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Project Control Procedures

1. Introduction
This procedure describes the project controls necessary for the successful execution of a
2. Responsibilities
2.1 Project Manager
The Project Managers responsibilities include the following:
Control of the Field Execution and reuires the in!ol!e"ent of the entire field staff.
#chedule and cost control and additional acti!ities include:
Preparation of Project Controls Execution Plan.
$e!eloping cost% schedule and progress reporting and control procedures% and the &or'
(rea'down #tructure )&(#*.
+"ple"enting a reporting syste" for the abo!e that enables effecti!e "anage"ent of the
project at all le!els of responsibility.
Continuous trac'ing and "onitoring de!iations fro" the (udget% #chedule% Project #cope%
Co""it"ents% Expenditures and Cash Flows
Controlling and reporting on all project acti!ities% progress% and costs.
$e!eloping #chedules.
Establishing the syste"s% procedures and reports to enable the Construction Manager
and staff to effecti!ely "anage their wor' including progress reports% staffing plans%
schedules and cost reports.
Ensuring that a field filing syste" is in place.
3. Procedure
3.1. Project Control Procedures
The project controls progra" for each project site "ust include:
,. Field (udget $e!elop"ent
-. $e!elop"ent of a change "anage"ent syste"
.. #ite Cost Control
/. #ite Planning and #cheduling
0. #ite #chedule Control
1. 2eporting
3. Close4out procedures
3.2 Procedures Outlined
3.2.1 Site Budget
5 Control (udget "ust be input into a cost syste" to establish the cost baseline
and will only be changed to reflect appro!ed changes in scope. The pri"ary
purpose of a budget esti"ate is to establish a baseline for cost control of the
project. 5ll future cost de!iations will be reported against the 6original budget7.
#o"e exa"ples of this type of reporting are outlined below:
3.2.2 Change Management System
This pro!ides the "eans to control the project costs and schedule by early
identification of changes to the original scope and definition in the control base%
which includes control capital costs% engineering costs% and schedule !ariations
fro" the appro!ed (udget% Control (udget% and Forecast Cost so that ti"ely re!iew
and decisi!e appro!al 8 disappro!al action "ay be ta'en.
3.2.3 Change Reporting
The Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring that "onthly de!iation status
is reported on as part of the "onthly project report. This status will include a copy
of the change reuests and the assess"ent of de!iation i"pact to the Forecast.
The Change reuests and records will be updated and presented. $isappro!ed
and cancelled de!iations re"ain on the per"anent Change register with no cost
3.2.4 Approval of ocu!entation
Change registers% with co""ents will be used to docu"ent agree"ents and to
for"ally distribute the results of changes to the project "anage"ent tea".
5ppropriate signatures on the original changes will be reuired to authorise
The Project Manager will also be responsible for "aintaining the record file for
each change and for trans"itting this file to the project "e"bers as reuired.
4 Cost Control"
4.1 The project will be budgeted and controlled in accordance with a Project Code of 5ccounts
and Project &or' (rea'down #tructure. The project budget will establish the control budget
for all project analysis and reporting functions. Cost control consists of the following "ajor
Establishing the control structure and philosophy
Establishing a control budget
Preparing forecasts
Preparing cash flow and co""it"ent plans
Producing cost reports
Project Controls will produce and update the Forecast Cost every month.
4.2 Cost Control Procedure
The Current (udget and Forecast Cost for the site scope of wor' will be "aintained by the
Project Manager. This will be done by co"paring and "onitoring expenditures% progress
and perfor"ance to the scope% schedule and budget included in the control budget and
utili9ing change "anage"ent to identify and control appro!ed !ariations to the current
budget. Expenditures will be obtained !ia electronic download fro" the Finance #yste".
Contractor progress and associated pay"ent will be deter"ined each "onth and reported
in the Monthly Progress 2eport. The #ite Progress #yste" "ust be used to deter"ine the
status of contractor progress and pay"ent. The Control (udget for contracted wor' is
used as the basis of progress calculations. The Control (udget will reflect all appro!ed
de!iations for change orders8Contract Modifications% budget shifts% design de!elop"ent
de!iations in an excess of the design allowance and changes in +ssued for Construction
)+FC* uantities. The calculation of progress will not be based on forecast "an4hours%
which could include de!iations for direct labour producti!ity. The forecast "anhours will
howe!er be used for "anpower forecasting.
4.3 Cash #lo$ #orecasts
Cash flow forecasts are reuired to be issued periodically with pay"ent certificates and
as reuested by the Project Manager. These forecasts shall be based on procure"ent and
contract pay"ent ter"s and in accordance with the latest schedule.
The plan and schedule "ust reflect the appro!ed scope of the project as 'nown. Project
scope "ust be defined before a good project le!el schedule can be co"pleted.
% Planning
%.1 Preparing the project plan consists of de!eloping the &or' (rea'down #tructure )&(#*:
understanding all of the project objecti!es% reuire"ents and restraints which ha!e a
bearing on the ti"ing and seuencing of the wor': and de!eloping this infor"ation into the
project logic plan. ;nce the project logic plan is co"pleted% the planner8scheduler begins
the process of scheduling.
Four base le!els of schedule are used:
Master #chedule <e!el )<e!el +*
Manage"ent <e!el )<e!el ++*
Project <e!el )<e!el +++*
Control <e!el )<e!el +=*
These schedules "ust be configured in a >roll4up 8 roll4down> for"at. #chedule
de!elop"ent begins at the Master #chedule <e!el )highest* and is rolled down through the
Project <e!el to the Control <e!el )lowest*. 2eporting begins with the Control <e!el
)lowest* and is rolled up into the Project <e!el and then into the Manage"ent <e!el
schedule and then into the Master #chedule <e!el )highest*.
?pdating a schedule consists of the following three ).* basic steps:
#tatus the actual progress and forecast to co"plete
+ncorporation of new infor"ation% which "ay reuire adjusting the schedule logic
and durations
5nalyses of !ariation)s* to the target schedule
The Contractors schedule will be produced within ,/ days of contract award and will
confor" to an agreed upon "ilestone schedule contained in the signed contract. These
acti!ities shall be of sufficient detail to ensure an appropriate basis for "onitoring and
e!aluating the seuence of the &or' and shall include "ajor constraints and interface
@arrati!e schedule analysis reports will be co"pleted fro" each contractor and presented
in each "onthly progress report.
The Contractor will pro!ide loo'4ahead schedules e!ery - wee's in accordance with the
Contract Project <e!el #chedule.
Project schedules are to be "onitored wee'ly and updated bi4wee'ly to deter"ine that
critical "ilestones are being "et and those acti!ities are progressing as reuired.
The Critical will be deter"ined by those acti!ities with the least a"ount of total float.
Critical path acti!ities control the o!erall duration of the project. 5n acti!ity with less than
,A days total float is critical and will reuire thorough "onitoring on a regular basis to
ensure ti"eous co"pletion of the project..
#chedule 5lerts will be issued to ad!ise project "anage"ent of factors that "ight cause a
change in the established schedule for the project. Early detection of these factors is the
'ey to ta'ing re"edial action to "itigate the i"pact to the co"pletion of the project and it
will be the responsibility of the Project Manager to ensure that the factors that "ay delay
the project are resol!ed.
%.2 Reporting
Monthly Progress 2eports will ser!e as the base docu"ent fro" which the Project
Manage"ent Tea" will utili9e for o!erall reporting of the project to the client. The site
Monthly Progress 2eport will be incorporated into the Project Manage"ent Tea" report
and will pro!ide a co"prehensi!e picture of where the project has been% current status% or
forecast relati!e to Control (udget and schedules. The report will e"power "anage"ent
to ta'e correcti!e actions that fa!ourably i"pact the project if reuired.
& Closeout
+t is i"portant that each project pro!ides actual cost data to the Clients Project Controls
syste". Copies of each of the capital cost esti"ates prepared for this project "ust be
archi!ed at the conclusion of each project.
5 project co"pletion report "ust be the accu"ulation of data fro" each of the "ajor
disciplines in!ol!ed in the execution of the project. This docu"ent is a critiue of how
effecti!e the project "anage"ent effort was applied. Bey focus areas should be:
Financial 5nalysis #u""ary
#chedule 5nalysis #u""ary
This docu"ent should contain the in4depth analysis of the !arious ele"ents of cost on the
job. The pri"ary purpose of the analysis is to pro!ide historical data to be used in "a'ing
better esti"ates for the future planning of projects.
Final Cost Reports must be retained in the client databases and the Project Controls library.
The data contained in these reports should be the primary source of information to be used in
analyzing future estimates.
The following attach"ents and flow processes pro!ide the "echanis" to i"ple"ent Cuality
Control and assurance progra""e:
,. (aseline Change Proposal 2egister
-. (aseline Change Proposal
.. Project Change <og
/. Change Control Procedure Flow Chart
1. 'e( efinitions
PM D Project Manager
5; D 5ssign"ent ;wner
5pplication of the pro4for"as is thereafter intuiti!e and 6self explanatory7.
ate " )heet *o
Project *o Contract *o
+CP *o
escription ,f +CP Re-uest ate Issued Approved *ot

1. +CP *o" 2. +CP /itle"
3. 0ine Ite! *o" 4. Project /itle"
#ubproject Title
%. ate Received b( the secretariat" 0evel 2 11111. 0evel111111. 0evel211111.
&. Change esignation"
Routine 3 4
Priorit( 3 4
5!ergenc( 3 4
6. +CP 0evel"
0evel 2 3 4
0evel 1 3 4
0evel 2 3 4
7. irected Change"
8es 3 4
*o 3 4

9. A,
12. +CP ,riginator" 11. Phone" 12.#a:" 13. e;!ail
14. Change escription to )cope< )chedule< Cost< =ualit(< Ris>< ?R< Co!!.< Procure!ent
@ref Change Re-uest for! fro! appropriate Plan attached.
1%. Change Austification and I!pact @If directed change< specif( authorit( and attach
change control re-uest
+CP *o"
I!pact on
Approved +aseline Change Proposed
Cost )TEC*
2 2 2
Cost )TPC*
2 2 2

17. Current
Project (udget Change Proposed
2 2 2
19. I!pact on funding @/5CB,PCC/PC."
Project (ear
5ppro!ed (udget Proposed Change 5nnual changes Proposed Profile
Current Eear
Eear -
Eear .
Eear /
Eear 0
(eyond 0
#ub Total
Total (udget
DInclude onl( the su! of those changes approved since the last budget update to sho$ the
total i!pact @sho$n in the last 2 colu!ns. on the current budget
22. #unding source for /5C increases"
21. I!pact on )chedule +aseline"
Milestone +aseline @Month E
Proposed @Month E 8ear. Change

+A)50I*5 C?A*F5 PR,P,)A0
+CP *o"
I!pact on )cope +aseline"
Item +aseline Revised
24. ,ther I!pacts @?ealth< )afet(< 5nviron!ent< etc.."
2%. Interi! Corrective Actions"
P2;FECT T+T<E: #?( P2;FECT T+T<E: (5#E<E+@E $;C?ME@T $5TE
<+@E +TEM @;: #?(P2;FECT @;: TPC TEC
<;G $5TE:
(aseline Changes Con 2eference: CP$# or
description of change <e!el
I)P,)I/I,* C,5)
5P I 5PP2;=E$ C5 I C;@$+T+;@5<<E 5PP2;=E$
$FI $EFE22E$ E@ 4 E@$;2#E$
2F I 2EFECTE$ 5B I 5CB@;&<E$GE$
@;TE# :
C?A*F5 C,*/R,0 PR,C5GR5
Change 2euest for"s and registers fro"
Manage"ent Plans% ie #cope% #chedule%
Cost% Cuality% H2% 2is'% Co""unications J
;nce con!inced that it is a confide change reuest% the
PM assesses the threshold le!el of the change% ensures
that all necessary supporting detail is in place " refers the
re#uest to the appropriate Change Control Committee
through the Project Controls system for decision by preparing
a (aseline Change Proposal
PM recei!es all Change 2euest For"s and
2egisters fro" $anagement Plans and meets with
the A% concerned to assess the validity of the
2e!isit analysis and
continually re!iew
#igned off Change 2euest sent to the 5; for
i"ple"entation% recorded in the project log and
sent to all "anage"ent plan holders for adjust"ent
of scope% schedule% cost and uality plans and
reported at the next site "eeting.
$ecision 2ecorded by
#ecretariat of the Co""ittee
,.Change 5ppro!ed
-.Change 5c'nowledged to
i"ple"ent in syste"
Ans$er ; *o
,.Conditional appro!al