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Lights up. Late morning.

AURA Y is knocking loudly on FELIPE's door. He rolls over and sits up in bed.
One minute...
No. Don't open the door. Mrs. Consueo !"nts to t"# !ith $ou.
%he's !"itin& 'or $ou in her room.
AURA Y exits. FELIPE splashes water onto his face and groggily finds his way to CON%UELO's
room. CON%UELO is sitting back against a stack of pillows.
Did $ou (rin& the #e$ to the trun#)
Yes* I thin# so... (He searches his person.) Yes* here it is.
You +"n re"d the se+ond p"rt. It's in the s"me p"+e. ,ied !ith " (ue
FELIPE walks over to the trunk, noticing rats hurdled in every corner of the room— he is disgusted.
He opens it and removes the papers, returning to the foot of CON%UELO's bed. CON%UELO is
petting her white rabbit. FELIPE begins to thumb through the documents. She gives a croaking laugh.
Do $ou i#e "nim"s)
No* not p"rti+u"r$. (He continues to peruse the files) M"$(e
(e+"use I'-e ne-er h"d one.
,he$ "re &ood 'riends* &ood +omp"nions. A(o-e " !hen $ou h"-e
(e+ome od "nd one$.
Yes* the$ must (e.
,he$ "re "!"$s themse-es* Mr. Montero. ,he$ n"tur"$.
,he$ "+# pretensions.
/h"t did $ou s"$ his n"me is)
,he r"((it) %"&". %he is sm"rt. %he 'oo!s her instin+ts. %he is
n"tur"* "nd 'ree.
I thou&ht it !"s " (o$.
Ah* $ou sti +"n't te the di''eren+e.
/e* the import"nt thin& is th"t $ou don't 'ee "one.
,he$ !"nt us to (e "one* Mr. Montero* (e+"use the$ s"$ th"t
s"n+tit$ ne+essit"tes soitude. ,he$ h"-e 'or&otten th"t in soitude*
tempt"tion &ro!s &re"test.
I don't underst"nd* Mrs. Consueo...
Ah* (etter. E-en (etter. (!eat.) You +"n #eep !or#in& no!.
FELIPE leaves CON%UELO"s room. He stands in the hallway scanning the bundle of papers,
frustrated, while CON%UELO gets up from her bed and procures a military tunic from her armoire—
the same #acket 0ENERAL LLOREN,E wears. FELIPE* reconsidering a confrontation, reluctantly
cracks open her door and watches her viciously biting into the tunic. She then kisses it tenderly, and
performs a short dance with it. FELIPE closes the door, returns to his room, and sits at his desk.
(reading from the back of a photo, to AUDIENCE)
%he !"s 'i'teen $e"rs od !hen I met her*
0ENERAL LLOREN,E silently appears on stage. He watches FELIPE. $ther characters should not
react to 0ENERAL LLOREN,E.
et, si #"ose dire, ce sont ses yeux verts ui ont fait ma perdition.
Consueo's &reen e$es. Consueo !"s on$ 'i'teen in 2345* !hen
0ener" Lorente m"rried her "nd too# her !ith him into in
P"ris. (CON%UELO begins to pray by her statues.) (!eat. %ow, no
longer reading from the photo) One d"$ he 'ound her torturin& " +"t6
she h"d it +"sped (et!een her e&s* !ith the 'ront o' her s#irt pued
up* (ut he didn't #no! ho! to +" her "ttention to it* (e+"use it
seemed to him th"t she did it !ith su+h inno+en+e. It e.+ited him so
mu+h he m"de o-e to her th"t ni&ht* more p"ssion"te$ th"n e-er*
+on-in+ed she !"s m"#in& s"+ri'i+es7 sacrifices symboliues7 to
their o-e. (!eat.) And it !"s d"ted "t the (ottom. (!eat.) /ith th"t
d"te* I h"d 'i&ured it out6 Mrs. Consueo h"d to (e 289 $e"rs od.
:er hus("nd died 'i't$;nine $e"rs "&o... (&eading the last bits of the
writing) You #no! ho! to dress $ourse' so !e* m$ s!eet
tou#ours drapp' dans de velours verts, verts commes tes yeux. (e
pense ue tu seras tou#ours belle, m)me dans cent ans...
A!"$s dressed in &reen. A!"$s (e"uti'u* e-en "'ter " hundred
$e"rs. You "re so proud o' $our (e"ut$<
ue ne ferais-tu pas pour rester tou#ours #eune*
CON%UELO returns to bed as 0ENERAL LLOREN,E exits and FELIPE walks down the hallway, to
(to +,-./%0/)
And !ith th"t +"me $et "nother re-e"tion. I no! #ne! !h$ Aur"
!"s i-in& in the house6 she !"s perpetu"tin& this iusion o' $outh
"nd (e"ut$ in th"t poor* der"n&ed od !om"n. Aur" !"s #ept here
i#e " mirror. %he !"s nothin& (ut one more i+on on her -oti-e !"*
+ustered !ith o''erin&s "nd im"&ined s"ints "nd demons. (+ beat.
He begins to gather and put aside his papers.) I suspe+ted there !"s
on$ one p"+e Aur" +oud (e th"t mornin&7 the p"+e th"t &reed$
od !om"n o-ed to #eep her. (He exits his room, heading
downstairs.) I 'ound her in the #it+hen.
Lights return as FELIPE arrives in the kitchen. AURA Y is beheading a kid1 FELIPE notices the smell
of spilt blood and the animal"s gla2ed eyes, he becomes nauseous. AURA Y is wearing a ragged,
blood-stained dress— her hair is disheveled. She looks up at FELIPE without recognition.
+ beat.
AURA Y continues her butchering. Lights change to 34elipe"s headspace5 as FELIPE hurries out of
the kitchen and towards CON%UELO's room.
%ote1 AURA Y should remain somewhat lit and continue to butcher throughout the scene.
(almost angry)
I !"s re"d$ to (er"te the !om"n this time. ,his time I !oud thro!
her &reed "nd t$r"nn$ ("+# in her '"+e. (+s he opens her door) I
thre! open the door "7
CON%UELO stands behind a veil of light. /verything she does is mirrored by AURA Y in the kitchen
— FELIPE cannot see this. She performs a ritual with the empty air in front of her1 one of her hands is
stretched out and clenched, as if she is holding something up. 7he other is wrapped around an invisible
ob#ect. She strikes again and again at the same place in the air, then wipes her hands against her
breast, sighs, and begins to cut at the air again, as if she were skinning an animal.
FELIPE walks out of her room slowly, and begins to return to the kitchen. He arrives at the kitchen and
finds AURA Y as she was before.
FELIPE backs out of the kitchen and begins to walk, then run, to his room. He slams the door behind
him and braces himself against it, panting. He frantically runs to the armchair, drags it to the door,
then does the same with his bed. He falls onto his bed, arms wrapped around the pillow.
(breaking down)
Not e-en the pio!7 the pio! isn't mine. Nothin& is mine.
(7rying to calm himself down) %he's +r">$* she's +r">$* she's +r">$...
(He repeats this until he falls asleep.)
Lights fade as FELIPE falls asleep.
Smoke begins to slowly flood the room again. Lights shift and flash bi2arrely. CON%UELO and AURA
Y enter silently and begin to approach FELIPE from opposite sides. CON%UELO is bleeding from the
mouth— she appears toothless. AURA Y is wearing a bloodstained apron. 7hey arrive at the bed.
AURA Y caresses the side of FELIPE"s face, then CON%UELO kisses him on the cheek. FELIPE
wakes up, notices CON%UELO"s bloodied face, and screams. AURA Y echos his scream and begins to
slowly, but violently, tear her shirt. She laughs silently, showing her teeth. CON%UELO attempts to do
the same. AURA Y suddenly collapses.