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How do you confgure transaction

timeout for BPEL on SOA 11g for

Synchronous processes?
As a general rule, you should keep the following relation between the
timeout parameters:
syncMa!ait"ime # BPEL E$B%s transaction timeout #
&'o(a' "ransaction "imeout
)ote: This recommendation are ONLY applicable to Sync rocesses!
Additionally the default Timeout setting that comes with SOA ""g
installation does not comply with this rule! You might need to ad#ust
the setting according to your particular business needs!
1* Setting syncMa!ait"ime+
This property controls the ma$imum time the process result recei%er
will wait for a result before returning for Sync processes!
,or SOA 11g -1 .11*1*1*1*/0+
& Take backup of bpel'con(g!$ml, located at:
& Open the bpel'con(g!$ml (le!
& +dit the %alue for the sync,a$-aitTime property!
& Sa%e the changes!
& .estart Oracle -ebLogic Ser%er!
,or SOA 11g -1 PS1 .11*1*1*1*/ 2 11*1*1*3 and 11*1*1*40+
& Login into +,
& +$pand SOA and right click on /soa'infra/ and select: SOA
Administration '0 1+L roperties
& 2lick on /,ore 1+L 2on(guration roperties!!!/ link
& Locate sync,a$-aitTime and change it!
1* Setting the transaction timeout for BPEL E$B%s+
The timeout properties for the +314s control the particular timeout
setting for the SOA application, o%erriding the global setting speci(ed
by the 3TA timeout 5See step 67!
& Log into Oracle -ebLogic Administration 2onsole!
& 2lick 8eployments!
& +$pand soa'infra '0 +31s!
& 9ollowing +31s need to be updated:
& You can check in the con(g tab for the timeout setting in the 1+L&
& 2lick Sa%e!
& .estart Oracle -ebLogic Ser%er!
3* Setting the g'o(a' transaction timeout at !e('ogic 5omain
This property controls the transaction timeout seconds for acti%e
transactions! :f the transaction is still in the /acti%e/ state after this
time, it is automatically rolled back!
& Log into Oracle -ebLogic Administration 2onsole!
& 2lick Ser%ices '0 3TA!
& 2hange the %alue of Timeout Seconds 5the default is 6<7!
& 2lick Sa%e!
& .estart Oracle -ebLogic Ser%er!
More information a6ai'a('e at+
)ote: 9or recei%e)in%oke timeout introduced for Async rocesses with
S6, refer: