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4CC Football Blood Challenge Campaign
• Canadian Blood Services and local celebrity team catains are as!in" all Central
Alberta Stameders# Es!imos and Riders $ans to tac!le t%e need $or blood t%is

• 't(s called t%e )CC *ootball Blood C%allen"e&
• 't(s beca+se every ,- seconds# someone in Canada needs blood&
Supporting facts:
o The challenge runs from Tuesday Nov 4
until Saturday Nov 29th (ust before
!rey Cup Sunday"#
o $ith a permanent blood donor clinic in %ed &eer and ' Central (lberta mobile
clinics ta)ing place during the month* there are plenty of opportunities to get in on
the action"

o %epresent your favourite football team or local celebrity captain* +hile saving
lives through blood donation"
o &onating blood is a great +ay for busy people and Central (lberta football fans to
sho+ support and give bac) to the community"
o For more information* visit +++"blood"ca* do+nload the !ive Blood (pp for (pple
or (ndroid devices or call , --- 2 &.N(T/ (, --- 2'0 02-'#"

• T%e )CC *ootball Blood C%allen"e is a mont%.lon" artners%i bet/een Canadian
Blood Services# Cal"ary Stameders# Edmonton Es!imos# and Sas!atc%e/an
• T%e C%allen"e is s+orted by Central Alberta Co.o and o+r local media
artners0 S+nny 1)2Kra3e# Bi" 4-52T%e 6rive and 718&12KG Co+ntry and t%eir
resective catains&
• 9artners /ill %+ddle s+orters in t%e %oes o$ %oistin" t%e %istoric Cor+scle
C+& :C+ /as donated years a"o by lon" time %ysician 6r& ;ner%eim to %el
romote blood collection in Red 6eer<

• Come o+t and s+ort t%e Stams# Es!s and Riders or yo+r $avo+rite radio
ersonality team catain as t%ey try to cat+re t%e Cor+scle C+&
Supporting facts:
o Central (lbertans are as)ed to pic) their teams" The choices are1 Cal"ary
Stameders $ans led by Big ,234s 5amie $orthington* Edmonton Es!imos
$ans led by Sunny 944s &arin Clar)e or Sas!atc%e/an Ro+"%riders $ans
captained by 69-94s Travis Currah"

o Central (lberta Co7op +ill be providing e8tra goodies and refreshments to donors
at clinics during the competition"
o There +ill also be three separate dra+s for a fan pri6e pac) for each team
represented1 the Calgary Stampeders* /dmonton /s)imos* and the
Sas)atche+an %oughriders" 9No &onation %e:uired9
o For more information or boo) your November appointment* visit our ne+ +ebsite
+++"blood"ca* do+nload the !ive Blood (pp for i;hone and (ndroid devices or
phone ,7---727&.N(T/

• 'n November# Canadian Blood Services Red 6eer2Central Alberta needs to collect
more t%an 4=>5 blood donations $rom local donors /%ile )8=? blood donations
are needed in Sas!atc%e/an
• C+rrently# t%ere are abo+t 44,4 aointments still available in Central Alberta $or
t%e mont% o$ November and ?54= aointments are available in Sas!atc%e/an $or
t%e same time eriod&
Supporting facts:
o ;ne in t/o Canadians +ill either need blood or )no+ someone +ho +ill < yet
only $o+r er cent of the population donates"

o $ithin a +ee)* most of the blood collected is shipped to hospitals across the
country to be transfused into patients"
o The entire blood donation process ta)es about an hour < actual blood collection
ta)es appro8imately ,2 to ,3 minutes"
o &onors must feel +ell and are re:uired to have their donor card or photo and
signature ="&" at the time of donation"

o $ith a ;ermanent clinic in %ed &eer and ' Central (lberta mobile clinics during
the month of November* there are plenty of opportunities to donate"
To $ind yo+r ne@t nearest mobile clinicA or to boo! an aointment in Red 6eer& Lo" on
to ///&blood&ca # do/nload t%e Give Blood A or call 4 888 >. 6;NATE :4 888 >?,
o Canadian Blood Services is as)ing all eligible Canadians to consider donating
regularly and to consider re7boo)ing their ne8t appointment today"
o $hile there is a continuous need for all blood types* there is al+ays a greater
need for blood donors +ith type . and ( blood" $hen seconds count*

someone4s life is on the line* and there4s no time to chec) blood type* hospital
patients receive .7negative blood"
o >eep your blood donation appointment* boo) a ne+ one* or stop by a clinic to
donate" Canadian patients are depending on your generous donation"
B+ic! *acts0
o (ppro8imately 32 per cent of Canadians say they* or a family member* have
needed blood or blood products for surgery or for medical treatment"
o /very minute of every day someone in Canada needs blood"

o The blood supply must be replenished regularly to )eep an acceptable level of
inventory of blood and blood products to meet ongoing patient needs" This is
especially important for platelets that only have a shelf7life of five days"
o Canadian Blood Services needs communities to ensure hospital patients +ill get
the blood and blood products they need" =t ta)es many donors to help save a
hospital patient" Some e8amples include1

?p to 32 donors to help save ust one person seriously hurt in a car crash
?p to 3 donors to save someone +ho needs cardiovascular surgery
?p to - donors a +ee) to help someone undergoing treatment for
Media 'nC+iries0