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Ideas to Reach Your

?ou may be a church communlLy, group of frlends, leadershlp Leam, or
even [usL yourself wanLlng Lo share your falLh and Lhe love of !esus ln a
relevanL way. SomeLlmes we don'L reallse LhaL lL can be someLhlng so
small LhaL can have an eLernal lmpacL ln our communlLy.

Pere are some ldeas LhaL you can Lry Lo reach ouL Lo your communlLy
wlLh Lhe love of !esus.

uo a lreddo lrog (or sweeL) bllLz Lo buslnesses or houses ln your
area. 8e sure Lo lnclude a connecL card.

underLake a back or fronL yard clean up for Lhose who may be
busy, have overgrown yards or are ln need because of slckness or
slmllar slLuaLlons

8e a parL of Clean up AusLralla uay or clean llLLer ln your area and
sLreeLs. ?ou mlghL wanL Lo make up 1-shlrLs LhaL ldenLlfy where
you are from or whaL church you are from.

Crganlse a Loy appeal wlLh sLaff or your group and glve lL Lo Lhose
ln your communlLy who maybe less prlvlleged or glve lL Lo Lhe
Au8A, 1he SalvaLlon Army or oLher charlLy...Lhls ls greaL Lo do
around ChrlsLmas

Crganlse a 1ln Can urlve for your church food panLry or local food
parcel dlsLrlbuLlon cenLre. AdverLlse and Lhen collecL on Lhe day
you sLlpulaLe.

Sponsor an lnLernaLlonal chlld or vlllage as a Leam or group

Ask you nearesL charlLy lf Lhere ls a famlly ln need and help Lhem
wlLh food, cloLhlng, furnlLure eLc

uo someLhlng speclal ln your communlLy for MoLher's uay,
laLher's uay
Ideas to Reach Your

lmpacL your communlLy on 1hanks Clvlng uay, LasLer or
ChrlsLmas. Some ldeas lnclude lamlngLons, flowers and lollles [usL
abouL anyLhlng wlll work a LreaL!!

Pelp your local school by palnLlng bulldlngs, cleanlng Lhe fleld,
planLlng new Lrees or asslsL ln fundlng someLhlng Lhey mlghL
really need

uo a sofL drlnk glve away or lf you are a church communlLy, do a
boLLled waLer glve away and lnclude a 8lbllcal LexL on your
connecL card

uo someLhlng cool aL a falr or markeL llke free sofL drlnks,
sweeLs or glfL glveaways (people wlll geL a huge surprlse LhaL
someLhlng ls free) ?ou mlghL do free ChrlsLmas resenL
wrapplng aL Lhe local markeL or shopplng cenLre and hand Lhe
presenL back wlLh a connecL card. lf you are a small group,
church communlLy group or slmllar you mlghL Lry a free prayers

arklng MeLer leed - Walk Lhe sLreeLs and feed parklng meLers
wlLh spare or saved change.

1olleL Cleanlng...?ep geLLlng your hands dlrLy can make a blg
dlfference, even beLLer why noL Lry lL ln a peLrol sLaLlon, 1he
peLrol sLaLlon aLLendanL(s) wlll love you.1haL's afLer wonderlng
who ln Lhls world would offer Lo clean Lhelr LolleLs! 8e sure Lo
have connecL cards handy.

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