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#1040 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer, #2810 Colonial Cut Designer Click Blade Precision Tipped Scissors, Computer and Printer for Journaling

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Cosmo Cricket Jolly by Golly Crafting Kit Glue Arts Glue Rings, GGP-High Tac Clearsnap ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink Bazzill Basics Robin’s Stash Cardstock Black Sharpie, Chipboard Christmas Trees, 8”X 8” MiniAlbum, Downloaded Font
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1. First, make your title page (describing what your book is for). I used the 'Silly Chilly' paper, cut to fit the page protector (8x8). From the 'Borders' page, cut the 'Season's Greetings' block (that includes the snowman). Ink the edges of this with the 'Aquamarine' Colorbox ink. Adhere using the Glue Glider Pro, to the far-left edge of the 'Silly Chilly' paper you've cut. Ink the edges of the whole page, with the 'Warm Red'. 2. Mat your family photo with 'Breezy Freezy', inking the edges with 'Chestnut Roan' and adhere to the top center of the page. Write your personal message to your guests, so they'll know what the book is for (& to include some of your own handwriting ~ a great memento in itself)! 3. Using the 'Sprinkles' letters, spell your greeting at the bottom. Here, I used 'Welcome'. 4. From now on, each Visiting Guest/Family, will be allotted a 2 page spread, as follows: One page will be dedicated to displaying a photo of the Visitor/Family, and their name will be shown at the bottom of the page. The second page, will be dedicated to a journal box/ page, where they will have an opportunity to highlight specifics of their visit, as well as a place for them to leave a special holiday wish to you & your family.

5. For the photo page: I used the 'Silly Chilly' paper, and cut a piece 6.5”x 6.5” using the #2810 Colonial Cut Decorative edged Click Blade & the #1040 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer (Rotary Side). Ink the edges with 'Chestnut Roan'. Adhere your 4”x 6” Visitors photo at the top, center of this paper. 6. Mat the page you just made, using the 'Breezy Freezy' paper. Also cut with the #2810 Colonial Cut Blade, and the #1040 Trimmer. This page should be cut 7.5”x 7.5” square. Use the 'Chestnut Roan' to ink the edges. 7. Cut a piece of 8”x 8” from the Bazzill, 'Watermelon', and place the page you just made in the center. 8. Using the 'Sprinkles' letters, spell the Family name of your guest at the bottom of the page. You can also handwrite in, the first names of your guests, if you choose, like I did. 9. For the second page of this 2 page spread, you'll use your home computer to make a journaling page. 10. Create a text-box (6.5x6.5), in your favorite word-processing program. Choose a font you like (I used the 'Santa's Sleigh Full' font, from, a free font site). 11. This is where you can get creative, and choose prompts for whatever you'd like your guests to document, or comment on! I chose to have them write the date of their visit, activities we enjoyed, favorite moments, a space to write a special holiday message to your family, & a place for everyone to sign (ideally, in their own handwriting ~ a great keepsake~). You can copy these, or even better, choose prompts that speak to you! 12. Once your journaling box is created to your satisfaction, print it out on a blank piece of paper, so you can check for accuracy, before printing on cardstock. If it's just what you want, then grab your 'French Vanilla' or 'Berry Blush' cardstock, & cut it to a size that will fit through your printer. (I cut mine 8x8, as I knew this would fit the printer, and leave room to cut a decorative edge later). Print your journal box directly onto your cardstock. 13. Trim your journal page to 6.5”x 6.5”, using the #2810 Colonial Cut Decorative-edged Click Blade & the #1040 Trimmer. Ink the edges using 'Chestnut Roan' Colorbox Ink. 14. Mat this page with the 'Breezy Freezy' paper, cut to 7.5”x 7.5”, again using the #2810 Colonial Cut Decorative edged Click Blade & #1040 Trimmer. Ink the edges with 'Chestnut Roan'.
Purple Cows, Inc 3210 North Canyon Road, Suite 307 Provo, Utah 84604 877-386-8264

Robin Gibson, North Carolina

15. Mat the page you just page, using the Bazzill, 'Watermelon' cut to 8”x 8”. Ink the edges using the 'Chestnut Roan' Colorbox Ink. 16. For variety, I changed up the pages/colors used to make the Journaling page. The Cosmo Cricket 'Jolly by Golly' papers are double-sided, giving you the flexibility to change every page, so you have no two alike! Use your imagination! 17. Now for the cover, and your done! I used a border strip, from the sheet of cardstock stickers that comes in the crafting kit, and placed it along the bottom edge. 18. Using the American Crafts, 'Sprinkles' letters (& numbers), put the current year just above the border sticker, along the righthand edge. Just above this, you'll spell out your Family Name. 19. I embellished the left-hand edge, with a couple of chipboard Christmas Trees that I had left-over from last years Christmas Scrap Supplies! Get creative here, and make your own embellishments, or raid your stash for a holiday ornament to decorate your front cover with ~ have fun with it! 20. Now for the really fun part! Put your book out, where everyone will see, and have an opportunity to sign it! Be sure to snap a photo of your visitors (you can add these later, when you've printed them out)! This album completes itself, as you enjoy the company of your holiday visitors! Instant holiday memories ~ already captured! ENJOY!

Purple Cows, Inc 3210 North Canyon Road, Suite 307 Provo, Utah 84604 877-386-8264


Robin Gibson, North Carolina