Art of Perception

Beca Lewis

Art of Perception, Beca Lewis
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CONTENTS: The Art of Perception Who Is Driving Your Car? "So Totally You" Reacting To Illusions Like Water For The Love Of God My Mother’s Spoon The Ultimate Partnership The Cat and The Trash What He Didn't Say Concentric Circles Of Love There Is Plenty Of Room Boldly Love Where Your Love Has Never Gone Before The Prod And The Carrot Cha-Ching Clarity About God The Bee And The Hummingbird Re-Set Perceptions To Re-Set Your Life Mist-Perception Stuck, Inertia, And The Fire Within Prisoners of Perception Choose Your Perception Boundaries That Set You Free At The Ready God By Any Other Name Disguising Ourselves As Human

The Art of Perception
"The spiritual life is a call to action. But it is a call to ... action without any selfish attachment to the results." -- Eknath Easwaran I love this idea. That Life itself is a call to action. However, there are two pitfalls that cause us to often fail at this idea, and do the opposite; take no action. Not the action of conscious non-action, but no action. The first pitfall is that as humans we think we “know better” than the infinite that is Life Itself, and two, we think we are human and as a human we are co-creators and creators. Taking action without being attached to the outcome is a science and an art. It is the scientific fact that there is no intelligence in matter and the only intelligence is in Infinite Mind as physicists have proven. The art of it comes into play as we attempt to live what appears as a human life while knowing that we aren’t human and that we are spiritual ideas. This surely is an art isn’t it? Isn’t this a portion of what Henry David Thoreau meant when he said, “It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so to make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look. To affect the quality of the day--that is the highest of arts.” It’s the part of this quote “to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look” that carries with it a significant message. This is a statement about perception. If we begin with the perception that we are human and “better” than Life itself, or that we have a control over Life Itself, well, we all know the amount of pressure, and stress that results from this point of view. It is inescapable. No matter how many pressure and stress reduction techniques that we learn, they will only dampen down the underlying fear this point of view

produces. How can we affect the quality of our day, if we have not been an artist with our own perception? Choosing the perception of human, it may appear that we create a life that we love. Choosing the perception that we are Life Living Itself, there is an immeasurable difference. One carries with it stress, one releases us to the freedom of living as our USB, or Unique Spiritual Blessing. Our thinking does not make it so. It is our perception about a subject that makes it so. This is a subtle difference in statement, but it makes a huge difference in the outcome. One causes stress and guilt, the other relief because it knows that what may appear one way is only because we are seeing it that way through our trained perception. We can shift our perception in every moment and affect the quality of our day. We can be an artist with our perception and choose the highest understanding we have at this moment of what it means that all that there is - is “Life Living Itself and Love Loving Itself. Imagine that. Just imagine it. I implemented this type of shift of perception as we searched for a home, and went through the process of buying one. Most of the time I was able to stay in “I Am statements,” like I AM Home Itself and therefore there is no need to worry about this outcome or try to make it happen. Sometimes I could feel the fear and stress rush in and tell me it would never work (forget the reasons they are not important). Then when it looked as if it was going to work, I still had to stay in the I AM Home point of view, or the fear of “oh my gosh, what have we gotten ourselves into” would rush in. That human habit is always waiting at the door of our mind. It may hide in the bushes, but it is there, and at the first crack in the doorway it will push its way in and try to settle into every corner of our consciousness. But, it can be removed immediately by a perception shift, and Truth can fill the spaces of our consciousness so there is no room for fear to sit down or hang out.

To be an artist of perception takes practice, just as an artist of anything takes practice. But one day we will all witness that the artist is actually Love, Life, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Principle, Truth living and loving Itself and that we are the consequences of that action. Action is the movement of the spiritual essence we call God. Therefore action is what we are too. It’s easy to allow ourselves to take action when we know that the outcome is not ours to decide, and that it will be better than we imagined.

Who Is Driving Your Car?
I was traveling a familiar route, one that in the past 8 years I have traveled over and over again, yet I kept noticing things I had never seen before. I noticed the steepness of the hill and curves in the road. What was different this time? On other trips I was the passenger, and this time I was the driver. I was in a high school’s guidance office talking to the school about doing a seminar for them. Hanging on the wall of the office was a poster that said, “ You are the author of your own life story.” Isn’t this the same idea as driving our own car? If we knew that we are the authors of our own life story, like driving our own car, we would notice more about what was happening in, and as, our life. But we don’t notice. Instead we act as if we are passengers in our life. We act as if someone or something outside ourselves has authored our life story. We blame others for the life we lead, or make excuses for ourselves because of the “outside” forces that have put us in any situation that we don’t like. It doesn’t matter how much we decide that someone else is driving our car, or authoring our lives, they aren’t. The truth is we are always the author our own life story, we are always the driver of the car of our life, but rarely are we completely conscious of the story, or what road we are traveling. We are unaware of the perceptions we have agreed to that appear as our life. In order to fully see the road of life that we are driving we must be aware of the point of view from which we are authoring our life story. We need to become aware if we have chosen the point of view of personal power, or the point of view of One Cause and One Creator. There is no way to actually “write” a life story that won’t implode at some point if we begin with the point of view that we have any personal power other than to “power” to choose to shift our perception.

Not many of us are willing to accept this though, and none of us are all the time. When life works well on some level we figure that there is no reason to give up our human personality. After all, individuality as personality is a celebrated and honored quality in the world today. Why would we give it all up? Usually we wait to give it up when we are prompted by suffering of some kind, which forces us to examine our point of view and perceptions. If we are suffering enough we may decide to “let go and let God.” If we are lucky we find joy in that letting go, because the sooner we are willing to give up how we think things should be, and shift to the awareness of the Intelligent Mind that creates only from Love, the happier we will be. As I drove my car home I realized that if we always let someone else drive our car, or choose the intent of our life, we will always miss some information that can only be experienced when we are the driver, or consciously choose our own life, our own point of view, our own intent for our life. It’s easy to get distracted from this awareness through the human habit of fixing people, places and things and letting other people’s ideas and perception and the worldview become ours. It may feel easier to agree with others than it is to choose our own perception based on our own awareness of Spiritual Principles, but sooner or later we will find that this shift of perception is a necessity for happiness. As we make that shift we will discover for ourselves the fact that abundance, love, happiness, joy, health, and love is not our responsibility to create, it is how it is. Our responsibility is to shift to this awareness, and then live what we have discovered to be true, the best that we can in every moment. Then our life “story” will be more rewarding than we could have humanly perceived and believed could be possible. The work is not in the doing, but in The Shift® from what we have been taught, believe and perceive to be true (the worldview) to who and what we really are and then accepting it and living it.

"So Totally You"
There is an old butterfly story that goes like this: Three caterpillars watched as a butterfly soared above them. One said, “Just look at that fellow giving himself airs!” The second said, “How I would like to be able to fly like that.” The third one said, “ That’s me!” When our granddaughter Cassi turned six, all day long on her birthday she celebrated her life. There was not one moment in the day when she wasn’t thrilled with the day, the presents, the attention, and the joy of it being her day and it being all about her. Del and I had bought her a birthday card that listed a number of wonderful qualities about her. When we read the card to her she said, “ That is so totally me! How did you know?” There was a man with two sons. One son left home to live on his own. The other son stayed home and worked with his father. The first son spent all his money on “riotous living” and ended up without anything at all. He decided to return home and ask forgiveness and become a hired servant of his father so at least he would have food to eat. His father, seeing him coming, ran to meet him and celebrated his return. His other son felt slighted and angry. After all he had stayed home and was faithful. His father turned to him and said, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” (Luke 15:31) The devil was having a yard sale. All the tools of his trade were laid out for others to buy. A man strolled through the yard and noticed there was one tool that was old and dirty and dingy, but was priced much higher than the other tools He asked the devil if he had made a mistake on his pricing. “No”, the devil replied, “That tool is my most important one because no one knows it is from me.” “What is it?” asked the man. The devil replied, “Discouragement.” Do you see the common thread in each of these stories? It is up to you to decide which version of events you will see and experience. The third butterfly and Cassi already knew what the second son did not. They acted from the understanding of what it means when our “Father” has said to us, “ All that I have in thine.”

How often do we look at a situation and discount it. If it is someone else’s good we either judge it or condemn it thinking it is not ours. If others want to celebrate the joy of having us in their lives we discount it thinking that is required of us to be “humble.” We have unwittingly purchased and used the Devil’s tool of discouragement. We have looked at the gifts that have been given us and discounted them. Have you ever given a present, waited for the joyful reaction but didn’t receive it because the recipient was not willing to fully accept the gift as theirs? Then you know that this is not what has been asked of us. All that we see is ours. Not ours to dominate and bring under our rule, but ours to acknowledge as the qualities of God present in our lives. If it appears as something outside of ourselves, it is up to each one of us to remember that what we see outside is the inside projected. We would not be able to see what we were not already aware of internally or subjectively. If you yearn for beauty, it is because you already know beauty within. If you desire abundance it is because you know what abundance feels like. If you wish for love, it is because you already feel love. When we attempt to narrow infinite abundance into the specific way we want to receive it, or events to happen just as we have envisioned them, we miss the gift. Too often we have unwrapped the package of doubt instead. There is a quick test to find out if doubt has invaded your home. Just remember, there is no joy in doubt. But there is joy is seeing all the beauty, abundance and love around us and saying, “That is so totally me!”

Reacting To Illusions
Standing in the shower I glanced up and saw what I thought were drops of water leaking from the top of the shower structure. Since our days in our new home have been about “fix and repair” my first reaction was, “Oh no, not another thing to fix.” Then I looked again and saw that what I was seeing was the reflection of the shower hooks on the ceiling. There was nothing to react about, the problem was an illusion. Here’s the thing that we often forget. All problems are an illusion. Uh huh, I know. We all know the many ways that problems do not feel like an illusion. But that doesn’t make them real. This includes the often said, but almost always misinterpreted, statement, “There are no accidents.” Yes, that’s right. There are no accidents. They are an illusion. Not that an accident leads to something good as often stated. No, there are no accidents. Yes, because we have a choice of how to react to what appears as an accident (the illusion) then that learning, that growth, that awareness, can and often does, lead us to good. But, an illusion is an illusion whether it is drops of water on the ceiling or an accident, or mistreatment, hunger, lack, sickness or an accident, they are all illusions. In each case where an illusion tempts us to believe that it is real, we have a choice of reaction or replacement. We can react to the illusion or replace what the outside is telling us to be true with what we know to be True within. Where does this statement that “anything that is not good is an illusion” come from? It comes from the Principle that you know and accept. It is the Principle that God is Love and Love is omnipresent and omniscience. This statement, this Principle, leaves absolutely no room for something other than Love as the only Reality.

The next question is, “Doesn’t Love give us these “accidents” and bad things in order to teach us?” No. Omnipresent Love couldn’t know anything other than Love. It doesn’t know us as humans needing to be taught a lesson. Divine Love isn’t a glorified human personality. It is a human interpretation of love that Love punishes, denies, or takes a break. Divine Love, as a Principle of being, knows nothing about anything other than Love Loving. This means that if we are not seeing direct evidence that Love is omnipresent, then we are being hypnotized by the illusion; remember that it is only an illusion of the non-presence of Love. Feelings of fear, anger, hate, discouragement, despair, not knowing, lack, unhappiness, and doubt all stem from that illusion of the lack of omnipresent Love. In the shower I looked again at what appeared as something “bad” and saw my mistake. In life, we need to look again at the illusion representing itself as real, and see that right there is also the evidence that it is an illusion. It takes practice, but that is only because we have practiced so long in the illusion of lack that we have to rebuild our awareness of Truth. Within each of us is an already present awareness that right where lack appears to be is the direct experience of Love Loving Itself. Either Love is omnipresent, or it isn’t. Since what we determine and perceive is Reality is our personal reality, is what we experience, then whether we actually believe that Love is omnipresent, or have a direct experience that it is, or even if we don’t believe it, why not choose that perception that it is. Since our perception is our reality, why not choose the big R Reality where God, Divine Love, Infinite Intelligence with Its constant care and provision is the Truth of being? I’d rather be practicing that point of view, and living in that state of mind, then the one that demands constant, fix and repair. Wouldn’t you?

Like Water
As I prepare to write about the power of water, a gentle mist immediately rises outside my window, reminding me of all the ways that water — as power — appears. This mist softens the edges of all that I can see and only the clear sounds of birds singing can be heard. Ah, to be like more like water — flowing, gentle, patient and ultimately always effective in carrying out its purpose. And it accomplishes this by just being water. Not attempting to be a tree, or a flower, or the wind. It simply is all the qualities of itself — water. Not like “us.” Putting aside for the moment that we don’t act like ourselves, but instead act as if we are human; we believe we are powerful. And we, in that belief, attempt to achieve our purposes through our own personal power. We learn behavior techniques, sales techniques, and personality techniques to become more skilled at “making things happen.” Or we use learned family behaviors and society behaviors to get what we want and need. It doesn’t matter how big or small our purpose may be, we believe by using our own personal power we can overcome all obstacles and situations in order to create and achieve it. Water adapts to the situation. This morning it is the gentle mist, last night is was a hard pouring rain. I have lived by a lake and watched its calm surface mirror the entire universe in perfect reflection. Beneath its surface it cares for millions of lives. As a stream it carves out beautiful canyons built simply because it flows. As a river it replenishes itself as an ocean. As a drop of water in a flower it supplies a thirsty bird. In its abundance it waters the flowers and trees. Flowing, gentle, patient, and powerful; water brings itself to every living thing and thereby fulfills its purpose. As I sit in meeting rooms, glance at TV, read the news, watch people interacting, and watch myself in all these situations, I don’t see flowing,

gentle, patient or powerful. I see ego, unconscious and conscious, trying to make things happen, setting goals and putting rules and laws in place in order to achieve a purpose. Yet the result of “us” attempting to be powerful always produces the opposite effect. It may appear we have accomplished a purpose, but it will not last and at what cost? I was in a meeting where a young man told how in 3 years he had made almost a million dollars. It was sad. He has used extreme personal power and ignored all else and didn’t care. Many other young men sat in that room listening to him asking themselves why didn’t they do that, could they, should they? I know because of few of them asked me what I thought of the talk and instead of answering I asked them what they thought. As they responded I heard the sadness and despair this — so-called — inspirational speech had produced. But what about love they were asking? Yes, what about love? Have we forgotten about love, omnipresent Love, the only real “power”? Have we forgotten that we were made in the image and likeness of Love? Have we forgotten that there is only One? If we remembered who we really are, and who each person we see, read about, and know; really is wouldn’t it be easier to be more like of the qualities of water? And if we did that wouldn’t we be more aware each day that Grace is our life and allow that awareness to guide us? No purpose to achieve but this one; to come out of the world of personal power in our thinking and into the awareness of Love and Grace as our lives and let that knowing supply all that we want and need.

For The Love Of God
When words are spoken some people see pictures. I am one of those people. When I was a child I was often taken aback by what people said because it translated immediately into a literal visual expression. Sometimes it was funny, and sometimes is scared me. The saying, “Catch you later” always invoked the picture of me flying through the air to be caught by the other person - later. It always gave me a “start” until I collected myself and realized they didn’t mean it literally. When I was about eleven I was walking through the living room while a TV show played in the background. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone on the TV sneaking around a barrier with a rifle, and the announcer said, “You asked for it!” “Whoa,” I was stunned. What had I done that meant I had asked for being stalked by a man with a rifle? Of course I realized in a second or two it was TV and they weren’t talking to me, but it made quite an impression. Words are what make up our thoughts and we all know the importance of paying attention to what we are thinking. But we often hear words or phrases and don’t really take the time to know what we are hearing or saying. Sometimes we are misled by our own impulses, like mine to see literal pictures, but often it is because we are so used to hearing something we don’t stop to see what it really means. Which brings me to the phrase, “For The Love Of God.” This phrase popped into my head as I thought about Valentines Day. I was thinking how we take one day a year to express our love, but wouldn’t it be great if everyday was about Love, for the Love of God. Yet, as I heard that phrase I realized that it is usually said from one another person to another with another phrase following it that says something like, “Why don’t you pay attention,” “ Can’t you be more like your sister?” “ Don’t you have any sense?”

But, when we say “For The Love Of God What Is Wrong With You!” aren’t we missing something? Wouldn’t the Love Of God be more about “ For The Love Of God Do You Know How Wonderful You Are? Or even more accurately said, “As The Love Of God Do You Know That You Are The Loved Of Love?” The bathroom night-light was not lighting up. Since there was only one outlet in the bathroom I had a plug with six outlets plugged into it, and of course the night-light was taking up one of those outlets. I removed the six-outlet plug and reset the one outlet. We checked the fuses, which were fine. So I plugged the six-outlet plug back in and tested the night light. Nope didn’t work. I tried all six outlets, nope didn’t work. My conclusion? That the six-outlet plug was broken so I threw it away. Then I replaced the bulb in the night light for good measure and plugged it back in. Didn’t work. Tried it in every outlet in the house, and it still didn’t work. It took me way too long to realize that my original conclusion was wrong. There was nothing wrong with the six-out plug; it was the night-light itself that was broken. The phrase, “For The Love Of God” is not broken so there is no need to throw it away. It is the many other phrases that we tack onto it that make it appear to not work. If we could say to ourselves these words, “With every task I undertake, for the love of God I do this,” and then replaced the word “God” into a quality of God to match the task, then wouldn’t Love be the order of the day? “For the love of Beauty I clean my house. For the love of Order I balance my checkbook. For the love of Innocence I protect my children.” With variations of the phrase, “For The Love of God,” as our mantra, every day would be about and for Love. We could celebrate this fact with

hearts, flowers and candy once a year, but every day would be “For The Love Of God.” Imagine where our thoughts would be then, and what a difference that would make. “For The Love of God,” let’s practice “For The Love Of God” and prove to ourselves that it is not broken.

My Mother’s Spoon
We were visiting my Mom when she showed me the spoon that she wants me to have someday. It was purchased just a few days after I was born by my grandmother, Mimi. At the time we were a small family. It was just my Dad, my Mom, and me, and all three of us were struggling for life. My Dad had been in an accident and had been given 9 hours to live, and my Mom and I had struggled for life during my birth. Mimi had come to help out. At the time of the spoon purchase we were all on the mend and she and my Mom wanted to make some spaghetti. Mom told me that Mimi said to her, “Let’s get a really good spoon, one that can handle a lot of spaghetti and will last a long time.” They did. As I write this Dad is now 86, way outliving that nine hour prediction, and that spoon looks as good as the day it was purchased. It is not glamorous, but it is beautiful, and useful. It’s exactly what Mimi wanted. It has a hole in the handle, a large spoon surface and whatever it is made of has remained, as it was that first day. It would be hard to pick better qualities to aspire to, strong, sturdy, and useful. It is also beautiful because it is consistent with its intent and purpose to be sturdy, strong and useful. I am sure that as the next generation uses that spoon it will only gain in its beauty because even more people have come to rely on it to be exactly what it was intended to be. Too bad we are not more like that spoon. We tend to make our life purpose complicated. When Del and I ask people what they most want they often give a big purpose answer like, “to bring peace to the world.” Complicated. Why not peace to one person at a time, by being exactly what we have been “designed” to be. The spoon doesn’t have a desire to be a fork. It would make a terrible fork or knife. But as a sturdy, useful, consistent and clean line spoon, it’s a given. It takes no work on its part. It just is. Perhaps this is too simple of a symbol to apply to our lives and ourselves? I don’t think so.

The problem often lies with our having no idea exactly what we were “intended” to do or be. Or, even if we do know, we think it isn’t possible. Most people live someone else’s life and intent. Sometimes that “other person” is ourselves from the past, or even the future. We live how we think it is “supposed” to be, or what is “expected” of us. But, like the spoon, our purpose is actually very clear when we begin with the qualities of who we are and respect and honor that they are unique and necessary to the world. It is an interesting phenomenon that in our culture those that clearly express their uniqueness are honored as celebrities of one kind or another. We can see this in our highly paid actors and athletes. The more uniquely that they express themselves, the more attention and money we shower on them. Even those unique individuals such as artists, writers, and thinkers that we may not shower celebrity status or money on, we celebrate and remember in other ways. The opposite is true in our daily lives. We try to fit in. We follow those with more authority. We stifle the creative and thoughtful desires to live our lives differently. This is hard to do. It is much harder too live the wrong life, than it is to live our life as our unique qualities. This is like my mother’s spoon trying to live life as a fork. Why not let life be easy? Why not live who we really are, knowing that those that have “use for” our type of spoon, will appreciate, love, honor and support our intent and purpose.

The Ultimate Partnership
“Principle and its idea is one, and this one is God, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Being, and His reflection is man and the universe.” Mary Baker Eddy A step into a study of partnering becomes an exercise in an increased awareness of how we are all one when we begin with the ultimate partnership between the Principle of infinite Mind, and its idea: man and the universe. Mind knows itself through its ideas, and ideas cannot exist without the Mind that knows it. This is perfect partnership. This partnership cannot be split into separate identities or existences; it begins and forever remains one. In nature everything reflects the principle of this oneness as partnership. For example; every flower partners with a multitude of ideas like air, sun, and water which assist it to grow and flourish. If we try to name all the partners a flower has we find that the list is endless. When we reverse that list we discover their equality and inseparableness. That’s just flowers; try everything else we see and the partnership between Mind and its idea becomes crystal clear. Of course, our worldview training makes us think that we don’t have to choose to partner, or that we are lonely without partners. And yet we are in the ultimate partnership with the entire intelligence universe caring for us, as we care for it. There is no escaping partnership, but believing that we are separate humans we can certainly try to, resulting in the experience of imperfect partnerships. But, that is just a misperception. We think we have a choice about partnership and we do, but not the one we think. We have a choice to hide from the awareness of partnership, but that doesn’t change the fact that each one of us is in a variety of partnerships at all times.

We partner with the person checking us out at the store, with the mailman, with our garden, with our home, with our body, with our business or job, with our food, with our cars, with our family and with the children of the world; we are always in partnership. We each have a partnership with the earth, with our purpose, and with our personal being. We care for these ideas, and they care for us. It is a dynamic, ever present awareness that the well-being of our partners is essential for our own well-being. Beginning every partnership choice and participation with the premise of equality and inseparability each partnership in our life reflects to an increasing degree an accurate representation of the divine Principle of Love loving itself. After a couple danced together beautifully one of the judges said to the man, “You are so generous to your partners. You give them everything, you are so present for them, and they make you better and that is what you need for a great partnership.” The dancers referred to the twenty of them who had been chosen for the competition as family, but dancing with their partners had a different quality and concept. Without each partner being entirely present for each other in every way there would have been no dance at all, or at the least a boring one, or at the most a dangerous one. The “secret” here is the choice to be absolutely present in a partnership; to be as dedicated to the well-being of our partner as we are to ourselves. I watch the birds in our yard as they partner together. They are constantly caring for each other; while one eats the other keeps watch. They call to each other constantly throughout the day; one calls and the other answers, much like the thumbs up sign of the scuba diver. They demonstrate a quality of communication that is a foundation of good partnerships. The dynamics of partnership enriches each participant because of its requirement to be awake and aware and present for each other. It

provides a sense of security and safety and freedom knowing that another has our welfare in mind as we have theirs in mind. Many of us hesitate to fully participate in partnership because we have been in partnerships that appear to not have worked out. But, relationships are about partnering and no matter how much we may try to escape them, they are the foundation of life. Acting from the awareness that Principle and its idea is one our personal partnerships grow and flourish. Accepting that we are the idea of the Principle of Love we will wisely choose those partnerships that are based in equality and care. All partnerships are born from the essence of the ultimate partnership, the one between the divine, God, Principle, Mind and its idea – each one of us as one, never separate, never alone, always and forever one as Love loving itself. Knowing this fact we can rejoice in the quality of the ultimate partnership present in and as our lives and experience for ourselves the consistent availability of perfect partnerships.

The Cat and The Trash
“Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen.” That was the point of view we were maintaining in spite of the fact that the evidence before us told us otherwise. The first problem we had is that we appeared to have lost a client’s beloved cat. We had been told that the cats could easily sneak out of the house so we were doubly careful to make sure that when we visited them they were still in the house when we left. Yet one cat was missing the next day when we came back, and a door that we thought we had closed was now open. We looked everywhere. But, what we didn’t do was first change our “point of view “or “state of mind” perception. Instead we started with the thought and perception that we must have somehow made a mistake and the consequences were unthinkable. Fear and guilt were our state of mind even though we could see that the open door (which we later found out the cat had done) did not lead to the outside. So we searched that day, the next and the next. We even called the cat’s owner and asked where she could hide and after searching all those places we still couldn’t find the cat. After the first day we did attempt to start from the correct point of view that “Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen” but the state of mind of fear and guilt that we could have made a mistake kept the cat hidden from view. Finally during one visit Del sat down on the couch and flooded his thinking with the thought that “Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen” and I called for help from a friend to get my own perception on track. As I was on the phone and Del was on the couch the cat peeked around the corner to let us know it was there. It was fear and guilt that blocked our view of what was already present. At the same time we were packing to move across country. Although we still knew that “Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen” we were having trouble letting go of how we “thought” life should be for us and moving on to something else. Lots of “stuff” had to go, lots of physical stuff, and lots of thinking stuff.

We did start with the correct point of view perception that “Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen” but the state of mind perception of sadness and wishing remained with us in varying degrees each day. It wasn’t until the very last moment that the value of letting go was evident in a tangible way. Our trailer was packed, the car was ready to go and still there were two big bags of “stuff” that had to go the trash which meant each of us had to carry one to the dumpster. They were so big that I could barely see over the top and so heavy we kept bumping into each other as we walked. On reaching the dumpster we simultaneously heaved them in and turned to walk back to the car. The difference was amazing. We were light, free and able to easily walk together. The symbol of carrying trash and letting it go can’t be missed. How much “stuff” do we carry around that keeps us from being with other people? It wasn’t easy to go through everything we owned and let most of it go. Every time we thought we were done with getting rid of things, there was more to do. But each time we did we were more aware that in reality nothing was gone, just our perception that we had to hold on to it in order for it to be available.

What He Didn't Say
He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” * It astonished those who heard him speak. They expected him to speak words of condemnation, and he did not. Recently I realized that there was something else we might have expected him to say and he didn’t. It occurred to me after thinking through a few recent conversations that they all had something in common. It was the belief of the person I was speaking to that they must have done something wrong to be experiencing the situation that they were in. They were suffering and blaming themselves. And that is what Jesus didn’t say from the cross. He didn’t blame himself for the situation he found himself in. It appears ludicrous to think that he would have doesn’t it? But think about it; isn’t that what we commonly do? We find ourselves in situations and blame ourselves for poor decisions, wrong choices, not noticing, not being smart enough, not loving enough, the list is endless isn’t it? The difference lies in the premise of our thought and the perception we choose. Jesus chose and demonstrated the Christ perception. He based his thought on One God, omnipotent Love. From that point of view he saw through what appeared to be hate, fear and sorrow and saw instead the Reality of their and his Spiritual being. There could be no other result then his rising from what appeared to others as a grave. In Truth he was never part of what was perceived as his suffering to those who had not yet understood what he had taught. We too can begin with the premise of One God, omnipotent Love. We too can choose to see with the Christ perception. We too can practice seeing others and ourselves as we are, not as we or they, appear to be. When we find ourselves in situations where the temptation is to condemn ourselves for what appears as wrong choices, or lack of wisdom, or not loving enough, or not seeing the truth of a situation, we can do one of two things. We can either identify with what we have uncovered, and then live in the result, or we can release it knowing that it is not of Truth. In the

latter choice it is easy to forgive as we see clearly there is nothing to forgive. It is easy not to condemn, as there is no one to condemn. A worldview perception is like a guest who has come to visit with their baggage. Perhaps we invited them or perhaps they came on their own. But once in our home they made themselves comfortable and we accepted their presence. One day we realize that it is time to ask them to go, and when they leave they take their baggage with them. This is the same with unwanted perceptions. When we ask them to go, the baggage of blame, guilt and fear goes with them. The worldview perception must become an unwanted guest. It is time to ask, or demand if necessary, that it leave your house (your consciousness) and take its baggage with it. Blaming ourselves for our situation is like an email virus that arrives telling you to open it to save yourself from the email virus. If you fall for it, you get the virus. The email telling you about the virus is the virus. The thought telling you about blame, guilt and fear is the blame, guilt and fear. Delete it! The result of choosing the Christ perception instead of accepting worldview perception will be the rolling back of the stone that blocks the way to living life fully. As we rise from the belief of death in its many forms we find ourselves free and “so far above all mortal strife.” * It takes work to stop being tempted by the worldview perception and choose instead the Christ or Spiritual Perception, but think about it, what could be more important or reveal a greater glory?* Quotes: Bible: Luke 23:24 Poem “Christmas Morn” by Mary Baker Eddy: written 1898

Concentric Circles Of Love
The great artist Van Gogh said to his brother, “ I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” I wonder if he would mind if I took away the word “people” so that it would simply end with the word “love.” Wouldn’t this expand the picture? Instead of thinking that we can only love those people, places and things that look exactly like us, we could expand the idea of love to include everyone and everything. On our dining table is a dish with rocks and water in it. Sitting on top of those rocks and water are some blooming narcissus bulbs. Every time I look at them I marvel at their beauty and their promise that spring isn’t that far away. It is a concentric circle of love. The dish by itself would have been empty and fairly boring. Filled with rocks and water, it still would have not been much to look at. Add the bulbs to the dish, rocks, and water and they now all have a purpose. At the same time, without the rocks, water, and dish the bulbs would not be blooming. And that concentric circle of love expands. As we see the flowers we are filled with joy at their beauty and we pass on those lovely spring feelings to each other and then to another, and another and another. We are all like a stone thrown into the water, concentric circles expanding to include and touch everything. Recently I saw a video of a crow that loved and cared for a kitten who could have died without him. And the kitten reciprocated by loving him back. This love continued even after the kitten turned into a cat and found a home. Each morning the crow waited for him by the door until he came out to play.

What if the crow would have looked at the kitten and thought, “He doesn’t look like me and besides I am supposed to use him for food.” Instead, he showed love and got love back, and that shared love has been a continuing expanding circle to everyone who sees and hears about it. For Christmas Del gave me a whole pack of DVD’s that he called “happy movies” because each of them ends with love. One of those movies is called “Stardust.” In this movie the heroine shows the hero that true love does not need proof of its love. It doesn’t required sacrifice and sorrow. It doesn’t love for prestige. As they live this truth, the world they find themselves in transforms. In another movie “Enchanted” the heroine is so infused with love that her point of view expands into and through everyone and everything she meets. She shifts the world that she was un-lovingly thrown into. Without blame, and by being only love, she too transforms that world around her. Concentric circles of love. concentric circles. We are all at the center and the cause of

We get to choose whether that circle will be one of love or of the multitude of other names for what is not love. The opposite of love hides behind words like sorrow, blame, despair, upset, anger, or revenge, but it is always just the opposite of love, and only has power because we choose it instead of love. That concentric circle does not end well – for anyone. In order to be a concentric circle of love we have to start with the love of ourselves. Starting there it is easy to be a stone of love that begins the circle of love that expands to transform the world. Like the crow that loved the kitten, we have to begin by being happy with ourselves, content with who we are. We love by not looking at what we don’t have (how does a crow feed or hug a kitten), but what we do have. We have the capacity to love because that is the essence of our being. None of us can do anything alone. Like the flowers in the dish we must have each other’s support, and encouragement. Without each other we will feel empty and unfulfilled. Try as we might we cannot stop the

concentric circle that extends from what we do and say. It is our choice whether we expand love, or the opposite of love. As we choose love that concentric circle will bring into each of our lives the fullness of what it means to love and be loved and together we can enjoy the sweet fragrance of the unique blooms called us. It doesn’t matter if we are the cat or the crow. The crow had to give love to something he wasn’t supposed to love, and in return the cat had to accept love from something he wasn’t supposed to trust. If they can do it, we can too! Like the women in “Enchanted” and “Stardust” we can shift the world we were “sent to” into the world we know it really is, love.

There Is Plenty Of Room
The dawn chorus of birds singing of their freedom and the beauty of a new day has begun outside my window. It fills the space with the songs of celebration of loving life. The trees are completely leafed out spreading out as far as they can reach, and the stream flows freely. This expansive outreach of life is a far cry from the condensed expression of living so commonly found within our own lives. Once many years ago, desperate for answers as to why it felt as if I was always sacrificing one area of my life for happiness in another, I asked for help. The answer I received was simple. I was told, “There is plenty of room in the world for you.” It was the same concept and advice I heard in my dance lessons, “Take up space. Use the entire room. Use every level of the space given. Be seen!” Or the same advice art teachers always give, “Use the whole paper!” There is plenty of room in the world for you too to live expansively as yourself. Nature apparently needs no such advice; it simply provides the example of what living life fully looks like. But, how do we do this? Our programming within the worldview is to not take up space, to not live life in celebration, to not live as the gift that we are; to learn lessons through suffering, to lose what we love, to never be safe. The worldview is about “never enough” and the fear that concept produces. This programming invades every moment of our lives, from which we can sometimes get a momentary release, but it often feels as if we can never fully escape from it. For over a month I was dealing with a virus problem within my websites. I could fix the problem so it disappeared, but I couldn’t find the core of the issue to make it stop coming back. The virus was taking the form of a script that had entwined itself through everything.

I asked for help and found it. The simple, elegant, and effective solution was provided by an expert who wrote a “good script,” and that good script crept through every page and “ate” the bad script. The same solution can be applied to our “bad script programming.” Send a “good script” through it to dissolve it forever. No need to waste time fixing it once and then having to fix it over and over again. No need to sacrifice one area of our life to be happy in another. No need to limit our expression of ourselves. The script is so easy; you may think it won’t work. But, it will because it is based on universal principles of omnipresent good, that “what we perceive to be reality magnifies,” or said differently;”Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Philippians 4:8 Say this: “I love my life.” Four simple words, easy, elegant, and effective. You may say, “But I don’t love my life.” But, that is part of that programming. When my websites were infected they were not visible, they were hidden from view by the bad script. Once that script was cleared out they were visible again. They never went anywhere. In the same way, the life you love is always present. Say, “I love my life” with feeling and discover the truth of this for yourself. Say this “good script” in every moment of your life no matter what is going on. I guarantee that it works. Turn it on and keep it running. It took a week for the good script to crawl through my websites to destroy the bad script, so be patient while these four words work in your life. In the mean time you can trust in the outcome and celebrate the joy of life as freely as the birds that call to you in the dawn. The sun always rises. Love is always Life. There is plenty of room in the world for you!

Boldly Love Where Your Love Has Never Gone Before
“You don’t know what love is.” That’s what Ginny said to Forest in the movie “Forrest Gump”. At the end of the movie when he told her, “ I do know what love is Ginny,” we all knew that he did. “Love always shows up.” That’s what someone said to me years ago when I was questioning another’s love for me. That person didn’t show up for me, but Forrest did for Ginny. He consistently loved without the question “what’s in it for me.” Instead he boldly loved, without guilt or need, because he knew himself and was clear about his intent and purpose. A few years ago I wrote an article called “Disguising Ourselves As Human.” But, it’s more than just disguising ourselves as human. We disguise ourselves in much more basic ways. We disguise ourselves as our jobs, our past, our family, our race, and our sex: the list is endless. And every one of these disguises keeps us from completely showing up for those we love, beginning with ourselves. When we show up for other people as part of our disguise it is not love, it is escape. Life gives us moments that we can seize to learn more about boldly loving instead of escaping to “good deeds.” Once, after a fall, I had to move very slowly and even sit down all day and let Del take care of me. It was hard. I am used to getting up, doing things, keeping busy, helping out, seeing what others need, and in general escaping in my disguise as efficient and caring. Letting Del take care of me revealed my disguise to myself — I am sure he already knew. When I was in my early 20’s I read a quote by Dag Hammarskjold, the Secretary General of the United Nations that I have never forgotten, but often forget to apply. Mr. Hammarskjold was awarded the Noble Peace Prize posthumously in 1961. I tell you this so there can be no misunderstanding about his meaning. He said, “It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor diligently for the salvation of the masses.”

We make love much more complicated. We escape from this kind of bold love through our disguises and in our “duties” to mankind and others. We mistake big events as something important and miss out on the small events that mean so much more. Loving boldly is about loving consistently in everyday life. Mr. Hammarskjold also said, “The “great commitment” is so much easier than the ordinary, everyday one--and can all too easily shut our hearts to the latter. A willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice can be associated with, and even produce, a great hardness of heart. “ It is oh so easy to hide in the excitement of a big plan, and it is oh so dangerous to forget that real love is simple, powerful, effective, consistent, and ultimately the victor over every circumstance that would claim otherwise. Look into your life. Is it what you meant it to be? Do you know who loves you? Do you love boldly and consistently in the little things? Are you making choices based on success measured by money, fame or guilt? As we face situations, both large and small, it is a focus on the boldness of love that will heal any situation. Boldness that stems from the principle of Love does not begin in fear. It flows from an unshakable awareness of its ultimate power over all that does not appear as love. If we are not afraid for ourselves, we are not afraid for others. Showing up as Love is what we will do naturally. Focusing on what is true Love, we can easily see what is not. We will demand that it be corrected within ourselves first and as a result we will not accept anything less than true bold love in others. We will stop making decisions that are based on fear, greed, or personal need. Forest may have said, “life is like a box of chocolates” but his love held no surprises; he lived boldly and consistently and acting from love he always “showed up.”

The Prod And The Carrot
It was the right height and width. The drawers slid open effortlessly. Everything about it was perfect, except for one small thing. It was the wrong color. As hard as I tried to “make” the color work the file cabinet that I wanted, and felt I desperately needed, was the wrong color.I was tempted to buy it anyway. I lingered in the store for a long time wishing that if I looked again somehow the cabinet would have become the right color, or that I could do something to make it work. But, I knew this temptation to buy the file cabinet was a decision that would never pay off. I knew that I might use the file cabinet, but it would always be slightly irritating to me, or I would have to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make it fit in. I knew it never would be exactly what I wanted and someday I would get rid of it and start again. We didn’t buy it. Later that day a client described to us the man she was dating. He was almost perfect. Everything about him was just what she wanted everything except for that “one thing” that didn’t fit at all into the kind of life she was designing for herself. She knew he had a problem. But, she was having trouble walking away. After all, he was perfect except for that “one thing.” She was lingering in the “store” hoping that it wasn’t true, or that perhaps it would be worth taking the time to help him change. It’s the prod or the carrot that keeps us in the store tempting us to make a choice that we know is not the right one. We are prodded by the fear that we will never have what we really want, and perhaps we don’t deserve it anyway. The prod of fear attempts to convince us that if we miss this opportunity another will never come again. If the prod doesn’t work then there is always the carrot of possibilities. We move forward, the carrot dangling before us, thinking that just perhaps it will work, perhaps we can control the situation, and imaging how it “could be.” Many of us have been addicted to the carrot of possibilities, the carrot of “if only.”

But, we need to know that both the prod and the carrot is a trick. At best they waste our time. In the worst situations they can destroy lives. Both the carrot and prod are born from the worldview perception of not enough, at least not enough for us personally. Others have it, but we don’t and we want it. We deserve it after all. This point of view allows the prod and the carrot to rule our lives and to thrive in the world. Once I wanted a new couch. I had the qualities in mind of the perfect couch for my living room. I couldn’t find a couch that completely matched the qualities; so I got rid of the couch I had and sat on the floor for years. Getting the “perfect couch” became a symbol of not settling for what wouldn’t be the perfect qualities for my life. It was a new experience for me, but it felt great. Choosing to not settle for the wrong couch helped me later when a companion presented himself to me with many qualities that appeared to be just right. Except for those few “small things.” This time I knew the value of saying “no” so I sat without a companion for years too. But I wasn’t lacking anything that I needed. At the same time I had all that a couch represented to me. I was comfortable in my home and on my floor. I also had all the companionship I needed. I felt loved and protected and cherished by many dear friends and family. When we succumb to the prod and carrot and choose what is not completely right it actually puts our true possibilities on hold. The wrong file cabinet or couch or companion fills the space where the “right” one would fit. Trying to fill what we need from the outside with the prod and the carrot will always be less than perfect. The Shift® begins from the inside with an understanding that the qualities of what we want, need, and desire are already present and perfect in our lives. It takes practice to release the outside pull, but it can be done. Begin small. Choose the perfect file cabinet or couch. The file cabinet I ended up with doesn’t look like a file cabinet, but works better for what I need right now. The couch I eventually found not only lasted me for years, but also my daughter’s family. And Del, as the true companionship I waited for, is the revelation of Divine Love’s presence in my life.

It will always work out this way when we, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own [worldview] understanding.” (Proverbs 3: 5) With this in Truth mind, the prod and the carrot can never trick us again.

Cha-Ching Clarity About God
Have you ever had a cha-ching moment? It’s the moment when a new view of what has always been present becomes apparent to you; when something you have been trying to understand flashes through your thinking in an entirely different way and as it does so you “get it!” We have all had those moments when everything lines up and clarity appears. It is like a slot machine that has a guarantee of a pay off if we just continue to put those quarters into it. In this case we get paid in clarity which is much more valuable than money. With clarity we can see the obvious which was just a moment before hidden from view. This clarity reveals the presence of any form of supply that is needed for our daily life. After building the deck on the side of our house the door was installed into my office. Now I can see a view that was always there, but was not visible to me. Recently we held a celebration of my dad’s life. The speakers were those who knew him within his field of work. They shared stories and antidotes and as we listened we all had a new view of my dad. A different view comes about in many ways, but is always a gift and one that is meant to be used. My door is meant to be opened and walked through or it is useless. An expanded view of someone else reveals new views of both them and us and makes a substantial difference in the quality of our lives. A subject that deserves clarity is the concept of matter versus spirit. The worldview is that we are material, and someday we will be spiritual. The process of how this happens doesn’t matter as much as the idea that we are one thing now, but someday we will become another. This view or perception acts like the wall in my office. It doesn’t allow us to see what is on the other side. It hides from view the outcome of knowing the Truth that God is Spirit and we are the image and likeness of God.

When we define God as the man in the sky (a glorious example of this is seen in the movie “The Invention of Lying”) we are not talking about the God that is Spirit. The “man in the sky” god is created from the view that we are material, or human, and that god is a glorified version of ourselves, made in our own image. It’s our choice really which view of God we wish to accept and live with as our reality. For me, I choose the open door view and the idea that God is spiritual and infinite Love. Within this view we are also spiritual, now and always and not just in the future when we have worked through our humanness. But to get to this cha-ching moment of clarity about ourselves and God we have to practice, just like you have to drop the quarters in the slot machine to win. One way I practice is during my morning walks. As I walk I remind myself as often as possible that, “Everything I am seeing is not material it is spiritual and since God is Spirit and One then everything I am seeing is God.” This contemplative practice of shifting perceptions results in my seeing things I never saw before, or seeing them in an entirely new light. It is this view that sets us free. With this view, the world shifts to match our perception. We have more direct experiences that prove that our lives are the action of God. We find that we no longer need to or desire to control what appears as material. We let go and see the infinite power and abundance that is the Truth of the essence of ourselves and God. The door in my office needs to be used. The view is beautiful, but the door is useless as a door unless I open it and walk through. To experience those cha-ching moments takes the continual action of putting new ideas and perceptions into the machine of our daily lives and then enjoying with gratitude the cha-ching moment of clarity that opens up a new view of big r Reality.

Let’s celebrate these moments, and then take that clarity and expand on it until one day we know and experience in every moment that glorious new view of ourselves, each other, and God.

The Bee And The Hummingbird
We were sitting on our deck under the table umbrella on a beautiful summer morning. A bee flew past and then up into the point of the umbrella, and there he stayed. He buzzed around the top looking for a way out. As he tired he would rest on the fabric. Rested, he would once again try to get out through the top of the umbrella, which was impossible. Of course, we could easily see that if he would simply back up or fly down he would see that he wasn’t actually trapped at all, he could fly out in any direction. But, he didn’t. He had trapped himself. As we watched, a hummingbird flew under the umbrella straight at the bee. It hovered right by him, almost poking him with his beak, and then turned and showed him the way out from beneath the umbrella. Did the bee follow? No. He continued to struggle with the top of the umbrella until Del took the umbrella off the post, turned it upside down, and the bee flew up and away. How often do we do this in our life? We “fly” into a situation and then try to get out of it in a direction that will never work. If we would pause, or back up, or look around we would see there is always a different way out. Sometimes a friendly “hummingbird” will come right up to us and try to get our attention so we can follow her to freedom. In the song, Me and Bobby McGee, there is the phrase; ”Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” There are two ways to look at this sentence. One is that once everything is gone there is nothing left to lose, or once you realize that you have nothing that can be lost you are free. In the movie, Star Wars, Jedi Master Yodi tells Anakin that, “The fear of loss is the path to the dark side.” Afraid of losing something, we trade in our freedom for something with which we are familiar. In the case of the bee, the top of the umbrella became very familiar because he was used to “flying up” to get away. But this familiarity and his unwillingness to let go of how “he” thought it should be, placed him in his own personal prison.

We all put ourselves in a personal prison. Just like the bee, it is the prison of our own thinking. When we think we need something, or want something we are bound to it. Not by the thing itself, but by our thinking that we need it and don’t yet have it. The only thing that ever needs to be “fixed” is our perception. It is our point of view that is always the trap, and at the same time it is always the open door. When we choose, and then stay with, a point of view that all we have is what we can gather around us and own, that work provides income, that companionship provides love, and that the loss of anything means we no longer have it, we are trapped within our own personal prison. If we choose the point of view that the things that we have gathered, the income we receive, and the love that we have, are all an outcome and proof of the fact that we are the evidence and knowing of the One God which is the Infinite Intelligence that Is all, than we are freed from our prison. This point of view knows that where we are – so is all that we need. There is a story about a boy in Sunday school. The teacher asked the children if they would be afraid if they found themselves alone in the middle of the ocean. All of them said, “yes” except one small boy. He said, “No I wouldn’t be afraid.” The Sunday school teacher asked him, “Why not?” He said, “Because God would be there with me.” The Sunday school teacher asked him, “How do you know for sure He would be there?” The boy replied, “Because I was there.” This point of view is the key to freedom. The small boy knew that where he was, God was, and therefore there was nothing to fear or to lose. We all have a friendly “hummingbird” that has shown us the way out of any trap that we have flown into. There are people in the past and present that dedicated their lives to show us the way to freedom. We just have to become aware of them, watch where and how they got out, and follow their example. It would be so much easier to follow them then to wait until our whole world is turned upside down before we can be set free.

Re-Set Perceptions To Re-Set Your Life
Core values, family history, worldview agreements, and personal habits all entwine together to present a picture we call our life. Our lives are like a movie that goes on and on because we go on about it. We stand in the middle of this movie, like characters on the screen, and try to change it or simply live well within it, using of course our core values, family history, worldview agreements, and personal habits to do so. If these ideas all come together to form a pretty picture then life is good, when they don’t then life is not so good. When the worldview script of lack and discouragement appears as everyone in the movie suffering, then getting out of the movie called our life can seem impossible. Standing in the middle of this life, or picture or movie, and trying to change it for the better or even survive will only have a temporary impact, because of one very key fact. The movie and the movie viewer are one. This is not a whimsical idea. This is fact. From the book Biocentrism: “Moreover, if one accepts that the external world occurs only in Mind, in consciousness, and that it’s the interior of one’s brain that’s cognized “out there” at this moment, then of course everything is connected with everything else.” (Robert Lanza MD with Bob Berman) This means it is absolutely possible to change our lives because our lives are the out-picturing of (but not the creation of ) what we believe and perceive to be true. It also means that there is only one way to both permanently make a change and that is to shift our perception from within. But what if we want more than just a better life? What if we want to be what we really are, what if we want to experience ourselves as the outcome or idea of the infinite Mind, or omnipotent Light? What then? To do this we must re-think reality and re-set our perception altogether. We must stop identifying ourselves as human, stop believing what the five senses tell us and listen instead to the quiet voice within; stop acting

as if the movie and script are real, stop wanting the story to get better, and want instead to let go and live as the idea of God. This is a radical thought and decision. It demands a root change. It demands that we reset our perception, or follow the biblical word “repent” which means turn around and walk the other way; turn away from the movie playing in our heads which results in what we call our lives. Turn away from identifying ourselves as human and re-set our thinking and perception. It demands that we let go of how we want it to be, think it is, and then follow through with action and commitment to Truth. This radical shift demands that we turn away from trying to fix things and people; turn away from our story and turn instead to the fact that what exists in our lives is and who we think we are is one and the same. This is not a half way decision, it is a complete shift. Yes, it may appear to take time to reset habits and beliefs, but that too is only set within our agreement of what is true. It may appear that others need to change first. Again, not true. What appears as they, or that, is really our own perception. There is no way to separate the thinker from what it is thinking. Our responsibility then is not to create, control, or to make happen. Our responsibility is to stop separating ourselves from the ever present infinite intelligent flow or force we call God; it is to let go and be what we are, which in turn re-sets what we experience as our lives. As we do this we should expect more beauty, peace, abundance, grace, happiness, love and all the other fruits of good to be more present in and as our lives. Not because we worked at becoming good and wise humans, but because we gave up the story and returned home by turning within and consistently listening and following the still small voice, by paying attention to the symbols that prove the presence of God, and continually re-setting our perceptions to match our current, highest and best understanding of the Divine.

As we drove to work one morning we were celebrating the fact that it was a beautiful sunny spring day. Suddenly it wasn’t. Within seconds we were surrounded by fog. We could barely see 20 feet in front of us. Cars slowed down, car lights flicked on, and everyone became very alert and careful as they continued to drive. Within minutes we had driven out of the fog, and once again it was a beautiful sunny spring day. Isn’t life like this? We are happily living a fulfilling and abundant life and then suddenly our wealth, our health, our love, or our happiness seems to disappear. What is the difference between hitting the fog on the road and hitting the fog in our lives? Nothing except our point of view and state of mind: and that is everything. Here’s what we don’t think when we hit fog in the road. “Yikes, everything in the world is gone. What shall I do to bring it back?” It never occurs to us to think this way. We know for certain that the world as we know it has simply been momentarily hidden. This point of view results in a state of mind of caution, patience, and gratefulness. We take the action of slowing down, turning on headlights, and carefully driving until we are out of the fog. We don’t have the state of mind that we are responsible to bring the world back and the fear, panic, responsibility, and ego that accompany this state of mind. Fog in our lives does not change the fact that all we need is present now; it simply hides it from view. When we shine the light of a point of view that nothing is changed, that omnipresent Love is filling all space and omnipotent Mind is constantly providing for us, the fog lifts to reveal what has never been lost. This is what makes spiritual perception appear to produce practical results. Years ago I was balancing my check book and discovered that I had about $200 less in my bank than I thought I had. Immediately I panicked. Fog had appeared so often in my life at that time that my state of mind was “oh no, not again” and I was full of fear and a sense of responsibility for the mistake. I began to act from the ego thinking since I caused the problem I must have to do something to fix it.

As I walked home from the bank my state of mind relaxed enough to momentarily think from a spiritual point of view of omnipresent Love. As I did so it occurred to me that I should check my statement again. When I did, I discovered that the bank had credited a $200 deposit as only $2.00. The fog had lifted and revealed that nothing had changed. Fog is a mist. In our life it is a mist that clouds over Truth. It reality it is a missed-perception. No matter what the need may appear to be: money, health, love, companionship, or simply feeling happy, we can know that all that we need is present, always has been, always will be. Our perception produces the world that we live in. It doesn’t create it. Our perception, our point of view, simply allows us to see only what we believe to be reality. As people all over the world appear to struggle with not enough, as we wonder where the rent money, tax money, health, love of our lives, companionship, hope, and peace will come from, we can continue to drive with our headlights of clarity on and maintain our awareness of Truth, knowing that the fog will lift and the world will appear as it really has been all along.

Stuck, Inertia, And The Fire Within
We installed a wood burning stove in our living room which we use to heat our home. It works wonderfully well and it continues to provide guidance as well as warmth. This week it demonstrated to me the difference between “inertia” and “stuck” and how to dissolve both. I never had a wood burning stove before; I thought that it would be just like a closed stove. However, a wood burning stove has an air tight glass door on it so you can see the flames. You can also feel the heat the same as a fireplace, but because of the seal on the door the heat is not dispersed up the chimney which makes it many times more efficient at heating. This means that you can’t just “throw” wood on the fire. You have to open the sealed door which of course then allows the oxygen to flood into the fire. Therefore, you have to pause before fully opening the door so that the fire does not build too quickly from that rush of air. One day it had warmed up outside so I hadn’t put any new wood on the fire during the afternoon. That evening as I prepared to build the fire again it appeared that all that was left was a few very small embers. On this same day I was thinking about the difference between “inertia” and “stuck”. Because it appeared that there was no fire I wasn’t as cautious as usual when I opened the door, but the moment I did the fire literally exploded into flame. “That,” I thought, “is what becoming “unstuck” looks like.” Like those embers all it takes is the swift infusion of oxygen or in our case, Truth, and what has been silently and steadily burning within will burst into bloom. It doesn’t take much. On the other hand there is inertia. This can happen when we have let the fire go out completely. Then it takes a lot of small tinder, coaxing, and a long build up before the fire begins to burn efficiently again. That is what inertia looks like.

We often think of inertia as not moving. But, really inertia is either a state of rest or of motion that is resistant to change. We see this in our everyday life all the time. It is our habits. It is the way we have always done it, whether we are doing something or just standing still. To change our state of being, like the fires, it takes an outside force proportional to how ingrained the habit. How dead the fire is beforehand determines how much force, or fuel, is needed to start it burning efficiently again. Approaching this from the right premise of spiritual perception, this would mean that it would take more awareness and discipline of thought to change a bigger, or more ingrained, habit of thought then a smaller one when we are in the state of mind of inertia. On the other hand, when we are “stuck” the desire and intent is already burning. Then it takes just a small amount of “outside force,” or awareness of Truth flooding into our consciousness to propel us out of “stuck” and into Life. Of course these two ideas are intertwined. Both states of mind called “stuck” and “inertia” are misunderstood perceptions of the True nature of Life which have become habits of thinking and acting. However, understanding the difference between the two may help relieve the frustration we sometimes feel when we have been steady students of Truth and yet it feels as if the fire of our life has not yet begun to burn efficiently. There is great comfort and relief in knowing that the Infinite Principle never experiences inertia, or stuck, or is even aware of our misperception. It is always operating in the harmony and perfection of graceful unfolding. This means that as we add the fuel of awareness and perception and diligently tend to the fire within, what appears as “stuck” or “inertia” will dissolve into nothingness. Either state does not exist in the perfection of the Truth of Being. As the mist dissolves we will experience our current

highest awareness of Love Loving Itself in practical ways far beyond our human design and planning. Open the door of your fire within and let in the Truth of who you are. it doesn’t make any difference whether this action explodes your life into bloom, or if you have to diligently build the fire. Sooner or later the illusion or “stuck” or “inertia” will dissolve and the infinite abundance that is you will stand revealed.

Prisoners of Perception
We are all the prisoners of our own perceptions. Here are 3 short stories about the results of being locked up by worry, doubt and fear — and then an alternative ending for each. 1. I walked around the counter at the airport to get a straw for my drink and found a woman frantically mopping up her spilled coffee. She was using the flimsy tissue paper that was used for wrapping pastries so the mopping up process wasn’t working well. I reached for the napkins and started helping. She looked up in surprise that I had found the napkins saying that she had looked for them but didn’t see them. Her comment was “I couldn’t see for looking.” She was right. She couldn’t “see for looking.” Why not? Because her state of mind blocked the view of the napkins that were in plain sight, it was a state of mind of “worry, rush, and fear.” 2. There is an old story about the Devil’s yard sale. The Devil decided to out of business (wouldn’t that be nice?) so he held a yard sale to get rid of his old tools. As one woman walked around the yard she saw many tools that appeared to be in great condition; tools that were labeled “doubt,” “bad times,” “sadness” etc. However, one tool stood out because it was so old and beat up and yet carried a large price tag. It was labeled “discouragement”. “Why”, she asked, “ Is this tool so beat up and so expensive?” The devil replied, “Because this is the one tool I always use. It works best because no one suspects it’s me.” It’s true we rarely do suspect that “discouragement” is a tool that The Devil uses. Entertaining reasonable doubt, a cousin of discouragement, seems like such a wise thing to do. But the point of view that remains in discouragement is a prison within which we are incapable of taking action. After all, with a state of mind of discouragement, we are never sure if we are doing or saying or being the “right thing.” 3. Del and I were in a room full of people listening to how to get on radio and TV shows. In the front of the room was a panel of key people to whom only a few people in the audience were going to be able to pitch their idea. Within moments a room full of seemingly intelligent and stable

grownups erupted as they made every effort to be noticed. Calling out, “me, me, me,” and jumping up and down was a favorite method of getting attention. What motivated this behavior? A state of mind — a perception — called “fear.” Fear that there wasn’t enough; fear that they wouldn’t have a chance, fear that this was the only way to accomplish their goals. In the prison of our own perceptions, we can’t see for looking, doubt seems innocent, and fear motivates our actions. Each of us has our own personal prison created out of all that we have been taught and accepted about the worldview. Perception does rule! “What we believe to be reality magnifies.” Let’s all break out of prison — now! What if we knew, even if just for a moment, without doubt, that instead of being material beings striving for perfection we are really Spiritual beings already perfect? Even if we don’t fully understand this, even if it doesn’t make sense, even if we aren’t sure its true, what if we imagined that it was? What if we chose a Spiritual Perception? What then? Here’s how a Spiritual Perception might have been used to alter each of the three stories. 1. As the woman spilled her coffee and began thinking from a Spiritual Perception her thoughts might have run something like this: “ I know that everything is already created, therefore what I need is here for me right now.” Result: A dissolved worry state of mind, and what was needed would have been immediately seen by her instead of being blocked by her perception. 2. Here are two ways to keep doubt from putting us in prison. One: become aware that the voice suggesting discouragement is not ours (remember it’s the Devil’s tool), and Two: that God does not know or send negative things or thoughts. A Spiritual Perception that God is omnipresent, omniscience, and omnipotent Love eliminates the possibility that there is anything other than Love and Good.

Result: Dissolved doubt and discouragement, as faith and understanding lead the way instead. In our life this might appear as knowing what to do, feeling the weight of the world lift, or previously unseen opportunities appearing right in front of us. There are countless ways that Spiritual abundance is revealed to us after the blindfolds of sense perception are removed. 3. Most of the people in the seminar room were acting out of the worldview, the earth game, that there is not enough, which produces a “me first and only” attitude. If each person had been thinking from a Spiritual Perception the room would have been calm, poised, supportive of everyone and uplifting. In this Spiritual point of view everyone would have known that they were not in charge of the outcome, that what they needed was already provided, and that no one is ever left out. Result: The appropriate action would have automatically taken place as inspiration or Angel Ideas guiding each participant to the fulfillment of their purpose. With a Spiritual Perception, not only would the wardens of worry, doubt and fear dissolve, but also the prison itself. Perception rules. Prove it for yourself. Try magnifying only Good — God and pay attention to the results. Be grateful for every brief glimpse of Truth no matter how small. Gratitude is the oil that loosens every stuck prison door. Coming from a Spiritual Perception, the woman with the coffee would have seen what she needed right in front of her, in this case napkins, the Devil’s tool of discouragement would become useless, and fear would not motivate our actions. Choosing to think and act from a Spiritual Perception we would, “...walk transparent like some holy thing.” * We would transform the worldview, releasing everyone from the prison of sense perception into the freedom of Spiritual Perception. I am ready for a prison break —will you join me? * Mary Baker Eddy Misc. Writings

Choose Your Perception
In the world of marketing one is supposed to come up with a “catch phrase” or USP (unique selling proposition), so many, many, years ago I condensed all that I was trying to say into this phrase: “What We Perceive To Be Reality Magnifies.” Years later, I am still using it because it is the clearest way to explain what appears as reality is not. Perception is reality. But, whose perception? This is much different than what is meant by the saying, “What we focus upon creates reality,” which implies that we are creators or at least co-creators. It’s easier than that, because perception is reality. On the TV program “60 Minutes” a General spoke about war as a perception. While a financial planner I knew very well that the stock market is an agreed upon perception. The worldview that governs so much of our lives, is an agreed upon perception. Everything that the five senses tells us is a perception. Not a real thing, a perception. But this perception blocks from view what is Reality. Cleaning up perception is not creating a new world. It is seeing the world, as it really is: completely and irresistibly, perfectly spiritual. But, then what is spiritual? Is it a cleaned up material view, that attracts what we want to us, and creates a more perfect life style? Is it measurable energy that can be manipulated and used to benefit us? No, that is a material perception. Spiritual is not measurable. Spiritual is known from within, and is not measurable by the human senses. It is not related to dogmas or human opinions. It is the 7 nouns of God in action, Soul, Mind, Spirit, Love, Life, Principle, and Truth. It is the logic behind it all. As we become aware of the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and perceptions that color the world we see, we get to choose whether we want to continue with the limited, chaotic, often cruel, and never fixable perception of the worldview, or the elegant, logically, entirely loving, always supportive, One Intelligent Mind, God’s perception.

Since what we perceive to be reality magnifies, why not choose to magnify what God sees and knows? That perception is the perfect one, containing all that is, holding every element of its idea called, world, man, universe, animals, plants, every blade of grass, every grain of sand as Itself in action. The proof that there is a God is that you and I, and all that we know exists. All questions about why and how are distractions. If our intent is to know as God knows, then forget the human questions; let’s get down and up to seeing as God sees. Of course this involves discovering, uncovering, eliminating, dissolving, and letting go of all perceptions that block our sight to the One Perceiver. Assuming we are all willing to do this, since the intent is to see as God sees, then the next step is to become aware of what we believe to be reality and see if it is in alignment with the Truth of One Cause and Creator. This is not a judgment time; this is simply an awareness of the missedperception that we have held dearly. This is what The Shift® is all about. This is what Del calls “dirt time.” As we make that shift and awareness creeps in, lots of “stuff” appears that is not necessary to what we wanted to see. It’s like moving. As we take stuff out of closets and drawers and decide if we want to move it to the next place, we are amazed to find what we have not paid attention to what has been collecting in our home. It’s the same with a state of mind. We hide past actions, hurts, and sorrows in boxes and drawers and closets in our mind. As we move from the past state of mind to the next one we get to decide what to take with us. When we move from a physical home we touch physical objects to make the decision about what to keep. If we get caught up in why we have it, thinking that it can’t be replaced, get mad at ourselves for not noticing it before, or any other form of judgment, then we can be stuck in that moving process forever. It’s not necessary to do this.

In the same way, as we exam our perceptions, ideas, and beliefs that we have accumulated, it is not necessary to understand the why and how of each one. It is not necessary to beat ourselves up for the mistaken points of view that have lived in our thoughts. If we did this, we would never move. That point of view would be our mental home for a long time. What we can do instead is choose whether the object in our home, or the perception in our thought, is how we want to live now. We can let go of anything that isn’t the highest understanding we currently have of the perfection of Love. As we clean our home, what has always been there becomes visible. As we clean our perception what has always been present becomes visible. “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thru' narrow chinks of his cavern.” William Blake Let’s stop trying to perceive what is real through the narrow chinks of our cavern. Let’s choose to see as God sees, Infinitely. Then there is no need for a secret on how to create and achieve, because it will be clear to us that all we need is already present and all that needs to be done, has already been completed, in Reality.

Boundaries That Set You Free
“It’s not my job,” that’s what she would always say when someone would ask for help with something outside the parameters of what she perceived as her job description. Unbeknown to her we would all use that phrase as a joke in the office whenever we didn’t feel like doing something. We would laugh and do it anyway. The movie “ March Of The Penguins” documents the awe inspiring “job” that penguins are willing to do for love. They literally walk outside of their comfort zone for 9 months a year in order to provide for their child. It is their job, and they do that job without regret or desire for it to be different. But, they have boundaries. There are limits that they know they must not cross. Although they go without food for months, they know at some point they must abandon their “job” and retreat back to the sea if the boundary they have set is not met. What is our job? Perhaps we too must step outside of our comfort zone for love. But how far do we let that go? Do we let other people stay in their comfort zone at the expense of our own ability to live? It is boundaries that set us free. Inside the boundaries we are free to fully give knowing that there is a limit. With no boundaries, or boundaries set out too far for us to survive, we are prisoners of not only our own desires to either please or be pleased, but also the prisoners of anyone who abuses our willingness to be boundary less. What is our job? Our job is to begin with the right premise of who we are. All action that stems from the correct premise yields a result that benefits everyone. The 10 commandments are boundaries that set limits in all areas and fullness of our lives. For example “thou shalt not kill” does not just mean to not kill a physical body. It also means we may not kill another’s spirit. This includes our own spirit. This includes not allowing another to kill our spirit. This includes not allowing immorality to kill our sense of what is right and wrong. There are many meanings to “thou shalt not kill.”

Beginning with the right premise of One Love always present and always acting as Principle, and as always intelligent Infinite Mind and we as the action of this One, than the 10 commandments and the “thou shalt not” becomes a statement of “ thou will not be able to.” The human boundaries will have vanished in the absolute knowing and understanding that all that exists is Infinite Love and that is the ultimate boundary. When we stay within these guidelines, within this boundary, we are free of all limitations. In the mean time, boundaries we set for ourselves are a statement of the highest understanding that we have in each moment of that infinite Intelligent Principled Love. We must set them. We must live within them. We must not allow others, or ourselves for whatever reason, to displace them. It is often a misunderstanding of the requirements or desires of love that keep boundaries from being set or kept. The One Love requires us to Love as It does. Love loves Itself fully and completely without a need for approval or another’s awareness of It to exist. It allows – because it knows nothing other than Love - nothing that is not Love to be present. Starting here, with this premise, our boundaries are not boundaries that keep out or remove Love, but boundaries that keep us In Love without limitation or expiration. The statement the woman in our office would make of, “It’s not my job” evolved from her unwillingness to step outside her comfort zone for another. This boundary limited her ability to be more of an expression of pure love in her life. It limited her ability to feel the exquisite sense of joy that comes from unselfishly helping another. She did not begin from One Love that can never be exhausted, so she set boundaries that did not set her free. If she had set her boundaries from within an understanding of One Love, than that boundary would have set her free to help others, but not at the expense of her own spirit. The penguins’ love is awe-inspiring in their love for their young, their mates and ultimately in their acting from the boundaries of Love that begins with Love only.

It’s not our job to do anything but Love as Love. Imagine the freedom and safety that begins with this premise. Freedom and safety are two qualities that appear to require opposite points of view, but when seen from One Love can be seen as two qualities that are wedded as one. The safety of the boundaries of One Love sets us free to live as and in the unlimited abundance of Love.

At The Ready
“At the ready” is a point of view that I love to embrace to the fullest. It means that in our house, if you need a pencil, a knife, a piece of paper, or a light — no matter what you need at any moment, my intent is to have provided it where you would expect it to be. No need to search for it. You can expect that it is “at the ready.” One morning as I observed the squirrels, birds and trees in our yard I realized that they have a built in expectation that what they need is “at the ready.” While I watched, I tried to imagine what it would feel like to be a squirrel, bird or tree. As I did so, that peaceful “at the ready” feeling became “my feeling.” As that feeling seeped into my thinking, I realized that everything we need is also always “at the ready.” How could it be otherwise? The Principle of Love must always provide perfectly for all those that live in “Its home” as I attempt to provide in mine. The difference between me and the squirrels, birds and trees is that I think I have to be or do something in order for all that I need to be “at the ready.” They don’t. Provision in all its forms is just how it is, not something to acquire, understand or go to work for. Here’s the problem. The point of view of “at the ready” is not what we have been trained to perceive as reality. We have been trained in the worldview. This worldview displays itself in two opposite forms, but with the same basic error in the premise. The first form is the point of view that there is not enough, in other words, “lack”. It’s that perception that some have, and some don’t. That work of some kind is required in order to receive, and that often in order to have that work to provide well for us, it will mean we will have to compromise what we feel is the right way to live. This point of view has two different results: varying degrees of wealth or poverty. Wealth if we are good at the ”game”, poverty if we aren’t. The second form is the point of view that we have a right to be wealthy, now. It is the “privileged” point of view. It is the perception that the world owes us. This point of view also has two outcomes. It can appear in our lives as either some form of laziness or personal debt. It is an, “I want it

and I want it now” lifestyle. And yes, both forms of this worldview and its outcome can be found in most of all of our lives. We can’t turn the point of view of “lack” into abundance, nor can we turn the point of view of “privilege” into provision, although we can certainly spend a huge part of our life attempting to do so. Both of these points of view begin with the wrong premise, and that makes it inevitable that the outcome will be wrong. It is the same as if we held the point of view that 2 plus 2 equals five. If we persist in living this wrong premise, we will experience a life in which every mathematical problem we ever try to work out will always end with the wrong answer. Living within either form of the worldview will never bring the correct answer to our lives. Instead we have to shift to the correct point of view of “at the ready”. When we choose the correct premise that 2 plus 2 equals four, we will arrive at the correct answer. When we shift to the correct premise that the Principle of Love has provided everything “at the ready” then the outcome of that perception, appearing as our lives, will also shift to the correct answer without our effort in trying to make it happen. Without effort does not mean without action. The squirrels, birds and tree outside our window appear to live effortlessly within the “at the ready” point of view. But, they do not live passively. They are consistently in action, constantly, fully, living their lives as the unique expression of Life that that they are. Let’s live our lives in the expectation that all is “at the ready” and stop wasting our time trying to live out of an incorrect point of view. Nothing we can do will ever make a wrong premise come to the right answer. Nor can we ever change the Truth of constant Love’s provision. That’s the good news. We simply have to shift to the correct point of view and begin to live actively as our personal, unique expression of Life Living Itself. Our world will shift to reflect this correct premise effortlessly. It all begins within, not without. Watch the squirrels, birds, and trees in your neighborhood. You’ll see.

God By Any Other Name
Is there a God or isn’t there? Haven’t we all asked ourselves this question? Hasn’t everyone wondered at least once how God could allow the suffering, death, and intentional evil in the world to exist? How could he let wars continue? How can he be on both sides of a controversy? Of course we have also looked at the other side. We have observed the harmony and beauty of a flower, the flight of a bird, the majesty of a mountain, and wondered where all that could have come from. In the long-standing debate “is there a God” or “isn’t there a God,” don’t we have to agree with both sides? The answer is: “no,” there isn’t a God that allows evil to exist, and “yes,” there is a God that is The Principle of what we are aware of as Life. Perhaps part of the problem is the word God. Depending on what framework of perception we grew up within, and have worked out for ourselves, we either love this name of God or hate it. If we could drop our preconceived ideas about what the word God means perhaps we would find that we are all in agreement. Perhaps we would also find a way to resolve our own internal struggle with why evil appears to exist if God is Love. What if we stopped seeing God in terms of a powerful human, that knows both good and evil, and can be swayed by human prayer and opinion? What if instead we saw God through a scientific perception as the Mind Fabric of what we perceive as the infinite universe. What if God was The Infinite Intelligence that both creates and holds it all together? What if God was not in any way human, but instead is like the principle of math, The Principle of what we call Life? Don’t most of us blithely say that God is omnipresent, omniscience, omnipotent and omniaction? Have we stopped to exam what this means

and implies? Isn’t this a scientific statement that leads us to the evidence of God as The Principle of Life? Could this God, The Principle of Life, be both good and evil? Wouldn’t this idea of duality negate all those Omni’s? There can be no debate. Either God is completely good or God is completely evil. The original meaning of the word God is Good. Makes sense doesn’t it? Because if God is evil, it stands to reason that eventually it would destroy itself. So we can see that there cannot be a God that knows evil, or is on both sides of a controversy, there can only be a God that is The Infinite Principle of Life. But what about what we experience as evil, lack, sorrow, and ill health? All these are present in the worldview, the human god’s world, but not in the Reality that is The Principle of Life all moving in perfect harmony. Anything that doesn’t appear as Good is a distortion of Truth. Here’s where we exercise what we call our “free will.” We choose. And our choice determines our experience. We can’t be on both sides of the fence, or serve two masters. We get to choose the perception of Infinite Good, and when we choose and live this perception, and make it the basis of our thought and then our actions, what isn’t true will dissolve, revealing what is. Much evil is done in God’s name. But that doesn’t make it God’s fault. When we interpret God as if It was human, it will inevitably lead to both good and bad consequences. One side will win and one side will lose. We can always tell when we are living from the human god idea. We start working hard at fixing things, making things better, being right, getting healthy, getting rich, or just getting by. Our thoughts are filled with either worry or competition. The human God starts with duality and knows both good and evil. Everyone knows what the results of this looks like in our lives and in the world. So it’s not God that lets evil exist. We let it exist in the only place possible, in our acceptance of duality and a human God. It only exists in the same way that darkness exists before we turn on the light.

The answer is “no” there is no God that knows good and evil and “yes” there is God that is omniscient Good. The more we begin with this Truth and live in it, the more we make it the premise of our being, the more it will dissolve anything that is blocking the view of the unlimited good and abundance of omnipresent Infinite One. When we make this choice we will experience our own personal evidence of the existence of God as All. So make up any name you want to for God, because God by any name is still all there Is, and it is Infinite Good.

Disguising Ourselves As Human
Have you ever seen someone disguise himself as a car seat? Sounds silly doesn’t it, but there was a story in the paper, with the picture of a man who was attempting to illegally cross the border into America by disguising himself as a car seat. As I stared at the picture in the paper I couldn’t help laughing. It was hard to believe. I kept wondering, “How could he think he really looked like a car seat, and why did he think he could get away with it?” And then it struck me that we are just like that guy. We disguise ourselves as human when in Reality we are Spiritual. I had a vision of how those who are totally aware that we are Spiritual, might stare at our human disguise and wonder, “what are they thinking?” Isn’t it obvious that most of the time we are not thinking we are Spiritual? We look in the mirror and see — human. A man disguised as a car seat would have a heck of a time trying to do anything at all. Everything would be an effort. We, disguised as a human, have the same problem. About the same time that I saw the picture of the man disguised as a car seat, my husband and I were visiting a new town trying to decide, “should we move here?” We did all the “dirt work.” We circled the town from 5 minutes from the heart of it, to 20 minutes and then to 1 hour out. We read, talked and thought about it. And the more we did, the more confused and unhappy we become. As two humans trying to make a decision the thoughts and discussion went like this, “It’s bigger than we thought — it has much more to offer than we thought—the kids would love it — the kids will have too big of an adjustment — we don’t know anybody — think of all the great new people we will meet” and on and on and on and on. What do we do when disguised as a human in situations like this? We could either be “stubborn” by seeing only one side of the issue saying, “This is how it is,” or “open,” and see two sides, but then not be able to decide which is most important.

Either way, the discussion and decision isolates or confuses, but doesn’t really solve the problem. What would happen if we dropped the disguise, looked in the mirror, and saw the reflection, thought, expression and outcome of Divine Intelligence? Without the human disguise there would be nothing to be confused about. As Spirit the discussion might be something like this: “We know we are always in our perfect place because Spirit is omnipresent and omniscience. Home is the qualities of love, commitment, compassion, honor, encouragement, safety, warmth, creativity, etc.” We might continue by knowing that these qualities are Spiritual and are all of what we are, now and forever. The result would then be the practical representation of those qualities evident in our lives, expressed as the perfect town, home, work etc. Without the human disguise we would see that all we need to do is BE Spiritual, following the still small voice as it guides us each moment of the day. As a Spiritual being it would not be necessary to know exactly what will happen, a month, a year, or a lifetime from now. It would not be necessary to control any situation. In our case, continuing to acknowledge the Spiritual qualities of home brought us just two months later to another wonderful town that we called home for the next few years. It’s hard to wear a human disguise and try to cross a border into Heaven. It’s much easier just to be what we really are, Spirit. Then it doesn’t matter where we appear to live because we will be completely aware that we are really always and forever living in Heaven with no border to cross.

About Beca Lewis
As an author and guide Beca Lewis is dedicated to bringing Universal Spiritual Principles and Laws into clear focus, to shift material perception to spiritual perception, which following the law "what you perceive to be reality magnifies,™" adjusts lives with practical and measurable results. Beca developed an easy system to do this called The Shift® and has been sharing how to use this system to expand lives, and bring people back to the Truth of themselves for over 40 years. She is the author of numerous ecourses, articles, and books including A Woman’s ABC’s of Life: Lessons in Love, Life and Career from Those Who Learned The Hard Way. Her book Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception outlines her complete system of The Shift®. In addition Beca writes The Shift To Spiritual Perception Ezine and additional articles for numerous newspapers and websites. She has also written a series of children’s fables and she and her husband are working on a book about their Search For Home: Letters From The Road in America, and another series of books based on The Shift® principles. In this book, the reader will discover the reason their life is the way it is by answering for themselves these four simple questions. Beca and her husband Del Piper are constantly working to develop new ways to support and reach out to others. Much of what they have been developed can be found for free at their membership site Perception U.com. They also founded The Women’s Council with the intent of “strengthening the connection to yourself, to others, and to the Divine.” Living in Grace

A Woman’s ABC’s of Life


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