Exhibit and Showcase Your Company to 2000+ Active Forex Traders

The 3rd Annual Forex Trading Expo—Las Vegas September 15-16, 2007 The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Join us for the 3rd Annual Forex Trading Expo in Las Vegas! This is your best opportunity to meet active, qualified forex traders in Las Vegas in 2007. With 35+ expert forex traders, 50+ forex products and services companies in the exhibit hall, and 40+ presentations, panels, and special events, The Forex Trading Expo delivers your target audience—more than 2,000 forex traders in all. Traders attend The Forex Trading Expo looking not only for world-class education, but also to find, compare, and evaluate the tools that will help them make the best trades possible. In exit surveys, 93% of attendees tell us The Forex Trading Expo is likely to influence the types of trading decisions they will make in the future or the tools they will use for those decisions. Be sure these qualified attendees know your company is an available option by exhibiting!

Face-To-Face Marketing
Don't miss this unique sales opportunity!
• Make it Personal—Face-to-face contact is the most persuasive form of selling and building new and old customer relationships. You can upsell and cross-sell existing clients establishing personal and enduring relationships that build customer loyalty. • Motivated Buyers—Expo attendees are pro-active rather than passive recipients of your sales and marketing messages. They make a conscious decision to attend and set aside valuable time to do so. • Qualified Leads—More than 39% of Forex Trading Expo attendees have portfolios valued in excess of $500,000. These are serious traders seeking serious solutions.

TOP Seven Reasons You Must Exhibit at The Forex Trading Expo in Las Vegas:
• Meet Face-to-Face with 1,000+ Qualified Forex Traders • Showcase Your Products and Services • Network with Peers and Potential Clients • Collect More Leads, More Cost Effectively, Than Any Other Form of Advertising • Generate a Faster, Higher Close Rate • Build Brand Awareness and Loyalty to Increase PostShow Sales and Recognition • Stimulate Future Business

Powerful Education Attracts Serious Forex Traders
A Sampling of Past Speakers:

John Bollinger
President and Founder Bollinger Capital Management, Inc.

Jes Black

Rob Booker

John Carter
President Trade the Markets, Inc.

Dave Floyd
President Aspen Trading Group

Yra Harris
Senior Partner Praxis Trading

Raghee Horner
Author Forex Trading for Maximum Profit

John Netto
Author One Shot-One Kill Trading

Partner and Hedge Author The Currency Fund Manager Trader's Handbook Black Flag Capital Partners, LLC

and many more!

For More Information About The Forex Trading Expo Please Call 800/822-1134, Ext. 279 Outside US & Canada: International Freephone 00 800 9221 1344, Ext. 279 Email: ForexTradingExpo@InterShow.com

Meet Face-to-Face with 2,000+ Forex Traders— Exhibit at The Forex Trading Expo!
Expo* Demographics of The Forex Trading
Monthly Trading Expenses
$400+ per month
$200-400 per month
70% 39% 31% 17% 10%

Types of Markets Normally Traded
Spot Forex Market Stocks Options Currency Futures Other Futures, Commodities or E-mini’s 10% E-Mini Stock Index Futures (e.g., E-mini S&P 500, E-mini NASDAQ 100) 9% ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds 8% Indices 6% Bonds



Less than $50 per month



$50-$200 per month

Average Trades Per Month
35 30


33% 33%

Demographic Highlights
93% 70% 29% 61% 69% 50% the Types of Say The Forex Trading Expo Will Influence Use in the Future Trades and/or Trading Tools They Will Trade on the Spot Forex Market Are Professional Traders Are 54 Years of Age or Younger Have Been Trading for More Than a Year Day Hold Their Positions for One Hour to One

25 20 15 10

Less than 5 100-499
14% 20%

500+ 5


independent research analyst. For Las Vegas attendee survey compiled by an *Source: The 2006 Forex Trading Expo—

a complete survey call 800/822-1134 ext.


A Sampling of Sponsors/Exhibitors
Past Sponsors Include:

For More Information About The Forex Trading Expo Please Call 800/822-1134, Ext. 279 Outside US & Canada: International Freephone 00 800 9221 1344, Ext. 279 Email: ForexTradingExpo@InterShow.com
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