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!": lnLeresLed arLles
#$"%: ClarlLy Campalgn Labs
&'(): CcLober 21, 2014
*+,-).(: Mlchlgan oll 8esulLs
Cn behalf of 1wo enlnsulas 8esearch Croup, ClarlLy Campalgn Labs polled reglsLered
voLers ln Mlchlgan from CcLober 19-20, 2014. We surveyed 1,032 voLers wlLh an lv8
survey, lncludlng llve calls Lo cell phones, maLched Lhe sample Lo Lhe voLer flle and
welghLed lL Lo reflecL a mldLerm elecLoraLe ln Lhls sLaLe. 1he margln of error ls +/- 3.03
aL a 93 confldence lnLerval. 1he survey focused on Lhree key Lop-of-Lhe-LlckeL races ln
Mlchlgan: Lhe races for Covernor, u.S. SenaLor, and ALLorney Ceneral.
In the Governors race, Democrat Mark Schauer has a 3 point lead over incumbent
Covernor Snyder, 44 percenL Lo 41 percenL, wlLh 13 percenL of respondenLs undeclded.
Among self-ldenLlfled uemocraLs, 83 supporL Schauer, whlle 7 supporL Snyder and
10 are undeclded. 81 percenL of self-ldenLlfled 8epubllcans supporL Snyder, wlLh 9
supporLlng Schauer and 10 undeclded. Snyder has a four polnL advanLage over
Schauer among self-ldenLlfled lndependenL voLers, 40 Lo 36, Lhough 23 percenL remaln
undeclded. Cverall, 40 percenL of respondenLs approve of 8lck Snyder whlle 41 percenL
dlsapprove. Cf Lhose who approve of Snyder, 92 say Lhey wlll voLe for hlm, 86 of
respondenLs who dlsapprove of Snyder say Lhey wlll voLe for Schauer. Mark Schauer has
a 12 polnL lead over Snyder among female voLers (48 Lo 36, wlLh 16 undeclded),
buL Snyder leads among male voLers 48 Lo 41 wlLh 11 undeclded. Schauer leads
Snyder across all age groups excepL 80+, where he Lralls 39 Lo 41. 1he Lwo age groups
wlLh Lhe mosL undeclded voLers were Lhe youngesL (18-34, 26 undeclded) and oldesL
(80+, 20).
ln Lhe race for u.S. SenaLe, uemocraL Cary eLers has a commandlng lead over
8epubllcan candldaLe 1errl Lynn Land, 48 percenL Lo 33 percenL, wlLh 19 percenL of
respondenLs undeclded. nlneLy percenL of self-ldenLlfled uemocraLs say Lhey wlll voLe
for eLers, whlle [usL 2 say Lhey wlll voLe for Land (9 undeclded). !usL 73 of self-
ldenLlfled 8epubllcans say Lhey wlll voLe for Land. lurLher, eLers has an 18 polnL lead
over Land among self-ldenLlfled lndependenLs: 43 Lo 27 (28 undeclded). eLers leads
Land among boLh genders and across all age caLegorles. lurLher, eLers leads Land ln all
ma[or medla markeLs excepL MarqueLLe, Lhough Lhe sample slze Lhere ls Loo small Lo
yleld concluslve resulLs.
1he ALLorney Ceneral race ls neck and neck, wlLh uemocraL Mark 1oLLen and lncumbenL
8lll SchueLLe each clalmlng 38 supporL, wlLh 24 of respondenLs undeclded on Lhls
race. 78 percenL of self-ldenLlfled 8epubllcans supporL SchueLLe, whlle 73 percenL of
self-ldenLlfled uemocraLs supporL 1oLLen. SchueLLe leads 1oLLen among self-ldenLlfled
lndependenL voLers, 33 Lo 27, Lhough 38 of Lhese voLers are sLlll undeclded. Whlle
boLh Schauer and eLers have double-dlglL leads over Lhelr opponenLs among female
voLers, 1oLLens lead over SchueLLe among females ls [usL 6 polnLs: 40 Lo 34.