! to !at hr. &
thn go into a story that long.!istanc rlationships ar a myth, li( th
&% sh grw 'p in a !i%%rnt city, stat, or co'ntry than yo', as(
abo't th !i%%rncs sh)s notic!. &t wo'l! b a goo! opport'nity to
1plain what yo' li( or !on)t li( abo't th city yo')r sharing at th
momnt, which ma(s intrsting convrsation asy. Bring 'p
2'ali%ication 2'stions at abo't th 10P20 min't mar(. /hy)ll hav
mor impact i% yo')v bn tal(ing a whil.
?inally, yo' hav th screwall thm, whr yo' throw o't o!!
2'stions whn th convrsation is stalling !spit yo'r bst attmpts.
Br yo')ll gt a chanc to 1primnt with 1otic matrial that
tachs yo' how womn rspon! in atypical sit'ations. As( a girl what
rasons sh)! attrib't to th %all o% th Roman Ampir, a!!ing ;0ll,
accor!ing to th movi GladiatorN< As(, ;0hat artistic prio! !o
yo' thin( bst rprsnt! th h'manity o% man,< As( what ;onc in a
bl' moon< rally mans. &% girls rspon! wll to yo'r scrwball
2'stions, yo' may want to incorporat thm into yo'r stan!ar! gam.
/hs typs o% 2'stions tach yo' to rla1 an! not ta( th gam so
& !on)t rcommn! yo' tal( abo't s1. 4o' can still gt lai! by
as(ing hr 2'stions abo't porno an! hr %avorit s1 positions, b't &
can)t hlp b't sha( somthing an ol! %rin! onc tol! m: ;/hos
who tal( abo't s1 th most ar th ons who gt it th last.< A%tr
yo' hav s1 with a girl, & rcommn! short 1changs whr yo' tll
hr abo't s1'al things yo' li(, b't b%or that, tal(ing abo't it isn)t
going to hlp. ?or all a girl (nows, &)m a virgin who !osn)t vn
(now what s1 is. /his is goo! nws i% yo')r s1'ally in1princ!,
bca's i% yo' !on)t bring it 'p, chancs ar sh won)t ithr.
/hra!s srv to hlp (p th convrsation going. Bca's
convrsations arn)t script! or mmori+!, yo')ll b going into
approachs with 3'st som i!as an! (y wor!s o% what to tal( abo't.
?rom that point yo')ll n! to 's yo'r brain to maintain intrsting
convrsation in ral tim. /hs thra!s %ill silncs with matrial that
b'il!s attraction. 0hil w want to hop nat'rally %rom on thra! to
th n1t, i% yo')r %acing a !a!ly silnc, 3'st bl'rt o't whatvr)s in
yo'r ha!. &t)s o(ay to sm a littl ran!om %or th sa( o% contin'ing
th intraction.
/h g'ys who ar %ast larnrs at pic(.'p wr alra!y chatty
b%orhan!. All thy ha! to !o was chang a littl o% thir contnt to
optimi+ it %or a !i%%rnt p'rpos an! a'!inc. &% yo' arn)t chatty,
yo')ll n! to gt chatty, bca's th gam is mor "ight at the
#mprov than $wingers. &mprovisational com!ians nvr say th 1act
sam thing twic, b't thy !o go into thir acts with a h'g toolbo1 o%
stapl 3o(s, %acial 1prssions, an! stoc( phrass. /h only !i%%rnc
is that thir primary goal is to ma( popl la'gh whil yo'rs is to gt
lai!. Avn tho'gh most o% th 1ampls &)v givn 's h'mor, (p in
min! that thir p'rpos is to hoo( hr attntion, ma( hr la'gh, an! to
gt ra!y %or a convrsation !'ring which yo')r going to !isplay
val' thro'gh yo'r opinions, wit, an! 1princ. B'mor also hlps 's
scrn girls who ta( thmslvs too srio'sly. Br %ail'r to
'n!rstan! yo'r h'mor tlls yo' it)s tim to mov on to a girl who is
mor ! an! opn to yo'r gam.
/h thra!s &)v shar! so %ar hav statmnts that yo')ll b
tmpt! to mmori+, b't vn %or m thy nvr com o't th sam
way twic. /hy always chang an! volv. A1cptions ar script!
ro'tins, which rmain static bca's thy)r alra!y optimi+!. &% yo'
hav tro'bl rmmbring thra!s or ro'tins yo' want to 's, &
rcommn! sn!ing yo'rsl% a t1t mssag an! loc(ing it so it stays
in yo'r inbo1. Do on will (now what yo')r !oing whn yo' want to
ta( a p(.
Ro'tins ar script! matrial that)s %%ctiv at b'il!ing attraction.
#nli( convrsation thra!s, which ar %l'i! an! short, ro'tins ar
longr, mor static, an! har!r to !livr. &n this sction &)ll !isc'ss
two ro'tins that ar worth yo'r tim to st'!y, ons &)v 's!
h'n!r!s o% tims. A!!itional ro'tins that ar bst 's! on !ats will
b !isc'ss! latr in th boo(.
A pop'lar ro'tin that has bn pass! on sinc th t'rn o% th
cnt'ry is th opinion opener. 0hil many g'ys 's it to opn, & %in!
that its %%ctivnss is ma1imi+! whn 's! a%tr th opnr. /h
ro'tin starts with, ;By, & n! a %mal opinion on somthing.< 4o'
as( yo'r 2'stion an! thn 1plain it thoro'ghly to allow %or a rich
answr. /h impact o% this opnr is not th 2'stion, b't th
1planation yo' giv, !'ring which yo' !isplay yo'r h'mor an!
-y !%a'lt opinion ro'tin concrns m'stachs: ;&)m going to
grow a m'stach, an! & (now it)s going to b pop'lar onc & start th
trn! again, b't &)m won!ring what (in! o% m'stach sho'l! & grow.
$ho'l! it c'rl 'p or !own,< /h girl will la'gh an! tll m that &
sho'l!n)t grow a m'stach at all, an! thn & go on to say that a ral
man sho'l!n)t bring a ra+or to his %ac. As 's'al, say ths h'moro's
or sarcastic lins with a slight smir(. "ic( a crativ 2'stion that lts
yo' go on abo't whatvr it is yo' ar as(ing.
Anothr 1ampl o% a %'n opinion ro'tin: ;-y %rin! has %alln on
to'gh tims an! is wor(ing %or claning srvics at a local high school,
b't h !osn)t (now how to bring it 'p to girls h mts. $ho'l! h
li,< 4o' can a!!, ;0o'l! yo' !at a school 3anitor i% h ha! a grat
prsonality,< "lay%'lly tas hr i% sh hsitats to answr. &t)s o(ay i%
yo'r opinion isn)t bas! on complt tr'th, b't th mor it rlats to
yo'r li%, th mor nat'ral yo'r !livry will b.
/h n1t ro'tin is th most powr%'l & hav. &t)s somthing & ma(
s'r to 's with vry girl & tal( to bca's it hits ach positiv
componnt o% /h Vib. &t)s th ;& want to bra( 'p with yo'< ro'tin.
/h bst tim to !o it is abo't LP10 min'ts into th intraction, a%tr
yo')v alra!y stablish! stabl convrsation.
?irst, st 'p th ro'tin by as(ing a 2'stion that shows how yo'
an! yo'r targt ar !i%%rnt. Bca's & li( cats an! most girls li(
!ogs, & as( a girl, o't o% th bl', ;*o yo' li( cats or !ogs,< &% sh
li(s cats li( & !o, & postpon th ro'tin. B't i% sh says !ogs 7most
!o8, & appar !isappoint! an! say, ;6h, rally. /hat)s not goo!
bca's & rally li( cats.< /hn & bgin th ro'tin: ;& hav som
goo! nws an! som ba! nws. /h ba! nws is that & !on)t thin( it)s
going to wor( o't btwn 's. 0)r going to hav to bra( 'p.< Bav
a !isappoint! loo( on yo'r %ac. /h avrag rspons will b
la'ghtr, b't somtims th girl starts rol.playing as yo'r nwly.
!'mp! girl%rin!. $h)ll say, ;6h, no, how am & going to go on with
li%,< 4o')ll contin': ;& (now it will b vry har! %or yo' to mov on
bca's it will b impossibl to %in! a g'y li( m, b't &)m s'r as th
yars go by, thr may b a g'y who is a s'itabl rplacmnt.<
Anothr thing yo' can say is, ;& (now w ha! a lot o% goo! tims
togthr, so this rally wasn)t an asy !cision, b't & (now %or m it)s
th right thing to !o.< /hn, onc yo')v pass! th rol.playing pa(,
hit hr with th goo! nws: ;B't thn thr)s th goo! nws.
4str!ay & sav! a lot o% mony on my car ins'ranc.< &% any on
ro'tin !%ins my gam, this is it9optimi+! ovr yars o% practic. &
can)t strss how important it is to incl'! this in yo'r gam.
&% both o% yo' li( th sam animal, yo')ll hav to man'%act'r a
2'ality whr thr is a !i%%rnc in pr%rnc. $omtims & 's hr
ag i% w)r mor than a co'pl yars apart. &t !osn)t mattr what
2'ality yo' 's, bca's yo' 3'st want a pla'sibl sg' to gt th
ro'tin going. 4o' can also la'nch into this ro'tin a%tr as(ing hr
on o% yo'r 2'ali%ication 2'stions %rom arlir 7s'ch as ;Can yo'
4o' may hav an initial rsistanc to 'sing script! matrial, b't
chancs ar yo')r alra!y 'sing thm. &% yo')v vr tol! a story
mor than onc, yo')r 'sing a ro'tin, a convrsational pic that yo'
(now yo'r a'!inc will positivly rspon! to. &% yo')v vr rpat!
an opinion with th sam bac(ing vi!nc, yo')v 's! a ro'tin.
6pnrs an! ro'tins com togthr to %orm a convrsation that girls
n3oy. 4o')r giving thm what thy want: %'n vibs %rom an
intrsting g'y.
/h only problm with rpating th sam thing ovr an! ovr
again is that yo' tn! to go %rom tlling to rciting9yo' bgin to tal(
%astr an! limit y contact whil yo' star o%% in spac an! spa(
%rom mmory. As long as yo' (p yo'r pac at a normal rat an!
maintain y contact at all tims, thr)s littl probability that sh)ll
thin( yo')r 'sing a ro'tin9an! vn i% sh !os, as long as sh)s
n3oying yo'r company, sh won)t car.
/hro'gh thra!s an! ro'tins, yo')ll b saying a lot o% %'nny
things, b't whatvr yo' !o, !on)t la'gh at yo'r own 3o(s. /h singl
'ni%ying trait o% lam mn vrywhr is that thy la'gh at thir own
matrial, rgar!lss o% whthr thir a'!inc tho'ght thy wr %'nny
or not. &t)s a sign o% insc'rity. &% yo' tll a 3o( an! th girl !osn)t
la'gh, yo' sho'l!n)t la'gh. *on)t rpat 3o(s or sayings that popl
!on)t rspon! to, a strong hint to !rop thm %rom yo'r rprtoir.
6nc yo' 'n!rstan! th str'ct'r o% a goo! ro'tin, yo' can
crat thm on yo'r own. A c'stom ro'tin has to start with an
obsrvation or rali+ation abo't a topic that girls 'n!rstan!. ?or
instanc, lt)s say &)v notic! that girls loo( attractiv whn th bar
lights ar t'rn! !own low an! & want to s i% this wo'l! b a goo!
topic to intro!'c into my gam. ?irst, & rlay my obsrvation to hr in
th %orm o% a 2'stion. /hn, a%tr allowing hr to rspon!, & giv an
1planation with a!!! !tail, h'mor, or storytlling. ?or 1ampl:
;&)v bn to a lot o% bars an! cl'bs in th ara an! &)v ma! not o%
th ons with th last amo'nt o% light. Dow & go to th !ar( ons so &
can b s'rro'n!! by only ba'ti%'l popl. &t)s li( &)m in $w!n.
/h only problm is that i% yo' mt somon in th !ar(, yo' hav to
hang o't in placs that ar !ar( as wll.< Br & imply that &)m wll.
travl!, (nowl!gabl o% th scn, an! awar o% %mal
Ro'tins ar an in!irct, non.bragging way to tll a girl how
awsom yo' ar. A%tr & constr'ct a nw ro'tin, & try it o't a %w
tims to s i% girls rspon! positivly. *os th ro'tin rs'lt in
intrsting convrsation that %lows, &s it asy to 3'mp %rom this ro'tin
into othr topics, &% so, & a!! it to my collction. 6thrwis & !rop it
an! 1primnt with anothr on.
&t)s grat whn yo' com 'p with a bloc(b'str ro'tin that ma(s
hr cry with la'ghtr, b't a ro'tin)s p'rpos is also to (p th
convrsation going, to b'il! attraction, an! to srv as a vhicl to
shar yo'r opinions, wit, an! h'mor. $om o% yo'r ro'tins sho'l! b
s!at, bca's a nonstop barrag o% 1citmnt may ca's hr to s
yo' as a pr%ormr. "rtn! yo')r a *H who throws in a crappy song
vry now an! thn to ma( th goo! songs sm really goo! by
Ro'tins ar a ncssary componnt o% yo'r gam bca's thy
!isplay yo'r val' whil %illing in thos %irst thirty min'ts. $oon
yo')ll spa( in ro'tin %orm bca's thy)r th most optimal way to
prsnt i!as, opinions, an! storis.
Complimnts An! &ns'lts
Don o% th matrial &)v !isc'ss! so %ar contains !irct
complimnts. /hr)s a tim an! plac %or simpl ons, s'ch as ;4o'
loo( nic tonight< on !ats whn a girl)s intrst in yo' is obvio's, b't
complimnts arly on ar !i%%ic'lt to implmnt witho't apparing
bta or too nic. /his is spcially tr' with rgar! to hr loo(s. "ever
tll a girl that sh is ba'ti%'l or hot, bca's that incrass hr val'
rlativ to yo'rs9'nlss yo' happn to b mor han!som than sh is
ba'ti%'l. Dot complimnting will hlp bca's yo')r withhol!ing a
rwar! that all womn want, on thy)ll stic( aro'n! to har.
As an 1tnsion to not complimnting a girl, !on)t !isc'ss yo'r
%lings o% motion or attraction %or hr. Dvr tll a girl yo' li( hr
or %l somthing %or hr. Bta mals hav a srio's problm with
tlling thir la!y %rin!s thy li( thm as mor than a %rin!, vn
tho'gh thy (now nothing goo! can com o't o% it. 6nly in movis
will !isc'ssing yo'r %lings gt th !sirabl %mal.
0 !on)t 's !irct gam, whr w wal( 'p to a girl an! tll hr
sh is ba'ti%'l. 0 's in!irct gam witho't complimnts, whr
sh)s nvr compltly s'r abo't o'r %lings %or hr. $h)s always
%orc! to intrprt o'r wor!s insta! o% bing crtain that sh has o'r
a%%ction. 4o')r not hi!ing anything9yo')r 3'st bing mystrio's.
B't rsist th 'rg to try to ma( yo'r actions in!irct by toning !own
th way yo' gt hr n'mbr, as( hr o't, or (iss hr. *on)t gt th
barista)s mail a!!rss by saying yo' want to sn! hr a pict'r whn
what yo' rally want to !o is hav a !rin( with hr. As( i% sh wants
to hav a !rin( with yo'. *on)t as( a cowor(r 7who wor(s in a
%araway !partmnt, & hop8 o't to l'nch 'n!r th g'is o% tal(ing
abo't wor(.rlat! mattrs whn what yo' rally want to !o is
vnt'ally slp with hr. As( i% sh wants to hav l'nch, with no
0 !on)t tll hr w want to bang hr, b't w !on)t hi! it ithr.
6'r intnt is strong in o'r ha!s, vag' in o'r wor!s, an! assrtiv
thro'gh o'r actions, a balanc that is only mastr! with 1princ. &
o%tn tal( to a girl in a cl'b with my han! rsting on th top o% hr ass
whil at th sam tim tasing hr that thr)s no way it)s going to
wor( o't btwn 's.
/h opposit o% a complimnt is an ins'lt9somthing yo' sho'l!
also avoi!. &% w ha! a linar scal with a complimnt on on n!
bing a 1 an! an ins'lt on th othr n! bing a 10, som o% th
matrial yo')v ra! so %ar wo'l! rach into th M rang. /hir
p'rpos is to lt a girl (now that yo' arn)t imprss! with hr, vn i%
blow th s'r%ac yo' rally ar. /h mor yo' show hr yo')r
imprss!, th mor li(ly sh)ll prciv hr val' as bing too high
%or yo', an! s1 withhol!ing will %ollow as a rs'lt. 0hil saying
;4o')r too ol! %or m< may sm li( an ins'lt on th s'r%ac, it)s
ta(n as a 3o( whn yo')v alra!y stablish! a %'n an! play%'l
vib. Cont1t hr is important: i% yo' wr tal(ing abo't somthing
boring li( politics all night an! thn all o% a s'!!n yo' tll hr sh)s
too ol! %or yo', sh)ll b o%%n!!. B't i% yo' wr alra!y 3o(ing
aro'n! with hr %or a whil, sh)ll (now it)s 3'st a part o% yo'r
&nvitably, som girls will b ins'lt! by yo'r h'mor an! thin(,
;0ho !os this g'y thin( h is,< 0hil & !on)t apologi+ to any girl
who ta(s my h'mor th wrong way, & !%initly !on)t contin' to
p'sh hr b'ttons onc sh)s alra!y 'pst. /o m, hr annoyanc is
ithr a sign o% incompatibility or a ba! lin on my part. *i! &
acci!ntally say th wrong thing or was sh o%%n!! at a lin that
girls normally rspon! wll to, & ma( a 3'!gmnt call i% th
intraction can b sav! or i% thr)s anothr girl aro'n! that my tim
co'l! b bttr spnt with. Bca's trying to convinc hr that yo'
wr 3o(ing is a %orm o% s'pplication, it)s bst to mov on i% yo'r
matrial is poorly rciv!. /h goal o% matrial in th mi!!l o% o'r
complimnt/ins'lt scal is to ma( hr awar o% hr own %a'lts insta!
o% yo'rs. 6nc th %oc's is ta(n o%% yo', sh)ll b m'ch mor
s'scptibl to gam.
A goo! way to !isg'is a complimnt is thro'gh th ;& tho'ght yo'
wr< ro'tin. &t lts th girl (now yo')r rating an! val'ating hr %or
ngativ 2'alitis, vn i% in rality sh !osn)t hav many. #s this
on th c'tst girls yo' mt, bca's avrag.loo(ing girls with low
sl%.stm won)t b abl to han!l it. Br)s th str'ct'r: ;& tho'ght
yo' wr a littl col! an! 'n%rin!ly, b't now that &)v gottn a chanc
to tal( to yo', & !on)t thin( yo')r li( that at all.< Br ys ar going
to opn wi! an! sh may say sh !osn)t bliv yo' thin( sh)s
col!. &n that cas, say, ;Do, that)s why & sai! & thought yo' wr. /hat
was my %irst imprssion, b't & !on)t bliv that now, which is goo!.<
0hn $h)s &ntrst!
B%or w tal( abo't girls who ar intrst! in yo', %irst & hav to
giv yo' som ba! nws: most o% yo'r approachs won)t %ar wll.
4o' may not b a girl)s physical typ, sh may hav a boy%rin! or a
cr'sh on som othr g'y, sh may b on hr prio!, or sh may not
li( yo'r hairstyl. &t co'l! b on o% h'n!r!s o% rasons, many o%
which yo' can !o nothing abo't. $om nights yo')ll hav to approach
%iv girls 'ntil yo' com across on that vn wants to har yo'r
opnr. An! vn thn, not vry girl is going to b opn to yo'r
gam: sh may call yo' o't, ma( %'n o% yo', or challng vrything
yo' say. 7&% sh)s bing arg'mntativ, say, ;0ow, yo')r rally
%isty. Ar yo' always li( this,<8 &% sh !osn)t start acting th way
yo' want, wal( away.
/h last thing yo' n! is %or on girl with an agn!a to mss 'p
yo'r moo! %or th !ay or night. H'st lt it roll o%% yo'r bac( an! %in! a
girl who is mor rcptiv to mting somon nw. &n yo'r
!vlopmnt yo')ll achiv micro.accomplishmnts ovr an 1tn!!
prio! o% tim whr yo' !on)t gt r3ct! as much. /hat so'n!s
to'gh, b't it)s th only way to b'il! a s(ill st that will last.
A girl who li(s yo' will as( 2'stions abo't yo'. /his is th
n'mbr on way to (now i% a girl is intrst! in yo' or not. &t mans
sh wants mor in%ormation abo't th g'y sh)s thin(ing abo't
banging. Br 2'stions will srv as an in!icator o% yo'r progrss
whil also giving yo' th opport'nity to b'il! th attraction vn
/h %irst 2'stion an intrst! girl will as( is, ;0hat)s yo'r
nam,< 5iv a straight answr an! as( %or hr nam in rt'rn. & nvr
as( a girl %or hr nam %irst, bca's thn &)! los an opport'nity to
gain in%ormation abo't how sh %ls abo't m. 7&% sh tal(s to yo' %or
on ho'r an! !osn)t as( yo' %or yo'r nam, that mans sh)s 3'st
'sing yo' to ntrtain hrsl%.8 /h %act that girls ar pr!ictabl in
thir lin o%' 2'stions mans yo' hav an
opport'nity to !livr optimi+! answrs in ro'tin %orm.
/h scon! most common 2'stion is, ;0hat !o yo' !o,< & hat
this 2'stion bca's it shows a lac( o% originality on th girl)s part.
Hob titls sho'l! com o't nat'rally in convrsation ovr an 1tn!!
prio! o% tim, at th point whr yo' can almost g'ss what th othr
prson !os %or a living, b't girls want to 2'ic(ly b abl to 3'!g yo'r
pc(ing or!r in socity an! g'ss how m'ch mony yo' ma(. 0hn
as(! this 2'stion, most g'ys !o thir bst to imprss th girl by
whipping o't a b'sinss car! or stating how many s'bor!inats h has,
b't what thy)r !oing is s(ing vali!ation in th hop o% gtting hr
pantis wt. /h only tim it !os that is i% yo')r a clbrity or
%amo's artist.
0hn a girl as(s what yo' !o, giv hr an answr that clarly
shows yo')r not s(ing hr approval. & li( to hav %'n with this
2'stion, so & hav a co'pl %avorit rsponss. /h %irst on: ;Right
now &)m 'nmploy!. & sit at hom in my %athr)s basmnt most o%
th !ay, s'r%ing mssag boar!s on th intrnt. /hn & go to th
boo(stor an! ra! boo(s %or %r bca's th library is too !irty %or
m.< $h)ll as( i% yo')r srio's. $ay that yo' ar, thn smil. Rsist
th 'rg to tll hr what yo' rally !o, an! b'st hr i% sh prsists,
saying, ;4o')v only (nown m %or so an! so min'ts. 0hat abo't
my 3ob co'l! possibly tll yo' mor than a nat'ral convrsation with
m,< Dow sh)ll thin( yo' hav somthing to hi!, b't that)s o(ay,
bca's yo')r p'tting o't a mystrio's an! sha!y vib that girls ar
!rawn to. Answr n'mbr two: ;& liv o%% th lan!.< @t hr as( what
that mans. ;& hav a small plot o% lan! whr & grow organic crops. &
sll what & !on)t at at th local %armr)s mar(t. /hat)s how & can
a%%or! to !rin( hr with yo' right now. & hav a vry simpl
li%styl.< Acc's hr o% 3'!ging yo' i% sh says sh !osn)t bliv
yo'r story. & go on to tll hr ma!.'p !tails abo't how & grow th
spci%ic crops 7b'ttr ltt'c an! organic watrmlons.8
6thr than yo'r nam, yo' want to hol! o%% a bit b%or yo' giv
ral answrs abo't yo'rsl%. /hr)s a chanc that a girl with a
princss prsonality will b t'rn! o%% by th %act that yo' !on)t %!
hr in%ormation on !man!. $h)ll n! to (now right now what yo'
!o %or a living, or ls sh won)t b abl to bar spn!ing anothr
min't tal(ing to yo'. & lt ths girls go bca's i% sh n!s to (now
what & !o b%or sh can tal( to m, sh isn)t all that intrst! in
gtting bang!.
/h n1t common 2'stion girls as( is, ;Bow ol! ar yo',< 4o'r
answr to this 2'stion sho'l! b, ;5'ss.< Constantly giving straight
answrs s'c(s th nrgy o't o% mal.%mal intractions. Again, b a
mystrio's an! sha!y charactr that sh has to wor( to gt in%ormation
o't o%. /his tchni2' (ps th convrsation going an! strs yo'
clar o% an intrviw vib. 6thr than th ;0hr !o yo' liv,< an!
;0hat)s yo'r nam,< 2'stions, yo'r stoc( answr sho'l! b ;5'ss<
'ntil yo' com 'p with somthing mor %'n. 4o')ll r'n into girls who
rspon! to ;5'ss< with somthing li(, ;& !on)t want to play gams
an! g'ss.< /his translats to, ;& want yo' to answr in a way &
!sir.< Dot only !o ths typs o% girls want thir n!s mt %irst, b't
in th way thy !ictat.
&t)s har! to tll whr yo' stan! with a girl 'ntil sh starts as(ing
2'stions. Avn tho'gh yo' m'st b chatty an! !ominat th
convrsation arly on, yo' hav to b abl to pic( 'p on whthr sh)s
n3oying yo'r prsnc or not so yo' !on)t wast yo'r tim.
0hn yo')r tal(ing to somon yo' !on)t li(, yo' giv clar
signals o% !isintrst. 4o' t'rn yo'r bo!y away %rom thm, maintain
littl y contact, an! spa( th last n'mbr o% wor!s possibl. 4o'
!o vrything yo' can to !isco'rag th prson %rom contin'ing. 4o'
rarly as( 2'stions bca's i% yo' !i!, th prson wo'l! (p on
tal(ing an! yo' !%initly !on)t want that. &n th %irst %w min'ts o%
an intraction, a girl may giv o%% similar signs o% !isintrst. /his is
normal an! !osn)t ncssarily man sh !osn)t want to tal( to yo'9
sh 3'st may not b s'r abo't yo' yt. /o b s'r, yo')r going to
contin' %or anothr %w min'ts 'ntil yo')r rasonably crtain sh)s
not intrst!. /his prvnts yo' %rom wal(ing away too arly i% sh)s
a littl shy or sl%.conscio's abo't how sh)s apparing to narby
&% yo')r 'ns'r o% hr intrst lvl, as( yo'rsl%, ;&s sh ngaging
m,< *os sh rcogni+ yo' as an intrsting h'man bing with i!as
an! 1princs that sh wants to gt to (now, &s sh maintaining y
contact an! p'tting in %%ort to ma( it a smooth intraction, &s tal(ing
to hr mor n3oyabl than having yo'r tth p'll!, &% not, wal( away
witho't rgrt an! mov on to th n1t girl. &t 's'ally won)t gt to that
9sh)ll 3'st t'rn away witho't saying anything or lt yo' (now that
sh)s going to tal( to hr %rin!s. &% sh)s as(ing prsonal 2'stions,
maintaining y contact, an! assisting with th convrsation, s2'ash
any !o'bt in yo'r min! abo't hr intrst lvl an! proc! as i% sh
wants to hav s1 with yo'.
/h on 2'stion yo' !on)t want to har is, ;Ar yo' a com!ian,<
/his may happn in arly stags o% tsting matrial. 0hn a girl says
that, sh)s rally saying, ;& !on)t min! yo' too m'ch, b't yo')r
coming across as %a(.< Aithr yo'r matrial so'n!s too pr%ct, li( it
happn! to somon ls, or yo')r spa(ing at hr insta! o% with
hr, as i% yo')r on a stag, giving a pr%ormanc. /his is a problm
with g'ys who 's all ro'tins an! no thra!s. $inc yo' won)t hav
mor than a %w ro'tins mmori+!, & !on)t 1pct yo' to gt this
complaint. 0hil yo')ll say things that will ma( hr la'gh, rmmbr
that h'mor is 3'st a mans to an n!. &% yo' %l li( yo')r
ntrtaining a girl, provi!ing hr with la'ghs an! gtting no ral
ngagmnt in rt'rn, !rop all ro'tins an! mov towar! cas'al
Bo!y lang'ag is somtims a 's%'l in!icator o% whthr sh)s
intrst! or not. &% !'ring th convrsation yo' not a ngativ
chang in hr bo!y lang'ag whr sh appars to b closing o%% to
yo' by %ol!ing hr arms or t'rning away, chang what yo')r !oing.
B't i% sh)s to'ching yo' 7or hrsl%8 mor, yo' can ta( that as sign
o% srio's intrst an! scalat th intraction. Rmmbr that th only
rason w car whthr a girl is intrst! or not is bca's it acts as a
grn light %or 's to start !riving th intraction towar! s1.
&t)s o(ay i% a girl t'rns o't not to b intrst! in yo', bca's yo'r
willingnss to approach mans thr will b mor opport'nitis b%or
th !ay or night is ovr. "ropr gam is bas! on th mo!l o%
ab'n!anc, whr it)s 'n!rstoo! that thr is a s'rpl's o% 2'ality
singl womn who want to hav s1. 5'ys who !o poorly with womn
hav an attit'! bas! on a mo!l o% scarcity, in which th worl!
collapss 'pon itsl% i% h !osn)t gt with that on ;spcial< girl.
0hn yo' hav to stop tal(ing to a girl or a gro'p o% girls bca's
o% !isintrst, !on)t thin( abo't what happn! 'ntil th night is ovr.
/h tmptation to imm!iatly %ig'r o't what yo' !i! wrong will
wast val'abl approach tim, spcially whn it)s li(ly yo' !i!
nothing wrong at all. *o all yo'r thin(ing at hom, whr yo' loo( at
ach sit'ation an! thin( abo't what yo' co'l! hav !on !i%%rntly to
hav ma! it go mor smoothly. &n som cass it will b obvio's that
yo' sai! on thing that got an imm!iat ngativ raction, b't in most
cass it won)t b. Aithr way, rin%orc th things yo' !i! right. /hr
will b tims whn r%lcting ma(s m s that & tri! to b too %'nny
or & tal(! too m'ch. $omtims & wal(! away too soon or show!
too m'ch intrst arly on. *on)t bat yo'rsl% 'p abo't it. H'st ma( a
mntal not so yo' can corrct it %or th n1t night o't. 6nc yo')v
rpat! th procss a co'pl h'n!r! tims, yo')ll !livr an
optimi+! gam yo' %l com%ortabl with.
6nc sh)s showing intrst, start with th main scalation
tchni2': to'ching. 0hil tal(ing an! showing yo'r prsonality will
gt hr intrst!, to'ching is what la!s to intimacy. &t also lts hr
(now that yo')r a physical man who is 1princ! aro'n! womn.
Bow yo' start to'ching a girl !pn!s 'pon th vn', b't %or now
lt)s ass'm yo')r in a plac that srvs alcohol. &% &)m tal(ing to a
girl an! sh)s intrst! 7as(ing m 2'stions8, & intro!'c to'ching at
aro'n! th tn.min't mar(.
/h %irst mov is whn yo' to'ch hr right abov hr hip bon with
on o% yo'r han!s. 4o'r %irst hip to'ch sho'l! only b %or on or two
scon!s to prob hr raction. &% sh !osn)t rcoil or ta( grat notic
to yo'r to'ch 7o!!s ar sh won)t8, wait a %w min'ts an! thn go
bac( to th sam spot %or a longr, tn.scon! to'ch. /hn wait a %w
mor min'ts an! rt'rn %or a longr, hal%.min't to'ch. By th %orty.
%iv.min't mar(, yo'r han! sho'l! b rsting com%ortably on hr hip.
-ost girls won)t say anything, b't vry now an! thn a girl will
as(, ;0hat)s yo'r han! !oing,< 4o'r answr: ;&t)s on th si! o% yo'r
hip.< $tan! %irm, witho't moving yo'r han! 'ntil sh bac(s away or
physically rmovs yo'r han! %rom hr bo!y. &t)s rar that a girl will
!o this 'nlss yo' intro!'c! it whn sh wasn)t intrst! in th %irst
plac. /his mov tsts %or any ma3or physical iss's that wo'l!
prvnt yo' %rom moving %orwar!. A%tr yo' pass th on.ho'r mar(,
bgin to 1plor th spac: mov it to th small o% hr bac( an! thn to
th top o% hr ass.
An 1tnsion o% th hip mov is th !o'bl hip mov. 0hn sh
says somthing shoc(ing, ins'lting, or wir!, 's yo'r han!s to grab
both si!s o% hr hips. "'ll hr a littl closr an! say ;0hat,K< or ;Ar
yo' srio's,K< whil maintaining lasr y contact. /hn, a%tr a
co'pl scon!s, rla1 an! lt both han!s go.
Bip to'chs ar !i%%ic'lt or impossibl to p'll o%% i% yo')r both
sitting !own or in a co%% shop typ o% vn'. &n that cas, yo' can
intro!'c to'ching by commnting on 3wlry sh)s waring on hr
han!s or wrist. "rtn! that a pic o% 3wlry s'!!nly ca'ght yo'r
y an! to'ch it as yo' as( hr what it mans. @av yo'r han!s
to'ching hr %or an 1tra scon! or two longr than ncssary. /his
mov isn)t a panty.wttr on its own, b't it will ma( it asir to to'ch
hr latr in a mor !sirabl nvironmnt. /h importanc o% to'ching
will b mor apparnt whn w !isc'ss th (iss.
/hr ar variabls that can ma( th simpl act o% tal(ing to a girl
!i%%ic'lt. /h %irst is nois lvl. A%tr yo')v bn in a lo'! cl'b %or a
co'pl ho'rs, it bcoms vry har! to har, an! bca's constantly
saying ;0hat,< will stall a convrsation, it)s bttr to mimic hr %acial
1prssion an! no! a%tr sh says somthing yo' co'l!n)t 2'it ma(
o't. B car%'l tho'gh: yo')ll vnt'ally no! to a 2'stion yo'
sho'l!n)t. /h bst way to combat lo'! nois is to !anc, whr yo'
tal( to hr %or mayb 10P1L min'ts, thn gntly grab hr han! an!
say, ;@t)s go !anc.< *on)t as(.
/h scon! variabl is coc(bloc(ing. /his is probably th most
%r'strating aspct o% th gam, sinc yo' can)t control it. #nlss th
girl is vry into yo', sh)ll allow hrsl% to b 1tract! by hr %at
girl%rin!. &t)s a sham bca's with 3'st a littl mor tim yo' co'l!
hav t'rn! a girl)s l'(warm intrst into somthing strongr. &n
othr wor!s, coc(bloc(ing will cost yo' notchs an! thr)s littl yo'
can !o abo't it. B't thr)s on !%nsiv ro'tin yo' can r'n whn
yo' s a coc(bloc( coming:
;& (now 1actly what yo'r %rin! ovr thr is going to !o. &n thr
min'ts, sh)s going to com hr an! try to ta( yo' away9an!
!o yo' (now why, *o yo' s hr tal(ing to a cool g'y right now,
& !on)t. &% sh was tal(ing to a g'y sh li(!, & !on)t thin( sh)!
worry abo't m tal(ing to yo'. & !on)t 'n!rstan! why girls want
to prvnt thir %rin!s %rom having a goo! tim.<
0hat yo')r !oing is planting a s! in hr min! that hr %rin! is
going to try to rob hr o% a goo! 1princ.
5'ys won)t coc(bloc( yo' as m'ch, bca's many o% thm
'n!rstan! th r'ls o% th gam, b't vry now an! thn yo')ll r'n
into a g'y who rally !osn)t li( th %act that yo')r trying to gt into
a girl)s pants. $omtims ths g'ys ar 3'st loo(ing %or yo'r rspct
or approval bca's tal(ing to thm %or a co'pl min'ts an! as(ing
thm simpl 2'stions !isarms thm an! gains yo' mor tim.
&n gnral, it)s bst to b %rin!ly to thos yo' thin( may
coc(bloc( yo', b't lt thm tal( to yo' %irst, bca's yo' !on)t want
to giv thm too m'ch nco'ragmnt. 6n th othr han!, whn yo'
s anothr playr who is !oing wll, yo'r instinct may b to !o'bt
him or b 3alo's. /his is nat'ral, bca's th comptitiv nat'r o%
th gam ma(s things sm +ro.s'm, that i% som othr g'y is
gtting lai! it)s at yo'r 1pns. /his attit'! will slow yo'r growth
mor than anything. &nsta! o% hating or bing 3alo's, larn %rom
thos g'ys by watching an! as(ing 2'stions. Avry playr has at last
on gol!n lin or mov that)s worth incorporating into yo'r gam.
&% a g'y is bing prsistnt abo't moving in on a girl yo' li(, as( ,
;*o yo' li( hr,< 4o'r ton sho'l! b n'tral, as i% yo')r 3'st
c'rio's. &% h says ys, yo' can p't him in a wa( position by saying,
;0ll, thn yo' sho'l! b'y hr a !rin(K< &% h b'ys a !rin(, h)s 3'st
anothr bta in th bar, an! i% h !osn)t, it loo(s aw(war! bca's h
3'st ma! a !claration o% his a%%ction. &% h says h !osn)t li( hr
or wasls o't o% answring, say, ;0ll, thr ar a lot o% girls hr.
&)m s'r yo')ll %in! somon yo' li( i% yo' (p trying. *on)t giv
'pK< B)s !on. &t)s as i% yo')r giving him rlationship a!vic. B)s
going to scrambl an! say somthing li(, ;6h, wll, &)m not hr to
pic( 'p girls.< B 3'st p't his !ic( in a bo1. 0itho't raising yo'r voic
or having to gt to'gh, yo')v n'trali+! a mal coc(bloc(r an! can
rs'm r'nning gam on yo'r girl.
/h thir! variabl is th intrr'ption. 4o')ll b tal(ing to a girl an!
things will b going %in, whn all o% a s'!!n a %rin! %rom nowhr
rcogni+s hr an! thy start a convrsation. 0hn this happns, it)s
bst to b proactiv to prvnt bing 1cl'!!. $inc sh has 3'st mt
yo', sh probably won)t intro!'c yo' to th %rin!, spcially i% sh
!osn)t (now yo'r nam yt. /hr%or, tn scon!s a%tr thir
r'ni%ication, ta( th initiativ by stic(ing o't yo'r han! an!
intro!'cing yo'rsl%, whthr hr %rin! is a g'y or a girl. 6%tntims
thir convrsation will b insi! in nat'r, giving yo' littl opport'nity
to insrt yo'rsl% into th !ialog'. 4o' m'st ma( a 3'!gmnt call on
how long th convrsation will last bca's yo' !on)t want to p't
yo'rsl% in th wa( position o% sitting in silnc, waiting %or thm to
%inish. &% it loo(s li( yo' won)t b incl'!! an! thir convrsation
will contin' %or mor than a co'pl min'ts, say with a smil, ;&)ll lt
yo' two catch 'p.< *on)t tll hr whn or i% yo')ll b coming bac(.
A%tr yo' wal( away, ass'm th approach is %inish! an! that yo'
won)t b tal(ing to hr again, bca's o!!s ar that yo' won)t. ?r
yo'r min! to mt othr girls, an! hop sh ss yo' tal(ing to thm.
&% yo' !o s hr again an! sh !osn)t avrt y contact, r.approach
/h bst way to r.approach a girl is to cas'ally notic hr, smil,
an! say, ;4o')r still hr,< 4o' want to contin' th convrsation as
i% yo' havn)t alra!y tal(! to hr, which mans yo' n! to hoo(
hr attntion again an! rb'il! th nrgy that was lost whil yo' wr
away. 0hil r.approaching is worth yo'r tim, th rason it n!! th
%irst tim will probably s'r%ac again. &!ally yo' want to p'sh
intractions witho't bra(s so a r.approach isn)t ncssary. &% a girl
r.approachs yo', it)s a strong in!icator o% hr intrst.
A to'gh spot yo')ll somtims b plac! in is whn yo')v bn
tal(ing to a girl %or a co'pl min'ts an! sh as(s yo' to hol! hr
!rin( or coat. &t sms li( a simpl r2'st, b't it has strong maning
in th intraction. #n!rstan!: yo')r not a !rin( hol!r or a coat
stan!. /hr)s no rason %or yo' to hol! anything sh owns. &% sh
can)t han!l somthing with hr own two han!s thn sh sho'l!n)t
hav bro'ght it o't. 0hn was th last tim yo' wr at a bar an!
as(! a %rin! to hol! yo'r coat, /hat sai!, i% yo')v bn tal(ing %or
lss than tn min'ts an! sh as(s %or s'ch a %avor, sha( yo'r ha!.
As sh loo(s at yo' as i% yo')r cra+y, say, ;B't & har!ly (now yo'<
with a slight smir(. $h)ll still b shoc(! an! yo')ll b tmpt! to
1plain, b't !on)t. $imply stan! thr li( a roc( an! contin' th
convrsation as i% sh ha!n)t as(!. B%or yo' thin( yo')v ;lost< hr
bca's yo' r%'s! to b a !rin( hol!r, rali+ that yo' !i!n)t hav
hr in th %irst plac. /his typ o% girl li(s attntion an! wants to s
how m'ch sh can gt ran!om g'ys to invst in hr. A girl with a
sincr intrst in yo' will !o th opposit. $h)ll ma( it asy on yo'
by not as(ing %avors %or as long as possibl.
&% sh as(s %or a %avor a%tr %i%tn min'ts an! th intraction is
going wll, !ci! bas! on th circ'mstanc. &% sh)s ma(ing a strong
%%ort %or yo'r attntion an! yo')r in a goo! moo! an! want to hol!
hr !rin(, thn go %or it, b't ma( s'r yo' rais a stin( abo't it
b%orhan!. $ay, ;& 3'st mt yo' an! yo')r alra!y as(ing m %or
%avorsK< 0hatvr yo' !o, !o not hol! somthing %or hr whil sh
'ss th bathroom9sh)ll b gon %or at last %iv min'ts whil yo'
stan! li( a ch'mp hol!ing a la!is 3ac(t.
A similar sit'ation is b'ying !rin(s %or girls on th night yo' mt
thm. *on)t !o it. ?irst, it sn!s a mssag that th only way yo' can
hol! hr attntion is by p'rchasing somthing %or hr. &t says that
yo')r not con%i!nt o% yo'r own ability to gt hr intrst! an! that
yo' 's p'rchass to bra( th ic or to (p th convrsation going.
$con!, thr)s a br! o% girls who ma( it a comptition to s how
many %r !rin(s thy can gt %rom strang mn. 0hn thy go o't,
thy only ta( thir &* an! nothing ls, bca's thr will b a lin o%
bta mals willing to pay %or thir ntrtainmnt. ?inally, b'ying
!rin(s is too clichO. 4o' might as wll as( hr how o%tn sh coms to
th bar. $tay away %rom movs that hav bn ma! a million tims
A girl who as(s yo' to b'y hr a !rin( is wors than a girl who
as(s yo' to hol! on. $h !i!n)t com o't to mt a g'y9sh cam to
!rin( %or %r. /hs girls tn! to b th biggst gam playrs an!
attntion whors. Rply to hr 2'stion by saying somthing li(:
;?'nny, & was abo't to as( yo' to b'y m a !rin(< or ;/oo ba! & spnt
all my mony on hoo(rs an! !r'gs last night or &)! b mor than
happy to b'y yo' as many !rin(s as yo' want< or ;*o & loo( li( th
(in! o% g'y who b'ys ran!om girls !rin(s, Com on, now.< & may
point to a g'y n1t to 's an! say, ;B loo(s li( a g'y who b'ys girls
!rin(s. 4o' sho'l! go tal( to him.< $'ch girls ar a wast o% yo'r
/hr ar som instancs whr it may %l nat'ral to b'y a !rin(
%or a girl who yo')v bn tal(ing to %or a whil. $omtims yo')r
having s'ch a grat tim that yo' 3'st want to b'y a ro'n! %or hr an!
hr %rin!s. 0hil this is a mor accptabl sit'ation, & still a!vis
against it. Do mattr how p'r yo'r intntions, b'ying hr things sn!s
an arly mssag that yo')r ra!y to giv witho't rciving. $h m'st
!o mor to gt somthing than 3'st stan! thr an! la'gh at yo'r 3o(s.
/hr)s a !rin( loophol & 's to avoi! b'ying girls !rin(s. &% &)m
having a goo! tim with a girl, & b'y on !rin( an! shar with hr
%rom th sam straw. & o%%r by saying, ;&)m not trying to gt too !r'n(
tonight< to ma( it asir %or hr to accpt. /h mssag yo' sn! is
that sh can only shar what yo')r having. Avry sip is arn!
bca's yo' can ta( th !rin( away any tim yo' want. Ho( aro'n!
by saying, ;By, sav som %or m.< &% sh)s %isty or a ball.b'str,
b%or yo' han! hr th !rin(, say, ;0ait, yo' !on)t hav any grms,
right,< *rin( sharing mans yo' shar saliva, which psychologically
prpars hr %or a biggr %l'i! 1chang !own th roa!.
?or all othr %avors a girl may s(, as( yo'rsl% i% sh !srvs it.
-ost o% th tim th answr will b no. 5irls hav a b' program
!sign! to gt as m'ch as possibl %rom mn whil p'tting in th
last amo'nt o% wor(. & bliv thy !o this to tll i% a g'y li(s thm
or not bca's thy !on)t tr'st thir instincts whn it coms to
!trmining a g'y)s intrst. /hr ar girls who gt bang! by g'ys
b't still as( %rin!s i% h ;rally< li(s hr or not. *o th last n'mbr
o% %avors as possibl to (p hr 'ns'r o% yo'r intrst lvl.
/h concpt o% th wingman has bn pop'lari+! somwhat
rcntly. /h i!a is %or a %rin! to occ'py th 'gly girl%rin! whil
yo' tal( to th girl yo' li(. $om g'ys ta( an 1tra stp an! !%in a
wingman as somon who hlps thm gt lai!. /h problm with this
!%inition is i% yo' !on)t gt lai!, yo')ll b tmpt! to blam yo'
%rin! insta! o% %ig'ring o't what yo' co'l! hav !on bttr.
/h p'rpos o% yo'r %rin! sho'l!n)t ncssarily b to hlp yo',
b't to not h'rt yo'. &t)s bttr to hav a silnt %rin! who 3'st stan!s
thr li( a car!boar! c'to't than to hav somon who isn)t cool an!
says st'pi! things that !ist'rb th %low o% yo'r gam. Rgar!lss o%
how goo! or ba! a wingman yo'r %rin! is, yo'r s'ccss is !trmin!
by yo' alon. Any 'n%ort'nat mista( yo'r %rin! ma(s is 3'st
anothr vnt in th %l'i! an! 'npr!ictabl nat'r o% pic(.'p.
B car%'l abo't acc'sing yo'r %rin! o% coc(bloc(ing. & %in! that
thos who ar 2'ic( to ma( s'ch acc'sations hav a scarcity %ram
whn it coms to girls. 4o'r %rin! blw yo'r chanc with a girl yo'
ha!n)t ma! o't with yt, an! now yo'r night is r'in! bca's thr
ar no mor c't girls. Right. A1cpt in 1trm circ'mstancs,
acc'sing somon o% coc(bloc(ing is a cop.o't. /h rason & !on)t
acc's g'ys o% coc(bloc(ing is bca's & ithr !o somthing abo't it
whn it happns or & a!mit !%at.
&% a !r'n( b'!!y is coc(bloc(ing m, & a!3'st by
!ominating th convrsation an! physically bloc(ing him o't. B can
whin latr, b't h)s not gtting in th way o% what & want bca's
h)s too la+y to approach his own girls. /o cr'sh him, & tll th girl to
1c's my b'!!y bca's h)s rally !r'n(. /hat way, & coc(bloc( my
coc(bloc(ing %rin!9an! w)ll both gt ovr it th %ollowing !ay.
/his is a bttr way to !al with it thn moping li( a littl bitch at th
n! o% th night. /h man with th bst gam gts th girl, an! & s
nothing wrong with compting with a %rin! who isn)t %ollowing th
basic r'ls o% th gam. &% & approach a gro'p, & gt to pic( th girl &
want to go a%tr, an! i% a %rin! bombs with a girl that starts showing
m intrst, sh)s %air gam. 0hil it may b a goo! i!a to giv him
hints abo't how both o% yo' can s'cc! bttr, yo')r not in th
b'sinss o% mol!ing mn.
/hat sai!, it)s important %or yo' an! yo'r %rin!s to hav a way to
!trmin who gts which girl. /h asist way is to stablish a r'l
that whovr approachs th gro'p gts to pic( which girl h wants.
/his is %air bca's o% th !i%%ic'lty in approaching. &% yo' an! yo'r
%rin! go a%tr th sam girl, not only will nithr o% yo' gt hr, b't
sh)ll n3oy an incr!ibl go boost. Anothr important r'l is to (now
whn bac('p sho'l! arriv. & %in! two min'ts to b bst, so hlp th
g'y who !i! th approach two min'ts a%tr h ma(s it. 0hn yo' !o
a gro'p approach an! yo'r %rin! coms in two min'ts latr,
intro!'c him to vryon with, ;/his is my %rin! $tan, h)s th
coolst g'y & (now.< /hn contin' r'nning gam.
4o' may want to t'rn an attractiv la!y %rin! into a wingman.
/h %mal wingman is s'ppos! to lt othr %mals (now that yo')r
accpt! on this Aarth by at last on woman. B't w 's hr
!i%%rntly than a mal wingman. 0hil a b'!!y is by yo'r si! to tal(
to th girl%rin!s an! absorb !istractions, a %mal wingman is thr to
incras yo'r social stan!ing. 0hn yo' ntr a vn', tal( to yo'r
la!y %rin! long no'gh %or othr girls to s. -a( th intraction
ambig'o's by tal(ing clos an! nco'raging hr to to'ch yo' %rom
tim to tim. /hn, approach girls on yo'r own. /hy)ll now b mor
rcptiv to yo'r gam. /h p'rpos o% a %mal wingman is 3'st to
incras th s'ccss rat o% yo'r approachs. 0hil yo' can bring yo'r
la!y %rin! along on th approach, & %in! that th girls tn! to tal( too
m'ch among thmslvs, svrly limiting my ability to gam. *on)t
lt a girl !o th approach %or yo'9approaching a girl yo' want to
slp with is yo'r 3ob an! no on ls)s.
@a!y %rin!s hlp crat 3alo'sy, an motion that h'mans rspon!
to mor powr%'lly than logic. -any mn contin' to 's logic to gt
womn by b'ying 1pnsiv cloths, pl'c(ing thir ybrows, !riving
a l'1'ry a'tomobil, an! gtting 1tra glossy b'sinss car!s. /hy
only s limit! s'ccss 'sing this stratgy bca's thy arn)t hitting
a woman)s motional b'ttons o% 3alo'sy, !rama, an! angr. 4o')r
mor li(ly to ngag a woman i% yo' ma( hr 3alo's than i% yo' try
to imprss hr with a car that othr mn also hav. ?or 1ampl, a girl
& 's! to !at always tol! m abo't g'ys hitting on hr, incl'!ing
whr thy hit on hr an! what thy sai!. $h la'gh! o%% ths
storis, b't l%t thm opn.n!!. 0hil & (nw sh was 'sing a tric(
to ma( m thin( that sh ha! high val', & co'l!n)t hlp b't concl'!
sh was a !sirabl woman with high val'. /his mans that vn
tho'gh a girl may (now yo')r trying to ma( hr 3alo's, sh %ls
th motion anyway. 0hil it)s bst not to cross th lin an! brag
abo't th girls who li( yo', !on)t %l th n! to hi! it. $h sho'l!
(now that yo' tal( to othr girls an! i% sh vr acc'ss yo' o% bing a
%lirt, 3'st say yo')r an o'tgoing, %rin!ly prson.
5oing 6't Alon
&t)s not always going to b th cas that yo' hav a wingman to go
o't with. &% it)s a ?ri!ay or $at'r!ay night an! yo' hav nothing to !o,
yo' sho'l! go o't alon. &)v gottn so 's! to it that 'nlss & mt a
g'y who is %'n, !pn!abl, an! 7most importantly8 cool, &)! rathr go
o't alon. &n th past, & 's! to go o't with any g'y who ha! a
hartbat, b't pic(ing 'p girls is challnging no'gh 7spcially in
%orign co'ntris8 that & !on)t n! som slap!ic( to ma( it har!r
3'st bca's &)m too insc'r to %ly solo.
/hr ar two !ownsi!s to going o't alon. ?irst, it)s tn tims
har!r to gt into that amp!.'p social moo! whr approaching girls
is mor a nat'ral 1tnsion o% having %'n. Avry approach %ls li( a
trial an! somthing yo' n! to p'sh yo'rsl% towar!. /o combat this &
p't a n'mbr in my ha!9's'ally tn9an!, vn' prmitting, & !o
that many approachs b%or &)m allow! to go hom 7somtims & !o
mor than tn i% girls ar nibbling8. $inc it 's'ally ta(s m thr solo
approachs to warm 'p, i% & stop at %iv, &)m stopping too soon.
/h scon! !ownsi! o% %lying solo is that yo' hav no wingman
to occ'py a %rin!. &solation ta(s longr an! somtims nvr coms.
&)v bn in many sit'ations whr & (nw th girl li(! m b't hr
%rin!s wo'l!n)t b'++ o%%, so & ha! to stic( aro'n! %or svral ho'rs
'ntil thr was a momnt & co'l! %inally isolat. As long as th girl
li(s yo' an! yo' can stay awa( longr than hr %rin!s, isolation
will happn, b't it !osn)t g'arant yo')ll gt th bang. $omtims
what it ta(s is having to commit yo'r ntir night 7an! arly morning8
to a girl, b't that can allow an isolation mov in itsl% i% yo')r nar a
bach9;Bow abo't w watch th s'nris,<
&t)s a problm i% a %rin! is involving hrsl% in th convrsation
insta! o% 3'st lingring in th vicinity. &n that cas, it)s har! to gt into
th %lirting an! tasing stag with yo'r girl. &nsta! yo')r %orc! to b
a clown an! ngag thm both at th sam tim. /h convrsation
rmains gnric, soli! attraction isn)t b'ilt, an! th girls vnt'ally
wal( away.
/h 'psi! o% %lying solo, howvr, is %r!om. 4o' can !o
whatvr yo' want, whrvr yo' want, an! not hav to p't 'p with
anothr g'y)s iss's, problms, mbarrassing gam, or passiv
coc(bloc(ing. $inc most g'ys won)t nhanc yo'r gam, thr)s a
goo! chanc yo')ll act'ally b !oing yo'rsl% a %avor by %lying solo.
/hr)s also a crtain lvl o% p'rity that coms with going o't alon
9it ma(s anything yo' gt that night mor satis%ying. 4o' wnt o't
alon an! p'll! th girl yo' want!. 4o' prov to yo'rsl% that yo'
can !o it witho't any hlp, that th p'rs'it o% p'ssy is a b'rning !sir
that !osn)t com an! go accor!ing to whom yo' happn to b %rin!s
with or what co'ntry yo')r c'rrntly in.
&% yo')r going o't alon, it)s cr'cial that yo' gt into a social
moo! wll b%or night%all. &% & (now &)m %lying solo on a partic'lar
night, & !o my bst to ma( small tal( with ran!om popl !'ring th
!ay, whthr it)s with cashirs or an obs %amily sitting n1t to m in
$tarb'c(s. 0hn &)m with a wingman, & can wa( 'p %rom a thr.
ho'r nap an! gt into a social moo! by 1changing a %w 3o(s with
him, b't whil solo, th procss is a %'ll.!ay a%%air. /h last thing yo'
want to !o is go o't alon a%tr 3r(ing o%% on th intrnt all !ay.
0hn it)s tim to go o't, gt to th cl'b or bar arly by arriving at
last an ho'r b%or pa( tim. &% th cl'b gts going at mi!night,
show 'p at 10:G0. &!ally yo' want to gt thr 3'st a littl a%tr it
opns, whn th lin is starting to !vlop. /al( to th popl in lin,
whthr thy)r g'ys or girls. /hr ar thr 2'stions that yo' can
asily as(. /h %irst: ;&s this th lin %or vryon,< 7Coc(y h'mor
%ollow.'p: ;& wish & ha!n)t l%t my gol! V&" !o'bl 1tra platin'm
car! at hom so & co'l! c't to th %ront.<8 /h scon!: ;*o yo' (now
how m'ch th covr is tonight,< 7$l%.!prcating h'mor %ollow.'p:
;6h rally, & sho'l! hav borrow! mor mony %rom my mom
thn.<8 /h thir!: ;*o yo' (now what typ o% m'sic thy)r playing
tonight,< 7*ry h'mor %ollow.'p: ;5o!, & hop thy)r playing salsa,
bca's &)v bn ta(ing !aily lssons th past %o'r months an! it)s th
only thing & can mov to.<8
Br)s what & !o: & gt in lin an! chat with th popl in %ront o%
m an! i% thy !on)t bit, & t'rn aro'n! an! as( a !i%%rnt 2'stion to
th popl bhin! m. /his is act'ally a goo! way to ma( %rin!s
with popl yo' can 's as a ;hom bas< whn yo')r insi! th cl'b.
@t m bac(trac( a bit an! 1plain why it)s important to show 'p
arly. ?irst, girls arriv b%or g'ys. &)m s'r yo')v bn in a cl'b
whr th ratio was goo! an! thn s'!!nly it sms li( thr was a
coc( in yo'r %ac vry way yo' t'rn. 7Avn tho'gh girls ta( longr
than g'ys to gt ra!y, g'ys ta( vn longr to pr.!rin(.8 $con!,
yo' want to arriv arly to sttl in an! pic( a goo! spot.
& hav a thory abo't spots. & bliv vry spot, whthr it)s in a
bar, cl'b, or co%% shop, has a b' avrag tim 'ntil an
opport'nity prsnts itsl%. @t)s call it th magic time%th tim it
ta(s %or somthing to happn. ?or instanc, a co%% shop in *C &
li(! ha! a magic tim o% abo't an ho'r, maning i% & stay! an ho'r, &
co'l! approach a c't girl. &n my %avorit *C bar, th magic tim on
th patio was abo't twnty min'ts. &n a cl'b in Rio, th 'pstairs bar
ha! a magic tim o% abo't tn min'ts bca's o% th larg t'rnovr.
*i%%rnt spots in th sam vn' will also hav !i%%rnt magic tims,
which is why it)s important to %in! th goo! spot as 2'ic(ly as yo'
can. & !on)t car i% it)s n1t to th girl)s bathroom, b't %in! th spot
womn sm to b passing or congrgating.
$tay in a spot longr than its magic tim, or ls yo' won)t b
allowing nat'r to giv yo' th %r'it it)s abl to bar. -any g'ys ma(
th mista( o% not only bar.hopping, b't also spot.hopping. /hy n!
'p staying in a bar %or an ho'r witho't having on goo! opport'nity
bca's thy)r moving %rom spot to spot in lss than th magic tim.
Anothr rason yo' want to stay p't is that moving aro'n! loo(s ba!.
&% yo')r solo an! yo')r 3'mping aro'n! li( a rabbit approaching
girls, yo')ll b pgg! as ;that g'y.< 4o')ll b th cl'b)s losr, vn
wors than th ;ol! g'y< in th cl'b. 0hn yo' pic( a spot an! only
approach girls who com aro'n! yo', it won)t sm li( yo')r !oing
any approachs at all. /o an o'tsi! spctator, it will appar that
yo')r th on who)s bing approach!. /his is lss o% an iss' whn
yo')r with a wingman an! alra!y hav social val', b't whn yo'
go o't alon an! hav +ro social val', it)s bst to play it cool.
/h !ownsi! o% staying in spots is that it)s har! to rac( 'p
approachs 2'ic(ly. Avn in crow!! cl'bs, & avrag on solo
approach vry 1LP20 min'ts, b't my stan!ar!s ar prtty high 7arly
on, anyway8 an! & !on)t wast tim on girls who arn)t what &)m
loo(ing %or.
0hil & rcommn!! that yo' ma( %rin!s o'tsi! th cl'b, &
!on)t rcommn! it onc yo')r insi!. -any tims g'ys &)v ma!
%rin!s with insi! a cl'b9spcially ons who wr also %lying solo
9mistoo( my (in!nss %or wa(nss an! coc(bloc(! m latr. &
stimat that E0: o% th g'ys & mt insi! a cl'b ar a total b'st, an!
i% yo' wr in a casino, that wo'l! b a bt yo' wo'l!n)t ma(. &)ll b
%rin!ly, b't & won)t invit any g'ys along whn & ma( my
&% yo')r going to mt a g'y insi! th cl'b, it)s bttr that h
alra!y has girls with him. &% h has a !sirabl social circl, b'y him a
!rin( or shot a%tr initiating small tal(. &t)s incr!ibl how b'ying a
g'y a thr.!ollar br will motivat him to nth'siastically intro!'c
yo' to vry girl h (nows. 6thrwis, b hsitant abo't g'ys yo' tal(
to 7bsi!s th sta%%8 'nlss yo' hav an incr!ibl ability to scrn o't
i!iots. As %or th g'ys & hav alra!y mt o'tsi!, & !itch thm arly,
ma( a %w approachs, an! thn %in! thm latr to 3o( aro'n! an!
shoot th shit to (p mysl% in a social moo!.
Anothr option to b'il! som social proo% is to gt %rin!ly with
th bartn!r by tipping larg or b'ying him shots. *on)t try to b'y his
%rin!ship, b't i% yo' b'ilt 'p a littl rapport with him whil th cl'b
was mpty 7yo' !i! go arly, right,8, som big tips thrown his way
will ma( s'r h watchs o't %or yo'. *on)t b chap whn yo' go
o't solo: i% thr)s a g'y who has val', lt th mony %low a bit9it)ll
com right bac( to yo' in vaginal %orm.
0hthr yo' ma( %rin!s or not, all that)s l%t is !rin(ing an!
approaching, b't b car%'l abo't !rin(ing too m'ch. 0hil th %irst
co'pl !rin(s will loosn yo' 'p, s'bs2'nt !rin(s will act'ally gt
yo' into an moo! i% yo' !on)t hav a %rin! aro'n! to (p
tal(ing to. &n %act, & nvr pr.!rin( mor than a br b%or & go o't
alon. $inc it ta(s 'p to twnty min'ts %or a singl approach, &
co'l! b at a cl'b %or thr or %o'r ho'rs to gt to tn approachs. &
n! to b clos to th top o% my gam %or thos last attmpts, an! i% &
can cons'm a !rin( vry %orty.%iv min'ts, that)s aro'n! si1 !rin(s
%or th night9mor than no'gh to gt an! maintain a b'++.
@t)s say yo')v %o'n! a spot an! yo')r laning against th bar
with a !rin(. -a( slow, con%i!nt movmnts, as i% yo')r th ownr
o% th cl'b, 3'st chc(ing o't th scn. @oo( at th tlvision, sit at
th bar an! ma( small tal( with th sta%%, or 3'st stan! li( Hams
*an wo'l!, staring coolly o%% into spac. As always, th %irst
approach will b har!st, b't i% yo' show 'p arly, it might vry wll
la! to s'ccss. &t)s bttr to b th %irst g'y a girl tal(s to than th
tnth, an! vn i% it !osn)t go wll, yo' can b'!!y 'p with hr an!
hr %rin!s as social proo% latr on. R'n yo'r normal night gam9no
spcial a!3'stmnts ar n!!.
*on)t li i% yo')r as(! ;0hr ar yo' %rin!s,< $imply say, ;&
!on)t hav any %rin!s.< B cool abo't it an! !on)t ma( 1c'ss %or
why yo')r alon. &n $o'th Amrica, & !on)t rmmbr th last tim &
was as(! this, b't in Amrica it may b on o% th %irst 2'stions a
girl will hit yo' with. *%initly !on)t say things li(, ;-y %rin!
cancll! on m at th last min't an! & still want! to go o't< or ;All
my %rin!s hav girl%rin!s.< /hat)s 2'ali%ying yo'rsl% an! showing
that yo' !on)t hav th con%i!nc to !o what yo' want witho't
ma(ing 1c'ss. &% yo' c'rrntly %l li( a losr whn yo' go o't
alon, rst ass'r! it)s a sl%.stm iss' that will improv ovr tim.
"rsonally, & %l 3'st as m'ch li( a man whn &)m alon as whn &)m
o't with my wol% pac(.
/h tr'th is, & %l mor con%i!nt going o't alon bca's &)m
!oing what othrs ar too scar! to !o. & stan! o't bca's &)m not li(
vry othr g'y. 5irls want to (now my ;!al< an! why &)m thr,
which ai!s m in ma(ing convrsation. &t)s as i% th intrig' is b'ilt
into th cr'st. &n th n!, girls !on)t car i% yo')r alon or not, as long
as yo')r a %'n an! intrsting g'y thy)r attract! to. &t)s tn tims
bttr to b alon, !oing yo'r thing, than with a g'y who lowrs yo'r
social val'.
A co'pl yars ago, &)! go o't alon vry now an! thn, b't
!i!n)t !o vry wll. & !i!n)t hav a stratgy an! !i!n)t manag my
moo! or !rin(ing, so & pr%rr! to go o't with a ran!om g'y insta!.
/hn & notic! thos ran!om g'ys wr h'rting my chancs mor than
hlping, so & start! going o't solo an! pic(ing 'p girls alon9an!
now & !o %ar bttr alon than with any wingman &
ran!omly mt. *on)t b s'rpris! i% a%tr som 1primntation yo'
pr%r going o't alon than with othrs.
/hirty -in'ts An! Byon!
A%tr yo' hit th thirty.min't mar(, ta( a !p brath an! rla1,
bca's things ar going to gt asir. By thn sh)ll b tal(ing mor
9mayb mor than yo'. 4o'r %irst goal was to hoo( hr attntion an!
to b'il! attraction, b't now it will shi%t towar! ma(ing hr %l
com%ortabl with yo', physically an! motionally. @t hr tal( witho't
intrr'ption abo't th prsonal !tails o% hr li%. 6nc com%ort is
stablish! in a!!ition to attraction9whn sh both tr'sts and li(s
yo'9scalating to physical intimacy will b asy an! pr!ictabl. &%
yo' havn)t b'ilt 'p attraction in th %irst thirty min'ts, thr)s littl
chanc yo' vr will. &% sh)s not ngaging yo' or as(ing 2'stions
a%tr thirty min'ts o% !isplaying yo'r prsonality an! val'
7in!irctly thro'gh convrsation an! ro'tins8, mov on.
A goo! way to b'il! com%ort an! tr'st is to !isplay intrst in who
sh is as a prson. B a goo! listnr an! show that yo')r mil!ly
imprss! in hr most signi%icant accomplishmnts. B't b car%'l
abo't ma(ing it sm as i% sh has yo'r attntion %or as long as sh
wants. &nsta!, giv th imprssion that yo'r attntion can b
with!rawn at any momnt. A goo! way to !o this is to bra( y
contact vry now an! thn to glanc bri%ly at somthing ls that
catchs yo'r attntion. As long as yo' !on)t ovr!o it, sh)ll %l
slightly insc'r abo't bing abl to (p yo'r intrst an! try vn
har!r to !o so.
&t)s o(ay to mov into mor ;boring< topics to b'il! com%ort. 4o'
want to stri( a balanc btwn rmaining mystrio's an! ma(ing hr
%l as i% sh (nows yo'. 4o' can accomplish this by rvaling things
abo't yo'rsl% in small morsls insta! o% larg ch'n(s. 6thr than
incrasing com%ort, anothr p'rpos o% sharing prsonal in%ormation is
to %in! things yo' hav in common. ?in!ing commonality is a bon's
that givs yo' somthing to tal( abo't at lngth, tho'gh it)s not n!!
to gt hr into b!.
A%tr thirty min'ts, thr options will opn 'p: gtting hr
n'mbr, moving hr to anothr vn' whr yo' scalat 7physically8,
or rmaining at th c'rrnt vn' 7whr yo' also scalat8. 5tting
hr n'mbr is th last !sirabl option bca's it n!s th c'rrnt
intraction with +ro g'arant that it will contin' again. Rspons
rats, vn %or accomplish! playrs, ar pathtically low. &% hal% th
girls rt'rn yo'r call, yo')ll b !oing wll. /his mans that mor than
hal% o% yo'r initial gam wor( will hav bn a complt wast onc
yo' gt hr n'mbr, an! vn i% sh !os call yo' bac(, thr ar many
iss's that can aris to prvnt a %irst !at %rom happning. /h phon
givs powr to th girl whil ta(ing away yo'rs, bca's sh can
analy+ th costs an! bn%its o% sing yo' again, scrn yo'r calls,
an! !trmin whn sh wants to call yo' bac(, i% at all.
Bca's yo' want hr to ma( an imp'lsiv !cision to b intimat
with yo', always choos to scalat th nco'ntr as %ar as possibl
th sam !ay yo' mt hr. /h %arthr yo' gt, th highr th chanc
yo')ll s hr again, bca's sh has invst! mor tim an! nrgy
into yo'. /h man who gos o't to gt a phon n'mbr !osn)t go
hom with mor than a phon n'mbr.
$inc yo'r ovrall goal is s1, that)s what yo' hav to thin( abo't
whil tal(ing to a girl. 4o' sho'l! b thin(ing, ;0hat !o & hav to !o
to gt hr into b! tonight,< Avn tho'gh th o!!s sh)ll hav s1 with
yo' on th sam !ay yo' mt ar low, an! vn i% yo' may not b
abl to ma( a sincr %%ort i% logistics prvnt yo' %rom scalation,
it)s bttr to hav s1 on yo'r min! bca's yo')ll constantly b opn
to th opport'nity. &% yo' only car abo't a phon n'mbr, vn whn
a girl is giving yo' horny vibs, yo')r going to miss o't on s1 whn
th opport'nity prsnts itsl%. 0hn yo' train yo'r min! to go %or
s1, yo' stay mor opn to its occ'rrnc.
Bca's s1 is an imp'lsiv !cision, yo' m'st stri( whil th
iron is hot. & 's! to thin( that i% a girl want! to slp with m, all &
ha! to !o was sit bac(, ta( my tim, an! wait 'ntil s1 %ll into my
lap, b't s1 with girls & li(! nvr !i! %all into my lap.
0hn & was slling my motorcycl, a yo'ng man rspon!! to my
classi%i! a!. B cam ovr, si+! 'p my bi(, sat on it, blipp! th
throttl, an! tho'ght long an! har! %or %i%tn min'ts 'ntil h tol! m
h)! b'y it. B sai! h !i!n)t hav !posit mony with him, b't h)!
b bac( in two !ays with my as(ing pric in cash.
& nvr har! %rom him again.
A w( latr, anothr g'y cam to loo( at th bi(. B was vn
mor nth'siastic an! tol! m h)! b bac( th n1t !ay to b'y it. B
was grinning %rom ar to ar abo't owning my bi(, b't & nvr har!
%rom him ithr.
Bow co'l! thos two g'ys hav ma! !cisions to spn!
tho'san!s o% !ollars on somthing an! thn chang! thir min!s so
asily, &% g'ys can rvrs thir positions on a QG,000 p'rchas,
imagin how m'ch asir it is %or a girl to chang hr min! abo't
somthing li( a singl instanc o% cas'al s1.
A%tr a h'man bing carris o't a !cision, th brain will !o
vrything it can to rationali+ that !cision. &% yo' bo'ght a car only
months b%or a nwr, bttr.loo(ing mo!l cam o't, yo' rationali+
how th ol!r mo!l is act'ally bttr. Bowvr, b%or yo' carry o't
a !cision, yo'r brain will in3ct !o'bt in or!r to tal( yo' o't o% it.
$als pitchs ar !sign! to ma( yo' act right away, bca's
mar(trs (now that i% yo' thin( abo't ma(ing a p'rchas too long,
yo' won)t ma( it. /h sam occ'rs with s1, a !cision that !pn!s
on a girl)s stat an! nvironmnt. /hr%or, whn a girl ma(s th
!cision to hav s1 with yo', yo' m'st 2'ic(ly capitali+ on hr
!cision b%or any variabls chang, b%or !o'bt (ic(s in, b%or a
%rin! coc(bloc(s yo', b%or hr 1.boy%rin! calls to propos
marriag, b%or sh won!rs i% sh)s alra!y slpt with too many mn
%or hr ag, or b%or anything ls in hr li% !istracts hr. 0hn sh
ma(s th !cision to hav s1 with yo', whthr it)s whn sh %irst
mts yo' or on a latr !at, i% yo')r not mntally prpar! an!
willing to ta( a!vantag o% th !cision, yo' may lt th opport'nity
pass %orvr.
=nowing what & (now now, & sho'l! hav tol! th prospctiv
b'yrs to go gt th cash imm!iatly bca's somon ls was on
th way. Always p'sh to complt th transaction, bca's nothing is
invitabl an! nothing ;3'st happns.< 4o')r th on who has to
make it happn.
/hr ar going to b tims whn it will b impossibl to scalat,
vn i% a girl is intrst! in yo'. -ayb hr %rin! is in a ba! moo!
an! wants to lav imm!iatly, yo')r having an o%% night an! r'n
o't o% things to say, or hr gro'p o% intrr'pting %rin!s ma(s it
impossibl to !o anything. &% yo')r in !angr o% stalling or th
intraction is abo't to com to an abr'pt n!, sttl %or th consolation
pri+ o% hr phon n'mbr.
0hn yo' want to gt hr n'mbr bca's yo')v 1ha'st! all
othr options, say, ;& thin( w sho'l! hang o't< or ;& thin( w sho'l!
hang o't %or a !rin(.< &% sh givs yo' an 1c's abo't bing b'sy or
not going o't m'ch, sh)s not intrst!. &% sh rspon!s with
somthing li(, ;$'r,< ;/hat so'n!s goo!,< or ;0 can !o that,< sh
wants to s yo' again. /hn as( i% sh has a cll phon. A%tr sh
says ys, p'll o't yo'r cll phon, han! it to hr, an! say, ;0hy !on)t
yo' p't in yo'r n'mbr.<
Dotic how yo' !on)t 1plicitly as( hr %or th n'mbr. &t)s
impli! an! coms nat'rally as a rs'lt o% two popl wanting to s
ach othr again. &o not giv yo'r n'mbr 'ntil yo' hav hrs. &% sh
as(s %or yo'r n'mbr, tll hr yo')ll 1chang, b't i% sh prsists in
trying to gt yo'r n'mbr witho't giving hrs, say, ;0ll, &)m th
man, so & sho'l! call %irst.<
$omtims yo')ll gt a n'mbr bca's yo' thin( a girl is abo't to
lav, b't sh n!s 'p staying. &n that cas, proc! with scalation.
*on)t thin(, ;& !on)t hav to tal( to hr anymor tonight sinc &)v
alra!y got hr n'mbr,< bca's th o!!s ar that th n'mbr won)t
rs'lt in anything. &% yo')r still tal(ing to hr a%tr yo' got th
n'mbr, yo' probably got it too arly an! sho'l! hav contin'!
scalating insta!.
An a!vanc! tchni2' is to trminat th intraction witho't
trying to gt hr n'mbr. 0hn th convrsation coms to a clos, say,
;&t was nic mting yo'.< 4o')r ma(ing a bt that sh)ll b 'pst
that yo' !i!n)t as( %or hr n'mbr an! will ithr o%%r it on hr own
or nco'rag yo' to gt it by showing blatant intrst. &% sh !os o%%r
hr n'mbr, act rl'ctant, aloo%, an! slow, ma(ing hr won!r i%
yo')r rally intrst!. Rl'ctanc only wor(s i% yo')v spnt a goo!
amo'nt o% tim with hr 7at last thirty min'ts8 an! yo')r con%i!nt
that hr intrst is strong. &% &)m at a co%% shop an! hav only tal(!
to a girl %or %iv min'ts, it)s almost a crtainty that sh won)t o%%r
hr n'mbr witho't bing prompt!. @ss than hal% an ho'r isn)t
no'gh tim %or a g'y to !isplay th %'ll glory o% his h'mor,
prsonality, an! intllignc. /h point o% this tchni2' is to ma( hr
invst mor nrgy into th intraction, bca's th mor sh p'ts in,
th lss li(ly sh)ll %la( o't on yo' a%trwar!. /h (y is to p'll
bac( 3'st no'gh to nco'rag hr, b't not so m'ch that sh gts
insc'r an! !os nothing. #s this tchni2' a%tr yo')v gottn a
%w !o+n n'mbrs o% 1princ an! whn yo'r s(ill at 3'!ging
intrst lvls has bcom acc'rat. &% yo' try this tchni2' an! sh
starts to t'rn away, stop hr an! gt hr n'mbr as yo' normally
/h way yo' gt a phon n'mbr can rval a lot abo't yo'r gam.
?or 1ampl, yars ago whn & %irst start! th gam an! got a n'mbr,
&)! go into panic mo! i% & co'l!n)t %in! a pn 7& !i!n)t always ta( a
cll phon o't with m8, an! wo'l! %rantically as( strangrs aro'n!
m %or on. By !oing that, & show! that & val'! hr highr than
mysl%, that hr n'mbr is s'ch a big !al that & was prpar! to act
li( a hypr p'ppy !og trying to gt it. &t sho'l! hav bn th othr
way aro'n!9whr she ha! to panic whil trying to %in! a pn.
#n!rstan!: i% a g'y sh val'! cam thro'gh th !oor an! all that
stoo! btwn hr an! sing him again was a writing instr'mnt,
sh)! 3'mp thro'gh hoops to %in! on. /h mor yo' act as i% yo' hav
high val', s'ch as bing rl'ctant to gt a n'mbr or %in! a pn, th
mor a girl will bliv yo' hav high val'. @atr, sh)ll p't in mor
%%ort an! %la( lss. 4o')r simply bhaving in a way that popl
with high val' bhav.
Avoi! gtting mail a!!rsss insta! o% phon n'mbrs. /hy)r
almost always a wast o% tim. /h rason & 's! to gt mails was
bca's my phon gam was trribl, b't & n!! 'p having to gt on
th phon anyway !' to th low convrsion rat o% mails. &% a girl
tlls yo' sh can giv yo' hr mail a!!rss insta! o% a n'mbr, sh
isn)t srio's abo't sing yo' again. H'st say, ;/han(s anyway, b't &
!on)t !o mail.<
$omtims whn a girl givs yo' a n'mbr, sh a!!s a!!itional
in%ormation aim! to lowr yo'r 1pctations. A common thing yo')ll
har is, ;& hav a boy%rin!, so w can only b %rin!s.< 4o' n! to
lt hr (now that hr attmpt to str th intraction isn)t going to %ly
with yo'. $ay, ;0ll, how abo't yo' !o what yo' want to !o an! &)ll
!o what & want to !o. Bop%'lly it)s th sam thing, b't i% not, it)s not.
&t)s not a big !al.< @t hr rspon!, thn a!!, ;4o' can classi%y things
i% it ma(s yo' %l bttr, b't & li( to ta( things on stp at a tim,
whthr it)s %rin!ship, !ating, or anything ls.< /his sn!s a
mssag that yo')r going to !o what yo' want to !o, rgar!lss o%
what sh says.
0hn a girl !rops th ;& hav a boy%rin!< lin on yo', %ir o%% a
rspons that lts hr (now yo' !on)t car. $ay, ;/hat)s nic< or
;5oo!, h)ll giv yo' somthing to !o whn &)m not aro'n!< or ;& 3'st
mt yo' an! yo')r alra!y tlling m abo't yo'r problms.< /hn
contin' th convrsation as i% yo' !i!n)t vn har it. Dvr as( a girl
whthr sh)s singl or not. &% hr stat's is important, sh)ll lt yo'
(now on hr own.
Do ?rin!ship
6n o% th gratst %ars mn hav is bing ;%rin!!< by a girl h
li(s. /his happns %or thr rasons.
?irst, h)s too nic to hr. B trats hr bttr than his g'y %rin!s
witho't 1pcting anything in rt'rn. B givs hr ri!s, hlps with
hr problms, an! tolrats hr %la(y bhavior.
$con!, h paints an 'n%lattring pict'r o% himsl%. B tal(s abo't
his past %ail'rs an! problms with womn. B shars tho'ghts an!
i!as abo't mn, womn, an! rlationships that r%lct an insc'r,
n!y rality. *on)t bra( !own or !isc'ss yo'r !ating or rlationship
problms with a girl yo' want to bang. *on)t act li( hr b'!!y by
giving a!vic, vn i% th sol'tions to hr problms ar obvio's to yo'.
0hn a girl as(s 2'stions li(, ;Bow long was yo'r longst
rlationship,< giv short, vag' answrs. *on)t lt hr pic togthr
yo'r !ating or rlationship history.
?inally, h gts %rin!! bca's his intnt is wa(. 4o' won)t
ma( o't with a girl thro'gh shr will an! hop. ?rom th momnt
yo' mt hr, i% yo' !on)t possss th intnt to slp with hr an! thn
pr%orm th stps n!! to accomplish that goal, yo')ll gt nothing.
$tart with /h Vib an! an alpha mal attit'!, thn mov on to
to'ching, (issing, an! so on. *on)t simply spn! tim with hr an!
tal( %or ho'rs, hoping somthing will 3'st happn. 0hil somthing
may vnt'ally happn with s'ch a passiv approach, thr)s also a
chanc that a comt will com crashing thro'gh th s(y an! lan! on
yo'r ha!. 4o' wo'l!n)t bt on that comt, so !on)t bt on a !o.
nothing approach.
An %%icint way to ramp 'p to'ching is thro'gh !ancing. Dot only
is !ancing a goo! way to combat lo'! nois, b't it)s also 1cllnt at
allowing yo' to gt yo'r han!s all ovr hr bo!y an! to prim hr %or
th (iss. &% yo' can)t !anc or !on)t hav nat'ral rhythm, larn by
copying goo! !ancrs an! practicing.
0hn yo' obsrv a !anc %loor, yo')ll b abl to tll who)s a
goo! !ancr an! who isn)t9simply !'plicat th movs o% thos who
ar goo!. "ractic at hom, an! within a co'pl months yo')ll gt to a
point whr !ancing will %acilitat yo'r pic(.'ps. 4o' !on)t hav to b
a grat !ancr, 3'st goo! no'gh to 's th to'ching bn%its that
!ancing o%%rs 7it will gt yo' to a (iss %astr than othr mans8.
Bca's o% all this, !ancing will b worth yo'r tim to larn.
6nc yo' gt a girl on th !anc %loor with ;@t)s go !anc,< start
o%% slow. 0hn yo' loo( aro'n! th !anc %loor, yo')ll s that vry
g'y lovs to 3am his crotch into a girl)s ass, spcially whn hip.hop is
playing, an! whil yo')ll b !oing that vnt'ally, hol! o%% %or a bit.
&nsta!, !anc in yo'r own spac in %ront o% hr an! contin' on an!
o%% with hip to'chs. A%tr a min't or two, mov a littl closr an!
p't both o% yo'r han!s on hr hips, ltting hr gyrat clos to yo'r
crotch as yo' %ac hr. /hn stp bac( an! ta( yo'r han!s o%% hr.
/rat !ancing li( a !anc o% its own, whr yo' go bac( an! %orth to
b'il! towar! a clima1. -a( hr won!r why yo' arn)t constantly on
hr. A%tr a min't or so o% !ancing a co'pl %t away, gra!'ally
com bac( an! bring hr hips 3'st a littl closr than b%or. /hn stp
bac( again. H'st li( with vrbal convrsation, yo')ll control th pac
o% th intraction, an! sh won)t b stpping away %rom yo' bca's
yo')ll b !oing it %irst.
=p rpating this cycl 'ntil both o% yo' ar vry clos an! yo'r
han!s hav 1plor! hr hips, si!s, lowr bac(, an! th top o% hr ass.
/h %inal non.(issing mov on th !anc %loor is to gt yo'r ha!
clos to hrs whr yo'r ch(s ar barly to'ching, yo' can %l hr
hat, an! sh)s not p'lling bac(. &t)s not s'rprising that !ancing
commonly rs'lts in a (iss within a short amo'nt o% tim.
0ith !ancing s(ills yo' can s(ip vrbal opnrs an! approach right
on th !anc %loor. /h %irst thing yo' n! to !o is to gt com%ortabl
!ancing alon in a visibl spot. 4o')r 3'st %ling th m'sic an!
having a goo! tim by yo'rsl%, showing othrs that yo')r a %'n g'y
who pr%rs not to hol! 'p th wall. 0hn yo' s a girl yo' li(,
!ci! i% yo' want to approach %rom th %ront or th bac(.
&% yo' approach %rom th %ront, position yo'rsl% in %ront o% hr,
ma( y contact with a slight smil, grab hr han!, an! contin'
!ancing. &% yo')r right.han!!, yo')ll rach o't yo'r right han! to
ta( hr l%t han!. *on)t grab it so m(ly that gravity loosns yo'r
grip, b't !on)t giv hr a !ath s2'+ ithr. &t sho'l! b as i% yo')r
giving a han!sha( to a 10.yar.ol!. 4o' want to com across as
assrtiv b't warm. /h momnt o% 3'!gmnt coms whn yo' grab
hr han! an! sh 'ss th n1t hal%.scon! to val'at whthr sh
wants to !anc with yo' or not.
0hn approaching %rom th bac(, an approach pop'lar at hip.hop
cl'bs, simply r'b yo'r crotch on hr ass whil !ancing. $h)ll loo(
bac( to s i% yo')r goo!.loo(ing no'gh 7or sh)ll hav a %rin!
loo(8, thn ithr mov away or contin' !ancing. As yo' can g'ss,
th %ront !anc approach has a highr chanc o% s'ccss bca's it)s
lss slimy.
Bca's th only componnt o% yo'r prsonality yo' can !isplay in
a !anc approach is con%i!nc, sh)ll b going by yo'r loo(s an!
apparanc. /hr%or, !anc approachs will srv yo' bttr i%
yo')r goo!.loo(ing. Avrag g'ys will %in! bttr 's o% thir
approach tim with vrbal opnrs 'sing thir prsonalitis.
A girl !osn)t hav to ma( a split.scon! !cision abo't whthr
to accpt yo'r company or not i% yo' ma( a stan!ar! tal(ing
approach. $inc yo')r bing in!irct an! convrsational, sh)ll giv
yo' a chanc vn i% imm!iat intrst isn)t thr. &t)s this chanc that
givs yo' tim to plant yo'r prsonality s! to translat l'(warm
intrst into ma3or intrst. Bca's !anc approachs !o not giv yo'
that chanc, yo')r playing mor o% a n'mbrs gam than tight gam
s(ill, b't it)s a tool worth 1primnting with.
*anc approachs %lip th stan!ar! approach. $inc yo' start with
th physical an! thn mov into convrsation, yo')ll n! 'p 'sing yo'r
opnr wll a%tr yo')v alra!y 1plor! hr bo!y with yo'r han!s.
0hil yo')r !ancing, i% sh as(s any 2'stions at all, ta( that as a
grn light that sh)s intrst! 7th %irst thing sh)ll probably as( is
yo'r nam8. A%tr a %w songs, s'ggst that sh com with yo' to gt a
glass o% watr at th bar, whr yo' can start convrsation, 3'st as yo'
wo'l! i% yo' ha! wal(! 'p to hr.
Ascalating /o /h =iss
/h %'rthr yo' ar into th intraction, th lss critical it will b to
hav somthing intrsting to say. 4o' can)t s'stain a rlationship
b'ilt on always.intrsting convrsation. &% yo')v a!opt! /h Vib
an! yo')v 's! a co'pl o% yo'r bst ro'tins, yo')ll alra!y hav
blown o't E0: o% all othr g'ys sh has mt, bas! on th %irst thirty
min'ts. 4o'r %oc's at this point will b on maintnanc, bca's
%ail'r can com ithr %rom saying st'pi! things, acting n!y, or
gtting coc(bloc(!. As long as yo' stay rla1! an! (p !oing what
yo')r !oing, yo'r o!!s o% s'ccss will b goo!. Rtain th min!st
that sh is th on who has to prov hrsl% insta! o% th othr way
aro'n!. $h)s th on on !isplay an! bing 3'!g!, not yo'.
Bsi!s gtting a phon n'mbr, yo'r othr two options ar
contin'ing th intraction whr yo' ar at or moving to anothr
location. -ost o% th tim yo')ll b staying in th sam vn', so lt)s
tal( abo't that %irst.
$inc yo'r val' has alra!y bn !isplay! an! sh)s intrst! in
yo', yo'r goal will b to rla1, gt to (now hr, not say anything
st'pi!, an! 7most importantly8 to scalat. Rtain th thra! stratgy to
(p th convrsation %lowing whil yo' %in! commonalitis an! ramp
'p to'ching. 4o' want to rach a lvl o% rapport whr it %ls as i%
sh)s (nown yo' longr than sh has.
4o'r han!s will b yo'r main scalation tools. 0 last l%t on o%
yo'r han!s rsting on th si! o% hr hip, b't it sho'l! now b
ncroaching on th top o% hr ass. *on)t b scar! to !o this. /o'ching
is important in shortning th tim it ta(s to gt a girl in b!, so it)s
somthing yo' sho'l! always %oc's on. Avn i% all yo' can manag ar
s'btl %ootsy gams 'n!rnath a co%% tabl, it)s bttr than nothing.
/o'ch9an! to'ch o%tn.
Anothr important to'ching mov is han!.hol!ing. &% yo')r
la!ing hr to anothr spot in th vn', stic( yo'r han! o't right n1t
to hrs an! thn ga'g hr rt'rn grasp. &% it)s wa(, whr th hol!
co'l! b bro(n i% yo' loosn! prss'r, that mans sh !osn)t want
to hol! yo'r han! yt. @t hr han! go an! try again latr. 6nc sh)s
com%ortabl with yo'r to'ch an! starts to rciprocat with som to'ch
o% hr own, sh)s ra!y %or th n1t stp: th (iss.
All th ways in which h'mans 1prss physical a%%ction can b
plac! on a lin. 6n on n! is th h'g, an! on th othr n! is
pntrativ s1. 4o')v h'gg! many popl in yo'r li%, probably
som yo' !i!n)t vn li(, b't as yo' mov !own th lin yo')r lss
li(ly to pr%orm intimat acts with popl yo' !isli(. =issing on th
mo'th is somwhr in th mi!!l9an act yo' only !o with popl
yo' hav an intrst in, b't not srio's no'gh to warrant a lot o%
thin(ing or analysis. &t)s only on stp abov brathing in somon)s
ar or r'bbing noss.
/h %astr yo' can (iss a girl, th bttr, %or on simpl rason: to
sav tim. &% yo' !on)t (iss hr whn yo' %irst mt hr, yo')ll hav to
!o it on th %irst !at. $inc yo' won)t b abl to (iss hr 'ntil th n!
o% that !at, an! only a%tr yo')v rb'ilt th magic o% th night yo'
mt, yo' can sav yo'rsl% at last on whol !at9an! th mony
that !at wo'l! cost9i% yo' (iss th girl whn yo' %irst mt. $h)ll
also b mor opn to moving %arthr on th %irst !at i% yo')v alra!y
(iss! b%orhan!. &n othr wor!s, a man who !i!n)t (iss a girl at th
bar will hav a scon! !at that loo(s li( th %irst !at o% th man
who !i!.
4o' may b thin(ing that yo')r moving too %ast i% yo' try to (iss
hr whn yo' %irst mt, b't yo')r probably moving too slow. &n
som %orign co'ntris, spcially in $o'th Amrica, it)s consi!r!
strang i% a g'y !osn)t ma( a mov within an ho'r. &n Vn+'la, &
ma! o't with a Bra+ilian girl a%tr a thirty.scon! intro!'ction
7grant!, sh was a prostit't, b't & !i!n)t (now that at th tim8. Avn
in th $tats, many girls won)t hsitat to ma( o't with a g'y thy
%l attract! to 7thirty scon!s is my rcor! thr, as wll8. /hin( o%
(issing as a prr2'isit %or s1 to occ'r. 4o' can (iss girls an! not
hav s1 with thm, b't not th othr way aro'n!9'nlss yo')r
paying %or it.
$inc (issing is a physical act, yo'r (iss scalation stratgy will b
compos! o% physical movs. A girl may gt aro's! i% yo' tll hr a
story abo't how yo' climb! a mo'ntain to (ill a bar with yo'r bar
han!s, b't storytlling isn)t as %%icint as to'ching. 5irls will (iss
almost any g'y as long as thy)r intrst! an! physically
com%ortabl. Do motional connction is r2'ir!.
/hr ar %o'r (y movs to th (iss, two o% which yo' can 's
whn yo' mt a girl an! two that com into play on th %irst !at.
/hy as into th (iss so yo' won)t s'rpris hr in a way that may
la! to an aw(war! momnt. By 'sing physical movs that ramp 'p
towar! th (iss, sh)ll hav opport'nitis to lt yo' (now i% sh
!osn)t want to (iss yo'9wll b%or yo' clos th gap btwn yo'r
/h %irst mov is th staring contst, an %%ctiv tchni2'
bca's silnt y contact is an intimat gst'r 's'ally rsrv! %or
lovrs. &ntro!'c th staring contst in a play%'l way by ran!omly
saying, ;& bt yo' & co'l! (ill yo' in a staring contst.< $om girls
may whin that thy arn)t goo! at staring contsts, b't prss on an!
tll thm that yo' won a championship in high school. ?i%tn scon!s
into th contst, ta( a!vantag o% th opport'nity to b play%'l by
ithr %alsly acc'sing hr o% blin(ing or complaining that yo'r
contacts or !ry y con!ition giv hr a totally 'n%air a!vantag. &%
yo' los th %irst ro'n!, s'ggst a bst.o't.o%.thr. /h staring
contst ma(s hr %l mor com%ortabl with yo'.
A%tr th staring contst, yo'r to'ching gam sho'l! b wll.
stablish!. &% yo')r in a bar or cl'b, yo'r han! will b %r2'ntly on
hr hip. &% yo')r at a co%% shop, yo'r %t may b to'ching 'n!r th
tabl an! yo'r arms or lbows may com into %r2'nt contact. /h
!istanc btwn yo' two sho'l! b closing.
Dow w)r going to intro!'c th holy grail to'ch mov: th hair
stro(. "r%orm this mov a%tr sh has rspon!! positivly to most
o% what yo')v !on so %ar an! yo' %l as i% sh)s giving o't mostly
grn lights 7tho'gh a co'pl yllow lights ar normal8. ?irst, maintain
constant y contact whil sh)s tal(ing an! thn intrr'pt by saying,
;0ait.< /hn slowly an! gntly br'sh yo'r %ingrs across hr tmpl
going bhin! hr ar to %i1 hr hair, vn i% thr)s nothing to %i1. /hn
say, ;& %i1! yo'r hair.< 0hil smingly innocnt, this is anothr
intimat mov that)s 's'ally rsrv! %or lovrs.
A%tr yo' pr%orm th stro(, ga'g hr raction. *i! sh ma( a
wir! %ac or sm as i% sh was crp! o't, &% so, sh)s not ra!y to
b (iss! 'ntil latr9or !'ring yo'r n1t mting, whr yo')ll 's
th othr two movs. #n%ort'natly, a small minority o% girls hav
r'ls or ob3ctions to (issing g'ys th sam !ay thy mt thm. &% sh
gav yo' a n'tral or !p loo( an! thn contin'! th convrsation or
simply maintain! y contact witho't 2'stioning what yo' !i!, sh)s
ra!y to b (iss!.
=nowing a girl is ra!y to b (iss! is li( (nowing what po(r
han! yo'r opponnt is playing. 4o' play th han! in a way that
ma1imi+s yo'r rt'rn. 0ith a girl, yo' 's this (nowl!g to ampli%y
th s1'al tnsion so that th (iss has mor impact, which sh)ll
attrib't to yo' insta! o% yo'r movs. ?irst, !'ring convrsation or
!ancing, loc( y contact an! mov to within abo't si1 inchs o% hr
%ac. &% sh)s ra!y to b (iss!, sh won)t mov bac(. Contin' with
physical to'ching %or th n1t co'pl o% min'ts by moving away an!
thn bac( to this invisibl si1.inch wall. /hn mov to within %o'r
inchs an! bra( y contact at last onc to glanc at hr lips. $h)ll
(now what this mans. /his is %'n bca's yo')ll %l th tnsion
b'il!ing an! probably gt aro's!. $h may vn clos hr ys to gt
ra!y %or yo' to (iss hr. At that point, yo' (now yo' can !o it right
thn, b't p'll bac( an! contin' th convrsation as i% nothing ha!
Bow long yo' want to postpon th (iss !pn!s on th stability o%
yo'r nvironmnt. &% yo')r in a plac with lots o% !istractions an!
thr)s a ral chanc that yo')ll gt coc(bloc(!, yo'r n1t pass will
b whn yo' (iss. Bowvr, i% yo')r at a 2'it party or lo'ng, yo'
can play th !anc a bit longr %or a strongr %%ct. -a( at last on
mor pass by coming in clos, b'il!ing th tnsion, an! thn bottling it
'p by p'lling bac(. 6n th %inal pass, gt clos no'gh to whr yo'r
noss ar abo't to r'b, hol! it %or two scon!s, wt yo'r lips i% yo'
n! to, an! thn ma( that %inal lap o% %aith onto hr mo'th.
R3ction sho'l!n)t b on yo'r min!, bca's i% a girl lts yo' gt
within a co'pl inchs o% hr %ac, sh)ll accpt th (iss. &% yo')r at a
non.alcoholic vn', yo')ll hav th opport'nity to pr%orm at last
on pass a%tr th h'g goo!by, whr yo' loosn th h'g b't lav
both o% yo'r han!s rsting on hr hips so yo' rmain clos to hr.
0hil this tchni2' givs yo' an ass'ranc that sh)s ra!y, it)s
act'ally ovr(ill bca's sh)ll probably b ra!y wll b%or yo'
vn !o th staring contst. &t mainly srvs as an a!!! bn%it %or
b'il!ing tnsion.
A r'l o% th'mb whn it coms to (issing a girl is to s i% sh
rmains still whn yo' gt clos to hr %ac. &% yo')r a %w inchs
away an! sh !osn)t mov, sh can b (iss!9right thn an! thr.
A1primnt in a way that balancs sp! with s1'al tnsion. &% yo')r
tal(ing to a girl yo' !on)t vr want to s again, go %or sp!, b't i%
yo' want to ta( hr o't again, b'il! as m'ch tnsion as yo' can to
blow hr away whn yo' %inally !o (iss hr
Anothr way to %l o't th (iss is thro'gh th ch( (iss mov.
&t)s an optional mov & 's i% & want instant %!bac( on how &)m
!oing. /o pr%orm this mov, wait %or a nat'ral bra( in th
intraction, s'ch as whn sh gos to th bathroom or to th bar %or a
!rin(. /hn t'rn yo'r ha! si!ways, point to yo'r ch(, an! say,
;=iss on ch(.< &% sh as(s why or says no, it mans yo' hav to (p
wor(ing on hr. Br r%'sal may b a ca's %or concrn bca's, a%tr
all, it)s only a ch( (iss. &% sh givs yo' a simpl ch( (iss, ta(
that as a n'tral sign that mans yo')r on trac(. &% sh ma(s o't with
yo'r ch(, thn sh)s ra!y to ma( o't with yo'. =p th mov
going by as(ing hr to giv a (iss on yo'r othr ch(. /hn say,
;Alright, & g'ss & gotta giv yo' on now.< 5iv slow (isss to both
si!s o% hr %ac an! thn ma( y contact whil yo')r still clos. &%
sh !osn)t p'll bac(, go %or th (iss right thr. /hr ar many ways
to (iss a girl, an! as long as yo' !on)t as( %or prmission, tll hr yo'
want to (iss hr, or ma( s'!!n movmnts, it)s har! to go wrong.
/hr ar a co'pl (issing tchni2' tips to (p in min!. ?irst,
yo' gt bttr at (issing by copying goo! (issrs. =iss a lot o% girls,
not what thy !i! that %lt goo!, an! thn try that on th n1t girl.
Chancs ar that i% it t'rn! yo' on, it will t'rn somon ls on, too.
Bca's girls ar gnrally bttr (issrs than g'ys, it)s bttr to larn
%rom thm. $con!, ramp 'p contact gra!'ally. 0hn yo' %irst start
(issing a girl, !on)t imm!iatly giv massiv amo'nts o% tong'. As
tim gos on, slowly intro!'c mor an! mor tong', thn som
biting, an! thn whatvr othr mov yo' want to try. /hir!, (p
yo'r han!s moving. =issing is a grat !istraction to lt yo'r han!s !o
som 1ploration. @t thm slowly roam hr bo!y to ampli%y th
1princ. C'p on han! on hr %ac li( yo' s in th movis. R'n
yo'r han! ovr hr hair an! hol! th bac( o% hr ha! as yo' la! th
(iss. &% yo')r sitting !own, start thin(ing abo't intro!'cing yo'r han!
to hr 'ppr thigh, r'bbing it slowly. /his is an important mov %or
&% yo')r rasonably crtain sh)s not going to (iss yo' on th
sam night 7%or instanc, i% sh (ps moving away whn yo' gt
clos8, thin( abo't n!ing th intraction with a n'mbr b%or it gts
stal. /hr)s littl bn%it in contin'ing in!%initly witho't th
possibility o% physical scalation, bca's mor things can go wrong
than right.
/h Vn' Chang
A vn' chang occ'rs whn th two o% yo' mov to anothr
location. /h a!vantag o% moving is that it !pns yo'r connction,
bca's now yo' ar togthr an! tchnically on a !at, tho'gh
somtims logistics can ma( this mov har! to p'll o%%. &% sh)s with
%rin!s, it will b har! to gt thm all on boar! %or th mov bca's
thy)ll ach hav thir own agn!a. &% it)s lat an! yo')r alra!y at
th pa( vn' having a %'n tim, th li(lihoo! o% moving to anothr
bar or cl'b approachs +ro.
Vn' changs ar asir to p'll whn yo')r somwhr that
srvs as a warm.'p spot. &% yo')r in a small !iv bar an! tll th girl
abo't a rally awsom cl'b across th strt, thr)s a goo! chanc
sh)ll com. /his pro!'cs a possibl stratgy: start th night at a
small plac, hoping to vn' chang girls into yo'r main vn'
narby. /h li(lihoo! o% a on.night stan! gos 'p !ramatically i%
yo' can s2'+ in a vn' chang or two, bca's thy !istort tim
an! ma(s hr %l as i% sh)s (nown yo' longr than sh act'ally has.
&t)s a stratgy w)ll 's latr with !ating.
/hr ar two main ways to 1c't a vn' chang. /h %irst is
slling th vn'. /ll hr that yo' an! yo'r b'!!y wr planning to
go somwhr ls an! witho't trying to b too convincing, imply that
yo' thin( it will b bttr than th c'rrnt vn'. A1ampl: ;-y %rin!
an! & ar thin(ing o% going to this bar a co'pl bloc(s away. 0 ha! a
lot o% %'n thr last tim, so & thin( it)s going to b goo! tonight. /hir
m'sic is prtty goo!.< =p it simpl witho't so'n!ing li( an
a!vrtismnt. &% sh wants to go b't hr %rin!s !on)t, sh)s not going
anywhr. &t)s not a big !al an! yo' can contin' th convrsation,
sinc saying ;thin(ing o% going< !osn)t nail yo' !own to laving
imm!iatly. $till, it)s a goo! i!a to attmpt a vn' chang only i%
thr is a ral chanc o% yo'r laving rlativly soon, bca's staying
th rst o% th night will sn! a signal that yo')v altr! yo'r plans
bca's o% hr. /h last thing yo' want to !o is %ollow hr aro'n! in
th hop o% gaining hr %avor. $h n!s to %ollow yo'r la! insta!. &%
sh !osn)t go along with th vn' chang an! yo')r laving, gt hr
phon n'mbr.
/h scon! vn' chang tchni2' is slling th possibility o% a
goo! tim. 4o')ll 's'ally 's this at th n! o% th night, whn th
cl'bs ar closing an! yo' want to go %or a on.night stan!. @t th girl
(now that vn tho'gh this plac is closing, yo' want to contin' th
night somwhr ls. "'t on th apparanc that yo')r still %'ll o%
nrgy an! !on)t want to go to b! yt. $tart by saying, ;Ar yo' still
trying to hang o't, & man, ar yo' going hom to slp now or ar
yo' trying to (p th night going, & thin( & can 's at last on mor
!rin(.< &% yo')r with a %rin!, yo' can a!! how th night is important,
sinc yo' two havn)t h'ng o't in a whil or sinc yo')r clbrating
somthing li( a 3ob promotion. -a( it so'n! li( this night is mor
spcial than normal. &% yo')v rcntly travl! to somwhr 1otic,
a!!, ;0hn & was in Rom, th party !i!n)t gt start! 'ntil this tim.
&t)s strang that hr it)s th tim whn things n!.<
Avoi! th tmptation to vn' chang to a plac that slls %oo!.
Aating tn!s to !'ll th alcohol b'++ an! it ma(s girls tir!,
spcially lat.night %oo! 7li( pi++a, gyros, or b'rgrs8. /hat !licio's
gras acts li( a tran2'ili+r.
0hat yo' want to !o is str th party to hr ho's. $t 'p a
smo(scrn by as(ing a lot o% 2'stions that giv th imprssion that
yo')r rl'ctant to go to hr plac. As( what typ o% m'sic an! alcohol
sh has an! i% hr plac is nic. $ay yo')r a littl h'ngry an! as( what
typ o% %oo! sh has. -a( it sm as i% hr answrs ar barly
accptabl %or yo'r !iscriminating tasts. A1ampl: ;/hat)s all yo')v
got, 0ll, & g'ss that)s o(ay.< &t)s as i% sh wants yo' to com b't
yo')r not s'r i% hr plac is goo! no'gh.
Br)s whr it gts tric(y. 0itho't as(ing i% yo' can com ovr,
ass'm that sh)s sai! ys an! thn start to wor( on th transportation
logistics. As( how sh got thr an! thn plan alo'! abo't ways %or
vryon to gt to hr plac. $ay somthing li(, ;Act'ally, my car is
a bloc( away9& can !riv< or ;/h s'bway stop is this way, right,
Bow many bloc(s away is it,< or ;& can %lag !own a ta1i. @t m s i%
& hav som cash.< At this point, sh may hav a mini.con%rnc with
a %rin!, i% sh)s still with on, to !ci! th iss'. $tay rla1! an!
!on)t sm as i% yo')r in a h'rry9yo')r all 3'st %rin!s, going to
hang o't at somon)s plac, as i% it)s th most nat'ral thing in th
worl!. ?rin!s !on)t hav to convinc %rin!s to hang o't. &% sh
!osn)t want yo' to com ovr, sh)ll o%%r an 1c's that lts yo'
(now, s'ch as hr ho's is !irty or sh has ho'sg'sts. $h)ll nvr
giv an 1plicit ys9yo')ll hav to ass'm 'nlss sh ma(s it clar
sh mans othrwis.
&% yo')r trying to gt hr to yo'r plac insta!, say yo' hav
somthing in yo'r ho's that ma(s contin'ing th %'n possibl. /hn
a!! a rstriction that ma(s it sm as i% yo')r rl'ctant to hav hr
ovr so it won)t sm li( s1 is invitabl. $ay, ;Bow abo't yo'
com ovr %or a littl bit. 0)ll listn to som goo! m'sic an! hav a
!rin(. Dothing too lat, tho'gh, ca's & hav to gt 'p arly.< /ll hr
yo')ll gt hr hom a%tr an ho'r or so9vn tho'gh yo')ll b going
%or it all onc yo' gt hr into yo'r b!room.
&t too( m som tim to gt com%ortabl with vn' changing to a
girl)s plac or min. & 's! to thin( not no'gh tr'st ha! bn
stablish! an! thr was no way sh)! lt a strang g'y sh)! 3'st
mt ta( hr somwhr alon, that sh saw m as a possibl rapist.
B't that was nvr th cas. &% a girl thin(s yo')r a m'r!rr or rapist,
sh won)t spn! tim tal(ing to yo'. 0hn a girl !clins a vn'
chang, it)s ithr bca's o% ba! logistics or bca's sh !osn)t want
to appar to b a sl't.
5irls who gt t'rn! o%% by yo'r on.night stan! attmpt ar th
ons who wo'l! ta( longr to gt into b! anyway. /h attmpt
scrns o't thos girls who arn)t srio's abo't s1. Also, having a
s1'al intnt by 'sing physical to'ching an! th !sir to isolat
ma(s it clar that %rin!ship isn)t in th car!s. $h)ll 3'st wal( away
%rom yo' b%or sttling into a %rin!ship, which yo' arn)t intrst!
in. 5oing %or s1 arly is i% sh s'bmits to yo'r movs, yo'
gt lai!, an! i% not, yo' can mov onto th n1t girl witho't wasting
val'abl tim.
@t)s ass'm that yo' !i!n)t gt th vn' chang an! got a phon
n'mbr insta!. 4o' giv hr a h'g an! mayb a (iss goo!by. /hn
yo' go hom an! thin( abo't hr b%or yo' go to b! 7bca's sh)s
hot8, imagining how grat it wo'l! b i% yo' co'l! gt with hr. 4o'
vn imagin notching 'p yo'r blt sinc sh show! so m'ch intrst
in yo' with that ;*on)t %orgt to call m< goo!by. &t)s as i% yo'r
ntir li% co'l! chang %rom mting on girl an! gtting hr n'mbr.
/hn yo' call hr, lav a mssag, an! nvr har %rom hr again. Ah,
ys, wlcom to mi!!l gam, th most %r'strating part o% gam9
whr s'r things t'rn o't to b nothings. &% yo' wr abl to vn'
chang into hr plac th sam night, thn a!vanc to Boar!wal(,
bca's lat gam awaits yo'.
-&**@A 5A-A
-ost phon n'mbrs will go nowhr. 4o')r !oing incr!ibl i%
hal% th n'mbrs yo' gt rs'lt in a %irst !at. /hat mans that vn
whn yo'r gam gts rally goo!, yo')ll still gt r3ct! an! hav
prospcts that !on)t convrt. $o stp bac( an! loo( at th big pict'r:
on prospct will man littl in th gran! schm o% things.
/h worst thing yo' can !o is gt 1cit! ovr a phon n'mbr or a
ma(.o't, bca's it sts yo' 'p %or %r'stration i% th n'mbr is %a( or
i% sh !osn)t call bac(. Bowvr, thr)s a !i%%rnc btwn bing a
pssimist an! a ralist. A pssimist thin(s that no girl li(s him, that
no girl will vr call him bac(, an! th whol gam thing is a wast o%
tim bca's nothing goo! will vr happn. "ssimistic tho'ghts la!
to inaction. 6n th othr han!, a ralist 'n!rstan!s that whil most
prospcts will go nowhr, to rach th s'ccsss that ma( th gam
worthwhil h n!s to n!'r an! (p at it. A ralist thin(s, ;&)ll try
my bst with this girl an! hav a goo! tim, b't & won)t car or gt
'pst i% it gos nowhr, bca's that)s how th gam is. &)ll gt it n1t
*at Vn's
B%or yo' call a girl, yo' n! to (now whr yo')r going to
ta( hr. *at vn's can b sparat! into two catgoris: chill an!
lo'!. Chill vn's ar gnrally 2'itr an! allow %or a convrsation.
havy !at, whil lo'! vn's hav nois or action that r!'cs
convrsation. & !o %irst !ats on w(!ays at chill vn's bca's &
want to strngthn th %o'n!ation with convrsation to s i% a girl is
worthy %or a primtim slot on th w(n!, whr my tim is mor
val'abl an! costs ar highr.
-y chill vn' spots consist o% a ca%O an! a bar that ar within
wal(ing !istanc o% ach othr. &nsta! o% a ca%O, an in!pn!nt
co%% shop is %in, b't $tarb'c(s is too simpl to b accptabl. At th
ca%O, & 's'ally gt a !ssrt, s'ch as a pastry, pic o% ca(, or s)mor,
spn! FLPM0 min'ts tal(ing, an! thn vn' chang to th ;ral< !at
location, a narby bar that)s 2'it with %w !istractions.
$inc w (now vn' changs ar powr%'l in ma(ing it sm li(
yo')v (nown ach othr %or longr than yo' hav, w)r going to
incorporat th tchni2' into o'r %irst !ats. /a(ing hr to a ca%O an!
thn a bar %ls li( going on two !ats in th sam amo'nt o% tim as
on. &% thr ar only bars narby an! no ca%Os, mt hr at a m!iocr
bar as th %irst vn' an! thn transition to a bttr on as th scon!.
&% yo' liv in an isolat! ara an! !on)t hav many vn' options, yo'
won)t b abl to !o th %irst !at vn' chang. 0hil two %irst !at
vn's ar optimal, it)s not r2'ir!.
*on)t !o rsta'rant !ats with a girl yo' havn)t bang!. "o
e'ceptions. *innr !ats ar aw(war!, clichO, an! 1pnsiv. 4o'
!on)t want thm in yo'r !ating li%. @t th btas %! hr insta!. &)v
nvr 'n!rstoo! th !raw o% sitting across %rom a girl %or ho'rs in a
crow!! !ining ara with a physical sparator limiting my to'ching
*on)t !o co%% !ats ithr. #nlss yo' hav somthing plann!
a%trwar!, thr will b no ma(ing o't in th co%%ho's. &n th
history o% !ating, thr has nvr bn a %irst (iss in th co%% shop.
Co%% is a sa% !at %or girls bca's thy (now it)s a plac that
ma(s it almost impossibl %or g'ys to scalat thir gam. /hy !o
co%% !ats %or practic an! attntion bca's it)s asy %or thm, b't
%or yo' it)s a wast o% tim.
Also !on)t !o movi !ats, th n'mbr on worst !at i!a in th
worl!. &% yo')r going to sit n1t to a girl with a physical !ivi!r
btwn yo' whil staring at a scrn in silnc, yo' might as wll
ta( hr to !innr, whr yo' can at last tal(. Always !clin a girl)s
s'ggstion %or !innr or a movi. ?l %r to lt hr (now that yo'
!isli( thos vn's bca's thy ma( it har! %or two popl to gt to
(now ach othr nat'rally.
6nc yo')v pic(! a cntrally locat! ca%O within wal(ing
!istanc o% th scon! vn', yo' hav all th in%ormation yo' n! to
contact hr.
"hon 5am
-i!!l gam starts with th phon, a mo!rn invntion that)s
s'ppos! to ma( it asir %or two popl to comm'nicat, b't it !os
th opposit %or mn, bca's womn hav ta(n its simpl p'rpos
an! t'rn! it into a complicat! bast thy 's to scrn mn an! to
gt attntion. 0ith th pop'larity o% t1t mssaging, simpl an! !irct
phon comm'nication bcoms vn har!r.
&t too( m a whil to mastr th phon bca's, li( many othr
g'ys, &)m th typ o% prson who pr%rs comm'nication.
& !on)t li( playing with a plastic !vic witho't bing abl to s
%acial 1prssions. #n%ort'natly, poor rs'lts with mail ma( th
phon somthing w can)t avoi!.
H'st li( with approaching, practic is important9it)s not a ba!
i!a to gt n'mbrs o% girls yo')r not rally intrst! in 3'st to gt
thm on th phon. Bca's yo')ll b lss nrvo's, practicing on thos
girls will hlp yo' gain no'gh con%i!nc an! s(ill to b comptnt
with somon yo' !o li(. &% yo' hav +ro phon gam 1princ
an! th %irst n'mbr yo' gt is a girl yo' want to imprgnat, &
g'arant yo')ll bomb spctac'larly. &t wo'l! b li( somon !oing
hart s'rgry witho't vr having sn bloo! b%or. $'ccss in ithr
cas wo'l! b attrib'tabl to shr l'c( insta! o% s(ill.
/h %irst iss' in phon gam is whn to call or t1t bac(. &)v tri!
vrything: contacting hr th sam night, th n1t !ay, a%tr two !ays,
thr !ays, %o'r !ays, %iv !ays, an! all th way 'p to two w(s.
Acco'nting as bst as & can %or variabls s'ch as intrst lvl, soonr
tn!s to b bttr. /h swt spot that)s soon b't isn)t intrprt! as
n!y is calling bac( in 2PF !ays. &% sh show! intrst in yo', was
rcptiv to yo'r gam, or yo' ma! o't with hr, contact hr in two
!ays. &% yo' got l'(warm intrst, try in two !ays. &% sh sm! col!
an! !isplay! no intrst at all, b't still gav hr n'mbr, tryNtwo
!ays. 6r call in thr !ays, or %o'r, b't whichvr n'mbr yo' choos,
stic( with it %or a whil b%or trying anothr lngth o% tim. 4o')ll
n! 'p pic(ing th n'mbr yo' %l most com%ortabl with. 7As o% this
writing, &)m a big %an o% two !ays.8 4o' start to hav iss's whn yo'
go longr than %o'r !ays bca's yo' ris( !ist'rbing momnt'm an!
1citmnt. &% yo' ta( so long to hit hr 'p that sh concl'!s yo'
nvr will, sh)ll b lss 1cit! whn yo' !o contact hr, bca's
mntally sh will hav alra!y ;mov! on.<
6n 1cption to th 2PF !ay r'l is to avoi! contacting hr %or th
%irst tim on a ?ri!ay or $at'r!ay. 5irls li( to giv th apparanc
that thy)r pop'lar or b'sy, so thr)s a lowr chanc sh)ll rspon!
bac( within a rasonabl amo'nt o% tim i% yo' contact hr on thos
two !ays. /hr%or, i% yo' mt a girl on 0!ns!ay, contact hr on
$'n!ay. &% yo' mt a girl on /'s!ay, contact hr on /h'rs!ay.
-on!ay mts can also b !alt with by /h'rs!ay.
/h last logistical iss' is th ho'r to contact hr %or th %irst tim.
& %in! th bst tim is E:00PI:00 p.m.. &t)s a tim whn girls ar
win!ing !own thir !ay an! !oing nothing important no'gh to
prvnt thm %rom rspon!ing in a timly mannr.
4o'r main goal with th %irst phon contact is to st a !at. &t)s not
to b'il! attraction, incras rapport, or ma( hr thin( yo')r an
ama+ing g'y9it)s simply to gt hr to agr to a mting. /hat mans
yo'r phon or t1t convrsation will b short 7GP10 min'ts o% tal(ing
or GPL t1t mssaging cycls8. ?irst w)ll go ovr how to call a girl, a
mtho! that may b on its way to bcoming obsolt, an! thn w)ll
!isc'ss my t1t mssaging stratgy.
&% yo' %in! yo'rsl% nrvo's whn yo')r abo't to call, chill o't,
bca's o!!s ar sh won)t answr th phon. 5irls vry rarly answr
phon calls %rom n'mbrs thy !on)t rcogni+, spcially as thy gt
into thir twntis. Also, bca's sh)ll hav a cll phon srvic that
allows yo' to %ollow prompts to r!o th voicmail yo' lav, thr)s
no rason to b nrvo's whn yo' call. Avn i% sh has yo'r n'mbr in
hr phon, sh probably still won)t answr.
& %irmly bliv in laving a mssag i% sh !osn)t pic( 'p th
phon. /his lts hr (now that yo' arn)t playing phon gams an! s
no rason why sh sho'l!n)t call bac(. &t also %orcs hr to p't in at
last a minim'm amo'nt o% %%ort to (p th intraction going. /h
bst voic mssag shows that yo' arn)t so insc'r abo't not gtting
a call bac( that yo' try to ovrcompnsat by tlling a 3o( or story.
=p it simpl. Br)s th mssag & lav in all sit'ations, spo(n in
an 'pbat ton at a rla1! pac:
;By, -lani, it)s Roosh. &t)s /h'rs!ay at nin p.mN giv m a
call whn yo' gt th chanc. -y cll phon n'mbr is 72F08 GE0.
A girl has ma! 'p hr min! on whthr sh)s going to call yo'
bac( b%or yo' vn pic( 'p th phon. /hr)s no mssag in th
worl! that will ma( hr girl call yo' bac( whn sh)s alra!y !ci!!
not to, b't thr ar mssags yo' can lav that can chang hr min!
an! stop hr %rom calling yo' bac(. &n th cas o% voic mssags,
boring is bttr. -y simpl voic mssag avoi!s th pit%alls o% a
typical ba! mssag, li( th 3o( or story !rop, or a !scription that
insin'ats yo')r %orgttabl. Br)s an 1ampl o% a ba! mssag:
;By, it)s $tv, %rom ?ri!ay night at th bar, with th strip! shirt,
3'st calling to say9<
&% sh gav yo' hr n'mbr, sh)s alra!y intrst! 7or was at th
momnt sh gav it to yo'8. #ntil yo' s hr again in prson, yo' can
only !o mor to harm than goo!.
6nc yo' lav a mssag, p't th phon !own an! occ'py yo'r
min! with somthing ls. 4o')r 1pcting a call, not waiting %or
on. 5t on with yo'r li% an! !on)t worry i% yo'r phon has a strong
no'gh signal or i% yo'r ringr is lo'! no'gh %or yo' to har it. &%
yo')r !oing things that yo' wo'l!n)t !o i% yo' wr 3'st 1pcting a
call %rom a b'!!y, yo' n! to ta( a stp bac( by t'rning o%% th
ringr an! hi!ing yo'r phon 'ntil th n1t morning. 4o')r giving
too m'ch powr to th girl i% yo' agrly await hr call. &t)s o(ay i%
yo' !on)t answr whn sh calls, bca's sh won)t min! a co'pl
bac(.an!.%orths on th phon. &n %act, yo' can b'il! that into %'t'r
mssags by saying, ;By, it)s Roosh again. "hon tag9yo')r itK<
&t)s a positiv sign i% sh calls bac( within an ho'r. &% sh)s going
to call bac( at all, it)s 's'ally going to b within thr ho'rs. &% sh
!osn)t rt'rn yo'r call that sam night, sh)ll probably nvr call, so
by ho'r thr yo')ll (now whr yo' stan!. &% sh calls soon a%tr yo'
l%t a mssag, go aha! an! answr. &% sh calls bac( th n1t !ay,
!on)t answr an! s i% sh givs an 1c's in hr voicmail. At th
minim'm sh can show yo' that sh %ls ba! abo't hr %la(y
bhavior. 4o' may b tmpt! to complain to hr %or ta(ing 1tra tim
to call bac(, b't !on)t. 4o' can complain mor a%tr yo')v ha! s1
with hr, whn sh)s mor havily invst! in yo'.
&% yo' n! 'p playing phon tag, ta( yo'r tim whn it)s yo'r t'rn
to call bac(. &% sh ta(s a !ay to call bac( a%tr yo'r %irst call, !on)t
answr, an! ta( at last an ho'r to rt'rn hr call. 4o' !on)t want to
ma( th gam wors by ta(ing longr to rspon! than sh !i!, b't
yo' also !on)t want to sm li( yo')r at hr bc(.an!.call whil sh
ta(s hr tim.
&% yo' lav hr a mssag, 1pct hr to lav on too. & !on)t
rcommn! calling girls bac( who !on)t lav a mssag bca's it
shows sh)s not vn willing to p't in th sam amo'nt o% %%ort as
yo' ar. &% sh)s srio's abo't sing yo', sh)ll ass'm yo'r phon
was o't o% srvic whn sh call! an! try again latr9or at last sn!
a t1t mssag. &% not, yo' can try calling bac( an! not laving a
mssag, b't o!!s ar th intraction will !triorat %rom thr.
&% sh !osn)t call yo' bac(, chal( 'p th 1princ as somthing
that will hlp ma( yo' a bttr playr. &)v tri! lots o% things to sav
a n'mbr, b't all my 1primnts cam bac( to th sam concl'sion: i%
sh !osn)t call bac( a%tr yo'r initial mssag, it)s ovr. 4o')ll b
%r'strat! an! tmpt! to analy+ th pic(.'p to s what yo' !i!
wrong, b't that)s 'slss, bca's yo' might not hav !on anything
wrong. 5irls ar %ic(l an! chang thir min!s %or no apparnt rason,
so !on)t rac( yo'r brain trying to 'n!rstan! thm.
Dot gtting a call.bac( is a normal part o% th gam an! common
with vry playr &)v mt. /his is why w p'sh %or s1 th sam night
w mt a girl. 0hil w !on)t lt on that w thin( sh)s going to
%la( 7w p't on an attit'! that ass'ms th intraction will contin'8,
w ta( a!vantag o% th initial intraction whn o'r probability o%
s'ccss is highst. /hin( o% it this way: it)s possibl that yo' might
hav gottn s1 %rom a girl th sam night yo' mt who othrwis
wo'l!n)t call yo' bac( i% yo' only sttl! %or hr phon n'mbr.
$tri( whn th iron is hot, an! th iron is hottst whn yo' %irst mt.
0hn it)s tim to tal( on th phon, hav two convrsation thra!s
ra!y. /hy)r important, bca's silnc on th %irst phon call is
vn mor aw(war! than a%tr an approach. A goo! %irst thra! is to
tal( abo't somthing that)s rcnt or c'rrntly occ'rring. -ayb yo'
wnt to a grocry stor, co%% shop, movi, %rin!)s ho's, happy
ho'r, or going away party. A%tr yo' 1chang initial grtings, start
th convrsation with somthing li(, ;& 3'st got bac( %rom9< -ayb
yo' can 3o( abo't how yo' wnt to th gym an! !stroy! yo'r
chst. -ayb yo' 3'st cam %rom th co%% shop, whr yo' ra! an
intrsting boo(. -ayb yo' 3'st saw a chsy movi. -ayb yo' 3'st
mt a long.lost %rin! at a bar. 6r mayb yo' 3'st wnt to th stor an!
bo'ght an ironic t.shirt. & 's'ally call girls whn &)m abo't to coo( 7&
at lat8, an! thy o%tn call m bac( whil &)m coo(ing. & start th
convrsation by tlling thm how &)m prparing a go'rmt mal %rom
my Btty Croc(r coo(boo(. /h p'rpos o% th initial thra! is to gt
a nic, basic convrsation start!. 6!!s ar sh)ll gt into what sh)s
bn rcntly !oing as wll.
/h scon! thra! will b a ran!om i!a, tho'ght, or intrsting
2'stion that %lows nat'rally %rom yo'r %irst thra!. ?or instanc, i%
yo')r tal(ing abo't th gym, yo' can transition to a 3o( abo't how
matha!s in tight shirts ma( yo' %l s(inny an! wa(. &% yo')r
tal(ing abo't a co%% shop, mov onto how yo')r concrn! abo't
th hormons in yo'r latt an! might mov to soy mil( insta!. &%
yo')r tal(ing abo't a movi, bring 'p how yo')r thin(ing o%
s'bscribing to Dt%li1 bca's mainstram %lic(s !on)t !o it %or yo'
anymor. &% yo' 3'st visit! yo'r %amily an! wr tal(ing abo't yo'r
brothrs an! sistrs, say how thy loo( 'p to yo' an! how yo' aim to
b thir rol mo!l. =p it light an! %'n witho't intro!'cing any
srio's or havy topics. 4o' !on)t want to p'sh havy topics on th
phon bca's sh can)t s yo'r %acial 1prssions or bo!y lang'ag
an! may ta( yo'r wor!s th wrong way. *on)t intro!'c
controvrsial prsonal bli%s or say anything that con%licts with hr
1isting imag o% yo'. /h main i!a is not to !o anything that givs
hr !o'bts abo't sing yo' again.
$omtims yo')ll com across a chatty girl who n3oys tal(ing on
th phon, which p'shs th convrsation)s lngth into svral
min'ts. 5o along with th %low, b't (p in min! that having a %irst
convrsation that gos byon! tn min'ts accomplishs vry littl.
$av it %or th %irst !at insta!. /h mor tim yo' spn! tal(ing on
th phon, th highr chanc yo')ll say somthing !amaging.
Rmmbr: most girls ma( !ating a big !al an! analy+ vrything
yo' say with thir %rin!s to s i% thr was somthing important
bhin! it, spcially whn sh isn)t s'r abo't yo' yt. /h lss yo'
say, th lss sh has to analy+.
/hr)s a 10: chanc sh)ll answr whn yo' %irst call. &% sh !os
answr, say, ;By, it)s H'stin,< an! as( how sh)s !oing. A%tr sh
rplis, hit hr with yo'r %irst convrsation thra!. /hr will b tims
whn a girl answrs yo'r %irst call b't rali+s sh !osn)t want to tal(
to yo'. 0hat sh)s going to !o is say, ;By lt m giv yo' a call
bac(, &)m !oing blah blah blah,< b%or on min't o% convrsation.
6% co'rs this is b'llshit bca's sh wo'l!n)t hav answr! hr
phon %rom an 'n(nown n'mbr i% sh wasn)t ra!y to tal(. 4o' will
b tmpt! to say somthing li(, ;6h o(ay call m bac( whn yo'
gt th chanc.< &nsta! 3'st say, ;Alright by,< an! hang 'p th
phon. &t)s ovr.
A silnc will occ'r a%tr th scon! thra! !is o't. &nsta! o%
starting a nw topic, say, ;$o what !os yo'r sch!'l loo( li( !'ring
th w(,< Avoi! ta(ing a stab in th !ar( an! s'ggsting a tim
b%or yo' (now hr availability. A%tr sh tlls yo' hr wor( ho'rs or
whn sh has hr yoga class, s'ggst a !ay an! gnral tim whn sh
wo'l! probably b %r. $ay, ;Bow abo't w hang o't on /h'rs!ay
night,< *on)t giv an 1act tim yt. &% all is going wll, sh)ll say
somthing li(, ;$o'n!s goo!, whr an! what tim,< $'ggst on o%
yo'r 2'it vn's by saying, ;Bow abo't w start at9< &% sh !osn)t
mntion anything abo't transportation, th ass'mption is that yo'
won)t n! to pic( hr 'p. ?rom th position o% gtting bac( to hr
plac or yo'rs, yo' !on)t want hr to !riv, bca's sh)ll b
in!pn!ntly mobil an! lss li(ly to carpool bac( with yo' a%tr th
!at. 4o' want hr to wal(, ta( p'blic transportation, or hav yo'
pic( hr 'p, b't !on)t p'sh to pic( hr 'p %irst or yo'r s1 agn!a may
com across too strongly. &% sh thin(s o't lo'! abo't how sh)s going
to gt thr, say, ;@t m (now i% yo' n! a ri!,< which is an
in!irct an! smooth way o% ma(ing th o%%r.
6nly lt hr pic( th vn' i% yo' hav to go into hr nighborhoo!
!' to hr lac( o% transportation. Ass'ming yo' !on)t (now hr ara,
as( i% sh (nows a 2'it plac with com%ortabl sating, b't i% yo')r
%amiliar with th nighborhoo! go aha! an! pic(. &% sh !osn)t li(
yo'r %irst choic, ma( anothr s'ggstion. &% sh !osn)t li( that on
ithr, tas that yo')v nvr ha! a %irst !at try to ta( on th rol o%
th man by pic(ing th plac b%or.
&% th !at is on or two !ays away, s'ggst a tim a%tr yo')v
sttl! on th plac. &% yo'r !at is thr or mor !ays away, yo' n!
a !%ns against gtting stoo! 'p, sinc many things can happn
within thr or mor !ays, incl'!ing having hr chang hr min!
witho't bothring to lt yo' (now. &n that cas, yo' want to tll hr
yo' arn)t absol'tly s'r o% th tim, b't yo')ll call hr on that !ay to
con%irm. ?or 1ampl: ;6(ay, /h'rs!ay at -o)s Ca%O so'n!s goo!.
&)m thin(ing aro'n! E:G0, b't &)m not s'r what tim &)ll gt o%% wor(.
@t m call whn & gt o't, b't lt)s aim %or aro'n! E:G0.<
6n th !ay o% th !at, call two or thr ho'rs b%or th propos!
tim an! hav a 2'ic( convrsation that gos somthing li(: ;By,
how ar yo'N & 3'st got o%% wor( an! E:G0 will wor( %or mN s
yo' thn.< &% sh !osn)t answr hr phon, lav a 2'ic( mssag that
3'st as(s hr to call yo' bac(, witho't laving any !tails. &% sh
!osn)t call bac(, yo')v sav! yo'rsl% %rom gtting stoo! 'p. 0hil
gtting stoo! 'p !osn)t %l goo!, & thin( vry g'y n!s to hav it
happn to him a co'pl tims in or!r to larn abo't th typ o% girl h
n!s to avoi!. &t happns to all playrs, so !on)t gt 'pst93'st
!lt hr phon n'mbr an! mov on. &% yo')r planning a !at %or
only on !ay away, th %la( !%ns mov isn)t ncssary. ?or !ats
two !ays away, & !on)t 's %la( !%ns 'nlss & gt a vib bas! on
1princ that th girl has a %la(y prsonality. 6nc yo')v st a
tim an! plac, all that)s l%t is showing 'p %or th !at.
/1t Comm'nication
/1t mssaging was barly on th ra!ar whn & wrot th %irst
!ition o% this boo( 7& rmmbr calling it ;a wast o% tim<8, b't a lot
has chang! sinc thn. &n %act, my c'rrnt rcommn!ation is to 's
t1t mssaging insta! o% calling as yo'r main way to sch!'l %irst
!ats. /h rason is bca's &)v ha! s1 with girls 'sing t1t
mssaging who wo'l!n)t hav othrwis rt'rn! my voicmail.
0hat o%tn happns with voicmail is that a girl may plan to call
yo' bac( b't %orgts or loss trac( o% tim. A !ay or two passs an!
thn sh %ls wir!, hsitant, or nrvo's abo't pic(ing 'p th phon.
0ith t1t, yo' gt rsponss %rom girls who ar mor shy, passiv, or
%la(y, b't still opn to having s1. /hr)s also a yo'ngr br! o%
girl who was rais! on t1t an! has littl 1princ abo't ma(ing
calls an! having a normal convrsation with a man.
0hil t1t mssaging is asir in that yo')ll ma( %wr mista(s
than in a liv convrsation, it)s %ar mor annoying an! t!io's. ?or
1ampl, whn yo' call a girl an! lav a voic mssag, yo' o%tn
har bac( in a short tim an! thn st a !at in 3'st a %w min'ts, b't
with t1t mssaging th procss can b !rawn o't %or ho'rs9or vn
!ays. 4o')ll sit staring at yo'r phon, won!ring why womn hav
ma! th simpl act o% stting a !at so m'ch mor complicat! than it
n!s to b.
/h (y to prvnting yo'rsl% %rom going cra+y is to b patint,
not to gt %r'strat!, an! to (p it as simpl as possibl. 6n th phon
yo' can crac( a 3o( hr or thr an! thn as into ma(ing plans, b't
that wo'l! b %oolhar!y 'sing t1t bca's it)s s'rly going to b
misintrprt!. 4o')ll b writtn o%% as wir!. /h optimal t1t gam
is to rmain logistical an! to gt straight to th point o% as(ing hr o't.
R%rain %rom sn!ing 3o(s, storis, or moticons.
& absol'tly !o not rcommn! sn!ing a t1t on th sam night
yo' mt 7a common on is along th lins o% ;&t was nic mting
yo'<8. &t)s a mista( %or thr rasons: 18 -ost othr g'ys !o this an!
yo')ll n! 'p gro'p! with thmJ 28 &t rlivs all th tnsion o% hr
won!ring i% yo')r going to contact hr or notJ an! G8 &t can asily b
constr'! as n!y, no mattr how tight yo'r gam was whn yo' mt
H'st as whn calling on th phon, ma( yo'r %irst contact 2PF !ays
a%tr th %irst mting at th sam tim o% night 7btwn E an! I
p.m.8. Br)s a !%a'lt t1t mssaging tmplat to %ollow %or stting
th %irst !at, with a!!itional commnts that 1plain th stratgy.
4o': hy 3nny its roosh. how ar yo',<
Br: ;i)m goo!. how abo't yo',<
$n! this %irst t1t vn i% sh has yo'r n'mbr in hr phon an!
(nows it)s yo'. &t)s gnrally a ba! sign i% it ta(s hr mor than an
ho'r to rspon!, so yo')ll (now by thn i% yo' hav a soli! prospct
on yo'r han!s. Dot th 'n!rcapitali+ation an! missing p'nct'ation
7%l %r to lav o't th last 2'stion mar(8. &t)s pr%rabl to show
yo' !on)t car too m'ch, an! bsi!s, w)r not writing a mastr)s
thsis. An occasional missplling hlps mor than h'rts bca's it
shows yo' arn)t proo%ra!ing yo'r t1ts. 0hn it)s yo'r t'rn to rply,
4o': ;goo! goo!. !o yo' want to hang o't latr in th w(,<
4o' can also say ;this w(< insta! o% ;latr in th w(.< /hr
ar two things to notic hr: 18 0)r gtting right !own to b'sinss
7othrwis th procss wo'l! ta( %orvr8J an! 28 0)r giving hr
th opport'nity to say ys. "'tting th ball in hr co'rt %orcs hr to
ma( som %%ort an! invstmnt, no mattr how small. $h !osn)t
3'st hop along %or th ri! witho't !oing a bit o% wor(.
Br: ;o(ay s'r<
4o': ;how abo't th'rs!ay aro'n! I,<
$omtims yo' hav to ta( a stab in th !ar( whn s'ggsting
plans, 'nli( th phon, whr yo' can %l o't th !ays sh)ll b %r.
0hat yo' can !o to ma( it lss o% a stab is to as( abo't !ays sh
might b %r whn initially gtting hr n'mbr. As yo')r saving hr
n'mbr in yo'r phon, say, ;&)m 's'ally %r on 0!ns!ay nights9
mayb that)ll b goo!,<
Contin' to shoot %or w(!ay nights %or yo'r %irst !at, an!
s'ggst on at last two !ays in a!vanc. $'ggsting a !at on !ay in
a!vanc is ris(y an! going %or on on th sam !ay is th wrong mov,
tho'gh it)s a common mista( g'ys !iving into t1t gam ma(. 6nly
!sprat girls accpt sam.!ay !at planning, spcially b%or s1
has occ'rr!. &t)s somthing yo' !o to yo'r girl%rin! or %or a booty
call, not to a nw girl. H'st bca's yo')r 'sing an asir way to
contact hr !osn)t man yo')r going to gt sloppy an! chang th
&% sh happns to b b'sy on th !ay o% yo'r initial s'ggstion,
sh)ll throw o't anothr !ay i% sh)s intrst! an! yo' can proc! as
!scrib! blow. &% sh rplis with a ;no,< or ;&)m sorry & can)t<
witho't a co'ntro%%r, chancs ar th intraction is ovr an! sh)s
simply bing nic by rplying to yo' in th %irst plac. /hr ar two
things yo' can !o. ?irst, yo' can s'ggst anothr !ay, b't it probably
won)t wor( bca's i% sh was %ling yo', sh wo'l!)v alra!y !on
that. /h scon! thing, which & rcommn!, is to !o nothing. *on)t
rply an! lt a %w !ays go by 'ntil yo' br+ily start anothr t1t
convrsation by sn!ing a rstart t1t, which &)ll 1plain latr. 4o'r
hop in rstarting is that yo')ll b catching hr in a hornir moo!,
whn sh)ll b mor li(ly to agr to a !at. /h worst thing yo' can
!o is p'sh it whn sh)s not at all bing l'(warm to yo'r t1ts.
@t)s contin' th script a%tr sh has accpt! yo'r !at
Br: ;so'n!s goo!, whr,<
4o': ;lt m thin( o% a plac. ill hit yo' 'p th'rs!ay<
4o' !o this as an in!irct way to con%irm th !at i% it)s sch!'l!
a co'pl !ays in a!vanc, which it probably will b. &t)s a %la(
!%ns mov that will prvnt yo' %rom gtting stoo! 'p by a girl
who chang! hr min! !'ring th two.!ay !owntim. &% yo' sch!'l!
a !at %or th n1t !ay, thn rply by tlling hr th plac. 6thrwis,
sn! a con%irmation %o'r to %iv ho'rs b%or th start tim on th !ay
o% th !at 7i% yo' s'ggst! a I:00 !at tim, sn! a con%irmation t1t
btwn F:00 an! L:008. Br)s an 1ampl %or stting th !at vn':
4o': ;By how abo't w mt at!.so bar at I,<
Br: ;o(ay s yo' thn.<
$h gav yo' a vry straight%orwar! rspons, b't lt)s rplay it
with hr rplying in a slightly !i%%rnt mannr.
4o': ;By how abo't w mt at!.so bar at I,<
Br: ;o(ay so'n!s goo!<
4o': ;cool<
/h !i%%rnc is s'btl b't important. &n th %irst cas sh sai!
;s yo' thn,< which implis that th !at is loc(! an! loa!!.
/hr)s no rason to rply or con%irm. &n th scon! cas, hr ;so'n!s
goo!< was a smi.con%irmation that lavs things slightly opn. &t
wo'l! b pr'!nt to loc( it 'p with a ;cool< or ;alright.<?or cnt'ris
to com, gam scholars will !bat how ncssary it is to sn! a
con%irmation t1t whn a girl agrs to th !at, b't my ta( is this: %or
th %irst !at, !on)t giv hr an 1c's to stan! yo' 'p. 6n %'t'r
!ats, spcially a%tr som intimacy has bn stablish!, yo' can b
a littl mor la+y abo't loc(ing 'p th con%irmation to ma( hr
won!r i% yo')r going to show 'p or not. /hat)s ris(ir on th %irst
!at bca's i% sh isn)t wll.invst! in yo', sh co'l! not show 'p
an! simply say sh wasn)t s'r i% yo' wr coming or not.
/hat)s all it ta(s to st a !at with t1t. /h main i!a is to (p it
simpl an! p'rly logistical. *o not try to start a nw convrsational
thra!, !on)t tll storis, an! !%initly !on)t try to b'il! attraction
thro'gh coc(y or %'nny lins. 6nly a%tr yo')v ha! s1 with hr an!
b'il! !pr rapport can yo' opn 'p an! %lirt an! 3o( mor, b't
bing %lirty b%or s1 has a high ris( o% bac(%iring.
6n important thing to (p in min! is to rg'lat yo'r rspons
tims. &% sh ta(s 1L min'ts to rply to yo'r t1t, ta( 10P20 min'ts
to rspon!. &% sh ta(s G0 min'ts, ta( 20PF0 min'ts. &% sh ta(s
M0 min'ts, ta( FLP7L min'ts. Vary yo'r rspons tims an! b
'npr!ictabl9somtims rply a littl arlir an! somtims m'ch
latr. A big part o% having tight t1t gam coms !own to yo'r rply
tims, an! th last thing yo' want is to appar agr.
A common occ'rrnc will b whn a girl ta(s %orvr to rspon!.
4o' t1t hr, thn ho'rs 7or mayb vn a %'ll !ay8 wnt by, b't sh
!osn)t t1t bac(. 4o' won!r i% sh !i!. &% sh !os vnt'ally
rply, it)s ithr bca's sh)s %la(y or tsting yo'r n!inss.
0hil waiting %or hr rspons, !on)t ma( th mista( o% t1ting
again, no mattr how m'ch tim has pass!, an! absol'tly !o not call
hr. &% yo' thin( o% a non.rspons as !isrspct 7which & bliv it is8,
it)! b %oolish to rwar! it with anothr t1t, sinc it)s th sam as
calling again a%tr sh !i!n)t rspon! to yo'r initial voicmail. By
sn!ing a scon! t1t yo' p't a nail in th intraction whil stro(ing
hr go. 0ait it o't insta!, an! i% sh %inally !os rply, ma( s'r
yo' ta( yo'r swt tim t1ting bac(.
4o')ll notic whn girls ar playing th gam with yo' whn it
ta(s e'actly G0 or M0 min'ts to rspon!. /his isn)t ntirly ba!,
bca's sh !osn)t want to appar agr hrsl% 7sh wants yo' to
thin( sh)s b'sy an!, 'ltimatly, a !sirabl catch8. 0hil on th
s'r%ac it sms silly to tim rsponss, that)s what it ta(s to not
appar n!y an! to gt girls o't who ar attract! to yo'. Bliv m
whn & say that yo' can los a girl by rplying too 2'ic(ly.
0ith t1t mssaging, whn in !o'bt, chill o't. As long as yo'
rg'lat rply tims an! (p it logistical, it)s har! to go wrong. /his
stratgy ns'rs that yo')ll b gtting o't th girls who alra!y li(
yo'. /rying to b'il! attraction thro'gh t1t is %r'itlss bca's i% yo'
co'l!n)t !o it in prson, yo')r !%initly not going to !o it 1M0
charactrs at a tim.
Also consi!r 'sing blac(.o't prio!s to hi! th %act that yo')r
mtic'lo's with yo'r rply tims. R%rain %rom sn!ing t1ts on th
ho'r or hal% ho'r. ?or 1ampl, !on)t sn! a t1t at 1actly F:00 or
F:G0J sn! it at F:0G or F:27 insta!. 0hil a smingly trivial !tail,
this s'ggsts that yo' arn)t waiting to rply at crtain tims. -a(
things appar as nat'ral as possibl 7ironically, by bing 'nnat'ral8.
/1t gam gts mor variabl a%tr th %irst !at. 4o')ll probably
b ma(ing it 'p as yo' go along, b't & %in! that yo' won)t b havily
mssaging a girl 'ntil yo')v ha! thr or %o'r !ats an! hav alra!y
gottn th bang.
&% sh starts to show a%%ction in hr t1t mssaging, it)s o(ay to !o
th sam. H'st %ollow this simpl r'l: !o not show mor a%%ction than
sh !os. &t)s o(ay to (p 'p with hr, b't nvr s'rpass hr. An
1ampl is whn a girl sn!s yo' a t1t imm!iatly a%tr a goo! %irst
!at. &t happns to m abo't a thir! o% th tim.
Br: ;By & ha! a rally goo! tim tonightK /han(s %or th
!rin(s, (iss.<
4o': ;4ah & !i! too. 5oo! night.<
?l %r to show a%%ction or intrst as long as sh)s !oing it %irst
an! yo'rs isn)t mor than hrs, as in th prvio's 1ampl. ?ollow this
principl an! yo'r t1ts will nvr b moc(! by a girl in %ront o% hr
%rin!s an! yo' won)t b sn as n!y or a bta. /hat la!s to a goo!
r'l o% th'mb whn it com to t1t: wo'l! yo' sn! th t1t yo')r
writing i% yo' (nw that all hr %rin!s wr going to ra! it, Bca's
rst ass'r!9sh)ll shar narly vrything with hr girl%rin!s.
/hr will b tims whn yo' gt %r'strat! abo't how !i%%ic'lt it
is to ma( plans. A girl is ithr ta(ing too long to rply or sh)s
playing gams by s'ggsting to hang o't an! thn s'!!nly
!isapparing. &n s'ch cass, yo')ll b tmpt! to !o on o% two things.
/h %irst is to rply 2'ic(ly. 4o')ll %l that yo')r ;losing hr< an!
n! to (p things going by sn!ing a %ast rspons. /his is a wrong
mov. $h)ll sns yo'r n!inss an! p'll bac( vn mor. /h
scon! thing is to pic( 'p th phon an! call hr to c't th b'llshit an!
ma( soli! plans, b't this is also a wrong mov, sinc & g'arant that
sh won)t pic( 'p. $h)ll 3'st smil at how sh)s gtting yo' to chas
hr !own. /h last thing yo' want to !o is to appar n!y in th %ac
o% !i%%ic'lty, an! i% yo')r %ling %r'strat! or play!, it)s li(ly that
yo')v alra!y lost th girl. /h bst thing yo' can !o is rla1, play it
cool, an! ta( yo'r swt tim in rplying.
Anothr tool %or yo'r t1t mssaging toolbo1 is th rstart t1t. &t)s
somthing yo' sn! !ays a%tr a girl t1ts a !at cancllation, r%'sal,
or som othr aloo% mssag that s'ggsts sh)s slipping away. ?or
1ampl, say yo' as( a girl o't on a /'s!ay night b't sh rspon!s
by saying sh can)t an! !osn)t ma( a co'ntro%%r. &n that cas, chill
o't, wait a co'pl !ays, an! thn sn! a rstart t1t containing an
innoc'o's 2'stion, s'ch as ;Bow was yo'r w(n!,< or ;*i! yo'
s'rviv -ar!i 5ras,< or somthing bas! on an vnt or activity sh
tol! yo' sh was going to !o.
/h intnt o% a rstart t1t is to ga'g hr rsponsivnss an!
nth'siasm. &% sh ta(s %o'r ho'rs to rspon! to a rstart t1t an!
!osn)t giv any s'bstanc %or yo' to rspon! to, thr)s no point
as(ing hr o't again. &% sh rspon!s with som !tail or vn as(s a
2'stion, that)s positiv no'gh %or yo' to s'ggst to hang o't on or
two t1t cycls latr. $n!ing a ;what ar yo' 'p to this w(< can (y
yo' in on what !ay to go %or th !at.
4o' 's rstart t1ts bca's yo' !on)t want to as( girls o't who
ar bcoming 'nrsponsiv, sinc that)s li( trying to hav a
convrsation with somon in a coma. /chnically thy can har yo',
b't it)s 'nli(ly yo')ll gt a rspons. A rstart t1t givs yo'
in%ormation on whr yo' stan! whil as(ing th girl to p't som
%%ort into th procss, an! i% sh r%'ss to !o so, !lt hr n'mbr
with no rgrts.
4o' can 's t1t mssaging to st th scon! !at as wll. At th
n! o% a goo! %irst !at, %l o't hr %'t'r sch!'l by saying,
;-ayb w sho'l! hang o't again in a %w !ays.< Rmmbr yo')r
3'st %ling o't hr sch!'l, not trying to iron o't plans. Br rspons
will cl' yo' in on which !ay to s'ggst %or th n1t !at. /1t hr in
two or thr !ays to s how sh)s !oing an! thn as( hr o't with th
n1t rply, rmaining logistical an! boring. Br rplis may hav mor
color in thm an! yo' can a!! som to yo'rs in rspons, b't !on)t go
ovrboar! 7yo')ll (now whn yo')v !on that bca's sh)ll ta(
%orvr to rply, p'nishing yo' %or bing a rtar!8.
&% vrything gos wll on th scon! !at an! yo' want to
contin' sing hr, pic( 'p th phon an! ma( a %irst phon call,
which also !o'bls as a tst. Avn tho'gh sh has yo'r n'mbr in hr
phon an! has gon o't with yo' 7an! mayb was vn pntrat! by
yo'r sna(8, thr)s at last a L0: chanc that sh won)t answr. &n
that cas, lav th bri% voicmail as !scrib! arlir. &% sh ta(s
mor than two ho'rs to call bac( or mrly rspon!s with a t1t
insta! o% calling, !on)t vr call again 'nlss sh calls yo'. $h)s
tlling yo' that sh)s not ra!y to p't in th 1tra wor( o% tal(ing on
th phon9so yo' sho'l!n)t ithr. $tic( to t1ts. 0)r at a point in
o'r c'lt'r whr yo' may nvr tal( on th phon with a girl yo' gt
into a rlationship with. A goo! r'l o% th'mb is not to call 'ntil
yo')v ha! s19or com vry clos to it.
6nc yo' gt past th !ownsi! o% t1t mssaging, yo')ll %in! that
thr)s a halthy 'psi!9gtting mor !ats. 0ith t1t & gt a 7L:
rply rat 7with phon, it)s closr to MM:8. /hat may not so'n!
signi%icant, b't ovr a co'pl yars that mans &)m ta(ing o't a lot
mor womn. & pr%r tal(ing on th phon, b't as thy say, th proo%
is in th p'!!ing. $inc it)s possibl that yo' may gt mor !ats by
calling insta! o% t1ting, it)! b pr'!nt to 1primnt with both
Amail Comm'nication
Amail is yo'r worst comm'nication option, b't it !os hav its
'ss, s'ch as whn yo')r travling abroa!. 6thrwis, thr)s no
rason to ta( a girl)s mail a!!rss witho't gtting hr phon n'mbr.
&n th rar cas that an mail a!!rss is all yo' can gt, trat it th
sam as a phon n'mbr9sn! a short mssag 2PF !ays latr. *on)t
intro!'c any nw storis or r'n any complicat! ro'tins, an! !on)t
try to 3og hr mmory by 1plaining who yo' ar. &n yo'r %irst mail,
say what yo' ar 'p to, ma( a r%rnc to mting hr, an! s'ggst a
!at9all 'n!r %i%ty wor!s. ?or 1ampl:
$'b3ct: RnonS
Right now &)m sitting in my c'bicl, staring at my pa!!! wall.
4o' wish yo' wr m. $at'r!ay night was %'n tho'ghN goo! to
mt a %llow !og.hatr. *o yo' want to hang o't %or a !rin( this
&% sh wants to hav a !rin( with yo', sh)ll writ bac( promptly.
6thrwis yo')ll gt no rspons or a lam 1c's abo't bing b'sy. &%
sh givs a positiv rply, answr whatvr 2'stions sh poss an!
thn n! yo'r scon! 7still short8 mail with: ;& was thin(ing mayb
/h'rs!ay. 0hat)s yo'r phon n'mbr,< Contact hr within a !ay o%
hr rply an! %ollow th stan!ar! phon or t1t gam proc!'r to st
a !at. &% a girl givs m b'llshit abo't only wanting to tal( thro'gh
mail, & writ somthing snippy abo't not wanting to b intrnt pn
pals an! thn lt hr com a%tr m i% sh)s rally intrst!.
&t)s 'p to yo' whthr yo' want to play th mail gam, b't yo'
will %in! it rarly pays o%%. /h main rason & a!vis against mail is
that it 'nncssarily lngthns th tim 'ntil yo' s hr again. &%
yo')r going to hav to gt hr phon n'mbr anyway, yo' might as
wll gt it in th bginning. /h tim it ta(s to st a !at on th phon
is on or two !ays. /hro'gh mail it can ta( 'p to a w(.
/h ?irst *at
$inc it ta(s a han!%'l o% n'mbrs to gt on !at, yo' may %l
prss'r to pr%orm wll on th ons yo' !o go on, b't yo' sho'l!n)t.
*ats ar asir than whn yo' %irst mt hr bca's yo' alra!y hav
hr attntion an! !on)t n! to compt with hr %rin!s or othr g'ys.
Also, silncs ar mor wlcom. &% a girl agr! to a !at, that mans
sh alra!y li(s yo' an! yo' 3'st n! to ( o't a rspctabl
pr%ormanc to gt som action. *on)t ma( it har!r on yo'rsl% by
sch!'ling a %irst !at with a gro'p or anothr co'pl. Rsist i% sh
tris to invit yo' to a party with hr %rin!s, an! b s'spicio's i% sh
r'ns into a %rin! !'ring th !at. 4o' want th %irst !at to b in
isolation. &% not, yo')r bac( to whr yo' wr whn yo' %irst mt,
compting %or hr attntion an! !aling with coc(bloc(rs.
As %or what to war on th %irst !at, lan towar! th consrvativ
si! o% yo'r war!rob. -any tims & go o't at night with %rin!s
waring bol! colors or 1primntal t.shirts to stan! o't an! gt som
attntion, b't on !at nights that)s not ncssary. *rss simpl, b't
$om g'ys prpar %or a !at by loa!ing 'p on ca%%in an! gtting
p'mp! 'p with m'sic, b't a %irst !at isn)t a high.nrgy a%%air9it)s
3'st yo' sitting n1t to a prson an! tal(ing %or svral ho'rs. &% yo')r
going to !o a lot o% tal(ing on a !at, th bst way to prpar is to !o
som tal(ing. Call a co'pl %rin!s b%orhan! an! hav convrsations
to p't yo' in a tal(ativ stat.
As yo')r wal(ing, !riving, or s'bwaying to th !at, rmin!
yo'rsl% that yo'r goal is to hav s1 with th girl. &t)s not to imprss
hr with yo'r ama+ing 2'alitis, wow hr with convrsation, in!'c
hystrical la'ghtr, or to ma( o't with hr9it)s to bang hr. 0hil
yo')ll probably ma( hr la'gh an! hav awsom convrsation, that
is not yo'r main goal.
Dot 'ntil a%tr yo' bang hr can yo' %oc's on othr things, s'ch as
a rlationship, rg'lar s1, thrsoms, anal, an! so on. 4o' want to
gt s1 o't o% th way as 2'ic(ly as possibl so yo' can gt past all th
silly gams an! b'llshit womn o%tn play b%or it happns. 4o')r
going to %ollow a tst! an! asy procss to gain accss to hr vagina
no latr than th thir! !at.
$tart o%% th !at on th right %oot9by bing lat. Avn i% yo' gt
to th vn' arly, wal( aro'n! or sit in yo'r car so yo' can b lat by
LP10 min'ts. /h rason tis into somthing w alra!y !isc'ss!:
yo' want th girl to %oc's on hrsl%. Bca's many girls ar insc'r,
sh)ll start to worry abo't bing stoo! 'p. $h)ll hav an1io's %lings
%oc'sing on yo'r arrival insta! o% th !o'bts sh ha! abo't coming to
s yo'. 0hn yo' arriv, sh)ll probably b on th phon with a
%rin! to r!'c hr an1ity. 5iv hr an nth'siastic ;BiK< an! a
2'ic( h'g. #n!r no circ'mstancs sho'l! yo' bring a gi%t on !ats,
s'ch as %lowrs or can!is. $h)ll pg yo' as a bta i% yo' start with
th clichO romantics b%or a srio's rlationship !vlops.
Bgin a !at convrsation th sam way yo')! start on on th
phon. A%tr yo' h'g hr, as( how sh)s !oing an! la'nch into a
convrsation thra! abo't somthing rcnt or prsnt. -ayb
somthing intrsting happn! on th !riv ovr or mayb yo' got
lost, ha! to stay lat at wor(, or 3'st too( a har! 1am. As long as it
happn! to!ay, tal( abo't it as yo' wo'l! to a clos %rin!. $h)ll
thn go into somthing that happn! to hr that !ay. /h %irst thra!
bra(s th ic an! rla1s yo' both. $tart with basic thra!s an! mov
'p in compl1ity as th !at progrsss.
4o')ll notic & gav a way to start th !at witho't acco'nting %or
whthr yo' ha! (iss! hr or not in yo'r prvio's nco'ntr. /hat)s
bca's vn i% yo' !i! (iss hr b%orhan!, yo' can)t grt hr with
yo'r tong'9yo' hav to start ovr an! rb'il! th nrgy sinc th
last tim yo' saw hr. &t)s li( r.priming a p'mp. 0hn it coms to
th %irst !at, th only !i%%rnc that prior (issing ma(s is towar! th
n! o% th !at, whn yo')r most li(ly to gt %arthr.
&% yo' ar starting th !at at a ca%O, or!r a !ssrt an! a glass o%
watr. Co%% won)t ma( a lot o% sns i% yo')r going to !rin(
a%trwar!. 0hn yo')r both loo(ing at th mn', say, ;0)ll start
hr an! thn & (now a plac !own th strt w can go n1t.<
Rcommn! a goo! snac( i% yo')v bn to th ca%O b%or.
$pn! yo'r tim in' convrsation. /al( abo't
yo'r 3ob, yo'r bac(gro'n!, yo'r chil!hoo! pts, %avorit %oo!s, li(s,
!isli(s, hobbis, co'ntris yo')v visit!, an! whatvr ls an
avrag girl consi!rs important in gtting to (now somon. 0hn
yo' %irst mt a girl it)s bttr to %oc's on mor intrsting an! highr
nrgy thra!s to crat a goo! %irst imprssion, b't now yo' can
spn! tim b'il!ing rapport an! loo(ing %or commonalitis.
Avn i% thr)s only physical attraction btwn th two o% yo',
ma( an %%ort to at last %ign intrst in who sh is as a prson.
Ac(nowl!g similaritis, no mattr how minor. &% yo' both lov
macaroni an! chs, stop short o% s'ggsting yo' two might b so'l
*'ring' convrsation, avoi! ma(ing it so'n!
li( an intrviw. Both o% yo' sho'l! b convrsing an! as(ing
2'stions an! it sho'l! %low nat'rally witho't m'ch %%ort, bca's
a%tr all, yo' two barly (now ach othr an! hav !ca!s o%
combin! 1princs, intrsts, an! (nowl!g to !isc'ss. #s th
tail n! o% on thra! to la'nch into anothr. ?or instanc, i% yo')r
tal(ing abo't carrs, th %'t'r may com 'p, which lts yo' tal(
abo't th 1citing things yo' rally want to !o. /al(ing abo't yo'r
!rams may to'ch 'pon travl an! yo'r %avorit intrnational citis.
/al(ing abo't yo'r %avorit intrnational citis may la! to a story
abo't a crtain cl'b yo' lov!. /al(ing abo't a crtain cl'b yo' lov!
may rmin! yo' o% yo'r nightli% c'lt'r opinions. /al(ing abo't
nightli% c'lt'r may to'ch on alcohol, yo'r bartn!ing (nowl!g, or
yo'r %avorit !rin(s. /al(ing abo't yo'r %avorit !rin(s may la! to a
!isc'ssion o% %oo! an! yo'r comical coo(ing %ail'rs. /al(ing abo't
coo(ing may la! to mntion o% yo'r !irty (itchn an! th sloppy
roommats yo' liv with. /al(ing abo't sloppy roommats may la!
to a convrsation abo't rnting a plac vrs's b'ying on. /al(ing
abo't rnting may la! to a convrsation abo't how yo' hav %rin!s
who still liv at hom with thir parnts. /al(ing abo't yo'r %rin!s)
parnts may la! to th %'nny things yo'r parnts !o. /al(ing abo't
yo'r parnts may la! to yo'r chil!hoo! an! an intrsting thing yo'
!i! in th %irst gra!. /al(ing abo't th %irst gra! may la! to what
yo' thin( abo't (i!s an! yo'r littl sibling. /al(ing abo't yo'r littl
sibling may la! to a convrsation abo't pts an! how yo' ha! a cra+y
hamstr that !i! o% nat'ral ca'ss. /al(ing abo't yo'r !a! hamstr
may la! to a movi yo' lov! that ha! a hamstr, an! !isc'ssion o%
yo'r %avorit movis in gnral. & thin( yo' gt th i!a.
&% yo' go with th %low, convrsations with total strangrs yo'
hav nothing in common with can go on %orvr, 3'st by hopping
thro'gh thra!s. =p /h Vib in min! an! b chatty within yo'r
com%ort lvl witho't %orcing aw(war! statmnts that so'n! as i%
yo')r trying too har!. /hr)s nothing mor yo' can !o to prpar,
bca's it)s not practical to mmori+ matrial %or a svral ho'r !at.
"opl will say yo' sho'l!n)t tal( abo't go! or politics on !ats,
b't this isn)t an absol't r'l. &% yo' an! th girl hav th sam
opinions on go! or politics, tal(ing abo't it can strngthn yo'r bon!.
4o' can prob ach topic an! ma( an !'cat! g'ss as to whthr
yo' shar th sam bli%s b%or yo' bring it 'p in a srio's way. ?or
instanc, i% yo' as( a girl i% sh gos to ch'rch rg'larly an! sh says
ys, it wo'l!n)t b wis to !isc'ss yo'r athist bli%s 'ntil a%tr yo'
bang hr. 7;&)m not rligio's, b't & (p an opn min!< has com o't
o% my mo'th !o+ns o% tims on %irst !ats.8 &% yo' as( who sh vot!
%or in th last prsi!ntial lction an! sh says th nam o% th g'y
yo' hat, it wo'l! b 'nsa% to tal( abo't politics. Avn i% yo' hav
th sam viwpoints on ths topics, gla+ ovr thm %or a min't or
two anyway, bca's rligion an! politics ar th most as1'al topics
yo' can !isc'ss.
A%tr FLPM0 min'ts o% tal(ing, gt ra!y to mov to th scon!
vn'. 7&% thr is no scon! vn', ramp !own th
yo' convrsation an! gra!'ally chang gars %or th n1t stag.8 0hn
yo' gt th chc(, pay witho't ma(ing a big !al abo't it. 6n th %irst
!at, yo')v invit! hr to vn's o% yo'r choosing, so th most
logical an! nat'ral mov is to pay. $h may o%%r to pay hr shar, an!
vn i% it)s an insincr o%%r, it)s a positiv sign that sh)s at last
trying to match yo'r %%ort. &% sh o%%rs, say, ;Do, it)s %in, & got it.
4o' can gt m n1t tim.<
Aarlir, w tal(! abo't two (y movs: th staring contst an! th
hair stro(. /h n1t on w)r going to !isc'ss is th
mov. "r%orm this mov on th wal( to th scon! vn'. $imply
stic( yo'r lbow o't to th si! yo'r !at is on an! %orm a hoo( %or
hr to grab. -ost girls (now what this mans an! will instinctivly p't
an arm thro'gh yo'rs. &% sh !osn)t pic( 'p on yo'r c', gntly n'!g
hr with yo'r lbow an! ma( an 1aggrat! throat.claring so'n!. &%
sh still !osn)t gt it, which will b rar, say how yo'r mom is on.
%o'rth ?rnch an! ta'ght yo' how to wal( %rom a yo'ng
ag. &t)s not critical to (p th hol! %or th ntir wal( to
th scon! vn', b't !o it %or at last a co'pl min'ts. &t sms
innocnt on th s'r%ac, b't it)s a intimat gst'r that is 3'st shy o%
Changing 5ars
/h %'n starts at th scon! vn', on that srvs alcohol in
sating arrangmnts that ma( it possibl %or yo' to sit n1t to hr. A
com%ortabl co'ch or booth is pr%rabl. 4o' !on)t want any physical
spac sparating yo' two. A%tr yo' or!r an! ta( yo'r %irst sips, ta(
a !p brath an! rla1, bca's this is going to b th asist tim
with yo'r girl yt. Aarlir yo' %oc's! on in%ormational convrsation,
b't now yo')r going to mov towar! h'mor an! opinion. As( i% sh
blivs in astrology an! claim yo' ra! hr horoscop to!ay. Rcit a
co'pl vag' statmnts an! n! with somthing s'rprisingly acc'rat,
li(, ;4o')ll b spcially social tonight.< 5o into yo'r i!as abo't
li%, popl, wor(, an! man9th things yo' bliv that ma( yo'
who yo' ar. =p it positiv. @t hr (now what yo')r passionat
abo't. $ilncs on yo'r part will show yo'r rla1!, con%i!nt nat'r.
0hn thy happn, insta! o% %illing thm li( yo' !i! b%or,
maintain rla1! y contact with hr %or svral scon!s an! thn sit
bac( an! sip yo'r !rin( whil obsrving othr patrons o% th bar. 4o'
can play a gam on whthr yo' can g'ss i% th co'pl narby is in a
rlationship or not, an! %or how long. 4o')r at a point whr almost
hal% th silncs sho'l! b bro(n by hr.
B%or yo' %inish yo'r %irst !rin(, pr%orm th %o'rth (y mov:
th %a( palm ra!. 4o' won)t mt a girl who !osn)t lov having hr
palm ra!. &ntro!'c th mov by tlling hr that yo' (now how to
ra! palms. -a( 'p a story abo't how yo'r mom 's! to b th bst
palm.ra!r in town an! ta'ght yo' a co'pl things whn yo' wr
littl. $h)ll !o'bt yo'r ability, b't insist that yo')r 1trmly
acc'rat. Dst hr han! in yo'rs an! hav yo'r othr han! ra!y to
trac hr palm. /h %%ctivnss o% this mov isn)t in th ra!ing,
which is bog's, b't in th han! to'ching. &% yo' loo( at co'pls in
p'blic, what ar thy 's'ally !oing, Bol!ing han!s.
/h thr lins on a prson)s palm ar li%, mony, an! lov 7&
thin(, b't it !osn)t mattr8. 0hn yo' gt to ach lin, all yo' hav to
!o is %! bac( in%ormation sh has alra!y tol! yo', 'n!r th g'is
that yo')r ra!ing hr %ort'n. &% sh wor(s in a law %irm an! is trying
to mov 'p th la!!r, say, ;4o'r lin says that yo')r ambitio's an!
want to !o law, mayb, 4s, law9an! yo' want to b a rally
important prson in yo'r %irm.< 0hn sh acc'ss yo' o% not ra!ing
hr %ort'n, smil an! say, ;Do way, it)s all in th han!. &t)s right
thrK< "rtn! yo')r o%%n!! that sh thin(s yo')r not a rp'tabl
palm ra!r. $h may vn snatch hr han! away, b't grab it bac( an!
contin', as(ing hr to stop !ist'rbing th psychic nrgy. 5o on %or a
co'pl min'ts whil yo' s2'int at hr han! an! hol! it 'p to viw at
!i%%rnt angls. /h only part yo' want to mmori+ is th lov lin
analysis, which coms last. $ay, ;&t says hr that yo')r going to
mt a rally cool g'y.< /hn !scrib yo'rsl%K $h)ll la'gh an! giv
yo' a loo(, b't contin' to %ign innocnc as i% yo')r a lgitimat
palm ra!r. A%tr th palm ra!, ma( 1tn!! y contact an! top it
o%% with a smir(.
/h %a( palm ra! sts yo' 'p %or th singl arm mov. "'t yo'r
arm bhin! hr an! gntly wrap aro'n! hr lowr bac(, n!ing at hr
waist. /his is an obvio's mov that basically says, ;By, loo( at m,
&)m ma(ing a movK< b't rmmbr, yo'r physical movs !on)t
always hav to b s'btl. &% sh)s ngaging yo', not t1ting on hr
phon vry %iv min'ts, not b'rping lo'!ly, an! not rcoiling whn
yo' ma( any typ o% physical contact, sh)ll wlcom th singl arm
mov an! gt ra!y %or yo' to (iss hr. 5irls who !on)t want to b
(iss!, on th othr han!, will act %i!gty, nrvo's, an! !istract!, an!
will (p rmin!ing yo' o% th tim bca's sh has to ;go soon.< &%
yo'r arm can)t gt thro'gh bca's sh)s sitting too %ar bac(, 3'st as(
hr to mov 'p a littl so yo' can p't yo'r arm thro'gh. &t)s that
simpl. By now yo')v both ha! a co'pl !rin(s, so sitting bac( is th
nat'ral thing to !o. 4o' (now how g'ys in th movis !o th
1aggrat! yawn to gt an arm aro'n! a girl, 4o' can !o that, too,
%or a la'gh. &t !osn)t mattr how yo' !o it, as long as yo' !o it. Dow
yo'r han! will b abl to gntly c'p th si! o% hr ass %or th rst o%
th night.
As mor alcohol ntrs yo'r systms, it will bcom incrasingly
!i%%ic'lt to maintain intllignt convrsation. /hr will b mor
silncs, mor y contact, an! shortr 1changs that will b mor
play%'l in nat'r. 4o' can vn rmar( on how yo'r ability to ma(
smart convrsation is !iminishing. /his wo'l! b a goo! tim to r'n
th ;strawbrry gam.<
0hn & go on a !at, th only things & rmin! mysl% to !o ar th mov, th %a( palm ra! mov, th singl arm mov, an!
th strawbrry gam. & can scrw 'p or %orgt th othr things, b't
ths %o'r ar th milstons that hlp m stay on tas( %or th %irst (iss
an! byon!. Bowvr, thr is no singl ssntial mov yo' must !o9
thy)r ach a !rop in th b'c(t o% th ovrall vib yo')r trying to
crat. /hin( o% ach mov as incrasing yo'r o!!s o% s'ccss by a
%w prcntag points, a n'mbr that in th n! is too small to
!trmin yo'r %at. 0hil & !on)t want to so'n! li( a total moron in
non.script! parts o% th !at, rg'lar convrsation !osn)t hav to b
awar!.winning an! pr%ct. &% sh)s attract! to yo' 7which sh is,
bca's sh show! 'p on th !at8, com%ortabl with yo', an! yo'
wr abl to r'n a co'pl movs, intimacy is almost g'arant!. Avn
on ba! !ats, whr it was ass'm! thr wo'l!n)t b a scon!, my
!ats wr almost always !own %or ma(.o'ts by th n!.
/h $trawbrry 5am
/h strawbrry gam is an 1ampl o% (o(ology, a Hapans
ps'!o.scinc that is s'ppos! to tll yo' things yo' !i!n)t (now
abo't yo'rsl% by answring sit'ational 2'stions. ?or instanc, i% &
as( yo' to imagin wal(ing thro'gh a woo!s, thn as( yo' to tll m
what it was li( an! yo' say it was a tropical rain%orst, that mans
yo')r ambitio's an! always loo(ing %or a!vnt'r. $o'n!s silly,
right, B't ths typs o% gams, li( palm ra!ing an! horoscops, ar
li( crac( to a woman. /hy)r %%ctiv at rla1ing hr an! gtting
hr into an imaginativ moo! to hlp hr %orgt abo't hr vry!ay
problms. /hy also incras rapport an! a!! to th &)v.(nown.yo'.
longr.than.&.rally.hav %ling.
A%tr tlling yo' that (o(ology is silly, & want to stat that th
strawbrry gam is %airly acc'rat. &)v !on it with at last %i%ty girls
an! %rom my 1princ a pattrn mrgs that givs wight to th
analysis, spcially with th %irst two 2'stions. 0hil it)s %'n, & !o it
%or my bn%it as m'ch as th girl)s.
/o intro!'c th gam, say, ;By. & (now a %'n gam that can tll
m things abo't yo'.< $h)ll b c'rio's, so go aha! an! bgin.
;&magin yo'rsl% in a %il!. &t)s a spring !ay an! yo')r waring a
c't spring o't%it. Bir!s ar circling abov an! it 3'st %ls
com%ortabl. 6%% in th !istanc yo' s a strawbrry %il!, a sa o%
grn an! r!, an! sinc yo' li( strawbrris, yo' start wal(ing
towar! th %il!. 4o' wal( %or what sms li( a long tim an! yo'
%inally gt to th %il!. Bow high is th %nc aro'n! th strawbrry
%il!,<&% sh isn)t s'r, say, ;Bow high is it in yo'r min!, /hr
!osn)t hav to b a %nc i% yo' !on)t s on.< Contin': ;4o' go
insi! th strawbrry %il! an! wal( !own th rows o% strawbrris.
4o' notic that thy)r big, 3'icy, an! rip. & man, ths ar th bst
strawbrris yo')v vr sn in yo'r li%. Bow many !o yo' pic( an!
at right thr,< /h last 2'stion: ;Alright, so yo' at th
strawbrris an! ar vry satis%i!. Dow yo')r wal(ing o't o% th
strawbrry %il! whn th %armr stops yo'. B acc'ss yo' o% ating
his strawbrris witho't as(ing. 0hat !o yo' say to him,<
/h strawbrry gam rvals hr viws on s1 bca's
strawbrris rprsnt plas'r an! passion to womn. /hr)s a vry
goo! chanc sh)ll %ig'r that o't b%or yo' ar !on. /h hight o%
hr %nc rprsnts hr barrir to somthing plas'rabl9in othr
wor!s, hr vagina. /h answr yo' want to har is, ;& !on)t s a
%nc.< & !on)t bliv in astrology or psychic powr, b't i% a girl tlls
yo' hr %nc is highr than %o'r %t 7waist.high8, sh has s1'al
iss's that yo' may hav alra!y i!nti%i! b%or a!ministring th
tst. 4o')r going to %inss th %irst 2'stion analysis bca's i% hr
%nc is low yo' !on)t want to imply that sh)s a sl't. $ay, ;/h hight
o% yo'r %nc rprsnts yo'r barrir to intimacy. A lowr %nc mans
yo' !on)t !lay intimacy with a g'y yo' rally li(, whil a highr
%nc9spcially abov %o'r %t9mans yo' conscio'sly postpon
intimacy %or whatvr rason9mayb yo')v bn h'rt many tims.<
&ntimacy hr mans s1, b't lt hr thin( it mans whatvr sh wants
it to man.
/h scon! 2'stion rprsnts hr s1'al apptit or hr !sir %or
s1'al varity. Aach strawbrry is a singl s1 act with a man. &% sh
givs an answr li(, ;As many as & can at,< sh)s an imp'lsiv girl
who has ha! hr shar o% goo! tims with mn. $ay, ;/h n'mbr o%
strawbrris yo' at rprsnts yo'r s1'al apptit. A lowr n'mbr
mans yo')r gnrally satis%i! with mn whil a highr n'mbr
mans yo')r not c'rrntly satis%i! an! yo'r s1 li% isn)t what yo'
imagin! it to b.< $inc a ma3ority o% girls giv a high n'mbr, & li(
tlling hr th ba! nws that sh)s not s1'ally satis%i! bca's sh)ll
b staring at m9th potntial sol'tionK
/ll hr that th answr to th thir! 2'stion rprsnts what sh
says to a man a%tr s1. -ost girls say ;&)m sorry< or ;/han( yo', thy
wr !licio's.< /h answr to this 2'stion is %'n, b't it !osn)t
appar to corrlat to any bhavior.
A%tr th strawbrry gam, yo')r going to b naring ho'r thr
o% th !at. $top %or a momnt to thin( abo't whr yo' stan!. &s sh
participating in th convrsation by ngaging yo' an! as(ing
2'stions, &s sh la'ghing at yo'r 3o(s, vn th lam ons, &s sh
not rcoiling whn yo' to'ch hr, &s sh not incrasing th physical
spac btwn hr bo!y an! yo'rs, &s sh not ma(ing prsistnt
1c'ss abo't having to go hom, /h answr to all o% ths 2'stions
!osn)t hav to b ys to proc! an! scalat, b't ta( not o% th
gnral trn!9ar things gtting bttr or wors, &% things ar gtting
bttr an! sh)s warming 'p to yo' an! appars mor rla1! an!
com%ortabl, it)s tim to go %or th (iss whil at th scon! vn',
whthr yo')v (iss! hr b%or or not.
*at Ascalation
& can)t strss how important it is to (iss hr by th n! o% th %irst
!at. A1cpt %or on 1cption, a virgin, vry girl &)v vr ha! s1
with was (iss! by that tim. &% yo')r aiming %or s1 by !at thr, a
rasonabl goal, yo' n! to gt th %irst (iss 2'ic(ly. 6thrwis it
will ta( longr to gt thr an! yo')ll ntr th !angro's trritory o%
committing to a girl who is probably gtting what sh wants 7attntion
an! vali!ation8 at yo'r 1pns.
=issing a girl by th n! o% th %irst !at is s'ch a rliabl pr!ictor
o% 'pcoming s1 that & !on)t vn bothr calling girls who rsist it.
0ith so many girls o't thr who ar com%ortabl with intimacy, it)!
b a wast o% yo'r tim to go !own th rabbit hol o% a rlationship
with a girl who is going to bl' ball yo'. 4o' n! to (now how a girl
is in b! b%or yo' !ci! to ma( a ral invstmnt in hr, an! it
wo'l! b a wast o% yo'r rso'rcs to wait 'ntil !at ight to %in! o't
that sh)s a !a! %ish. *on)t b'y th 3'ic b%or yo' gt a s2'+.
A%tr yo')v r'n yo'r !at movs an! ro'tins, yo')ll b gtting
hornir an! start thin(ing abo't banging hr. 6nc all signs point to
hr n3oying yo'r company an! yo' n3oying hrs, it)s tim to 's th
hair stro( mov b%or going in %or th (iss. &t)s %in i% yo')v
alra!y !on it b%or. *'ring a silnt momnt in th convrsation
7whil sitting n1t to hr with on arm bhin! hr an! on arm %r8,
maintain y contact, gt a littl closr, !o th hair stro( mov, glanc
at hr lips, an! gt a littl closr 'ntil yo')r 3'st a %w inchs %rom hr
%ac. /hn go in %or th (iss.
&% sh)s going to rsist th (iss, sh)ll rcoil !'ring th stag whr
yo' gt closr, which is highly 'nli(ly i% yo'r arm is aro'n! hr. &t)s
also accptabl to !o a co'pl passs whr yo' mov in an! p'll bac(
onc or twic to tas hr, as !scrib! arlir. /his is lss ncssary
on a !at than whn (issing on th sam night yo' mt bca's th
ho'rs o% tal(ing hav crat! s1'al tnsion that n!s littl
*on)t ovr!o th (iss. $h may intrprt yo'r !sir to constantly
(iss hr as n!inss. 4o' always want to lav hr wanting mor by
stopping b%or yo' thin( sh)s gtting satis%i!. &% on a %irst !at &
(iss a girl %or a total o% %iv min'ts, &)! rathr !o it in %iv on.min't
b'rsts than on %iv.min't sssion. A%tr yo' p'll bac( %rom th %irst
(iss 7it will always b yo' that p'lls bac( %rom (isss %irst8, wait tn
min'ts b%or yo' go bac( in again to show hr that (issing is no big
!al an! thn rs'm convrsation as i% nothing ma3or happn!.
=iss r.ntry is bst whn anothr nat'ral silnc ta(s plac. ?l
%r to throw in a co'pl %a(.o'ts whr yo' gt rally clos, ma(ing
hr thin( yo')r going to (iss hr again, b't thn p'lling bac( to
contin' tal(ing. B 'npr!ictabl abo't whn yo' n! (isss9
somtims go in %or a min't, somtims two min'ts, an! somtims
only twnty scon!s. $av th 1tn!! ma(.o'ts %or whn yo' gt
hr in a b!room. 4o' want to tas hr9bl'.balling yo'rsl% in th
short trm9to t'rn hr on so m'ch that sh !osn)t rsist whn yo'
scalat in th b!room.
&% sh)s not ra!y to b (iss! at th scon! vn', yo' hav two
options. /h %irst is to mov th !at to a thir! vn'. & only
rcommn! this i% yo' thin( sh)s intrst! b't a littl consrvativ
or nrvo's. 6thrwis it will b a wast o% mony. 4o' bgin to hit th
point o% !iminishing rt'rn whn yo' vn' chang to a thir! location,
b't it can somtims hlp bra( !own rmaining rsistanc. 4o'r
scon! option is to n! th !at an! to try to (iss hr whn yo' say
goo!night. &t)s possibl that sh wants to (iss yo' b't not in p'blic,
spcially i% it)s th %irst (iss. 5t hr in yo'r car to !riv hr hom or
wal( hr to whrvr hr ri! is an! thn try to (iss hr a%tr th
goo!night h'g.
$inc it)s not a goo! i!a to bothr contacting girls w !on)t (iss
by th n! o% th %irst alcohol !at, it will b a !o.or.!i momnt
whr yo' m'st ma( yo'r bst %%ort to (iss hr, vn i% yo'r intnt
sms obvio's. &% yo' hav to (p trying 'ntil sh)s %inally %orc! to
t'rn hr ha! away, so b it. 4o')ll wal( away %rom th %irst !at
(nowing whthr sh)s opn to having s1 soon or not.
& wo'l!n)t stay in th %inal vn' m'ch longr than an ho'r a%tr
yo' (iss hr bca's thr)s a !angr yo' may stall. Alcohol mi1!
with a %irst (iss tn!s to compltly (ill mal convrsational ability
an! yo' !on)t want to r'in th momnt with silnc or %all into th trap
o% trying to (iss hr too m'ch. As( i% sh)s ra!y to go an! thn
prpar %or th n1t stag o% scalation by !riving or wal(ing hr
hom. &% sh !rov to mt yo', th !at n!s with yo' wal(ing hr to
hr car 'nlss yo' can p'll o%% th ;Ar yo' still trying to hang o't,<
vn' chang mov. 6!!s ar yo' won)t s'cc! i% sh has a rg'lar
3ob an! it)s a w(!ay bca's sh will hav to gt 'p arly.
*riving bac( to hr plac is th bst scnario, bca's yo' can play
it as i% yo')r 3'st !ropping hr hom whn in %act yo')r going to try
to wasl yo'r way insi! onc yo' gt thr. 4o' may %l sla+y
trying to gt insi! hr plac on th %irst !at, b't yo' hav to !o it
vry tim bca's it shows hr yo'r intnt is s1'al in nat'r. &% sh)s
not opn to having s1, it)s bttr to %in! o't now. &t co'l! b possibl
that trying to gt into hr plac may cost yo' a notch with a smi.
consrvativ girl who wo'l! p't o't on !at %iv, b't in th long r'n
thr)s a nt gain in notchs bca's it 2'ic(ly hlps to sal th !al
with girls who !on)t min! cas'al s1. 4o')ll b s'rpris! at how clos
yo' can gt to s1 on a /'s!ay night %irst !at a%tr a co'pl !rin(s. &t
pays to b sla+y.
4o' won)t lt hr (now yo'r intntion to ntr hr plac 'ntil
yo')r within sight o% hr %ront !oor. /hn yo')ll p'll o't th most
low.tch lin that will vr com o% yo'r mo'th: ;Can & 's yo'r
bathroom,< /his lin is 3o(! abo't an! wll.(nown, b't it wor(s
1trmly wll. &t wor(s vn in instancs whr th girl !osn)t li(
yo'. & (now this bca's thr hav bn cass whr & 's! th
bathroom an! th girl thn litrally p'sh! m o't th !oor. & thin( th
lin wor(s bca's it)s so o%tn moc(! that that no girl will bliv
yo')! 's it an! not act'ally hav to 's th bathroom. &t)s vn
vrsatil no'gh to 's on th sam girl a scon! or thir! tim. & !on)t
car i% yo' !on)t hav to 's th bathroom or i% thr ar tn gas
stations with rstrooms right n1t to hr plac, b't yo' must 's this
Rgar!lss i% yo' !rop hr o%% by %oot or car, yo')ll 1c't th
;Can & 's yo'r bathroom,< lin in a similar mannr. A%tr yo' as(,
sh)s going to pa's b%or giving yo' an answr. &% hr pa's is
'nnat'rally long, say, ;Do, rally.< &% sh !osn)t say somthing li(
;s'r< sh)ll o%%r an 1c's, s'ch as hr bathroom is !irty or hr gay
roommat is a light slpr.
/hn yo' mov on to stag two scalation with, ;& hav to go
rally ba!. Can yo' point m to a sa% ally narby thn,< $ay it with
a slightly sarcastic ton. 6nc yo' show that yo')r srio's abo't
'rinating an! that hr !o'bts ar ri!ic'lo's, sh)ll say ys abo't IL:
o% th tim. &% sh still says no an! yo')r in yo'r car, mov on to
stag thr scalation: ;6(ay, how abo't this. &% & can)t %in! a par(ing
spot in si1ty scon!s, thn &)ll 3'st lav, bca's & rally hav to go.<
/hn ass'm sh sai! ys an! start loo(ing %or a spac 'nlss sh
givs yo' a clar no. 7$h won)t.8
&% yo')r not in yo'r car, stag thr scalation will b as(ing %or
spci%ic p'blic locations, s'ch as a !ar( ally, whr yo' can r'n to
'rinat. &)v nvr ha! a girl say no a%tr a stag thr scalation, vn
i% th !at was m!iocr. & rpat, this lin has never %ail! m. &% sh
lts yo' ta( hr hom, sh)ll lt yo' insi! to mpty yo'r bla!!r.
/h bathroom wasl tchni2' is li( whn a movi thatr as(s i%
yo' want to 'pgra! to a larg so!a %or only thirty cnts mor. $'r,
whatvr, might as wll.
5tting hr bac( in yo'r plac will b har!r bca's yo' %orc hr
to !ci! b%or yo')r thr. 4o' giv hr too m'ch tim to thin(, so
it bcoms lss o% an imp'lsiv !cision, tho'gh thr ar a co'pl
in!irct tchni2's yo' can 's to sll yo'r plac i% that)s whr yo')!
rathr n! 'p. /h %irst is whn yo' want to shar somthing with hr,
li( pict'rs or vi!os. A1ampls: ;By, why !on)t w hang o't at my
plac %or a bit, & want to show yo' my pict'rs %rom $pain< or ;By,
why !on)t w hang o't at my plac so w can listn to that alb'm &
tol! yo' abo't< or ;By why !on)t w hang o't at my plac so & can
show yo' th vi!os my %rin! shot o% o'r last trip.<
/h rason sho'l! b somthing cool yo' want to shar that can
only b 1princ! at yo'r ho's. *on)t ovrsll. $ay it cas'ally, li(
it)s no big !al. &t)s as i% yo')r as(ing a b'!!y to com ovr an! hang
o't. &% sh hsitats9which sh probably will9a!! a tim constraint:
;&t won)t ta( vry long. & can)t stay 'p lat anyway bca's & hav to
gt 'p a littl arly.< $ay this vn i% it)s a w(n! night. /hn
ass'm sh sai! ys an! ta( th n1t stp to gt hr to yo'r ho's,
whthr it mans calling th waitrss to clos yo'r tab or starting to
wal( in th !irction o% somon)s car. #nlss yo' gt a %irm no or a
;& rally can)t,< ass'm sh)s bing wishy.washy so sh won)t appar
to b a sl't. As long as yo' !on)t grab hr arm an! physically p'll hr
towar! whr yo' want to go, ass'ming a ys is 3'st bing a man who
(nows that girls want to b l!.
/h scon! tchni2', gnrally 's! whn th two o% yo' hav
cons'm! alcohol, is s'ggsting that sh 3oin yo' %or a !rin( at yo'r
plac. 4o')ll 's this lin whn yo')r alra!y !rin(ing an! having a
goo! tim so that contin'ing th party at yo'r plac will sm to b th
nat'ral thing to !o. &% yo')r at a bar or cl'b with a girl an! yo')v
bn ma(ing o't with hr, it)s not going to so'n! nat'ral to as( hr to
loo( at photos. &nsta!, say, ;Ar yo' ra!y to go,< $h)ll probably
say ys. As yo' wal( o't o% th vn' say, ;@t)s gt a !rin( at my
plac.< Ass'm th ys an! start ha!ing bac( towar! yo'r plac. &%
sh ob3cts, hit hr with a tim constraint. /his is my %avorit
tchni2' %or gtting on.night stan!s.
&% yo')r 'nabl to gt hr bac( on th %irst !at, plan !at two %or
a high.nrgy vn' on th w(n!, thn rpat th attmpt. 7Call hr
two or thr !ays a%tr th %irst !at, rgar!lss o% th !ay.8 4o')ll b
o't o% ro'tins by th scon! !at, so rly on %'n convrsation thra!s.
$tay rla1!, contin' to rg'lat yo'r ma(.o't sssions to (p th
s1'al tnsion high, an! %low %rom /h Vib. $inc yo' havn)t ha!
s1 with hr yt, r%rain %rom complimnts bsi!s a gnric ;4o'
loo( nic tonight< an! !on)t tal( abo't yo'r %lings %or hr or how
sh ma(s yo' happy. 4o' hav to play it cool, light, an! %'n 'ntil yo'
bang hr. &% sh ma(s a sincr o%%r to pay, lt hr.
/h p'rpos o% mi!!l gam is to gt hr insi! a b!room whil
gaming hr in a way that lowrs hr rsistanc to having s1. Avn
tho'gh mi!!l gam is optional, sinc yo' can go straight %rom mt
to b!room on th sam night, it)s important %or it to b yo'r strngth
bca's a larg prcntag o% 2'ality girls arn)t opn to on.night
stan!s. 6nc sh)s insi! yo'r b!room, all that)s l%t is saling th
@A/A 5A-A
&% yo' strip s1 !own to its physical componnts, it)s an act !'ring
which a man insrts a ro!.shap! mass o% ngorg! tiss' into a
woman)s l'bricat! cavity, also ma! o% tiss'. A man r'bs his ro! in
an! o't, stim'lating plas'r rcptors in his brain 'ntil it !ci!s to
3ct a gntic pac(ag that)s important in contin'ing th spcis.
Avol'tion tlls a man)s gns to imprgnat as many womn as
possibl, b't tlls a woman)s gns to b mor choosy, sinc having a
chil! is ris(y an! nrgy intnsiv. 0omn ar s'ppos! to hav s1
only with mn who hav th rso'rcs to rais a chil!, b't than(s to
contracption, womn now can hav s1 with mn whos chil!rn
thy !on)t want to bar. Contracption has tipp! millions o% yars o%
vol'tion to th a!vantag o% th man, who can hav s1 with a larg
n'mbr o% womn witho't having to worry abo't chil!rn.
0hat typ o% man gts rwar!! with th most s1, An alpha mal
with two important s(ill sts. /h %irst st ma(s womn !sir him
thro'gh th 's o% gam, in th %orm o% prsonality, ro'tins, an!
movs. /his crats attraction, tr'st, com%ort, an! rapport. 0hil th
strawbrry gam, %or 1ampl, won)t !o m'ch on its own, it)s
powr%'l in crating s1'al intrst whn 's! with othr gam
componnts. /h scon! s(ill st is prsistnc, which capitali+s on a
woman)s imp'lsiv nat'r. 4o'r prsistnc is %irm b't not !sprat,
an! yo' 'n!rstan! that womn n! mor nco'ragmnt than mn
whn it coms to s1. &% yo' only possss th %irst s(ill st, yo')ll hav
a typ o% ;showboat< gam whr yo' can gt n'mbrs an! ma(.o'ts
with as b't yo')ll only gt lai! whn th girl is vry horny an!
motivat!. /h %orc o% yo'r prsonality alon won)t b abl to gt hr
into b!9only th a!!ition o% a prsistnt min!st can yo' p'sh all
th way to th n!.
A girl)s 3ob is to rsist pntration, vn with th worthist o% mn,
an! contin' rsisting as long as possibl to prsrv hr val'. $h)s
a%rai! that by having s1 with yo' too arly, yo')ll thin( sh)s an asy
sl't, not worthy o% anothr call. Br rsistanc is bas! mor on logic
than motion, sinc sh)s going against what sh !sirs. 4o' n! to
bra( !own hr rsistanc 'sing s'btl prs'asion an! min! tactics
that mov th !cision to hav s1 bac( into th motional ralm,
whr sh can)t hlp b't s'cc'mb to hr !sir. 4o' provi! an
nvironmnt whr sh gts ;ca'ght in th momnt< an! things ;3'st
happn< an! ;%l nat'ral.< Anothr way to bra( !own rsistanc is
to po'n! away li( a 3ac(hammr 'ntil sh 3'st gts tir! an! givs in.
/his isn)t an lgant approach, b't it wor(s bca's any typ o% h'man
rsistanc can b bro(n !own with no'gh prss'r. 0)r going to
's a combination o% both approachs.
6nc &nsi!
0 l%t o%% with yo' at hr plac, as(ing to 's th bathroom9or
sh)s at yo'r plac, wanting to s travl pict'rs or to hav a !rin(.
6r mayb it)s th sam night yo' mt an! yo' vn' chang! hr an!
a %rin! to a tiny apartmnt. /h (iss has probably happn! by now,
b't i% not, yo' can (noc( it o't onc insi!, 'sing th tchni2's
alra!y !scrib!.
"lay it cool by not imm!iatly to'ching or (issing hr. A%tr yo'
's th bathroom, 1plor hr living spac, ma(ing commnts an!
as(ing 2'stions abo't boo(s or pict'rs. $pn! at last %iv min'ts
ltting hr gt com%ortabl with yo' bing in hr plac by not gtting
physically clos. &% !'ring thos %iv min'ts sh rmin!s yo' that sh
n!s to gt 'p arly an! yo' sho'l! gt going, that mans yo')r not
gtting lai!. 4o')ll also (now sh !osn)t want yo' to stay whn sh
lavs hr shos on an! stan!s by th !oor. $imply giv hr a goo!by
h'g an! ma( o't with hr a littl bit, a!!ing a littl ass grab i% yo'
havn)t alra!y.
&% sh !osn)t try to (ic( yo' o't in thos %irst %iv min'ts, sh)s
giving yo' a grn light to scalat, which mans s1 is a ral
possibility. &% sh)s showing yo' aro'n!, gt bhin! hr an! plac yo'r
han!s on hr hips as yo' mov closr to rs'm to'ching an! (issing.
4o' co'l! gt things going in th living room an! mov latr, b't it)s
in yo'r bst intrst to gt hot an! havy in th %inal !stination 7hr
b!room8 so yo'r gam won)t b intrr'pt! with having to rlocat.
5tting into hr b!room can b 3'st as !i%%ic'lt as gtting into hr
plac. $om girls thin( that i% thy lt yo' into hr b!room, s1 will
b invitabl, so thy may rsist whn yo' as( %or a ;to'r.< &% sh !os
rsist say, ;0ll, to m it)s important bca's yo' can tll a lot abo't
a girl by how hr b!room loo(s. ?or instanc, th n'mbr o% pillows
is h'g in (nowing what (in! o% girl &)m !aling with.< &n a hal%.
sarcastic ton yo')r ma(ing it sm as i% yo' n! to s hr b!room
to rally (now hr. 4o' (now it)s blatant b'llshit an! sh (nows it)s
b'llshit, b't it wor(s bca's yo')r giving hr a rason to lt yo'
ntr hr b!room witho't ma(ing it obvio's that s1 will happn. &%
sh still rsists, contin' in th living room. &% yo')r in yo'r ho's,
gtting hr into th b!room will b asy, sinc it will b a part o% th
to'r an! it will hav somthing yo' 3'st have to show hr, li( th
$pongBob $2'ar"ants pillow on yo'r b!.
&n thory, yo' sho'l!n)t hav to wor( har! to gt a girl horny
bca's sh sho'l! b th on to gt yo' horny. 4o' sho'l! 3'st hav
to lay bac(, allow hr to ta( o%% yo'r cloths, an! lt hr plas yo'
with !p throat blow3obs. 0hil yo' will vnt'ally slp with many
girls who li( to attac( yo' in th b!room, it will b rar %or this to
happn th %irst tim yo' hav s1. /his is why yo' n! to initiat th
important movs o% clothing rmoval an! gnital to'ching. $h won)t
!o it %or yo'K
0)r gtting to th part o% th gam that)s li( thos novls with
m'ltipl n!ings. /hr ar a lot o% ways to gt to s1 onc yo' hav
hr in a b!room, b't it)s going to b rar %or yo' !o it th sam way
twic. 0hat &)m going to !scrib is a way that)s nat'ral an! rliabl.
&t incl'!s (y movs an! lins that blow thro'gh rsistanc, b't it)s
still going to b 'p to yo' to c'stomi+ yo'r movs to acco'nt %or
what)s going on, along with hr own 'ni2' li(s an! !isli(s. &% sh)s
going cra+y with plas'r ovr somthing & only mntion in passing,
yo' may want to giv that som 1tra attntion.
6nc yo' hav a girl alon an! it)s clar sh !osn)t min! yo'
staying, (iss an! 1plor hr bo!y with yo'r han!s. /h ass is %air
gam, b't !on)t to'ch hr brasts or vagina yt. -assag an! s2'+
hr innr thigh nar hr vagina as yo' ma( o't with hr. 6nc yo' gt
within a co'pl inchs o% hr vagina, sh)ll probably s2'+ hr lgs
togthr, which is normal an! not somthing yo' sho'l! b concrn!
abo't. $n! yo'r mo'th o%% to aras othr than hr lips, s'ch as hr
nc( an! ars. "'t mor passion an! intnsity into yo'r (isss by
a!!ing mor tong', tth, s2'+s, an! havy brathing.
4o' sho'l! b abl to %l hr n3oying th intimacy an! gtting
mor com%ortabl with yo' an! not rsisting by grabbing yo'r han!s
an! moving thm o%% hr bo!y. Ar hr ys clos!, in!icating sh)s
losing hrsl% in th momnt, &s sh tlling yo' how m'ch sh li(s
what yo')r !oing, &s sh starting to gt aggrssiv by nibbling on
yo'r ar or s'c(ing on yo'r nc(, &% havy ptting start! in th living
room, say, ;& thin( w sho'l! go to yo'r b!room whr it)s mor
?oc's n1t on hr brasts. 0hil yo'r han! is 1ploring hr torso,
!o a brast !, simply r'bbing ovr on o% hr brasts as i% it)s
any othr part o% hr bo!y. 4o')ll %in! that most girls !on)t rsist
brast to'ching bca's it)s similar to an ass s2'+, somthing
yo')v alra!y !on. A co'pl min'ts a%tr th brast !, par(
yo'r han! on a brast %or a %w scon!s an! giv it a slight s2'+. &%
sh !osn)t slap yo'r han! o%%, lt yo'r han!s go on an a ran!om loop
o% to'ching an! r'bbing, incl'!ing hr %ac, hair, brasts, torso, ass,
han!s, an! lgs. Bav %'n t'rning hr on, an! yo'rsl%.
D1t coms hr vagina. H'st as with th brast, !o a !
vagina r'b with yo'r han! ovr hr cloths an! thn ga'g hr
raction. &% sh !osn)t rcoil, rt'rn again soon, pa'sing ovr th
vagina an! giving it mor prss'r. 4o'r initial goal with vagina r'bs
is to hlp with scalation rathr than giving plas'r. &t)s at this stag
whn most g'ys gt thir %irst !os o% rsistanc, b't yo' n! hr to
accpt this mov to proc!.
0hn it coms to rsistanc, thr ar two typs o% no. /h %irst is
;Do, & wo'l!n)t hav s1 with yo', vn i% th contin'ation o% th
h'man spcis !pn!! on it,< an! th scon! is ;Do, & !on)t want to
hav s1 yo' yet.< /h %ormr can nvr b ovrcom, b't th lattr
can. &% at any point sh rsists yo'9an! it will b obvio's whn sh
!os9ta( a stp bac(. 5iv hr a littl smil an! stop !oing whatvr
yo' wr !oing to plac a littl !istanc btwn yo' an! hr. Appar
%in with hr tlling yo' to slow !own, an! thn say, ;& want yo' to b
compltly com%ortabl, so & !on)t want yo' to !o somthing yo'
!on)t want to !o.< /h p'rpos o% saying this is to lt hr (now yo')r
a sa% g'y, that yo' hav th control to stop at any tim to rspct hr
limits, an! that sh sho'l! giv srio's tho'ght to ltting hrsl% go,
sinc yo')r obvio'sly th man.
0hn yo' p'll bac( in th b!room, yo' crat an 'ncom%ortabl
vac''m that bgs to b %ill!. 4o' ca's th girl to 1princ a
tmporary %ling o% insc'rity that can only b rliv! whn sh
coms closr to yo' in th %orm o% to'ching or (issing. &% sh !osn)t
com bac( a%tr yo' p'll away, it)s 's'ally a sign that things probably
won)t go m'ch %arthr on this night. Aithr way, a%tr yo' nco'ntr
rsistanc, yo' want to rstart, 3'st as yo' wo'l! in a vi!o gam
whn yo'r charactr !is. 5o bac( to th bginning by %oc'sing on
simpl (issing an! to'ching, thn r!oing th movs yo' ma! b%or.
0hn yo' vnt'ally rt'rn to th sam mov that sh rsist! 10P1L
min'ts arlir, yo'r o!!s o% passing that stag will b highr. &% sh
rsists th sam mov a scon! tim, yo'r charactr has !i! again an!
yo')ll hav to start all ovr. &% sh rsists th sam mov a thir! tim,
start ovr again. =p going 'ntil yo' %l a wir! vib that ma(s it
sm as i% yo')r going bac(war! insta! o% %orwar!.
&n many cass, yo')ll gt past rsistanc on th scon! or thir!
attmpt, only to b stymi! at th n1t stp. Avn tho'gh rsistanc
isn)t %'n, p'sh 3'st a bit mor than yo' %l com%ortabl with so things
will b asir on th n1t !at. &% yo' hav hr almost na(! an! sh)s
rsisting, simply lay n1t to hr, rla1 %or a %w min'ts, thn rstart
with to'ching an! (issing 'ntil sh gts hot again. /h tasing yo')v
bn !oing prior to this momnt, s'ch as br'shing against hr lips an!
p'lling bac(, sho'l! hav lssn! th rsistanc yo' wo'l! hav
rciv! othrwis9an! somtims it vaporats altogthr.
Rsistanc is a normal part o% th gam, so !on)t lt it !isco'rag
yo'. 6n o% my %irst b!room bli%s was that & n!! to avoi!
rsistanc. & tho'ght a girl wo'l! li( m lss i% sh ha! to rsist, b't
this isn)t th cas. ?or 1ampl, thr was a girl who rsist! m seven
times on o'r %irst !at whn & tri! to ta( hr pantis o%% 'ntil & %inally
gav 'p. $h was li( a no bro(n rcor! that night, b't & asily ha!
s1 with hr th n1t tim w got togthr. Rmmbr: girls rwar!
aggrssiv g'ys who want to hav s1 with thm, not timi! g'ys who
wait %or p'ssy to %all %rom th s(y. /h rstart tchni2' can b
pr%orm! in!%initly 'ntil sh givs sincr complaints abo't yo'r
prsistnc that clarly show sh)s 'ncom%ortabl. 4o')ll (now
bca's sh)ll stop (issing an! ngaging yo'. B't i% sh 3o(s aro'n!
with somthing li( ;4o')r an aggrssiv on, arn)t yo',< (p
A%tr yo' gt past th vagina r'b witho't rsistanc, ma( th
han!.on.crotch mov, th most important b!room mov yo' can
1c't. &t)s bol!, b't vry %%ctiv. #p to this point yo')v bn
!oing most o% th to'ching, b't now yo' want to opn th %loo!gats
an! giv hr prmission to b th s1'al bing sh rally is. 0hn on
o% hr han!s is nar yo'r waist, gntly grab it an! plac it right on yo'r
coc(, ovr yo'r cloths. /h lngth o% tim sh spn!s on yo'r coc(
in!icats what yo'r imm!iat chanc o% banging is. &% sh gos at it
an! tris to giv yo' a han! 3ob thro'gh yo'r cloths, thr)s a goo!
chanc yo')r going to gt lai!, b't i% sh acts as i% yo'r coc( is a %iry
pic o% lava, yo' can mntally prpar %or which porno clip yo')ll b
mast'rbating to onc yo' gt bac( hom. /h goal is %or hr to spn!
at last tn vol'ntary scon!s giving yo'r coc( som attntion. 0hil
tn scon!s !osn)t so'n! li( a long tim, it)s no'gh to proc!
witho't worry. &% sh !osn)t giv yo'r coc( any attntion, consi!r
that rsistanc an! rstart %rom th top 'ntil yo' can rpat th mov
onc mor.
/a(ing 6%% Br Cloths
A%tr th han!.on.crotch mov, prpar %or clothing rmoval.
/hr)s no clar tim g'i!lin %or how long it ta(s to gt to this
point, bca's it !pn!s on th girl an! how m'ch rsistanc yo')v
bn gtting. 6n avrag it ta(s m 1LPFL min'ts in th b!room
b%or & start thin(ing abo't ta(ing o%% hr cloths, b't with havy
rsistanc it may ta( 'p to two ho'rs. @t at last a co'pl min'ts go
by btwn th rmoval o% ach articl o% clothing.
/h shos com o%% %irst. All yo' hav to say is, ;0hy !on)t yo'
ta( o%% yo'r shos,< &% sh as(s why, giv hr a loo( as i% sh)s as(!
a wir! 2'stion an! say, ;/o b mor com%ortabl, o% co'rs.< &%
sh)s on yo'r b!, yo' can say that yo' !on)t want hr to gt it !irty.
&% sh r%'ss to ta( o%% hr shos, sh isn)t planning to stay long.
D1t is hr shirt, an important stp that)s a %r2'nt so'rc o%
rsistanc. /hr ar two ways o% ta(ing o%% hr shirt: tlling hr to !o
it or !oing it yo'rsl%. &% yo' tll a girl to ta( o%% hr shirt, yo')!
bttr b a con%i!nt mothr%'c(r bca's sh)ll b abl to tll i%
yo')r a posing bta. $ay, ;/a( o%% yo'r shirt< in a mattr.o%.%act
ton that isn)t a !man! or a 2'stion. $ay it as i% yo')! say, ;/h s'n
is bright to!ay.< & 's'ally say this whn sh)s on top an! stra!!ling
m. $om girls will ta( it o%% imm!iatly, b't othrs play a littl
gam, saying somthing li(, ;4o' want m to ta( o%% my shirt, $ay
plas.< $inc all yo' hav to !o to gt that shirt o%% is say plas, go
aha! an! say it bca's it)s o(ay to lt hr %l as i% sh has som
control ovr what)s going on. &% sh hsitats, say, ;&)ll !o it thn< an!
start ta(ing o%% hr shirt. 4o' can also ta( o%% hr shirt witho't saying
anything by gra!'ally moving it 'p as yo' to'ch an! r'b hr torso.
&nch 'p th shirt ovr th co'rs o% a min't, ta(ing not i% sh tris to
p'll it bac( !own, an! thn go %or it by li%ting it o%%. &n most cass
sh)ll assist yo' an! ta( th shirt o%% hrsl%. &% sh rsists, start ovr.
Br shirt m'st com o%% b%or yo'rs. 6thrwis yo')ll %l li( an
i!iot i% yo')r! an! sh has r%'s! to ta( anything o%%.
6nc yo' gt hr shirt o%%, lt a min't or two go by, thn ta( o%%
yo'rs. 4o' can say, ;&)m going to ta( o%% min, too, so yo' !on)t %l
l%t o't.<
D1t coms th soc(s. /a( hrs o%%, %ollow! by yo'rs. &t)s vry
rar %or a girl to rsist soc( rmoval, b't i% sh !os, s(ip this stp an!
mov on to th n1t on. #nli( th prvio's stps, ta(ing o%% hr
soc(s isn)t ncssary to contin'. "l's yo' can always try again whn
mor clothing is gon. 7&)v ha! s1 with girls who (pt thir soc(s on,
an! it)s act'ally a littl (in(y.8
D1t com th pants. &% yo' gt hr pants o%%, thr)s a 7L: chanc
yo')ll b having s1 within momnts, b't b%or yo' try, 'nb'c(l
yo'r blt %irst. /his tlls hr whr things ar going an! givs yo' an
i!a o% how sh)ll ract. &t)s a ba! sign i% sh as(s yo' why yo')r
'nb'c(ling yo'r blt9b't it)s a goo! on i% sh says nothing. /a( o%%
hr pants in stags, with a on min't rst in btwn ach stag. ?irst
'nb'c(l hr blt, thn 'n!o th top b'tton, thn 'n+ip th +ippr, an!
%inally wiggl hr pants !own. &% sh !osn)t li%t 'p hr waist an! th
pants ar !i%%ic'lt to rmov %rom yo'r wiggling, say, ;& n! a littl
bit o% hlp.< $h may hlp by li%ting hr waist or vn ta(ing o%% hr
pants hrsl%. &% sh rsists, say, ;& 3'st want! to ma( things a littl
mor com%ortabl< an! start ovr again.
/a( o%% yo'r pants soon a%tr yo' ta( o%% hrs, so that a%tr this
stag yo' hav on 'n!rwar an! sh has on hr bra an! pantis. Dow
it)s tim to !o a !irct contact vagina r'b. -any g'ys try to ma( girls
clima1 with thir han! b%or s1, b't this isn)t ncssary. 4o' 3'st
want to pntrat hr vagina with yo'r %ingr %or a short whil to n3oy
th wtnss an! to gt ra!y %or th n1t stag. 5ntly r'b hr vagina
ovr hr pantis b%or yo' p't yo'r han! insi! thm. /hn gra!'ally
crp !own with a %ingr or two an! r'b th ara 'ntil yo' n! 'p
%ingr banging hr at a!i'm pac. &% sh stops yo', ta( it
as rsistanc an! start ovr. &t)s a positiv sign i% sh grabs yo'r han!
to g'i! th vagina r'bbing action.
$h may say som wir! things as yo' progrss towar! th latr
stags. -ost common ar ;& !on)t 's'ally !o this< or ;0)r moving
too %ast.< /o ma( s'r yo' !on)t triggr hr logical brain, simply
agr with whatvr sh says so sh !osn)t hav to thin( o% a rb'ttal.
$'itabl answrs ar ;& !on)t 's'ally !o this ithr< an! ;4o')r right,
w ar moving too %ast.< B't a%tr agring with hr, contin' !oing
what yo' wr !oing.
&% yo')r nco'ntring too m'ch rsistanc, %l li( yo')r !oing
all th wor(, or sh says somthing li( ;0 ar !%initly not having
s1 tonight,< gra!'ally ramp !own th intimacy an! ma( an 1c's
abo't having to gt 'p arly. 7/h 1cption is i% a slpovr is
ass'm!, in which cas yo' can try again latr or in th morning.8 &%
yo' hav to ma( an 1it, lav on goo! trms by not showing
annoyanc or angr. 4o')r a man who wants s1, so yo' tri! to gt
it, an! sh)s a woman who rsists s1. &t)s no big !al. 0hn yo' part,
ma( s'r to giv hr a nic goo!by h'g. /ll hr that yo' ha! a goo!
tim 7i% yo' want to s hr again8 an! that yo')ll tal( to hr soon.
&% all systms ar go, th n1t thing yo' want to ta( o%% is hr bra.
/a(ing o%% a bra will b !i%%ic'lt 'nlss yo' (now how th strapping
mchanism wor(s. A bra 's'ally has two or thr hoo(s that wrap
aro'n! loops. 4o' 'nhoo( th contraption by tightning th bra a littl
so yo' can p'll th hoo(s o't. /h asist way to !o it is whn sh)s
on top o% yo'. H'st li( with b'ttons on a shirt, th hoo(s ar always
going to b on th sam si! 7yo'r l%t8. &% yo')r trying to rmov a
bra b't can)t, simply say, ;& n! a littl hlp.< /h girl will la'gh at
yo', b't sh)ll ta( o%% hr bra. &t happn! to m many tims in my
arly !ays, so it)s not a big !al, b't it)s in yo'r bst intrsts to b
abl to !o it on yo'r own 7'nstrapping a bra with on han! or %oot at
lightning sp! is a mov girls apprciat8.
6nc th straps com 'n!on, lt th bra hang thr %or a min't
'ntil on o% yo' n!s 'p ta(ing it o%% compltly. A%tr ta(ing o%% hr
pants, yo' won)t gt rsistanc with th bra, 'nlss sh)s insc'r
abo't hr brasts. 4o' can now intro!'c mo' contact into
th b!room program. &% sh !osn)t lt yo' ta( o%% hr bra b't yo'
hav a strong %ling that sh wants to hav s1, simply s(ip this stp.
D1t coms hr pantis. &t)s rar that & ta( o%% a girl)s pantis an!
thn !on)t hav s1 with hr. "antis are s1. &t)s %or this rason that
yo' may gt %irm rsistanc at this point, vn i% sh !i!n)t rsist prior
stps. H'st trat it li( any othr %orm o% rsistanc an! start ovr i% sh
stops yo', ma(ing a panty rmoval attmpt vry 10P1L min'ts.
At this stag yo' can 's raw prsistnc to bra( !own any
rmaining rsistanc. /o ta( o%% hr pantis, p't yo'r han!s on th
si!s an! wiggl thm !own a co'pl inchs to ga'g hr raction.
A%tr anothr min't, try to p'll thm o%% i% sh hasn)t alra!y !on it
%or yo'. 4o')r almost thr.
$aling /h *al
Avn tho'gh & (now s1 is going to happn a%tr & ta( o%% hr
pantis, & !on)t r'sh it, bca's & want to ampli%y th plas'r w)r
both 1princing. /as hr to th ma1im'm so th s1 will b bttr
an! mor mmorabl. *on)t giv it to hr whn sh wants it9giv it
to hr whn sh can)t wait anymor. Contin' to r'b, (iss, an! bit.
&t)s 1trmly satis%ying whn a girl bgs %or yo'r coc(, a goal yo'
want to vis'ali+, vn tho'gh it !osn)t commonly occ'r !'ring %irst.
tim s1.
Dow sh)ll b raching %or yo'r coc( an! stro(ing it, mayb
p'lling it thro'gh yo'r bo1rs) p hol. @t hr stro( it as yo' %ingr
hr to spra! th 3'ic to th o'tsi! o% hr vagina in or!r to %acilitat
pntration. /hn slowly ta( yo'r bo1rs o%%, wiggling thm !own a
co'pl inchs a min't 'ntil yo' ta( thm o%% compltly whn
thy)r hal%way !own yo'r ass. Dow yo')ll both b na(! an! yo'r
gnitals will b clos to coming into contact with ach othr.
/his is a goo! tim to tal( abo't s1'ally transmitt! !isass.
/hr)s a 3o( in my circl that gos somthing li( this: ;&% yo')v
nvr ha! an $/*, yo')r not a ral playr.< & wo'l! b mor than
happy to bt that yo')ll gt an $/* in th co'rs o% yo'r li%tim, vn
i% it)s somthing small, s'ch as a %'ngal rash, crabs, or moll'sc'm.
$1 is li( ri!ing a motorcycl9a %'n b't !angro's activity
whr ris( can only b minimi+!, not liminat!. 4o' can 's a
con!om 100: o% th tim an! still gt warts aro'n! yo'r crotch.
Br)s my rcommn!ation: minimi+ ris( to th bst o% yo'r ability
an! contin' living th li%styl yo' want. 0ar con!oms rg'larly
an! consistntly, b't !on)t %ra( o't an! 2'stion yo'r 1istnc i% yo'
contract somthing. /rat it an! thn !al with it li( a man. &% yo'
can)t han!l th possibility o% gtting a minor s(in !isas, this gam
is not %or yo'.
As %or B&V, it)s not somthing yo' sho'l! worry abo't 'nlss
yo')r gay or an &V !r'g 'sr. 5tting B&V is th c'lmination o% a
pattrn o% ris(y bhavior, not a on.shot !al that stri(s virgins whos
con!om bra( th %irst tim thy hav s1. &t)s rar that yo')ll gt th
worst $/* in th worl! witho't gtting th othr ons %irst, b't !on)t
ta( my wor! %or it: !o yo'r own rsarch.
"rsonally, & wo'l!n)t hav s1 with a girl who !i! &V !r'gs or got
bang! in th b'tt by bis1'al mn. & a!vis against going raw !og
'nlss yo')r in a committ! rlationship an! crtain sh isn)t
scrwing othr g'ys, b't i% yo' !o it raw, ma( s'r yo' never
3ac'lat insi! hr, vn i% sh)s on th pill. Dot only is th pill not
100: %%ctiv, no girl is pr%ct abo't ta(ing it vry !ay. Bca's
yo' !on)t want yo'r carr as a playr to n! prmat'rly with a
crying nwborn, !on)t 3ac'lat insi! a girl 'nlss yo' accpt th
chanc o% hr gtting prgnant.
Dow bac( to s1. 6nc yo')r both na(!, b car%'l abo't
r'bbing yo'r coc( against th o'tsi! o% hr vagina. &t)s !angro's
bca's yo' may gt so t'rn! on that yo' (p going an! !on)t
bothr with protction. &% sh grabs yo'r coc( an! tris to p't it in raw,
yo' definitely want to 's a con!om bca's this is a bhavior sh)s
ngag! in b%or. &t sho'l! b m'sic to yo'r ars i% sh says
somthing li(, ;*o yo' hav a con!om,< #n%ort'natly most girls
won)t say that, so yo')ll n! a smooth way to gt on o't witho't
rmin!ing hr that s1 is abo't to happn.
-mori+ ths svn wor!s: ;@t m gt somthing, 3'st in cas.<
5irls rarly rsist this, bca's it !osn)t a'tomatically imply that s1
is going to happn. -or importantly, it lts yo' gt a con!om witho't
ma(ing hr thin( abo't it. 5rab a con!om an! p't it on whil (issing
hr to !istract hr %rom thin(ing abo't what)s abo't to happn.
Rmmbr, yo' nvr want hr logical brain to !o any thin(ing or
sh)ll com 'p with rasons not to hav s1. "ractic p'tting on
con!oms i% yo')r in1princ! so yo' won)t cho( !'ring this
important stp.
/hr)s a slight chanc sh)ll rsist th ;3'st in cas< lin, so yo')ll
n! a goo! rspons, sinc yo')v com too %ar to t'rn bac( an!
co'nt on thr bing a n1t tim. &% sh says anything, it probably will
b ;0hy,< or ;& !on)t (now.< 4o'r answr: ;?or r'bbing, so w)r
compltly sa%. &)m 3'st going to lav it on.< /hn gt th con!om
witho't waiting %or an answr an! p't it on yo'rsl%. B hsitant to
giv 'p at this point, b't dont 's physical %orc an! !on)t (p going
i% sh says stop. All ths movs ar mant to barrl thro'gh th
rsistanc o% a girl who wants to hav s1 with yo' b't is worri!
abo't loo(ing li( a sl't. Baving s1 with a girl who !osn)t want to
hav s1 with yo' is rap, a srio's crim in most co'ntris.
6nc th con!om is on, !on)t wait %or mor than thirty scon!s
b%or yo' start ma(ing contact. &% sh)s not wt on
th o'tsi!, %ingr hr to spra! hr 3'ics aro'n! or !iscrtly spit on
yo'r han! to l'bricat yo'r coc(. R'b th o'tsi! o% hr vagina with
yo'r coc( 'ntil th tip %alls into plac9an! thn p'sh in to initiat th
%irst pntration. "'mp slowly, gtting slightly %arthr in with ach
p'mp, 'ntil yo'r coc( is wt an! gos in an! o't with as.
Congrat'lat yo'rsl% on th notch, st'!.
&n b!, & li( to start o%% on top 'ntil & gt tir!. /hn & hav hr gt
on top to rgain my nrgy b%or & %lip hr aro'n! an! bang hr
!oggy styl to %inish o%%. *on)t as( prmission to chang positions9
3'st !o it. &% a girl is whining abo't wanting to gt bang! mor, !o hr
a scon! or thir! tim whn yo')r going to last longr, b't i% yo'
typically last lss than %iv min'ts, try n'mbing con!oms. /h %irst
tim is %or yo' an! th scon! tim can b %or hr, a%tr yo')v ha!
yo'r main orgasm.
*on)t b too concrn! abo't yo'r s1'al tchni2'. "orn is my
tachr, an! all & !o is p'mp away whil changing th sp!, !pth,
an! %orc. Avry %w min'ts & mov hr into a position & li(. & rla1,
stay %oc's!, an! bang th hll o't o% hr bca's that)s what & want to
!o. &% yo' li( it slow, bang hr slow. &% yo' li( it ro'gh, bang hr
ro'gh. =p !oing what yo' want to !o 'ntil sh complains, which
will b 'nli(ly. &)m always s'rpris! how ro'gh an! !irty womn can
& !on)t go !own on womn b%or having s1 bca's it)s not
ncssary an! !osn)t g'arant that s1 will occ'r. &% it)s somthing
yo' li( !oing, by all mans go %or it, b't !on)t !o it bca's yo'
thin( it will lssn rsistanc. 4o')ll b !isappoint! i% yo' go !own
on a girl with th intntion o% having s1 an! gt nothing in rt'rn.
$inc s1 is s'ppos! to b %'n, !on)t ta( it too srio'sly by
won!ring i% yo')r !oing it right. 6thr than som !irty tal( li(
;4o' li( that, !on)t yo',< !on)t as( i% yo')r plasing hr. A%tr s1,
!on)t as( i% sh cam. &% sh cars no'gh abo't hr own plas'r,
sh)ll bring it 'p by tlling yo' th things sh wants yo' to !o. &t)s
bst to !o what yo' n3oy bca's i% yo')r n3oying it, th chancs
will b that sh)s n3oying it, too. 0orrying abo't hr plas'r
sacri%ics yo'r own an! !osn)t g'arant that sh)ll b plas! in th
6nc s1 n!s, yo')ll %l th 'rg to %ill th silnc with tal(, b't
rsist it an! stay cool. /h lss yo' say, th bttr, bca's sh)ll
won!r what yo')r thin(ing an! %l a littl insc'r an! v'lnrabl.
Also, most o% th st'pi!st things &)v vr sai! to girls hav happn!
right a%tr s1. &nsta! o% tal(ing, to'ch hr, stro( hr hair, c'!!l, or
go to slp. Rmmbr: s1 isn)t a big !al9it)s a nat'ral act btwn
two popl who li( ach othr. Bow yo' trat hr a%tr s1 sho'l! b
th sam as how yo' trat! hr b%or. /h last thing yo' want is to
appar n!y an! act as i% yo')r %alling %or hr.
$o that)s how yo' bang a girl. /h to'ghst part o% lat gam is
gtting to th point whr yo' can gt hr into a b!room, b't with th
mtho!s !scrib!, that)s only a mo!st challng. /h ral challng
is gtting a girl intrst! no'gh to ma( lat gam possibl, an! that
stms %rom th approach an! yo'r %irst thirty min'ts with hr. 0hn
it coms to gtting lai!, it)s yo'r arly gam that)s going to !trmin
th 2'ality an! 2'antity o% th girls yo' bang.
?'t'r *ats
/o (p it asy on mysl%, & hav th %irst thr !ats prst,
rgar!lss o% what (in! o% girl &)m !aling with or i% s1 occ'rs. /h
%irst !at is th on a w(!ay night. /h scon! !at is a
cl'b on a w(n! night, an! th thir! !at is s'shi with sa( on a
w(!ay night.
&% th %irst !at !i!n)t rs'lt in s1 an! yo' 1pct a scon! !at to
occ'r, tll hr at th n! o% th !at that yo' want to ta( hr o't to
somwhr cool on th w(n!. Ho( that yo' thin( both o% yo' ar
ra!y %or a !at on a ;primtim< night. *on)t appar n!y by trying
to ma( spci%ic plans, b't tll hr to (p on w(n! night %r,
a!!ing that yo')ll contact hr soon. &% sh is not %r th 'pcoming
w(n!, stay in to'ch 'ntil th w(n! a%tr that. *oing bac(.to.
bac( !ats on w(!ays isn)t optimal i% sh has to gt 'p arly bca's
yo')r not ta(ing a!vantag o% a possibl slpovr, which wo'l!
ma( s1 mor li(ly to occ'r. Always lav a mssag i% yo')r
calling hr, an! !on)t !rag phon convrsations o't too long. 4o'
sho'l! still b th on to n! th convrsation %irst by ma(ing an
1c's abo't how yo' hav to go !o somthing, s'ch as la'n!ry.
*at two sho'l! b somthing %'n an! lo'!. & ta( my !ats to
ho's cl'bs. &% thr is no ral connction btwn m an! my !at, &
ta( hr to th lo'!st plac possibl to avoi! having to tal( to hr an!
rval o'r incompatibility. *on)t worry abo't having to !anc too
m'ch. @an against a bar or col'mn an! lt hr !anc in %ront o% yo'. &
ta( hr to a plac & li( so that no mattr what moo! sh shows 'p in,
&)m going to hav a goo! tim an! r'n into othr popl & (now.
6n !at thr, i% &)m concrn! that s1 may not happn soon, & hit
hr with th passion ro'tin whn th topic o% s1 or !ating coms 'p.
$omtims & !o it on th phon b%or !at thr. /his ro'tin is tric(y
to %it into convrsation, b't it)s an important way to lt hr (now what
yo' 1pct. $ay:
;&)v notic! that with girls & gt into a rlationship with, intimacy
happns prtty %ast. &% two popl rally li( ach othr an! ar
com%ortabl with spn!ing tim togthr, thy)ll %in! it impossibl
to (p thir han!s o%% ach othr. &t)s important to b physically
compatibl, !on)t yo' thin(,<
/his ro'tin is a somwhat s'btl way to lt hr (now th cloc( is
tic(ing. Dvr !irctly as( or ca3ol hr into having s1, bca's that
wo'l! so'n! li( whining, which is a t'rn.o%%.
6n ach s'bs2'nt !at, yo' sho'l! gt closr to s1 than th
prvio's on. $imply start %rom th top an! wor( to th n!. &% yo'
!on)t hav s1 by !at thr, as long as it)s not bca's yo' !i!n)t
p'sh har! no'gh, !on)t ovr.analy+ why yo' co'l!n)t bra( !own
hr rsistanc. H'st as yo' !on)t analy+ yo'r gam i% a singl
approach gos wrong, !on)t swat it i% on girl won)t opn hr lgs. &%
yo' got prtty clos by !at thr 7%ingring an! oral s1, %or instanc8,
that probably mans yo')ll bang on !at %o'r or %iv. 0hil it is o(ay
to go past !at thr to gt s1, b rl'ctant to !o so. 0)r living in a
!ay an! ag whn thr !ats is mor than no'gh tim %or a girl to
prov sh)s worthy. &% sh)s not giving yo' s1, sh ithr n!s to p't
in mor %%ort by o%%ring to ta( yo' o't or !oing a bang.'p 3ob
plasing yo' orally.
*on)t gt ca'ght in th trap o% contin'ing to !at a girl 3'st
bca's yo')v invst! mony an! tim into hr. &% sh !osn)t play
by yo'r r'ls an! giv yo' what yo' want, !rop hr. Do mattr how
%ar !own th wrong roa! yo' go, t'rn bac(9thr ar othr 2'ality
girls who will bang yo' witho't giving yo' a har! tim. 0hnvr
&)v bro(n my r'l an! gon past !at thr whil still not gtting
s1, &)v always bn !isappoint!. -a( a r'l an! stic( with it.
/hr !ats is ampl tim %or a mo!rn woman to b com%ortabl
having s1 with an high.val' mal.
A%tr $1
&% sh still li(s yo' a%tr s1, sh)ll play %wr gams an! giv yo'
mor attntion. /h pn!'l'm will swing to th point whr sh)s
p'tting in as m'ch %%ort as yo'. Always b conscio's o% whthr
sh)s rciprocating or not. &s sh still o%%ring to pay, &s sh initiating
convrsation an! intimacy, &s sh !oing things to ma( yo'
com%ortabl an! happy, /h chancs o% a rlationship contin'ing a%tr
s1 will !pn! 'pon intrst lvl an! %%ort. &% yo' li( th girl, p't
in th sam amo'nt o% %%ort yo' !i! b%or s1 'ntil hrs matchs
yo'rs. /hn gra!'ally start to incras that amo'nt o% %%ort an! lt hr
catch 'p, rpating this 'ntil yo')v ta(n th rlationship to th n1t
lvl. &t)s o(ay to p't in 3'st a littl bit mor %%ort than th girl, b't it
sho'l! nvr appar that yo')r !oing signi%icantly mor.
A common way g'ys blow it a%tr s1 is by aban!oning thir
phon gam. /hy thin( thy can call or t1t whnvr thy want,
hav long, boring convrsations, an! always pic( 'p th phon on th
%irst ring whn sh calls. Rmmbr yo'r aim is to (p hr in a stat
o% !o'bt, won!ring ;*os h rally li( m,< &% sh ta(s two ho'rs
to rspon!, yo' ta( two ho'rs. &% sh pic(s 'p th phon hal% th tim,
so !o yo'. &% sh !osn)t lav mssags, yo' !on)t, ithr. 6nc sh
pic(s 'p th pattrn that yo')r simply mirroring hr !isrspct, sh)ll
start acting bttr i% sh li(s yo'. &% a%tr s1 yo' sn! a m'shy t1t
mssag or call imm!iatly, sh may pg yo' as n!y an! go col!.
A%tr s1 & li( to t1t a girl on th scon! !ay, long no'gh to instill
3'st a bit o% !o'bt, b't not so m'ch that sh)s %ra(! o't. ?or
1ampl, i% & hav s1 with hr on ?ri!ay night b't slp ovr an!
lav $at'r!ay morning, &)ll contact hr on -on!ay night.
$tay clar o% !r'n( !ialing or t1ting girls. &t)s har! to (p yo'r
gam tight i% yo' contact a girl whil !r'n( an! say st'pi! things that
ngat all th goo! wor( yo' p't in. *r'n( !ialing is a bhavior o% a
!sprat man who can)t plan a %w ho'rs in a!vanc. &% & was a girl, &
wo'l!n)t rspct a man calling m at lat ho'rs an! tal(ing horny
nonsns. &% yo')r pron to !r'n( !ialing lav yo'r phon in th car.
4o' can mol! a girl by critici+ing ngativ bhavior. &% yo'
critici+ too arly, tho'gh, sh may writ yo' o%% as bossy an!
!man!ing, b't a%tr s1 sh can)t b 2'ic( to !o that bca's, a%tr
all, sh !i! hav s1 with yo'. A%tr s1, sh)s mor li(ly to ta(
yo'r criticism to hart. /his can somtims rs'lt in yo'r %irst ral
arg'mnt9which can act'ally hlp bca's it ngags hr motions.
4o'r nmy is bor!om, not con%lict.
& hav a problm with girls not p'tting in no'gh %%ort, so that)s
what & critici+ most o%tn. & calmly tll a girl that & thin( &)m p'tting
in mor %%ort than hr an! that & can)t ma( it wor( on my own. $h
thn !tails m instancs whn & !i!n)t p't in no'gh %%ort an! w
n! 'p having an intns !isc'ssion. /hro'gh that sh)ll li(ly rali+
& 1pct to b trat! in a crtain way an! won)t accpt mistratmnt.
4o' can also critici+ girls %or not bing a!vnt'ro's no'gh in
b! or %or bing %la(y. Bring it 'p in a cas'al way, b't stay %irm an!
lt hr (now yo'r concrns. &nsta! o% !livring 'ltimat'ms, lt hr
(now what)s on yo'r min!. &% sh !osn)t chang hr ways, !on)t b
a%rai! to hint that 3'st bing %rin!s may b bst.
/hr ar som gnral g'i!lins to %ollow %or !ats %o'r an!
byon!. /h most important is to b 'npr!ictabl. Always (p hr
g'ssing by ran!omi+ing yo'r bhavior, s'ch as whn yo' contact hr
an! whn an! whr yo' ta( hr o't. *on)t hav a stan!ing !at
whr yo' go to th sam cl'b vry $at'r!ay. *on)t s hr mor
than twic a w(. *on)t tal( on th phon vry !ay. *on)t lt
convrsations %all into a ;$o what !i! yo' !o to!ay,< pattrn whr
yo' tal( li( ol! school ch'ms insta! o% lovrs. Choos silnc
insta! o% banal convrsation.
$omtims s'rpris hr with a call whr yo' as(, ;0hat ar yo'
!oing right now,< /a( crativ ris(s an! rsarch intrsting !at
i!as. /h rason slot machins ar so a!!icting is bca's th payo'ts
ar 'npr!ictabl. B th slot machin.
&% sh p'lls bac( %rom yo' at any tim, p'll bac( %rom hr vn
mor. /his is tr' rgar!lss o% how long yo')v bn !ating. &% sh)s
giving yo' a har! tim, giv hr a har!r tim. &% sh)s acting col! in
th b!room, act vn col!r. &% sh)s giving yo' th silnt tratmnt,
giv hr an vn mor silnt tratmntK B'man instinct is to n'trali+
tnsion by apologi+ing or ma(ing nic, b't yo')ll !o th opposit. ?ill
th sit'ation with vn mor tnsion to show that yo')r imm'n to
hr gams. $h)ll thn %l a strong 'rg to com into yo' an! ma(
*lay commitmnt as long as possibl, bca's it only ma(s it
mor !i%%ic'lt to bang othr girls. & wo'l!n)t b too concrn! abo't
yo'r girl slping with othr mn bca's girls nat'rally mov towar!
monogamy an! won)t b intrst! in othr partnrs i% sh has a ral
intrst in yo'. 6% co'rs, sh)ll insin'at that othr mn ar intrst!
in hr so yo' will commit.
&% yo')v bn !ating th sam girl %or svral months an! sh)s
abo't to lav i% yo' !on)t commit, yo' hav to !ci! i% sh)s worth
it or not. &% sh)s plasant to b aro'n! an! asy on th ys, consi!r
a commitmnt, b't b opn.min!! abo't crping aro'n! with othr
girls i% yo')r not planning to gt marri! soon. Chat i% yo' want, b't
th o!!s ar that yo')ll vnt'ally gt ca'ght. Rmmbr: a woman
1ists to %in! a man an! to ma( him commit. Commitmnt is %or hr
bn%it, not yo'rs. /hin( long an! har! b%or yo' sign away yo'r
%r!om to on girl. An! whn it coms to marriag, 'nlss yo' want
to hav a chil! in th n1t yar or two, !on)t !o it. Almost any positiv
thing yo' can gt %rom a woman, whthr it b physical or motional,
can b obtain! witho't gtting marri!.
/h grat thing abo't bing a man is that w can b rlationship.
worthy at any ag. &n %act, yo')ll b val'! mor by womn at an ag
that)s wll past th physical pa( o% yo'r arly twntis. 0hil many
say this is bca's o% yo'r incrasing wag.arning potntial, & thin(
it)s bca's o% yo'r 1princ. 0ith tim, st'!y, an! constant
practic, yo')ll gt vry goo! at mting, attracting, aro'sing, an!
han!ling womn. @ong.trm rlationships ar !angro's whn yo')r
!vloping yo'r gam bca's yo')ll miss o't on that important
practic. 0hil yo' sho'l! !%initly hol! on to a 2'ality girl, it)s bst
to stay clar o% rlationships 'ntil yo' play an! larn no'gh to (now
what 2'ality is. /h girls & ha! cr'shs on whn & was yo'ngr ar
girls & wo'l!n)t vn giv a scon! loo( to!ay. By not mting a larg
n'mbr o% girls, yo')ll sll yo'rsl% short in trying to !iscovr what
typ o% woman will bring yo' th most happinss.
6nc yo')r in a rlationship, chancs ar rlativly goo! that
yo')ll vnt'ally want to gt o't o% it. &% yo' thin( a rlationship is
stalling, it)s bttr to !'mp th girl b%or sh !'mps yo', bca's it
givs yo' th 'ppr han! to rt'rn %or cas'al s1. *on)t lt a girl !'mp
yo'. 5irls ar pr!ictabl, so yo' sho'l! (now i% sh)s planning to !o
/h %irst mtho! o% bra(ing 'p is th cold cut(off. 4o' simply
nvr contact hr again an! !on)t pic( 'p th phon whn sh calls. &
's'ally 's this mtho! i% w !i!n)t ma( it past th scon! or thir!
!at, sinc it)s arly no'gh that sh !osn)t 1pct m to call hr
anyway, b't & also (now g'ys who 's it on girls thy)v gon o't
with %or months.
/h scon! mtho! is th fake fight. 4o' gt ovrly snsitiv abo't
somthing sh !i! an! show 1trm !isplas'r. ?or 1ampl, i% sh
critici+s yo' abo't anything, tll hr that yo' !on)t (now i% yo' can
han!l a constant complainr. &% sh ta(s an 1tra !ay to call bac(,
tll hr that yo' want somon who is willing to p't in mor wor( than
sh !os. 6nc yo' n! th aw(war! convrsation a%tr th %a( %ight,
simply nvr call again. $h)ll attrib't it to th arg'mnt, vn
tho'gh it wasn)t th ral rason yo' bro( 'p. &)m a %an o% this
tchni2' i% w havn)t pass! !at thr, bca's it)s asy to !o an!
ta(s littl tim to 1c't.
/h thir! mtho! is th return of the e'(girlfriend. /his on ta(s a
bit o% planning an! tim, b't it !os a goo! 3ob o% laving th !oor
opn to hav s1 with th girl again. Cas'ally mntion that yo'r 1.
girl%rin! is bac( in town an! that yo')r con%lict! bca's sh wants
to s yo'. =p it vag' an! tll th girl that yo')r ovr yo'r 1 an!
!on)t plan to s hr. @t a w( pass, an! thn tll hr that yo' !i!
in!! s yo'r 1 an! now yo' !on)t (now what)s going on, b't yo'
%l ;wir!.< /his s! sts 'p w( n'mbr thr, whn yo' tll hr
that yo' an! yo'r 1.girl%rin! ar going to giv it anothr try. /ll hr
yo' rally li( hr, b't th history with yo'r 1 is too strong to lt go.
/his is a painlss bra('p bca's sh)ll 'n!rstan! yo'r !i%%ic'lt
/h %inal mtho! is its not you) its me. 4o' can (noc( this on
o't ovr th phon in lss than thirty min'ts. &t)s also th closst yo'
can gt to honsty witho't h'rting th girl)s %lings9an! it)s o%tn
th ral rason & bra( 'p with a girl. $tart by tlling hr that it %lt
;wir!< th last tim yo' h'ng o't an! that th s1 was mostly
physical %or yo'. /ll hr th problm isn)t with hr, bca's it)s
always physical %or yo' an! that yo' hav tro'bl conncting to girls
on an motional lvl. 4o' can bring 'p a rlvant story %rom yo'r
chil!hoo! that contrib't! to ma(ing it har! %or yo' to connct with
girls li( othr g'ys !o. /hn tll hr yo' want to ta( a stp bac( an!
3'st b %rin!s. A!!: ;& !on)t 1pct yo' to wait 'ntil & %ig'r things
o't, b't & !o thin( a bra( is bst %or now.< &t)s not hr, it)s yo'9an!
yo'r iss's. /h a!vantag o% 'sing this mtho! is that it will b asy
to rt'rn %or s1 latr. A%tr a co'pl w(s, yo' can tll hr yo' miss
hanging o't with hr, go to hr plac %or a movi, an! thn bang. /his
mtho! can b slightly 'ncom%ortabl to 1c't, b't it lavs th !oor
opn whil n!ing a rlationship o% any lngth.
AD* 5A-A
A%tr yo' achiv mo!rat s(ill at th gam, yo')ll hit a barrir
that will sn! yo' into th opposit !irction. 4o' wr achiving
s'ccss b't now yo')r having !i%%ic'lty.
/his happn! to m svral yars a%tr & got into th gam9whn
& start! bombing on th phon. & ha! t'rn! th phon into a strngth,
b't girls s'!!nly start! to %la( b%or th %irst !at. A%tr it bcam
a pattrn, & tho'ght abo't th problm an! %ig'r! o't what & was
!oing wrong: & ha! mov! !at on matrial into th %irst phon
convrsation an! was %oc'sing too m'ch on h'mor, which plays bttr than on th phon. A%tr & rali+! what & was !oing, & p't
a strict tim limit on my phon convrsations an! wnt bac( to
%oc'sing on gtting girls o't on !ats insta! o% ntrtaining thm on
th phon. 0ithin a short tim & was bac( to my prvio's phon
convrsion rats.
*own prio!s ar normal, %or two rasons. /h %irst is statistical
probability. H'st li( th stoc( mar(t, yo'r gam will hav cyclical
'ps an! !own. $'ccss coms in sp'rts, %ollow! by col! stra(s.
*'ring th col! stra(s, it)s strss that %orcs yo' to innovat an! to
try nw matrial. "'sh on thro'gh th vallys 'ntil yo' hit th n1t
pa(. /h scon! rason %or !own prio!s is th acci!ntal 's o% nw
matrial that h'rts yo'r gam, li( what & was !oing on th phon.
/his 's'ally happns !' to ovrcon%i!nc, ca'sing yo' to intro!'c
ro'tins or bo!y lang'ag that simply !osn)t wor(. &% a s'!!n
!ownt'rn coinci!s with a rcnt chang in yo'r gam, rvrt bac( to
what yo' wr !oing b%or.
0hn it coms to ma(ing changs, bing a playr is similar to
bing a bra! ma(r. &% yo' want to b a worl!.class bra! ma(r, th
%irst thing yo')ll !o is %in! a provn rcip b%or yo' ma( yo'r %irst
loa%. 6nc yo')v s'ccss%'lly ba(! it, yo' can thn start to
1primnt to s what a%%cts th bra! by changing only on %actor
at a tim so yo' can %l con%i!nt abo't what a !i%%rnt rs'lt is
bas! on. &% yo' chang th amo'nt o% salt an! yast at th sam tim,
yo' won)t (now i% it was th salt or th yast 7or a combination o% th
two8 that ma! th bra! bttr or wors.
Ral li% is a lot mor compl1. &t)s impossibl to control all th
variabls as things ar constantly changing, b't yo')ll still n! a way
to mas'r whthr a chang was %%ctiv or not. /h bst way to !o
this is to 1primnt with on nw lin, ro'tin, or mov at a tim. ?or
instanc, i% &)m concrn! abo't my bo!y lang'ag an! & want to
improv it, & might %oc's on laning bac( mor. ?or on night, th
only nw thing &)! try wo'l! b laning bac(. &)! lan bac( with at
last %iv approachs an! mas'r th rs'lts. *i! laning bac( ca's
girls to rspon! mor positivly than normal, hlping m towar! my
ovrall s1 goal, &% yo' %l con%i!nt a chang hlp!, ma( a not to
contin' !oing it. 4o' 3'st ma! a !i%%rnc that improv! yo'r
gam. *o this with !o+ns o% othr lins, ro'tins, an! movs, an! in
tim yo')ll hav th sort o% r%in! gam that srvs yo' bst, bas!
on soli! 1princ.
A1princ is th (y to improvmnt. H'st li( lctricity
h'mming invisibly in th bac(gro'n!, yo'r 1princ is always thr
with yo', wor(ing to g'i! yo' towar! yo'r goal. 6n yo'r 100
approach, yo')ll hav th 1princ o% II prvio's approachs
bhin! yo', hlping yo' s'cc!. &t)s always bttr to b th man who
tris an! %ails than th man who nvr tris at all, bca's ach %ail'r
will bring yo' closr to what yo' want. 4o' ow it to yo'rsl% to gt
r3ct!, not only to larn th limits o% yo'r gam b't to %in! o't
%irsthan! what wor(s an! what !osn)t.
?in! A Dich
@t)s say that yo' bcom an avrag playr, maning yo')r
comptnt in ach stag o% th gam an! hav a %irm 'n!rstan!ing o%
th principls !isc'ss! in this boo(. An avrag night o't will nt yo'
at last on phon n'mbr, vry now an! thn yo')ll gt a ma(.o't,
an! onc in a bl' moon yo')ll scor a on.night stan!. Ass'ming
yo')r a post.collg mal with !isposabl incom who gos o't on
?ri!ays an! $at'r!ays, on avrag yo')ll gt aro'n! FPE phon
n'mbrs a month i% yo' approach rg'larly. 6't o% thos n'mbrs,
mayb two will la! to !ats. 6't o% thos two %irst !ats, on may
vnt'ally la! to s1, which mans yo')ll gt GPE notchs in a yar.
Ass'ming yo' spn! Q2L on ach night o't an! QGL on ach !at,
that)s at last QG00 a month.
*o yo' li( thos n'mbrs, &% not, yo' n! to wor( on %in!ing
yo'r nich: a loo(, a local, or a bst.%it gam that yil!s bttr.than.
avrag rt'rns. /hr)s nothing wrong with bing avrag an! yo')ll
still gt lai!, b't a%tr a yar or two, ths rs'lts will sm, wll,
avrag. ?in!ing yo'r nich will allow yo' to p't in lss whil gtting
bac( mor.
Avry girl gravitats towar! a man who is grat at somthing.
0hthr it)s painting, photography, m'sic, an intrsting carr, or
somthing nr!y li( chss, girls will notic an! com to yo' whn
thy sns yo')r s'ccss%'l at somthing yo')r passionat abo't. &
%o'n! this o't %irsthan! with my writing, which has snt m mor
womn than anything ls &)v !on. Avn i% yo')r a cl'b rat who
(nows all th promotrs an! b'il!s stat's by bing th party g'y,
many girls will b attract! to that.
0hil yo' !on)t n! a nich to gt lai!, it ma(s things a lot
asir. 5tting lai! is %'n, b't imagin gtting lai! whil !oing what
yo' li( to !o. &t)s li( ma(ing mony !oing yo'r hobby insta! o%
spn!ing ight ho'rs vry !ay in a c'bicl. Choos somthing yo'
want to b grat at 7othr than pic(ing 'p womn an! vi!o gams8
an! (ic( ass at it @t it giv yo' th intrsting convrsation an!
1princ to ma( pic(ing 'p womn asir9an! chapr.
/h rason yo' got into th gam won)t b th rason yo' stay in
th gam. & got into th gam to hav mor s1, b't &)v stay! in it
bca's it givs m th powr to gt what & want. & can improv my lot
by 'sing prsistnc, con%i!nc, an! convrsational ability insta! o%
l'c( an! chanc. -y s'ccss !pn!s ntirly on m an! what & ma(
o% my nvironmnt, not on go!, coc(bloc(rs, socity, or c'lt'r.
0hil yo' can)t control th vnts that happn aro'n! yo', yo' can
control how yo' rspon!. 4o' can hon yo'r gam in a way that
ma(s s'ccss m'ch mor li(ly. Approach it li( watr %lowing in a
rivr, with as an! calm, by a!apting to yo'r s'rro'n!ings an! 'sing
th strngths givn to yo'. *o yo'r bst an! p'sh yo'rsl% to th limit,
(nowing that goo! things will com with har! wor(, no mattr how
to'gh yo'r prsnt sit'ation may b.
Avnt'ally yo')ll ntr th %inal stag o% gam: n! gam. /his is
whn yo' !on)t hav to b min!%'l o% yo'r movs or ro'tins. 4o'
!on)t car why a girl isn)t calling yo', i% sh)s playing har! to gt, or
i% sh li(s yo' or not. 4o' hav options an! rmain 'n%a+! whn
yo' nco'ntr ambig'o's or abs'r! %mal bhavior. &% yo')r p'tting
o't th right vib with rich 1princs %rom an intrsting li%styl,
an! b'il! yo'rsl% 'p to th bst man yo'r gntics allow, yo' may not
vn hav to approach girls or worry abo't bra(ing !own rsistanc.
4o')ll simply liv th li% yo' want an! watch girls com to you,
gaming yo' an! tmpting yo' to bang thm. &t may ta( yars, b't &
bliv i% yo' p't in th %%ort, yo')ll b pai! bac( in %'ll. 0hn yo'
rach that point, all yo')ll hav to !o is wa( 'p, all yo' hav to !o is
/his appn!i1 will !isc'ss sit'ations not incl'!! in th main t1t
bca's o% thir spci%ic nat'r. /hy)ll srv mor to ro'n! o%% th
ro'gh !gs o% yo'r gam than to hlp with th main %o'n!ation.
Approaching ?rom A Car
/his tchni2' may sm strang, spcially i% yo')r hanging o't
th passngr si! win!ow o% a %rin!)s car, b't it)s th only way
that)s vr wor(! %or m. &% th girl is on %oot, opn by as(ing %or
!irctions. Angag in a basic convrsation so sh won)t thin( yo')r a
(i!nappr. /hn as( hr opinion on somwhr to go, whthr it b %or
%oo! or !rin(. ?ollow that with a strong opinion abo't a partic'lar
plac in th ara 7;@ast w( & wnt to Cl'b 5ay an! it was a total
sa'sag %st. & !i!n)t li( it at all. &)m loo(ing %or somthing !i%%rnt
tonight.<8 D1t, shi%t th convrsation to what sh)s !oing. &% sh)s
abo't to gt pi++a, as( what hr %avorit pi++a placs ar.
Angag hr in as long o% a convrsation as possibl an! thn go %or
an instant vn' chang narby9or a phon n'mbr i% that)s not
possibl. &% sh loo(s as i% sh)s in a party moo!, as( i% sh n!s a
ri!. 4o')ll b s'rpris! how many girls will accpt.
&% th girl is in a car n1t to yo', start yo'r approach th sam way,
as(ing %or !irctions or a 2'ic( opinion. B%or th light t'rns grn,
as( whr sh)s going an! i% it)s any goo!. $ay, ;-ayb &)ll show 'p,<
an! ga'g hr raction. &% sh sm! opn to th i!a an! nco'rags
yo', go aha! an! %ollow hr.
Approaching 6n /h $trt
/his is similar to approaching %rom a car. &n most cass yo')ll b
stationary whil girls pass by, so th %irst thing yo')ll hav to !o is gt
hr to stop. $ay, ;By, !o yo' (now whr/what/whn9< an! thn
as( %or in%ormation or an opinion, vn i% yo' alra!y (now th
answr. As yo' opn, sh)ll (p wal(ing, b't yo' m'st contin' to
tal( whil moving to %ac hr. *on)t stop tal(ing, vn i% it appars
that sh)s wal(ing away, bca's somtims it ta(s a co'pl scon!s
to rali+ yo')r as(ing a srio's 2'stion insta! o% hitting on thm
li( a constr'ction wor(r. 5irls ar li(ly to stop i% thy thin( yo'
n! hlp.
6nc sh stops, %ollow th sam stps as th car approach, giving a
strong opinion an! thn as(ing what sh)s 'p to, trying to prolong th
convrsation so yo' gt hr to start as(ing yo' 2'stions. 0hat & li(
abo't strt approachs is that yo' can asily vn' chang to
somwhr narby. &t)s not har! to p'll o%%, an! som nights &)m mor
contnt with hitting on girls o'tsi! a bar than insi!.
Approaching &n A Co%% $hop
5o to th most crow!! co%% shop yo' can %in!, whr it will b
har! to %in! an availabl tabl. 5t yo'r co%% or pastry an! thn loo(
aro'n! %or th tabl with th hottst girl. 5o to that tabl an! politly
as( i% yo' can shar hr tabl, thn gt yo'r boo( or whatvr an! !o
what yo' wr going to !o. At abo't th %iv.min't mar(, as(
somthing abo't what sh)s !oing, whthr sh)s !rawing, ra!ing a
boo(, or st'!ying a s'b3ct yo' too( in collg. &t)s o(ay to say
somthing m!iocr li(, ;&s it 's'ally this crow!! in hr,< an!
!on)t b rl'ctant to intrr'pt hr wor(. &% sh)s hanging o't in a
p'blic plac, chancs ar sh act'ally wants to b intrr'pt!. A%tr
yo' opn, ga'g hr raction to s i% sh)s intrst!. *os sh
rspon! 2'ic(ly an! !iv right bac( into hr wor( or !os sh (p hr
ha! 'p, waiting %or yo' to (p tal(ing,
&% yo' want ithr hr n'mbr or to vn' chang to gt somthing
to at, !on)t lt th convrsation !i. &% it rachs a nat'ral n! an! yo'
both go bac( to what yo' wr !oing, th approach is ovr. =p
tal(ing 'ntil yo' both mov to anothr location or 'ntil on o% yo' has
to go. A goo! way to clos is, ;& thin( w sho'l! contin' th
convrsation som othr tim, b't mayb ovr somthing !i%%rnt
than co%%.<
&% sh is with at last on othr %rin!, yo')ll hav to avs!rop
'ntil yo' har somthing yo' hav an opinion abo't. /hn say, ;$orry
to intrr'pt, b't & co'l!n)t hlp b't ovrhar yo'r convrsation< an!
%ollow with yo'r opinion or obsrvation. /his polit approach is 's%'l
i% th girl is with an ol!r rlativ, li( hr mothr. &% th co%% shop
isn)t crow!!, simply sit at th tabl n1t to th hottst girl. &t)s a littl
to'ghr to approach sinc yo')ll b %arthr apart, b't it)s still !oabl.
Approaching &n 4o'r $ocial Circl
&% a girl yo' li( is %rin!s with a %rin! o% yo'rs, yo' won)t n!
to approach hr at all9simply gt an intro!'ction %rom yo'r %rin!. &%
th intro!'ction is !lay!, approach hr an! say, ;& !on)t thin( w)v
mt yt.< 6nc yo')v bn intro!'c!, gam hr as yo' wo'l! any
othr girl. *on)t thin( yo' can s(ip th attraction.b'il!ing stag 3'st
bca's yo' hav m't'al ac2'aintancs.
0ith girls & mt thro'gh %rin!s, & 's'ally start with th opinion
ro'tin to p't th intraction on a trac( &)m com%ortabl with. 4o')ll
b tmpt! to ta( it slow sinc yo'r %rin!s (now hr an! whatvr
yo' !o will gt o't, b't i% that)s th cas yo' sho'l!n)t b hitting on
hr in th %irst plac. &% yo')r not going to giv every girl 100:,
ithr mov on or 's hr to ma( othr girls 3alo's. *on)t b passiv
an! ass'm yo')ll r'n into hr again.
Approaching &n /h 5ym
&% yo' want to hit on girls in th gym, yo')ll hav to sacri%ic th
intnsity o% yo'r wor(o't to p't mntal nrgy into gaming. @t)s say
yo')r !oing lgs on !ay, b't th girl yo' li( is !oing chst. &% yo'
want to tal( to hr, yo')ll hav to %l a s'!!n 'rg to wor( on yo'r
5o to th machin sh)s wor(ing on an! as( how many sts sh
has l%t. *on)t worry i% th gym is mpty an! it)s obvio's that yo')r
trying to hit on hr. A%tr my %irst st wor(ing in with hr, & 3o(,
;#s'ally & can !o a lot mor, b't & was in3'r! rcntly so &)m ta(ing it
asy< or ;& co'l! !o a lot mor, o% co'rs, b't & !on)t want to
mbarrass th othr g'ys hr.< &% sh !osn)t la'gh, thr)s somthing
wrong with hr sns o% h'mor.
Bit hr with an opinion or commnt on gym c'lt'r to s i% sh
rspon!s an! hlps yo' contin' th convrsation. $ay, ;& %l li(, in
th Amrican c'lt'r, i% yo' !on)t com to th gym yo')ll gt %at< or
;& hop yo' !on)t min! i% & gr'nt rally lo'! in this n1t st bca's it
ma(s m %l strongr.<
/hrow somthing o't thr an! s i% sh ngags yo'. =p th
convrsation going as long as possibl an! %ight th 'rg to n! it
arly with ;&)ll s yo' aro'n!.< $g' into what yo' both !o in yo'r
spar tim. Rmmbr: yo')r not trying to b hr gym b'!!y, so i%
yo' !on)t clos th %irst tim, yo'r o!!s o% long.trm s'ccss will b
low. 4o' n! to act as i% yo')ll nvr s hr again. /ry to vn'
chang to a smoothi bar %or a protin sha( to contin' th
convrsation. 6thrwis 3'st ta( a !p brath an! as( hr to hang o't
right thr on th gym %loor i% sh)s rspon!ing to yo'r gam an!
as(ing prsonal 2'stions.
Approaching &n ?orign Co'ntris
/h bst way to mt girls whil abroa! is to stay in hostls,
spcially i% yo')r travling alon. 0hil hostls ar 's'ally sa'sag
%sts, most o% th g'ys will b yo'ng an! hav wa( gam, so yo' can
blow thm away with 3'st avrag playr ability. 4o'r goal is to b
%rin!ly to vryon, bca's th othr g'ys may hav alra!y gottn
in with a gro'p o% girls yo' want to gam. 5t 's! to 'sing th ;@t
m g'ss, yo')r %rom9< opnr. &t)s 1trmly %%ctiv in starting
convrsation with %mal travlrs.
0hn it coms tim to sal th !al, yo')ll hav to gt crativ,
bca's hostls !on)t o%%r m'ch in th way o% privacy. &% yo' can)t
bang hr in on o% th rooms, a bathroom, or a par(, yo' can always
try to 'pgra! to a privat room 7most hostls hav thm8. &% yo' !o
try to gt hr into a privat room, lt hr thin( that yo')r 3'st going to
c'!!l an! tal(. Dvr lt a girl thin( yo' ass'm s1 is going to
happn, sinc it sho'l! b sn as spontano's an! ran!om.
$h)s A ?minist
?minists ar a !light bca's thy !on)t hav hang.'ps abo't
s1. 0hil thir !manor s'ggsts thy)r to'gh an! pr'!ish, thy)r
act'ally asy whn yo' gt thm into th b!room. ?minists will call
yo' on yo'r bli% systm mor than non.%minists, b't as long as yo'
stay %irm in yo'r bli%s, thy)ll rspct that an! bang yo' anyway.
0hn g'ys mt %minists, thy o%tn bcom mor bta %or %ar
that thy)ll o%%n! thn, b't !o th opposit an! lt hr ton !own hr
own cra+y bli%s insta!. $h)ll b s'rpris! that yo' hav s'ch
opinions an! bcom mor attract! to yo'. ?minists ar am'sing
bca's thy say thy want th opposit o% an alpha mal, b't alphas
hav no problms hoo(ing 'p with thm.
$h)s $hy 6r *osn)t /al( -'ch
Bca's yo'r gam !pn!s on constant %!bac( an! opnnss, a
shy girl can b tro'blsom. 4o')ll hav a har! tim (nowing i% sh)s
intrst! bca's sh won)t as( 2'stions or rspon! li( most girls.
$hy girls arn)t 3'st shy abo't spa(ing9thy)r shy in how thy
approach li% as wll, so thy)r not li(ly to p't in th %%ort to ma(
yo'r s1 goals asir to accomplish. /hat)s why & pass on shy girls an!
lt btas wast thir tim on thm. 6nc yo' gt into th gam an!
mt a larg 2'antity o% girls, yo')ll pass thm by, too. 6thr than
mystrio's silncs, thy 3'st !on)t hav m'ch to o%%r.
$h *osn)t $pa( 5oo! Anglish
/a( hr to a lo'! plac or to an artsy pr%ormanc vnt, whr
convrsation won)t b ncssary. B mor %oc's! an! !librat with
yo'r to'ching, sinc that)s what will ampli%y th attraction, which in
this cas will li(ly b b'ilt 'pon yo'r loo(s an! con%i!nc insta! o%
yo'r wit an! h'mor. 5t com%ortabl with silncs. /his girl is
!i%%rnt %rom a shy girl bca's sh)s mor li(ly to p't in %%ort.
0hn 4o' *on)t =now 0hich 5irl /o "ic(
/his is common i% yo')r approaching a pair o% girls. 4o' only
want on, b't it gos so wll that both o% thm ar giving yo' 2'al
amo'nts o% attntion. -ost g'ys ar hsitant to choos an! n! 'p
gtting both o% thir n'mbrs, 'sing a ;& thin( w sho'l! all hang o't
again< clos9b't that !osn)t wor(. &nsta!, giv mor attntion to
th on yo' !on)t li( %or th %irst min't an! thn mov on to th on
yo' !o. -a( it clar which on yo' pr%r so th othr on is
nco'rag! to ta( a lap. *on)t compltly 1cl'! th %rin!, b't
!on)t worry too m'ch i% hr %lings ar h'rt or i% sh)s going to
coc(bloc( yo'. Aithr yo')ll achiv som typ o% clos with a goo!
chanc o% gtting somwhr or yo')ll gt coc(bloc(!, two o'tcoms
that ar bttr than gtting 'slss n'mbrs.
4o' ?orgt Br Dam
Altho'gh a tr' alpha wo'l!n)t car abo't as(ing a girl)s nam
again i% h %orgot it, somtims not rmmbring a nam can b
aw(war!, spcially i% yo')v alra!y hoo(! 'p. &% yo' %orgt hr
nam, 3'st as( how to spll hr %irst nam. &% hr nam is common, li(
-.A.R.4, say, ;6h, %or som rason & tho'ght it ha! a crativ
splling.< 6% co'rs, yo' co'l! 's th $einfeld sol'tion an! !ig
thro'gh hr p'rs whil sh)s in th bathroom, b't that sms
'nncssarily ris(y.
Br Brath $mlls
&t)s rar to com across a girl who has ba! brath. -ost girls ar so
sl%.conscio's abo't prsonal hygin that thy)ll !o'bl an! tripl
chc( thmslvs b%or going o't. &% a girl has ba! brath, as( i% sh)s
ha! onions to!ay or o%%r on o% yo'r mints or a pic g'm. $h)ll gt
th hint.
$h Bas A Boy%rin!, ?iancO, 6r B'sban!
/rying to bang girls who ar alra!y ta(n is on o% th most %'n
aspcts o% th gam. 6nc yo' rach a pro%icint lvl, yo' may %in! it
boring to chas a%tr singl girls, so th n1t logical stp is to go a%tr
girls who arn)t.
&)m not going to ma( a moral 3'!gmnt abo't going a%tr ta(n
girls. & loo( at it this way: i% a boy%rin! has (pt his gam tight an!
ma(s his girl happy, sh won)t vn loo( at m a%tr my opnr. &% a
girl is giving m attntion an! consi!ring having s1 with m, it)s
bca's that g'y isn)t hitting hr b'ttons li( & am. 0hy sho'l! & say
no to a girl & want to hav s1 with 3'st bca's sh ma! a
commitmnt to somon sh probably sho'l!n)t hav in th %irst
plac, H'st !o what yo' want an! ignor popl who gt all high an!
mighty on yo'. *on)t listn to anyon who tris to tll yo' who yo'
sho'l! or sho'l! not bang.
/h rason a girl with a boy%rin! is loo(ing yo'r way is bca's
sh)s bor! or 'nsatis%i! an! ss yo' as th potntial answr to hr
problms. ?oc's on 1citing storis or travl a!vnt'rs that ma( li%
with th boy%rin! sm lam an! !'ll. Avoi! any tal( abo't how li%
is !prssing an! sa!.
5irls in rlationships will %lirt with othr g'ys, b't thy only chat
with g'ys who provi! th bst logistics9g'ys who ma( it !iscrt
an! asy. ?or this to happn, yo' n! to rmov hr %rom placs
whr popl (now abo't hr rlationship. 6nc yo' gt hr alon an!
away %rom prying ys, it bcoms li( any othr pic(.'p. /h only
iss' is that it ta(s a littl longr to gt th (iss o't o% th way 7%or
girls in rlationships, (issing anothr man is a big !al8. &% sh ob3cts
in th b!room with ;B't & hav a boy%rin!,< simply agr with hr
by saying, ;4o')r right, mayb w sho'l!n)t !o this.< *isngag hr
logical brain so sh can los hrsl% in th momnt.
/h (y to goo! logistics is having rpat! accss to hr. &% yo'
mt a girl in a rlationship at a cl'b an! sh)s with %iv o% hr %rin!s,
yo' won)t gt anywhr. Avn i% sh li(s yo', sh won)t giv yo' hr
n'mbr whil hr %rin!s ar aro'n!. Bowvr, i% yo' mt hr alon
at yo'r %avorit co%% shop an! s hr vry othr !ay or sh)s in th
sam class as yo', yo'r chancs ar m'ch highr. 5t hr alon whr
yo' can gam hr witho't intrr'ption an! sh !osn)t hav to worry
abo't who)s watching or 3'!ging hr.
4o')ll hav to b mor in!irct than 's'al with yo'r wor!s an! not
lt hr thin( yo' li( hr, allowing hr to rationali+ that yo')r 3'st a
%rin! an! to contin' sing yo'. B't hr)s th (y: (p yo'r
physical gam 1actly th sam. $h)ll b con%'s! whn yo')r
to'ching hr, wal(ing, an! placing yo'r han! on hr waist
whil yo'r convrsation is 3'st normal tasing, storis, an! 3o(s.
$inc yo'r gam is alra!y in!irct, this won)t b a signi%icant
!part'r %rom what yo' normally !o.
4o' want things to gt to th point whr sh lis to hr signi%icant
othr abo't hanging o't with yo'. $h)ll tll him sh)s going o't with
%rin!s, not yo'. 4o' can vn hlp hr rhars th lis, p'tting yo'
on th sam tam against him. /his commits hr to yo' vn mor.
&% yo' gt into a rg'lar %'c(.b'!!y rlationship, yo')ll b tmpt!
to stal hr an! ma( hr yo'r girl%rin!, b't b car%'l. /h rason
this rlationship is so m'ch %'n an! 1citing is bca's sh has a
boy%rin!. & lt s'ch girls (now that whil & lov hanging o't with
thm, o'r rlationship is partially !%in! by having a thir! man in th
pict'r. &% sh wants to lav him, it sho'l! b bca's it)s not
wor(ing o't with him, not bca's sh thin(s &)ll gt into a
rlationship with hr. 6% co'rs, saying this ma(s hr want m vn
mor bca's &)m p'shing hr away, an! hr instinct is to mov closr.
$1 with girls in rlationships is %'n bca's thy hav so m'ch
bottl! 'p s1'al nrgy that thir passion is o%tn 1plosiv.
6n 6% 4o'r ?rin!s Bas Alra!y Bang! Br
/hin( o% it this way: !o yo' rally want yo'r %rin!)s sloppy
scon!s, $h may b hot or rally cool, b't ar thr no othr girls
yo' co'l! go %or, /h (in! o% g'y who)s willing to go a%tr a %rin!)s
1.girl%rin! is th typ who n!s to wor( on his gam th most.
B'il! yo'r gam to th point whr yo' wo'l!n)t vn consi!r
sloppy scon!s bca's yo' hav othr options on th tabl. /h
1cption is i% sh)s a !oor(nob an! vryon is gtting a t'rn %or %'n.
$h 0ants /o ?ight 4o'
4o' may approach a girl who ta(s an imm!iat !isli( to yo'r
gam. &n most sit'ations yo' can 3'st wal( away, b't onc in a whil
yo')ll gt on whos sol rason %or 1isting is to ma( mn %l
small. $h)ll ma( sni! rmar(s, stal( yo', gt in yo'r %ac, wav hr
han!s in th air, or coc( hr ha! bac( an! %orth li( a pigon.
&t)s important in s'ch cass to assrt yo'r !ominanc. 4o' can)t lt
hr thin( yo')ll bac( !own, vn i% yo' hav no intntion o% %ighting.
4o' m'st go ;ovr th top< an! com bac( at hr har!r than sh
cam at yo'. /his mans yo' hav to scar hr into thin(ing yo')r
going to lvl hr.
$ay, ;5t o't o% my %ac or &)m gonna (noc( yo' o't.< $h)ll bac(
!own, bca's no woman wants to gt p'nch! by a man. Chancs ar
this will nvr happn to yo', b't it)s bst to hav a plan o% action, 3'st
in cas.
$h @ivs 0ith Br "arnts
/his isn)t 's'ally a big !al 'nlss yo' also liv with yo'r parnts
an! can)t bring a girl bac( to yo'r plac. &% that)s th cas, yo' ar
coc(bloc(! 'ntil yo' can thin( o% a crativ sol'tion. &% th %irst tim
yo' bang a girl is in a car, p'blic par(, or chap motl, so b it.
$h)s &n Collg 6r Bigh $chool An! 4o')r Dot
/hr)s only on thing yo' n! to (now abo't a school girl: hr
bhavior is !rivn mor by hr %rin!s) opinions than hr own. $h)s
not !oing what sh wants to !o, sh)s !oing what sh thin(s her
friends want hr to !o. &% hr %rin!s !on)t li( yo', yo' won)t b
having s1 with hr.
-a( a goo! imprssion on hr %rin!s by bing a %'n g'y with a
sns o% h'mor. &% hr %rin!s s yo' as a cool g'y, th girl will s
yo' that way, too.
$h)s An A' "air
An au pair is a %orign girl who)s in th #.$. %or a limit! amo'nt
o% tim, 's'ally on yar. $h)s host! by an Amrican co'pl who
pays hr to ta( car o% thir chil!rn. 6%tntims sh)ll b going to
school, b't sh)s not allow! to pr%orm any othr typ o% wor(. /hs
girls hang o't with othr au pairs to n3oy th Amrican 1princ at
mainstram cl'bs.
& li( au pairs bca's thy)r th closst thing yo' can gt to a
%orign girl witho't travlling to a %orign co'ntry, b't thy ma(
logistics !i%%ic'lt. /hy !on)t hav thir own plac, thy hav c'r%ws
that limit th tims yo' can ta( thm o't, thy !on)t hav a rliabl
mans o% transportation, an! thir mony sit'ation is so tight that
yo')ll always b paying.
4o')ll b tmpt! to highlight yo'r Amrican 2'alitis to ma(
yo'rsl% appar 1otic, b't rsist this 'rg an! rly on yo'r typical
gam bca's sh)s probably mt a lot o% Amrican mn by th tim
sh mts yo'. &% thr)s a lang'ag barrir, try a lo'! vn'. $how an
intrst in hr c'lt'r, lt hr tach yo' a co'pl c'rs wor!s in hr
lang'ag, an! trat hr as yo' wo'l! any othr girl.
/hr)s A Big Ag *i%%rnc
5t it o't o% yo'r min! that yo')r too yo'ng or too ol! %or any
girl. -ost girls hav an ag rang in thir ha!, b't it can always b
chang!. /h only tim yo')ll gt complaints is %rom ol!r womn
who say yo')r too yo'ng. & !on)t rcall an instanc whr a yo'ngr
girl sai! & was too ol!, an! &)v ha! 1princs with girls tn yars
yo'ngr than m.
Rais th ob3ction b%or sh !os, as i% it)s a problm %or yo'. &%
sh)s mor than two yars ol!r than yo', r'n th bra(.'p ro'tin,
saying, ;& thin( yo')r too ol! %or m.< $h)ll gt !%nsiv an! say
yo')r too yo'ng, b't it)s too lat bca's yo' bro'ght it 'p %irst an!
sh)ll loo( as i% sh)s playing catch.'p. Dow that yo')v 2'ali%i! hr,
sh)ll say somthing li(, ;Ag is only a n'mbr.< 4o' can also 3o(,
;& !on)t (now i% an ol!r woman s'ch as yo'rsl% can satis%y a yo'ng
man)s n!s.<
$witch tactics i% a girl is yo'ngr by saying, ;& !on)t (now i% a
yo'ng girl s'ch as yo'rsl% can satis%y th n!s o% an ol!r, mat'r
man.< U'ali%y a yo'ng girl by ma(ing it sm as i% yo')r 'ns'r o%
hr li% 1princ.
& 's! to hav a har! tim tlling a girl sh was too ol! %or m. &
's! to thin( it was a man thing to say an! th ol!r woman wo'l!
gt ma! at throw a !rin( on m, b't i% yo' say th lins with
con%i!nc an! a smir( on yo'r %ac, th girl will 's'ally rspon!
play%'lly. H'st ma( s'r yo' !o it b%or sh !osK
$h Bas A B'sy $ocial Caln!ar
/hs girls ar ba! nws. /hy)r th ons who go o't at last
thr tims a w( an! ach tim thy !o it)s a big !al bca's thir
%rin!s ar clbrating somthing li( a birth!ay or thr.month
annivrsary. $'ch a girl will t'rn !own yo'r %irst !at s'ggstion an!
insta! as( i% yo' want to mt hr with hr %rin!s. $ay no. 4o')ll
accomplish littl i% hr %rin!s ar watching. A%tr yo' ma( two
attmpts to gt hr o't alon, say, ;& !on)t thin( & can compt with
yo'r b'sy social caln!ar. Bow abo't yo' giv m hit m 'p whn
yo' hav som %r tim an! yo' want to gt a !rin(.<
4o' can 's'ally %in! o't abo't ths girls arly bca's sh)ll giv
yo' hr n'mbr whil mntioning how b'sy sh is. &n that cas, !on)t
bothr, bca's sh)s saying that sh)ll nvr ma( hrsl% availabl.
@oo( %or a girl with %wr than thr !o+n activ %rin!s, who can
%in! a balanc btwn %rin!s an! lovrs.
$h)s A -om
6n goo! thing abo't mothrs is that yo' (now thy li( s1. Avn
tho'gh sh may b asy, sh)ll ma( it sm as i% sh)s loo(ing %or
somthing srio's an! that sh)s tir! o% ;boys< who play gams.
0hat sh)s rally saying is that sh wants anothr man to ta( car o%
a chil! that)s not his.
5iv hr th pac o% min! that yo')r opn to b'il!ing somthing
with somon yo' hav a connction with, an! thn gt hr into b! as
yo' wo'l! any othr girl. & rcommn! that yo' !rop hr a%tr s1,
bca's yo' !on)t n! th !rama or baggag that coms %rom !ating
singl mothrs. Also, th %act that sh has a chil! may man that sh)s
mor %rtil than th Dil Rivr.
$h @ivs ?ar Away
*ci! how %ar yo')r willing to comm't to a girl)s ho's. ?or
m, it)s %orty.%iv min'ts. &% a girl livs %arthr than that, & tll hr
that)s o't o% my rang an! &)m not goo! at long !istanc rlationships.
&% sh hangs aro'n!, tll hr sh has to !riv to yo'r nighborhoo! %or
th %irst co'pl !ats bca's yo' hav to tn!ncy to %all aslp on
long !rivs at night an! !on)t want to !i.
/hr will b a tim whn yo' mt an spcially hot girl who
livs 3'st o'tsi! yo'r rang. 4o')ll b tmpt! to ma( an 1cption,
b't !oing so will ca's yo' 'nconscio'sly to p't hr on a p!stal an!
ba! gam will rs'lt. &% yo' n! 'p !ating a girl who livs %ar away b't
not o'tsi! yo'r rang, !riv to hr plac hal% th tim an! ma( hr
!riv to yo'rs th othr hal%. A%tr all, !riving ta(s %%ort too.
$h)s @aving /own ?or -or /han /hr *ays
Baving a girl lav town is always !ath, spcially i% yo' havn)t
ha! s1 with hr yt, bca's it insrts an 'nnat'ral pa's !'ring th
critical arly stag o% a rlationship. 4o'r bst !%ns is to go on a
!at with hr 3'st b%or sh lavs. &t !osn)t hav to b a long on. &%
yo')r alra!y having s1 with hr, !o th sam thing, b't b s'r to
bang th hll o't o% hr. Rally lt hr hav itK 4o' want to b %rsh in
hr min! whil sh)s 1ploring a nw plac, whr 1citing things can
;3'st happn.<
/h othr iss' yo')ll hav to !al with is whthr to call or t1t
whil sh)s away. &% sh)s going to b gon %or a w(, contacting hr
at last onc is a goo! i!a. &% yo' call onc an! sh calls yo' bac(
right away an! sms intrst! in tal(ing, yo' can thin( abo't calling
hr again in a %w !ays. Bowvr, i% sh ta(s hr tim rt'rning yo'r
initial mssag an! so'n!s !istant, on contact is no'gh. Also pay
attntion to what sh says whn yo' wish hr wll on hr trip. &% sh
says somthing li(, ;&)ll hav my phon with m,< that mans sh
wants yo' to hit hr 'p. $t anothr !at soon a%tr sh coms bac( to
(p th momnt'm going. Rmmbr: o't o% sight, o't o% min!.
$h)s "oor
"aying %or !ats is a %orm o% %%ort, b't it)s somthing poor girls
will nvr b abl to !o. Avn i% a girl isn)t compltly bro(, li( a
st'!nt wor(ing a scon! 3ob to pay t'ition, &)m hsitant to lt hr pay.
&% yo' (now yo')ll always b paying, go on chap !ats. "'t in th
minim'm amo'nt o% %inancial %%ort bca's thr)s no way sh can
rciprocat. $tic( to ca%Os, wal(s, or coo(ing at hom. #ntil yo' hav
s1, !on)t lt hr intrprt yo'r spn!ing as too m'ch intrst, an!
!%initly !on)t ta( hr o't to nic placs so sh can contin' a %r
ri! o% mals an! !rin(s. Dvr crat th imprssion that yo')ll spn!
mony on a girl witho't 1pcting somthing in rt'rn. &% sh !osn)t
gt th hint, lt hr (now that yo')r on a b'!gt to sav %or yo'r n1t
vacation, an! wo'l! pr%r %'n an! crativ !ats that ar also
$h 0ants /o Bav $1 B't 4o' *on)t Bav A Con!om
B'y a co'pl !o+n con!oms an! p't thm in all yo'r 3ac(t
poc(ts, in yo'r bac(pac(, in yo'r glov compartmnt, an! in yo'r
bst %rin!)s glov compartmnt. Always hav on con!om in yo'r
poc(t whn yo' go o't to tal( to girls. 4o' want to ma1imi+ th
chanc that thr will b a con!om narby whn s1 is abo't to occ'r.
0hil yo' may not gt a on.night stan! %or som tim, i% it
happns yo' want to b prpar!. 4o'r worst nightmar is not having
a con!om whn yo')r on top o% a na(! girl who)s bgging %or th
coc(. *on)t p't yo'rsl% in a sit'ation whr yo' ta( a ris( 7i% alcohol
is involv! an! yo')r horny, chancs ar yo')ll bang a girl raw an!
rgrt it th scon! a%tr yo' blow yo'r loa!8. 5tting lai! is
challnging no'gh9!on)t ma( it har!r by not bing prpar!.
4o' @i( Br A @ot -or /han $h @i(s 4o'
/his is a !angro's sit'ation to b in. 4o' always want a girl to
li( yo' mor than yo' li( hr so sh)ll %la( lss an! p't in mor
%%ort, which will o%%r a gratr possibility o% s1. All this is rvrs!
i% yo' li( hr mor an! it gts wors as th !i%%rnc btwn how
m'ch sh li(s yo' an! how m'ch yo' li( hr incrass o't o% yo'r
%avor. 0hil yo' can)t chang yo'r g't %ling, yo' can %ight it by
pretending that yo' !on)t li( hr. $top !scribing hr as hot in yo'r
ha!. /hin( o% hr as c't insta!. $top %antasi+ing abo't hr b%or
yo' go to b!. Hr( o%% to porn stars who loo( nothing li( hr. $top
thin(ing how grat sh is an! %oc's on hr ngativ 2'alitis.
4o' want to shrin( th attraction !iscrpancy as m'ch as possibl
so yo' won)t appar n!y. Dot 'ntil sh rciprocats an! ma(s it
clar that sh li(s yo' can yo' incras yo'r %lings %or hr. 5tting
with yo'r cr'sh may wor( wll %or g'ys in th movis, b't not in ral
$h *osn)t *rin(
*on)t chang anything i% sh !osn)t !rin(, b't 1pct mor
rsistanc an! an incras in th tim it will ta( to hav s1 with hr.
5iv a sobr girl %iv !ats as th !a!lin %or s19two mor than
& hav no problm a!mitting that alcohol hlps my gam
immnsly. /h mor a girl !rin(s, th mor sh)ll rmov hr mntal
bloc(s to having s1 with m. &t)s a magic !r'g that)s not only lgal,
b't somthing girls li( to sl%.a!ministr. &% sh)s a !rin(r, simply
allow hr to !rin(. =p in min! that 'nlss yo')r tal(ing abo't on.
night stan!s, alcohol !osn)t crat notchs that wrn)t alra!y going
to happn9it only shortns th tim. &)ll !o a non.alcoholic %irst !at
in som cass, b't by !at two, sh n!s to b !rin(ing, bca's %iv
!ats or mor is too long to wait to %in! o't how sh is in b!.
$h)s A Virgin
Avry man sho'l! 1princ th aw(war!nss o% banging a virgin
at last onc9o% having to go slowly, watching hr grimac in pain,
an! bing as(! svral tims to b gntl bca's it h'rts. Bot, right,
B't a%tr a co'pl tims yo' can mol! hr into th sl't yo')v always
want!. 4o')r hr tachr an! sh)ll listn, bca's yo')r th alpha
mal who intro!'c! hr to th s1'al worl!.
-ost g'ys mov slowly whn it coms to gtting virgins in b!,
b't yo')ll hav to b prsistnt, 3'st as with non.virgins. &% a girl tlls
yo' sh)s a virgin, rply with, ;6h, !on)t worry, &)ll ta( car o% yo'.<
Br virginity is a !isas an! yo')r th c'r. B aggrssiv with yo'r
scalation movs bca's yo')r not going to chang yo'r gam 3'st
bca's sh has a problm o% s1'al in1princ. Bra( hr !own by
constantly p'shing 'ntil sh rlnts. 4o')r not a g'y who)s going to
b patint li( th othr nic g'ys in hr li% 7hr virginity is a
tstamnt to th %ail'r o% that stratgy8. 4o' hav strong s1'al n!s
%or hr to %'l%ill within a rasonabl amo'nt o% tim, or ls yo')ll
mov on.
/h Con!om Bra(s
&% yo' !on)t pay attntion to whthr th con!om is still on, yo'
may t'rn a minor iss' into an acci!ntal prgnancy. &% yo')r banging
hr with a con!om an! it s'!!nly starts %ling rally goo!, it)s
bca's th con!om bro( an! yo' now hav a ring o% lat1 aro'n!
th bas o% yo'r coc(. "'ll o't, say, ;& hav to gt anothr con!om,<
p't on anothr on, an! rs'm banging. Do big !al.
0ith 1princ yo' won)t go mor than a co'pl stro(s (nowing
yo')r raw. -inimi+ yo'r 1pos'r to a na(! vagina bca's th
!os is th poison9an! th longr yo')r in thr, th mor li(ly
somthing ba! will happn. *on)t co'nt on girls to tll yo' a con!om
bro( bca's it)s !i%%ic'lt %or thm to (now.
$h)s A Ba! @ay
A girl)s problms with s1'al pr%ormanc may b !' to lac( o%
movmnt, vocali+ation, or mo'th 'sag. B%or th n1t tim yo'
hav s1, say, ;& want to try a co'pl things & thin( will ma( it bttr
%or 's both.< /hn tll hr 1actly what yo' want hr to !o. &t will ta(
prsistnc on yo'r part to chang s1'al habits sh)s bn !oing %or a
long tim, so 'nlss yo' consi!r a girl long.trm matrial, it)s not
worth (ping hr aro'n!.
$h)s H'st Dot "'tting 6't
$o yo' tri! vrything, wnt on m'ltipl !ats, pr%orm! vry
tric( in th boo(, an! yo' can)t vn gt o%% hr 3ans. -ost g'ys will
wait %or hr 'ntil sh)s ra!y to hav s1, b't & !on)t a!vis this
bca's yo' wo'l! b ntring a rlationship whr sh has complt
control. /h nrgy yo' p't into hr co'l! b bttr spnt gtting s1
%rom othr girls. Do girl sho'l! hav 'nlimit! tim with yo' to !o
somthing that yo' consi!r critical to th contin'ation o% a halthy
rlationship. *on)t play by hr r'ls: chal( hr 'p as a larning
1princ an! mov on. /ll hr that th lac( o% intimacy is a
problm %or yo' an! it)s bst i% yo' two bcom %rin!s. &% sh gts
'pst an! ma(s it sm li( sh rally !os li( yo', yo' may want to
giv hr 3'st on mor !at to p't o't, b't not mor than that. Dot
vry girl yo' !at is going to p't o't, an! thr is no point wasting
yo'r tim whn thr ar so many who will.
/h $i1 -ost &mportant 5am "rincipls 7Chat $ht8
/his chat sht ta(s all th gam concpts an! tchni2's &)v
ta'ght yo' an! !istills thm into a %w (y points that yo' can ra!
%r2'ntly to rmin! yo'rsl% o% what it ta(s to slp with a lot o%
womn. /hy sho'l! always b in th bac( o% yo'r min! whn playing
th gam.
*pproach +very ,eek
/his is th n'mbr on thing yo' can !o to improv yo'r s1 li%
right now. Avn witho't a scrap o% gam, mrly approaching will
!rastically improv yo'r o!!s an! gt mor than yo' wr gtting
b%or. $tart a convrsation with a cann! opnr or ma( ran!om
commnts abo't anything rlat! to yo'r c'rrnt sit'ation. As( a
2'stion abo't hr !rin(, hr scar%, what tim th boo(stor closs,
whr sh bo'ght somthing, anythingK &% yo' want to gt lai! a lot,
yo' m'st !o this w(ly. *o it %or yo'r !ic( an! tr'st m, it gts
asir ovr tim.
-eep #t .hatty) -eep #t #nteresting) -eep #t /un
*'ring th %irst svral min'ts sh)ll barly !o any tal(ing. /hat)s
o(ay, bca's it)ll b a grat opport'nity to show yo'r prsonality,
charm, an! h'mor. &nsta! o% as(ing prsonal 2'stions b%or sh
!os, rambl on abo't th nvironmnt an! things yo')v notic!.
/hn cas'ally !rop cool things that yo')r !oing or hav !on. &% sh)s
ngag! in th convrsation at night, crac( a 3o( that po(s gntl %'n
at hr. *i! sh smil, opn hr ys wi!, or othrwis show that sh
li(! it, /hn !o it again. 4o' sho'l! only as( 2'stions whn yo' gt
st'c(, sinc th last thing yo' want to !o is intrviw hr.
&ivide *nd .on!uer
&% shVs alra!y alon, grat. B intrsting no'gh so that sh
starts as(ing prsonal 2'stions li( what yo' !o an! what yo'r nam
is, an! thn ramp 'p th to'ching9%irst 2'ic(, innocnt ons on hr
%orarm an! bac( o% hr han! an! thn longr ons on th si!s o% hr
hip. 6thrwis yo' m'st gt hr away %rom hr %rin!s. $'ggst a visit
to th bar, !anc %loor, or o'tsi! to gt a smo( or som air. &% yo'
can)t isolat onc yo')v hit th pa( o% yo'r convrsation, it)s bst to
gt a phon n'mbr an! lav b%or it gts stal. &% sh)s not willing
to lt yo' isolat hr, mov on, bca's sh)s not intrst!.
Take #t *s /ar *s 0ou .an Go
*on)t b 3'st satis%i! with a n'mbr or a (iss. "'sh th intraction
as %ar as yo' can by changing vn's or as(ing i% sh wants to go to
yo'r plac %or a !rin(. &n th history o% th worl! thr hav bn
billions o% n'mbr 1changs that !i!n)t go anywhr, so viw phon
n'mbrs as a last rsort whn yo' can)t go any %'rthr. &t pains m to
s a g'y 3'st gtting th n'mbr o% a girl who obvio'sly wants to %'c(
that night, only to hav him call in a co'pl !ays an! nvr gt a
rspons. Ass'm that yo')ll nvr s hr again, bca's o!!s ar
yo' won)t.
,hen #n &out) .hill 1ut
/hr)ll b many mon(y wrnchs thrown yo'r way, whn
thr)s not always an obvio's bst rspons. &n s'ch cass, 3'st !o
nothing. $it bac( an! lt tim pass. $omtims a girl is mrly tsting
yo' %or a rspons an! whn sh !osn)t gt that rspons sh)ll giv
'p an! contact yo' again. &t ama+s m how o%tn !oing nothing has
gottn m bac( into th gam with girls who s'!!nly act! %la(y or
wir!. An! whn th sta(s gt highr an! sh !os somthing
!isrspct%'l or cra+y, p'll bac( har!. @t hr com into yo' insta! o%
th othr way aro'n!.
#f 0ou &ont /eel Like * .reep) 0oure "ot 2ushing Hard +nough
$h)s not going to invit yo' 'pstairs li( in th movis. $h)s not
going to tll yo' sh wants to hav s1 with yo'. $h)s not going to
grab yo'r !ic( an! p't it in. 4o' m'st always b ma(ing th %irst
mov an! always b p'shing. &% yo')r scar! sh)ll thin( o% yo' as a
crp, that mans yo')r on th right path.
Rmmbr that girls who li( yo' ar %lattr! that yo' want to
hav s1 with thm, so moving 2'ic(ly is an in!irct way o% showing
intrst that can b hlp%'l %or nw rlationships. 5t hr to yo'r plac
or hrs th sam night yo' mt hr. 5t hr into th b!room. /a(
o%% hr cloths an! (p going. &% sh rsists, ta( a bra( an! start
ovr again. Bra( hr !own an! bang hr, an! thn ta( hr o't an!
bang hr again.
&% yo' li(! Bang, & thin( yo'Vll li( my nwst gam g'i!, Day
Bang. &t)s a 201.pag boo( that tachs yo' how to pic( 'p womn
solly !'ring th !ay, primarily in a co%% shop, clothing stor,
boo(stor, grocry stor, s'bway, or on th strt. &t contains L1
opnrs, 2G long !ialog' 1ampls with commntary, an! !o+ns o%
a!!itional lins that tach by 1ampl.
Br ar 3'st a co'pl o% things yo')ll larn in *ay Bang:
Bow to approach womn in ovr a !o+n common !aytim
A !tail! bra(!own o% how to 's th Wl!rly opnr,W an asy
styl o% approach that rliably starts convrsations with womn
Bow to ta( th intrsting things yo'Vv !on 7yo'r
accomplishmnts, hobbis, an! 1princs8 an! morph thm into
bait hoo(s that gts th girl intrig'! no'gh to want to go o't
with yo'
/h optimal !ay gam min!st that la!s to th most amo'nt o%
0ays to opn 'p a convrsation on a girl who isnVt giving yo'
m'ch to wor( with
-y two boo(s complmnt ach othr: *ay Bang hlps yo' gt
mor prospcts whil Bang givs yo' th bst mi!!l an! lat gam to
slp with thm. /o larn mor abo't *ay Bang, visit th %ollowing
wb sit:!aybang
?or mor gam tips, visit my wb sit:

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