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TE ea TUES Bg ctiistean ee Part no. C890800040005REC Product Description Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cat.5E 4PR x 0.5 (24 AWG) 24 AWG or 0.5 mm solid bare copper, polyethylene insulated, 4 twisted pairs, light grey PVC jacket Pair Identification : Pair 1: Blue-White with blue stripe Cable Dimension Pair 2: Orange-White with orange stripe Pair 3: Green-White with green stripe Nominal conductor diameter : 0.53 mm Pair 4: Brown-White with brown stripe Nominal insulation diameter : 0.93 mm Nominal overall diameter: 5.2mm. Standard application : EIAVTIA 568 B.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 Electrical Characteristic eacoye N80) ome aaa NS NE 1.0 ea 65. 3 @ A 63.8 60.8 20. Oo 40 44 56.3 53.3 51.7 48.7 23.0 8.0 58 518 48.8 45.7 42.7 24.5 m0 8s SS ROBE SR SMCS CD fea rs a a3 ee 20.0 9.3 45.8 428 377 347 25.0 ne ctu ener ae ea aes ee a a OR WAT Sam Pan REZ ie eos are eee ee inancmonnana imams ime Eo ebaiet ead eran hes, Propagation delay at = 1 MHz ‘570 ns/t00m — a Flame rtardanttot oC 00992-1—: Pose Guidelines & Design Information UTP CATEGORY 5E LAN CABLE Installation Guide One of most high speed data application failure is due to improper installation techniques. To insure proper performance of UTP 5E cable, always follow these guidelines - When pulling cable, avoid kinking and tugging. Constant tension should be used when pulling cable into place. Pulling tension is recommended maximum 25 pounds or 11.3 kgs. = Donot crush or pinch the cable. - Avoid sharp tums over 90°. This may cause disruption in conductor and cable integrity. - Avoid running cable close to external power sources. EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) may cause data transmission problem. = Special termination procedures must be followed. Remove only as much jacket and insulation as is recommended. Do not twist conductors more than necessary. An ideal pairs is comprised of two perfectly balanced insulated conductors that mirroe images of each other. It can be obtained by innovative manufacturing process that result of dimensional stability created. The criteria of balance pair is as follows: > Uniform conductor to conductor spacing > Uniform applied tensions to conductors within a pair during manufacturing Uniform twisting of insulated conductors into pairs v > The assurance that twists of the pairs will not loosen during manufacture or installation The ideal twisted pair. Balance pair and more twists in the UTP 5E help ensure that the signal does not radiate or bleed off the pair and , that the pair cancels out incoming noise. The twisted pair 4 shall be bonded (not separated) to avoid impedance mismatches and ensure there are no problems of return loss and crosstalk. PT JEMBO CABLE COMPANY Tbk.