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... through Bertha Dudde

Immorality.... Unwritten laws....
General immorality aom!anies the time o" !eo!le#s un$indness
and the "at that !eo!le no longer show any onsideration towards
their "ellow human %eing#s "eelings and thus no longer e&ert any
$ind o" sel"'restraint is also a sign o" s!iritual deterioration.
(nd a generation without manners and without meaning"ul morality
is heading "or disaster....
(dmittedly) !eo!le "ind this inom!rehensi%le) sine they onsider
deeny a mere human addition and that the times *usti"y gi+ing
"ull e&!ression to all instints. (nd their !oints o" +iew are
enouraged %y the om!letely wrong o!inion that moral laws
merely !re+ent !eo!le "rom en*oying li"e and there"ore must %e
,o nation will e+er sur+i+e i" it does not want to ae!t any laws as
a guiding !rini!le whih gi+e !eo!le moral sta%ility so that they
will li+e their li"e within the "ramewor$ o" a ertain soial order....
-hese are unwritten laws whih !eo!le ha+e ne+ertheless ae!ted
until now) %eause they ha+e all reognised %oth the neessity as
well as the %lessings o" suh laws and) "or the sa$e o" human order)
ha+e su%mitted to them without argument....
-hese laws are inreasingly more "orgotten or they are knowingly
discarded by people because they prevent them from living
up to their sensuality. -his learly shows a deline o" s!iritual
de+elo!ment) "or the more sensual a !erson is) the less he stri+es
towards God. he desires the world) that is) e+erything that gi+es
!leasure to the %ody) and "or the sa$e o" the %ody dis!oses o" all
onsideration towards his "ellow human %eings.
(s a result) the human being falls prey to spiritual forces
which had lived a life of uninhibited pleasure on earth, which
indulged their cravings and thus had led a sinful life.
These spiritual forces e&ert tremendous in"luene on these
!eo!le and use them suh that the human %eing !ays less and less
attention to the unwritten laws) that he unreser+edly indulges
himsel" in an easy way o" li"e and that no limits e&ist "or him than
the "ul"ilment o" his lust.
-his attitude towards worldly !leasures will ne+er %e ondui+e to
s!iritual de+elo!ment) "or anything the %ody demands will always
disad+antage the soul.
Besides) s!iritual as!iration will %e laughed at and ridiuled) and
this without all inhi%ition) %eause !eo!le will ha+e lost all sense o"
deeny and good manners....
/ene) the indi+idual !erson#s !oint o" +iew will not %e res!eted
either %ut will %e deemed hostile and there"ore %e disarded) o"ten
in the most shameless "ashion. For immorality and spiritual
deterioration go hand in hand.
0eo!le indeed s!ea$ a%out %eing enlightened and) yet) they are
less enlightened than e+er %e"ore....
-hey s!ea$ o" s!iritual ad+anement and) yet) they remain "ar
%ehind) "or they don#t understand it as the !rogress o" the soul)
instead) they only mean a wrong way o" thin$ing) whih they
ne+ertheless "ind worth stri+ing "or.
They try to construct a new morality for themselves which
aids and abets an easy way of life and intend to portray it as
ideal. (nd thus new laws will ome into %eing and old laws will %e
re+o$ed) and humanity will hange aordingly and lose e+ery
guideline "or a +irtuous) God'!leasing li"e whih is intended to
im!ro+e the human %eing#s soul....
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