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How to Parse Nokia Dump using T-Mobile Parser?

(This guide is written by venom)

Taking NSN Dump from Netact (CM Operation Manager).
Parsing it using UMTS XML Plan Generator (v2.6)

Taking NSN Dump from CM Operation Manager
1. Login in NetAct and click on CM Operation Manager. If you dont see this option then it
means you dont have the rights to use CM Operations Manager.

2. Click on the File Export Actual Configuration (See snapshot below)

3. Now select the RNC from left panel and uncheck all. Select RNC.

4. Select all tables from right. (Snapshot below). You can also select individual tables if

5. Click on Export target and select the directory to export.

6. Click Start and then wait for it to complete. That's it. Youve exported the Dump in XML
format. Now well move to next step of How to parse it.

Parsing it using XML UMTS Plan Generator
1. The first step is to open an exported xml file (RNC Dump) in Word and then save it as
text. (See snapshots below).

2. Open XML UMTS Plan Generator v 2.6 and enable the Macro.

3. Cick on Delete Data and then Show XML Plan Window.

4. You will see another window, click XML Parser as shown below. Select all the tables and
click on Parse XML Dump.

5. Once you click Parse XML Dump, another window will pop up and ask to provide the
input text file (saved in step 1).

6. Now wait for the macro to finish parsing. It may take few min (depends on your
processor speed and the size of the dump file). Once it is completed youll see the
message Parsing Completed! at the bottom. Browse the tabs to see your parsed data.