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2007 Ambios Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.

Specications are typical and are subject to change without notice. 10/2007. Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Ofce , Microsoft Excel ,
Microsoft Word, and Microsoft .NET are all registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. VLSI Standards is a product of VLSI Standards, Inc.
XP-Plus Series General Specications and Options
Proler Specications
Vertical Range 1200m Z range maximum
Step Height Repeatability 5, 1s, 10 measurements on 1.0m step or 0.1%
Scan Length Range 55mm maximum, bi-directional (200mm XP-300)
Height Equivalent Noise .38 (least signicant bit)
Sample Stage Diameter XP-300/200mm, 300mm optional
Sample Thickness 30mm maximum XP-200 and XP-300
X-Y Stage Translation XP-300/200 X 200mm
XP-200/150mm X 178mm
XP-100/80 X 20mm
Stage Positioning Motorized and programmable/XP-1 manual
Maximum Data Points per Scan 120,000
Sample Viewing Color Camera
Magnication 40-160X motorized zoom/XP-100 optional
Field of View 1-4mm (XP-100 optional)
Stylus Tip Radius 2.5m
Stylus Force Range .03-10mg (programmable)
Computer System Intel microprocessor with Windows Vista

Embedded System ARM7 microprocessor

Scan Filtering Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and adjustable lter
Stress Software Standard
Vacuum Chuck Standard on XP-200/XP-300 only
Standard Analytical Software on screen data processing exportable to Excel

Roughness Parameters Ra, Rq, Rp, Rv, Rt, Rz

Waviness Parameters Wa, Wq, Wp, Wv, Wt, Wz
Step Height Parameters Avg. Step Ht., Avg. Ht., Max. Peak, Max. Valley, Peak to Valley
Geometry Parameters Area, Slope Radius, Perimeter
Other Parameters Stress analysis, height histogram, skewness, prole subtraction
Automation Scan stitching, step detection, auto level, auto measure
Scan Filtering Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and adjustable lter
Ambios Technology Reference Standard 1 micron nominal step height

n 3D Rendering Software
n Stylus Radius: .2m (+/- .1m) .5m, (+/- .4m), 2.5m radius, 5.0m radius
n Vibration Isolation System
n Step Height Standards: 20nm, 50nm, 100nm, 200nm, 0.5m, 1.0m, 5m, 10m
n Color Inkjet Printer
n 1-day Installation and Training (U.S. Only)
n 12-month Extended Warranty (includes parts and labor) (domestic only)
Q-Scope Series I Scanning Probe Microscopes
All of the Ambios surface metrology instruments offer exceptional
value and standard features that are second to none. Our Q-Scope
family of AFMs include contact, non-contact, MFM, EFM, Force
distance analysis, lateral and phase imaging as standards not
options on every AFM/STM. The Q-Port stand-alone image analy-
sis package is included without licensing restrictions, so you can
analyze your data at the tool or at your desk.
Xi-100 I Non-Contact Optical Proler
The Xi-100 Non-Contact Optical Proler provides the researcher
or process control engineer with its unique point and shoot
data collection routine. This system provides a simple and fast
means to acquire 3D surface data. The high (0.01nm) Z resolution
and non-destructive capabilities of this tool make accurate and
repeatable measurements easy on smooth or rough surfaces.
The Ambios Advantage Compl ete Li ne of Sur face Metrol ogy
State-of-the-Art Technology
n Low force scan head STANDARD
n 120,000 data points per scan line
n Magnetically coupled force
n New optical deection sensor
Building on our two previous genera-
tions of prolers, weve incorporated
a new optical deection sensor to
produce an extremely low inertia
stylus mechanism. Coupled with
our force control, the XP-Plus Series
represents the state-of-the-art in
benchtop stylus prolometry.
Powerful User-Friendly
n Easy integration with MS Ofce
n Unlimited software site license
n Video capture
n Built-in network card
With Windows

cut, copy and paste

features, our scan software allows
you to integrate your measurements
directly into your reports. You can
also utilize our video capture feature
to incorporate the precise measure-
ment location into your report.
n Step height repeatability of 5
n Fully re-engineered from the
ground up
Go ahead and compare you
wont nd a better deal than the
XP-Plus Series of prolers. Many of
our standard features either arent
available or cost thousands of dollars
more on competitive models, includ-
ing low force head, color camera,
and stress software.
Total Customer Satisfaction
n Best guarantee in the industry
With our 30-day no-questions-asked
evaluation period, you can decide if
the proler meets your needs prior
to payment. If you decide within
30 days of installation that it does
not meet your needs for any reason,
send it back for a full refund. Our
30-day evaluation allows you suf-
cient time to test the instrument
under your conditions and on your
Powerful control electronics means maximum precision, reliability and adaptability
The XP-Plus systems incorporate a brand new electrical topology using the newest ARM7 embedded
microprocessor and FPGA for I/O, embedded real time operating system, automated system diagnostics,
on sensor analog to digital converters, and fully segmented analog and digital subsystems to reduce noise,
crosstalk and preserve signal integrity. The new control electronics accommodate fully closed loop control
of both the Z stage, and the scan stage for precise, repeatable, and accurate positioning. The XP-200 and
XP-300 includes stepper motor control for sample navigation with encoder resolution as high as 50nm for
precise, programmable, positioning of up to 999 measurement locations. The use of an embedded real-time
operating system substantially improves the reliability of the system by allowing all of the time dependent
functions to be performed on the embedded system and therefore not be at the mercy of the host operating
system (Windows Vista) which is not real-time. Great care was taken to design the electrical subsystems
to avoid sources of noise which resulted in measured noise oors of less than 1 bit on the analog to digital
converters at the sensors. This type of attention to detail resulted in a highly robust and highly capable
electronic control systems for all of the XP-Plus Series prolers.
Mechanical stability and precision motion control is the key to robustness and resolution
During the accelerated life test portion of the development, the XP-Plus was subjected to over 600,000
scan/home/move X-Y/scan continuous cycles in varying conditions and did not experience a single failure
hardware or software. At Ambios, we understand that it is critical that metrology systems be available at
all times. Great care was taken to include process redundancy that would insure the maximum up time for
the XP-Plus Series. The processor is constantly checking the system status every 25 milliseconds to be
sure that limits or other interrupts have not been exceeded. With encoders on every motor and end of travel
limits on every axis, the XP-Plus systems provide redundant control to insure robust and reliable operation
for many years.
Our limited mechanical path, the lineal distance from the end of the stylus through our mechanical
superstructure to the point of contact with the sample, allows our prolers to maintain minimum drift and
excellent baseline stability This early innovation is one of the principal sources of our low noise and high
repeatability performance.
Simple computer integration for ease of use
A single USB connection between the computer and the instrument allows the operation of the XP-Plus
systems to operate from a laptop computer theres no simpler integration than that. In a laboratory
environment, data portability is crucial. With the XP-Plus, plug your laptop in via the USB cable, start the
application and youre ready to go. In fact, if you have other XP-Plus systems in your lab, you can drive
them all from the same laptop since each XP-Plus presents itself to the USB port of your laptop with its
specic conguration. No need to recalibrate or reset limits. Just connect and measure its that easy.
100 Pioneer Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Fax 831.427.1160
7647 Main Street, Suite 102
Victor, NY 14564
Tel 877.429.4200 Simply the highest
performance series of
stylus prolers ever
Next Generation
XP-Plus Series
High Resolution Surface
n Ideal for both laboratory and
manufacturing environments
n 5 angstrom step height repeatability
the best in the industry
n 200mm long scan capability for
roughness, waviness and surface
form measurements
n Easy to use software for thin
lm stress measurements and
3D rendering
2007 Ambios Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Specications are typical and are subject to change without notice. 10/2007. Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Ofce , Microsoft Excel ,
Microsoft Word, and Microsoft .NET are all registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. VLSI Standards is a product of VLSI Standards, Inc.
2007 Ambios Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Specications are typical and are subject to change without notice. 10/2007. Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Ofce , Microsoft Excel ,
Microsoft Word, and Microsoft .NET are all registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. VLSI Standards is a product of VLSI Standards, Inc.
2007 Ambios Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Specications are typical and are subject to change without notice. 10/2007. Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Ofce , Microsoft Excel ,
Microsoft Word, and Microsoft .NET are all registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. VLSI Standards is a product of VLSI Standards, Inc.
Microsofts .NET

programming environment insures maximum exibility

A completely rewritten graphical user interface using the most current gen-
eration Microsoft .NET programming environment allows implementation of
the newest functional controls. A multi-document interface allows a user to
continually acquire and display scan data. This permits the user to analyze
the data while acquiring additional measurements. The new multi-document
interface also allows each scan to be automatically leveled, scan features
measured, and displayed in an Excel

compatible format on the screen.

Focused on
Surface Analysis
mission is to provide industrial
and academic researchers with
affordable, world-class surface
analysis instruments. Our years of
experience in virtually every aspect
of surface measurement provides
us with a unique perspective from
which we can evaluate our custom-
ers needs and provide appropriate
solutions. We pride ourselves on
the ability to do more than just sell
a product. We assist customers
with everything from their applica-
tion and process development to
ongoing service and support.
With our emphasis on surface
measurement, we combine various
technologies to meet the engineer-
ing and research needs of our
customers. Our XP-Plus Series
of surface prolers is an excellent
example of how we identied a
market under served by existing
suppliers, and developed a
product that better matches our
customers requirements through
new, improved and innovative
technology. We bring this same
technological emphasis to all
the products we offer in meeting
the demands of many surface
measurement applications such as:
n Surface roughness
n Precision step height
n Surface form
n Thin lm stress
n Thin lm thickness
n High resolution surface
Our commitment to continued
innovation coupled with
adherence to our strong
corporate values assures our
customers of exceptional value,
our employees with exciting
and challenging work, and our
stockholders with a fair return
on their investment.
The XP-Plus Series The most complete line
of high resolution stylus prolometers EVER
At AMBIOS TECHNOLOGY we make sure that the instrument you buy meets your needs and a little bit more.
We dont charge extra for monitors and other seemingly necessary elements of a system. We put our best foot
forward by including ALL of the technology that we know you need. Nothing is more aggravating than installing a
new system and then nding out that you failed to order the optional monitor and now you cant operate the system.
The same is true for the measurement technology. Everyone knows that the cost of a low force head is the same
as the cost of a high force head. So why not include the superior technology from the beginning? At Ambios
Technology we believe that every customer should get our best measurement technology at a fair price. So, weve
included the following features, which cost thousands more from other vendors, at no additional charge.
XP-Plus Series industry leading standard features include:
n 1.2mm Z range is the largest standard Z range in the industry
n Industry best 5 angstrom step height repeatability
n Lowest height equivalent noise: < 1 angstrom
n Low force stylus: 0.03mg10mg
n Smallest resolvable step of 5 angstroms
n More selectable Z ranges for improved application exibility
n 200mm long scan capability (XP-300 only)
n Thin lm stress measurements
n Scan stitching
n Step detection two methods
Built on the success of the original XP prolers, the new XP-Plus Series Stylus Prolers are the result of ve years
of customer feedback and product innovation. The new XP-Plus systems provide the widest range of application
specic capability. With a maximum 1.2 millimeter Z range, sub-angstrom height equivalent noise, 5 angstrom step
height repeatability, optional 50nm encoded X-Y stages, 200mm long scan capability and many other features, the
XP-Plus Series sets the new standard of excellence in the industry.
Precision engineering and state-of-the-art software makes the
XP-Plus Series ideal for your high resolution surface proling needs
High resolution optical lever provides unmatched resolution and repeatability
The XP-Plus systems utilize an optical lever sensor mechanism to precisely measure surface height changes.
The tremendous mechanical advantage of the optical lever allows the XP-Plus systems to attain the highest Z height
resolution and best step height repeatability in the industry. Optical levers are the method of choice for high resolution
Z height measurements. The ultimate in Z height measuring systems, atomic force microscopes, use optical levers as
their feedback mechanism not LVDTs or capacitance sensors. As an added benet, the optical lever provides the
lowest possible inertia stylus mechanism allowing measurement of soft and delicate lms without damage.
Our optical lever design incorporates a new dual sensor mechanism in the head one lower resolution with a large
Z range and the second higher resolution with a small Z range. The split optical path allows for the extension of the
Z height range while maintaining very high resolution for small steps. This conguration allows one sensor to be used
to measure the total integrated power of the optical beam while the other sensor is measuring Z height displacement.
These two signals can be compared to provide common mode rejection of the optical source, thereby reducing the
overall sensor noise. Additionally, a proprietary amplitude modulated heterodyne electronic conguration is employed
in the electronics to further reduce the noise and increase the sensitivity of the sensor. The result of this sophisticated
sensor is to make higher resolution measurements more repeatable, more accurate, and more easily attained.

XP-100 XP-200 XP-300
New and Innovative XP-Plus Series Software
The Price/Performance Leader
The XP-100 is designed for the researcher
who is interested in getting fast repeatable
data from an instrument that is not encum-
bered by unneeded levels of complication.
Simply position your sample on the scan
stage, select a scan recipe, click the scan
button, and as soon as the scan is complete,
your surface data is immediately available
for analysis. With a low force stylus, long
range Z sensor, and new software, the
XP-100 is a great choice for the lab.
Automation at An Affordable Price
The XP-200 offers all of the capabilities of
the XP-100 and more. With its motorized
150 X 178mm X-Y stages, the XP-200 can
be programmed to automatically make
measurements at up to 999 different locations
on your sample. The X-Y stages use highly
precise encoders to assure proper positioning
of your sample. As an added feature, the
XP-200 incorporates a 4X motorized zoom
camera for highly versatile sample visualiza-
tion. For either the researcher or process
engineer the XP-200 delivers great perfor-
mance at an affordable price.
All the Bells and Whistles
The XP-300 is the ultimate in stylus prolers.
Optimized for automation and ease of use,
the XP-300 is intended to seamlessly
integrate into your manufacturing environ-
ment. The XP-300 is 85 pounds of high
techness packed into the smallest footprint
of any proler in its class. Capable of accom-
modating up to 300mm diameter silicon
wafers, full 200mm X-Y travel, capable of
long scans up to 200mm, and optional 50nm
encoders on the X, Y, and Z stages, makes
the XP-300 the most advanced stylus type
surface proler EVER.
120,000 120,000 120,000
30mm 55mm 200mm
1.2mm standard 1.2mm standard 1.2mm standard
.38 (least signicant bit) .38 (least signicant bit) .38 (least signicant bit)
5 1s, 10 measurements 5 1s, 10 measurements 5 1s, 10 measurements
on 1.0m step or 0.1% on 1.0m step or 0.1% on 1.0m step or 0.1%
10 10 10
20mm X 80mm 150mm x 178mm 200mm x 200mm
Manual Motorized <1m Motorized <0.05m optional
140mm 200mm 200mm (300mm optional)
0.03mg - 10mg 0.03mg - 10mg 0.03mg - 10mg
100X manual standard
60 - 140X (1 - 4mm FOV) 60 - 140X (1 - 4mm FOV)
60 - 140X optional
Windows Vista/XP Windows Vista/XP Windows Vista/XP

Linear Scans
Prole Data Points
Scan Length
Maximum Z Range
Height Equivalent Noise
Step Height Repeatability
Minimum Resolution Step
Stage Translation
Sample Positioning
Sample Stage Diameter
Stylus Force
Camera Zoom
Stress Software
Prole Stitching
Automated Proling
Form Removal
3D Imaging
Computer OS
XP-200 and XP-300 3D Mapping
Ambios XP-Plus Series 3D mapping option utilizes the high resolution stage position-
ing system to produce AFM-style 3D surface maps that characterize sub-micron rough-
ness data or features on your sample. No other prolometer in its class can produce
such high resolution data.
The XP-Plus 3D software can be used to view and analyze surface and image data from
any of the Ambios family of products and brings an
intuitive user interface to combine stunning 3D
graphics with analytical power to help make the
most out of your topography measurement system.
n Dynamic zoom, rotation, ipping, and inversion
n Form removal (LS plane, three point plane, LS
polynomial, etc.)
n 3D step height calculation
n 2D prole extraction (cross-section) in any
n Volume computation
Three dimensional grid structure on VLSI standard.
Our unique Multiple Document Interface (MDI) allows
you maximum display exibility. Position the dockable
windows where you want them. Display any combina-
tion of video image, data results, and/or instrument
controls all at the same time.
Next Generation XP-Plus Series
The embedded XML data format enables on screen data analysis
with various math functions which can be saved or exported directly
to Microsoft Ofce programs. All principle controls are dockable
and oatable with customizable tool bars allowing unsurpassed ease
of use and exibility.
All of the windows are independent which means that the control panel can
oat or be docked anywhere on the screen as can the data display windows,
the real-time scanning window, the data results window, etc. This feature
gives the user a fully exible environment in which to acquire and analyze
data. The new XML data structure allows easier integration into process
control systems by permitting the data formats to be easily parsed and saved
in formats that are most convenient for you.

compatibility insures future compatibility

The XP-Plus software was designed with Microsofts Windows Vista operating system
in mind. Simple point-and-click functionality provides intuitive access to all of the data
analysis algorithms. Windows Vista compatibility permits much easier integration in a
networked lab or production environment, simple integration into Microsoft Ofce

products dueto the XML data format, and much cleaner look and feel than the rewritten
DOS environment of older prolers on the market. The XP-Plus software is designed for
the future, not stuck in the past. With the Ambios Technology innite site license policy,
you can load a data analysis version of the software on your computer and analyze data
that you took in the fab or the lab at your desk.
Report writing is easy with
the new XP-Plus software.
Copy scan data from the
XP-Plus application, paste
it into a Microsoft Word

document, and youre done.
The XML data format and
standard windows functions
like copy and paste makes
the communication of your
prolometery data simple.
New image to
Ink jet printer nozzle.