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Preetos Journey With UK Sangat 2003-2009

4 Jul 2003
(Our first sangat was after a few of us had been blessed by Baba ji over the phone
but none of had met Baba ji or Dassan Dass ji physically at this time.)
By satguru ji's kirpa we were blessed with our first sangat together. HB ji did very
humble seva and shared a recording of satnaam waheguru which we all felt in
different ways. Bibi N ji saw Baba Ji in Sunder Nagri in his golden form and all
around where light roop of being who were throwing pink lotus flowers over us. We
are very blessed that Bibi Ji shared her vision with us, we were already feeling the
power of and the glory of the praises of satnaam and waheguru.

Thanks you all and Baba Ji for your blessings and kindness

May 2004

The following is an experience that was had by N Jee.

Lately she had been under strain as a result of my father's subtle change of attitude
towards her since she has taken her keski (religious womens turban) off and also
his strong personality can sometimes be a little overbearing. She often goes for
walks at a nearby lake, on this particular day she took the personal CD player with
her and some kirtan to listen to on it..

While walking around the lake she was thinking about why she is finding this test of
her father-in-law so difficult, she says that she often has open-eye experiences while
walking around the lake. In this instance she was given the darshan of Dhan Dhan
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaaj, as he came towards her she could see that he
was dressed in a pinkish robe and had a kalgi on his dastaar....

In this vision he said to her 'You are still my daughter, you are still a khalsaa. Do not
think that you took your keski off yourself, it was with my agyaa (blessing/permission)
that you removed it. Do not feel guilty, you are now following truth and you have left
the outward show behind.'

While N was having this experience she said that she could hear the Khalsaa armies
behind her all chanting 'SAT SAT SAT SAT...'.

(Guru Gobind Singh Ji writes the following Dohira that is in artee

Aisay chand partaap tay
dayvan badhi-o partaap
teen lok jai jai karai
rarai naam sat jaap

After exalting Ad Shakti (God the Primal Power)
All divine beings were exalted.
The three worlds resounded with 'Hail ! Hail !'
and all repeated the NAAM of "SAT" )

She said that she had darshan of Guru Gobind Singh Jee when she was about to
take amrit 6 years ago and not had darshan from him since, until this day...

Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Jee continued 'I see you in dargeh, when I see you
there I say to all that you are my not be afraid.'

N could also see two singhneea all dressed in white looking very ethereal (whom she
also saw 6 years ago) and beautiful. At this point N turned her surat to Akaal

She asked Paar Braham why she is finding this particular test so difficult, to which
she got the answer...

'You are now following the path of truth, yet you are hiding, you do not need to be
afraid. Your father-in-law is confused and he is due an explanation. You must tell
him about the path that you are following, do not be afraid. Go with the hukam, and
when it comes do not be afraid and back away...tell him. I am with you. The time
has come to LIVE the truth.'

She also got the hukam to share this experience with the sangat.

J (Ns husband)


This is an incredible piece of divine wisdom and divinity, which Beti N Ji has been
blessed with by Dhan Dhan Dassam Patshah Ji and this is the real eternal Gur
Parsaad with the unlimited Gur Kirpa of Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Ji and Dhan Dhan
Paar Braham Parmesar, which should very clearly take us all out of the delusion and
illusion of the outside compliance, the inside compliance with the SAT SAT SAT
SAT SAT SAT SAT is the real compliance, the SACHYAAR (AKAL PURAKH) lives in
the SACHYARAA, which is the real KHALSA.

She is the Khalsa in the real eternal sense:

Puran Jyot Jagey Ghat Meh Tab Khalas;

She has Puran Jyot Parkash inside her, and this is how the trust and faith wins and
takes over the illusions and delusions Dubidha, the duality, which is Pakhand, and
one has to leave the Pakhand in order to remain in Sach Khand, the trust and faith is
not complete as long as we remain in duality Dubidha which is the cause of all
distractions, illusions and delusions, as soon as the trust and faith cross the fine line
of the completeness, the Almighty is right there with open arms to take you in His
Lap. The family and
family ties are all a part of Maya, and the Maya takes it toll in some form or the
other, but as long as your faith and trust is increasing, Maya will have to give up at
your feet, so, everybody, please keep your commitment, belief, trust and faith
increasing and enhancing by the moment in the Gur, Guru and Gurbani, and He will
take you out of all the illusions, delusions, duality, Pakhand, Dubidha, distractions.

Incidentally we also had Darshan of Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji this morning,
don't remember all the incident but remember that we saw Him and then we did
Dandaut to Him, and He also did Dandaut to us; this shows how much he loves us:

Jo Aap Jaley Aurey Naam Japawey
Nanak Taakey Bal Bal Jaye;

Khalsa Mero Satgur Pura;

the Gurbani has come true to us once again, this is how much he loves the ones
who do what He taught us to do, this shows how much he loves those who move on
the Khalsa Panth the Eternally True Path of Eternal Truth, the SAT SAT SAT SAT
SAT SAT SAT; once Sant Baba Ji mentioned that if we don't do what Guru Gobind
Singh Ji has told us to do then He will never be happy, but look what happens when
you move on the Khalsa Panth - the Path To Become a Khalsa; He bows before the
ones who do so, we are thankful to Him a zillion times with every breath of ours, we
are thankful to Sant Baba Ji a zillion times with every breath of ours, we are thankful
to Akal Purakh with every breath of ours; we are thankful to all the Guru Sahibans a
zillion times with every breath of ours, we are thankful to all the Sants, Bhagats &
Braham Gyanis of all ages a zillion times with every breath of ours for their kindness
and unlimited Naam Ki Kamai, we are also thankful to you all a zillion times with
every breath of ours, we are also thankful to all those who are making sincere efforts
to get Gur Parsaad a zillion times with every breath of ours and we pray for them all
a zillion times with every breath of ours to the Almighty to be kind on them and give
them the Gur Parsaad.

Dassan Dass

24 Jun 04

Bibi N Ji and the Tower Of Truth

At the last two Sat Sangats at J and N jis residence have been really blessed. N Ji
told us that Baba Ji in spiritual form was there and placed a pink flower in everyones
heart. Following time Baba Ji guided Bibi to the tallest tower in Dargah .. the
TOWER of TRUTH. Dhan Dhan Baba Ji who has blessed us with great soul as N ji -
the doorway for us all to access amrit naam and satguru ji.

5 July 2004

Last Friday we were blessed once again to have sangat of SAT, the SAT SANGAT,
at Bibi N & Js 'inn' (Baba Ji said our real home is our heart, our physical house is
just a resting place in this world, so can never be called home). For the first time we
gathered and sung kirtan 'haumai nahee tuhee tuhee' again and again as Dassan
Dass ji taught us to do before doing simran so we drive out ego. Then we sung
satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam with joy and love, everyone sung so loud it was
like asangat of thousands - it was joyous and drove out all negativity and depression

Afterwards Bibi N ji told us what akal purakh ji showed her in her smadhi.

A few weeks ago in sangat she told us Baba Ji blessed us all with a little pink flower
in our heart. And also that she was shown Sach Khand. First she goes to Sundar
Nagari (Beautiful Town) that Baba Ji created within SachKhand and Baba Ji has
such a kind heart and a sense of humour he has created a coffee bar , where
bhenjee has a coffee and sets off on her jouney within sach khand. She first saw
Baba Ji in one form. And was guided by Baba Ji to the Tower of Truth the most
beautful and most awesome building in Sach Khand. Baba Ji told her she has to go
in there, but a few weeks ago she was not ready. After that sangat Bibi Ji phoned
Baba Ji and he explained to her that it was actaully Akal Purakh ji who was guiding
her, but because she wouldnt be able to handle the complete power of the Akal
Purakh he chose the form of Baba Ji to guide her. And Baba Ji also told her that she
will have to go into the Tower of Truth.

Also in that smadhi she was shown the emotional equivalent of the sangats dirty
underwear. She saw bad things that was going to happen to members of our
sangat. She found that quite difficult to handle. Again Baba Ji guided her saying
God has shown you what COULD happen if people in the sangat dont give up their
desires. The desires they are still holding onto in their minds will result inthe DUKHs
that she was shown. But we have all hd gurprasadi naam, a light has been placed
inside us to guide us through the darkness of the mind. So we all need to commit to
doing so much naam simran with endless love for Gods feet, that God changes the
outcome. To sacrifce our desires and replace it with love for Satnaam Ji. That
really motivated the sangat to do more simran.

And last Friday Bibi Ji was blesed with smadhi again and after having her coffee with
Baba Ji again! she moved onto the Tower Of Truth. There was a very scary fire
burning outside and she had to pass through that. She said that was the place
Dassan Dass Ji said 'band bandh kataa agan meh saraa'...cut each joint and throw it
into the fire. (symbolising leaving the last remanants of physical attachment behind,
and now enetering the realm of pure Spirit - Nirgun)

Having gone through the fire she was inside the Tower Of Truth. It was beautiful
place. She saw Baba Ji and Shotee Mata Ji sitting on Thrones. She saw an exact
copy of the Golden Temple , surrounded by a lake of golden amrit - the spiritual
amritsar - lake of aMmit. She saw beings of light (human shaped) bathing in it. As
she walked forward she saw that all the light beings touched a golden tree then
progressed. (Perhaps the Golden Tree is spirit form of the blessed Bir Tree at
Harmandi Sahib - where baba budha ji used to sit.)

Bibi Ji told us that all the sangat has been blessed with different abilities and she has
been given Baba Ji's eyes so that she can see the Truth and the Realm Of Truth and
tell the rest of sangat about it. Not to boost her ego, but so that we all may be
inspired that Truth is Truth and really exists and is waiting for us to complete our

Also she shared with us that she was blessed with Sach Khand when she was
carrying baby K Ji who has come from Guru Nanak Ji in Sach Khand. And that Baba
Ji blesed her at that time to give naam to sangat as she resident of Sach Khand so
was able to bring naam from there to us. Baba Ji explained that N ji is His limb
(ang), and being able to give the greatest gift of naam is her Gurus gift to her.

So we all were blessed an Bibi Ji blesses us with naam everytime we ask for it, she
says 'naam is not mine, it is yours , just ask for it whenever you need'. Last week
we felt tingling amrit thoughtout aour body as she topped us up with more naam, and
we bowed to her holy feet. She aslo said that when she blessed pajee, she actually
lost sense of herself and him - new expereince for her. And this time when Susan
bhenjee received top up of naam, she was instantly intoxicated all over.

11 Jul 04

Yesterday we were blessed with sangat of Gudi Aunty ji and her sister and Bibi N ji's
blessed family and relatives. It was very thrilling to meet Guddi Aunty ji and her
sister, they are the beloved of our Guru.

There was so much humility and love, kirtan was uplifiting and joyous. Susan looked
intoxicated when she stopped singing. At the end we did satnaam simran and felt so
much peace and waves of love and compassion going out over whole of
sangat. Just like a dream we had of Baba Ji last year when Baba Ji was like the
rising sun on the horizon of the ocean, and the gentle waves washed over me and
gave me so much endless peace. Felt like Baba Ji was singing satnaam and filling
my heart like the sun - (so much heat and amrit inside heart centre was growing
bigger and bigger like a balloon'.)

Afterwards Guddi aunti ji said that Baba Ji was here in the sangat. And Bibi N ji said
that she saw Baba Ji laughing joyously blessing everyone (seving them cups of
coffee!). She also Baba Ji and Shotee Mata ji doing the Sikh wedding going
around SGGS.

Guddi aunty ji's sister has been very blesed by being able to meet Baba Ji a few
times over the years. She had so much love for Baba Ji. She said when she went
for an operation recently she was so worrried about the pain of the operation that
she called upon Baba Ji to help her. And as she was lying on the operating table,
she could see Baba Ji standing behind her giving his hand of protection over her
head throughout the operation. She never felt one bit of pain.

Sep 04


Bibi N ji asked me to write about her smadhi on the first week MK Ji came to the

About three weeks ago they had sukhmani sahib programme at Rs house, and in
smadhi she went first to sundar nagri , thru the gates past the lake and mata ji as a
white nightingale with a long tail and a jewel hangin on her forehead, fluttering over
the lake of amrit. Baba Ji jn his Dargahi form 'radiant form' touched her forehead
and sent her astral body into another smadhi (called inner inner house ...happened
to roma ji too, Baba Ji says once a person as seen this " anderli anderli kotaree" they
will never fall off the path no matter what maya does to shake them).

In the second smadhi, she was blessed with darshan of a jolly baba nanak ji, with
red face and smiling and laughing and slightly plumper than the common pictures of
him ..infact nothing like the pictures of him. He was throwing little yellow flowers
blessing the sangat. Then after that a Guru with a round white turban and long black
beard came infront of her. She repeated satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam, did
dandauth at their holy feet, and humbly asked "I am sorry but I dont know who you
are" and the Guru replied "the one who wrote the sukhmani" and Guru Arjun Dev ji
proceeded to give her the gift of gareebee ..being nothing -utmost humility.

And for next two weeks N bhenjee became more and more depressed, negative and
doubting herself and her ability to help anyone. Getting stressed with the kids,
financial worries, feeling things not going right, even in smadhi going to other realms
where her soul was getting itself into trouble. I noticed she looked very drained and
sad and had told her she was thinking too much.

Last week (10 sep 04) When MK ji came and blessed us all with gift of kirtan in sat
sangat, everything changed. Bibi Ji went into smadhi, she approached Sundar Nagri
as normal, but barely made it to the gates and collapsed in a heap. Crying and
crying she kept saying "I cant do it , I cant do it. Its too hard. I am nothing. I am not
capable." She said she really truly felt ..neech te neech aath neech..lowest of the
low- the very lowest (guru arjun ji). Then an old man hobbled out and picked her up,
reassured her, massaged her aching legs and arms, told her not to worry. He took
her inside and bathed her in the amrit lake as the nightingale fluttered
around. Standing behind her he poured amrit water over her head. She asked him
"what are you doing?". He replied ,"I will show you"

And Bibi Ji closed her eyes and found herself on an operating table like in a
spaceship, and these strange beings were operating on her head fixing things. She
came out of it and heard lots of popping sounds from inside her head (her inner
spiritual doors were being opened). Then she saw herself - her REAL self - the
soul. A pure being of Light. Pure radiant glorious light. SHe said it was absolutely
beautiful. She said I didnt realise I was that beautfiul ..the soul body was so
beautiful. The old man (another form of Baba Ji ) told her if you know what you
really are - the being of light- then why do you worry? Why do you doubt yourself?
Its only when you are in human body you start forgetting what you really are, and get
caught up with the human body and its human relationships, and wories and fears ,
doubts and depression.

Then Bibi Ji was granted vision of Akal Purakh Himself. she says she sees God as a
cloud like form. And God spoke to her and had arms outstretched and hugged her to
His chest. And said "When you have seen your true self - body of light - and that is
the same as Me - then why do you cry? Why do you doubt your SELF? When you
are Me and I am you, and we are One and the same, then why do you cry?"

After that kirtan session, she has been 100% again, because she knows God and
Guru are doing everything through her, and it is not her.


This is an incredible story of Gur Kirpa, Gur Parsaad, Sant Parsaad and spiritual
achievements of N Ji, her unconditional love for the Gur-Guru-Gurbani-Gur Sangat-
Sat Sangat-Sadh Sangat, this is what happens when your belief, trust and faith on
these entities crosses the fine line then you see your own self in Nirgun Saroop, but
it is very hard to believe on self, it is very difficult to believe that with so little and no
efforts one self have reached that stage, same thing used to happen to us too, we
could not believe ourselves that with in a period of only four months of Guru Baba
Jis Sangat we could see our Dassam Duaar open and with in a couple of weeks of
that see our own body in Nirgun Saroop, in its pure divine light form, it is so hard to
believe that these kind of things happened to us with in such a short time period,
whereas there were a lot of people in the Sangat who have been doing Bandgi for 30
to 40 years, yet no such spiritual experiences never happened to them, the answer is
simple: your rewards are proportional to your degree of belief, commitment, trust,
faith, devotion and unconditional love for the Gur and Guru.

But again believing on one self is very hard and that is what used to happen to us
too, and that is what have been happening to N Ji as well, but we believed whatever
Baba Ji told us, and we will very humbly request N Ji as well to believe in whatever
Almighty have shown her in these Smadhis. She is an incredibly elevated divine soul
and all the UK Sangat can really benefit from her. This is the reason when sometime
back we have requested at the charans of N Ji and J Ji to dedicate themselves to
the Seva of the Satnaam Parivaar, more frequent Simran Sessions will be very
useful to all of the UK Sangat and for that matter all of us as well. We feel very
grateful to Sant Baba Ji and Akal Purakh for having us associated with the Sangat of
all of you, our head will always remain under the dust of your shoes. We will also
very humbly request you to share N Jis experiences with all the other members of
Satnaam Parivaar.

Oct 04


At last weeks simran session at R jee's house N ji had an experience that lasted only
a few minutes...

She saw a golden palace where everything was of a golden light, the floors, the
walls, the ceiling were all of a golden light. She entered a room where the golden
light was almost unbearable. In this huge golden light filled room she saw a
completeley golden figure that was sitting on what looked like a throne, it had a body
of light, it looked as though it was wearing golden boots and upon it's head was what
looked like a golden crown.

N ji said that this being's light was so bright she could not look at it, she said that as
she went toward this being's golden aura she felt like she too was becoming
golden. The golden being held up it's palms and from them came golden orbs of
light that they themselves were also rippling waves of light. N jee said that she could
not look at the parkaash any longer and had to keep her head down...

However, her curiosity kept getting the better of her she looked up and the love and
light continued to pour out and she had to put her head down again - she asked 'I'm
really sorry but are you God?' to which there was no answer, again she asked 'Are
you God?' still there was silence but so much love and light. She 'felt' the being
communicate...'Why do you worry so much, don't you know who you are? You do
not need to worry about anything.'

It was like it was saying why do you all worry, recognise who you are. The immense
love and light continued to flow...N ji felt happy and blissed out. Then she came out
of her smaadhi.

When she told us about this experience she said that describing this experience just
does not do it justice, there are no words to describe it (it is 'akath' - unspoken) and
yet she says that it was the most powerful experience that she had ever had and it
stayed with her for a long time afterwards. Although in worldly terms in only lasted a
few minutes, but she said that in her experience there was no concept of time.

7 Oct 04

Will you marry me?

Following on from last weeks experience that N jee had with the golden being of
light, at Harjit jee's house she again experienced the darbaar of this golden being.

This time she said that she felt like she was a kiram jant, like an amoeba. She said
that she was so very small, almost nothing. She again felt this golden being
communicate to her...

"The door into Dargah is very small, this is what you must become to enter it. Look
at each of the people around you (referring to the sangat at Harjit jee's house) - do
not think that you can make it without them, do not slander any of them, slandering
of my bhagats is the same as slandering me."

N ji then asked "Who is Baba jee?" to which the being replied...

"He is my beloved bhagat, he reminds me of who I am. To get to me you must love
him - unconditionally. You must trust and love him completeley - then He will bring
you to me"

At this point she saw Baba jee there who was calling His name, to which the being
said lovingly:

"Who is that? Who is that calling my name?" (This was an example of the Bhagat
reminding Him who HE is)

Then there was nothing and everything went silent. She thought to herself "What's
happened, what have I done wrong?" She felt like she had made some sort of this point she saw the tiniest, most delicate flower fall from the sky and
into her lap...

There was something written on the said "Will you marry me?" At this point
N jee's heart melted she said "I cant marry you, I am worthless, I feel like I've
stumbled in on you by accident - I am nothing, I cant marry you."

The golden being answered lovingly and assuringly "You will marry me" then she
was shown a little boy (which was daas - kiram jant) to which the being said "this is
your best friend, even though you see him as your partner/husband he is actually
your best friend who also is yearning to meet me. I am the true husband of you all."

At this point N came out of her meditation, which again had only lasted a few

As N jee was describing this experience to us, we felt alot of amrit - she again said
that mere words cannot do it justice. She said she felt in awe to be in the being's
presence - almost like she shouldn't be there. She said that the being was in so so
much anand, yet hard to describe it - like it was slipping in and out of 'consciousness'
yet completely aware at the same time.

The key message she felt is that to love the SatGuru so much, as that love is the key
to God. Also to sit with and love the Satsangat wholeheartedly (God speaks through
the hearts of all - SGGS).


These are some of the Shaloks of Gurbani which describe the Mahima of a
Braham Gyani, a Sant, a Jan, this is an eternal truth and takes a lot to reach a
perfect understanding of these divine Shabads; Guru Nanak Patshah Ji have very
kindly given the highest rank to the Satgur:

Satgur Nanak Sabh Tey Wadda;
Vaho Vaho Satgur Nirankaar Hai;
Vaho Vaho Satgur Sat Purakh Hai;

but still we hesitate to believe this eternal truth, but the one who believes in it and is
fortunate to get the Gur Parsaad of this Tatt Gyan he becomes Dhan Dhan. Until we
are in Dubidha about his part of the divine play Gur Parsaadi Game, we can't
HIM. The Bandgi is nothing but full and complete commitment, belief, faith and trust
on Gur, Guru and Gubani, and unless we cross the fine line of the Haumai and reach
a level of trust and faith which is acceptable in the Dargah, we can't merge in Akal
Purakh, we can't win over Maya completely. We have to learn to obey the Hukam;
Naam Jivan Ji have been very fortunate to be offered this opportunity by the
Almighty Himself, all we need to do is to bow to His Hukam and accept it with our
head pressed at His feet for ever with a prayer to keep us like that for ever, for all
ages to come and be thankful to Him for His utmost and unlimited Gur Kirpa and the
Gur Kirpa of the Guru, for the continuous Gur Parsaad He have been so kindly
showering on us; with a prayer to accept us as His Sada
Suhagan and be thankful to him every moment, every breath of ours a zillion times
for His unlimited kindness. So it is our humble request at the Charans of you all to be
very alert in your meditation Samadhi and if anything like this happens again, just go
and lie down on His feet and obey His Hukam and merge in Him:


Thanks a zillion times at Naam Jivan Ji's Charans for sharing this enlightening
experience with the Sangat. But be careful and don't loose the next opportunity when
it comes.

Dassan Dass

14 Oct 04

Ik Oankaar Sri Satnaam
Dhan Dhan Paar Brahm Parmesar and All His Saroops everywhere

Dear Sat Sangat jee, aap jee de charna vich dandouth parvaan karni jee,

We would like to do khima (apology) in front of the sat sangat as we have not
described N jee's experience accurately. We would just like to rectify this in this

N ji asked the being of light "Are you Baba Jee?" (Not "who is baba jee?" - we have
now realised that this might of come across as doubt, this is absolutely not the case -
we are inspired by N jee's love for Baba jee everyday)

To which the golden being of light replied "I am everything, I am He and He is me -
there is no difference between us. He is my beloved bhagat, he reminds me of who I

("To get to GOD you must love him - unconditionally. You must trust and love him
completeley - then He will bring you to to GOD" - this is what N jee had said to us
when she was describing the experience)

When the golden being asked lovingly "Who is that? Who is that calling my name?"
it was referring to the sat sangat that was doing simran at that time at Sri Harjeet
jee's house.

We are very sorry to N jee and the sat sangat jee for this misinterpretation - we hope
that you can forgive us.

We are fully aware that one of the main reasons N jee has excelled in her simran is
because she has so much love for Baba jee - she had said very early on when being
introduced to the Satnaam Parivaar that she sees Baba jee as her SatGuru and feels
so much love for Him - this was very quick as we had only just been introduced to
the true definition of a SATGURU in Gurbaani.

So the key message of this experience is to love the SATGURU unconditionally
(which means to have no doubts - as Dassan Dass Singh jee has very kindly pointed
out) - as this is what will get us to the charans of the almighty, and once we get there
to still do dandouth countless times to SATGURU jee.

We love Baba jee so much - sada dandouth at His holy feet, He is the Buddha, He is
the Christ, He is the Nanak - He is all the Bhagats/Gurus/Prophets and is here to
ferry us back to the MOOL - Dhan Dhan Paar Brahm Parmesar.

My head is bowing to your holy feet in reverence to the Perfect light within you all.

4 Oct 04


Dhan Dhan Bibi N Ji. In the sangat tonight she saw herself in radiant golden form ,
same as God the King she had seen in previous weeks. She was wearing golden
bangles and saw her wedding ceremony. Before that she saw her husabnd and
children on a funeral pyre.

She phoned Baba Ji who explained that her marriage to God had taken place, and
Shotee Mata Ji explained that the funeral pyre meant she had no more attachments
to her husband and kids. And when their time of death would come, Bibi N ji would
not be heartbroken. Bibi Ji also explained she feels different now, like a new
unknown world is ahead of her. On Sunday we did sangat again but she could not
sit even for two minutes, because she said just focusing on her Husbands name
Satnaam was now too overwhelming. Susan bhenjee asked for blessings and Bibi Ji
put her hand on her head. Susan ji said an incredible amount of amrit came pouring

Dhan Dhan dhan jan aayaa, jis prasad sabh jagat taraaya.

3 Feb 05

DASSAN DASS: Ik Oankaar Pita Parmesar Satnaam Pita Parmesar Karta
Purakh Pita Parmesar Nirbhao Pita Parmesar Nirvair Pita Parmesar Akal
Murat Pita Parmesar Ajunie Pita Parmesar Saibhun Pita Parmesar Gur
Parsaad Pita Parmesar

Guru Pyare N Ji and J Ji:

Kottan Kot Dandaut Parvaan Karna Ji

J: Last night N jee had a dream that upset her.

DD: Nothing should upset you at all, this is like putting a question mark against the
Hukam, you need to stay alert all the time even in your dreams you need to have
your mind awake so that nothing negative happens, you have to grow over these
things and come in full and complete stability stage, where you become like a pivot
around which everything is rotating without disturbing you.

J: A few weeks back the cousin of a family friend tragically died in a fatal car
accident - she (we think her name was Taj - before marriage) had just been married,
she and her husband were both from the UK but decided to have the marriage
ceremony in India.

DD: That was her destiny so nothing could stop it. That is the lesson we have to trust
it is your own deeds in the previous lives that make your destiny, and her destiny
was to meet an end like that. The birth and death are the Hukam and nobody can
avert it, so feeling the sorrow due to the departure of someone should not be
disturbing at all or we should be able to absorb this kind of a sorrow without
disturbing our balance of mind.

J: They had returned back from India and were just driving home late one evening
after spending time with her father on his birthday. It is understood that the boy may
have lost concentration for a split second and may've even fallen asleep for a
second. He went into the central barrier and the car spun backwards - he escaped
unscratched, but she came out through the back window of the car.

We think both her legs were broken and that she died immediately.

DD: Think for a second the man survived a fatal accident whereas his wife died
this is destiny, he could have died in that accident too but God saved him for another
time to exit his life and that is the lesson to be learned from this incident, Gurbani
Says: Jiska Saas Naa Kaadhat Aap Tis Ko Rakhaat Dey Kar Haath.

J: N and I met Taj for the first time very briefly a couple of months back before she
was married. Her family say that she was known to be a very sweet child - we got
that impression from her too. She was very excited about being married - we never
saw her again.

Last night in N jee's dream - she said that she kept seeing Taj and that she could
feel her pain and anger. N jee found it to be quite scary (she said that she doesn't
usually find such things so scary - but this time for some reason she did). Straight
away she did an ardaas for Baba jee's help - she felt that Baba jee came and that
you were with Him too - she felt alot of amrit when Baba jee and You arrived.

DD: Guru Mera Sang Sada Hai Naaley the Guru is always with you, the Naam is
with you, the highest super spiritual power is with you, so where is the question of
being scared, you have to become Nirbhao without fear, and these kinds of tests
are for testing your fearlessness, the soul which is Nirvair no anmosity with anyone
hasno reason to be afraid of anything, the soul which loves everyone all His
creations has no danger from any creation so why should he feel scared, the soul
which is Ek Drisht has no reason to be fearful of anything, so you need to trust in the
Nirbhao part of the Akal Purakh, you have to Jap Nirbhao part of the Akal Purakh
then all your fears will disappear.

J: She said that she got the feeling to tell you about this and ask why Taj is entering
her dream - she says that she can still feel her 'screaming' pain. She remembered
that in her dream Taj kept showing her the life of her cousin (our family friends) - in
that she is happily married. N jee says that she got the impression that Taj wants
that too.

DD: She will be fullfilling her desire in the next life. She is in pain because she had to
leave with a unfullfilled desire so that will happen in her future birt, but for this life that
is how she was destined to meet her end. It is natural phenomena to see and feel
the pain of others on this path to the eternal truth, you will also see the Kood around
in the world, many a times you will experience that the non-truth elements will start to
come out of a person sitting with you or trying to talk with you without you prompting
the person to do so, it all happens by itself, the thing is that you have to be patient
and calm and absorb such things and try to help the person in the best possible way,
obviously the best possible way being Jap Satnaam.

J: Please can you help us understand this phenomena.

DD: There is nothing much to understand this thing, it happens to many people,
there is nothing abnormal in it, one of our Gunvantis aunty died many years back,
she was very deeply attached to her so she keeps on coming in her dreams. But
next time if she comes in your dream then be alert and ask her to Jap Satnaam and
then she will get a birth at the appropriate place. For that matter anybody comes in
your Smadhee or dream you should just ask the person to Jap Satnaam. Such
incidents happen in your Smadhee or dreams to test your alertness of the mind, to
test the state of your mind and you have to win over these situations.

J: Many thanks - Kotan Kot Shukrana to you, to the Satnaam light that inspires us

Satnaam SAT SAT SATnaam Sada Sada Satnaam

DD: Thanks for your love filled message.

Sada Dhan Dhan Chad Di Kala Vich Raho

Dassan Dass

20 Feb 05

Susan was tellingme that in the last satsangat they did kirtan. N bhenjee felt an
intense amount of amrit. It was unbearable pressure in her head. Then she saw
Shotee Mata ji in the nighingale form come and release the amrit. After that her
forhead filled with light upon light, Supreme Light. Within that light she say Baba Ji
in his Dargahee (Gods court) form, Baba Ji was kathak dancing, intoxicated.

Later when she actually phoned Baba Ji about this he told her she was now jivan
mukatliberated while alive. She had busted the trikuti beaten the three parts of
maya andentered the fourth state. She had defeated Dharam Raaj. But he also
told her there was still along way to go (to get to Guru status have to make many
more sacrifices).

29 Mar 05

satnaam ji sada satnaam ji

On friday we had a very blessed satsangat. We had a picnic, fresh air, kids played.
Susan cooked, HB served ... Harjit ate!!! We cut MK ji's birthday cake, she said "it
was the best birthday ever." Later in the sangat we did kirtan and simran, there
was so much love of Satguru ji, of Parbrahm parmesar ji like an infinte ocean of love,
peace and light
emaniating from the sangat and healing the Earth, the Universe, I could feel the
heart centre just poruing out love. N ji placed her hand on MK ji's forehead. MK
went into smadhi and her arms and hands went into many asaans - positions. It was
Parbrahm, Parmesar ji gracefully expressing Himself through her body , as Baba Ji
says "the only time the Creator enters into this creation is in spontanoeus love in the
heart." And MK ji was that heart. As her palms shine towards me, I felt so much
love and heat energy passing thru my heart chakra (hirda). I felt so blessed, we
awere all blessed I gfelt Baba Ji was sitting right inside her.

For G ji it was the first time she had come to the Fri sangat, and she kept saying it
was amazing!!! N ji placed her hand on G ji's forehead too and she felt the one drop
of amrit in her forehead expanding "BOOM" from head to toe. N ji said G was a
blessed soul.

20 Apr 05

Vision Of Guru Nanak

For the last 4 weeks GK, JK, RK and MK have been coming to kirtan sangat. Also N
and family got back from canada. Did kirtan, it was amazing. Felt like river of amrit
was pouring through heart chakra to sangat, and swirling around. Manne went into
asans that Baba Ji showed her, and I could feel amrit heat from her hand into my
chest area. G was amazed could feel her heart chakra spinning around too she
never sings to kirtan, never enjoys it, but couldnt stop herself from singing and
joining in. JK could feel light all around and tugging at her third eye she said she
never felt that from kirtan before.

Its all guru kirpa.

Last week N ji told us that Guru Nanak ji gave her his holy vision. She did dandauth
at his feet,. But didnt reognise who it was. Even though she has felt Guru Nanak
jis prescence before, this time Guru ji came to show her what he actually looked like
on this Earth. She apologised to the holy figure and said, Im sorry but I dont know
who you are. The holy figure replied, I am Nanak of old. Then she looked at his
holy face and noticed he looked nothing like the pictures, she asked, Where is your
turban?. The holy figure had white hair all over his head. The holy figure replied,
This is what I looked like. Its only in your pictures that theyve put a turban on
me. But I never wore one. (Makes sense as there are stories of guru nanak ji
dressing up as a muslim with a hat to get into Mecca, so presumably he would wear
whatever heneeded to so that he could talk to people and they felt he was their own.)

Then Guru Nanak ji showed her a storm and said there is a storm ahead of
you. But remember to stay on your belly and you will be OK. Just stay on your belly,
doing dandauth (prostrating) and youll be ok. (Means be humble infront of anyone
who comes to you with anger storm). Then Guru Nanak ji showed bhenjee the
scene when he was stoned in Bagdad for telling the Truth. Bhenjee didnt know the
story. We shared it in te sangat. Basically, bani came to guru nanak ji in baghdad,
so he started singing ..patalaa pataal lakh akaasaa akaash (Jap Ji) meaning thee
are many realms. The orthodox muslims firstly objected to music and secondly to
the words, as they believed only in 14 realms 7 heavens and 7 hells. So they lined
up to stone Baba Nanak ji. In the end Guru ji showed the son of the priest took
him into smadhi, held his guided and guided his astral body around the realms. He
came back and told the muslims what baba nanak ji said was true.

Dhan Dhan Bibi N ji for sharing this with us. As Baba Ji says ,Pure only comes to
pure. So let us all become pure of mind and have love for satnaam in our hearts,
so that God will be the King on the throne meray Raam Rajeh.

At then end Baba Ji appeared and did dandauth to guru ji, and guru ji did dandauth
to Baba Ji. Bhenjee took it to mean not to have any doubts in Baba Ji as our guide.

Bhai Gurdas Ji writes in Var 1:

From Mecca Baba went to Baghdad and stayed outside the city.
Firstly, Baba himself was in the form of Timeless and secondly,
he had his companion Mardana, the rebeck player.
For namaz (in his own style), Baba gave call,
listening to which the whole world went into absolute silence.
The whole city became quiet and lo! to behold it,
the pir (of the town) also got wonderstruck.
Observing minutely he found (in the form of Baba Nanak) an exhilerated faquir.
Pir Dastegir asked him, which category of faquir you belong to
and what is your parentage.
(Mardana told) He is Nanak, who has come into kaliyug,
and, he recognises God and His faquirs as one.
He is known in all the directions besides earth and sky.

The pir debated and came to know that this faquir is much more powerful.
Here in Baghdad he has shown a great miracle.
Meanwhile he (Baba Nanak) talked about myriads of netherworlds and skies.
Pir Dastegir asked (the Baba) to show him whatever he had seen.
Guru Nanak Dev taking along with him the son of the pir, melted into thin air.
And in a wink of eye visualized him the upper and lower worlds.
From the nether world he brought a bowl full of sacred food and handed it over to pir.
This manifest power (of the Guru) cannot be made to hide.

After making Baghdad, the citadel (of pirs) bow, Mecca, Madina, and, all were
He (Baba Nanak) subjugated and eighty four siddhs
and the hypocrisies of the six schools of Indian philosophy.
Lacs of underworlds, the skies, earths and the whole world were conquered.
Subjugating all the nine divisions of earth
he established the cycle of SATNAAM, the true name.
All the gods, demons, raksasa, daitys, Chitragupt et al. bowed at his feet.
Indra and his nymphs sand auspicious songs.

( )

10 May 06

Vision of Buddha, Brahma, Vishnu and Baba Ji and the Great Masters

We were singing satnaam in the sangat, kirtan style, could feel a lot of
love. Afterwards N ji said she felt a wave of love light wash her away to the feet of
the Lord Buddha. She did dandauth and he blesed her by flicking her onwards with
his toe. She landed in the prescence of Brahma And Vishnu and did dandauth to
them too. Then she saw a beautiful diamond, and remembered Baba Ji said always
go into the diamond. She stepped into it and an amazing palace filled her minds
eye, so huge that she kept steppnig back to be able to see it all but realised it was
unlimited just like God, whose palace it was and she realised God was higher than
Lord Budha, Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu Ji. Then she saw a door and remembered
Baba Ji said always go in through the doors. Inside she saw God in a human form
and He was crying.

She asked why is God crying? He replied that it is God inside each of us that cries
and makes us cry, then he started laughing and said it is also God inside us that
makes us laugh. (Explained to her that He Himself is the Doer and Expereincer of
everything that is happening inside us, just that our ego our sense of self makes us
thinks is us.) Then he led her to a royal table with many astral bodies of the great
Masters, she recognised Baba Ji, Shotee Mata and Amrik ji and God said These
are the Kings of Sach Khand. A couple of the members of the sangat had inner
doubts about the Hukam and N was shown this I think.

4 Jul 07

Blessing trapped souls

N jii said the last time she called Baba Ji to bless a deceased soul, Baba Ji said she
would now be able to save souls herself. She replied that she didn't know how to,
Baba Ji said that all would be revealed. A few weeks later she was sitting in smadhi
at Luton Gurdwara. She found herself in the Light and the souls were thanking her
for asking Baba Ji to save them, for now they were in the Light. As she went forward
she found herself in God's Court.

She saw astral bodies of all God's Beloved ones. They were in their own blissful
states. She saw Guru Gobind Singh Ji in his own Anand- enjoying the bliss of union
with God, in his own asans - hand positions. She saw Mohammed Ji, Jesus Ji and
others she did not know. In the centre of God's court she sensed God;s prescence
very strongly and next to that on a raised platform was Baba Ji and Sant Ishar Singh
Ji Rarawalay. As she approached them, she recognised Sant Ji as the one whom
had come to bless her just before she was given Naam from Baba Ji. At that time
she was still feeling that she maybe going against the Sikh path she was on, bu Sant
Ji had come to tell her she was on the right path to Baba Ji. Then Sant Ji told her in
a strong voice, "Finally, you came here!" Baba Ji also told her she had been there a
few times before too but she never absorbed herself into the Lord when she
came. He told her to look around and see how the Gurus and saints were
intoxciating and told her to enjoy Anand as well when she came here. She closed
her eyes of the astral body and went into deeper smadhi. She felt a powerful
lightning bolt of God's Light strike her in the middle of her forehead. She was aware
that her physical body was sitting in the Gurdwara amongst the congregation. She
was aware of her physical body becoming red hot and glowing. She was also just as
aware of being in God's court, full of love and in the prescence of great souls. Then
Sant Ji told her "Now everyone in the Gurdwara is going to be blessed with
Naam." And she felt the Naam going through her blessing everyone in the Gurdwara
at that time. Then Sant ji told her that her dues, her karma with everyone in the
Gurdwara were cleared. Then Sant ji asked her to think of anyone she really
wanted to bless. And at that moment she felt so much love for Bhai R S ji who had
helped her and loved her with blessings few years earlier. At that instant he
appeared in God's court infront of them. He was so thankful and full of love. He
thanked N ji for blessing him like this. He suddenly understood this was the realm of
Truth, where Sat Naam is recited. He told N ji that he would be taking birth in her
future generations and would be doing service of Sat Naam only. Baba Ji then
told her that is how she can save the souls now. To bring them into God's Court,
God's Light. N ji said that she never wanted to leave this place, all here hearts
yearning had been fulfilled. Baba Ji laughed and told her that she had much work
left to do yet! She left with great sadness in her hear at leaving her Beloved. She
also said that she was asked to write this expereince down and to share it. When
she told us , she asked me to share it.

14 Sep 07

Embraced by The Light

Last night N ji was sitting on the sofa surfing the internet, she kept rubbing the back
of her head saying I feel so much amrit, she continued to surf the net but still kept
rubbing her head saying that she could feel intense amrit at the back of her head, it
was a soft, female energy like there was a hand placed on the back of her
head. Anyway she decided to go to bed.

She was awoken suddenly at 5am, so she decided to get up and have a warm
soak. Afterwards she went downstairs, put on some incense and lay on the sofa to
do some simran. Instantly a feeling of elevation came over her and she felt like she
was leaving her body she could see her body laying on the sofa beneath her as
she drifted away.
She saw a beautiful light, at this point she would normally shy away, but today she
opened her arms wide she knew it was God. She was draped in nothing but a
white cloth over her arms, as she opened her arms to embrace this light the cloth fell
from her arms and she was completely naked.

The light embraced her, and she embraced the light. They became entwined in each
other, she felt like she was being massaged softly and gently in her legs. The light
went all over her body, it even entwined itself through each of her toes. The bliss
she felt was beyond what words could do justice to it. It was the true union of male
and female (Nar & Nari), she felt tingling all over her body. The light spoke and said
You know that hand you felt on your head last night? That was Me, I was playing
with you. While this union was going on they both laughed together like little
children. This union felt like an eternity.

The light then began to drift away and she said No wait, where are you going? I
dont want you to go and I dont want to go back.

She felt like crying with the pain of separation. Paar Braham said back to her You
must go back and do the seva. She knew that it was the seva to help others on the
path of bhagti.

After this union a dark figure with red eyes presented itself in front of her. She felt
that it was Maya. The figure approached her and proceeded to put its hands
together and then lay flat in front of her. She then began to feel herself drift back into
her body until eventually she was back in her body.

Dhan Dhan N Jee, Her bhagti is so high. Kotan kot Dandouth to her charan. We are
a fortunate, lowly dog who has been blessed to be in her sangat in this lifetime.
Dhan Dhan Baba Jee and Dassan Daas Jee who have ignited so many souls. Kotan
Kot Shukrana to them.

SATNaaaaaaam SADA SADA SATnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAM


Dhan Dhan Par Brahm Parmeswar
Dhan Dhan Babaji
Dhan Dhan Satnaam

I have nothing and i believe that i am nothing just the dust of the sangat and forever
at Babaji's feet. He is the greatest, greatest, greatest. If we have full faith in our
Guru nothing can harm us and we are blessed forever.

We love you so much Babaji please keep us forever at your feet and may we do your
seva. You are the door keeper and without your blessings nothing is possible.

Dhan Dhan sangat ji for your are always true i love you all so much.

I love , i love , i love you all, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou and may we forever stay
at our Guru and sangat's feet.

Dhan Dhan Satnaam

from the lowest of the lowest forever at your charan,



Ik oankaar sat naam satgur parsaad
Dhan Dhan paar braham parmesar ji
Dhan Dhan gur guru-satgur gurbani- sat sangat sat naam

Guru pyare Sant N ji:

Kottan kot dandaut parvaan karna ji.

We thank Dhan Dhan Satguru Baba Ji and Dhan Dhan guru paar braham parmesar
ji for blessing us with the sat sangat of such a highly elevated spiritual soul, who is
one with akal purakh. N ji you are Dhan Dhan, your kul is Dhan Dhan, your maat pita
are Dhan Dhan, your parivaar is Dhan Dhan, that place is Dhan Dhan where you are
sitting, your bandgi is Dhan Dhan, your sat naam ki seva is Dhan Dhan.

This is an incredible thing happened to the sat naam parivaar blessings of a puran
sant Beti N ji, we have all become Dhan Dhan with her puran bandgi. God has
blessed you with the seva parupkaar and maha parupkaar and your jivan have
become truly naam you have come true to your name N. Parupkaar and maha
parupkaar is now your jivan naam is your jivan, parupkaar and maha parupkaar is
your bandgi now, parupkaar and maha parupkaar is your seva now.

God bless all of the sat naam parivaar to become like her.

Our head will always and forever remain under the dust of your feet.

Dassan dass


24 Sep 07

Feeling Bairag sadness at seperation

Yesterday we had our third sat sangat at our "resting place" and N ji shared her
feelings with us at the end. She becomes very bairagi (feeling of sadness at being
away from Parbrahm parmesar ji) and shares with us a words from the Divine. She
said she felt herself merging in and out of the Light of the Lord. It was supreme love
- something she never wants to leave, but is sent back to help us. Parbrahm
Parmesar ji told her "tell everyone else in the sangat that I am waiting for each one of
them, so come to me, tell them to come to me." She also talked about she feels that
she is seeing everyone for the last time, that the time we have together is short and
she feels like we need to express our love, open our hearts and say we love each
other, because its too late when close ones are gone.

I felt a lot of love listening to the kirtan sitting next to N Ji. I was reminded how much
love Dhan Baba Nanak Ji had overflowing from His heart. An endless love that
flowed and still flows right through him to us. A love that makes you feel like crying
because you never knew how much love guru ji and the bhagats had until you feel a
glimpse of it yourself.

Its hard to say you love others when you dont love yourself. When you have been
hurt so long ago and so many times that you dont even remember when or why you
shut the door to your heart. Was it a decison to protect yourself from further hurt -
yes. What has it made you into? Are you happy with what you have
become? Lifeless, cold and empty. Yet something inside is still crying from behind
the stone wall around the heart. Something wont let you rest. And it speaks louder
when the sants tell you about the great glory of God.

A few weeks ago, i was very angry and upset and feeling frsutrated that i could not
shake it. Feeling tormented by negative ego reminding me of all the things i hadnt
achieved, all the reasons why i was unfulfilled. Then I was blessed with a dream and
Dassan Das ji was dancing and twirling in anand (Spritual bliss) to the tune of arti ,
and i was just mesmorised watching him - the dance and the dancer all wrapped in
one with the Supreme. Then he suddenly stopped and looked me in the eye and
said "naam simran kar" your naam simran. Those three words struck me like 3
arrows. Very simple, very precise, very direct. And if that wasnt enough, then later I
was given another dream where Baba Ji came and a crowd gathered to listen to the
divine wisdom. Then the pencil like Sikh man decided not to listen to him and
started slandering him so others wouldnt listen either. But Baba Ji just said to him -
"Instead of measuring your achievements, chisel your heart." But the man wouldnt
listen, so i tapped him onthe chest and repeated those words, he would let them into
his heart. He started accusing me of trying to take off his necklace religious

Those words stuck with me - the mind only get depressed and frustrated when it
starts measuring its worth against what "I HAVE DONE". But in bhagti thats all just a
false benchmark. You have to measure how much love there is in your heart. But
my heart has a stone wall around it to stop it getting hurt. So "take a chisel of NAAM
and break it down."

Even then I had so much anger suppressed in my chest and i couldnt shift it for the
whole of the last year. And facing the negativity of close family who were upset with
moving house, and having their lives disrupted, and having so many worldy changes
to conside "shall we stay here? move to canada? stay together, move apart" it was
too much all at once. And everyhting i had tried in the past to solve the family
problems didnt work, so making one person happy made the others
unhappy. Caught between parents and the wife and the children. All i did was sit in
front of the TV - like a zombie.

Then last week N ji told us of her union blessings, and said she has been given
seva. So I asked her what seva Parbrahm parmesar ji had given her. She said "it
was to help others, even if it meant sacrificing her self." So i plucked up the courage,
and told her about my anger and my frustrations. I asked the sangat to pray for
me. Called Baba Ji a few days later, who said we need to keep going forward ,
break the wall of illusion (anger) and snap the bad habits of the lower
consciousness. Then my friend came and practised hypnotherapy on me, he filled
my head with positive thoughts, i felt the light come in and break the grip of
negativity. All 5 dhoots had a tight grip on me again - it happens without realising, it
happens when we think we will do simran next week, or after i move house, or after
i've unpacked or whatever whatever whatever.

This last sangat i was so happy for everyone to come, to serve them to be free again
of the dhoots.

When N ji said we have to love, and say we love and share that. Then I realised the
wall is still there, so we have to work on it. And with sat sangat we can be ferried
across, only if we share what is inside us, what is holding us back and expose it, get
the blessings and move on.

The Lord works in Mysterious ways - makes us go through the furnace of the 5
thieves, then makes us drag others out of it as well.

pls forgive me my bad habits, my foolishness. But now i really feel like with N Jis
and everyones blessings we can focus on satnaam and not desires for other things -
whether its making an organisation, doing classes etc etc - just LOVE.

dust of your feet

love and blessings

Dhan Dhan baba nanak ji dhan sant satguru Baba Ji dhan dassan das ji Dhan Dhan
sat sangat ji N ji and all those who have helped us or slandered us.

PS .. N ji also said that once we have naam , then remember naam is love. And if
we keep doong "satnaam satnaam" but think bad of others and have no love for
others, then actualy we are doing slander of the naam.


01 Oct 07

Guru Gobind Singh Ji gives a sword

sat naam sada sat naam
dandauth bandhana ji

Yesterday we were blessed to have sat sangat at our resting place again. We all
felt lots of love and light and amrit naam blessings. N ji shared her ever increasing
expereinces. Last week she spoke to Baba Ji as she felt it was a great responsibilty
to try and help others. Baba Ji said that a sant can only tell and help others, but the
final responsibility is with each and every person to take responsibility for their own
upliftment. Baba Ji blessed N Ji and the following day she was visited by Dhan
Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji in her meditation. She said she had not had Dhan Guru
jis vision for a while now, but she feels her connection is so strong with Guru ji. She
said the Guru ji was dressed in white uniform she had never seen him like this
before. She kneeled infront of Guru ji and infront of a sea of Nihang (warrior saints)
male and female. Guru ji presented her with a beautiful jewel encrusted dagger
(sword of deeds). But N ji said to Guru ji that she was unable to take the gift as
Baba Ji had told her never to take anything from anyone offered in meditation as it
could lead to desires. Guru ji said to N ji in that case I will place it directly into you
heart. Guru ji explained to her she had become a sant because of her sweetness,
but a Sant also needed FIRE, and thats what the gift of the dagger was. Then she
explained as she left Guru Gobind Singh Ji's blessed place, Baba Ji appeared and
she humbly did dandauth bandhana (bowed) to him, her present SatGuru Ji,
for blessing her with her past (lives)SatGuru ji's vision.

As N ji was sharing these messages from the Divine with the sangat, we noticed the
CD playing was singing Guru Gobind singh Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. God works
in mysterious ways.

11 Nov 07

God The King

Yesterday we were blessed with satsangat, everyone had their own experience. The
highlight was when N ji shared with us her experience.

First she felt she saw ParBrahm in the form of countless Kings wearing crowns in a
wonderful palace. And each King had a bride on His arm.

Then one King took her by the arm and she felt she was merging into her Lover.

He told her that even though He was the One, he was also personal to each

And to each individual he treated that soul bride as the most special.

Then she was interupted by her son and left the room, when she came back, she
saw with open eyes Dhan Baba Nanak in the room with the sangat. She did
dandauth bandhana (lay flat at his feet), and he explained to her why AMRIT was
given to us in when we do naam simran. He showed her by example, and began
watering the huge plant we have in the corner of the room. He then said to N Ji
,"Just as the plant is watered so it can grow.
Amrit is poured into the devotee doing naam simran so they can also grow
spiritually. So they can have the spiritual strength to overcome the obstacles on this

Susan and SS also felt the divine presence of Baba Nanak Ji. Susan felt it very
personally, like her head was resting in His laps, and he was stroking her head, like
a father and daughter saying "Dont worry my child everything is OK."

SS felt lots of amrit in his head and when N Ji put her hand on his forehead he felt
light entering. He said last week he has been seeing vision/having dreams of battles
that dont actually turn into fights but turn into enemies huggin each other. We
explained that in smadhi Dassan Dass Ji has told us we are cleaning ourselves up at
the roots of our thoughts. And that perhaps his dreams were showing him that his
lower consciousness patterns of behaviour i.e. fighting nature, where now being
transformed into loving nature of a gurmukh.

Last week we were also blessed by doing kirtan. N ji had asked ParBrahm to NOT
show her anything so she could just enjoy the divine bliss of the naam
amrit. Susanusan told us afterwards she saw the blessed blessed Guru Gobind
Singh ji giving us blessings whilst playing the instruments, by putting his hands on
our heads and fillinf us with Amrit. He then humbly did dandauth to N ji - to the God
within her.

We are all very blessed and fortunate to have this time together to do naam simran,
to serve each other and to help each other. For all the ones who are not able to
come to sangat we would say please keep using the recordings on the website and
make your own sat sangat.

Have a regular time sit down , play the recording and pray that you are surrounded
by the blessed soul - Baba Ji and Dassan Das ji and the rest of the sat sangat. This
is a spiritual path and time and place are no obstacle. You will also feel the power
of God the King who lives in the Palace of your own heart.


Ik oankaar sat naam satgur parsaad

Dhan dhan guru pyare jee:

You are all dhan dhan, your bandgi is dhan dhan, your seva is dhan dhan, increasing
the frequency of the sat sangat will just do unbelievable wonders to each one of you.
This is incredible sat sangat - the real divine sat sangat. God bless you all with the
sada suhaag.

Please post these kinds of eternal experiences of the sat sangat ji on the web site.

Our head will always and forever stay under the dust of the feet of this sat sangat.

Dassan dass

1 Dec 07


satnaam satguru satshabad satsangat - dandauth bandhana.

At sangat (spiritual meeting) on Sunday we were blessed to do naam simran
again. We were also joined for the second time by C , a teacher who practises Reiki.
She said that she never meditates as she did not know how nd would like to join
us. At the end of the first time she came, she felt so much energy and she felt
connected to a beam of light as she does when she does Reiki. She also thanked
us so much as I said to her that connecting to the SOURCE was Higher than
channeliing and connecting to Spirits. Having done Reiki she always connected to
the Source, but started feeling from other practioners when practising Reiki that she
needed to be calling upon spirits as well. She said even though she was aware
of some spirits around her, she did not feel comfortable calling upon them. Infact
she did not like the idea of the spirit world. I explained to her with Guru's kindness
the experience of N last year when we were doing reiki and all the spirits came and
kept buggin herto channel for them. Although it was fun and interesting and
fascinating at first, it become a distraction. Baba Ji told N ji that even those spirits
are dead people , mostly ancestors and others who are stuck in time and
place. Even though they are your well wishers and trying to help you with messages
and healing from beyond, even then they still need to move on. And that Baba Ji
wants each of us to become a SANT, a SANT who can send even spirits to the
Light, to help them rather than depending on them for help. Baba Ji explained to N
last year that if she has the gift to CHANNEL then CHANNEL for the HIGHEST
TRUTH - SAT NAAM, why settle for channelling for the created ones?

C felt so relieved when she found that connecting to the SOURCE was higher than
channelling for spirts, it freed her mind. Last Sunday she sat next to N and told us
afterwards that she felt so much energy from N Ji. N passed on the messages and
feelings she got from SAT NAAM , from PAR BRAHM - the SUPREME BEING. She
told C, that in DARGAH - God's ROYAL COURT of TRUTH, she was being praised,
the SANT souls there told her that when C speaks , flowers fall from her mouth, that
is how much love she has in her. Then N saw C's heart chakra with a beautiful lotus
opening inside. N Ji then had the feeling to give her the BLESSINGS OF NAAM
..the KEY to TRUTH, and placed her hand on her head and blessed her in that
way. C said afterwards it felt so great that she didn't want N to remove her hand
from her head. N also said that when she was asking God to bless C, she said
something like , "could you bless her ..sorry i dont even know her name. .." and God
replied , "the name does not matter, the name is part of your outer identity, all that
matters to ME is the love inside your heart. Relate to each other at a heart to heart

It was interesting how C, who never even meditated once in her own life was blessed
so quickly. She is full of compassion, her Reiki is all about helping others from her
heart. She is a primary school teacher and loves her kids. She even said a few of
them always try and put her hand on their heads because they can feel something -
the Reiki or the AMRIT as we say. That COMPASSION filled her heart with LOVE
and Baba Ji says "Truth can only come and reside in a loving HEART."

From Compassion to a heart full of Love, to meeting the Sant who blesses you with
TRUTH, the NAAM. Then from NAAM to INFINITY for always and for ever.

dust of your feet



Over the last couple of years N jis personal circumstances and situation has
become very peaceful. Her teaching job has taken her to serve the lowest and
poorest in society. She has taught in prisons as well as mentally and physically
handicapped people. Recently she has been teaching teenagers many of whom
have very disturbed childhoods meaning they are now on drugs and struggling
emotionally. She has dealt with a very difficult manger who completely hated her,
but with Baba jis guidance she remained patient and the manager has realised her
methods dont effect N. Recently in sangat N ji saw Baba Ji and Dassan Dass ji
standing upon a platform, they extended their arm and N ji said she accepted and
stepped up. She realised that now she had to serve at a higher level. Baba Ji
confirmed this on the phone and said that Dassan Dass ji had also seen this, which
is confirmed in the email below.

26 Aug 09

Ik Oankaar satnaam satgur parsaad.
Dhan dhan paar braham parmesar jee.
Dhan dhan gur guru satgur gurbani satsangat satnaam .
Gur datey gur paar braham.
Gur parmesar gur satnaam.
Gur gurparsaad gur naam nidhaan.

Dearest Beti N jee,

our blessings are always with you. Our blessings have always been there for
you. You know that you live in our hirda. You live in Baba jis hirda. You live in the

You are sat roop sant hirda, now you need to step up and take charge of the Sat
Naam Parivaar in the UK and help them realise their spiritual dreams. You should be
present in every satsangat in uk. This is our request at your sat charans to help us
and Baba ji spread this message of the Sat Naam around the globe.

You should also start writing more on you spiritual experiences. You should also
start writing on gurparsadi topics, gurbani, bandgi, seva, simran, parupkaar and
maha parupkaar.

Disseminating the divine wisdom to others is a very high level of seva and now you
should start doing this seva. Please dont be hesitant, just come forward with full
divine force. We all need to make this Earth a more livable place, your contributions
should be enhancing this effort on a daily basis. You are very fortunate being
blessed with this seva,

Dassan Dass