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California State Polytechnic University at Pomona

Fall 2014 MU 321A-01: Musicianshi !1 unit" Course num#er: $4$%&

Class meetin's: Mo()e *-*:&0 a+m+ ,+ 10&
Instructor: Prof. Nik St. Clair Email:
Office hours: Mo/e !:"#$% and &$&:&' p.m. $ (ld). %&* room !''
It helps me kno+ +hen ,ou are comin) so please make an appointment.
Catalogue Description
M- "%!. Musicianship /! unit0
1rill and practice of si)ht$readin) skills and rh,thmic and melodic dictation. % hours
Required Background or Experience
M- %%" or e3ui2alent.
Expected Outcomes
ithin the constraints of simple to comple4 diatonic music* students +ill master their
skills in:
!. .ural reco)nition and notation of rh,thms and melodies.
%. Si)ht readin) melodies and rh,thms.
". 5eco)nition of inter2als* scales and ke, si)natures.
&. .ural anal,tical skills* includin) the a(ilit, to transcri(e musical e4cerpts and to detect
errors in music.
'. .ppl,in) their a(ilities to anal,6e* identif, and descri(e form* st,le and e4pressi2e
7. Sin)in) on mo2a(le$do solf8)e s,lla(les usin) the Cur+en hand si)nals and note
9. Performin) alone +ith confidence and e4cellent intonation.
:. 1e2elopin) the ;musical inner ear< throu)h a +ide 2ariet, of acti2ities throu)h +hich
students +ill (e a(le to ;hear< +ith their e,es and ;see< +ith their ears.
Department-Related Student Outcomes
!. Perform a 2ariet, of music +ith e4pression and musical accurac,.
%. 1emonstrate musicianship skills /includin) those in2ol2in) technolo),0 and
conceptual understandin)s.
". 1emonstrate and articulate personal )ro+th as a musician and student of music in
the +orld.
Required Texts and Materials
Studying Rhythm, "rd Edition .nne Carothers =all
/Prentice =all* %##'0
The Folk Song Sight Singing Series >ook " Ed. (, Ed)ar Cro+e
O4ford -ni2ersit, Press
Music for Sight Singing* :
or ?th Edition 5o(ert Ottman
Prentice =all
Classical Canons
Editio Musica >udapest /!??'0 .ntal Moln@r
/1ist. (, =al Aeonard Corp.0
Music Theory Pro
.pp is a2aila(le in the .pp Store or on iBunes Coel Clifft
Pencil* a fe+ sheets of musical manuscript paper in a three$rin) (inder are re3uired for
e2er, class.
Course Description
Bhis course is desi)ned to take students to the ne4t le2el of difficult, in diatonic music.
Students* in their continued studies of si)ht sin)in)* +ill (e introduced to art son)s (,
Mo6art and C. S. >ach* 2arious rounds (, Caldara and =a,dn as +ell as simple h,mns.
Students +ill continue +ith inter2allic and chordal drills* sin)Dpla,s* and the practice of
scales /maEor* three t,pes of minor scales and the ' Freek modes0. Students +ill enhance
their skills in the use of Cur+en hand si)nals* solf)e s,lla(les in the mo2a(le$1o s,stem
/;Aa< minor0 (, addin) t+o ne+ notes* and continue sin)in) on and usin) the musical
alpha(et/note names. Practicin) rh,thm and formal anal,ses +ill also (e co2ered.
Gre3uent dictations +ill take place. 5e)ular Music Theory Pro home+ork +ill (e
assi)ned +eekl, for inter2al and chord practice. In order to build musical skills,
students must expect to practice a minimum of 20-30 minutes daily.
O2er the course of the 3uarter* students +ill
si)ht$sin) and prepare a(out !'# unison melodies
sin) and prepare 7$: canons one$on$a$part
sin)Dpla, ' to : duets and % h,mns
sin) and memori6e 2arious inter2al and chordal drills
sin) and transpose scale drills to 'H and '(
si)ht$read and prepare rh,thm e4ercises
Course Procedure
Bhere is a ri)orous assi)nment schedule throu)hout the 3uarter* +hich means there +ill
(e a )raded assi)nment due almost e2er, class. eekl, si)ht sin)in) assi)nments +ill
take place at the first class meetin) of each +eek +ithout e4ception. In preparation for
sin)Dpla, e4ercises* there +ill (e in$class practice prior to the assi)nmentIs due date.
Preparation for indi2idual finals +ill start +ith class practice. .ll materials +ill (e
assi)ned at least " class meetin)s (efore the final e4amination.
Materials for the final +ill include canons* as man, as %' pre$assi)ned unison e4amples*
scale$* inter2al$ and chord$sin)in) on solfe)e s,lla(les and on note names* rh,thmic
e4ercises and actual si)ht sin)in) e4amples.
Bhe ensemle final +ill take place at the last class meetin) and +ill include performin)
canons one$on$a$part.
!rading and "ttendance#
.ttendance is re3uired and roll is taken at each class meetin). Bhis is a practical course
such as a la( or acti2it, classJ certain e4ercises +ould (e difficult to master +ere the
student a(sent at the introduction of the e4ercise.
Make-up +ork +ill onl, (e permitted in case of e4cused and documented a(sences and
can onl, (e made up durin) the instructorIs office hours the % classes follo+in) the
e4cused a(sence. .fter that time* the student forfeits the opportunit, of the make$up.
Bhree tardies e3ual one une4cused a(sence. Bhree unexcused asences automaticall,
+ill result in a drop of one letter )rade.
.ttendance: !#K
In$class tests* dictation and home+ork assi)nments: 7#K
Ginal E4am: "#K
Fradin) scale:
!##$?"K: . ?%$?#K: .$
:?$:9K: >L :7$:"K: > :%$:#K: >$
9?$99K: CL 97$9&K: C 9"$9!K: C$
9#$7:K: 1L 79$7'K: 1 7&$7!K: 1$ 7#$#K: G
$inal Exam Date#
Bhere is no mid$term for this course. Ginal e4am +ill take place on Bhursda,* 1ecem(er
!!* !:"#$":"# p.m. =o+e2er* an, one student onl, +ill (e re3uired to appear in
his/her assi)ned !#$minute time slot +ithin this time period.
For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required;
and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.
Please print and bring it to the instructor!
I, (please print) _____________________________________, have read and understood
the requirements for this class. I was given ample opportunity to ask questions regarding
the rules of and expectations for this class.
Signature of student