(Invisible Empire)

United States Supreme Court (USSC) case 99-565 & supplement suggest that there is a shadow government, an invisible empire. Below in chronological order by year not months is a list of some of the people, organizations and media outlets that I contacted about the crimes against humanity. The terrorism (Collusion) which continues to be responsible for the total destruction of entire American families. Each received evidence provided in USSC case 99-565, supplement and a copy of the Jerry Springer Show (so-618-93) Violence at the Post Office. Congressional, Federal, State and local officials entrusted with enforcing the laws of the US Constitution were informed some under Title 18 US section 4. Blacks, black shows and black organizations are highlighted in yellow. Like the National Whistleblower Allen Carlton Jr. your love one may have been targeted as an Enemy of the State. Hopefully this will provide some answers to those who have lost love ones mysteriously or by acts of domestic terrorism. Scholars connect the dots. Why would these people cover- up crimes against other human beings? Personal Gain? 1992 - Jack D. Watson, Postmaster Ben Jasek 1993 – Senator Bob Krueger, Office of Special Counsel (OSC) Mary F. Wieseman, General Accounting Office (GAO), EEOC – OFO (Bartlett – Postal Inspector Robert Bartlett?), Justice, NAACP, Operation PUSH, VISN (Veterans Integrated Services Network), Physicians for Human Rights, Texas Commission on Civil Rights, Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, President Bill Clinton, US Attorney General Janet Reno, Texas Attorney General Dan Morales, Tarrant County District Attorney Tim Curry, Investigative TV series – The Crusaders, Day1One, Front Page, 48 hours, 20/20, Nightline, Connie Chung (Maury Povich), Montel Williams Show, Oprah Winfrey Show, Fox Broadcasting, Jerry Springer Show. APWU Douglas Holbrook ( didn’t show up for the Jerry Springer Show). 1994 – Senator John Glenn Committee on Government Affairs / Permanent Subcommittee Investigation, USPS Board of Governors, USPS Inspector General (IG) Independent (IGI) Karla Corcoran, US DOL Secretary of Labor Robert Reich (economics adviser for Barack Obama), NLRB Office of IG, MSPB Office of IG, FLRA Office of IG Joe Swerdzewski, House Post Office Civil Service Committee (numerous times) – Chairman William Clay, DOJ Antitrust Anne K Bingaman, US Attorney Paul Coggins (Charley Cripliver), US DOJ Civil Rights Division Deval Patrick, US Commission on Civil Rights Mary Frances Berry, Health and Human Services, US EEOC – Inspector

General William Miller II, Committee on Judiciary / Oversight of the Criminal Division, Department of Agriculture IG –Charles Gillem. 1995 – Knight – Ridder Inc., US Operations of Personal Management (OPM) Director James King, Governor George Bush (President in 2001), Johnson County District Attorney Dale Hanna, 1996 – Joseph Harris postal case Bergen County District Attorney Office Prosecutor – Sharyn Peiffer & Attorneys Wakeley Paul and Dianne Allessandra, Army Publishing Times Kate Patterson (ED Winsten), National Finance Center (Fort Worth Postal Credit Union), Branch of Hearings and Reviews, US EEOC-OFO Director Ronnie Blumenthal, 1997 – OSC Kathleen Day Koch (any relation to Sandra Day O’Connors or Mayor Koch?), IRS Commissioner Margaret Richardson. 1999 – Solicitor General of the US, R. Wayne Hughes, Blacks In Government. 2000 – TLPJ Foundation (Washington, DC), Alice Neufeld (San Antonio, TX), Sherri Jankowski (Cleveland, Ohio). 2001 – Senator Olympia J. Swonne, Law Offices of Richard Shenkan (New Castle, PA). 2005 – US Supreme Court Judge William H. Rehnquist dies September 3, 2005. Fully aware that the media is being controlled. I follow YHVH and only after I expose thing they, the media begin to report them. Before you can contact a reporter the content is filtered by moderated or somebody. Now even when you search you can’t find stuff. Information is being withheld or filtered. Yesterday, December 19, 2009; while thinking about my daughter I received this Revelation from YHVH. Daddy’s little girl and then the revelation was revealed to me. Just how to explain to all YHVHs children what is being done and how it is being done. By explaining what was done to my family and I. Thinking of my daughter, Government terrorism (collusion); made me think of Tonya Hailey. Tonya Hailey, Carl Lee Haley’s daughter whose torture consisted of being brutally raped, hung and thrown off a bridge and left for dead in Canton, Mississippi. Perhaps you are familiar with John Grisham’s bestseller A Time to Kill. A Time to Kill belongs to YHVH as well as the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense (PRKD). Those in Congressional, Federal, State and local government positions continue to perform as those characters in the novel / movie. America is portrayed as an invisible empire. It’s hard to use the word portrayed because of my personal experiences. And the experiences of others like Attorney Chokwe Lumumba (Mississippi) and Reverend Freddie Pinkney read about in the Final Call, one of the few newspapers with integrity.

I’m sure they have people in their real lives like the characters in a Time to Kill, the movie. In my life my Judge Omar Noose is unlike Noose pagan Terry Means does allow an opportunity in civil court. He has dismissed every civil case that the pagans intentional find way to send to United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to him for that purpose; collusion. I was scheduled one time to for a hearing. I had a date set in Judge John McBryde’s court and my case was taken from him and given to pagan Terry Means to hear. The pagan dismissed it without a hearing. I thought Judge John McBryde (68 F.3d 886) was going to be my Jake Brigance but I guess received the same Terrorism / Coercion I received. Pagan Postal Inspector Robert Bartlett could easily be both the bomb maker and Deputy Hastings. My Freddie Cobb is Chris Fearneyhough #3231 and J.D.Garwacki #3292 (see footnote 1 page 4). My Klansman are all those that participate in crimes against humanity. With Terrorism / Collusion there is no win in civil or criminal court. Terrorism begets terrorism. In an invisible empire or a government where the people in power refuse to enforce the Laws of the US Constitution. People must protect themselves and society. Power to the people as it states in the Preamble. YHVH is truth. When the truth is not sought. No one is innocent. Everyone is a victim. With an invisible empire all is lost. Like Tonya called for her father Carl Lee. When YHVH / Father is called he will come or send an Angel. Lately he’s been sending Angels of Death. Justice will be blind no more. Protections for all YHVH children whether they look like Tonya or Hannah. Can you see it? King’s Dream, a pagan’s nightmare? Celebrate the Birth of Christ by sacrificing a pagan or pagan’s child. YHVH will bless you, your children and your children’s children. Sleep in heavenly peace. Special Thanks to Mickey Mouse. Keep doing what you’re doing. Much favour you’ll get YHVHs call soon. Thanks to the spirit of ED Winsten, Lord Joseph Harris, Lord Khallid Muhammad, Lord John Allen Muhammad (JAM) and Lord Maurice Clemmons. Maurice wants to wish all his family and friends a Merry Christmas. Until Jesus / Justice returns.

CooN by YA (YHVH) Allen Carlton National Whistleblower – Revelation Receiver of the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense (PRKD) Peoples Army Below footnotes

1. Fort Worth Police Officers in Civil Action No. 4-05-CV-711-Y who attempted to murder Allen Carlton by using a death grip on his neck in a case of mistaken identity. Complaints mishandled again by Sgt. J.C. Ost after Internal Affairs (IA) Sgt. Arnellas used subterge by faking a video interview, which was done, immediate after Mr. Carlton was released from jail. Before the 180 deadline had passed. Then IA had Mr. Carlton come in and do another report and changed the dates once he filed his civil lawsuit. Mr. Carlton complained to Mayor Mike Moncrief about the suppression. The case was dismissed by none other than Pagan Terry Means. Pagan Ofc.Chris Fearneyhough later runs over a pregnant woman with his police cruiser. Pictures showed the cruiser on top of the woman car. After I told Mickey Mouse about how Pagan J.D.Garwacki acted as if he had to protect him and kept showing off in front of him by calling Chief Mendosa a “dweeb. Mickey told me the place Chris had the accident was close to the park frequently visited by homosexuals. Mickey agreed that like Not Easily Broken.