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Store Visit Report

Name: Goh Suet Lin

Student ID: J13013212
Subject: Visual Merchandisin
!ourse: Di"loma in #ashion Desin
Lecturer: Mr$ Victor
1$ %bout Su"erdr&
2$ 'rand Loo
3$ Ma"
($ Store #ront
)$ Sinboard
*$ Store La&out
+$ ,ables dis"la& and Store #i-tures
.$ !ashier
/$ Storae and #ittin 0ooms
10$ Store interior and Decorations
11$ Lihtin
12$ Merchandise Dis"la&
13$ 1indo2s Dis"la&
1($ Store Sin
1)$ ,&"es o3 4aners
1*$ !onclusion
About Superdry
%ccordin to Su"erdr& o33icial 1ebsite5 Ins"ired b& a tri" to ,o6&o in 20035 Su"erdr& is a uni7ue
urban outer2ear and denim label that 3uses Ja"anese ra"hics5 8intae %mericana and the 3inest
'ritish tailorin to "roduce clothin o3 im"eccable 7ualit& and an iconic modern aesthetic$
%ccordin to Su"erGrou"5 in 20035 Julian joined 3orces 2ith desiner James 4older 2ho had
"re8iousl& 3ounded the 'ench brand5 to de8elo" and create a ne2 in9house brand and Su"erdr&
2as born$ ,he Su"erdr& brand has since ained both reconition and "o"ularit& in the :; and
o8erseas and under"ins the ro2th o3 the business$
#ollo2in the success3ul introduction o3 Su"erdr& into !ult !lothin stores a second store
3ormat5 branded as Su"erdr& and dedicated to sellin Su"erdr& "roducts 2as launched in 200($
,he 3irst Su"erdr& sho" o"ened in London<s !o8ent Garden the 3ollo2in &ear5 and the chain
re2 ra"idl& to .0 :; sho"s and +0 concessions in de"artment stores5= as 2ell as 1()
international stores toda&$ Internationall&5 Su"erdr& has stores across the :S%5 %ustralia5 >uro"e5
South %merica and %sia$ 'esides5 Su"erdr& has recentl& been made accessible to us in Mala&sia5
2ith the o"enin o3 its 3irst Mala&sian 3lashi" store5 located in the le8el ( o3 ?a8ilion on
No8 20135 another shortl& a3ter5 in Mid Valle& on 1st December 20135 Sun2a& ?&ramid and @ne
,oda&5 8ia its o2ned stores and 2ebsites and 8ia its net2or6 o3 3ranchises5 licenses and
concessions5 Su"erdr& is sold in o8er 100 countries 2orld2ide
Brand Logo
%ccordin to #ritinanc&5 the Su"erdr& name is the result o3 a brainstormin session in a ,o6&o
bar a3ter the t2o men collected Atons o3 "ac6ain 3or 3ood and 3rom sho"s5B Mr$ 4older said$
A1e loo6ed at it and e8er&thin 2as Csu"erD this and Csu"erD that$ ,hat ins"ired us$B ,he Ja"anese
letters o3 Asu"erdr&B abo8e enlish is to i8e his desins a Ja"anese touch a3ter bac6 in 'ritain$
,he 3ont used 3or Su"erdr&Ds loo is sim"le &et clear E neat E tid& to let "eo"le to 6no2 and
remember about this brand easil&$ 'esides the colour used 3or the loo has a bi contracts to i8e
"rominence to 2ord o3 the brand name$
Su"erdr& store FG903/E0(0G is located in the round 3loor o3 Mid Valle&$ I3 &ou are comin 3rom
the 2est entrance o3 Mid Valle&5 &ou just need to 2al6 straiht to2ard the centre court and the
store is just located at the u""er le3t corner$ I3 &ou come 3rom east entrance5 &ou can just 2al6
straiht and Su"erdr& is located at the end o3 the sho" at &our riht side be3ore the centre court$
'& locatin at the same 3loor 2ith some 3amous brand such as ,o"sho"5 #ore8er 21 and Hara5
Su"erdr& ma& allo2 to build its name in Mala&sia because o3 its location that most o3 the "eo"le
2ill "ass throuh$
Store Front
,he store entrance is o"en air so it
can let customers to see throuh the
2hole store$
Stores signboard
,he ASu"erdr&B sinboard o3 the store is clear5 sim"le5 bi and briht$ 'esides that the red colors
3ont on blac6 color bac6round ma6e it loo6s shar" too$ @ther than that5 the music "la&s in the
store is stron &et classic so it "ro8ide a com3ortable en8ironment 3or sho""in$
Store Layout
,he t&"e store la&out o3
Su"erdr& in Mid Valle& is 3ree
3lo2 la&out5 in 2hich 3i-tures
and merchandise are rou"ed
into 3ree 3lo2in "attern on
the sales 3loor$ 'esides5 due to
the small s"ace o3 the store5
this t&"e o3 la&out 2or6s 2ell
to allo2 customers to bro2se
throuh all the merchandise$
Nonetheless5 because there are
reater 8arieties o3
merchandise in the store5 it
sometimes starts con3usin the
,his store dis"la&s mens2ear5 2omens2ear5 sunlasses5 2inter clothin5 bas5 2atches5 shoes
and underarment se"aratel& at di33erent section$ #or mens2ear and 2omens2ear5 it is dis"la&ed
accordin to the t&"e o3 arment such as "ants5 ,9shirt5 "olo tee5 tan6 to"5 s2eater and jac6et
se"aratel& 2ith di33erent choices and colors$ ,he reason that e8er&thin is dis"la&ed se"aratel& is
to "ro8ide a clearer en8ironment 3or the sho""ers$
Men and 1omenDs Jac6ets and 4oodies
!hec6erd Shirt
1omenDs ,shirt
,here are at least
1091) colors 3or
each t&"e o3
dis"la&in at the
Su"erdr& store has also di33erent section to "ut denim clothin and 2inter clothin$
'esides5 the& se"arate the underarment o3 men and 2omen in
di33erent rac6$
Various t&"es o3 bas sellin such as ba "ac65 slin ba and
s"ort ba is dis"la&ed se"aratel& at di33erent "laces$
Shoes Section
,hereDs a section to "ut shoes such as snea6er and sli""er but some t&"e o3 sli""er is "ut at other
side in the store$ % so3a and small horiIontal mirror is "ro8ided$
Ne-t5 their minor items such as sunlasses5 cases and
ear"hone are "ut toether at a small area beside the
Tables Displays and Store Fixtures
,hereDs a 3e2 o3 tables inside the store and 3or the store 3i-tures5 ondola5 nestin table and
dis"la& cases is used in the stores$ ,he main table o3 the store is usin nestin table to dis"la&$$ It
is located in 3ront o3 the main entrance that &ou can see it 3rom outside$ @n the table5 e8er& items
such as ,9shirt5 s2eaters5 shoes5 bas5 2atches and sli""ers are dis"la&ed on di33erent la&er so
that customers can easil& 6no2 the item Su"erdr& sellin just b& a 7uic6 loo6$
'esides5 ondola is used to
dis"la& ba and also 3olded
arments$ @ther than that5
the 2atches is "ut inside the
dis"la& cases so that it 2ill
be "rotected and easier to
'esides5 "olo tee and trousers o3 di33erent colors and
t&"es are also dis"la&ed on the other side table o3 the
store$ %nd thereDs 3e2 side tables located at the corner o3
the store$
,he cashier counter is located near 3ittin room so that customer can just "urchase the items the&
2ant a3ter tr&in and it also can be seen easil& 3rom both entr& so that customer can sa8e their
times to loo6 3or it$
Storages and Fitting Roo
Su"erdr& has ) 3ittin rooms and mirror E chair are
"ro8ided in each room$ 'esides5 there is a bi mirror
outside all the room so that customers could ha8e a
clearer loo6 o3 them a3ter tr&in$ ,he lihtin o3 the
3ittin room is briht enouh 3or customers$ ,he store
room is located inside a3ter all the 3ittin room so that it
2ill not create a mess& loo6 3or the store$
Store !nterior and Decorations
,he store interior is 'ritish and 8intae themed so
the :nion Jac6 is one o3 the decoration o3 this store$
'esides that5 the 2all decoration is
mostl& decorated b& usin di33erent
6ind o3 2oods and also bric6 o3
di33erent tones o3 colors to create a
8intae en8ironment$
@ther than that5 some rac6
that ma6e o3 rust& iron and
2oods are also used in this
store$ !ae9li6e9bo- is also
used to dis"la& the shoes
and bas$
,he ceilin o3 the stores is so
uni7ue because it is decorated
b& "i"es$

S"otliht is used instead o3
normal lihts because it 2ill
ma6e the "roducts loo6 more
'esides that5 the& also hanin sus"ended
chandler abo8e the main table5 and it 2as made
3rom old lass jars and little lihts
Merchandise Display
#or their merchandise dis"la&5 there are a 3e2 o3 manne7uins
made b& rust& iron in the store to sho2 their items b& st&lin it
toether 2ith di33erent "roducts$
"indo# Display
'esides that5 the 2indo2 dis"la& is sho2in di33erent item b& di33erent 2a&$ #or e-am"le5 there is a
3e2 o3 manne7uins made o3 steel 2ire 2earin di33erent "attern o3 ,9shirt and arraned in a ro2$ %nd
the ba5 shoes and 3olded ,9shirt is "ut inside the cae9li6e9bo- to dis"la& and attract attention$ ,he&
also sho2 di33erent t&"e o3 denim jeans and sli""er b& hanin on a 2all$ Most o3 the "roducts are
dis"la&ed at the 2indo2 dis"la& so that it 2ill attract the attention o3 "eo"le that ha8e no intention to
o in$
Store Sign
,he sin in 3ront o3 the entrance clearl&
state about the introduction o3 the store$
Type o$ %angers
,hree haners are used in this store$
#irst5 most o3 the haners is a normal haner to han t9
shirt5 2inter clothin5 under2ear and sunlasses$
Secondl&5 the 3ollo2in haner is the haner 2ith cli" to
han the trousers$
Lastl&5 there is S siIe haner to han
the denim jeans$
#rom this store 8isit in Su"erdr&5 I learnt a lot o3 thins about 8isual merchandisin$
#irstl&5 I et to 6no2 more about 8isual merchandisin such as the 2a& the& decorate the store
interior5 the table and store 3i-tures the& used and the strateies the& add in to the store
decoration$ 'esides that5 I also learnt about the im"ortance o3 dis"la&in in a clear5 neat and tid&
2a& to dis"la& di33erent t&"es and colors o3 arments$ #or e-am"le5 the 2a& the& dis"la& all the
colors and siIes toether is to brin con8enience to customer so that the& can et 2hat the& 2ant
easil&$ @ther than that5 "ri8ac& is also im"ortant so Su"erdr& dis"la& 2omens2ear and mens2ear
se"aratel& to brin a com3ortable sho""in en8ironment to the customer$
% ood decoration 2ill create a ood sho""in en8ironment to the customers$ ,here3ore5
Su"erdr& had "ut a lot o3 e33ort in their store interior such as the lihtin5 2all decoration e8en
the ceilin desin and man& small detailin on the rac6 and table$ I thin6 that i3 the interior
desin is ood enouh5 "eo"le 2ithout intention to 8isit the store 2ill chane their mind and ta6e
a loo6 in the store$
'esides5 2indo2 dis"la& is the most im"ortant element to i8e a ood im"ression to customers
because 2indo2 dis"la& is the main dis"la& since it is the outer o3 the store$ Su"erdr& did a 7uite
ood job that the& "ut e8er& "roduct the& are sellin at their 2indo2s and did not create a mess&
loo6 as 2ell because the& used a lot o3 di33erent 2a& to dis"la& their items$
Ne-t to 2indo2 dis"la&5 store 3ront is the im"ortant element too$ Su"erdr& has a ood store 3ront
because it is o"en air so it can let customers to see throuh the 2hole store$ 'esides5 their storeDs
sinboard is bi and clear enouh to i8e im"ression to the sho""ers$
Nonetheless5 their store la&out is still ha8in the room 3or im"ro8ement because it is too narro2
to 2al6 throuh at some area in the store because o3 the small store area$ @ne o3 the reasons that
small area is a bad "oint because Su"erdr& has too man& di33erent "roducts$ 4ence5 some minor
item such as accessories is hard to notice because the& "ut at a hidden "lace$ >-ce"t this "oint5 I
thin6 that Su"erdr& is a reall& ood store in 8isual merchandise$