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Worksheet: Azar: Fundamentals of English Grammar, 3rd ed.

Chapter 13
Gerunds and Infnitives Test Gerunds and Infnitives Test
Chapter Thirteen Chapter Thirteen
Part One Directions: Look at the verbs in the box below. Write the
correct verb in the sentences. Use each verb only one time.
1. We _____ visiting Hawaii for our vacation, but we change our
!. "va an "sis _____ to talk to everyone they can about the secret
%. &he 'miths _____ s#ening time together. &hey always look ha##y
when they are riing their bicycles or watching television.
(. " on)t _____ working har. Har work gives a #erson character.
*. +oul you #lease _____ staring at me, "t is making me cra-y,
.. /y husban an " will _____ ao#ting a baby. We have talke about
it a lot alreay, but we will kee# talking about it.
0. &he stuents _____ to have a #arty at the en of the semester.
1. /y mother _____ to water my #lants. 2ow they are all ea.
3. &hey _____ to work together. &hey shook hans on the eal.
14. " _____ eating s#inach. " woul rather eat nothing at all,
11. /aria _____ to teach full5time, but she coul only 6n a #art5time
1!. 7ose _____ smoking last week.
1%. We _____ to go to the bank early in the morning. We cannot go in
the afternoon or in the evening because we must get the money
1(. /s. 8elly an her frien _____ eating #i--a, "t is their favorite foo.
enjoy need will offer agreed would like
love plan considered forgot stop
quit hate had hoped mind discuss
Worksheet: Azar: Fundamentals of English Grammar, 3rd ed. Chapter 13
1*. &he buyers _____ to #ay 9!44,444 for the house. &hey are not sure
if it will be acce#te.
Part Two Directions: Look at the #re#ositions in the box below. Write
the correct #re#osition in the sentences. &he wors may be use more
than once.
1.. +arolina is afrai ___ snakes.
10. " forgave Herman ___ telling my secrets to other #eo#le.
11. We #lan ___ visiting the :ran +anyon next summer.
13. /aria a#ologi-e ___ losing her tem#er.
!4. &he stuents are goo ___ s#eaking ;nglish,
!1. &he class is res#onsible ___ co#ying own the teacher)s notes.
!!. <o you believe ___ unicorns=
!%. /y mother always insiste ___ us wearing our seatbelts.
!(. His assistance sto##e a lay ___ having an accient.
!*. <i you ever ream ___ visiting >aris in the s#ring=
!.. ?re they intereste ___ taking a ance class=
!0. 'usan thanke me ___ hel#ing her with her books.
!1. " am so excite ___ grauating with honors.
!3. ?ll of /s. 8elly)s stuents are looking forwar ___ the 6nal exam.
%4. &he chilren are so tire ___ staying inoors. "t has been raining for
over a week.
%1. " feel ___ eating some homemae foo. " am tire of fast foo.
%!. ?re you nervous ___ your 6nal grae= @ou shoul not be nervous.
@ou are an intelligent stuent.
of for in about like
at on to from
Worksheet: Azar: Fundamentals of English Grammar, 3rd ed. Chapter 13
%%. &hey often worry ___ having enough money for their classes.
Part Three Directions: /ark A if the statement is correct. /ark B if
the statement is incorrect.
%(. "t is interesting to riving cars.
%*. Having loyal #ets is im#ortant.
%.. "t is very im#ortant for stuents to stuy for the 6nal exam.
%0. " went to the su#ermarket in orer buy some ice cream an milk.
%1. 'tan is too strong to lift the couch. "t is light, an he can move it by
%3. 'hirley oesn)t have enough money to buy a /ercee- Aen-.
(4. &om isn)t tall enough to rie on the ferris wheel. @ou have to be
four feet all, but he is only three feet ten inches tall.
(1. " haven)t gone swimming in over three weeks.
(!. Leslie hasn)t gone to sho##ing in over two months.
(%. >attia en$oys to work in her garen.
((. Luis Buit smoking last year. He looks very healthy.
(*. " #romise to visit "relan as soon as " coul.
(.. " forgot buying the brea for my family.
(0. " can)t stan it when #eo#le try to cheat on their taxes.
(1. " will begin working on the #ro$ect immeiately.
(3. Have you #ut oC stuying= @ou shoul start stuying now,
*4. <i you en$oy taking this test=
>rofessor 8elly 8enney5"sern
/iami <ae +ollege, !44.