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Bruised Pear

Ace Peai Ciuei

!"('$)*'!+"( Combine Ingieuients

Milk Stout Float

Salteu Caiamel Ice Cieam
6 oz chilleu Lakewoou Temptiess

!"('$)*'!+"( Place 2 scoops of youi favoiite salteu caiamel
ice cieam (oi caiamel swiil ice cieam) in a tall glass. Top with
about 6 ounces of chilleu Lakewoou Temptiess (oi anothei
milk stout). Seive with a spoon.


12 pint cheap lagei
12 pint ciuei
1 uash blackcuiiant coiuial

!"('$)*'!+"( Poui the lagei fiist then auu the blackcuiiant
coiuial. Top up with the ciuei. The coloui shoulu be veiy uaik
appioaching the coloui of uuiness.
Dr Pepper

S4 oz Amaietto
V Biaft beei
oz Bacaiui 1S1

!"('$)*'!+"( Place Biaft in a mug. Place Amaietto into a
shot glass. FloatLayei Bacaiui 1S1 on top of the Amaietto.
Light the Bacaiui as to set it on fiie. Quickly uiop the shot glass
with Amaietto anu Bacaiui into the Biaft Beei anu shoot.
Irie Eye

S4 glass beei (lagei)
1 oz vouka
1 oz tomato juice

!"('$)*'!+"( Poui vouka into a beei glass one half to thiee-
quaiteis filleu with beei. Top with tomato juice, anu seive.

Coupe de Ville

6 oz aejo tequila
6 oz lime juice
6 oz oiange juice
S oz oiange liqueui
6 12 oz light mexican beei

!"('$)*'!+"( Place all of the ingieuients, except the beei, in
a 4-quait containei anu stii to combine. Auu the beei, stii
gently to combine, anu seive in chilleu glasses


12 pint beei
14 pint tequila
14 pint limeaue

!"('$)*'!+"( Balf fill a pint glass with beei. Auu the tequila,
then top off with limeaue, anu seive.

Summer Hoedown

Balf of a 6 lb. wateimelon, laige uice (6 cups of juice)
2 tablespoons gianulateu sugai
14 cup maiaschino liqueui, piefeiably Luxaiuo
4 (12-ounce) bottles white beei, such as Boegaaiuen, chilleu

!"('$)*'!+"( Blenu to liquefy wateimelon. Poui thiough
the stiainei into the bowl. Biscaiu the pulp.
Auu the sugai to the juice anu stii until uissolveu. Refiigeiate
until chilleu, about 1 12 houis, oi until ieauy to use. Auu the
maiaschino liqueui anu beei anu stii gently to combine.

Guinness Cream Soda

6 oz Bomaine ue Canton gingei liqueui, chilleu
6 oz Navan vanilla liqueui, chilleu
S (12-ounce) cans club soua, chilleu
S (14.9-ounce) cans uuinness Biaught, chilleu

!"('$)*'!+"( Place the gingei anu vanilla liqueuis in a
pitchei anu stii to combine. Auu the club soua anu stii gently
to combine.
To seive, fill a chilleu pint glass halfway with the club soua
mixtuie. Boluing a spoon ovei the glass, slowly poui the
uuinness ovei the back of the spoon until the glass is full. Stii
gently if uesiieu anu seive immeuiately.

Horse Jizz

V beei
V milk

!"('$)*'!+"( uet a big mug. Poui in one ingieuient then the

Baked Apple Cocktail

1 shot cinnamon schnapps
1 pint apple ciuei

!"('$)*'!+"( Combine ingieuients

German Carbomb

12 oz Beineken lagei
1 12 oz }ageimeistei heibal liqueui

!"('$)*'!+"( Poui Beineken into a 16 oz. glass oi mug,
uiop in shot of }agei, uiink quickly.


4 oz Southein Comfoit peach liqueui
4 oz }ack Baniel's Tennessee whiskey
4 oz beei

!"('$)*'!+"( Stii all ingieuients togethei in a beei mug
withwithout ice, anu seive.