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Author: Paula Alejandra Urrego Manjarrs

Code: 1.110.497.310
Date: September 3rd, 2014
Task: 1 Get inspired

The observation of one inspiring teacher generated interesting results. After some analysis
and observations carried out in the Spanish Morphosyntax I class I could figure out some
strategies that should be immensely useful for anyone who wants to become a good
teacher, but further than a good teacher, an inspiration for those who will be their
students. Being a good teacher is not only about having a wealth of knowledge, being a
good teacher is about having the wish and the capacity to change lives. In this document I
will tell you those features that make Oscar Bello an admirable teacher and his class one
of the most enjoyable classes I have ever taken.

Something that I like of Oscar and his class is the love he has to the subject he teaches, I
could perceive that love in the way he speaks about the different topics and the way he
teaches them. He tends to start the class in a friendly way, striking up a conversation with
the students about anything and then, he finds the way of leading the conversation to the
class topics. That strategy works perfectly, the students get involved in the class and they
seem to enjoy it. Another revealing fact is his knowledge of the subject, in spite of he
knows many things regarding Spanish Morphosyntax I, it is evident that he continuous
learning every day; he shares with his students his new findings and is always prepared to
answer all the questions the students ask him.

There are some practices in his class that I find really worth. The first one is the custom he
has of telling his daily anecdotes to his students in order to explain them the topic in an
easier way. That practice is close related with the aforementioned one, the tendency of
leading the class through a conversational way. Those two practices work perfectly
together and that is a good strategy for catching and keeping the students attention; I can
say that Oscar knows how to manage a group. Another stimulating activity, even more for
those who want to be a teacher, is to assign the students topics for teaching in order to
encourage them to discover their strengths and weaknesses in the teaching process.

I chose Oscar Bello as my inspiring teacher because I think that the best manner to
motivate someone to do something is being a good example. When the students attend a
class and the teacher is boring, if he does not show any interest in his own class, if it
seems that he does not manage the subject properly and that he would like to be doing
anything except teaching, the students will not enjoy the class, nobody will be excited for
taking a class with such a teacher. But Oscar is the opposite; he is one of the best teachers
I have had along these five semesters, and his class one of the most enjoyable.