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Matrix Aerospace Achieves ISO 9001:2008 and ARM 9009

Quality erti!ication
Matrix Aerospace, a custom manufacturer specializing in complex precision machining has
been approved for ISO 9001!00" and A#M 9009 certification
(IndustrialPR) Claremont, NH Matrix Aerospace announced today both o its acilities in
Claremont, Ne! Hampshire ha"e achie"ed I#$ %&&'()&&* +uality certiication, -he company,
!hich pro"ides CNC machinin. ser"ices o assemblies and components or the aerospace,
deense, commercial, and irearms sectors recei"ed an A/ 0uality Ratin. by 12PMC
Re.istrars, 33C or I#$ %&&'()&&* certiication, 12PMC is accredited by the American 4oard
o Accredited Certiications (A4AC), the leadin. independent accreditation board in the
In addition to I#$ %&&'()&&*, Matrix Aerospace is one o the irst manuacturers in Ne!
Hampshire to be a!arded the presti.ious ARM %&&%()&'5 0uality Certiication
(http(66!!!,aboac,or.6arm2%&&%)&'5), ARM %&&% system accreditation is based on hi.hly
speciali7ed standards that ha"e been uni"ersally accepted as a mandatory re+uirement or
suppliers, subcontractors and manuacturers o all irearms and armorin. type products,
materials, hard!are, adhesi"es, asteners, metals, plastics, .lass, composites, ceramics as !ell
as related processes used in con8unction or the manuacture o irearms, "ehicles, aerospace
and body armor systems, As seen on C4#, N4C and other ma8or ne!s net!or9s, ARM %&&% is
the irst Armorin. and :irearms 0uality Certiication Pro.ram(
Richard Pinsonault, 0uality ?irector or Matrix Aerospace said the company@s achie"ement o
I#$ %&&' and ARM %&&% +uality certiication is the result o a team eort rom all Matrix
employees and the company@s commitment to pro"ide the hi.hest +uality products and ser"ices
to customers in aerospace, military, irearms and commercial mar9ets, AAttainin. these
certiications spea9s to our continuous dedication to +uality, and the ability o Matrix
Aerospace to meet our customerBs needs or complex precision machinin. and custom
manuacturin. solutions,C said Mr, Pinsonault,
About Matrix Aerospace
Matrix Aerospace (http(66!!!,matrixaero,com) speciali7es in CNC machinin. o assemblies
and components or the aerospace, deense, commercial and irearms industries, -he company
has increased sales o irearm and military products rom '& to %& percent o its re"enue in the
past se"en years, Matrix Aerospace has de"eloped its o!n machine .un and automatic .un to
or military and la! enorcement mar9ets, In )&'5, Matrix Aerospace !as selected by 4usiness
NH Ma.a7ine as one o the @-op '& -o Datch companies@ in the state o Ne! Hampshire,
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