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Bullying affects everyone

Nowadays children are being bullied more often than ever before, studies show that
160,000 children are absent to school everyday because of this problem
. Bullying
doesnt just affect children, the United States department of Health and Human
Resources reports 40% of adults admit to being bullied too. Even more shocking is
the fact that 60% of children accused of bulling activities between 6-9 grade have
criminal conviction by age 24(Source: Crime prevention council). Bullying can be
done in a variety of ways and can be suffered at all ages; there are ways to tell when
someone is affected by it and there are many ways to prevent it. I must also say that
bullying not only hurts the person who is receiving the taunt but it also affects that
persons friends and family as they are hurt when they see them suffering.

Coming back to a topic mentioned before hand, types of bullying and the bullies
themselves. There are four types of bullying: physical bullying, verbal bullying,
covert bullying and cyber bullying. The first type includes things like hitting, kicking
or damaging property, while the second takes in to account actions such as name
calling, teasing, intimidation or verbal abuse, covert bullying is more difficult to pick
up on because it is done behind them knowing, for example, malicious gossip or
excluding someone socially, lastly cyber bullying is done using technology, setting
up websites, texting, etc. the most dangerous part about this type of bullying is that
usually only the person being bullied finds out. One might assume that children or
teens only do bullying, but like formerly stated this is not true, adults also suffer
from this problem. One might wonder how bullies are made; the answer is most
bullies are just looking for attention to them its a way to get popular and to make
themselves feel more important. Some bullies may also come from families that are
argue a lot and shout and thus they believe that what they are doing is normal or
acceptable, some may have been bullied themselves. Another case is when they are
not aware of the effect their actions have on others. In general bullies dont
understand or even care about other peoples feelings.

There are certain signs that come with consistent bullying: changes in sleep or
eating patterns, mood swings, and sometimes the person might even start targeting
siblings, you can also notice unexplained bruises, cuts or scratches, coming home
with missing or damaged things, depression, drop in school performance,
personality transformation and a withdrawal of normal behavior. If a bully problem
has already begun you must encourage the person being bullied to ignore the bully
if her/ she were to approach; this represses the bully since what he wants to get is a
reaction another alternative is to not show your emotions; if you show your feelings
this fuels the bullies actions, finally if none of these work you must tell an authority
to make this person stop their bully ways