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1. Sounds are made by vibrating objects.

A certain object vibrates but a person nearby
cannot hear any sound.
Which statement might explain why nothing is heard?
A. The amplitude of the sound waves is too large.
. The fre!uency of the vibration is too high.
". The sound waves are transverse.
#. The speed of the sound waves is too high.
$. %lane water waves travel from a shallow region into a deeper region. They travel more
!uic&ly in the deeper water.
Which diagram shows the wave pattern in the deeper water?
'. (usic is produced by the loudspea&er of a radio.
Which property of the sound wave increases when the music is made louder?
A . amplitude . fre!uency ". speed #. wavelength
). Two sets of water waves overlap as shown in the diagram.
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*rom which two points are the sets of waves coming?
A. % and S . T and + ". , and T #. - and ,
.. The diagrams show water waves that move more slowly after passing into shallow water at
the bro&en line.
Which diagram shows what happens to the waves?
/. A small boat in a harbour is protected from waves on the sea by harbour walls.
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Some waves can curve round the harbour walls and reach the boat.
What is the name for this e0ect?
A. #i0raction . dispersion ". re1ection #. refraction
2. Which waves are longitudinal?
3. The diagrams represent the waves produced by four sources of sound. The scales are the
same for all the diagrams.
Which sound has the highest fre!uency?
4. A navigation buoy 1oating on the sea oscillates up and down as a wave passes.
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5n exactly two minutes6 six complete wavelengths pass the buoy.
What is the fre!uency of the waves?
A. 7.7.7 89 . 7.'' 89 ". '.7 89 #. $7 89
Which change will lower the pitch of a sound?
decreasing its amplitude
decreasing its frequency
increasing its amplitude
increasing its frequency
Astronaut 1 uses a hammer to mend a satellite in space. Astronaut 2 is nearby. There is no atmosphere
in space.
Compared with the sound heard if they were working on Earth, what does astronaut 2 hear?
no sound at all
a quieter sound
a sound of the same loudness
a louder sound
1$.A 177 metre race is started by :ring a gun. The gun ma&es a bang and a pu0 of smo&e
comes out of the gun as shown.
When does the :nishing judge see the smo&e and hear the bang?
1'.The sounds produced by two musical instruments are directed towards a microphone connected to an
oscilloscope (cro). The waveforms produced on the screen are shown.
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The waveforms show that the sounds produced have a different property.
What is the property?
A. frequency B. speed C. timbre (quality) D. wavelength
1. A boy stri&es a rigid metal fence with a stic& to create a sound along the fence. A girl
listens with her ear against the fence. ;ne second after the fence is struc&6 the girl hears a
sound through the air.
8ow long will it ta&e for the sound to reach the girl through the fence?
A. 7 second . less than 1 second ". 1 second #. more than 1 second
1!. Which of the following is an e"ample of a transverse and a longitudinal wave?
1#. The diagram shows a water wave in a ripple tan$.
The wave has a speed of 1% cm&s at R.
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The wave crosses a boundary PQ where the distance between crests changes from '.( cm to 1.! cm.
What is the velocity of the wave at point S?
A. '.( cm&s B. #.( cm&s C. 1% cm&s D. % cm&s
1). The diagram shows a wave moving into shallower water.
The wavelength of the waves is reduced because
A. both the fre!uency and the speed decrease.
. both the fre!uency and the speed increase.
". only the fre!uency increases.
#. only the speed decreases.
1*. The diagram shows a loudspea&er that is producing a continuous sound wave of
fre!uency $77 89 in air.
Which diagram best shows how the sound causes a molecule at % to move during
1<$77 s ?
1+. Which diagram shows an example of a longitudinal wave?
A. light travelling from a lamp to a screen
. a spring pushed bac&wards and forwards
". a spring pushed up and down
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#. a water ripple caused by a dipper moving up and down
%(. The diagram shows part of a spring that is sha&en from side to side to produce a wave.
The distance between successive pea&s is 7./7 m and the fre!uency is $.. 89.
8ow long does it ta&e for a wave to travel '.7 m along the spring?
A. 7.$7 s . 7..7 s ". $.7 s #. ..7 s
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