The second part to my Chapter Eleven - The End Breaking Dawn sequel.

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Jane’s icy hands were around my neck, so tight it was hard to breathe. I looked around as she pulled me along; we were moving quickly through the forest, just a bit slower than Vampire speed. “Let me go!” I cried, struggling to get free. “Calm down Renesmee, all is well” Aro’s voice directed. “No. Let me go, let me go!” I cried as I found my strength and ripped free of Jane’s grasp, slipping to the wet floor. Everyone continued to move out of sight, but Aro bent down to speak to me. “Renesmee, why are you sad?” he questioned as he took arm and pulled me back up. “Don’t touch me” I whispered as I took a step back. He grabbed my arm again “Why?” he said, almost angry now. “Stay away from her” a deep voice ordered. I spun around “Sam!” All of a sudden Sam exploded into the massive black wolf that could save me. I went to run, but Aro grabbed my arm and pulled me against his side. His papery hand moved to my neck. “If you come any closer, I will snap her neck” Aro hissed at Sam. The other wolves appeared out of the bushes. Aro was outnumbered, but he had an advantage; my life. Jacob looked at me, and his fur rose on his back. A tear rolled down my cheek. “I mean it. I do not need her life, just her body” Aro said as his hand tightened around my neck. A strange noise of fear escaped my lips. Aro suddenly let out scream, the noise piercing through my head like a knife. His hands moved from my neck and I slipped to the wet, muddy ground. Zaffrina moved gracefully into my view. Her eyes focused as she created images of pain for Aro to see. The other members of the Volturi suddenly appeared. But I didn’t have time to look at them because they were being attacked by the wolves. Their momentary panic as Aro was in pain had made them vulnerable. Zaffrina ran off into the forest. Disappearing. I heard Jane scream and turned to see her being ripped apart by Jared and

Embry. I didn’t want to watch, the screaming and the blood was too much for me to handle. I curled up against a tree, pressing my forehead against my knees and closing my eyes. But I could still hear. I put my hands over my ears and waited for it to end. The end of the Volturi. It felt like hours had passed when the noise stopped. I could hear the muffled voices of my family but didn’t listen to what they were saying. I was clinging on to the edge, about to lose conciseness as my mind dealt with the day. I had seen too much, heard too much. I started to cry. “Nessie?” Sam`s voice came from my right. I turned my face to see him looking at me. He held out his hand for me and I took it, standing up. But my mind was still shaken, and I suddenly slipped from the edge in my head. I passed out, and everything went black.

Chapter Twelve - Sorry Jacob POV:
“Have you cleared it all?” I asked him. “Yes, the forest is completely cleared” Edward replied as we looked at the forest. We had taken out the Volturi. It wasn’t easy; they were ridiculously strong and quick. But Bella helped us with their mind games crap. “Im sorry we couldn’t get Aro and Alec, when we were taking out the others they ran way.” “We will get them soon, don’t worry” Edward replied. “What happened to Ness?” “Im not sure. Sam found her curled up against a tree. She was crying. She passed out soon after, and now she’s at the house. She still hasn’t woken up, but Carlisle said she will be fine. He thinks she couldn’t deal with everything, that she was scared. She blacked out so her mind could protect itself” Edwards voice was thick with concern. “Let`s go back” I said as we started back towards the house. As we walked into the living room, the first person I saw was Renesmee. She was asleep on the sofa, the tears still wet on her cheek.

I walked over to her, kneeling on the floor. I stroked her soft cheek, and her eyes fluttered open. “It`s okay, it`s all over” I whispered. “Im sorry I couldn’t help” she replied. “Ness, it’s my job to protect you. You didn’t have to do anything”. “I just couldn’t take it” she mumbled. “I know” I sat down next to her and then pulled her onto my lap. She rested her head against my shoulder. I looked down at her, and the beautiful girl was asleep in my arms.

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder, and turned my head to see Alice. “She’s going to have nightmares tonight. Il take her to her room, and then you can stay with her. I think Bella wants to speak to you first” she told me. She slipped her tiny arms under Nessies body and carried her to her bedroom. I stood up and walked to the kitchen. Bella suddenly appeared in front of me and wrapped her arms around my waist. She rested her head against my chest, and it reminded me of when she hugged me when she was human. She was warmer and softer then, but I still liked it. She reminded me of home. “What’s this for?” I asked her as I hugged her back. “Just wanted to say thank you, for everything. Without you, Nessie could be...dead. And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Thank you Jake, I love you”. I laughed “I love you too, Bells. Always have, always will”. “Get a room, you two” Emmett chuckled as he burst through the door. Bella walked to the kitchen, and I heard her talking to Edward. “What’s up wolf?” Emmett asked as he looked at the torn expression on my face. “Nothing” I mumbled. “Don`t lie dude. Tell me what`s wrong” he encouraged. “Just worried about Ness. She was so scared. We shouldn’t have killed them right in front of her”. “Those stupid vamps deserved to die. We killed them to protect her. She`ll be fine Jacob, trust me. She’s tough for such a little person” he added with a laugh. “I hope your right”.

Edward POV:

I needed to explain. Explain everything. I walked to Nessies room and though about what she had seen. Of course, it didn’t scare any of us in the slightest, but I could imagine how it would frighten her. I could remember how scared human Bella was whenever I mentioned to Volturi. My poor baby girl. I slowly opened the door to Nessies bedroom, and peeked my head around the door. She was awake; sat up in bed fiddling with her purple blanket. “Can I come in?” I asked her. “Yeh”. I sat down next to her on her bed “Im so sorry. For what you had to experience. I wish I could go back in time and hide you away somewhere. I feel wretched that you will live with those memories forever. You are my daughter, and I love you more than the whole world. Im sorry”. “Don`t be sorry. You protected me, you saved me. I love you too, Dad” she twisted her body and hugged me. “I better let you get some sleep. It’s late”. I tucked the duvet around her and kissed her forehead. “Wait!” she said as I walked out of her room. “Yes?” “Why was Zaffrina here, and where is she now? Didn’t she want to stay?”. “She was passing through, on her way to visit Tanya. She could hear Aro shouting, and she came to see what was happening. I spoke to her a while ago, and she is going to visit, after she visits Tanya. And what about you and your little mind reading gift, why didn’t you tell us?” “Well...I thought you would be mad. The first time I did it, it was by accident. It was about a month ago, when I wanted to tell you something. I touched your face and concentrated more than I usually do, I don’t know why I did. I saw you and Bella, when she was human. You were in her room, watching her sleep. And she was saying your name in her sleep. I didn’t tell you because I thought I was imagining things. But I told Jake, and I practised with him a few times. I could pick the memories I wanted to see right out of his head. I swore him to secrecy, so don’t get mad at him. But I then didn’t tell you because I thought it was kind of rude, you know, going into people’s heads without permission, and I was doing it on purpose. Ive only ever seen that one memory from your head. And a few things from Jacob. I won`t do it again if you don’t want me to”. “Im proud of you Ness. You actually managed to use your talent in more ways than one. That`s very difficult to do. I can`t do that, neither can Alice. But don’t feel bad, it’s amazing. I want you to see my memories, not

just hear about them”. “Thanks Dad”.

Chapter Thirteen - Lifeless
I walked into mine and Bellas bedroom and saw my Bella looking out the window. I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist “You were amazing, Mrs. Cullen”. “What?” she asked me. “For a moment, I thought you were going to rip Aro’s head off! But you kept your focus, and protected us from Jane. You are simply the most amazing person I know”. I pressed my lips against hers and lifted her from the ground and onto our bed. I rolled on top of her, but held myself carefully so she felt none of my weight. “Maybe I should be concerned about other things right now. But for the moment, I really don’t care” she said as I trailed my lips along her throat. Her scent had never changed. She pulled herself up and kissed me gently. I moved back onto my side and pulled her tight against my chest. “We have the most amazing daughter in the world” I whispered against Bellas neck. “I know. I was thinking, maybe we should let her go to high school. You know how much she wants to go, and I think it would be good for her. She needs some humans in her life”. “I suppose your right. It’s the new term tomorrow, so she could start straight away. We can tell her tomorrow. She is going to be so excited” a smile lit up my face at the thought. “Edward” Bella whispered, her voice was filled with pain. “What is it, what`s wrong? Bella?”. Her body lurched away from me and she landed and the foot of our bed, her body close to the ground in a defensive position. She suddenly screamed, and collapsed to the floor. She clutched at her head in pain. “Bella, what’s wrong? RENESMEE!” I yelled. She came bursting through our door. “Run to the house as fast as you can, get Carlisle. Your mothers hurt” I directed her.

Renesmee POV:

I was running so fast that it made my legs burn. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I could see Bella on the floor, in agony. I burst through the front door of the house, and saw Carlisle and Esme on the sofa. “Ness, what’s-” Carlisle started to say. “Bellas hurt. Edward needs you, now.” Me, Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie ran to the cottage as fast as we could. Bellas screams were audible from outside. We ran into their bedroom to see Edward hovering over Bella protectively whilst she clutched at her head in agony. She screamed again, and the sound pierced through me like a knife. Carlisle was at Bellas side in a flash. “Bella, Bella, breathe. Use your shield” he said as he placed his hands on her cheeks. She slowly relaxed and sat upright. Her cheeks were flushed and her golden eyes were bright. “Aro. He was in my head” she whispered. She grabbed at her head again and moaned. “It hurts. I don’t know what he`s doing, but it hurts” she sobbed. Edward pulled her onto his lap and stroked her hair “Can you not use your shield?” “Im trying. But he`s getting past it” she said in what was barely audible to my weaker ears. All of sudden she screamed. It was so loud that I had to cover my ears. The others stepped back slightly as Jacob burst through the door, followed by Emmett, Alice and Jasper. Carlisle pressed his hands against Bellas face and looked at her in the eyes. It didn’t help. Her scream of pain continued, and it was so loud that I sunk to the floor. Jacob moved behind me and I felt his hand brush against the top of my head. Bella stopped screaming, and her body went lifeless in Edwards arms. Her eyes were closed, and her face was paler than usual. “Carlisle?” Edward asked him, his voice was more panicked than I had ever heard it. “She’s...she dead” Carlisle replied, confusion and upset thick in his voice. “NO” I screamed, and I picked myself up off the floor and ran to my mom. But before I could get to her, I felt restricting arms around my body. “Let me go! Let me go!” I struggled within Jacobs arms. “MOM!” I yelled, reaching towards her and using all of my strength to try and break free of Jacobs hold on me. He was too strong, I couldn’t move an inch. Edward shook her body gently and then stood up. His eyes were blank, his

face blank. He had gone into some sort of shock. “Carlisle, there has to be something we can do” he yelled. Carlisle bent over her and checked for any signs of life. I collapsed to the floor and sobs came free from my chest. Jacob sat next to me and pulled me against his chest. I saw a tear roll down his cheek. “Carlisle! Bella, Bella, oh no, no no. Bella!” Edward half sobbed, half shouted. He kissed Bellas forehead and leant his head against her lifeless body. Then everything went dark.

Chapter Fourteen - Share
I couldn’t see, hear, feel. I couldn’t make sense of what was happening. I shouted, but nothing seemed to come out of my mouth. I knew Jacob was next to me, but I couldn’t see or feel him. I reached for him, clutching at where I thought his hands would be. Nothing. What was happening? Then everything went back to normal. I looked around, and everyone was stood up. Bella was still on the floor, cold and lifeless. “What the hell just happened?” Emmett asked. “Alec. Remember? He can cut off senses.” Edward replied, his voice was filled with so much pain I thought I was going to cry just from hearing it. I stood up quickly and Edward grabbed my hand, pulling me slightly behind his body. “Dad” I whispered. I felt his cold hand brush against my cheek.

Edward POV:
I knew Aro was coming back, and I didn’t know what he wanted. Bella, my Bella, Bella. My warm, soft, loveable wife. How could I live without her? Sneaking through her bedroom window at night, listening to her talk in her sleep, saving her from James, holding her in the meadow, listening to her laugh, marrying her, making love to her, hunting with her, holding our baby girl together, hearing her mind for the first time... All of these memories flashed through my mind in a second. Bella, my Bella. My love, my Bella, my wife. I turned around to look at Renesmee. Her hair was messy, pulled back in a loose ponytail. Her pyjamas were creased, her eyes were red, and her cheeks stained with tears.

I took her face in my hands. “I will get your mother back, if it’s the last thing I ever do. I promise, I swear. My baby girl, Renesmee, I love you so much. Always remember that.” “I will” she replied as Aro burst through the door.

Jacob POV:
I watched Aro burst through the door, his robe flowing out behind him. Jeez, couldn’t he cut out all the theatrics? What the hell did he want anyway? He killed my best friend, the only person who knew me inside and out. My best friend. Was he planning on destroying the rest of my family too? I saw Renesmee cringe into Edwards side, her hand held firmly in his. I moved to stand next to Emmett. “Why the sad faces?” Alec asked us. The sarcastic vamp, I wanted to rip his little head off. “Ahh Edward, im sure now from reading my mind, you know what I want” Aro said. Edward ignored his statement “You`ve killed my wife, you disgusting excuse for a..” “Bella is not dead, dear Edward. I simply...put her to sleep. She’s sleeping, hard for a vampire to do, took a lot of my strength”. Alice ran forward and knelt by Bellas head, she stroked her hair and whispered “Bella, its okay, il look after her” Alice knew what Aro was about to ask. “Edward, you know what I want, but I think it would be kind to tell the others, don’t you? Im more than happy to awaken Bella, to give her back to you. But I do ask for one thing in return, your youngest. I ask for Renesmee, that is all. And you can have Bella awake again”. “Renesmee or Bella. That’s it, is it? You`ve got to be joking” I snapped back at Aro. “Edward, your decision?” Aro asked, impatient. Filthy bloodsucker. “My wife or my daughter? Never, I will never choose”. “Then I guess Bella stays...asleep”. Aro turned towards Nessie, who was half hidden behind Edward. “Just consider it, please. You can live with us. Live a long and healthy life” he said to her. “Just give me my mom back, please” Nessies voice was barely a whisper. “Im afraid I can’t do that, unless I have your power”.

“You can have it, I don’t want it”. “If only I could young one, but I can’t take your power without taking your life”. “Yes you can! I can give it to you, right now. But please, please give me back my mom”. What was she saying? How could she give her power to him, it didn’t make any sense. “You can’t give me your gift!” Aro said. “Yes, I can. I nearly did it once before, I can take it out of my head. Give it to someone else to use. Here” she moved quickly, touched Edwards hand and the moved to Aro.

Edward POV:
As Nessie touched my hand, I saw a vision flash through my mind. It was me attacking Aro as he looked at Renesmees thoughts. She was distracting him, waiting for me to kill him. If Aro was dead, Bella would wake up. She stood in front of Aro and placed her ivory hand in his chalky fingers. “Here, you can have my gift” she moved her hand and placed it on his forehead. He bent down and closed his eyes in anticipation, waiting for something that would never happen. I flashed a quick glance at Emmett who suddenly pounced on Aro. Jacob pulled Nessie out of the way as I leaped at Alec, I brushed my teeth across his neck, which was no longer connected to his body. Aro`s strange scream of pain was more like a gurgle, cut off suddenly my Emmetts hands and teeth. Nessie ran to Bella and Alice and crouched over Bella whilst whispering to Alice. Then suddenly, the room was full of just my family again. “Emmett?” I asked him. “HA! That was easy, kind of” Emmett replied. All of a sudden, Bella coughed. A weak, quiet cough. She remained still. I crouched over her body and whispered “Bella?” Her fingers twitched, and suddenly she gasped, loudly. She jerked upright and her eyes flew open. She grabbed Nessie and pulled her into her arms, I could see the tears running down her cheeks. “What happened?” she spoke into Nessies ear. “It’s a long story, Dad can tell you” she laughed as she pulled away from Bella. Bella turned to look at me, and suddenly she was in my arms. I kissed her hair and we turned to the others “ It’s over. Finally” I

breathed. “Bout` time too, there`s only so many vamps I can stand” Jacob laughed. The rest of us laughed with him, and my family slowly moved out of the cottage. Nessie was sat on the floor, playing with a strand of her hair - I moved so quickly she wouldn’t see me coming, and picked her up. I swung her around in a circle before putting her down again. “You are amazing, Miss Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Can I offer you a place at Forks high school as a reward?” “What?” “High school. You can go, if you would like. New school year starts tomorrow” I smiled down at her. “You`re kidding! Ahh, thank you thank you” she squealed as she hugged me and Bella. “Don`t I get a hug?” Jacobs’s husky voice sounded from behind us. Nessie laughed and walked quickly over to Jacob, she hugged him tightly as he said to her “You really are amazing”. She kissed his cheek and said “C`mon, ive got to pick out my clothes!” she grabbed Jacobs hand and towed him to her bedroom.

Chapter Fifteen Renesmee POV:
Jacob sat down on my bed as I rushed to my huge closet. I pulled out my favourite gray bag and an outfit for tomorrow; black converse, grey skinny jeans, a white top and a short black leather jacket. I walked back to my room, skipping slightly as I went. “Someone’s excited for tomorrow” Jacob said. “Just a bit” I said casually, shrugging my shoulders. He laughed, he could see right through me. I jumped on him, pushing him right off the bed and onto the floor. He lifted his head up and kissed me, then rolled over, pulling me to the floor. “Jake, can we move?” I whispered under his lips. “Why?” “This floor is really hard” The next thing I knew, we were on my bed. I was laid across his warm chest, his fingers pulling gently through my hair.

I rolled over onto my front, still across his chest “Jake, what’s imprinting?” I felt his body freeze, his hand moved from my hair “Huh?” “The other day, I heard Quil talking about Claire, about how he imprinted on her when she was two. The whole conversation sounded weird. So I asked mom what it was but she wouldn’t tell me, and then Dad acted strange when I asked him, they`re hiding something from me, what is it? What’s imprinting?” I asked him. He was avoiding my eyes “It’s when we find our soul mate, the one person we`re destined to be with. Sam imprinted on Emily, Jared imprinted on Kim. For them it’s romantic, their together together, but for Quil and Claire, it’s just a brother-sister thing, they...” I cut him off” So wait, when she gets older, they`ll be together, right?” “Right. It’s a werewolf thing, it’s happened to a few of us...It’, it happened to me” “What?”

Jacob POV:
“What?” Nessie asked me. “Ness, I imprinted, the day you were born”. “So wait a sec...You imprinted on a girl whose now four years old. So you’re with me now, to what? Keep yourself busy whilst she grows up? So when she’s older you`ll just get rid of me?” She had it completely wrong, so wrong. I opened my mouth to explain, but she wasn’t finished. “So you`re using me. That’s it, isn’t it? I knew I wasn’t good enough for you”. Her beautiful eyes filled with tears and she turned to walk out of the room. I stood in front of her. “Renesmee, I imprinted on you. You are my soul mate, the person im destined to be with forever. When you were just a baby, I was your big brother, remember? Now look at us”. Her eyes twinkled with something that looked like happiness, so I continued. “But even if I didn’t imprint on you, I would still love you. You are the best thing in my life, not to mention the silliest” I laughed as I wiped away the remaining tears that were on her cheeks. She laughed and said “Jake, I love you” “I love you more” She shook her head so I reached for her hand and pulled her to me. I kissed her more passionately than I had ever done before.

She pressed her body tightly against mine and I wrapped my arms around her waist. I felt her fingers twist into my hair as I walked us back to her bed. I moved onto the bed and pulled her against me. I moved my lips away from hers and lightly traced her cool lips with my tongue. I moved my hands from her hair and moved them lower down her back. I felt her gasp slightly and opened my eyes to see her stood at the foot of the bed. “Jake, I love you. But I don’t want to...I mean I do, but not yet. Im sorry and I...” I stood in front of her and pressed my lips to hers to stop her panic. “Nessie, I don’t want to either. I love you more than anything, and when we do share that moment, I want it to be perfect. And hopefully somewhere that’s not in the hearing range of your parents”. She laughed and rested her head against my chest. “And, I want to be married to you first”. I felt her body tense up and I pulled away from her. I watched the shock on her face as I took her left hand and knelt down on one knee...

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