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Lima Area UFO Research Associates

P.O. Box 5193 Lima, Ohio 45802-5193

June/Aug 2014
Issue # 24

Wednesday, JULY 16, 2014 @ 7:00 P.M.
1. Approx. 22 persons present.
2. Amber Horner provided the following financials:
Saving Acct. Balance...............$1124.92
Checking Acct. Balance........... 728.90
Expenses............................... 16.48
Amber announced we had received a check for $35.00 from the Ada Public Library for our program there.
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3. New attendee Gary Hempleman talked about his sighting in 1972 as a High School student. He had seen
dashed lights 100 to 200 feet across. Light flickered three or four times and then disappeared with no sound.
He said the lights were maybe 100 to 200 feet away from him and just over the tree tops. He viewed the lights
at night while in his car and could not tell if they were attached to a solid object. He could not tell if light went
up or down, they just went out. The sighting occurred in Anderson Indiana.
4. President Bob showed a Guess the TV show video and Amber guessed it correctly as Battlestar Galactica:
The show was from 1977 and starred both Loren Green and Dick Beauregard. Bob also showed pictures of
Sky Lanterns and /or Chinese Lanterns that were set off on the 4th of July at Faurot Park.
5. Another video was shown of Colonal Joe Kittinger, jumping from a balloon 24.2 miles above the earth in
1960. His chute opened at 8000 feet after a four minute free fall. Maximum speed during the fall was 450
mph. Also shown was the Felix Baumgartner balloon jump in 2012 from 127,852 ft, reaching an upper-
atmosphere speed of 843.6 mph.
6. It was decide to go ahead with the August auction meeting as usual, scheduled for August 20
, at 7:00 p.m.
1. The program for the evening was THE GULF BREEZE SIGHTING, Bob had segments of several TV
shows about it.
a. 1987 sighting
b. Similar craft was seen in Cuba
c. Similar craft seen at Kecksburg, Pa.
d. Ed Walters who had the sighting passed two lie detector tests.
e. Dr. Bruce Maccabee, investigator, stated a dozen other people had seen the same object.

a. Ed. Walters went into the road to photograph the object.
b. A light beam lifted Ed off the ground.
c. He heard a voice say Dont worry we are not here to harm you.
d. Ed first claimed Mr. X took the photos as he didnt want to be identified with them.
e. Ed had more than one incident.
f. The sighting info was taken to the Gulf Breeze Sentinel newspaper.

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a. At Midway City Florida a Christmas tree shaped craft was observed.
b. Other Florida cities had sightings, it seems Florida was a UFO hotspot.
a. On Dec 2, 1987 Ed sees a being about 4 tall looking in his window.
b. A blue beam comes down from craft and freezes him to the ground.
c. Eds wife tries to free him loose but is unable.
d. Alien walks into the woods, light beam goes off, Ed is unharmed.
a. Oprah interviews Ed Walters on her TV show.
b. Ed claims object was seen again in April of 1988.
c. There are claims by 100s of Gulf Breeze residents seeing objects.
d. Ed claims he does not believe it was military.
e. Ed claims he was struck by a blue beam.
f. Ed said he never said he was abducted as some had claimed.
a. Illustration viewed shows light at bottom of crown shaped craft with similar light on the road below.
Some debunkers of the sighting questioned the properties of the light reflection off of the road.
2. Part two of tonights program was the viewing of a special award video on the contributions of Dr. Bruce
Maccabee, retired Navy Physicist, Ufologist, and now Lima resident.
a. Worked on laser physics research
b. Researched underwater laser sound.
c. Holds Masters and P.H.D. degrees.
d. B.S. in physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
e. Attended American University.
f. Past State Director of MUFON for Maryland.
g. Has written over 100 UFO articles.
h. On Sept. 16, 1991 sees a UFO in Gulf Breeze Fla.
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i. Was the major investigator of the Gulf Breeze sightings.
j. Has received the MUFON Lifetime Award.
k. Bruce now resides in the Shawnee Twp. area of Lima, Ohio with his wife Jan.
3. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Tom Bowman
LAURA Secretary
LAURA, P.O. Box 5193
Footnote: I would personally like to thank my friend Dr. Bruce Maccabee for the information and time
provided me for research of the Gulf Breeze Sighting. I totally re-wrote my script for the WLIO-TV appearance
after talking with you.

Upcoming UFO Program in Upper Sandusky
Thomas Wertman (
Bob, I wanted to let LAURA know I will be conducting a UFO program in Upper Sandusky, Ohio on August 26, 2014 at
6:30 pm. I was able to schedule the program via the original request to LAURA that was forwarded to MUFON of Ohio.
Thank you for the referral. I dont know if anyone from your group has seen one of my programs, but I like to feature
cases from Ohio. My opinion is people can turn on the television and see shows on Roswell and the like on almost any
given night. They dont necessary know whats happening in their own back yard. The programs feature as many
graphics as I can put together to support the cases.
Please pass on the information to anyone in your group.
Thanks again,
Thomas Wertman
Star Team Investigator - Mutual UFO Network
Chief Field Investigator - MUFON of Ohio, USA

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July, 1996 Crop Circle, Paulding, Ohio

Dont forget to watch Tom Bowman talk UFOs on WLIO-TVs Noon Edition at 12pm, 3
Monday every month.
-Whats next, will he start teasing his hair and land a gig on the History channel?

The LAURA Club News is a publication of the Lima Area UFO Research Associates, in Lima, Ohio. The study group meets on the
Wednesday of the month at the New Creation Lutheran Church (just west of Tom Ahl auto) in the upstairs church fellowship
hall at 7pm-please join us!

Contacts: President, Bob Prater ~~
Secretary, Tom Bowman
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Co-editors, Robert and Marcia Prater