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Quarterly Paper

English 8 2nd Quarter

The following page contains the guidelines for your Final Paper for the Second Quarter. This also contains
the questions you need to answer, equivalent to four (4) summative tests on lessons we have discussed
on Afro-Asian Literature, particularly on African and Indian Literature. This paper is due on Wednesday, 22
October 2014, 12:00 midnight. Submit the soft copy of this paper in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format to my
email at, with the subject: Final Paper (Surname, First Name, Middle Name
Section) e.g. Final Paper (Zabala, Jayson, Donor Linnaeus VIII)



Final Paper
Answer the following
questions as
comprehensively as
possible. Conventions on
Grammar must be
This Quarterly Paper is
composed of five (5)
questions, to constitute
for four (4) summative
tests, each question
constituting to thirty-five
(35) points each. Since
this is a major paper, it is
highly unlikely that a 2-
page paper may merit a
good grade.
You may check for
sources online but be
sure to cite them in your

Quarterly Paper
English 8 2nd Quarter
QUESTION 1. Afro-Asian Literature
Explain why Afro-Asian Literature has been dubbed as the
Literature of Oppression. Cite five (5) major events in African
and Asian History that shaped the Canon of Afro-Asian
Literature as it is today.

QUESTION 2. Telephone Conversation (Wole Soyinka)
To the speaker, the womans silence speaks; it conveys
Pressurized Good Breeding (line 7). What do you suppose he
means by this? Is there evidence later in the poem that he too is
well-bred and subject to social norms and pressures? Explain.

QUESTION 3. Ramayana (Valmiki)
What is Vibishanas warning to his brother Ravana? How does
this shed light to his character? What happens to the brothers at
the end of the story? What do you think this outcome holds for
the peoples of Lanka and India?

QUESTION 4. Indian Mythology
Who is the Indian Trinity? Try to identify the reason beneath the
Indian belief in Creation, Preservation and Destruction and
connect this with five (5) customs and traditions they still
practice up to this day.

QUESTION 5. The Three Idiots (Movie Review)
Farhan Quareshis father has destined him to be an engineer at
the point of his birth, and has exerted all efforts for it to be
done. Careful observation of ICE student population reveals
that it is predominantly male. How does this shed light on Indian
beliefs on patriarchy (male superiority) and how does this
affected Indian Literature? Cite examples from the Ramayana to
prove your point.

Ranchoddas Chanchad has constantly broken ICE traditions and
norms. Cite five (5) instances of how Ranchos beliefs has
changed the lives of the other characters from the film.