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Database Administration
Oracle Installation Server
Oracle Installation Client
Database Creation
Database Migration
Starting/Shutting Database
Manage Oracle Processes
Control file Management Creating and Dropping
Online Redo Log Management Creating Relocating !orcing S"itch Dropping
#rchived Redo Log Management
$ob %ueue Management
&ablespace Management
Datafile Management
Creating a ne" 'ni( shell scripts and modif)ing e(isting scripts
Cop) shell scripts to various servers and e(ecute them
Create ne" S%L scripts
Schema Object Management - Creating Managing space in bloc*s Setting
storage parameters Deallocating space Renaming #nal)+ing ,nabling and
Disabling &riggers Managing Integrit) constraints Compiling Invalid ob-ects.
Partition Management - Creating Moving #dding Dropping Coalescing
Modif)ing partition default attributes &runcating Splitting Merging ,(changing /
Rebuilding Inde( Partitions
Table Management - Creating "ith proper si+ing estimation altering allocating
storage dropping / Inde(0Organi+ed &ables
Table reorganization - Small 1less than 233M45 Medium 1Less than 2645 /
Large 16reater than 2645 7ie" Se8uence / S)non)m Management
Index Management - Creating "ith proper si+ing estimation altering monitoring
inde( space rebuilding and dropping.
Index reorganization - Small 1less than 233M45 Medium 1Less than 2645 / Large
16reater than 2645
Rollback Segment Management - Creating "ith proper si+ing estimation #ltering
availabilit) / storage #ssigning to a transaction Monitoring and Dropping
User Role Management - Creating users / roles granting/revo*ing privileges to
users/roles assigning roles to users dropping users/roles.
Sec!rit" Management - #udit setup managing audit trail information.
#ack!$ Reco%er" Management
4ac*up Setup 0 Cop)ing bac*up scripts creating bac*up directories and bac*up
environment file creating necessar) vie"s and tables for the bac*up management
/ running from the command line.
Recovering database from cold bac*up
Recovering database from hot bac*up Cop)ing the archived log files from tape.
Recovering database from e(port dump
Standb) Database Management
Recovering a single table from the previous bac*up
Per&ormance and T!ning
Database &uning ,stimating proper si+e of the S6# and distribution of datafiles for
I/O Identif)ing statements those consume greatest resource overall greatest
resource per ro" and statement e(ecuted most fre8uentl).
S%L &race revie" using &9PRO! and interpreting
Statement tuning using ,:PL#I; PL#;/&9PRO!
6enerating Storing and Managing the statistics using Stored Outlines
T!ning Memor" Allocation
i. &uning Redo Log 4uffers
ii. &uning Private S%L and PL/S%L #reas
iii. &uning Shared Pool
iv. &uning 4uffer Cache
v. &uning Multiple 4uffer Pools
vi. &uning Sort #reas
T!ning I'O
i. Detecting I/O problems
ii. Solving I/O problems b) reducing dis* contention b) distributing I/O
Striping dis*s #voiding d)namic space management &uning sorts
&uning chec*points &uning L6<R and D4<R I/O and configuring
large pool
Database Utilities Tools
Creating scripts and ta*ing e(port
Creating scripts for import and doing import
Create control files for data loading using S%L=Loader
Database re$lication
Snapshots/Materiali+ed 7ie"s Creating the snapshot log at the master site Defining
Database Lin*s Creating snapshots at the remote site Refreshing the snapshots
(et)ork Management
Setting up the ne" listener
Starting/Reloading/Stopping listener
Cop)ing and updating tnsnames.ora
SQL Server
Database Administration
Installation and upgrades
Changing the Server Configurations if re8uired
Starting and Stopping the Services if re8uired
,nsure the running of D4CC commands. &hese are automated -obs and should be running
Purge -ob histor) "hich increases the si+e of Msdb 1OOMC need to be consulted before the
Dumping transaction logs
#ack!$ and Reco%er" Management
4ac*up Scheduling
4ac*up Monitoring
4ac*up Restoration as re8uired 7erification of bac*up tapes b) doing restoration drill once
during the POC period
Per&ormance monitoring and t!ning
Performance monitoring using tools and processes
Suggest tuning S%L server parameters for optimum performance if situation re8uires it e.g.
end user ta*ing long time than e(pected.
&uning S%L server parameters for optimum performance
D&S pac*ages
Installating / Managing Database &ools