First Stellar Transformational Attunement System on Earth

Sokaisi® and Sokaisi System® are property of Armand-Manuel Ratundu © 2006 - 2012. All rights reserved. Sokaisi System® is a free spiritual system meant for spiritual development and the attunements works on DIY basis absolutely free of any master or any charging. Anyone claiming any of these attunements, charging or pretending money for attunements will be considered in violation of founder and system spiritual purpose, not anymore part of the system or representing Sokaisi System® or the founder purpose. Sokaisi System® has created for spiritual purposes but also can be used successfully for healing purposes but it is not meant to replace any medical treatment. This 4th version of Sokaisi System® Manual is the latest up to date, available from December 2009.


My inquisitiveness didn’t rest after receiving the KOSO RAYS. Amazed by their power I started to seek more energies that can help a poor human being to ascend and to learn more about the Universe. The only problem seemed to be the 3D limits, but I felt that somehow these limits could be overcome and I kept telling myself that a real lightworker should be multidimensional. The kindness of my guides went further and I received a lot of energies from which I compiled some of the most important ones that today comprise the SOKAISI System. As opposed to KOSO RAYS and KOFU, which existed before I received them, this SOKAISI System is a creation of my own (I should leave my mark somehow). I wished with this system to allow my students to learn and experiment with much stronger energies that would transform them into real Universal spiritual beings who could also transform the poor spiritual quality of Planet Earth. Those who will guide others shall see the whole truth, and it seems that in one way or another I succeeded. This system is also subject to changes if I consider that I must add different energies to it at a later time. All these energies are absolutely brand new here on the planet Earth and obviously have nothing in common with any existing spiritual knowledge from Earth, but you have already learned that from the KOSO RAYS. They are absolutely amazing from the very simple reason that they were not created for humans and until the recent raising of Earth’s frequency were unable to reach this dimension. It is absolutely true that they come from The Source, but it is this difference in who they were created for that makes them different from other energies circulating here on Earth (as I have heard from those who have not had the Higher Acceptance to study this system and now their spiritual bareness transforms them to be opponents). In fact all humans (who also come from the very same Source) are not the same. These energies are powerful and transformational as a UFO would be so amazing for anyone living on this planet, but this thing does not mean that a human can’t use it. Along with KOSO RAYS and KOFU, these energies were intended for use of the inhabitants of another planet where I manifest another parallel existence in a higher dimension. My name is KOSO there and I am a High Priest. Probably this will feed the curiosity of many who want to know sure facts about me and about the providing of these energies. Indeed I am

the one who brings these energies here, because I am the same one who keeps them there. And even if I stated many times earlier that usage of Higher Guidance in finding out anything that can concern you will clear away obscure things or thoughts, it seems there are people who still prefer to believe words. Verify is the key word! On this planet evil ones learned to hide true intentions behind sugary words. One of the tougher lessons in my spiritual life led me to search myself instead of buying into others stories. Of course that pushed me to walk further, but in a painful way. But who is afraid of pain when it seems that on this planet this was until now one of the standard procedures of evolution? I cheerily remember that a few years ago I went along with one friend in the mountains to find advice from some monk. He asks me about what brought me in there and after he gave some advice, asked my friend the same thing: “What brings you here to me, what kind of problems do you have?” My friend then answers him: “Nothing, Father. I do not have problems”. The monk then humorously said: “It’s not good young man that means that God doesn’t love you enough!” The other chance for evolution is to help others, but I bet that everyone who succeeds in that matter is a not stranger to problems either! Now the supreme way is to help Mother Earth ascending and the Solar System too, because they are now in full process of rising frequencies. Maybe many of you are asking yourself what is wrong with all this madness and negativity of today’s world. In fact, all of us choose to be here, now on these times, and to learn even that some of us are slower learners. This planet Earth is one of the toughest schools of the entire Universe, but graduates of this school will gain more than any other. The rewards will be incredible for those who are here now, but not until we will learn all our lessons. And the most important lesson of all is to Master Negativity. For that you need courage, knowledge and amongst many others, but not last, the right energies. Things are going deeper over the last years, its true in both directions – good and evil. The final purpose is to “separate the wheat from the tares” regarding the new times that will soon arrive. Each part is following its purpose. The World will divide in two camps: those who see the Truth and will be prepared for New Era and those who will not or cannot accept this fact. Evidently those who follow Light have an important mission, and that mission is to assist or to help others and this planet through the future changes. All things obsolete and archaic will break down in front of next Christ Consciousness and new vibrations that will surround this planet and the entire Solar System. None will escape from this and no one will be unaffected, but prepared will be those who will accept and live Divine Truth and will pass naturally through all the changes.


Those ones are named now Lightworkers. I mean real Lightworkers. Do not expect these to be many, in fact they are but a few, but quality not quantity, is requested. In fact, now about 8% (eight percent) of the entire world’s population is truly open to the Light. I remember that in a conversation with my guides and admiring their work I expressed my wish to work sometime as an Ascended Master on behalf of this planet. Their answer then was somehow sad and sounds like that: “You will be disappointed by the very few people who ask for our help!” If this is good or bad it is less important now than the fact that this eight percent (and rising) could and will change this planet. Anyway the changes are very close and they will occur even if humans want them or not, but the noble mission that I ask you to enroll is to be prepared to prepare others and to help this transition. Among us are individuals who long awaited these times and whose mission begins, even though they do not realize it yet.

All the new energies that I bought to this plane will help this planet to ascend and the new vibrations will wake up more of us. But first, the SOKAISI System will allow those pioneers who find the courage now to cross borders, to see beyond and increase their possibilities. The SOKAISI attunements will allow new energies to work within you and this system is a perfect instrument to gain more knowledge and expand your consciousness.

All these energies require separate attunements that will be performed from the Source not by any human. In fact even Reiki attunements are performed by the Divine Beings of Light. That ballet that a master is supposed to do during the attunements, “implementing” symbols and energies is also useful as Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake to the attuned person. Artistic impression and secrecy surrounds them with an aura of mystery. And some people are paying money for this. But as long as some “masters” want to keep various Reiki styles as their own capital and to raise money, they could say a lot of lies about Light energies. First is that distant attunements are not working, and even now there are some “masters” who travel around the globe for their “ballet” shows and taking fees for those attunements, without bringing anything new. I agree to get payment for your time and your efforts, but not with saying lies and fooling people that can be attuned from your living room couch. Making others dependant seems to be more important for those “masters”, instead of teaching students how to search for themselves. Another big lie is that the mixing of different energy styles is harmful to themselves and for clients. Normally, “stop searching!” allow you to be a future customer

because they need clients for the workshops! It is not useful to them if you discover that other energies could do the same or even better because the tickets to their sterile conferences could remain unsold. All those “masters” carry now the burden of Reiki failure. That’s true: Reiki appeared in the dawn of a New Era at the right moment and was supposed to spread all over Planet among people, increasing people’s consciousness and raising the Planet’s spiritual vibrations. If those “masters” that follows Mikao Usui until today (those ones that everyone wants to have on the lineage of the personal certificate – probably to remember later who defrauded them) will not pretend aberrant amounts of money for something that comes from the Heavens. And evidently the misguidance and their lies transformed many of their students into pathetic mechanical hand healers who adore their “masters” and copy/paste their so-called teachings, instead of responsible individuals who use Higher Guidance. This is the reason that all Reiki manuals look the same. And not only Reiki “masters” I am talk about, but everyone having the business of spirituality, starting with priests who betrayed first! All those fates are sealed now and what brings me joy now that the damage is done, is the fact that they should serve one day to those they cheated to balance their karma, now or at some other time, or every good effort is anytime welcome.

Is not so hard for anyone to realize that spiritual relationship to God is something intimate and doesn’t relate to any church, reverend or master? I know so-called masters and reverends that are not much more spiritual than their luggage. Maybe you are asking now what am I talking about? Well that leads on this planet to a conspiracy of those who pretend they knew the truth, and that will stop. Those hungry for truth were misguided for so long that many of them now are wandering in the brushwood of so many lies. Did Jesus Christ tell someone to build churches or temples for His own sake? Or did He specify clearly where and when you could reach God? Then why do those masquerade in the name of “our Savior”? How come that Jesus who is one of the universal spiritual masters becomes church property now? Did anyone have the courage to ask Jesus Christ now if He is happy with all of that? Or does anyone know how come the energies like Reiki, that should bring humanity in a new era, became so full of dogmatism and cliché? You would be thunder-stricken. “Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free”. This is my purpose and for that I founded the SOKAISI System. To set you free, all of you hungry and thirsty for truth. And the Truth should be discovered and this is your duty. Now you have a few attunements in which to do so:


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SOKAISI - Elixir of Life attunement (a beautiful sparkling revitalizing energy); SOKI - Universe’s Harmony attunement (permanently connects you to Universal harmony); MAARBKA - Essence of Life energy attunement (some energy that humans prove to have in a very small amount); KOOA - Spring of Youth attunement (revitalizes and makes your body youthful and strong); KOSOO - Universe Central Sun attunement (connection with Central Sun energies); KOKAKOTA – RNA/DNA transformational energy attunement - 3 waves (this will lead to a 12-stranded DNA and new chakras activation. Is a very strong attunement and therefore some headaches may appear and could last for up to a half of an hour. Due to some changes in your system, some dizziness might occur at the same time, but it won’t last long. Please wait until all 3 waves are downloaded); KOVA – Inter-dimensional energies and information attunement (assuring a better communication through higher dimensions and allows instant access to desired information that comes intuitively); KAVA – Intra-cellular energy attunement (brings Light energy inside every cell to feed them); KOTA – Cellular regeneration energy attunement (helps regeneration and revitalization of cells); KOOKU – Brain holographic attunement (this will progressive lead brain to full holographic capacity); KOTAKOSA – Multi-dimensional attunement (helps you to see and hear clearer through all dimensions and allows the spiritual truth to manifest through); KOKOKO – Energy of the Immortals attunement -3 waves (very intense attunement - please wait until you will be hit by all the 3 waves. Is a very strong energy that can cause some physical pain, that won’t last long);

I appended later 2 energies that are missed most on this Planet hoping you all will use it anytime needed or as a basis of your activity. Recommendations are to use them plenty from self-development to any areas!


13. 14.

KADSI – The Essence of Love (sparkling shining energy); KOOSI – Pure Love

Anyone that wishes to be attuned just has to ask it on my behalf to be attuned and the attunement will proceed immediately. Based on an agreement between myself and The Source, anyone asking for the Sokaisi System attunements on my behalf will receive them automatically, no matter when you will ask for it, now or ever, but of course this is taking into account the person’s spiritual background. The downloading requires a vertical spine position (usually sitting on a chair), a state of meditation and your mental affirmation that should be like this: “I call upon me […] attunement from Armand until the attunement process will be completed.” The attunement will proceed and will last usually for about of half of an hour. After the attunement the energies will work on the subject but don’t expect them to perform miracles without your effort. Please allow some time to get used to those energies and then program them to work according your developmental needs. Just link yourself by opening portals to these new energies in specific areas of your bodies, cells, DNA, fields, energetic or spiritual particles and allow them to work as you program them. Or simply send programmed influxes of these energies to any areas you need. Please specify the purpose of programming or how long you need your body or your spirit to be receptive to the new energies. Advanced working techniques with any of these energies requires you to place on the needed subject a Radiating Nucleus of any of these energies, also specifying the purpose and the rest of programming issues. You could also program these energies to concentrate continuously on a desired subject to do the transformation you need, until the job is done. All these energies have a common characteristic: they are Transformational, but first you have to put them in motion. Using them you will be led to different choices in your lives, and wherever they would be I know they would be more appropriate to spiritual health. And I know that those you will guide will be free from dogmatism.


Only those who can see farther should guide others


Sokaisi® and Sokaisi System® are property of Armand-Manuel Ratundu © 2006 - 2012. All rights reserved. Sokaisi System® is a free spiritual system meant for spiritual development and the attunements works on DIY basis absolutely free of any master or any charging. Anyone claiming any of these attunements, charging or pretending money for attunements will be considered in violation of founder and system spiritual purpose, not anymore part of the system or representing Sokaisi System® or the founder purpose. Sokaisi System® has created for spiritual purposes but also can be used successfully for healing purposes but it is not meant to replace any medical treatment. This 4th version of Sokaisi System® Manual is the latest up to date, available from December 2009.


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