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Before using you new professional two way radio,please read the following

l Do not try to open the equipment, may cause malfunction and
warranty repeal.
l Do not use or store the equipment near wet places, may cause
malfunction or shock hazard.
l Check the battery periodically.
l When the equipment is not to be used for a long time, remove
the battery
l Do not use the equipment if the antenna is broken, may cause
several damages on human body.
l Do not use the equipment or don’t change the battery on
dangerous places as gas station and airports.
l Do not place the equipment on top of the car airbags.
l Clean with a soft, dry cloth.
l Your communicator may interfere with TV sets or radios, even
when operating properly.


l The portable and semi-professional 2-way radio includes 16
semi-duplex channels,long life Li-ion battery
l Squelch level selectable
l Time-out timer (TOT)
l PC programming
l Power saving function
l High/Low battery alarm

Maximum range varies based on terrain and environment.
Generally,it will be greater in open fields and shorter within and
around buildings or large structures.Bear in mind,this unit may
not ensure your privacy of communication.


1 Two-way radio
1 Li-ion battery
1 Hand strap
1 Belt clip
1 Drop in charger
1 Operating instruction manual


1. ON/OFF control and volume control

2. LED indicator
When transmitting red lights.
When receiver is turned on green.
When the battery is low the LED
red flashed

3. Channel control

4. PTT button
Press the PTT button then you can
speak to transmit

5. MONI button
This button is used to verify
activity on the selected channel
before transmission.
You can also detect weak signals

6. SCAN button
Scans signal channels communication.


7. Input handsfree(SPKR/MIC)
You can equip itself with microphone
and speaker external (not included),
so that can use the radio to handsfree

8. Battery

9. Belt clip

10. LED indicator for the battery charger
Turns red when the battery is this process charging.
Turns green when
the battery is charged

11. AC power input


1. To install
the antenna,simply insert and turn
the antenna at the right input
making sure it is firmly attached.

2. To place the battery,insert
and adjust it into the battery
compartment.To withdraw
press the release button and
discard the battery.


3. Insert the belt clip and hand strap

4. Once you’ve installed the battery charger connect the AC charger
adaptor into an AC household outlet.Insert the terminal on the charger
and perform the initial charger for 12 hours or so.The LED indicator
lights in red when the battery is in the process of loading.
Turns in green when the battery is fully charged.

In the 2-way radio every time this discharged battery LED indicator
Flashed in red.Insert terminal in the charger and make the load.


1. Turn on

2. Select a channel operation,or press and hold the button exploration
(SCAN) until the LED indicator flash in green,search for signal and it
will stop when the device found and active signal.
Press the PTT button channel to communicate to an active signal and
exploration will be deactivated.
If you want to leave the way of exploring,press and hold the SCAN

3. To start communicating,just press and hold the PTT button,the LED
indicator lights up in red.While speaking,keep the unit in an upright
position and at a distance of 2.5 cm from the mouth.
When you want to finish the conversation,release the PTT button.

4. For signal reception,the LED indicator lights up in green.

5. Adjust the volume level according your needs.

Check the battery. Make sure that the battery
is properly installed
Cannot power on the
Recharge the battery
Increase the volume level
The signal can be out of range / the
equipment is too far from signal
Reception is weak
Check the antenna position
Change your position. If you’re inside of a
steel / concrete building, go to a place
with less obstacles
Range is limited
Check the antenn position
Noise and distortion If you’re transmitting, place the device
around 2.5cm from your mouth
If you’re receiving, decrease the volume level

Input: 90-240V 50-60Hz
Output: 5.5V 900mA

Input: 5.5V 900mA
Output: 4.2V 550mA

Input: 4.2V 550 mA
Output: 3.7V 2200mAh

Frequency range: 136-174MHz 400-470MHz
Channels: 16
Channel spacing: 25KHz/12.5KHz
Operatiing Temperature: -20 ~+60
Dimension: 59×41×103mm
Weight: 220g(including the battery pack)
Transmitting power: 3W
Frequency stability: ±5ppm(width) ±2.5ppm(narrow)
Modulated mode: 16K F3E(width) 11K F3E(narrow)
Spurious emissions: ≤70dB
FM noise: ≤40dB
Audio Distortion: ≤5%

Max frequency deviation: ≤±5KHz(width) ≤±2.5KHz(narrow)
Sensitivity(at 12dB SINARD): Better than 0.25µV(width)
Better than 0.28µV(narrow)
Receiving FM bandwidth: ≤±7KHz(width) ≤±3.5KHz(narrow)
Adjacent channel selectivity: ≥60dB
Intermodulation rejection ratio: ≥60dB
Anti interfere of spurious wave: ≥60dB
Audio output power: 500mA

Product design and specifications are subject to change,without