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Efficacy and benefits of soursop fruit :
* Hemorrhoid .
Soursop fruit is ripe . Juicing to take water as much as 1 cup , drink 2
times a day , morning and afternoon .
Urine Bladder Pain .
Half- ripe soursop fruit , sugar and salt to taste . All the material is made
compote cooked . Eaten plain , and performed regularly every day for 1
week in a row .
* Infant Diarrhea .
Soursop fruit is ripe . Soursop fruit is squeezed and filtered to take water ,
drinking from diarrhea in infants 2-3 tablespoons .

* Anyang - anyangen .
Half- ripe soursop and sugar to taste . Soursop peeled and boiled together
with sugar with 2 cups of water , filtered and drunk .

* Pain .
20 soursop leaves , boiled with 5 cups water to boil down tinggal3 glass ,
drink 1 a day 3/4 cup .
* Boils .
Soursop leaves are still young enough , stick in places exposed to a boil .

Efficacy mango :
Experts believe the mango is the source of a carotenoid called beta
crytoxanthin , namely cancer buster good material .
Mangoes are also rich in antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C and E.
One mango contains seven grams of fiber which can help the digestive
system . Most of the fiber is soluble in water and can keep the cholesterol
to remain normal .
Mangoes have chemical properties and specific pharmacological effects ,
which are pengelat ( astringent ) , urine laxative , tonic , appetite enhancer
, a mild laxative , laxative sputum and antioxidants .
The content of gallic acid in mango is very good for the digestive tract .
While the content of riboflavinnya very good for the eyes , mouth , and
throat .
Mango also potent to help cure a variety of diseases , including skin
inflammation , influenza , asthma , visual impairments , bleeding gums ,
sore throat , inflammation of the airways , shortness of breath and ulcers .
It also can cope with boils , scabies , eczema , stomach pains , diarrhea ,
motion sickness , worms , lack of appetite , vaginal discharge , menstrual
disorders , hernia and rheumatism .

Strawberry is the fruit of a herbaceous plant which has an average of 200
seeds per one of his small . There are 700 types of strawberries . One
type of the species named Fragaria chiloensis L. This species is spread to
various countries of America, Europe and Asia . Other species of F. vesca
L. This one is more widespread than other species . This type of
strawberry is also the first entry into Indonesia . Ripe strawberry red color
on very reasonable . The red color is caused because the fruit is rich in
anthocyanin pigments and contain high antioxidants . Hearing the word
antioxidants , you would already know that it means so much usefulness .
And you are right ! Strawberries nutrition incredible save . In addition to
these antioxidants , it is also rich in fiber , low in calories , and contain
vitamin C , folate , potassium , and ellagic acid .
Want to know the efficacy of strawberry ?
1 . Strawberry able to shrink cholesterol levels .
2 . Strawberry can help immobilize the active work because cancer is
ellagic acid they contain .
3 . Strawberry can reduce the symptoms of a stroke .
4 . Strawberry contains anti allergic and anti- inflammatory .
5 . Concentrations of seven antioxidants that exist in strawberry higher
than other fruits or vegetables , so that the strawberry is a fruit that
effectively prevents the oxidation process in the body ( Oxidation is the
destruction of body tissues due to free radicals . Oxidation is also
responsible for the aging process ) .
6 . Strawberry is rich in vitamin C is very beneficial for growing children .
7 . Strawberry is just a little sugar to the diet is also suitable for people with
diabetes .
8 . Strawberries are eaten regularly can smooth the skin and make skin
color look brighter and cleaner . Other notable properties that are anti-
wrinkle !
9 . Strawberry can whiten or clean the tooth surface .
10 . Strawberry effective against gout and arthritis .
11 . Strawberry leaves are also nutritious because it has astringent
substances . Three to four cups of water results strawberry leaf decoction
per day , can effectively stop an attack of diarrhea .
12 . Adult requirement of vitamin C per day can be satisfied by 8
strawberry fruit ( 98 mg ) . Also at the same fiber needs can be met .
Efficacy - side properties are still abundant in this fruit . For health ,
strawberry best eaten fresh , either intact or created juice . Usefulness if it
is made jam or part of processed foods , will be greatly reduced .
Therefore, try to consume fresh strawberries .

The following are some of the properties of the fruit and starfruit leaves for
medicinal plants :
1 . Mumps pain
Take half a handful of leaves starfruit and mash together with the garlic 3 .
Compress the mumps part .
2 . Cough Medicine
Here there are two ways . The first , boiled leaves , flowers , and fruit
starfruit in the same amount of boiling water for half an hour . Drinking
water . As for the second way , grab a handful of starfruit leaves , a
handful of flowers , as well as two pieces of starfruit . Boil 2 cups water
with sugar cubes until the water the rest of the half . Strain and drink 2
times a day .
3 . diabetes
6 pieces of star fruit crushed and boiled with a glass of water up to the rest
of the half . Strain and drink twice a day .
4 . rheumatism
Wash a handful of leaves starfruit . Mash until smooth and add the whiting
and rub into the affected part .
5 . thrush
Boil 10 flowers starfruit , tamarind and palm sugar with 3 cups of water
until the water remaining 3/4 sections . Strain and drink twice a day .
6 . toothache
Wash 5 pieces starfruit then chew with salt . Repeat several times until the
pain disappeared .
Just as an aside , for heartburn sufferers should NOT consume starfruit .

Here are some benefits of kiwi fruit for health .
Contains Vitamin C is a very large
Kiwi contains 100 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams of weight. While oranges
only contain as much as 54 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams . This means
that vitamin C in a kiwi equal to 2 oranges .
Rich in Antioxidants
The content of polyphenols , carotenoids and other enzymes to form
antioxidants that counteract free radicals that enter the body . The result is
a healthier body and can avoid many diseases .
Containing Lutein and Beta Carotene
The benefits of lutein and beta- carotene ( vitamin A ) is to maintain eye
health . So by eating kiwi , visual function can be well maintained .
Contain Potassium
Potassium serves to maintain heart health . Kiwi can also help reduce the
risk of blood clots that can lead to cardiovascular disease . Controlling
cholesterol and blood sugar levels .
Eliminate Digestive Problems
Kiwi can be helpful for those who have digestive problems . Irregular
bowel movements or bloating can be overcome by taking it regularly .

Benefits of Apples

Appearance and ripe red apple invites imagination and taste of the
beholder . Dubbed the forbidden fruit apple sensual and has its own charm
. More than that , this fruit has many health benefits , namely :

1 . Lowering cholesterol levels
Apples are known to contain phytochemicals , antioxidants that are
effective against the bad cholesterol ( LDL ) . Life Science in 1999 wrote ,
in addition to lowering cholesterol , apples also increases good cholesterol
( HDL ) . The content of pectin and D-glucaric acid in apples credited with
helping to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body .

2 . Preventing cancer and healthy lungs
National Cancer Institute in the U.S. reported that flavonoids in apples
substances proven to reduce the risk of lung cancer by 50 percent .
Research from Cornell University in the U.S. also found that
phytochemical substances in the skin of apples inhibited the growth of
colon cancer by 43 percent .

3 . Preventing heart disease and stroke
British Medical Journal (1996 ) noted , apples proved to prevent stroke .
Publication of research in Finland ( 1996 ) demonstrate , the flavonoid-rich
diet experienced a lower incidence of heart disease .

4 . Lose weight
As a good source of fiber , apple is good for digestion and help you lose
weight . Apples are an excellent snack for people who are trying to lose
weight because of the high fiber content so as to prevent hunger comes
more quickly .

5 . Maintaining dental health
Apples also contain tannins , substances that are useful to prevent
periodontal tooth decay . Gum disease is caused by plaque forming
bacteria stick to each other . That's according to the Journal of the
American Dental Association (1998 ) .

6 . Making women stay beautiful
The content of boron in apple shown to help women maintain estrogen
levels during menopause . Maintaining estrogen means to reduce the
disruption caused by hormonal imbalances in times of menopause , such
as hot flashes , pain , depression , heart disease , and osteoporosis .

7 . It protects the body from the flu virus
Konowalchuck in 1978 issued a publication on the antiviral effects of apple
juice . According to him , the apple cider is very good for the fight against
viral infections because of increased stamina and immune system due to
the consumption of apple juice


Benefits of Avocados :
Various benefits can be obtained from avocado , both fruit and its leaf .
Researchers from Shizuoka University , Japan . For example , discover
the benefits of avocado fruit in reducing liver damage , including damage
caused by viral hepatitis . Here are a few benefits.
Coping with kidney stones : Drink water steeping leaves seven avocado
with cup of hot water every morning and afternoon .

For back pain : Boil 5 leaves of avocado and stay warm water 500 cc 250
cc . Embunkan drinking all night and the next day . Perform a second
consecutive week .

For Thrush : Stir a ripe avocado with two tablespoons of honey and three
meals a day .

Smooth skin : Blend the avocado and then smeared evenly for 30
minutes on the face and hands washed with warm water

Ingredients and Benefits Coconut
Blessed are those who have gardens Coconut Oil because it turns out a
lot of benefits. Coconut processing is not only limited to copra or virgin
coconut oil ( VCO ) , as has been done . Coconut can be developed into
products for food and non - food so that economic value can be increased.
So far , Coconut fruit processed products that claimed to have health
benefits is the VCO . This VCO is oil produced through a particular
process and seasli in its natural state as possible .
Many people know that the benefits of this VCO is anti - bacterial , anti -
viral , anti - fungal , and also plays a role in controlling bad cholesterol in
the blood and heart health .
And in addition to the VCO , it turns out there are other parts of the
coconut fruit which also has considerable benefits for human health . Let
us consider the following description !
Coconut Meat
Contained in the coconut flesh is about 90 % saturated fatty acids and
unsaturated fatty acids 105 . Although saturated fatty acids , coconut oil
but has a carbon chain being so easily digested by the body .
Medium chain fatty acids better than the long chain fatty acid because it
can be directly digested in the intestine without hydrolysis and enzymatic
processes .
While oil has a long carbon chain must go through several stages used for
processing in the human digestive before it can be absorbed through the
intestinal wall some long process .
Medium chain fatty acids are also not converted into fat or cholesterol ,
and does not affect blood cholesterol . And related benefits , the fatty acid
chain is capable of specifically as an anti - function , anti - protozoal , anti -
bacterial , and anti- virus .
Coconut Water
Not only are oil and meat has many benefits , but also allegedly Coconut
water contains a lot of nutrients . If all this Coconut water use is only
limited to process into nata de coco , then it implies that the nutrient dense
, coconut water can be developed much more than that .
According to the results of the analysis , in the old Coconut water contains
about 91 % minerals , 0.3 % protein , 0.15 % fat , 7.3 % carbohydrates
and 1.06 % ash . Coconut water also contains vitamin C 2.7 mg / 100 ml .
While coconut water mineral content consisting of potassium , sodium ,
calcium , magnesium , copper , iron , and others .
So with much of the nutrient content of coconut water makes a very rich
properties such as to treat bowel disease , cholera , vomiting , smallpox ,
measles , and other skin diseases .
Coconut water also has the potential to be developed into an isotonic drink
because the water contains the minerals and sugars that have the perfect
balance of electrolytes .
With a lot of the good nutrients in the meat , coconut oil or water , this fruit
has the potential to be developed into products for the health of the body .

Interesting Facts For Health Benefits of Lime

Fruit that has the physical characteristics of small , green , 2 to 4 cm in
diameter , has a wry sense of fruit is it? Yes of course, is a lemon. Even so
the benefits of lemon juice for health are numerous . Lime is usually only
used by mothers to eliminate the fishy smell of meat or fish , as a food
seasoning was also very beneficial for health . This is because lemon juice
contains chemical elements , among others, the content of vitamin C in
lime have been great. Another element that is equally important in that
lime have anti- oxidant substances that play an important role in
addressing a variety of free radicals in the body and is clearly detrimental
to your health .

Below are the health benefits of lime that has been proven to be effective :

1 . Able to Lose Weight
( bdan weight problem would make you confident and less ideal tortoise
with excessive weight , the consumption of lime will help you lose weight
and the weight down will surely add confidence in yourself . way : prepare
lemon , slices , squeeze lemon juice mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey .
Add warm water and mix well , drink 2 to 3 times a day . )
2 . Cough Medicine
( cough is a problem that must be treated immediately , because of
persistent cough will cause inflammation in the throat area . This of course
must be your treat . With the lime will reduce phlegm that occurs in the
throat and cough was gone . way : iris lemon into 2 parts . Give soy sauce
and a little salt on the surface of the lemon slices , juice, lemon juice that
has been mixed with soy sauce and a little salt in drinking earlier , do 2
times a day . )
3 . Toothache Medication
( you never feel the exact toothache . feels like to eat this it seemed
uneasy and uncomfortable . Yeah because we are using dental chew . By
utilizing juice and lime juice you can reduce sara pain in your teeth . way :
lemon slices , mix lime juice with water immersion whiting , do mouthwash
- gargle with the mixture of water at least 3 times a day . )
4 . whiten Skin
( having white skin is a dream for most people . , but sometimes it makes
the dream a little disappointing , because to get white skin for some
people is expensive to go to the doctor . but do not worry , by using lemon
juice you can get white skin without having to go to the doctor and not cost
you a bit of . way : prepare lemon , lime slices . rub or brush the lemon
slices had porters who looks dull . Perform routine a few days , at least 2
times a day . )

Many benefits are not , lemon also can easily and had to buy it even if the
price is not expensive . How herbs are easy and safe , provide
extraordinary effect anyone who does not want to take advantage of lime .
It is certain also use lemon juice will not cause any side effects . Lime juice
for health benefits is very safe to use . You must also be able to do in the
manner already described earlier in homes routinely and regularly . Then
feel the result is what is already in the can by using lime .

20 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit

Benefits of Watermelon Fruit - Fruit Watermelon is a fruit that is a popular
name in Indonesia , in addition to the cheap price of watermelon also has
many benefits . Watermelon has round and oval shapes , but now has a
watermelon - odd Anhe shape like a square , triangle etc. .

Watermelon contains protein , low in calories , water , carbohydrates , fat ,
fiber , ash , vitamins ( ABC ) , amino acids , sirulin , aminoasetat acid ,
malic acid , phosphoric acid , arginine , betaine , lycopene , carotene ,
bromine , sodium , potassium , sylvite , lysine , fructose , dextrose , and
sucrose .

The content of the course as it has many benefits and here are the
benefits of watermelon and its use was :

1 . Smoother skin and dark spots remover
Drying the skin of the watermelon taste until dry , then ground into powder
, 3 tablespoons serbuh enter into the watermelon juice of the aloe vera or
cucumber .. then stir, and use as a mask .

2 . Diabetes Drug
watermelon rind and cut guava are still pomace , plainly boiled in 3 cups of
water till the remaining glass and drink when cool .

3 . Secrete intestinal worms .
Simmer fresh watermelon seeds ( 6 tablespoons ) with 1 liter of water for
45 minutes , after cold filtered and drunk three times a day .

4 . Bladder Infection Drug
Boiled watermelon seeds ( 2 tablespoons ) with 3 cups of water till boiling ,
for 5 minutes in a covered pot . Sampi Let cool , then drink 3-4 times a day
, each 1 tablespoon .

5 . Treat high blood pressure
day drinking 2 glasses of watermelon juice or can buh without juice

6 . drug Thrush
When peeling watermelon , green part of the watermelon should do in the
waste . green part of the watermelon can treat thrush .

7 . Overcoming Hypertension and Anemia
Water content and high potassium can neutralize blood pressure . Use
was by eating watermelon directly .

8 . As Anti-Oxidant
help the body's cells remain healthy .

9 . Improving the quality of sperm
likopenya content can increase sperm count , improved sperm structure ,
and an increase in sperm motility . ( All India Institute of experiments
Sciences , New Delhi )

10 . Overcoming water disruption
Watermelon able merangkan more rapid discharge of urine

11 . kidney cleanse
The content of watermelon will increase spending urine .

12 . The decrease fever and bad breath
500 - 1000g Eating watermelon can reduce fever .

13 . Anti- Free Radicals
The content of lycopene in watermelon can mengkal free radicals .

14 . Make the face brighter and smoother .
Lycopene content in watermelon can make the face look radiant , fresh
and younger look .

14 . anti-Cancer
Cancer is a deadly disease . Lycopene content in watermelon seeds can
suppress cancer .

15 . Help memory
Watermelon can improve memory and mental sharpness . consume
watermelon 1/4 pieces a day .

16 . Coping with Hair Loss .
Watermelon skin is rubbed into the scalp could prevent hair loss , should
be done in the afternoon .

17 . Treating the itchy skin due to toxic plants
The trick with menggosokkamaan body itching and redness of the skin
using a fruit or watermelon .

18 . Treating scabies , acne , prickly heat .
Semamgka skin that has been boiled , is used to wash face with acne ,
skin yangberkudis or prickly heat .

19 . Edema Drug Hungry
The trick till dried watermelon seeds dried , then ground into a powder ,
take as much as a tablespoon of powder , then pour the hot three- fourths
cup . after warm add one tablespoon of honey . stir evenly to keep drinking

20 . Coping with dizziness when solar heat terkenan
semaangka by drinking juice of 1-2 cups .

10 Efficacy of Guava
In ancient times , our grandparents use the medicine - traditional medicine
to treat all sorts of diseases .
Used are plants that exist around our environment , respectively - each
plant has its own properties - alone .

Now we find out at the same plant tentanng edible fruit ya ..

And he is guava Psidium guajava Latin name :-) L

Most people assume guava can only help accelerate pnyembuhkan
dengue fever alone . In fact , besides guava fruit is rich in vitamin C and
also has many health benefits that have not been known.
Well .. friends - friends read this info ya ..

According to some health experts , guava has many benefits . Starting
from a simple disease to severe disease like cancer .
Yuukk .. we read any further benefits .
= Prevent cancer
Guava contains cancer-fighting antioxidant , lycopene . Lycopene in guava
is more readily absorbed than those from tomato due to differences in cell
structure . All types of guava contain high antioxidants , especially the
fleshy red guava .
= Reduce hypertension
Guava is a fruit that should be consumed regularly if you want to avoid
heart attacks . The fruit is a hypoglycemic in nature and rich in fiber is
beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels . In addition ,
a medium-sized guava can meet 20 percent of the body's daily
requirement of potassium . Research also suggests regular consumption
of potassium can lower blood pressure .
= Treating diarrhea
Guava plants has astringent , a chemical that will shrink the tissue. This is
why the gums will feel harder and refreshed after we chew guava .
Besides guava leaves also contain antibacterial substances that can
prevent the growth of bacteria when exposed to diarrhea or dysentery .
Another killer bacteria in this fruit is karetinoid , vitamin C and potassium .
= Cough and flu
Guava leaves are eaten raw or uncooked fruit juice made hereditary
believed as drug treating coughs and colds. This herb works by reducing
the formation of mucus and create respiratory tract infection free . Guava
fruit is also rich in vitamin C and iron are effective to inhibit influenza virus
infection .
= Caring for leather
The content in guava astringet will improve skin texture and tighten
sagging skin start . Not only that guava also contains vitamins A , C and
potassium which has a function as an antioxidant . These nutrients will
help the detoxification process and keep skin healthy and wrinkle-free .
Preventing constipation =
High fiber content in guava effective in preventing constipation or
constipation . Medium sized guava contains 36 percent of the
recommended fiber needs . Besides the fruit seeds are also a powerful
laxative that works to help cleanse the bowel exhaust system .
= Weight loss
This fruit has the components needed to lose weight , such as fiber ,
protein and vitamins . This fruit also makes the stomach feel full. Medium-
sized guava at lunch diasup is enough to block the stomach until dinner .
= Sprue stomach
Vitamin C is contained in guava four times higher than the vitamin C found
in oranges . In addition , this fruit is also a powerful medicine for thrush , a
disease characterized by swollen and bleeding gums .
= Caring for teeth
Consumption of guava juice for treating gums , swollen gums and bleeding
overcome .
= Diabetes Mellitus
Guava boiled and taken for drinking water is believed to cure diabetes

Papaya Fruit Benefits for Health
Papaya fruit - fruit faforit One who became daily diet has a fruit name in
Call Betik or sometimes also with Kates Fruit , fruit is native to Mexico and
the southern part of South America , but in the papaya fruit development
now has spread throughout the face this earth at the equator area that can
take fruit , in addition to a delicious taste of the fruit turns Papaya fruit
Health Benefits To have a human body , so that on this occasion we tried
to share about the Health Benefits of Papaya Fruit for that you can find on
this blog us .

Illustration of Papaya Fruit

Many asked how effective this one fruit for the human body health , then
we would say, it all depends on each of us , sometimes there are fast
some are slow , and if we do the traditional medicine of patience is the
thing that is in need , Well Let's consider the Benefits of Papaya Fruit this
article .

Efficacy of Papaya Fruit Diet
Papaya is a high nutrient low calorie fruits . Eating papaya fruit with the
content is excellent for those who are on a diet

Papaya Fruit Benefits for Wound Healing
If you have a wound or injury , just take advantage of papaya skin . Her
skin can help to heal skin wounds and injuries .

Papaya Fruit Benefits for Health Hair
Scalp and healthy hair of course is everyone's dream as my example . No
need to buy expensive materials to have healthy hair . Just take
advantage of the papaya fruit . Buy on the market would not drain the
money in the bag . between 10,000 and 15,000 most . If I can be obtained
on the spot for free . He he he . According to research by teratut eating
papaya can help hair growth and can also control the appearance of
dandruff in the hair disease many people .

Efficacy of Papaya Fruit For Treating Constipation
Maybe you've had the name constipation ? Disease which I think is very
annoying . Suda severe stomach contents come out ... eh .. when it is
above the toilet can not be excluded . Sebel Dech . If it was a child to cry
in tears because of this one disease . Though the solution is very easy .
Just take advantage of papaya fruit . Papaya fruit is very reliable well
known for treating constipation and can also help overcome the
occurrence of digestive disorders .

Benefits of Papaya Fruit Body To Expel Toxins
You know , that what we eat every day can be toxic to your body ? Danger
khan . Really eaten poison . But do not worry , because there is a solution
to be able to expel these toxins . No other papaya fruit itself as a repellent
toxins . Papaya fruit is a part of a very potent detox solution . Eating
papaya fruit in an amount sufficient to dispel the abode of toxins in the
body .

Mangosteen Fruit Benefits for Health
Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit - Fruit which Purplish Red Delicious has a
flavor so no wonder if many people liked this one fruit , Mangosteen Yup
Have a Latin name Garcinia mangostana which is an evergreen tree
Pohonya eternal life in the Tropics where people believe this tree comes
from Kepulawan archipelago , has a tree that can reach up to 25 Menter .
When Cook berwarana Mangosteen rind and sometimes brownish purplish
red while the fruit inside is white , and the many many people enjoy doing .

Illustration Mangosteen

Who knows if this one fruit has many benefits that can be made in
medicine for the human body , after temukannya usefulness of this
mangosteen fruit , the more that take advantage of this one fruit for the
health of the human body , like where are you now curious about the
benefits of fruit contained in the mangosteen fruit .

Efficacy Mangosteen To Prevent Cancer
Xamthone compounds or anti- cancer compounds found in mangosteen
benefit both to slow down the growth of cancer cells in the colon , and liver
cancer . Even the content of xanthones are also able to slow the growth of
cells causing leukemia .

Mangosteen Benefits To Counteract Free Radicals and Immune
Catechins that of the mangosteen fruit turns to beat Vitamin C and vitamin
E are present in our body . And with Vitamin C and E it is useful to
counteract the presence of free radicals from the body . Well try the
consumption of mangosteen fruit every day routine so that you can avoid
from free radicals , and of course you will also get abundant reserves of
natural antioxidants from fruit mangosteen .

Efficacy of Mangosteen Juice to Relieve Pain
If you consume mangosteen fruit juice every day , it can membanti reduce
pain . This theory has been widely demonstrated by several experts with
some respondents .

Mangosteen Benefits to Prevent Kidney Stones
A person who consumed the mangosteen fruit will often have to urinate , it
is this which could prevent you from getting the benefits of stone disease
ginjal.untuk try mangosteen regular consumption of at least 3 ounces in
each day .

Efficacy Mangosteen To Lose Weight
It turns out that the content of Xanthones than beneficial to prevent
diabetes and heart disease , substance Xanthones are also useful for re
soften membrane cells that have been enlarged and hardened with the
size of our bodies .

Know the Benefits and Efficacy Fruit Rambutan for Health . Rambutan
Nephelium lappaceum has the Latin name , is a fruit that comes from
tropical regions such as southeast asia . The fruit is often consumed
because it has a sweet nature and rich in water content . Although there is
also a sour taste , especially the pomace : D. But not many know that this
fruit also has properties that are good for health .

And here are some of the health benefits of rambutan fruit as reported by
The Times Of India pages .

Skin Fruit Rambutan free -radical scavengers .
Rambutan skin also has some organic compounds , gallic acid . And
according to research , organic compounds that behave as free-radical
scavengers because it helps protect against oxidative damage in the
human body . Another powerful benefit is its use in the fight against cancer
. And because of the strong antioxidant activity , bark and fruit extracts are
also often used as a medicine or health supplement products .

Helps the absorption of iron .
Vitamin C content of fruit rambutan also prevents the body cells from
damage by free radicals . It also helps in the absorption of iron in the body
. The fruit contains copper which is essential for the formation of white
blood cells and red also manganese , which is needed to produce and
activate the enzyme .

Source of iron .
Because rambutan fruit is a good source of iron , so that the fruit is also
highly recommended consumption of women . Iron in it , able to increase
the amount of oxygen in the body . This in turn helps relieve the symptoms
of dizziness and lethargy caused by iron deficiency or anemia .

Maintain kidney health .
Also contains phosphorus , eating rambutan will help remove unwanted
waste from the kidneys . It also plays an important role in the repair ,
renovation, development , and maintenance of tissues and cells of the
body . Another ingredient in the fruit calcium , it also helps improve the
health of bones and teeth .

Help the diet .
Although it contains fructose and sucrose , but this fruit has fewer calories
. This fruit , could be the right choice for those who are dieting . Rambutan
is also packed with vitamin C , including potassium , iron , beta- carotene
or vitamin A , calcium , magnesium , zinc , sodium , niacin , fiber and
protein .

Rambutan fruit treat diabetes .
Many of their citizens in Southeast Asia to utilize rambutan treatment of
diabetes, hypertension and other diseases . Studies also have found that
meat rambutan fruit , seeds and skin contain powerful antioxidants called
flavonoids , which are known to reduce cholesterol levels . Not only that ,
the content of flavonoids in rambutan can also have anti - cancer attributes
as well as anti - inflammatory .

Good for the intestines and digestion .
If you want to get rid of intestinal parasites and diarrohea , this fruit is also
appropriate for consumption .

Reducing the risk of high blood pressure .
Not only help you lose weight , rambutan is also known to reduce blood
pressure and improve the texture of your skin . -

Benefits Banana - Benefits of bananas that I know can only increase
memory , but in fact it is not only the benefits of bananas . Banana is a fruit
that many dijuampai in rural and urban areas and also a favorite food of
monkeys .

The content of the bananas are: 99 calories , 1.2 grams protein , 0.2
grams of fat , carbohydrates 25.8 milligrams ( mg ) , 0.7 grams fiber , 8 mg
calcium , 28 mg phosphorus , 0.5 mg iron , 44 RE vitamin A , vitamin B
12:08 mg , vitamin C 3 mg and 72 grams of water .

Because the nutrient content contained in bananas pretty much , here's a
banana benefits :

1 . Blood circulation
Bananas have lots of potassium and potassium content . This substance
functions is to help the body's circulatory system , circulation of oxygen to
the brain to be smooth . Potassium also helps the heart to beat
teratur.Selain , bananas also reduce the risk of stroke and regulate normal
blood pressure .

2 . healthy gut
Other benefits that bananas are healthy intestine to relieve constipation .
Bananas have fiber capable of maintaining and restoring the health of the
intestine . So , from the use of laxatives , better eating bananas .

3 . Benefits for Stomach and Intestinal Diseases
Bananas mixed with liquid milk ( or put in a glass of milk ) can be served
as a remedy in cases of intestinal disease . A banana served as a defense
against inflammation because Vitamin C can be quickly processed .
4 . Benefits for Patients with Lever
Patients with liver disease eating bananas good two plus one tablespoon
of honey , will increase appetite and create stronger .

5 . Improving brain health
In a study with 200 student respondents , the effect of banana
consumption correlated to the concentration levels . As a result, students
who eat bananas 3 times a day as a dessert looks to increase
concentration and comprehension .

6 . Banana benefits as Power Source
Bananas can be easily digested , the sugar found in fruit is turned into a
great source of energy quickly , and it was nice in the formation of the
body , to the working muscles , and is great for relieving fatigue .

7 . Reducing the pain of monthly in women
For those of you who often experience abdominal pain when she was
menstruating , then eat bananas can relieve your pain . The content of
vitamin B6 in bananas is high enough to help reduce blood sugar levels in
a destructive mood and make reduced monthly sick .

8 . Benefits for Patients with Anemia
Two bananas are eaten by patients with anemia every day is enough ,
because it contains Fe (iron ) high .

9 . Treating mosquito bites
If there is a bump on your skin mosquito bite , then you can apply a little to
the inside of the banana peel the skin bumps . He will reduce itching and
red .

10 . Benefits of bananas for Pregnant Women
Bananas are also recommended for consumption by pregnant women
because it contains folic acid , which is easily absorbed by the fetus
through the womb . However , not too much , because one banana
contains about 85-100 calories .

11 . Benefits of Bananas for Beauty
Banana porridge mixed with a little milk and honey , applied to the face
regularly every day for 30-40 minutes . Rinse with warm water then rinse
with cold water or ice , repeated for 15 days , will produce an amazing
effect on the skin .

12 . Benefits for Burn Injuries
Banana leaf can be used for the treatment of burned skin smeared
manner , a mixture of banana leaf ash plus coconut oil has the effect of
cooling the skin .

13 . Can Lose Weight
Bananas also have a role in weight loss as well as to increase the weight .
It has been proven a person lose weight by dieting 4 ( four ) pieces of
banana and 4 ( four ) cups of non-fat milk or liquid milk per day at least 3
days a week , only 1250 calories and the menu is quite healthy .

14 . Benefits for Diabetes
At the community Gorontalo ( North Sulawesi ) , namely banana bananas
goroho regional specialties , an additional food / staple for people suffering
from diabetes / diabetes mellitus , especially bananas goroho immature ,
then steamed and mixed with grated young coconut .

Various Benefits of Pineapple Fruit

The habit of enjoying the good fruit to be maintained because the fruit is
able to nourish the body kompenen . Did you eat fruit today ? If not ,
there's nothing wrong if you try pineapple . Abundant water content could
drive your thirst instantly . The combination of sweet and acid also
guaranteed to make you want to eat it again and again . Anyway , there's
no reason that can make us reject fruit with this unique shape . Especially
for the health benefits of pineapple fruit is also very real beauty . Want to
know what? Please see our brief descriptions below .

Up to Tackle Dandruff Stress

There are many benefits of pineapple when you can get it taken regularly
every day , among other things :
1 . Digestion . Just like any other fruit , pineapple is also rich in natural
fibers in both the launch and nourish the human digestive system . Smooth
digestion will give a positive effect for the whole body system .
2 . Help the healing process . Did you know that buan pineapple contains
the enzyme bromelain . These compounds are known to help the process
of wound healing and reduce swelling or inflammation in the body . So , if
someone is in a period of recovery , give him pineapple .
3 . As the body's natural detox . The benefits of pineapple that is still
closely associated with the presence of the enzyme bromelain . This
compound is able to cleanse the body and balance the acidity levels in the
blood .
4 . Making metabolic system . Did you know that pineapple contains
aspartic acid are abundant . This acid has a function as an amino acid ,
thus it plays an active role in the conduct of the body's metabolic system .
The aspartic acid also plays a role in acid disposal of ammonia , which is
harmful to racuk enough human central nervous system .
5 . Increase endurance . If we consume regularly pineapple , endurance
will increase because the pineapple fruit does contain the essential amino
acids are also non - essential that can boost immunity , overcome feelings
of fatigue and lethargy seta pumping energy as well stamina .
6 . Strengthen the heart muscle . The benefits of pineapple fruit is sourced
from a valine substances that exist in any fresh meat . This substance is
able to maintain the energy levels in the body . In addition to it , he is also
able to support the function of joints and tendons also strengthen the
muscles around the heart .
7 . Nourish the hair and delaying aging . Did you know that pineapple
contains compounds called Cystine . He was very helpful in the process of
formation of the skin hair too . The availability of cystine in the body will
help slow aging .
8 . Reduce stress . For those of you who always feel depressed , many-
many consume pineapple because it is based on an Wroslstad Wend
research from Oregon State University , pineapple diketahu compounds
contain seratonin . These compounds are able to prevent cancer as well
as create a sense of happiness in man so he will avoid stress .
9 . Smoothing the skin . The water content in the pineapple fruit is known
to lift dead skin cells . Enzymes contained in it is also known to help skin
tissue wound became healthy again as usual .
10 . Tackling obesity . Pineapple fruit could actually lose weight ! The way
is by consuming fruit juice of unripe pineapple well . Do it every day and
liahatlah results.
11 . Relieves inflammation of the throat . Other benefits of pineapple fruit
is a treat strep throat . The way is easy that by eating pineapple juice 3
times a day .
12 . Relieves bloating in the abdomen . To get the benefits of pineapple
fruit on this one , which is easy enough to consume the pineapple fruit
juice about 30 minutes before eating . Lakukanlan this ritual at least 3
times a day at a dose of 150 at a time.
13 . Relieves inflammation of the skin . To get this benefit enough crushed
pineapple and then smeared on the skin inflammation overnight . The next
day, clean the skin and observe the results .
14 . To cope with bullies dandruff . You do this by adding pineapple juice
along with lemon . Apply on the scalp is dandruff . Perform this step each
to sleep . The next day , wash as usual .
15 . Overcoming constipation . To avoid this problem , take the juice of
unripe pineapple perfectly . Water is still the acid will drive you are
experiencing constipation .
16 . Staged menstruation . Pineapple contains a compound that is known
to launch menstruation . I was so efficacious , pineapple forbidden to be
consumed for those who are pregnant .
17 . Fixing gairh and quality of male sperm . The benefits of pineapple fruit
on this one specifically for those who have a family and have not given
offspring . Pineapple consumption will routinely resolve your problem .

Benefits of Tomato Fruit for Health and Beauty

Tomatoes that have a Latin name Lycopersicum esculentum Mill is a plant
that originated from Latin America . Tomatoes have a slightly sour taste
and is often used for mixed dishes such as soups , stews , and tomato
sauce to taste more delicious . Sometimes also eaten alone as a salad or
snack .

I myself used to eat tomatoes by cut into pieces and sprinkled with a little
sugar . It feels very refreshing . We here call it tomato salad . You can also
make a tomato juice blended manner .

Nutritional Content of Tomato Fruit

One of the most widely compounds contained in tomatoes is beta-
carotene , especially lycopene , lycopene which is converted by the body
into vitamin A. Together with vitamin C and vitamin E are contained ,
making tomatoes have antioxidant properties .

Research suggests it would be optimal lycopene is absorbed by the body
after treatment , either into soup or tomato sauce . So , add the tomatoes
in your daily cooking .
Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Besides beneficial as food for consumption , it turns out tomatoes also
have efficacy for health . Here are some of the health benefits of tomatoes

prevent Cancer

The report from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute said , men
consuming 10 servings of tomato -based foods are rarely affected by
prostate cancer . It is estimated that due to lycopene content .

Not only prostate cancer , research from the University of Illinois also
showed , tomatoes can avoid the symptoms of uterine cancer . So is
cancer of the stomach , colon , rectum , and pancreas .

Prevents Heart Disease

A study of European men showed that those who had higher levels of
lycopene in their body height , rarely having a heart attack . Salicylic acid
content was also able to prevent blood coagulation .

staged Digestion

Tomatoes are rich in fiber , water , and minerals help the digestive process
. Mineral stimulates salivation to increase appetite . Malic acid content and
acid citrate helps mencgah gallstone formation . With thanks to the anti-
inflammatory nature tomatin substances , tomatoes can prevent
appendicitis and respiratory tract .

Improve Endurance Body

Tomatoes can help , prevent gout . Vitamins A and C in tomatoes can
increase endurance .
Benefits of Tomato Fruit for beauty

In addition to health , tomatoes are also often used for beauty treatments .
Here are the benefits of tomatoes for beauty .

healthy Skin

Vitamin B3 is able to smooth the skin because it can improve blood
circulation so that the skin gets adequate food supply .

eliminate Acne

Affairs acne can also be conquered with tomatoes because tomatinnya
substances that are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial . The trick ,
tomatoes that have been split fairly applied to the face , let it dry . After
that , rinse your face with cold water .

eliminate Blackheads

Tomatoes can tackle stubborn blackheads problem . By using regular
tomato mask , you will get a smooth nose without a trace of red - red
former squeeze blackheads .

whiten Face

In addition to eliminating acne and blackheads , tomatoes can also help
whiten skin . How to make tomato mask mixed with lemon juice and
oatmeal . Apply the mixture of tomato juice , lemon and oatmeal on the
face and neck . Let stand for 10 minutes , then rinse with warm water .

7 Benefits of Carrots for health benefits Posted on 2:44:00 PM Efficacy
carrots Carrots ( Photo : Morguefile ) Benefits carrot - Ladies , would have
been eating carrots right , but used in a soup broth , carrot juice made too
many . In addition to soup and juice , carrot turns out to have a myriad of
other benefits for health . Among create strokes , dental care and many
others . Carrots are generally colored yellow , orange or reddish rather it
indicates he is also rich in beta-carotene , which is not only good for the
eyes but also good for the skin . Well , the carrot was so great , it is
advisable to add the carrots in daily consumption . What are the benefits of
carrot ? Quoted from , this 7 carrots for health benefits . 1 .
Reported by minimizing the risks of stroke spotonthelist , carrots helps
reduce the risk of stroke . Those who diligently eating carrots every day ,
68 % had the chance furthest from stroke . If you can not regularly
consume every day you are also advised to eat 5 fruits a week is enough .
2 . If oral hygiene for better dental chew them raw , because scientists say
chewing raw carrots will remove plaque from the teeth , and also the food
that no teeth . Besides carrots can also prevent bleeding of the gums and
teeth to maintain healthy and strong . 3 . Ancestors overcome digestive
problems utilizing carrots to treat diarrhea naturally . Reportedly , carrots
can prevent the development of bacterial diarrhea so that the healing
process can take place more quickly . Because it contains potassium ,
sodium , sulfur , magnesium and phosphorus , carrots can also solve
problems of digestion . So that bowel movements become more fluent and
abdominal constipation . 4 . It works as an antiseptic since ancient times
believed carrots can be a good antiseptic to prevent infection of the skin .
The easiest way is by applying it to the wound and bandaged it up to dry .
5 . Beautify the skin has already been mentioned above that it is a
powerful carrot for skin care . Efficacy including maintaining and caring for
the skin damage caused by sun exposure . In addition , the content of
vitamin A in carrots can expel black pigmentation or blemishes on the skin
. Memaskerkan carrots on the skin while preventing and reducing wrinkles
on the face . 6 . Preventing cancer Because there falcarinol content , this
potent carrots to reduce the risk of cancer , especially colon cancer , lung
cancer and breast cancer . Fiber can help cleanse the intestines with the
maximum and enhance the quality of the cells in the breast . 7 . Good for
eye health Vitamin A in carrots is very beneficial for eye health . Where
eye and vision becomes more clear in the darkness or night so much
sharper . Carrots also protect the eyes from cataract disease that usually
affects the eyes that had aged .

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13 Benefits of Spinach
Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Really like the cartoon character Popeye the type of vegetable . He said ,
this green vegetable is able to provide the extra energy in the body when
fighting with Brutus . Not only Popeye , spinach was also very good
consumed for us , you know. In addition to adding energy , there are many
other benefits that we can enjoy from spinach .
20 percent of the substances contained spinach dituhkan in Figures
Nutritional Needs ( RDA) of dietary fiber . As we know , good dietary fiber
to help digestion , prevents constipation , maintains low blood sugar , and
overeating .
Flavonoids , a phytonutrient with anti-cancer properties , abundant in
spinach . Flavonoids have been shown to slow down cell division in human
stomach and skin cancer cells . In addition , spinach is also able to provide
significant protection against the occurrence of aggressive prostate cancer
Anti - Inflammatory
Spinach contains a lot of neoxanthin and violaxanthin ( two anti -
inflammatory epoxyxanthophylls ) which plays an important role in the
regulation of inflammation .
Vitamin C , vitamin E , beta - carotene , manganese , zinc , and selenium
are also plentiful in spinach . Overall it serves as a powerful antioxidant
that combats osteoporosis , atherosclerosis , and high blood pressure .
blood pressure
The content inhibits angiotensin I- converting enzyme and peptide spinach
proven effective in lowering blood pressure .
Two antioxidants , lutein and zeaxanthin that is , there is lots of spinach
can protect the eyes from cataracts and age -related macular
degeneration .
One cup of spinach contains more than 337 percent of the RDI of vitamin
A , which not only protects and strengthens " entry points " into the human
body , such as mucous membranes , respiratory tract , urinary and
intestinal tract , but also a key component of lymphocyte or blood cell
infection-fighting white .
A high amount of vitamin A in spinach also makes the skin healthy and
allow proper moisture retention in the epidermis , thus fighting psoriasis ,
keratinization , acne , and even wrinkles .
One cup of boiled spinach contains more than 1000 percent RDI of vitamin
K that can prevent excess activation of osteoclasts ( the cells that break
down bone ) . As well as forming the synthesis of osteocalcin , the protein
that is essential for maintaining the strength and density of our bones .
Vitamin K is an essential component of the process called carboxylation of
matrix Gla protein that produces that directly prevents calcium from the
limestone formation in the network . Eating one cup of spinach contributes
to this process is against atherosclerosis , heart disease , and stroke .
Lots of vitamin K in spinach , a major contribution to a healthy nervous
system and brain function for the synthesis of sphingolipids ( essential fats
that form the myelin sheath around the nerves ) .
Iron is a mineral found in spinach are very good for menstruating women
and growing children and adolescents . Compared with red meat , spinach
contains more calories as low-fat and free of cholesterol .
Digestive health can be maintained by eating more spinach . Beta -
carotene and vitamin C in spinach serve to protect intestinal cells from the
harmful effects of free radicals . Also , DNA damage and mutations in
colon cells can be prevented by folate that is found in green vegetables .

Cabbage Health Benefits For Body
Vegetarian Info
According to several studies , including the whiskers are very high value
vegetables in the cabbage kesehatannya.Senyawa known to contain anti-
cancer agent is chlorophyll , dithiolthione , certain flavonoids , Idole ,
isothiochyanate , phenol ( coffeic and ferulic acid ) , Vitamin E , and
Vitamin C. sulfur content in the cabbage can also help eliminate alcohol in
the blood .

In addition , cabbage is also good for treating skin diseases kulit.Sebagai
medicine , cabbage can be used externally ( outside the body of the
treatment ) . Treatment can be performed externally by pounding and
rubbing into the skin to sakit.Sementara cabbage it internally treatment
with how to eat raw cabbage as a salad , vegetable , or juice .

In addition , cabbage can also help speed up the reaction mechanism of
pharmaceutical drugs in the body called asetaminophen.Namun , for
certain people , consuming too much cabbage can result in less good ,
which resulted in the formation of gas in the stomach .

People should limit consuming cabbage is gastric ulcer patients ( gastritis )
, gastritis , and stomach kembung.Kubis can be eaten raw as a salad or
cooked first dahulu.selain Cabbage can also be made jus.Agar taste better
, can be mixed with carrots , tomatoes , or celery .

Here are some health benefits of cabbage for our bodies :
Helps reduce the risk of heart problems and stroke .
Reduce the risk of stomach cancer , cancer of the large intestine ( colon )
, and rectal cancer .
Reduce the risk of developing cataracts .
Accelerates healing ulcers and improve digestive health .
Lowering koleserol evil or LDL (low density lipoprotein ) .

Benefits and Efficacy Watercress For Health
So far we know of kale as a vegetable , cheap price , but who would have
thought it has the benefit of kale leaves and remarkable properties .
The following are some of the health benefits of kale properties of the
human body to be used as herbal or traditional medicine and how mixes .
Treating a nosebleed : Take a bunch of kale leaves , washed and then
crushed into powder , add a little sugar , then pour in the hot water , after
cold strain and drink the concoction 2 times a day .
Treating headaches : A bunch of fresh kale leaves boiled with 2 cups
water to 1 cup , then drink the results of the cooking water .
Reduces menstrual pain : Prepare approximately half kg of spinach
leaves , then ground into powder add half a glass of water , then strain
and add one tablespoon of honey . Drink once a day .
Treating Hemorrhoids : Prepare a handful of watercress roots , boiled in
3 cups water until the remaining half. After a cold , drink half a cup 2 times
a day .
Overcoming insomnia : For those difficult nights sleep , eat quickly
sauteed kale leaves without stems , this method is very effective for the
disease .
Treating toothache : Prepare the kale added a handful of roots as much
as half a teaspoon of vinegar , then boil with 1 cup water . Cooking water
Drink 1 a day .
Smooth urination : Take a handful of watercress roots , then boiled with 2
cups of water until remaining 1 glass . Drink the cooking water once a day
Eliminates dandruff : Take a bunch of kale leaves , then soak with water
for one night , use water to wash proficiency level when bathing , should
be done every day .
Overcoming constipation and nausea in pregnant women : Pregnant
women are often advised to eat kale vegetable stir , because it contains
vitamin for the growth of the baby in the womb .
Treat itchy skin due to eczema : Take fresh spinach leaves , then boiled
with water for 5 minutes , after wearing warm cooking water to wash the
affected eczema , do every day until cured .
Coping with swollen gums : Take 200 grams of roots were washed kale ,
add 200cc vinegar , boiled with water as much as 200cc . The boiled water
can be used for rinsing , do every day higga cured .
Eliminates calluses : The thickened skin can be removed by rubbing sap
kale and do every day .

8 Health Benefits of Potatoes For Body

Potatoes have become one of the main foodstuffs are quite popular these
days . Many people who use potatoes as an alternative food to help his
diet . This is because potatoes are rich in carbohydrates such as rice or
wheat , but with fewer calories . In addition , potatoes contain vitamins and
minerals that are high so beneficial for health . There are many other
benefits of potatoes for health as it will be reviewed below.
8 potatoes for health benefits
1 . high fiber
Potatoes contain a fairly high fiber , parallel to grain breads , cereals , and
pasta . With the high fiber content , useful potatoes for a healthy digestive
system . Potatoes are also often involved a lot of people to help their diet .
2 . fight disease
Potatoes are known to help reduce the risk of cancers such as prostate
cancer and uterine cancer . Some studies also showed that potato is good
for fighting heart disease . Potatoes contain vitamin B6 which can help you
to fight neurological disorders and tumor formation or crystal .
3 . Good for skin health
Potatoes contain vitamin C which is very good for your body , especially
the skin. Membalurkan potato juice on the area of the face can make your
skin beautiful and glowing . As with cucumber , potato pieces are placed
on the eyes for 30 minutes , is known to reduce swelling and dark circles
under the eyes .
4 . Helps reduce cholesterol levels
Maybe you often hear a lot of myths about how potatoes can fatten the
body . But in reality , the potatoes do not contain a lot of calories as well as
rice . Even potatoes give full effect is longer so you do not easily hungry .
In addition , potatoes can help you to reduce cholesterol levels .
5 . Good for brain
Potatoes are rich in iron and copper that are beneficial for brain
development .
6 . Helps reduce inflammation
If you are experiencing inflammation of both external and internal ,
potatoes can help you to overcome it . Potatoes are easy to digest food
and reduces inflammation in the intestines and digestive system . Potatoes
can also help overcome inflammation or sores in the mouth . For external
inflammation , potato juice is very beneficial for treating bruises , burns ,
sprains , and ulcers . In addition , potatoes are known to help fight the
effects of narcotics and skin problems .
7 . Good for people with kidney stones
Potatoes do contain iron and calcium which also helps the formation of
kidney stones . However , potatoes are rich in magnesium which can resist
the accumulation or deposition of calcium in the kidneys and other tissues
so that the potatoes proved to be useful in treating kidney stones . Doctors
also recommend that patients with kidney stones to involve potatoes at
every meal.
8 . Relieves stress
Contains vitamins B6 , potatoes are very useful to eliminate the stress that
comes from the mind . Potatoes make the hormone adrenaline which can
respond to stress , and eventually making the body relaxes and gives a
soothing feeling .
That range of potatoes for health benefits . Hopefully this article useful .

Nutrition and Health Benefits of Cauliflower
Cauliflower or cauliflower has health benefits such as , indigestion ,
prevents the effects of ultraviolet radiation , diabetes , colitis , macular
degeneration , obesity and hypertension . Antioxidants are substances in
cauliflower help strengthen the immune system and help reduce the risk of
stroke , cancer and neurodegenerative diseases . Cauliflower is also
useful for maintaining healthy bones , brain , electrolyte balance ,
maintaining cholesterol levels , and prevent against cardiovascular
disorders .
Nutritional content of interest Col
Cauliflower is a good source of vitamin C ( ascorbic acid ) , folate , vitamin
K ( phylloquinone ) and vitamin B - 6 . Vitamin B1 ( thiamine ) , B2 (
riboflavin ) , B3 ( niacin ) , and a small amount of vitamin E ( alpha -
tocopherol ) . Cauliflower also provide important minerals such as calcium
, magnesium , phosphorus , potassium and manganese without harmful
cholesterol . A source of protein , and the number is very low in saturated
fat , rather than fat and unsaturated fatty acids omega - 3 essential fatty
acids are beneficial . Cabbage also contains fiber and contain natural
sugars lower , when compared with other family members such as broccoli
Cauliflower most we know is white , but actually there are varieties of
cauliflower colored than white :
Green : Green Cauliflower is also referred to as broccoflower . Here also
known there are two forms , namely normal and variant forms of the
pointed -called Romanesco broccoli .
Purple : purple cauliflower as anthocyanins substances , ie substances
known as antioxidants that affect color to vegetables .
Orange: Orange Cauliflower is very nutritious because they contain more
vitamin A than white cauliflower varieties .
Cauliflower Benefits for health
Equally cauliflower with broccoli , because it also offers great nutritional
value as well . Especially Cauliflower can help fight various diseases ,
boost immunity , and helps in maintaining a clean meabolisme system .
antioxidant capacity
Cauliflower contain vitamin C , manganese , and powerful antioxidants .
Cauliflower also contains phytochemicals called indoles and glucosinates ,
glucobrassicin , glucoraphanin and gluconasturtiian . This healthy
compounds useful for stimulating the creation of new enzymes to fight
cancer , protect body cells from oxidation due to stress , and prevent
damage to cells caused by free radicals .
heart health
Cauliflower contains vitamin K, which is anti -inflammatory . Regular
consumption of cauliflower will ensure a healthy blood circulation ,
because it will help keep the blood vessels in the presence of the
compound glucoraphanin . Glucoraphanin be converted into
isothiocyanates , which will activate the anti- inflammatory activity and
prevents the accumulation of lipids in the blood vessels . This will help
prevent the blood flow is blocked , thus reducing the risk of conditions
such as atherosclerosis , as well as improve cardiovascular health .
Isothiocyanate , indole - 3 - carbinol or I3C is an anti- inflammatory
component that functions at the genetic level and inhibit inflammatory
encouragement in the early stages . As supported by research , indoles
has been shown to be effective in the synthesis of lipids , triglycerides ,
cholesterol and maintain heart health . Research has also proved the
function of anti - thrombotic and anti - platelet indole 3 carbinol from ,
which significantly contributes to heart health . Omega - 3 is found in
cauliflower in the form of acid alpha - lenolenic .
Stomach disorders
Cauliflower is a source of dietary fiber that helps digestion and increases
the excretion of toxins from the body . The presence of glucosinolates ,
glucoraphanin and sulforaphane on cauliflower protects the stomach lining
and help in the fight against the growth of the bacterium Helicobacter
pylori . Besides having a defense mechanism , cauliflower isothiocyanates
in preventing the risk of a variety of stomach disorders , such as stomach
ulcers and colon cancer .
respiratory papillomatosis
Cauliflower contain indole 3 carbinol , which is effective for the treatment
of respiratory papillomatosis . Respiratory papillomatosis is a disease
caused by the papilloma virus , human influence on the vocal cords in the
larynx , trachea , lungs and respiratory tract . Research has shown that
increased consumption of vegetables such as cauliflower will help reduce
the severity of respiratory papillomatosis .
Cauliflower contains glucosinolates are broken to provide a healthy
compounds such as sulforaphane and isothiocyanates , which are also
called indole 3 carbinol . Studies have shown that these compounds have
chemopreventive effects and anti - estrogen which helps in inhibiting the
growth of cancer cells . Research evidence supports the fact that the
consumption of vegetables such as cauliflower will help reduce the risk of
various types of cancer such as lung cancer , bladder cancer , cancer of
pay * d fig , prostate cancer , ovarian cancer and cervical cancer .
bone Health
Cauliflower contains vitamin C, which plays an important role in the
production of collagen which protects the joints and bones of the damage
caused by inflammation . Also contains vitamin K, which can help prevent
bone loss , in both men and women .
macular Degeneration
Cauliflower is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants can also be effective in
reducing the risk of macular degeneration , or age-related disease ( AMD )
, which can lead to blindness in the elderly . Sulforaphane from cauliflower
will protect retinal tissue from damage caused by oxidative stress , prevent
vision problems and eye diseases such as cataracts .
vagetable such as cauliflower is very important to detoxify the body .
Cauliflower contain indole - 3 carbinol , a phytonutrient that along with
sulforaphane helps activate and regulate the function of detoxifying
enzymes .
Ultra violet radiation
Research studies have shown that components of sulforaphane on
cauliflower effective in protecting the skin from damage caused by
ultraviolet radiation . Protective action of sulforaphane prevents the body
from inflammation , skin cancer and cell damage .
neurodegenerative disorders
Sulforaphane and indoles in cauliflower play a key role in reducing the
progression of neurodegenerative diseases . This will activate
detoxification enzymes that elevate glutathione levels , and helps in
treating nerve injuries caused by inflammation and oxidative stress in
Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease .
Hypertension and cholesterol
The nature of glucoraphanin and sulforaphane on cauliflower will help in
reducing oxidative stress and the amount of bad cholesterol ( LDL ) . Will
also encourage the stimulation of HDL cholesterol and lowering blood
pressure . In addition , fiber and Omega - 3 fatty acids in cauliflower also
help reduce bad cholesterol and prevent hardening of the arteries .
electrolyte balance
Cauliflower contains potassium , which is one of the primary electrolytes in
the body . Potassium helps the body in maintaining the electrical balance ,
which is something that is very important in the functioning of the nervous
system is required in the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle
contraction .
The immune system
Cauliflower is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that are for strengthening
the immune system . In line with other healthy compounds , vitamin C in
cauliflower also help in preventing various kinds of infections , as well as
strengthening the body's defense mechanism to inhibit the growth of
disease-causing inflammation .
Cauliflower contains healthy compounds such as indoles , which have anti
- obesity effects . Studies have supported the fact that the consumption of
cauliflower useful in preventing inflammation and metabolic disorders .
Also cauliflower helps stimulate thermogenesis to burn fat and prevent
obesity .
Incorporating cauliflower in pregnancy diet beneficial to link the existence
of essential folate which helps in the healthy development of the baby's
nervous . Essential vitamins and minerals plus fiber will also improve
overall health .
Brain Health
Cauliflower contains choline and phosphorus , which is effective in
improving the power of the cell membrane . It is important untukmenjaga
function of the brain system that is efficient and nerves for linking nerve
signals . In addition , potassium and vitamin B - 6 in cauliflower also play
an important role in maintaining brain health and improve proper
communication of the nerves by producing a variety of neurotransmitters
including dopamine necessary and norepinephrine .
Potassium content in cauliflower helps to regulate glucose metabolism . It
is also utilized by the pancreas to secrete insulin to take action against the
raised blood sugar levels in the body . Low levels of potassium in the body
can ultimately improve blood glucose levels and diabetes pose a threat . In
addition , research has supported that vitamin B - 6 of cauliflower is also
effective in improving glucose tolerance in patients with gestational
diabetes .
The study showed that the extract of cauliflower anti perasangan give
effect to relieve the symptoms of colitis ulserativa.Efek this protection
because of phenethylisothiocyanate , which has a healing effect on the
damage that occurs in the colon epithelial tissue .
Research shows that consumption of fruits and vegetables such as
cauliflower white fleshy will help in reducing the risk of stroke . This is
attributed to the presence of the compound allicin which can help in
cleansing the liver and blood .
To note the warning in consuming interest Col

drug interactions
Cauliflower is rich in vitamin K, which is used by the body for normal blood
clotting . And it can interact and reduce the effectiveness of the
anticoagulant drug prescribed to prevent blood clotting in the body . If you
are using anticoagulant drugs , it is always advisable to discuss the intake
of foods rich in vitamin C such as cauliflower with a health professional .
The side effects of eating Cauliflower
Stomach gas : Cauliflower contains complex carbohydrates that can not
be fully broken down in the digestive tract . Carbohydrates will be eaten by
intestinal bacteria . This can sometimes cause bloating and gas release
occurred smell like hydrogen and carbon dioxide .
Purine : Cauliflower contains purines , which are substances that can
cause health problems if consumed in excess . Purines break down to
form uric acid , and excessive intake of purine foods can cause a buildup
of uric acid in the body . This will further create problems gout or kidney
stones dbertambah weight . It is recommended for people who suffer
complications to limit the intake of purine -rich foods such as cauliflower .
Anaphylaxis : Cauliflower can push anaphylaxis in some people , which
can cause severe allergic reactions . Warning signs of an allergic reaction
such as swelling in the body , itching , shortness of breath and breathing .
It is advisable to stop the consumption of cauliflower , if these symptoms
occur and seek immediate medical assistance .
Cauliflower is also good for hair growth and healthy skin , which is
associated with the presence of sulfur and silicon , are compounds that
also promotes the formation of hemoglobin in the blood . Cauliflower is a
vegetable that is tasty , nutritious and low in calories .

Efficacy of long beans very much , among others :
anti-cancer , breast cancer , leukemia , antibacterial , antiviral , antioxidant
, interference
urinary tract , laxative urine , kidney stones , prevent abnormal antibodies ,
improve spleen function , improves DNA pooling and
RNA , improves the function of red blood cells , beri-beri , dengue fever ,
anemia , lumbago , rheumatism , swelling , increasing
appetite , and difficult defecation .

Benefits of Vegetables mustard
Vitamin high enough to support excellent health. Vitamin highest in
vegetable mustard is vitamin K , which is very useful vitamin for blood
clotting , so that the wound will quickly dry up .

For its vitamin C content , some experts say that the levels are almost the
same as oranges . It is great to keep the immune system so it does not get
sick .
High calcium content is great for forming and maintaining the quality of
the bone , which can inhibit bone loss or osteoporosis .
Benefits of mustard vegetable that is not less important is to reduce
levels of bad cholesterol cause stroke or fatal heart disease . Besides it
can to lower blood sugar levels causes of diabetes .
Vegetable mustard have cancer inhibiting chemical components . From
various studies , mustard can reduce the risk of various cancers , such as
breast cancer , prostate cancer , kidney cancer , lung cancer or bladder
cancer .
Fiber its food which is high enough to help the digestive process in the
stomach .
Benefits of mustard vegetable else is preventing mumps . Mustard
vegetables have chemical components that can prevent swelling /
enlargement of the thyroid gland .
Vegetables including cabbage vegetable that has pretty good iron , so it
is suitable for patients with anemia due to iron content of hemoglobin
mustard able to regenerate very well .


corn are considered to have other benefits , namely :

1 . Ketch launched a bowel movement

To expedite our urinate enough boiled corn 50 grams of hair that has been
washed with 1 liter of water . The boiling water 2-3 times a day .

2 . treating diarrhea

Mash until smooth corn cobs were washed add 1 cup of water . This herb
drink 2-3 times .

3 . smooth milk

Corn fruit can also be used to smooth milk . fruit and boiled corn meal as
usual . and many other benefits of betel corn .