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STATE OF OHIO : Case No. B 1400110
vs. :
Defendant :
Pursuant to Ohio’s Public Records Act; the ree !"eech and ree Press Clauses of the
irst A#end#ent to the $nited !tates Constitution; the ree !"eech% ree Press% and O"en
Courts Clauses of Article & of the Ohio Constitution; and the Ohio !u"re#e Court’s decision in
State ex rel. Beacon Journal Publishing Company v. Bond% no' co#es Nathaniel (ivin)ston% *r.%
a non+"art, in the "roceedin)s% "roceedin) pro se% and res"ectfull, #oves *ud)e Norbert A.
Nadel to issue an Order directin) -a#ilton Count, Co##on Pleas Court *ur, Coordinator Brad
!eit. and -a#ilton Count, Cler/ of Courts 0rac, 1in/ler to #a/e the *uror 2uestionnaires of
all #e#bers of the 3ur, in the above+ca"tioned case and their 4uestionnaire res"onses
i##ediatel, available for hi# to ins"ect and co",.
0he )rounds for this #otion are "rovided in the attached su""ortin) 5e#orandu#.
A. -6POCR&07 PR7!&D&N8 O97R :AN8AROO :::O$R0
*ud)e Nadel "resided over the cri#inal trial of *ud)e 0racie -unter. 5an, "eo"le%
includin) the author of this #otion% believe *ud)e Nadel ran so#ethin) a/in to a :an)aroo
:::ourt. ;1i/i"edia defines a </ar)aroo court= as a 3udicial tribunal or asse#bl, that blatantl,
disre)ards reco)ni.ed standards of la' or 3ustice% and often carries little or no official standin) in
the territor, 'ithin 'hich it resides>. A /an)aroo court is often held b, a )rou" or a co##unit,
to )ive the a""earance of a fair and 3ust trial% even thou)h the verdict has in realit, alread, been
decided before the trial has be)un. !uch courts t,"icall, ta/e "lace in rural areas 'here
le)iti#ate la' enforce#ent #a, be li#ited. 0he ter# #a, also a""l, to a court held b, a
le)iti#ate 3udicial authorit, 'ho intentionall, disre)ards the court’s le)al or ethical obli)ations.
A :an)aroo :::ourt is a reference that is 'ell+understood in the Blac/ co##unit, to #ean a
court ran b, a 3ud)e 'ho acts li/e a #e#ber of the ::: ?:u :lu@ :lanA. ?0he 3ud)e trades in
their 'hite ::: robe for a blac/ or blue one.AB
Before the trial started% *ud)e -unter advised *ud)e Nadel of Ohio la' and #ulti"le Ohio
!u"re#e Court holdin)s that "rohibit a sittin) 3ud)e fro# "residin) in a case involvin) another
3ud)e of the sa#e court. ?!ee% 5otion to Recuse filed on !e"te#ber 1C% D014. A co", of 'hich
is attached and #ar/ed 7@hibit <A=.A *ud)e Nadel intentionall, and unethicall, disre)arded 'ell+
settled Ohio la' and the Ohio !u"re#e Court holdin)s cited in the #otion.
&ronicall,% throu)hout *ud)e -unter’s trial% *ud)e Nadel allo'ed !"ecial Prosecutors
Robert !cott Cros'ell and 5erl,n !hiverdec/er% and their 'itnesses% to disres"ect and defa#e
+ D +
*ud)e -unter. 0he did this in #an, 'a,s% includin) accusing Judge Hunter of doin) thin)s that
Judge Nadel actually did% li/e i)norin) the Ohio !u"re#e Court. Another e@a#"le is after the
3ur, 'as dis#issed *ud)e Nadel be)an re"eatin) the !"ecial Prosecutors’ attac/s. 1hat follo's
is a "ortion of the lecture *ud)e Nadel )ave *ud)e -unter i##ediatel, after he dis#issed the
0his char)e involves a serious breach of "ublic trust. & #i)ht sa, that elected
officials% es"eciall, 3ud)es% are% and should be% held to a hi)her standard of
conduct. 0he evidence in this case sho's the conduct of *ud)e -unter reall, dealt
a serious blo' to the "ublic confidence in our s,ste# of 3ustice. 0hese factors
alone F bein) a "ublic official and havin) dealt a serious blo' to our level of
confidence in our s,ste# F could ver, 'ell 3ustif, a 3ail sentence for *ud)e
& also 'ant to "oint out that in deter#inin) 'hether or not to incarcerate *ud)e
-unter & 'ould also consider that there is a hi)h "robabilit,% based u"on the
evidence% that *ud)e -unter faces serious disci"linar, char)es 'hich%
unfortunatel, could% end her "ublic and le)al career.
& believe the evidence sho's serious ethical violations 'hich include a#on)
others ne"otis#% i#"ro"er 3udicial te#"era#ent% tardiness in renderin) decisions%
and den,in) "ublic access to her court.
0he Ohio !u"re#e Court has held the irst A#end#ent )uarantees the "ublic and "ress a
coe@tensive ri)ht of access to cri#inal "roceedin)s. 0he "ress has no )reater ri)ht than the "ublic
to access cri#inal "roceedin)s. Des"ite this 'ell+settled "rinci"le% *ud)e Nadel se)re)ated his
courtroo# into "ress and non+"ress and )ave the "ress )reater ri)hts than the "ublic.
'hen the non+"ress section 'as full% he e@cluded the "ublic fro# enterin) his courtroo#. 0here
'ere e#"t, seats in *ud)e Nadel’s roo# but he refused to let the "ublic sit in the#. -e also
didn’t let the "ublic sit in the section of the courtroo# he reserved for 1-&07! ON(6. B,
*ud)e Nadel actuall, se)re)ated his courtroo# into four divisionsE 1A non+"ress% DA "ress% GA 'hite "ress% 4A
attorne,sHcourtoo# staff. :i#ball Perr,% a "rivile)ed 'hite 'riter for The Cincinnati Enuirer% 'as allo'ed to sit in
a s,#bolic 1-&07! ON(6 section ne@t to *ud)e Nadel’s 'hite e#"lo,ees. No re"resentative fro# the Blac/ "ress
'as allo'ed to enter the 1-&07! ON(6 section of the courtroo#.
+ G +
se)re)atin) his courtroo#% *ud)e Nadel denied #an, #e#bers of the "ublic access to his
courtroo# and access to adult "roceedin)s all 'hile conde#nin) *ud)e -unter for alle)edl,
den,in) "ublic access to !uvenile "roceedin)s. *ud)e Nadel is the one involved in a serious
breach of the "ublic trust. After a""ro@i#atel, fort, ,ears on the bench% he’s the one 'ho should
/no' not to den, "ublic access to his court. -e’s not bein) held to a hi)her standard.
B. *$D87 NAD7( -AD 0O &I 0-7 *$R6 0O &I 0-7 0R&A(
&n direct contravention to the $.!. !u"re#e Court’s decision in "entuc#y v. Batson% 4JC
$.! JK% 10C !.Ct. 1J1D% *ud)e Nadel allo'ed the !"ecial Prosecutors to e@clude African+
A#erican 3urors based on race and authori.ed 'hite "eo"le to sit on the 3ur, even after the,
indicated the, 'ere not sure the, could be fair. &n the end% *ud)e Nadel thre' all but three of the
African+A#ericans off the 3ur,.,% *ud)e Nadel even allo'ed a 'hite 3uror e#"lo,ed
b, 1CPO+09 to re#ain on the 3ur, des"ite the fact that 1CPO is a #a3or #edia outlet that
"rovided e@tensive ne)ative biased covera)e of *ud)e -unter and even filed la'suits a)ainst her.
C. *$D87 NAD7( -A! &8NOR7D *$ROR 5&!COND$C0
&n -a#ilton Count,% all "ros"ective 3urors are re4uired to res"ond to a 3uror
0he 4uestionnaire be)insE
0he attached 4uestions #ust be ans'ered b, ,ou under oath. 0he, 'ill assist the
*ud)e and the la',ers in selectin) a 3ur,. 6our co#"lete 'ritten ans'ers 'ill save
a )reat deal of ti#e for the *ud)e% for the la',ers% and for ,ou.
A co", of the *uror 2uestionnaire is attached as 7@hibit <B=.
+ 4 +
0a/e ,our ti#e. Ans'er all the 4uestions to the best of ,our abilit,. DO NOT
ASK FOR HELP. 0here are no ri)ht or 'ron) ans'ers. 0he onl, re4uire#ent is
that the ans'ers be full and honest.
1e need ,our candid ans'ers so that 'e "ic/ a fair and i#"artial 3ur, for a trial
involvin) cri#inal accusations. 0he 3ud)e and the la',ers reali.e that ever,
"erson has beliefs and o"inions concernin) #an, thin)s. 6ou should ans'er 'ith
,our true feelin)s% 'hatever the, #a, be. Do not assu#e that an, of ,our ans'ers
'ill 4ualif, ,ou or dis4ualif, ,ou fro# servin) on this 3ur,.
1. !andra :ir/ha#
$"on infor#ation and belief% on the da, !andra (. :ir/ha# ?a/a !and, Philli"s
:ir/ha#A 'as "laced on the 3ur,% after bein) 'arned b, *ud)e Nadel not to discuss the case or
her "artici"ation on the 3ur,% :ir/ha# too/ to aceboo/ and announced that she 'as )oin) to be
servin) on the 3ur, and 'ould be unavailable for about three 'ee/s.
0here are no "ublic re"orts
of an investi)ation into :ir/ha# for disobe,in) *ud)e Nadel’s order.
Durin) the trial% but before the 3ur, 'as )iven the case for deliberation% Cincinnati
Enuirer 'riter :i#ball Perr, so#eho' /ne' that :ir/ha# 'as #arried to an attorne,
and she
'ould be the 3ur, fore"erson.
After than/in) the 3urors% *ud)e Nadel told the# the, 'ere free to tal/ about the case but
he advised the# to onl, do so 'hen tal/in) to their fa#ilies and close friends.
!hortl, after the
3urors 'ere dis#issed% :ir/ha# issued a "ress release and )ave #ulti"le intervie's to the 'hite
"ress. &n the intervie's% :ir/ha# self+identified herself as one of the nine 'hite 3urors. !he
discussed her 3ur, service% accused the three African+A#erican 3urors of votin) alon) racial lines
&n 'hat #a, be an atte#"t to obstruct 3ustice andHor i#"ede an investi)ation into her 3uror #isconduct% :ir/ha#
has no' deleted her state#ent fro# aceboo/.
!he is #arried to 1illia# N. :ir/ha#. -is Re)istration Nu#ber is 000K4CJ.
Defense attorne, Cl,de Bennett && as/ed to "oll the 3urors on the ei)ht deadloc/ed counts. *ud)e Nadel clai#ed
the 3urors had been "reviousl, "olled about those counts. 0o the best of #, /no'led)e% *ud)e Nadel 'as not bein)
truthful and the 3urors 'ere never "olled as to their votes on the ei)ht deadloc/ed counts.
+ L +
'hile den,in) she and the nine 'hite 3urors voted based on race% and shared her feelin)s about
*ud)e -unter% the trial and the verdict.
$"on infor#ation and belief% in res"onse to the follo'in) 4uestions on the 4uestionnaire%
:ir/ha# (&7D $ND7R OA0-E
Do ,ou belon) to an, )rou" or or)ani.ation 'hich is concerned 'ith cri#e
"revention or victi#s’ ri)htsM
-ave ,ou ever been a victi# of a cri#eM
Did ,ou or an,one else re"ort it to the "oliceM
Accordin) to internet state#ents attributed to :ir/ha#% she has been the victi# of a
cri#e. Be)innin) in 1KJ1% :ir/ha# sa,s she 'as se@uall, abused b, a ,outh #inister. !he 'as
1C ,ears old at the ti#e. 0he abuse continued for t'o ,ears.
:ir/ha# is an active and "ro#inent #e#ber of 0he -o"e of !urvivors 5inistr, F a
victi#s’ ri)hts or)ani.ation.
&t does not a""ear that :ir/ha# is bein) investi)ated for l,in) under oath on her 3uror
D. 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror
1illia# D. Cunnin)ha# ?a/a Bill Cunnin)ha# or 1illieA is an attorne, licensed to
"ractice la' in Ohio.
On October D0% D014% J001(1 Radio broadcasted an intervie'
conducted b, 1illie 'ith a 'o#an 'ho "ur"orted to be one of the nine 'hite 3urors ?hereinafter
referred to as 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *urorA.
&n D004% #ore than G0 ,ears after the se@ual abuse be)an% :ir/ha# sa,s she confronted the ,outh #inister and his
church leaders.
-is Re)istration Nu#ber is 0000JKC. -is 'ife% Penelo"e R. Cunnin)ha#% is also an attorne, and 3ud)e at the irst
District Court of A""eals. -er Re)istration Nu#ber is 00GNK10.
+ C +
&n the intervie'% 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror said she 'as in the )rou" of 3urors 'ho
'anted to convict *ud)e -unter of all char)es. 0his )an) of 3urors 'as co#"osed of all 'hite
"eo"le. 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror accused her fello' 3urors of havin) closed #inds. !he
said there 'ere racial undertones a#on) the 3urors. !he said it 'as sic/enin) to /no' that race
"la,ed a "art in the deliberations and verdict. !he said race "la,ed a "art in the African+
A#erican 3urors’ decision to find *ud)e -unter not )uilt, but denied race "la,ed a "art in the
'hite 3urors’ decision to find *ud)e -unter )uilt,.
0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror told a tale of "ossible coercion of an African+A#erican
3uror. 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror said on the last da, of deliberations she )ot into <a little
heated e@chan)e= 'ith one of the African A#erican 3urors. 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror stated
she 'as tr,in) to rela, her thou)hts about the case to one of the African+A#erican 3urors. 0he
Anon,#ous 1hite *uror 'ished to e@"ress her feelin)s that *ud)e -unter had an o""ortunit, to
be a role #odel in the co##unit, but she allo'ed her <"aranoia= and <#istrust of the ver,
3udicial s,ste# that she re"resented to )uide her into #ani"ulatin) the s,ste# and ulti#atel,
#a/in) "oor decisions herself.= !ince 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror felt li/e the African+
A#erican 3uror 'asn’t ade4uatel, listenin) or "a,in) attention to her% 0he Anon,#ous 1hite
*uror )ot into a heated e@chan)e 'ith herO
Durin) the intervie'% 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror ?'ith 4uite a bit of coachin) fro#
1illieA #ischaracteri.ed the testi#on, of Attorne, *ana,a 0rotter Bratton. 0his "ortion of the
intervie' stron)l, su))ests 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror either 'asn’t "a,in) attention to the
trial testi#on, or she "re+3ud)ed the case before all the evidence 'as sub#itted to the 3ur, for
deliberations. !"ecificall,% 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror statedE <>'hen she ;*ana,a 0rotter
+ J +
BrattonB 'ould not acce"t>'hen she stated she 'ould not acce"t certain% u#% docu#ents fro#
!te"hen ;-unterB% she said it 'ould be unethical for her to do so. 0hat 'as a bi)% bi) state#ent%
that% for she to #a/e the# feel she 'as )uilt,.= *ana,a 0rotter Bratton never testified that it
'ould be unethical for her to acce"t docu#ents fro# her client% !te"hen -unter.
Crucial to the intervie' 'as this e@chan)e bet'een 1illie and 0he Anon,#ous 1hite
WILLIE: 1hat /ind of 3ob did Cl,de Bennett do F the cri#inal defense attorne,M
THE ANONYMOUS WHITE JUROR: $#% & don’t thin/ he% u#% his "resentation
didn’t "rove her lac/ of )uilt.
0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror either didn’t listen% didn’t understand% or si#"l, refused to
follo' the la'. !he "laced the burden of "roof on 5r. Bennett and *ud)e -unter 'hich su))ests
she thou)ht the defense had to "rove *ud)e -unter 'as not )uilt,.
D. PRO07C0&N8 0-7 &N078R&06 O 0-7 *$D&C&AR6 AND *$R6
5r. (ivin)ston is a freelance 'riter. -e has "ublished The Cincinnati Black Blog for
#ore than ten ,ears. -e is a lon)+ti#e #e#ber of the Blac/ Press.
Based on his revie' of the trial "roceedin)s% 5r. (ivin)ston does not believe *ud)e
Nadel 'as fair% inde"endent or i#"artial. At ti#es% *ud)e Nadel acted li/e he 'as a third !"ecial
Prosecutor. Althou)h his investi)ation is inco#"lete% 5r. (ivin)ston’s "reli#inar, findin)s
su))est the !"ecial Prosecutors lost their 'a,. 0he, "ursued and "rosecuted a char)e the, /ne'
'as not su""orted b, "robable cause. 0he, failed in their res"onsibilit, and s"ecific obli)ation
to see that *ud)e -unter 'as accorded 3ustice and that )uilt 'as decided u"on the basis of
sufficient evidence. 0hrou)hout the trial% the !"ecial Prosecutors and their 'itnesses #ade
nu#erous false state#ents of fact and la'. 0he, /ne'% or should have /no'n% the, 'ere
+ N +
#isre"resentin) the facts and la'. Not onl, did *ud)e Nadel fail to follo' the la' as outlined
above% he also failed to re"ort the !"ecial Prosecutors and la',ers 'ho testified falsel, to
a""ro"riate authorities.
Durin) the trial% Attorne, :atherine 7. Pride#ore
testified under oath that so#eone fro#
the Ohio !u"re#e Court instructed her to <'atch= *ud)e -unter.
On October D0% D014% 5r. (ivin)ston tele"honed the -a#ilton Count, Cler/ of Courts’
elon, Cri#inal Des/ and as/ed to ins"ect or have co"ies of the 3uror 4uestionnaires and
res"onses "rovided to hi#. 0he assistant cler/ 'ho fielded the call told 5r. (ivin)ston the
co#"leted 4uestionnaires 'ere not in the "ossession of the Cler/’s office and the, had not been
#ade "art of the electronic case file.
5r. (ivin)ston 'as referred to the -a#ilton Count, *ur, Co##issioner’s office. -e
s"o/e b, tele"hone 'ith Brad !eit.. !eit. identified hi#self as the actin) *ur, Coordinator. 5r.
!eit. stated the *ur, Co##issioner’s office "ossesses a co", of all 3uror 4uestionnaires and
res"onses but he is "rohibited fro# releasin) the 4uestionnaire res"onses 'ithout an Order fro#
*ud)e Nadel.
5r. (ivin)ston see/s to co#"lete his investi)ation of *ud)e Nadel% the !"ecial
Prosecutors% !and, :ir/ha#% 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror% "ossible 3uror
#isconductHinti#idation% and the Ohio !u"re#e Court. -e 'ants to "ublish his findin)s in The
Cincinnati Blac# Blog and in other "ublications. 0o finish his thorou)h investi)ation% 5r.
(ivin)ston needs access to the 3uror 4uestionnaire res"onses.
-er Re)istration Nu#ber is 00CKLNJ.
+ K +
0he "ublic and "ress have a ri)ht to ins"ect and co", res"onses to 3uror 4uestionnaires.
&n State ex rel. Beacon Journal Publishing Company v. Bond ?D00DA% KN Ohio !t.Gd 14C% D00D+
Ohio+J11J% the Ohio !u"re#e Court held the irst A#end#ent 4ualified ri)ht of access to Ohio
courts e@tends to 3uror 4uestionnaire res"onses. 0he Court further held that the irst A#end#ent
creates a "resu#"tion of o"enness that #a, onl, be overco#e b, an overridin) interest% based on
findin)s that closure is essential to "reserve hi)her values% and is narro'l, tailored. A 3uror’s
fear of "rosecution for 3uror #isconduct or "er3ur, is not a valid reason for den,in) a re4uestin)
"art, access to 3uror records includin) 4uestionnaire res"onses.
&n State ex rel. Cincinnati Post v. Hamilton Cty. Court o$ Common Pleas ?1KK1A% LK Ohio
!t.Gd 10G% the Ohio !u"re#e Court addressed "ossible 3uror harass#ent. 0he Court reco)ni.ed
that trial courts #a, forbid an,one fro# #a/in) re"eated re4uests that a 3uror discuss a case after
the 3uror refuses to do so and #a, instruct the 3urors that the, have no obli)ation to discuss the
case 'ith an,one. As the Court noted% such #easures "rotect 3urors fro# harass#ent 'ithout
violatin) irst A#end#ent ri)hts.
ollo'in) the test outlined in Ne% &or# Times Co. v. Sullivan ?1KC4A% GJC $.!. DL4%
!and, :ir/ha# has established herself as a "ublic fi)ure. &n addition to "rovidin) #ulti"le
intervie's to 'hite #edia outlets% :ir/ha# has travelled around the countr, s"ea/in) out a)ainst
church leaders and advocatin) a)ainst "astoral se@ual abuse. -avin) #ade herself a "ublic
fi)ure% :ir/ha# cannot no' overco#e 5r. (ivin)ston’s "resu#"tion to o"enness.
0he Ohio !u"re#e Court has noted that the $.!. !econd Circuit Court of A""eals in
'nited States v. (oten ?C.A.D% 1KJNA% LND .Dd CL4% noted that <;hBu#an nature is such that so#e
3urors% instead of feelin) harassed b, "ost+trial intervie'in)% #i)ht rather en3o, it% "articularl,
+ 10 +
'hen it involves the disclosure of secrets or "rovides an o""ortunit, to e@"ress #is)ivin)s and
lin)erin) doubts.= As alread, established% :ir/ha# and 0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror have
alread, "rovided "ost+trial intervie's to 'hite #edia outlets. Both of the# have ta/en an
o""ortunit, to e@"ress their #is)ivin)s and chastise the African+A#erican 3urors 'ho did not
a)ree 'ith the#.
0he Anon,#ous 1hite *uror told 1illie she )ot into a <heated e@chan)e= 'ith one of the
three African+A#erican 3urors after the African+A#erican 'ould not be coerced into acce"tin)%
'ithout 4uestion% her nutt, and totall, baseless idea that *ud)e -unter is% or 'as% "aranoid. 0his
act of a))ression and "ossible violence ha""ened in the su""osedl, safe confines of the
A#erica has a lon) tortured histor, of 'hites bandin) to)ether in a #ob or )an) and
forcin)% "ressurin)% or other'ise coercin) African+A#ericans into doin) 'hat the, 'ant. &n the
"ast% 'hen African+A#ericans have resisted 'hite #ob rule% 'hites have resorted to violence.
0he te#"tation b, 'hites to bull, African+A#ericans see#s to be #ade 'orse 'hen 'hites are
"laced behind closed doors. 1hite )rou"+thin/ and #ob rule% 'ith no conse4uences fro# 'hite
officials% allo'ed the ::: to thrive for decades. 0he 'hite #edia is "ortra,in) 'hites as
victi#s. &rres"onsible voices in the 'hite #edia% li/e Attorne, Cunnin)ha#% see# to be settin)
the sta)e for African+A#ericans to be har#ed.
5r. (ivin)ston see/s to do 'hat neither *ud)e Nadel nor the !"ecial Prosecutors have
sho'n a 'illin)ness to do F as/ the African+A#erican 3urors if the 'hite 3urors entered into 3ur,
deliberations 'ith their #inds #ade u"% banded to)ether b, race% and atte#"ted to undul,
+ 11 +
"ressure the African+A#erican 3urors to i)nore the evidence and vote to convict an innocent
"erson. 0he "ublic deserves to /no' 'hat ha""ened 'hen the 3ur, 'ent behind closed doors.
Alread,% 'hite 3urors are usin) the 'hite #edia as a "latfor# to attac/ the African+
A#erican 3urors. Not onl, could their irres"onsible 'ords lead to violence% their rhetoric could
#a/e 4ualified African+A#ericans afraid to serve on 3uries. African+A#ericans need to /no'
the, 'ill be safe fro# "h,sical andHor #ental abuse if the, a)ree to serve on a 3ur,. 0he, need to
/no' that the, don’t have to vote 'ith 'hites% 'ho vote to)ether alon) color lines% and the,
'on’t be attac/ed for votin) based on the facts% evidence% and la'.
+ 1D +
*ud)e Nadel #ust obe, hi)her courts. 0he Ohio !u"re#e Court is a hi)her court. 0he
Ohio !u"re#e Court has alread, told *ud)e Nadel and the -a#ilton Count, Co##on Pleas
Court that the, #ust #a/e 3uror 4uestionnaires and res"onses available to the "ublic and "ress.
0he Co##on Pleas Court’s current "ractice violates the la' and the e@"ress dictates of the Ohio
!u"re#e Court. or all the reasons e@"ressed above% *ud)e Nadel #ust )rant the #otion and
issue the re4uested Order. 0he Co##on Pleas Court #ust sto" brea/in) the la'.
Res"ectfull, sub#itted%
NA0-AN&7( (&9&N8!0ON% *R.
;AddressHPhone Nu#ber RedactedB
& hereb, certif, that on this D1st da, of October% D014% & "laced a true and correct co", of
the fore)oin) ori)inal source docu#ent in a sealed envelo"e and sent it b, re)ular $nited !tates
#ail to the -a#ilton Count, Cler/ of Courts% 1000 5ain !treet% Cincinnati% Ohio 4LD0D% for
filin). & fa@ed a co", of the #otion to the Cler/’s felon, cri#inal des/ at ?L1GA K4C+LCJ0. & fa@ed
a co", of the #otion to *ud)e Nadel’s courtroo# usin) ?L1GA K4C+LKC4. & served a co", of the
#otion on !"ecial Prosecutor Robert !cott Cros'ell &&& of Cros'ell R Ada#s CO.% (PA via fa@
to ?L1GA KDK+G4JG and served a co", on !"ecial Prosecutor 5erl,n D. !hiverdec/er via fa@ to
?L1GA G4L+LLCL. & served a co", of the #otion on Cl,de Bennett &&% Attorne, for Defendant
*ud)e 0racie -unter via fa@ to ?L1GA JD1+LND4 and served a co", on DefendantHco+counsel *ud)e
-unter via re)ular #ail to P.O. Bo@ GDGDL% Cincinnati% Ohio 4LDGD. & "rovided a co", to !cott
Dre@el% Disci"linar, Counsel for the !u"re#e Court of Ohio’s Office of Disci"linar, Counsel%
via fa@ to ?C14A 4C1+JD0L.

+ 1G +
Nathaniel (ivin)ston% *r.
+ 14 +