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Luxury you dreamt of

1. Introduction:
According the Economist Intelligence Units 2013 Livability Report; Dhaka is the second worst city a
person can live in. Now that alone is enough reason for anybody to want to leave this place and go some
place where fresh air is not a scarcity. However, as easy as it may be to dream to move to a healthier
location; in reality it is extremely difficult to do so. This is mainly because, even though Dhaka is a harsh
location to live in it still provides luxuries of life that are unavailable in other locations in the country such
as quality education, medical care, availability of job etc. So, you are stuck in a city thats very air is
gradually draining your life force, now how do you make this experience a little bit less excruciating? The
answer is Give yourself a break! and that is where we come in.
Our company name is Aristroline
We are not just a bus service company, but a holiday facilitator. Our buses will go to Chittagong, Coxs-
Bazaar and Sylhet and we shall give our customers the most unique transportation service in the country.
When we usually think about a bus service it is merely seen as a tool for getting someone from point A to
point B and in case of Bangladesh it is a very painful and tiresome process that leaves the passenger
with a headache. It is a necessary evil that we need to tolerate in order to get us where we want to go.
But that is all about to change because we are about to integrate your holiday experience in your journey
there. Our offering is to provide our customers with a luxury line of highly customized long distance buses
from which they can choose the one that meets their taste or requirements. However, our bond with the
customers does not start and end at the journey but goes way forward and backwards, it is not a short
term contract but rather a long time relationship. We will start a community and offer membership to the
target customers from which they will receive many side benefits. We will be integrated with major hotels
in set destinations and synchronize our services for the customers convenience.

And our mission statement is: Keep your expectations high, and let us show you we can go
If we stay on our path and continue to provide high quality services we believe we can achieve our vision
to become the most renowned name in tourism in Bangladesh.

Provide our customers with the highest quality possible.
Precisely maintain the schedule
Maximize the customer satisfaction in all our division
Ensure optimal safety and security for passenger.


2. Services available in Business:
Core and supplementary services:
Core product: Our core product is transportation service.
Supplementary services: We provide various supplementary services to enhance customer satisfaction.

The flower of services:



In the supplementary services there are two things including. They are:
In the supplementary services there are two things included. They are:

1. Facilitating services: It is required for service delivery.
1. Information: Information regarding the pricing, schedule and the varieties of packages
available for purchase will be provided via website, ticket counter and also over phone.
Promotional offers will be communicated through internet and print media.
2. Order taking: Customers can book a seat directly from our ticket counters or through our
interactive website where they can customize the service according to their needs such as:
choosing the bus, choosing the type of seating and choosing the seating position.
3. Billing and Payment: If the customer purchases the ticket from our counter we accept cash
and card payment. For online purchase, they can pay via credit/ debit card. The ticket itself
serves as a bill as the details of the service and the price is mentioned on it.

Order talking


2. Enhancing services: It adds extra values to the core product.
1. Consultation: Any information regarding the costs of staying at a hotel, shopping malls and
which spots to visit on a certain destination is available from our consultant. Our customer
service agents thrive to remove any sort of dissonance the customer is going through before
making the purchase decision.
2. Hospitality: Providing a nice and friendly environment to the customer is one of our primary
objectives. Complementary beverages will be served to further enhance the customer
satisfaction while they wait for their bus in the waiting room. We will have onboard employees
to help customers in their needs such as getting the customers blankets and providing them
with food and beverages.
3. Safekeeping: It is obvious that people traveling long distance and staying there for multiple
days are going to carry luggage. We keep their luggage safely in our buss storage
compartment and ensure no harm is done.
4. Exceptions: We always try to make sure our customer does not have to go through any
trouble in order to enjoy our services. We will try to make exceptions for customer who requires
it, if it is within our capability.
i. Special seating arrangement for children or disabled person
ii. Handling complains
iii. Restitution:
Compensation for any kind of unsatisfactory service performance


3. Blueprint for one day Bus service:



Line of interaction
Contact Person
(Front stage)
line of visibility
(Back stage)

Line of internal interaction


Parking Cart
to the
of the
for the service
in waiting
Shifting to
the bus
Into the
food Stop
To the
At the
To the
Check in Talk to the
Signing the
In waiting
All bags
Seat on
Go to the
Greet and
take bags
loaded in
Bags keeping in
a safe place
Take food

4. Promotional strategy to educate
Communication Mix:
Our target groups of customer are the people who want to enjoy the moment while traveling rather than
use the bus as a mode of transportation from point A to point B. People who seek the type of luxurious
service we aim to deliver are people with a very high level of income. In order to identify and
communicate with them we have some selective media.
Print Media:
Among the traditional media, we will use print media to communicate with our customers. We will print
our advertisements in various lifestyle magazines. Our target customers are likely to subscribe to the
magazines and will be exposed to our advertisement. Magazines have better paper and picture quality
so this media will help us convey the message better. Ananda Alo is a very popular family
entertainment and lifestyle magazine. We primarily choose to advertise in Ananda Alo among
Newspaper is more common among households than magazine and has the potential to reach more
audience, so this media will also be used to advertise. To further focus our customer group we will
publish the advertisement in the lifestyle section of the newspaper. Multiple newspapers will be used to
maximize the coverage.

Internet is the advertising media of the new generation. It has the potential to capture more more
selective audience. For example if someone visits a travel and living related website our
advertisement will pop up suggesting them to consider us while planning their vacation.

Facebook is another medium that will help us not only to advertise but also to communicate special
offer and other information with customers, thus building a customer relationship.

Direct Communication:
A more effective way to purse the customer into buying to a service is to communicate with him/her
directly. We will make a database for our potential customers and contact directly via email, direct mail
and phone call. We can collect the information about the potential client from various sources, like the
subscribers of GrameenPhones Star package, Banglalinks Icon, users of priority banking and platinum
Sales Promotion:
Bundle Package: We will offer bundle packages for a family which includes 2 way trip and a
place to stay at a discounted price. This would mean the customers have to go through less hassle
and also pay less for the bundle offer. From our perspective we instantly sell more and a satisfied
customer means they are likely to spread positive word-of-mouth about us and are also likely to
use our service again.
Prize: We will launch internet based competition and the winners will get free tickets to avail our
service. This competition will be based on facebook. Candidates have to like comment and share
our name and the ones with the most response will win the prize. This also benefits us as they
customers are advertising our company name without us incurring any advertisement cost.
Other Mediums:
Website: Aristolines website will be very pleasing graphically and at the same will be very user
friendly so that people can easily get access to all the information and the list of serves. Website
will be interactive and will allow users to select and compare different types of package and
bundles we offer. Customers can book their desired destinations ticket along with the seating
position of their preference. Customers can purchase the tickets online and make payment through
credit/debit card.

5. Competitive Strategies:
In order to compete with other service providers, we will follow some key strategies. There are usually
two ways of competing in the market.
1. Cost Leadership Strategy
2. Differentiation Strategy
Our focus is to give the customer an unique travel experience that they never had before. So we will be
actually following the differentiation strategy. Our primary competitors are Greenline and S. Alam
Paribahan. Greenline and S Alam both focus on the luxury of the ride and charge a premium price. We
aim to serve the customer they currently target.
Our focus strategy will be to fully focus on the customers meaning we will serve a narrow group of
customers and provide them a narrow set of services.
In order to compete in the market we will create Point of Difference (P.O.D.). We will provide some
unique service that the competitors do not provide.
1. Online booking and registration system
Customers do not need to visit our office or counter to book a ticket. They can easily book the
ticket of their destination straight from their home
2. Pick a seat
Customers will be able to pick the seat of their choice via our graphically user friendly website. That
way they do not have to arrive early to the bus stand to get a better seat or just leave to their luck.
3. Package
Customers will have several options to pick from the bundle of serves we provide. Family package
for 4 or 5 members, honeymoon package for 2 person, adventitious trip with friends and exclusive
business trip. Different package will offer mixture of different services like the type of hotel room or
a suite.

4. Entertainment System
Televisions will be attached behind each seat so that customer can enjoy watching movies and TV
series throughout the whole journey. A vast database of movies of different language will be
available for the passenger to enjoy. Alternatively the passenger can also listen to music
Positioning the brand:
As discussed earlier our aim is to provide an unique experience to the customer not to offer them a
competitive price. We will be charging a premium in order to finance those unique benefits and maintain a
high quality image of our company.

In positioning map we can see the correlation between high price and the high quality. When price goes
up the service also goes up.


This teaser will be published before the launch of the brand.


The final print advertisement

6. Deigning the service environment
The purpose of service Environments:
Message creating medium: Message creating medium refers to the symbols that communicate
the service features and quality. We offer an exclusive transportation service within convenient
Attention creating medium: Attention creating medium refers to create differentiation service
from other competitors offerings and to draw customers attention. As it is a tourist bus service we
offer different package for those customers who love to travel all over the year. As well as offer
special packages for our regular customers. We also offer different package based on pick and off
pick seasons. We offer minimum charge during the off pick seasons and also offer special package
throughout the pick seasons to our loyal customers.
Effect creating medium: It refers to the color, sounds, scents and furnishing of the service
which expand the service quality. We chose sky- blue and white color to decorate our bus and bus
counter. We chose low volume music for our bus which makes people relax. As scent can create
strong impact on peoples mood so we use Lavender in our bus.

Complexity of the servicescape :
We are using Elaborate Environment in our bus, where luxurious things will be there. In our bus there
are elements like comfortable seats, AC, soft pillows, TV with every seats and other necessary things .In
our office and waiting room we also have comfortable environment with TV, AC, washroom and other
necessary things. Besides that it will be heavily furnished with wood and glass to give a posh look to
match with our service level.


Dimensions of the service Environment
I. Ambient condition :
Music: we will use music according to our customers taste. Usually we will play soft
music during journey because it relaxes people in their journey, but occasionally we will use
exciting music in case we are servicing young groups.
Scent: we shall use Lavender fragrance during the journey.
Color: we will use sky blue and white to decorate our bus and our counter to elicit
peacefulness, but some of our buses will also come in black to portray royalty.
II. Spatial Layout and Functionality :
Layout refers to the size and shape of furnishings and the ways it is arranged. The shape
of the bus is same as an average full-size long distance buses, we will mainly be using
Scania Metrolink buses, but the interior of these buses will be custom made with wider seats
with further increase in functions and convenience such as headphone jacks, bigger tables
etc. We will set up some dim lights. Long, strip or rope lights along the aisles and top of the
bus make for a dramatic and festive effect. We will also place little lamps or flashlights in the
top corners and around the door areas. However this could be changed to a bright setup in
case the passengers would like to perform any kind of activity such as emergency meetings.
Functionality is the ability of those items to facilitate performance. We shall decorate our
bus with different lights that may be plugged into the bus's existing electrical system, but they
can still work if that's not the case, with a generator, battery-operated lights or solar lights that
have been in the sun all day.

III. Signs, symbols and Artifacts :
Refers to the signals to help customers find their way and to convey the rules of
behavior. We use green sign to enter and red sign to exit into the bus and there are clear
symbol where customers need to keep their luggage and other stuff. We will also use
different symbols in the bus counter so that customers can easily understand where is the
waiting room, the wash room, ticket counter and other essential things.

IV. Peoples are the part of service Environment :
The behavior of people in the service environment. Our employees are well behaved and
they provide all the necessary instruction related to the service. Our employees provide all
the instruction before start the journey so that the customers can understand all the

Tools to guide in servicescape Design
Keen observation of customers behavior and inspection to the service atmosphere by
upper level management, counter managers, supervisors, and other frontline staffs.
Response and suggestion from customers, research and survey from frontline staffs use
to design service.
Field observation we use to operate in specific environments
Use Blueprint or service mapping to incorporate physical evidence in the service.

7. conclusion
We all know that time is more valuable than the most and we will make sure our customers valuable
time while traveling will be enjoyable. Our major objective for Aristroline bus service is to educate our
target customers with our service and once we successfully pass this phase it will not take us long to be
the market leader in this competitive service industry. We are always ready to listen to our customers and
we treat them like a valued partner. We have all the resources to make this bus service enjoyable, hassle
free, and all in all a comfortable journey for all our customers. We believe customer service starts with
listening to the customer, knowing what is wrong and then to eradicate it. We fundamentally believe most
problems can be eliminated by listening and planning. We believe that improving the environment and
quality of life are primary social values that serve as the basis for further promotion of transport. Overall
our aim is to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable journey on a clean, well maintained bus.

Future Plan:
I. GPS navigation system: People will know where bus is at that moment
II. Covering more routes: We will try to cover more routes in Bangladesh like Dhaka to Khulna or
III. Wi-Fi facilities: We have a plan to create free Wi-Fi network in the bus so that our customers can
use free internet.
IV. International services like Dhaka to India bus service is also a part of our future plan