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Jack Marshall

President, ProEthics, Ltd.

Ethicist, Commentator, Speaker, Pundit
Blogger, Trainer, and Author
Ethics -- the quest to know what is right and wrong conduct
among individuals, organizations, institutions and cultures -- is at
the core of the most interesting and important matters of public
interest, from politics and public policy, to the law and law
enforcement, to journalism, education, health care and medical
research, the media, sports and popular culture. Unfortunately,
ethicists who will talk candidly, clearly and entertainingly on
controversial issues, especially when lies and rationalizations start flying, are few.
Thats why Jack Marshall, a lawyer and ethics scholar who moonlights as a
professional stage director and performer and one of the Top 100 Thought
Leaders in Trustworthy Business ( launched
ProEthics, Ltd. 15 years ago, a national ethics training and consulting firm with
clients that include major law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, state bar
associations and the ABA, medical research institutions, non-profits, trade
associations, local and national government agencies (including, in 2013, the CIA
and IRS), national and local social service agencies, schools and various religious
denominations. In addition, he explores daily ethical controversies in the news,
the courts, pop culture, sports and the web on his lively blog Ethics Alarms (www.
His willingness to take unexpected positions and explain them clearly and with
humor has brought him guest appearances on CNN, Fox News and NPR, and many
radio talk shows, as well as being frequently quoted in news stories on political
corruption, judicial misconduct, and what he calls ethics train wrecks like the
Penn State child molestation scandal, the Trayvon Martin case, and the NFL
domestic abuse problem, among others. His blog often cites as well ethics
heroes, individuals who insist on taking the high road, often at their own peril.
Jack Marshall is a graduate of Harvard College, where he majored in American
government and leadership, and Georgetown University Law Center. A member
of the Massachusetts and DC Bars, he served as an adjunct professor of legal
ethics at the American University School of Law in Washington, DC. He co-
authored, with Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Edward Larson, The Essential
Words and Writings of Clarence Darrow, published by Random House in 2007,
and has authored the baseball ethics essay for several volumes of The Hardball
Times Annual.
He is also an award-winning stage director, and the founding artistic director of
The American Century Theater, a professional non-profit theater company
dedicated to producing classic American plays. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia with
his wife and business partner, Grace Marshall, their son Grant, and their Jack
Russell Terrier, Rugby. Like many who are interested in the nature of good, evil,
justice, and chaos, Marshall is a lifetime fan of the Boston Red Sox.

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